• A Night Inn

    Idris, a tall Twink just trying to keep his world together has enough going on. When he runs into Bradyn, a hunky ginger, who is more than willing to help Idris relieve his stress.

  • Reminiscences of a Grammar Schoolboy 1945-53

    A working class lad looks back on the harsh discipline he faced at an English grammar school in the immediate post war years and how he found his true sexuality which led to a happy life.

  • The Golden Cord

    Young stable groom plays sacrificial prince to help Crusaders escape Saracen siege at the Heights of Bestal.

  • 24 Exeter Place

    Life in a 1890s London gentlemen's club male brothel

  • 3-Shot Jealousy

    The danger of hooking up with a handsome stranger cowboy in the Old West.

  • A Different Path

    A widower colonial lawyer finds reason to remain on America's early Virginia frontier.

  • A Journey

    There was nothing left for him to do except journey north, so he saddled up his horse and rode.

  • A Knight's Load

    Idris was a nobod, a lean twink too shy for the world. Now, he was 19 and living with royalty and knights. Liam was a knight. He was tall muscular, and loved a party. The two decide to be more than friends.

  • A Throbbing Pulsating Propulsion Idea

    Just imagine an idea, the idea, was dangling, right there, in midst of every one, the entire time. Imagine the unlimited potential explosive eruptions from its unveiled unleashing. Read on to see what might have brought about this idea to its fruition. This man, Mr. Burns, was inspired, maybe, you, ...

  • Adventures of Azizo - The Wasp: Chapter 14

    Last and final chapter of the adventures of Azizo The Wasp.

  • Adventures of Nicky the Cabin boy: Chapter 2

    Rocky took to whipping the crew more and more. At first it wasn't as obvious that he was using any excuse to whip a hapless crewman but was time went on it was more apparent that he was using the whippings as en extension of his current sexual frenzy. An example wa s when he whipped Chris, the ...

  • An Island Paradise

    Good God, Now what am I going to do, marooned on a desert Island, no food, no water, all alone, no way to contact anyone, Fuck now whats gonna happen to me?

  • And All Done in Waltz Time

    The Year before everything changed at Vienna's New Years Eve Ball.

  • Apollo and Hyacinth

    Hyacinth, the young son of the King of Sparta, was beautiful like the very gods of Mount Olympus themselves. His youthful attractiveness caught the eye of Apollo, the shooter of arrows and the God of the sun. Apollo, in mortal form, had a powerful chest, firm muscles and a keen eye for love.

  • Bad Neighbors

    Old West male hooker shows he cares.

  • Bangkok Defection

    Caught in espionage, defection, and bareback DP in Bangkok.

  • Batavian Duel

    Struggle for dominance in an historical shipwreck.

  • Bite of the Schlange

    Beware of what lurks in the Hunsruck forest

  • Bitter Fruit

    Hard choices forced by love in prewar Japan.

  • Blue in Gray

    He managed to get a few of the lower buttons of the fly cinched up, though. That would just have to do for now. There might be time to pull an exchange with one of the bodies out in the fields between here and Harrisonburg.

  • Borderline

    This is the story of ancient King Gilgamesh as I tell it. Gilgamesh is alive for now fourthousand years and still on his search for his soulmate he had to leave some thousand years ago. And that's when he sees him - in a modern town.

  • Caracalla

    Playing fast and loose with ancient Roman history, an imprisoned Caesar escapes with the help of an old adversary.

  • Carnival at Viareggio

    Men buzz around male bait on 1920s Italian beach

  • Clouds and Rain

    Barbarians at the gates

  • Colonel's Treasure: Chapter 2

    The sixth turned him on his back and mimicked the White missionaries. Then he was pulled back up onto his feet and made to stand facing a warrior with a long, curved cock, who raised one of Winston's legs up the line of his torso and thrust up into him in a standing position.

  • Comersby Castle: Chapter 3

    In 1816 England, an Earl and his stableboy have become lovers. This is the story of their adventures.

  • Crystal Blue Persuasion

    A young man's coming of age in the 60's.

  • Cut Sleeves Sighs

    Love awash beneath China's Bridge of Sighs.

  • Dagger Through the Moon

    Conquering a Saracen chieftain to save the Crusader defenders of Belvoir

  • Dear Joanna

    Escaping scandal, Peter leaves fiancee in England in 1890 to redeem self in S. Africa.