Facing him, completely naked, fully erect and so horny I had trouble standing I waited. In front of me was a naked man so hot I had already shot two loads fantasizing about him. Was it possible he could say no?

'Well? Jude? Will you have sex with me?' I felt a little tinge that he would actually reject me.

'Sam. Are you sure this is a good idea? Are you sure this is what you want?'

'That doesn't answer my question. Jude. I want to have sex. More than anything I want to walk over there, get on me knees and for the first time in my life put my hand on another man's cock, take it into my mouth and give the best blow job I possibly can.'

He didn't say anything.

'Jude, I am sure. I want to get laid. I want to fall asleep tonight and not be a virgin. I want you to be the one to help me.'

Nothing. Was he teasing me or really thinking it over?

I stood there, stroked my cock. He looked. Didn't say a word.

I reached over and took his phone.

'What are you doing Sam?'

'Calling Craig, he offered, I am going to accept.' I figured that would either get him to fuck me or I would let Craig be the one to do it.

I slowly put the phone down. He slowly spread his legs. We both were smiling. Finally I was going to have sex.

I walked around the coffee table, he pushed is away with his feet. I got between his legs and gazed at his cock, now full and nearly standing tall. I reached out for it. He blocked my hand. 'You don't have to have sex with me because you are staying here.'

I pushed past his hand and grabbed his cock, soft yet firm, warm and pulsing. 'I'm not, but I do expect you to buy me breakfast in the morning.'

He laughed, I stroked his cock and moved in to wrap my lips around it.

My mind went into overdrive as I tried to take in all the sensations at once. Naked between a hunks legs, a hard cock in the mouth, the feeling, taste, texture, all of it was incredible. I did me best to suck his cock and Jude encouraged me, guiding me to give him pleasure. I kept at it, not wanting to stop. After a few minutes I knew I liked sucking cock and it was good.

But I wanted more. I wanted all of it, his cock, his balls, his abs, chest, arms, neck and mouth. I also wanted to be fucked. I finally pulled back and let his cock out of the grasp of my mouth. I looked up at him. He was smiling at me. 'Sam, I will say that you get an A+ for effort, damn. Stand up. He then took me hard on into his mouth and gave me my first blowjob. Man it was wild! I loved it. Then I pulled away.

'Everything alright Sam?'

'Better than alright, I don't want to come yet.'

He chuckled. 'How about showing me that ass again?'

I obliged with eager wanting. He squeezed my cheeks and licked me, slowly spreading them to gain access to my bud. His tongue flicked at it and licked around and finally entered. I moaned. I thought having my cock sucked felt amazing; his tongue in my ass was beyond amazing.

At that point I just gave myself over to him. He would tell me to turn, move, relax and I did. He used his fingers to massage me, open me up. 'Sam, I am really enjoying this, if you want to stop, I will, just say the word.'

Stop? What the hell was he thinking? I didn't want him to stop. I wanted more!

'Oh I don't think that will happen.'

He stood up. 'Still want to wake up without that cherry?'

'Yes.' I was so full of lust I breathed the answer.

He took my hand and led me into his bedroom. Showing me to the bed he walked to a drawer and removed something. He dropped it on the bed and crawled on top of me kissing his way across and up my body.

His lips reached mine and I accepted. Kissing, tongues dancing. My cock was hard and my ass, oh I just wanted his cock inside me. 'Jude, please fuck me, please.'

He snickered and got off of me. He reached for the lube he has dropped on the bed, I lifted me legs to give him access. He applied the lube, damn it was cold, and worked it in. I was on fire.

Finally he grabbed my ankles, spread them wide and moved in. The moment had arrived. I felt his head touch my bud. 'Are you ready Sam?'

I swallowed hard, 'Yes.'

And he began to push. He worked his head around and pushes in and relaxed and finally it popped thru my tight hole. I gasped.

'You alright?'

'Oh God yes! Is it gone?' I so wanted to hear the word yes.

'Almost.' And he slowly began to push his cock into my hole and I clinched my teeth. It hurt, but I wanted it. 'Does it hurt?'



And soon he was in, all the way, his balls on my ass, his cock in my ass. 'There. It's done.'

I laughed and gave a woo hoo!

He began to grind, fuck, make sure my virginity was history.

He continued to work his way around my hole. Looking at me, looking at his cock, looking at me. I watched him, his face, his abs, his chest and arms as he moved back and forth, in and out.

My dick got soft at first and then regained it's hardness. I tried to breathe with his thrusts.

The pain was gone. I relaxed and let him fill me. His pace increased. I shot my load across my chest and onto my face. 'Ohhhh, nice. Very nice.' He crooned without stopping. After I was spent m cock grew flaccid and bounced on my abs as he fucked me.

