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Alter story (ch. 3)

Story by Lith

2 Dec 2023 316 Readers comments 8 Min Read

Nicky learns his first lessons

Topics: Master & Slave, BDSM, Horror, No Sex, Nudity


The Beast of Black Canyon - A Halloween Tale

Story by Ashton

13 Nov 2023 2696 Readers comments 28 Min Read

24 year old jock Chayce loses his virginity to a senior on his team. He becomes a bottom slut that leads him to outdoor sex. He is captured by a beast who uses the boy to expand the population of its species.

Topics: Muscle, First Time, Forced, Jock, Male Pregnancy, Horror, Halloween

19 Votes

Night of the Demon

Story by Jaradon

30 Oct 2023 1601 Readers comments 5 Min Read

Two friends must face a supernatural evil

Topics: Anal Sex, Bondage, Dildo, Horror, Demons, Supernatural, Straight to Gay

7 Votes

A game of Love and Blood

Story by Bo Fantasy

23 Oct 2023 514 Readers comments 8 Min Read

A murder spree plagues the town of Pasadena, MD. One killer with a sick and twisted motive. As the body count rises, only one weakness was known about the now infamous "Ghostface Killer". Cameron Banks, a newly graduated senior who was ready for the last summer with his hometown friends. What happens when the killer takes an unusual interest in Cameron and his friends? Who will live? Who will ...

Topics: Bondage, Romance, Mystery & Crime, Sex, Anonymous, Horror, Violence

21 Votes

Don't Scream

Story by Bo Fantasy

20 Oct 2023 2079 Readers comments 9 Min Read

When a serial killer posing in a ghostface costume parades a small college, seven close friends find themselves the target for this estranged masked killer. Sounds like a typical scary movie right? Well what happens when the killer is utterly obsessed with a cute blonde boy? How will that affect things for him and his friends? I guess we’ll see but there’s only one rule, don’t scream.

Topics: Anal Sex, Friends, Oral & Blowjobs, Rape, Horror, Pain

24 Votes

Going Down

Story by Habu

14 Oct 2023 1592 Readers comments 26 Min Read

Apartment house dominates gay birthday party dancer.

Topics: Horror, Halloween, Gay for Pay

7 Votes

Cirque du Soul

Story by Satyrhood

22 Sep 2023 1463 Readers comments 15 Min Read

Nik is on a date with his boyfriend Finn, until he stumbles into some severe distraction. Inhuman, hungry nymphos want to take everything from him until there's nothing left but lust. (Nik and Finn are OCs by the bara artist Cabaret Bara)

Topics: Straight Men, Bisexual, Milking, Seduction, Gangbang, Horror, Demons

22 Votes

Milked Dry

Story by Satyrhood

20 Sep 2023 2986 Readers comments 15 Min Read

Nate is on the prowl for a lay; Luca is on the prowl for a soul.

Topics: Werewolf, Milking, Seduction, Horror, Demons, Monster

9 Votes

Late Shift

Story by Satyrhood

19 Sep 2023 968 Readers comments 12 Min Read

Seamus lifts late one evening. A flock of mind-rotted studs is hungry for his gains. (Seamus is an OC of bara artist Celery Man.)

Topics: Sex, Horror, Monster, Zombie

30 Votes

Nate and the Pitcher Plant

Story by Satyrhood

12 Sep 2023 1884 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Nate learns plants can be monsters too, especially when they need seed.

Topics: Bondage, Milking, Horror, Monster

10 Votes

That Night

Story by Moon21

8 Aug 2023 1006 Readers comments 4 Min Read

That Night, I tried to save a girl's life which changes my life Forever

Topics: Straight Men, Mystery & Crime, Horror

17 Votes

Fantasy body switch

Story by BillyBoy

6 Aug 2023 1631 Readers comments 5 Min Read

A shop if horrors switched me into being a girl for a day.

Topics: Transgender, Transformation, Sex, Horror

23 Votes


Story by Satyrhood

10 Jul 2023 2323 Readers comments 17 Min Read

Aaron, felled by a sleeping enchantment, is beset by two twink demons in a perilous, dangerous wet dream.

Topics: Muscle, Bondage, Fantasy, Milking, Horror, Demons, Magic

32 Votes

Feed Those Gains

Story by Satyrhood

8 Jul 2023 4927 Readers comments 5 Min Read

Diego and River relax in the steam room after an intense workout. Stacked with years of hard-earned muscle, these Adonises are prime for some draining.

Topics: Muscle, Forced, Milking, Horror

11 Votes


Story by Predator

7 Mar 2023 587 Readers comments 4 Min Read

Satan, the ruler of the underworld, creates Predator, an ultimate hunter tasked with capturing and offering one hundred strong men for Satan's army.

42 Votes

Horror House (ch. 5)

Story by Argengo

13 Jan 2023 5093 Readers comments 11 Min Read

Four fraternity brothers mess with the wrong person and find themselves isolated and forced to undergo sexual torments in otherworldly situations.

Topics: Muscle, Big Dick, Forced, Milking, Gangbang, Nipple Play, Horror, Monster, Supernatural

15 Votes


Story by GreatBallzNCock

6 Nov 2022 1301 Readers comments 3 Min Read

After some youths mess about in an old graveyard they unwittingly unleash an entity that makes them cum loads then drags them to hell.

14 Votes

Whose Little Monster?

Story by Habu

27 Oct 2022 1302 Readers comments 21 Min Read

Just how far can surgery go in male-to-female transformation?

Topics: DP, Transgender, Bareback, Monster, MTF, Halloween

44 Votes

Halloween Special: Five Scares Field

Story by Scott Sauce

22 Oct 2022 1239 Readers comments 57 Min Read

Ryan and Harrison are secretly hot for each other in a way only teen boys can be. After years of frustration they figure the only way they can be alone and finally do the deed is tied up with a Halloween dare. Can the boys spend a night camping in Five Scares Field? It's not really haunted.....right?

19 Votes

Vanishing Vince

Story by Habu

21 Oct 2022 883 Readers comments 20 Min Read

Budding actor goes off the grid in Hollywood.

Topics: Sex, Vampire, Horror, Halloween

20 Votes

Change of Heart

Story by Habu

19 Oct 2022 2064 Readers comments 28 Min Read

Heart patient channeling donor’s fetishes held captive.

Topics: Abduction, Doctor, Drugs, Horror, Halloween

40 Votes

Halloween Series 2022 (ch. 14)

Story by Grant

17 Oct 2022 1098 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Trick and treat - Tyler had it all. A good job, a nice house, and the car that he just knew was the envy of the neighborhood. On Halloween night, he couldn't be bothered with a bunch of kids seeking candy. He had another priority: sex.

Topics: Anal Sex, Fiction, Oral & Blowjobs, Horror, Halloween

100 Votes

A Cop Story

Story by Bert LaVey

22 Aug 2022 17501 Readers comments 7 Min Read

If you're a cop you can get away with anything. I was a real cop. I must had had gay sex 30 times in my career. When you got 13 inches it is bound to happen. This is one of them.

Topics: Rough Sex, Big Dick, Forced, Cop, Domination, Submission

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