Half hanging, half standing, my knees were weak, my ass was warm and throbbing, my cock was dripping and sheen of sweat covered my entire body. I looked up and Craig was carefully video recording every possible inch.

The body that went with that voice was gone. Craig slowly circled my sweaty well-fucked self from top to bottom, front and back. I wondered if it was over, if this was it. But, he didn't cum and neither had I nor had Craig, we can't possibly be done!

He returned with a tripod, set it up in front of me, took the camera from Craig and mounted it on the tripod. Craig was naked by this point and he was wearing the very hot leather harness across his chest and shoulders. Both men slowly walked up to me getting very close and then they started to touch me. Slowly they each worked one side of my body, Craig on the left, he was on the right. They rubbed, squeezed and manipulated my muscles. It didn't take long to loose track of who was causing the stimulation I was feeling through out.

Thankfully my wrists were restrained, without it I would have collapsed into a well worked over pile of flesh. They started taking turns kissing me. How indescribably erotic it is to have one man kissing you deeply while another is kissing and sucking on your neck and lobes. The place where you are so horned up and sexually stimulated that time stops and the moment is so intense that the rest of the world fades away, that is where I was at. Once again all thoughts of the camera were forgotten.

He stopped kissing me, Craig followed and the blindfold was returned to its place over my eyes. Silence, a very fast swish sound and pain as a whip or strap landed on my back. Immediately afterward a different sensation as something struck my cock. The pain was not nearly as bad as it may sound, but the sound and being blindfolded made my jerk and yelp and twist and turn like I was being savagely beaten. My ass and balls were not ignored as the two of them continued to beat me.

As odd as this may seem, I could feel my cock stretching and growing, it felt like my skin was going to burst as my hard on grew. The beating stopped and I screamed. Ice. They began to run ice cubes on my body. Let me tell you that having your cock slapped around and then an ice cube run over it is enough to make you scream. I loved it. I felt the ice melt and the freezing rivulets of water run down my body.

After they stopped the ice I waited patiently for what was to follow. I felt something thick hit my chest, it ran, some kind of fluid that was thick, it wasn't cum. Then a whiff of chocolate hit my nose. They were pouring chocolate syrup over my body. It wasn't a lot but enough to cause me to stand still and wait.

Finally, yes a tongue. They began to like the chocolate off my skin. "God YES!" I said very loudly as one of them finally took my aching cock into their mouth. The syrup was added and liked off repeatedly, front and back. I was so close to cuming but couldn't let it go yet.

Once again they stopped and I stood in anticipation. My wrists were released from above and I was slowly bent forward. The padding thing was once again in front of me and my body was placed upon it, arms rehooked to the front legs. Moments after the final click from the clasp a cock was placed on my lips, I eagerly opened and accepted it. Craig. I had sucked his cock enough to know it was his.

He used my mouth and I took it all, he too had a cock ring on now. After several minutes of his face fucking he pulled out and the cock of my mystery man filled in. Thankfully I really didn't do much work, sucking cock at that angle is not easy, so they did the pumping I just worked the rest making sure not to let my teeth drag over their sensitive skin. They traded place a couple times before they both left my mouth open and waiting.

Hands on my ass, cheeks spread and a hard cock slid into my hole. I gasped, smiled and thanked him, asking him to fuck me completely. I couldn't tell whose cock it was and it didn't matter, I was in heaven. At some point the blindfold was removed, allowing me to see the cocks offered me. For some time I was fucked, both face and ass, they switched positions as they pleased and I moaned, groaned, begged for more and groaned again.

Releasing my wrists they both helped me up. My legs were shot, I couldn't have stood up if the place was on fire, I was sore from the sex, sore from sort of standing sort of squatting and not moving, rendering me weak. They sat me in a chair and in short time he came, shooting it on my chest, Craig followed shortly afterward. "Alright Sam, let's see that load." So I grabbed my cock and almost immediately added my cum to theirs. I was sweating, my chest heaving and covered in three loads of cum.

