Heading to the gym in the morning I tried not to think about my rent boy weekend. What I needed to focus on was working out. Since I had spoken with Timothy, the ripped beyond compare stud at the gym I had been following his advise on diet and exercise. Every morning during the week I would hit the gym early and do my routine. If I saw him I didn't bother him, I did my thing. This focus was a plus in a few ways, one of which was not checking out all the hot guys and trying to get laid. The other plus was knowing that in time my body would be hot as hell.

After I completed my workout I went home and showered. Michael called and asked me to come in to work. I dressed in my new clothes and left. Terry was at the front desk and smiled, winked and tilted his head towards Michael's office. Trying to be confident I walked in and said hello.

"Sam. Sam. Sam. There is my hot new employee. You get the employee of the week award Sam. Ed was more than pleased. Come in. Sit down." Michael was beaming. My fears were obviously unfounded.

"Sam." He walked to the door and closed it. "Outstanding work last week. And the weekend assignment, I don't know what to say. Ed has been a client since I started and he can be tough to please but you, shit. Sam. He had nothing but compliments. He sent an email over the weekend and went on and on about how sexy you were and easy to be with and willing! He is back again next quarter and already has asked for you."

Was I ready for another weekend with Ed? Other than my ripped clothes I wasn't sure the rape and subsequent abuse had really happened. The other men using me I know happened. Could I handle it?

"Here is your pay check Sam. There is a tip as well." He handed me an envelope. "This week I have lunches Tuesday through Friday. You and Terry will be working them. Also there are assignments for dinner Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Terry will be there as well for those. Keep up the good work Sam. I am pleased. Terry has the details so check with him when you leave."

"Thank you Michael." I was proud my work was well received but a little embarrassed. I stood up and left his office. Terry looked at me and smiled. When I was at his desk he whispered "If you didn't offer your ass to him you better get back in there."

At least now I knew that every time I saw Michael I need to offer myself to him. Returning to his office I left the door open took off my clothes and walked up to him. He pushed his chair away from his desk and spread his legs. After he fucked me he pulled up his pants. "Terry, take Sam here to lunch. Be back by three." He sat down and went to work. The fuck was nothing more than part of business for him. No thank you just shoot the load and go on to the next order of business. I cleaned up, got dressed and went to Terry's desk. He stood, smiled and we left.

Seated in a booth in the back of the restaurant I sat with my hands folded on the table in front of me and looked down. Terry reached up and held my hands in his. "Sam. I know the weekend was tough. You can talk about it. Don't worry, Michael has strict rules about talking about clients, I won't say a word to him. But Ed. He is something else."

"Thanks Terry." The server arrived and took our drink order. I didn't saw much else.

"The first time I was with Ed, thankfully he gave me his special drink because without it I would have called the cops. I had never had rough sex before and wasn't ready for it. Shit it wasn't even on my radar. So when he punched me and then started ripping off my clothes I didn't do anything, I didn't resist. It was one night, not a weekend. Guess I was lucky. For the next year every time he was in town he requested me. He didn't rape me again but he loved watching while other guys fucked me.

"My guess is he had the room service guy stop by after his shift ended."

I nodded.

"I ran into him the weekend after Ed had him fuck me. His name is Blake. Before Ed found Michael's service he was tipping Blake to stop by for sex. Blake isn't gay but he is in college and paying for it on his own so he sometimes does some side jobs. He was really nice and we went for coffee and he told me he only did it because he needed the money and Ed paid well. He felt a little guilty about the experience. Sam, he is a good guy and didn't mean any harm.

"Every time Ed hired me he would do something different. Once with Blake. Once with a black guy. Once with Stash. Outside. In the hallway. It isn't the same expect he wants the power over you."

"You had Stash too?" I looked up at Terry.

"Yeah. Hot cock on that stud." Terry smiled.

"Thick." I shook my head remembering it.

