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    Extreme Ass Play & Fisting - Spotlight

    Extreme Ass Play & Fisting - Spotlight

    When it comes to fisting and extreme ass play, there are a handful of sites out there in Pornland, but none gets more extreme than Axel Abysse. This eponymous site is run by a French filmmaker and performer who is based in Tokyo, Japan. He's well known on other handballing sites, but finally launched his own site in October 2017.

    Abysse is both a fisting bottom and top and now features 56 videos on his site. He's just over 30 years old, and aside from extreme ass play, he has a fetish for sportswear (jockstraps and athletic socks). He's got two guiche piercings and his asshole is voracious in both appetite and ability. Come inside and see another of his latest scenes and peruse our short list of other fisting sites.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Shirtless Tire Changing

    Maybe I've invented this one, but even if so, I think it should be right up there in the top hundred kinks. If you consider it part of the whole kink for blue-collar guys, then it's already there.

    Or maybe it's just a kink for him and where my imagination is going if I happened to see him by the side of the road. While he seems quite self-sufficient, I think stopping to offer him some help would be appreciated. 

    Though saying "You clearly know what you're doing but I'd like to offer some help anyhow. Specifically, I'd like to offer to stand here and ogle you as your muscles naturally flex and striate in action." Or something like that.

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  • Max Konnor Named Noir Male's "Man of the Month"

    Max Konnor Named Noir Male's "Man of the Month"

    Sexy hunk Max Konnor was one of the men who helped launch Noir Male back in August, so it's no surprise that he's been named January's Man of the Month, a new feature launched this year. The contest was announced at the end of 2018 and gave surfers a month to pick their favourite hunk.

    "I'm shocked, surprised, and excited," says Konnor about being awarded the honour by the voting fans. Konnor says that he's filmed two new scenes this week. One with Falcon's Skyy Knox and the other with an unknown newcomer. And they'll be released in the weeks ahead, in the meantime, come inside and see Konnor's scene with Armond Rizzo, which is one of the site's top ten fan faves.

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    Dirty French Porn - Citebeur Site Spotlight

    Dirty French Porn - Citebeur Site Spotlight

    Citebeur is one of those surprising sites. It's not very well known in Pornland, but that's largely because it's based in France, so it's often ignored by gay porn bloggers and reviewers. And that's a shame because they feature a lot of dirty French porn packed with an interesting mix of guys.

    Citebeur is the original site in the Studio Presse network, which at the moment stands at 27 theatres. Each offers it's own flavour of guys or action, and they all come together to create a fantastic network of 15,000 videos.

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  • Falcon Signs Devin Franco & Releases It's First Condom-Free Scene in 30 Years!

    Falcon Signs Devin Franco & Releases It's First Condom-Free Scene in 30 Years!

    Beach Rats of Lauderdale is a double whammy. First, it's Falcon Studios first condom-free release in 30 years. And second, it's Devin Franco's first scene as the studio's newest exclusive star. On January 8, Falcon Studios announced Franco had been signed to an exclusive deal. 

    Beach Rats of Lauderdale follows a group of four studs on a sexually-charged ride around the seedy side of South Florida. Franco debuts in the DVD's first scene with Myles Landon.

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  • Amateur Action: Rocky Beach Cocksucking Jack Off

    Nothing like a cold and grey winter day to inspire an escape into beach porn. This aggressively naked, shameless sex fiend is giving us a glimpse into his aggressively naked, shameless sex life. 

    Positioning himself on a rocky hillside and preening like a proud peacock, he catches the interest (perhaps pre-planned) of the local wildlife. In this case, that is a muscle bear who likes to live the wild life by sucking cock in public.

    Since the guy on the receiving end is wearing shades, it's not direct eye contact that makes this connection happen, but rather direct eye to cock contact. Then that's followed quickly by mouth to cock contact.

    And since getting sucked isn't enough to please this peacock, he's got to jack himself off with the ocean as backdrop and an audible audience off to the side.

    Just another day at the beach.

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  • Flashback: Big Dick Studs

    Flashback: Big Dick Studs

    A big dick never goes out of style. And in order for that to be true, they had to have been in style in the past for a long time. Maybe there wasn't quite the community of big dick lovers back then (whenever then was) because of homosex stuff commonly being more underground, but I'm guessing these guys were popular.

    And maybe some of them were so popular due to dick size, they could let themselves go in other areas. That is of course a horrible stereotype on my part, but considering all the bimbo jokes about women with big breasts, let's balance that out a bit.

    One other thing I'd like to balance out is helping these guys not tip over from the size of their cocks.

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  • Public Exposure: Bodybuilder's Ass Eats His Underwear

    Watch this and decide if you can forgive him for his messy apartment. He seems to otherwise be making good use of his time, with an estimated 25 hours a day at the gym. That's an exaggeration. Let's say 22 hours at the gym and three hours posing for himself and anyone who will watch.

    I'm not certain of his forms of income, but I expect one is quality control tester of underwear. Because an underwear manufacturer knows if their products can survive the onslaught that is his ass, they can survive anything.