Faster and faster he went. 'In or on?'

'What?' I didn't know what he meant.

He moaned loudly, and moaned and his full body weight was pushing his cock as deeply into my hole as possible. He thrust a bit and slowly relaxed. 'It was in. Hope that's alright.' Ah, now I got it. His load. It was in me.

A man's load of cum was in me! Wow! This was amazing.

He pulled out, smiled at me and left the room. I could hear water running. He returned, naked and beautiful, his cock swaying between his legs. That was the cock that took my virginity.

'Let's clean you up stud.'

The warm towel felt great as he wiped up my cum. After he finished he laid down on me and we kissed.

'Thank you Jude. Thank you for doing this.'

'Thank YOU Sam. It was amazing. God I loved it.'

We lay side-by-side and breathed for a while.

Opening my eyes it was morning. I was no longer a virgin. I looked over at Jude and he was smiling at me. 'Morning Sam. How does it feel to be experienced?'

I smiled, 'Fantastic. You owe me breakfast.'

'Shower first.'

I wanted to walk into the restaurant and savor the thoughts of all these guys looking at us and thinking we had fucked the night before. I wanted them to know I was freshly fucked, no longer a virgin.

We ate and talked and decided to get some new underwear for me. As we left we passed Craig and the boys. Apparently none of them got any last night since they were together. Craig introduced us and we shared hellos and hugs. I wasn't use to the hugging guys thing. Yet.

As we walked back to the condo the phone rang. 'Hey Craig. Sure for about half an hour. See ya.'

'What did he want?'

'Stopping by in a few minutes. Likely already out the door.'


He smiled.

We barely got into the place and Craig buzzed. Bursting into the place, 'You fucked last night didn't you? Sam! You no longer are a virgin!'

I blushed. Jude shook his head and smiled.

'You are right Craig, last night Jude fucked me. No longer a virgin.' I was proud.

'Fantastic! God I wish it could have been me. Don't get me wrong, I still want to tag ya but it always turns me on to be the first and real virgins are hard to find.'

He gave me a big hug and got a hand full of my ass. I let him and rather enjoyed it. That sexual energy was there again.

Craig joined us as we shopped for underwear. He kept trying to get me to model for him and I refused.

We returned home and Craig went on his way. We didn't make it to the gym. Instead we cooked dinner and thankfully Jude was ready to give me another ride.

After his shot his load on my chest, mixing his cum with mine we took a shower. Damn it was sexy.

'Sam, don't read anything into this but I need to work tomorrow. OK if we sleep in our separate beds?'

'Not a problem Jude.' And sleep I did. I had amazing dreams and slept solid.

The next morning I woke up and could feel I was alone in the place. I walked naked into the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror I looked at myself, my face, my body. I turned and looked at my ass. I spread my cheeks to see if my hole looked different. I guess I looked the same, but I certainly felt different.

After me shower I put on robe and made breakfast for myself. I read the copy of Out that was still on the sofa. It was nice to drink my coffee and relax, not sure what to do with my day.

The peace was shattered by the buzzer. It was Craig. I let him in and he greeted me with a hug. 'So you two do it again last night?'

'Not that it is any of your business, but yes, we did.'

'You love it? I know Jude did.'

'How do you know that?'

'First off, how could he not love it and secondly, I talked to him this morning.'


'Yep, and he said it was OK if I stopped by and you and I got naked and gave it a go.'

'Ha! I don't believe you.'

'No really. He did. Call him and ask.'

'I am not calling him. What brings you over?'

'Fine, don't believe me. What brings me over? Um, well, honestly, I came over because I knew you were alone and wanted to try and get into your pants, but since you aren't wearing any...' He stepped closer to me and reached for my crotch.

I stepped back and laughed, 'Easy now. I am not a slut.'

'Come on, give it try, I won't tell a soul.'

'Now that is a total lie.'

He smirked. 'How's the new underwear?'

'Still sitting in the bag.'

'Model for me, please. Please Sam.'


'Oh come on, you don't have to change in front of me, I mean you certainly can if you want to, but just show off a little bit. You at least owe me that since you won't have sex with me.'

I don't know why, but his face, his voice, his pleading, all got to me. I grabbed the bag and walked into my room and put on a pair of boxers. Nothing too showy, just a pair of ordinary boxers. Walking back into the living room he was sitting in the chair and smiled a large toothy smile.

'My God you are hot. So sexy. Look at you! Turn around, I want to see your butt.'

I modeled for him, turning and I felt good.

'Ok, next pair. And skip the other roomy ones, I want tight and sexy.'

