A month had passed. The summer was hot but sunny and beautiful. Life had become a routine and it was good. Mornings I went to the gym and worked out. The advise from Timothy was paying off. I felt stronger, was developing muscle and was starting to look better. Four to five days a week there were business lunch assignments and most evenings dinner assignments. There was one change. Terry stopped joining me for the assignments. There was another change. The assignments stopped being business. I would arrive at the client's office or hotel room, get naked and either suck him off or get fucked. It became strictly sex.

Michael didn't mention the change. I didn't say anything to him either. Monday morning after my visit to the gym I would stop by his office, he would compliment me on my work, hand me a check, fuck me and I would get the list of assignments for the week.

Wednesday's I would clean Steve's condo and enjoy sucking his cock and taking his tasty load. Weekends were free so I spent time hanging out with some of my friends, who were also Jude's friends and I was always willing to go to bed with whoever was interested in fucking. The difference was these guys were hot. I loved it. The clients were all your average Joe's and didn't give a damn about if I enjoyed any of the sex.

Terry and I also would meet up on weekends and actually do something around town. He was really a very cool guy and I liked being with him. We didn't speak about work when we were hanging out. We did manage to find our way back to his place so we could get naked.

One Tuesday after I finished my work out Timothy stopped me. "Hi. Sam? Sorry I don't do well with names. Um. Got a minute?"

I said I did and he asked if he could buy me a smoothie. We went to a place not far from the gym, interesting how juice bars are often a few yards from a gym in Boston.

"You have been dedicated. Honestly I didn't expect you to listen. I owe you an apology for being rude but to be honest, as I said before, I get guys hitting on me constantly. I thought you were looking to get fucked. You look good. I can see the changes in your body. Well done Sam."

Timothy was soft spoken and polite. He spoke for a while and I listened as he told his tale. Apparently he was not allowed to have sex with anyone, except his Master. Turns out Timothy was in a relationship with a guy who had almost complete control of him. They had met when Timothy was Timmy, nineteen and in the closet. The guy who became his master picked him up outside a gay club one night, took Timmy home and fucked him. Timmy had been a virgin. Within a week Timmy had moved into the guy's place and basically surrendered.

Coming from a miserable sheltered childhood, a religious family who had no tolerance for anything that wasn't in the Bible, Timmy had lived in fear because he liked guys. The night he was outside the club he was terrified but so horny and desperate he went home with the guy and the rest is history. It had been almost ten years now. The guy was in control but not cruel. He never beat or humiliated or hurt Timothy. He did give Timothy self-confidence, acceptance and a safe place to live without fear. The guy was also into working out and put Timothy on a workout and diet that resulted in one truly amazing body.

Listening to him speak I was completely in awe. It sounded a bit like my experience and hot as hell. After he finished speaking, it took about a half an hour he stopped, took a sip of his smoothie and asked me "Be honest. Did you want to fuck when you first spoke to me?"

"Honestly, when I first saw you I wanted to fuck but then I wanted a body like yours so when I said Hi it was to ask about how you did it."

"Really? Another question." He paused. I nodded. "Are you interested in getting fucked now?"

I nearly spit out my smoothie. "Really? Now? Yeah!"

"Follow me."

Five minutes later we were in his loft. "Get naked." He said as he closed the door. In seconds I was butt naked. He walked up to me, placed handcuffs on my wrists behind my back and said to wait. He walked out of view.

A moment later a god walked in. Well over six feet tall and solid muscle, short beard, shaved head, lightly hairy and did I say solid muscle? My dick jumped. In his mid to late forties he had a body few gym rats in the twenties possessed. He was wearing jeans. He walked up to me and smiled. I melted. "Were you expecting Timothy? Sorry to disappoint but you do recall he isn't allowed to have sex with anyone."

"I recall." I said meekly.

"Timothy has been giving me daily updates on you. You listen."

I nodded. Fuck I was turned on.

"Surrender your body to me."

I didn't reply. Was I giving myself to him like Timothy had done?

Master looked at me. After a pause spoke, "You can go now." He turned.

"No wait! I want to! Please!" I was desperate. How does this happen so easily to me?

He turned. "I do not waste time. Timothy asked if you wanted to be fucked and you said you did. Yet I ask and you stand mute. Do you want to be fucked?" He was stern.


"Then surrender to me."

I gulped, scared of what I was going to commit to, "I surrender my body to you."

