His hands slowly caressed my thighs, working their way up to my waist. Normally I am a bit ticklish but something about his touch was erotic and I didn't feel any giggle building up. His used one finger to run along the cervices of my abs and used his other hand to gently slid over them afterward. Each hand opened into an L shape and formed a cub underneath each pec, he slid his hands in this shape out and followed the muscle. His thumbs circled my areolas, intense shooting pain/pleasure went through my body. He avoided the nipple. Tease.

Moving his hands to my armpits he forced my arms above my head. He continued to slide his hands, lightly and smoothly toward my wrists bringing them together. I closed my eyes as the electric sensation of him took over. Then I felt the flicker of his tongue on my neck. God. My dick sprang up hitting his stomach and then mine.

He slowly licked my neck using solid long lick from the base toward my hairline and chin. I found myself moaning. Had I been doing so a while and just realized it? Then his tongue found it's way to my ear lobe. That was it. I was entirely his. God this man knew how to get me to submit. Shit, I was so turned on, so aroused I would have done anything for him to continue, even bareback me.

As he took my left lobe unto his warm wet mouth I felt me abs contract, the back arch and head fall back. He let go and moved to the right lobe and sucked it in. I collapsed back onto the sofa.

After releasing my lobe he moved down to my right pit and started licking. I had never thought of armpits as sensual but he changed my mind. Working until my pit was wet he moved over to the left one. His hands were still on my wrists holding me hostage. I wasn't at all interested in the ransom being paid.

Then he sent another jolt of electricity through my body. His lips wrapped around my right nipple. He sucked it in. I continued to moan, not caring if it was soft or if the neighbors were able to hear me. He once again worked his way to the next nipple and after sufficiently sucking it completed the pass to my right pit.

My entire body was becoming so sensitive I had trouble laying still. There was nothing fast about his technique, he was savoring every minute of it. He left me nipple and moved his tongue to my stomach. Slowly, driving me crazy, his slid the tip along each ab, tracing the same lines he had followed with his finger. As he worked his way toward my cock I was aching to get it in his inviting mouth. He followed the slight love trail to the top of my pubes. Please God, let him take my cock, please.

His hands had long released their grip on my wrists yet I held them in place as if he had locked them together. Now they were on my knees and he spread me legs even further apart. He moved his mouth to my inner thigh. I nearly came. Kissing his way from thigh to knee he moved between the left and right leg. His right hand reached under my knee and lifted my leg straight out as his hand moved to my ankle. He kissed the back of my knee, another part of the body I had never thought of as erotic. Continuing his way to my ankle and then he repeated it on my left leg.

His hands were wrapped around my ankles, he started to rise up, lifting my legs in the process until they were pointing toward the ceiling. His grip ceased and my legs bent at the knee, he pushed my thighs back next to my torso. My ass felt exposed and it was. He kept one hand on the back of each thigh and dove into my tight pink hole with the tip of his tongue. I gasped out loud.

He worked his way into and around my hole, I relaxed and let him have his way. It was amazing. Jude had eaten my out and I loved it. Craig was even better. I guess his little comment about being a bit of a slut had its rewards, he knew how to eat ass. I didn't know what ass eating was about. Prior to my initiation by Jude I had found it unappealing. My opinion had done a one eighty.

My breathing started to become deeper and heavier. I could feel my entire chest expanding and collapsing. My abs follow suit. Moans and gasps interrupted my breathing as he continued to explore regions of my body that were new to such welcomed intrusions. His tongue would leave the warm, now wet, cavity of my anus and my bud would pulse. Back in again he would dart. Repeatedly. My glutes were constricting and contracting in synch with his tongue. Then it happened. One wet hard finger pressed against it. I tightened. He gave a slight laugh and continued. It didn't take long to relax so he could slide the entire digit inside. Slowly, deliberately he fucked my hole with his finger.

Then came the second finger. I could feel the pressure of my bud stretching. Slowing he would insert two and slowly withdraw them. Then he would quickly insert and withdraw. He continued the pattern while I squirmed on my back. Then a three finger joined in. Fuck me it was intense. He worked slowly, I was unable to accommodate the three easily. His fingers were not small.

This entire time neither of us had spoken. The only noise was my moans and groans and the sound of wet skin making contact with wet skin. He reached his strong arms under my thighs and behind my back and lifted me enough to move my body to the floor. My eyes opened for the first time in a long while and I saw his smiling face. His mouth, cheeks and chin shining with spit.


I nodded. On the floor my knees bent I looked at his torso, his chest was heaving, his looked amazing. I heard a click, then the sound of a rip and wrapper. His hands then reached under my knees and he pushed my legs back against my sides. My ass was tipped up towards him. I felt like I was offering him my body and I was. Hands still on my legs I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my eager hole. I breathed in deeply with anticipation.

His cock slid into me, he had lubed up well. In he went all at once. I lost my breath and my eyes felt like they would pop out. The pain, searing. I finally gasped for breath and let out a loud moan that was nearly a scream. I left his body solid against my ass, pubes to pubes. I whimpered as he held his cock inside and shuttered when he finally withdrew. Tears whelmed up in my eyes. Damn it hurt.

In he went again. I felt the tears running down my face. He slowly slid partway out and as he slowly slid back in and the pain ceased and my entire body went into spasm. A euphoric high suddenly hit and impulsively pushed my ass towards his cock. He understood and began to slowly fuck me.

I became light headed as he found his pace and took his time. Then once we had a near perfect rhythm he pulled out entirely and grabbed my right leg and swung it over so I was on my side. Hold my leg straight up he reentered my ass and continued until once again we had a solid rhythm going. Once again he pulled out and twisted my leg toward the floor, my body followed and I was on my stomach. He reached for my hips and pulled them toward him and his cock. I was on all fours and he spent a great deal of time enjoying his ride.

Once we hit a pattern he reached forward and hooked his hands under my armpits and lifted me back towards him and onto my knees. His cock never left my hole. He fucked me kneeling and then, again when the rhythm was right, he slowly guided me back to the floor. He thrust in deep and soon I my body was prone and he was on top of me. The fuck resumed.

The grinding of my cock into the rug was rough, his cock on my hole equally so. He leaned forward and started sucking on my left lobe. I gasped loudly and he increased his speed. His breathing became heavy and increased. As he fucked harder and breathed heavier I arched my back to give as much access to my hole as possible and to relieve my cock of the possible rug burn.

He grunted, stabbed his cock as deep into me as possible and moaned so loudly I was taken by surprise. He was cumming. He lay down on top of my. His entire weight upon my back. I felt his cock start to soften and he rose up and removed his cock.

His right hand gripped my thigh and he turned me over to face him. He had a sheen of sweat on his body and looked more amazing than the hot studs on the gay porn sites. His face was pure release.

'Wow. Sam, that was phenomenal. Thank you.'

I smiled.



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