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    Spotlight on Naked Wrestling

    Spotlight on Naked Wrestling

    It's no surprise that wrestling is a popular theme in Pornland. Who doesn't like seeing a couple of guys with their athletic bodies stuffed into a wrestling singlet? Nothing shows off a guy's bulge better. Then, get these guys rolling around on the mats, and things get hotter.

    I'm starting a new feature here on GayDemon's blog where I highlight a theme each week, so I thought I'd start off with naked wrestling. There are a handful of porn sites that explore the wrestling theme, and each of them does it in their own unique way. So come inside and see some highlights from the sites that are active in the fighting and wrestling niche.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Obscene Underwear

    Kink Spotlight: Obscene Underwear

    Obscene is a compliment. These are definitely third date underwear. If the first date consisted of lunch at Veggie Grill followed by 17 seconds of kissing. And the second date consisted of dinner at Veggie Grill followed by 3 minutes and 42 seconds of over the jeans spanking in the back seat of a cab driven by an ogling pervert.

    Veggie Grill: processed, mid-priced vegan junk food bringing kinky people together since 2006.

    Penis proud underwear is nothing new, though some of the fabrics and more involved designs have evolved. Or devolved depending how you look at it.

    Considering the hoards of purposely sexy (not strictly functional) bras out there, and the assumedly multi-million dollar industry that is crotchless panties, I'm surprised the men's erotic underwear options aren't even more expansive.

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  • New Couple Alex Mecum & Carter Dane Talk About Their Relationship Before Barebacking

    New Couple Alex Mecum & Carter Dane Talk About Their Relationship Before Barebacking

    Alex Mecum and Carter Dane have fucked on Cocky Boys before, but not like this. They first fucked back in November 2016, but that was before Cocky Boys started going condom free. This new scene features Alex fucking Carter bareback.

    But that's not all, Carter Dane and Alex Mecum are a real-life couple now, and in this video, they talk about how they met and their relationship. Then they invite us into their bedroom to watch them screw.

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    Site Spotlight: Raw Fuck Club

    Site Spotlight: Raw Fuck Club

    Raw Fuck Club has been serving up some of the dirtiest bareback sex for a number of years. But late last year, the site went through a major metamorphosis, so I chose them for this week's Site Spotlight, a new/old feature I'm resurrecting here on GayDemon's blog.

    If you're a porn fan, no doubt you've seen those newish fan networks where porn stars post their own videos and you can follow your favourite for a monthly fee and enjoy his homemade porn. As a part of their re-launch, Raw Fuck Club has done two things. First, they have created porn star channels and you can follow your favourites and watch their porn, but rather than paying a separate fee for each performer, you buy a membership option that gives you access to the whole network. 

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  • Amateur Action: Hands Free Double Cum Daddy

    Here's a guy who knows how to use a bed. Sure, sleep's a thing, but really laying back and jacking off is pretty much the point. And being naked except for athletic socks.

    When people do those black light tests on hotel room sheets, it's amazing they aren't entirely cum-soaked, even after having gone through the wash. 

    This guy is probably at home though, considering the camera set up and light streaming in. So the stage is set for him to masturbate until he lets out some cum hands free. He shows expert restraint in that moment.

    Because he knows he's going to regrasp himself in a moment and work out what remains inside him. I'm sure he'd also be an expert conversationalist at dinner, if by dinner you mean he takes all his clothes off except his socks and masturbates into the mashed sweet potatoes.

    If you run into him in public, I suggest the compliment "You look really good with cum on your beard." 

    While that doesn't feature in this video, I'm assuming it does in others. The guy can't keep it in.

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  • Flashback: Naked with Movie Star Looks

    Flashback: Naked with Movie Star Looks

    So he totally never was a movie star. But he completely looks like a combination of Montgomery Clift, Guy Madison, Fernando Lamas, and a random hustler at a Hollywood dive bar in 1964.

    He may have gotten some bit parts of movies and television. There's really no easy way to figure that out. But since he has leading man looks, I figure he was an absolutely horrible actor, maybe with a voice that didn't at all jibe with his looks. 

    Or maybe he ended up as a kept boy for some Hollywood exec. That ass is damn pretty.

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  • Kristen Bjorn Releases Casting Couch #400

    Kristen Bjorn Releases Casting Couch #400

    This week, European porn direct Kristen Bjorn releases number 400 in the Casting Couch series. Featuring newcomer Marcos Dos Santos and Jorge Leal, who himself appeared in Casting Couch #380 with Stephan Raw. Marcos is from Venezuela, he stands 6'1" with a smoking hot body. He's a bottom and sports a seven-inch uncut cock.

    The series was designed to introduce newcomers to Pornland. Usually the newcomer is paired up with a more experienced guy, but this isn't always the case. "It is hard to believe that 399 Castings later here we are," says Calvin Mullins, Kristen Bjorn's Director of Public Relations. He adds, "Then to think of all the men that have been on the 'couch' is astounding. So, we continue to find the worlds hottest men!" Indeed!

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