Porno comes to life. I had a man with a body of a Greek god, standing in front of me ready to use my body for his pleasure. This man was straight out of the high-end gay porn studios. My body was shaking. I couldn't help it. He reached out and his hand touched my head, I feel to my knees. He barely touched me and the electric power he had zapped me.

Mind racing, body floating I was laying on the padded table covered in sweat. He was walking away. Timothy came into the room, unlocked the handcuffs. "You did well Sam. Master is pleased. You have one minute to leave." Timothy walked away.

Out of breath I pulled on my shorts, grabbed my tevas and tee and stumbled out of the loft. Waiting for the elevator I pulled on the tee and felt dizzy. Realizing I had an assignment at noon I freaked out grabbed my phone and checked the time. It was eleven. I had been there for one hour on the dot. During that time the Greek god, Master, had feed me his glorious cock and balls, rimmed me and fucked me. My ass felt a huge void. It was the hottest fuck I had ever had.

Short on time I hurried home, showered and left for my assignment. The client was a repeat, overweight and minimal fucking skills I let him do his think while thinking about the out of this world fuck I had received an hour earlier.

That night I didn't mention the Greek god fuck. I didn't want to make Jude fell badly. It was my secret. The next morning I returned to the gym. I didn't see Timothy until leaving when he walked up behind me. "Time for a smoothie?"

"Master liked you. He liked your obedience. Every Tuesday, until he gives word, he wants you after you hit the gym. Don't fuck this up Sam."

"Really? Why does he want me? Doesn't he fuck you?" I was curious why a man with Timothy as his property, as it were, would want to bother fucking little me?

"Master uses me all the time. But he is my Master. He likes to use new toys and you are his newest. Do what he wants please."


"Yes. Please."

"Why please?" There was something there and I wanted to know.

"Sam. Please respect me. This is a life long relationship between Master and myself. I have your confidence?"

I nodded.

"Master requires many things of me, loyalty, complete honesty and obedience. He also requires me to supply him with a new toy when he demands it. If the toy makes him happy I am rewarded. If I fail to bring him a good toy I fail him and am rewarded accordingly."

"And rewarded accordingly isn't positive." I interject.

"All experience with Master is a positive but when I fail him it is not I who am rewarded, it is others."

Fuck this guy can talk in riddles sometimes. I tell him so.

Timothy asks for my phone. I unlock it and hand it to him. After he enters a bunch of information he hands it back. "Check this when you get home. And please don't fail me. Confidence." He gets up and leaves me holding my phone. I run home so I can see what he did. He had entered a web page into my phone I look at it and the picture is too small to really see what is happening. I don't understand how anyone can watch a movie or TV show or porn on their phone. Opening my laptop I enter the same sight. My eyes pop open.

Heavy bondage scene, lots of leather, big men, hairy men, cocks and in the middle is Timothy. He is tied up and his body is red from beatings. A paddle hits his ass again. I pop a boner and watch as Timothy is thoroughly abused by four men. The video lasts an hour, I cum while watching it. An hour! Shit I can't be late. I quickly change into my work clothes and head to my lunchtime trick.

Another businessman who spends too much time sitting and not enough exercising fucks me. It doesn't take him long but he is pleased to have my fine tight young ass to use. My skills at being a rent boy were improving and the men may or may not know, tell or care that I am only doing my job. As long as they cum and are smiling when I leave I have done what is expected.

Returning home I think about the video of Timothy. Going back to the site I find there are quite a few videos of him being used. Shit, the poor guy must have failed his Master a lot. Horned up I head to Steve's condo since it's Wednesday. Getting naked I clean up and while sucking his cock I smile at him. "Steve?"

"Yeah Sam?"

"Do you ever think about what it would be like to fuck me?"

Steve gags. I chuckled. I am the one with a cock in down my throat.


"Have you ever thought about fucking me?"

"Ahh, umm...well..."

"Steve, you want to fuck me?"

"Oh God Sam. Yeah I have thought about it. Really? Can I fuck you?"

I smile and nearly giggle. "Of course you can Steve. I have been wondering why you haven't even tried." I stand up and turn my ass to him. He gently fingers my hole. I relax and let him enjoy himself. I have time and feel like giving him the chance to enjoy himself.

Steve was wonderful. Gentle and kind he was very considerate of me while he played and finally fucked me. When he pulled the full condom off his cock I took it from him, I was the cleaning boy after all. Feeling cocky I emptied his cum on my chest and rubbed it in. He reaction was exactly what I was hoping to get. I smiled, pulled on my shorts and left. I still had one more trick that night but time for a short nap before hand.



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