After they gave me a nice hot shower we returned to the main room and sat, chatting about the session while enjoying a much-needed lemonade. His name was Carl, he was 36 and got off controlling the men he played with.

"When Craig called me and told me about you I wasn't sure I was interested, generally I like guys who are older and more masculine, beefier, but he persuaded me to just try using you once. Honestly if he wouldn't have promised me the video option I don't think I would have agreed. But Sam, I am not regretting it at all. I am impressed how much you took considering you haven't had much, if any, experience with most of what we did."

I smiled and felt good about proving my worth as a usable bottom.

"If you are interested I would be glad to use you again, with Craig, just the two of us or with others, you make the call."

'With others'? What did he mean? What was he saying?

"I would love to be used my you again Carl." I smiled and looked down at my limp, happy cock.

Walking in the door Jude called out, "Where the hell have you been Sam? I need a blow job!" He was sitting on the sofa, laptop in front of him, his dick in his hand. "I tried calling, texting and nothing. Please come suck me off Sam. Please."

How can a guy resist a gorgeous man with a raging hard on who is begging for a blowjob? On my knees, porn on his laptop, my lips engulfed yet another cock and I did my best to get him to come quickly. I felt a little mean for trying to make it fast but I was exhausted and really wanted a nap.

"Well Sam, I don't know how to say it, but that was probably the least impressive blow job you have given me."

"Don't worry Jude, I'm not offended, just exhausted and I need a nap."

"Don't forget we are meeting up for some grub and then a show at the movies."

Damn, I had forgotten we had plans. "Wake me ten minutes before we need to leave." I called out as I dropped onto my bed and fell asleep.

Jude's kiss woke me. What a wonderful way to be woken! Quickly dressing I skipped underwear, felt like doing a little advertising, at least to see if anyone notices. Jude knew a lot of people and it seemed like everyone he knew was gay. Not just gay, but educated, employed, attractive and in shape. Sure some of the guys had slight bellies but I think it was more from getting older and not hitting the gym daily. We met a couple of his friends I had not met and had a fun time eating at an Indian restaurant. Then off to the movie we went. I wasn't thrilled with the romcom choice until the male lead removed his shirt. Damn he was sexy.

Jude was sitting to my right and Michael was to my left. Michael was one of those tall guys. And solid. He wasn't overly muscled but he was solid, pretty sure you know the type. Big hands, big legs and strong, He was actually pretty average looking. Just seeing his face I wouldn't have thought twice about him, but as a package he was hot.

Being tall, when seated his legs were spread wide. From the moment we sat down my knee was touching his thigh; he didn't react at all so I didn't think much of it. After one scene where the male lead is naked, laying on top of the lead female (of course they didn't really show much but enough to make me want to woof out loud) his hand slid onto my knee.

Slowly his slid his hand along my thigh and let it rest just barely next to my cock. There was no way to prevent my dick from reacting and soon I felt it growing. Because I had left the underwear at home there was nothing to keep my dick from inching it's way out. As the hunk on screen made love to the woman beneath him, the awareness of Michael's hand on my thigh was too much. My cock grew and soon was pushing it's way under his hand. Ever so slightly he grasped my cloth through my thin pants. I nearly moaned.

He must have heard me, or my breathing so he removed his hand. I spent the rest of the movie horned up. How is it possible to spend so much of a day horny? Even after being so well fucked that afternoon?

After the movie ended we parted ways. Giving Michael a simple hug I felt his hand on my ass. As Jude and I walked home I reached for my back pocket, something was in it. I kept my hand in my rear pocket until we got inside. I explained to Jude I had been seriously fucked that afternoon and really wanted to get some sleep. He tried not to act disappointed and I was a little embarrassed to decline sex, but I was truly exhausted.

In my room I pulled out the piece of paper, it was a business card.



[email protected]


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