• Bite The Bullet

    Manny is a survivor of the terrible pandemic that ends civilization as we know it, roaming New York City in search of food and shelter, and discovering love truly has no rules.

  • Bite The Bullet: Chapter 2

    Manny is a survivor of the terrible pandemic that ends civilization as we know it, roaming New York City in search of food and shelter, and discovering love truly has no rules.

  • The Prince and the Pleasurehouse: Chapter 16

    Avidus seeks out a new partner, and turns to Shadow Division for enhanced options. When danger follows Namor and his team back to the House, Proteus intervenes once again.


    One of the last boys on Earth figures out that his future may involve cocks.

  • A Destiny of Crystal

    He passed a reflective surface and paused to look. He had pale skin, which was almost, but not quite translucent, and flaxen, shoulder length hair that had a slight wave to it. Strangest of all were his eyes, which were slitted like a cat's and bronze, and his ears, not quite pointed enough to be ...

  • A Gift Turned Into More

    Aaron has a gift and the Military want him. In more ways then one. Sorry no sex in this one. Saving it for Part 2. Hope you like.

  • A Gift Turned Into More: Chapter 2

    Aaron wakes up and founds out he has changed in more ways than one. Aarons' gifts are now his powers to live and love.

  • A Gift Turned Into More: Chapter 3

    It's been five months that Aaron and Ty have been together. Aaron's premonitions are hunting him because they are about Ty. Not only that there are a few twist for you guys as we.

  • A Gift Turned Into More: Chapter 4

    The Final Chapter.

  • A Loner's Retribution

    A tortured teen is given a helpful device from a sympathetic student after being bullied for far too long.

  • A Loner's Retribution: Chapter 2

    Ryan goes and explores the possibilities he can do with his device, over at Tanner's place, while he's hanging out with his friends.

  • AGTIM: Chapter 2

    "Was it all a nightmare... or did it really happen? God what is going on with me?"

  • AGTIM: Chapter 3

    Aaron's Mother is gone and his father is missing. Aaron sets out to find answers but he finds out the truth about his father. (No sex Sorry)


    A Gift Turned Into More is now Reopened.

  • AGTIM: Chapter 4

    One... Two... Three...

  • AGTIM: Chapter 5

    "Who the hell are you?" I found my voice. "Baby, its me... Tylor" spoke the sexy god of a man. "Bull, where is he and answer my question. Who are you?"

  • Alex's New Life

    Alex lay on his back, completely unconscious and unaware of his surroundings. His naked body was positioned on a dark green table with his feet apart. Touching a console, his captor observed a small electronic screen, checking readings.

  • Alex's New Life: Chapter 2

    Alex's new life as a slave continues.

  • Alex's New Life: Chapter 3

    Another continuation of the story. Thanks for all the comments and emails (don't worry, there will be more to the story).

  • Alex's New Life: Chapter 4

    This part of the story focuses on how James came to be a slave as well. I plan this to serve as something akin to an interlude, of sorts, to kind of give more perspective of James' personality.

  • Alien invasion

    A blowjob Interrupted by aliens part 1.

  • Alien invasion: Chapter 2

    Ending of a hot weird sex!

  • All That Glitters

    Finding a club where the decor is as useful as it is evocative

  • Alpha One

    A homosexual colony is founded on a distant planet.

  • Androstimulus Virus - Beginning

    An experiment gone wrong, endangers a whole facility. Before the incident, a young teenager fools around with a security guard in the lavatory...

  • Another Planet

    A guy gets zapped to another planet and gets some fun there.

  • Apocalypse G

    Zombies rule the earth. Humans almost gone. But one hot, horny and hung like a donkey soilder wanders into my ant-zombie compound. He hadn't had sex for eight months!

  • Apocalypse G: Chapter 2

    The Zombie Scare continues and as I protect myself from these flesh-eating monsters, a rich couple arrives at the Compound and the lady's hot husband seems to have an itch he {or she} can't stratch!

  • Apocalypse G: Chapter 3

    Zombies were everywhere and these two young Mormons wanted to tell me about Jesus! I wan't going to even let them in but one guy was staring at my groin very hard, for a long time. I opened the door to the Fortress. This might prove to be very interesting!

  • Arriving To Prometheus

    Colton Nicks, Chris Adams, and 3 other guys get the most erotic alien sex of their lives.