Waking up to the smell of coffee and bacon my senses were very aware of my need to eat. After a quick trip to the bathroom I put on a robe and followed the amazing aroma of fresh food. Jude smiled at me and winked.

"How you feeling stud?"

"Like I could eat a horse!"

"You are going to have to settle for a pig."

He served up breakfast and we ate in silence. I was shoveling the food in; talking would only get in the way. After I finished the last piece of bacon I let out a huge burp. Jude laughed, "I take that as a compliment. You are well this morning. What did you do yesterday? I am going a little crazy with curiosity."

I wanted to tell him. I really wanted to but I just couldn't bring myself to spill the beans. If I didn't tell anyone I could pretend it hadn't happened. It simply was a case of regretting what I had done. How many people have taking the walk of shame after a hook up? What a weak argument. A poorly chosen hook up could be forgotten. Filming a porno, which would be released, would never go away.

"Jude. I can't tell you. It's going to have to be that way. Sorry."

"Come on! I just made an outstanding breakfast. You owe me that story. What did you do?"

"Sorry, not going to happen. Suffer. But I do appreciate breakfast."

"The things I do for you."

"Don't bother trying to guilt trip me into it. Besides, I was the one who purchased all the food. Shit when I returned from Thanksgiving there wasn't anything to eat in the place. I consider us even." I smirked at him. He winked at me.

"Well, be that way. I guess I will just need to fuck you into revealing your tale."

"Nice pun, but no buns for you Charlie."

"Oh really?" He pushed himself away from the table and walked around behind me. He leaned in and I felt his warm breath on the neck. He kissed, ever so lightly, the nap of my neck and slowly worked his way to my ear. Fuck no, not my ears. He knew I lost all control when my ears were kissed. He kissed my lobe then slowly began to run his tongue along the outside of my ear. My toes curled from the bolt of energy, the sexual tension that comes out of nowhere when my ears are stimulated.

Jude deserves credit for knowing how to get me to crumble. Within five minutes I was on his bed and he was rimming me. Yep, I am a sucker for a little ear sex. After months of living together and frequent sex Jude knew exactly what to do and before long I was begging him to fuck me. Every pore in my body wanted his cock inside of me. Pleading, begging, whining, threatening to leave, nothing worked. He teased my hole with his cock but refused to push inside.

"Ok! OK! I will tell you! Just please Jude! Fuck me. Please! I can't take it. Please fuck me." I was desperate. Shit, if he didn't shove his cock into my hole within the next thirty seconds I would have to find something else to fill me up.

"Only if you tell me." He was smiling. No, he was grinning! He knew he had me.

"I will just please, shove it in, now!"

He pressed his head against my hole. I pushed toward it hoping to get the head in so I could impale myself. He pulled away before I had the chance.

"Come on Jude, fuck me!"

"Tell me."

"Fuck you Jude, please put it in and I will tell."


That was it. I couldn't wait. "I filmed a porno. There. Now fuck me." I was exasperated.

"What? Seriously? Sam!"

"I told you so now fuck me."

He pressed his head against my bud and pushed. It popped in without resistance. I thrust my body forward in a lame attempt to get more of it in. I wanted to be filled.

"Porno huh." Jude grunted out as he slowly began to grind my hole. "Another one of those videos where you didn't know the guy was recording?"

"What are you talking about?" I was in heaven as his wonderful cock filled me. Have you ever had a cock that just fit your hole so perfectly it was heaven? Size and looks didn't matter because somehow it just fit oh so right?

"Sam. You have had several guys film their cocks in you." Jude continued to grind, almost to the rhythm of his words. If he were talking about anything other than sex it would have been obnoxious. But grinding me to the words was sexual poetry.

"That happened once."

"Sam. How many times? I am gonna stop..." and he pulled out, "unless you tell me how many times."

"THREE! Three times. Back in there, stud." Damn I was a cock greedy bottom.

"One." His head poked in. "Two." Half way in. "Three." He rammed the rest of his cock into me causing us both to fall forward. Doggy style on a bed can be so fucking hot.

After fucking me until he was spent and my ass was on fire from the action we spent a few minutes catching our breath. He spread my legs open as he lay next me. Using his finger he would wipe his cum as it seeped from my hole over my balls. His gentle massage using his seed was so tender. Jude really knows how to make me feel amazing. The thought was across my mind that I could have ended up with a guy who isn't very good at fucking and I would have had to put up with lame four-minute fucks on a regular basis. Thank god that didn't happen.

Morning showers followed. Jude made a fresh pot of coffee and we took our places in the living room while I began to tell Jude the tale of my venture into porn. I didn't get far before he asked how I even met the guy. And he gave me shit for not even knowing the guys name. After that entire story was told I was able to get back to the events of Saturday morning.