The server took our order, brought out meal and we continued to talk. Most of the time Terry spoke, I listened. It felt good to know that Ed was a control fuck and wanted to use a young guy's body. He got off making us do things we didn't really want to do but knew that we were really horny fucks who wouldn't complain in the end. How weird is it to think, to know, that a guy can force you to do something you don't want to do and when it's over you loved it? Well, maybe not loved but at least enjoyed a little. Was I sick?

After lunch I sent Craig a text and went to his office. I was horned up talking about sex for three hours and wanted cock. Craig doesn't disappoint.

The rest of the week was very busy. Terry and I worked the lunches and it was strictly business. The only thing that happened outside of what would be acceptable at any office was on Thursday. I went to print a report and make copies for the guys in the meeting. As I was at the printer one of the visiting clients came out and asked where the restroom was located. I told him and he thanked me, put his hand on my shoulder and slowly slid it down my back and rested his hand on my left ass cheek. He squeezed it gently. "Solid. Nice." He said.

"Thank you."

He leaned into my ear and whispered, "I just had to see if it was true."

"If what was true?"

"That the young guys hired for these meetings were as receptive as I was told."

His hand was still on my ass. I leaned into his grasp.

"I want to fuck you." He whispered. Then he stepped back and returned to the meeting. I admit I was a little hard. He wasn't a hot stud, just your average forty something business guy, but the experience turned me on.

After the meeting was over Terry and I cleaned up, the businessmen left and the client thanked up for our time. We left the office and the man who had felt me up was standing in the hallway of the office building. He smiled at me and turned to walk toward the rest room. Terry nudged me with his elbow so I followed. Inside the man was standing with his cock out. Not speaking I began to suck him. Knowing it wasn't a private restroom I was nervous and tried to focus on giving a great blowjob.

"Show me that ass boy."

Standing up, turning away and dropping my pants I bent over for him. His wet finger slid along my crack. He leaned over to the sink and grabbed some soap and lubed up my hole. Soap? Pressing into me his cock popped through and he fucked me. It was quick; he wasn't too big or thick so it was easy to take. He pushed my shirt up and came on my back.

"Thanks boy." And he left.

Just as the door was to close it opened. I jumped. I was standing in the restroom, my pants at my ankles and cum on my back. It was Terry. "Don't worry, I was standing guard. Let me clean that up."

The dinners were different. The client and anywhere from one to three guests, would have us join them for the meal. Afterward the client would leave. Terry and I would accompany the men to their hotel. The guests would pick one of us and take us to their room. It was basic rent boy style sex. The night there were three guests we all went to one of the rooms and they had a little orgy with us. It wasn't particularly hot since the guys were normal looking, but it was bland and clean, nothing wild or crazy. It did feel a little cheap.

After the first night of rent boy fuck Terry asked if I wanted a shower at his place. We showered and then had sex. Now that was hot. Fuck he was sexy; I understood why the clients liked him. It didn't cross my mind that they felt the same about me.

Between assignments on Wednesday I went to Steve's to clean his condo, naked of course. After the work was done I offered a blowjob. Steve was thrilled. He wanted me to know that it wasn't part of the deal; he wasn't paying me for it or expecting it. Smiling I told him I loved sucking his cock and I would stop by just for the chance.

Friday night we didn't have an assignment so I was free. Jude was happy I could spend some time hanging out. Craig met up with us for dinner and we had a great conversation about hot guys. I was turned on and after the bill arrived I took it to pay. They were surprised by the move and thanked me. Feeling cocky I replied it was my pleasure but now they both owed me. We went to Craig's place and had a very hot three way.

The experience of having a very hot stud fucking you while another equally hot stud was feeding his cock into your hungry mouth is heaven. I loved being spit roasted. My entire body would tingle from the anticipation of it and vibrate while I had two hard cocks inside me. It was also the night I had my first dp. It was a little scary to agree, shit I asked for it, but with their patience it worked and I had both Jude and Craig inside my hole at the same time. I can't lie, it did hurt but the mental image of it was worth it.

Saturday I slept in. This was a first in a while. Michael sent an email outlining the next week, lunches and dinners four out of five days.



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