Walking along I felt a text arrive on my phone it was from Carl. "u r getting fucked tonight my place @ 7."

Just reading it I started getting aroused. What the hell was I going to do for five hours? Sent a text off to Jude to see if he wanted to meet at the gym for a heavy workout. He replied he couldn't get out of work early but I should go and be waiting for him to come home so I could suck him off.

It wasn't very caring or tender, just the basic, I want to cum in your mouth when I get home. I liked it. I like sucking his cock, most cocks, and liked that it was just about sex.

Stopping at home to change and then off to the gym I thought about Carl's plans for the evening. He was full of surprises so I had no clue what he had in mind, just that I wanted to work out, clean out and be ready for pretty much anything. After the work out there was a text from Carl < text at my door>

Arriving at the door to his building I sent the requested text.

<@ door b naked ring bell> the buzzer sounded opening the entrance door to let me in.

Heart racing I took the steps three at a time. Why was I in such a hurry? Standing at his door I looked around to see if anyone was there. Of course it was empty, so I listened for a moment and then peeled off my tee, slipped off my tevas and dropped my shorts. I rang the bell as I was picking up my clothes.

The door opened and Carl was standing tall, a smirk on his face. He was dressed in jeans and a tee and looking delish. As I walked in he reached out for my clothes and shut the door.

"Can't wait to see your hole begging for it."

I smiled. Man it felt good to be wanted. His strong hand landed on my shoulder and he gently but forcefully guided me into the living room. Two guys were sitting, looking at me.

"The guy with the goatee is Dan, the other guy is Max."

I nodded hello and smiled nervously.

"Come on Sam, don't be shy, go up and say hello." Carl pushed me forward.

I walked up to Max and said hello, looking him in the eyes. He smiled, reached for my cock and held it gently. "Nice. Carl said you were hot and willing, sure hope you are!"

I smiled and nodded, "I think I am ready."

Max's hand let go of my cock and I stepped in front of Dan. "Hi Dan."

He too reached for my cock; I pushed my hips towards him. "Oh Sam Sam Sam, so young, so thin. Hope you can take me."

I didn't know what to say, or what he meant. "I will give it a try."

Both guys were hot and I wanted all three cocks inside me before I left. I was so horny and ready to give up my ass to them I was almost shaky. There was silence for a few moments. I didn't know what to do. Already I was naked, I knew Carl but the other two guys had just met. I wasn't sure what Carl had in mind, so I stood there waiting for direction. My cock had responded and was nice and thick bobbing as it slowly grew in anticipation.

Carl finally broke the silence. "Well Sam, whose cock are you going to suck first?"

"Yours." I turned to Carl, walked toward him, dropped on my knees and started working my way to his cock. After he was hard, wet and ready for more I stopped and sauntered over to Max and Dan, "Ok guys, who's next?"

They both stammered to get in next and both were ready to open their pants. "Hmmm. I am going to get on my knees and see which cock is in my mouth first." And I did just that, I kneeled down opened my mouth and closed my eyes. I heard clothing be moved and then felt the soft warm flesh of a cock on touch my lip, I opened wider to receive as much as he could give.

After Max unleashed his load on my face I moved on to Dan. He was plenty ready for me. I sucked him until he too let it fly, two nice loads on my face. I was now ready for Carl's. He was happy to face fuck me while the cum slowly ran down. His load joined the other two and I felt like I had passed some sort of test.

I was ready to be fucked now but Carl had different plans. After he had zipped up, I was sitting on the floor; he smiled, "Told ya guys. I could get this horny little fuck over and we could all face fuck him. No BS, no persuasion, just call and he arrives and does what ever you want. Now pay up."

I sat there as Max and Dan both pulled a twenty out of their wallets and hand them to Carl.

"Sam, you earned me forty bucks, thanks. I knew I could bet on you and win."

He handed me my clothes and asked if I wanted a towel to wipe the cum off. Yes I did want a towel and I felt like an ass. Instead of acting immature, I acted like I was thrilled to have won Carl his bet. I cleaned up, got dressed and Carl walked me to the door. No thank you, no words at all, he just opened the door and after I passed through, he closed it. Had I seriously just sucked off two guys who paid Carl for it? Shit, was he a pimp and I some prostitute?

I went home, showered and ate an entire pizza before crashing. The sex had been fun, but I was a little peeved.



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