I put on a pair of boxer briefs. That got his attention. He kept talking and complimenting me. Each time I returned in a new pair, I had fifteen, I felt more and more sexy. As I worked my way down to the skimpiest ones I was move brave and would wiggle and strut and flaunt in front of him. It was turning me on to have so much attention, sexual attention being paid to me.

Finally I was down to the tiny little bikinis that were not much of anything. As I slid them onto my hips and arranged my cock inside I felt like I was really hot. I walked out and suddenly music started playing and he clapped and I just went with it. Walking to the beat and turning, posing for him.

'Yes, yes, yes. Sam, you are hot. My god you are sexy. Dance for me please! Tease me mercilessly.' He was begging and pleading and I did. I danced, I shook my booty, thrust my hips. I pouted, and smirked and licked my lips. I did everything I could think of to turn him on. Where this came from I didn't know but I was having fun.

He leaned over and grabbed my wrist, 'Come over and give me a little lap dance hot stuff.'

His hand on my wrist, it wasn't a hard hold but the energy I had felt every time he touched me was so intense I couldn't resist. I had seen video of girls giving guys lap dances so I tried to do the best I could remember, except the hair-tossing thing. I straddled him and then sat on his lap and then I turned around and ground my ass down. He was getting hard. I was getting even more turned on.

'Show off just a little bit more. Please. Please Sam. Just a little more.'

I stuck a thumb on each side of the bikini briefs and began pulling the out and down, showing off. Then I pulled the front down so my pubes began to show. He was grinning and saying one sexy line after another. I turned around and began sliding the briefs down knowing my crack was showing and knowing I was out of control.

I bared my bottom and he clapped and thanked me and told me how hot and sexy I was. I started getting hard. I wanted to stop, sort of, but couldn't. I knew that within a few moments I would be standing naked in front of him.

As I turned towards him his mouth dropped, he saw my cock growing. I sauntered closer to him and pulled the front down so the base of my cock was in sight, than a full inch, than another. He was totally into it and talking non-stop. I released the briefs and the covered everything up. By now I was at almost full erection and it was clearly visible in the skimpy briefs. I danced a bit and then released my cock. I propped my balls on the briefs and I was in full majestic display. Craig was going nuts. I turned around and bent over and tried to be as sexy as possible as I removed the bikinis. Standing up I turned to face him, suddenly very aware I was naked. Completely naked in Jude's condo in front of a good buddy of his while Jude was working.

The look on Craig's face. The lust in his eyes. 'Sit on your hands. Keep them there.'

He did and I turned and sit on his lap and wiggled around. His erection was solid. The song that was playing stopped. I stood up, grabbing the briefs at the same time. I held them over my hard on. The next song started.

'What? What? Why? Don't stop? Please Sam. Please?' Craig was begging. A man was begging me for more. I was starting to drip pre cum. 'Please Sam, let's fuck. Come on. You want it too. I can see it. You smell of lust. You are just as horny as I am right now.'

I walked into my room. He was right. I was so horny I couldn't breathe. My heart was racing.

I picked up my phone and called Jude.

'Craig's there huh.'

'Yeah.' was all I could muster.

'He said he was stopping over.'


'Yep, he called me this morning begging for details.'

'Details about what?'


I paused. I didn't know what to say. 'I don't know why I called.'

'I do. I figured you would too, at least I hoped you would.'

'You do? You did? How come?' I felt like a little boy who wanted a new Hotwheel.

'He talked you out of your clothes didn't he?'

'How did you know?' God I was embarrassed.

'He said he was going to try and get you into bed. I told him I didn't want you two going at it in my place. You haven't have you.'

'Shit, Jude, I am sorry.'

'Sorry for what? Listen, I just ask you not turn the place into a shag house.'

'He hasn't touched me. He tried but I wouldn't let him. Wait, he did grab my wrist.'

'So, that's what did it huh? Listen I got to get back to work. If you want to go for it but not there.'


'Yeah, seriously. Now I need to go. Have fun, stupid thing to say, you are going to get laid. Just go to his place. He hung up and I stood there not sure what to do.

I pulled on a pair of jeans and a tee and walked into the living room.

'What?' Craig stared at me. 'Why are you dressed?'

I just stood there looking down.

'I know you called Jude. See I wasn't lying. I did talk to him, see.'

I looked up at him. 'You coming?' as I walked to the door.


'If you want to nail me we can't do it here.'

I could hear him leap off the couch. Within seconds he was behind me, his hands on my ass. He whispered into my ear, 'Thank you thank you thank you Sam.'

We walked out and I locked up.

'You won't regret this, not at all. I promise.'



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