• Abduction

    A muscle god has a stroke of bad luck and is mysteriously abducted into a space-ship

  • Abduction: Chapter 2

    Things get taken to another level in the lab.

  • Fairy Tales

    Young twink Theo learns that there's much more to the world he lives in, as well as himself.

  • Fairy Tales: Chapter 2

    Young twink Theo learns that there's much more to the world he lives in, as well as himself.

  • Invasion of the Reptods

    Reptilian Alien life forms have landed on the Earth, their objective is conquest of planet Earth.

  • The Mutant Companion: Chapter 3

    Joffrey and Devlin finally drop their guard ...

  • The Mutant Companion: Chapter 4

    Joffrey and Devlin cement their relationship with a visit to Devlin's country seat.

  • The Mutant Companion: Chapter 5

    Joffrey accepts his new role in Devlin's household and life.

  • The Mutant Companion: Chapter 6

    Joffrey and Devlin are careless ...

  • Tis Better to Receive Than To Give

    Major Matt Bator and the Jackonauts crew encounter a society of total bottoms ... and they demand Major Bator's most precious fluids. Only the Major has had a few too many drinks before the mission!


    One of the last boys on Earth figures out that his future may involve cocks.

  • A Destiny of Crystal

    He passed a reflective surface and paused to look. He had pale skin, which was almost, but not quite translucent, and flaxen, shoulder length hair that had a slight wave to it. Strangest of all were his eyes, which were slitted like a cat's and bronze, and his ears, not quite pointed enough to be ...

  • A Gay Man’s Tale

    A gay man finds himself in a totalitarian society, Gaynamede that is ruled by a fundamentalist regime comprised of rich, powerful, superior gay men who forced him and other gay men into subservience.

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 2

    As I laid tethered to the bed with leather straps and my legs clamped to stirrups, I was unable to move. Between my spread open legs, my hairy anus was exposed, stretched wide open with an anal dilator.

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 4

    My mind was racing, trying to come to grips with my imprisonment in a foreign land I know nothing about and plotted my escape without getting caught or worse killed.

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 5

    I woke up the next morning in a strange house in a strange bed between two men, neither one, my husband. Both Sam and Clive were still asleep.

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 6

    "I have to perform a sexual service to him as payment for groceries?! Is that it?!"

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 7

    "I'm just tired of this shit. I tired of this fucking house. I'm tired of everybody taking advantage of my body. I just want to get out of this insanity."

  • A Gay Man’s Tale: Chapter 8

    Today is the day I will be prepped for my first male pregnancy. I laid there with my hands folded across my abs and stared at the ceiling. I prayed that this morning wouldn't come but here in Gaynamede....

  • A Gift Turned Into More

    Aaron has a gift and the Military want him. In more ways then one. Sorry no sex in this one. Saving it for Part 2. Hope you like.

  • A Gift Turned Into More: Chapter 2

    Aaron wakes up and founds out he has changed in more ways than one. Aarons' gifts are now his powers to live and love.

  • A Gift Turned Into More: Chapter 3

    It's been five months that Aaron and Ty have been together. Aaron's premonitions are hunting him because they are about Ty. Not only that there are a few twist for you guys as we.

  • A Gift Turned Into More: Chapter 4

    The Final Chapter.

  • A Loner's Retribution

    A tortured teen is given a helpful device from a sympathetic student after being bullied for far too long.

  • A Loner's Retribution: Chapter 2

    Ryan goes and explores the possibilities he can do with his device, over at Tanner's place, while he's hanging out with his friends.

  • A Most Special Unit -- the Documentary

    Fantastical story of a militia in the fight against ISIS that through the primordial art and science of gay sex leads the way to victory.

  • AGTIM: Chapter 2

    "Was it all a nightmare... or did it really happen? God what is going on with me?"

  • AGTIM: Chapter 3

    Aaron's Mother is gone and his father is missing. Aaron sets out to find answers but he finds out the truth about his father. (No sex Sorry)


    A Gift Turned Into More is now Reopened.

  • AGTIM: Chapter 4

    One... Two... Three...