One of the last boys on Earth figures out that his future may involve cocks.

  • A Destiny of Crystal

    He passed a reflective surface and paused to look. He had pale skin, which was almost, but not quite translucent, and flaxen, shoulder length hair that had a slight wave to it. Strangest of all were his eyes, which were slitted like a cat's and bronze, and his ears, not quite pointed enough to be ...

  • A Gift Turned Into More: Chapter 4

    The Final Chapter.

  • A Loner's Retribution: Chapter 2

    Ryan goes and explores the possibilities he can do with his device, over at Tanner's place, while he's hanging out with his friends.

  • AGTIM: Chapter 5

    "Who the hell are you?" I found my voice. "Baby, its me... Tylor" spoke the sexy god of a man. "Bull, where is he and answer my question. Who are you?"

  • Alex's New Life: Chapter 4

    This part of the story focuses on how James came to be a slave as well. I plan this to serve as something akin to an interlude, of sorts, to kind of give more perspective of James' personality.

  • Alien invasion: Chapter 2

    Ending of a hot weird sex!

  • All That Glitters

    Finding a club where the decor is as useful as it is evocative

  • Alpha One

    A homosexual colony is founded on a distant planet.

  • Androstimulus Virus - Beginning

    An experiment gone wrong, endangers a whole facility. Before the incident, a young teenager fools around with a security guard in the lavatory...

  • Another Planet

    A guy gets zapped to another planet and gets some fun there.

  • Apocalypse G: Chapter 3

    Zombies were everywhere and these two young Mormons wanted to tell me about Jesus! I wan't going to even let them in but one guy was staring at my groin very hard, for a long time. I opened the door to the Fortress. This might prove to be very interesting!

  • Arriving To Prometheus

    Colton Nicks, Chris Adams, and 3 other guys get the most erotic alien sex of their lives.

  • Atalin and Alyl

    Atalin V, Emperor of the Nimsol People enjoyed making love with his little 2nd wife, Alyl, a Nimsol male far younger than his husband.

  • Balls deep thieves: Chapter 3

    The sound of an alarm buzzes from next door, it doesn't wake me cus i wasn't asleep, my mind wondered to the chief, handing me his position as he resined. Its not unherd of, but it certainly wasn't what i was expecting. Granted i have been in the department for some time, and i have the experience ...

  • Bored and boarded - from the terracorp chronicles

    A young member of the TerraCorp Security Corps blows off a little steam, and a big cock, before shipping out, getting boarded, in multiple ways, and discovering some very interesting, and hard, cargo.

  • Borg XXX

    Two formerly assimilated friends from the Starship Enterprise suddenly find themselves un-assimilated from the Borg collective, on a damaged Borg cubed, and decide to take advantage of it

  • Built for Sex

    Gil Walker has been transformed by a mysterious man on a tropical island twenty years ago and he is returning to the island. Driven towards man sex, getting closer to the island where it all began is only amping the stud up further so he can't wait to get to Isla Paradiso.

  • Changed?: Chapter 2

    The second part, it was originally written for my own use, but I decided to post it somewhere, that how I found this website. NOTE: I do not gain anything from the stories I publish here, however please do not copy them to anywhere else, I don't like that.

  • Chattel

    A jaded space trader rescues two slaves from certain death and ends up getting more than he bargained for!

  • Cody. Ryan. Leo.

    Dear Science. Please perfect cloning faster. I have three gorgeous boys to clone! Sincerely, Their lover-boy.

  • Commander Cody: Chapter 2

    2nd part of my Commander Cody series. Space, violence, and romance. Please leave comments, emails, or something to let me know what you think.

  • Curse of the Tan Tan

    Then, holding the gun in front of him with trembling hand, he tentatively moved out of the room. He instinctively moved from one well-lit spot to the next, not even consciously knowing why, just knowing somehow that that was an important thing for him to do.

  • Doom Guy vs Hell

    The protagonist from the popular PC game finds a level he wasn't expecting it the midst of brutally murdering the armies of hell. Tentacles. Satan.

  • Earth Reborn: Chapter 2

    Khore meets the rebels, and there's not a pair of dry pants left in the place! Hope to hear from you all soon!

  • Eight

    A Man Tries An Experiment in Sexual Regeneration

  • Encounter with Past Self

    Gabe discovers a way to encounter with a past version of himself

  • Eric's First Days at Cyberforce

    The ones he felt would be accepted were the ones that were handling their stress well. The ones that were less likely, were clumped tighter together trying to draw solace from their new found companions. All of the candidates in this room were men, very beautiful men in fact. Cyberforce did accept ...

  • Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: Chapter 3

    Hunter and Bryant go out for their last year of Trick or Treating before college, forgoing the large party being thrown at the Euphrates building. But is it safe, especially with all the rumors of boys disappearing?

  • Extra Money

    A young guy and some extra cash enjoy guys.