Jude listened, asked a few questions, generally forcing me to fill in bits and pieces I had omitted. When I finished I sat and waited for him to offer his commentary on what I had done. He looked at me for a long time. My heart was beating loud enough I swear it echoed in the room. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking. He wouldn't kick me out over this. He could reprimand me. Worst of all, he could think less of me.

In general I didn't care what people thought about my sex life or me. Granted I was terrified and still am of the reaction I would get if the folks back home knew. However, after my visit and the out in the open knowledge I was gay, and it was ok, even that wasn't as strong as it use to be. Jude however was different. If he ever came to think less of me I would be crushed. He had become, in a rather short period of time, the most important person in my life. Sure I loved him, not as a partner but as a role model. He had become the man I looked up to, trusted and wanted to be like. Not a copy of him, but he had so many qualities in a man I admire.

He was strong, handsome, took care of himself physically, mentally, financially, sexually and emotionally. He was confident. He had a great circle of friends and business contacts. He knew who he was and what he wanted. He was a great catch for some lucky guy. I wasn't going to be that guy and I knew it and didn't want to be it. Having him as a mentor and friend was of greater value. The sex didn't hurt either. Yeah, I wanted to grow into my own person and have the same strong positive qualities Jude had.

Finally he spoke. "Sam. The only thing I can think of to say in response is why haven't we made a video of us fucking?"

My eyes popped open and my mouth dropped. "Seriously Jude? That is your response? Why we haven't filmed us fucking?"


"I don't know. I guess I never asked anyone to film me. Why haven't you just set it up?"

"Putting it on me are you?" He smiled.

I smirked back at him. "I need to pee." Getting up and heading to the bathroom I grabbed my phone hoping he wouldn't see me. Sitting to take my piss I sent off a text to Craig. Yes, sitting to piss is sissy but I never used my phone while standing over a toilet. Too many people drop their phones into their own piss and I wasn't going to be one of them. Trying to pee slowly I waited for Craig to reply. God I hope he has his phone in his hand. Finishing with the last forced squirts his reply came in. He was game.

I sent a quick reply and went back to the living room not mentioning anything about the texting.

"So what's up for today?" I asked my mentor.

"My plans were simple, eat, fuck and then out."

"Two are done. Am I involved with the third?" What the hell did 'out' mean?

"If you want. Yeah, you can. Let's get dressed." He stood up as he spoke and then paused. "I don't think I have asked you to put clothes on. A first huh?" He laughed.

Walking out the door I asked where we were going. He smiled and said he had gone through his closet on Saturday and cleaned out all his old clothing, he wanted to update his wardrobe. Growing up I wasn't very interested in clothing but being in Boston, where people did dress with some style and happening to be acquainted with a bunch of gay men, some of whom dressed very well, clothing was beginning to be interesting. Sure you can argue that clothes don't make the man but I think they sure help make a man sexier. Spending an afternoon helping a hot hunk buy clothes would not be a drag.

Taking a cab home after grabbing lunch and several hours of shopping we entered the condo with bag upon bag of apparel. Jude was a picky shopper. Quality over trend and if he bought something it was because it fit perfectly. He didn't buy much considering how long we were out but everything looked like it was made for him. On the perk side were a dozen new pieces for me. Before moving here I just wanted jeans that fit and tee shirts that everyone else was wearing. Jude helped me to see that having one pair of jeans that fit perfectly was smarter than just whatever pair managed to hang on my hips. Not only would I wear them a lot and thus get more bang for my buck, they also looked a million times better. That could bring in more fuck for my buck especially if they fit perfectly.

Dressing in my new pants and a sweater that made me look like a model out of a magazine, we met up with Craig for dinner. I offered to treat, a first. As we waited for our meal Craig offered a toast, "To Wednesday evening."

I raised my glass, of soda while Jude looked inquisitively. "What's Wednesday?"

Craig got that look in his eye that meant sex. "Everything is all arranged. We will be making a sex tape of you using that fine ass of Sam's and it isn't going to be some grainy, dark and out of focus sex tape. I have a buddy helping. He has a studio with lights and real cameras. Normally he makes commercial and industrial shorts but he does do some special favor work for friends. It is going to be hot."

Slowly a smile took over Jude's face. "Sam, you dirty little boy." He leaned over and kissed my forehead.

"If you do that while we are filming I am going to hurt you Jude." Craig wasn't having anything cute recorded.

The food arrived and we enjoyed dinner while talking about the filming while trying to keep the language used from being overheard. The server wasn't cute nor was he hot but he did provide very close service. Was it because he was gay and liked a trio of good-looking gay men at his table or had he overheard enough to have some idea of what the conversation was about? Didn't matter. I wasn't interested in him. After a short term low point in my life, my new life, things were back to being awesome.



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