• Broke Straight Boys Moves Into Its New Studio

    Broke Straight Boys Moves Into Its New Studio

    After many months of construction, Broke Straight Boys has finally moved into its new studio. So after hundreds of scenes filmed in that familiar grey bedroom, we can look forward to new locations like this one with John Henry and Richie West fucking in the bathroom. I don't know if BSB has ever filmed a bathtub sex scene, but I enjoyed this one, especially the initial dildo fucking sequence.

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  • Ricky Larkin Debuts In First Bareback Scene at MEN.com

    Ricky Larkin Debuts In First Bareback Scene at MEN.com

    Ricky Larkin hasn't appeared on MEN.com since September 2016 and he's back in a big way. Not only has he filmed his first scene in two years, but he's fucking bareback. Larkin just made his bareback debut on Bromo and now he's in his second raw video called Writer's Block. MEN.com itself only started filming bareback sex in February 2018, but this is still only their thirteenth video without condoms.

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  • Amateur Action: Testing Out a New Bondage Slave

    It's like the top has a new prize he won at a carnival. He managed to beat some normally fixed game, tossing a softball into a can when the ball is almost bigger than the can. Blowing up a balloon with a water pistol at distance when there's minimal water pressure. Or more likely, meeting a guy who turns out to be a bondage slave while pissing in the public toilet but it's at the carnival blowing through town so it's classy.

    And while I officially do not get the allure of being tied up and having one's penis stepped on by the world's ugliest sneaker, the bottom is also blindfolded so doesn't have deal with that sneaker's pattern. When he met the guy while staring at his cock as they peed next to each other, he wasn't looking at those sneakers either.

    When they are years into their relationship and he finally looks at those sneakers, which assuredly will be identical and not have gone through much wear because pressing on a penis with them isn't exactly heavy wear like playing sports would be, then the relationship will be over.

    Or since he's so into being used in this exact way (and using the top in this exact way) that he may look past the unforgivable nature of those sneakers and focus on what's most important, that being blindfolded again as soon as possible and going into a euphoric kink state because that's what sex friends are for.

    Though maybe the sub loves the sneakers and was the salesperson who recommended and fitted them in the first place. That's way less glamorous than meeting in a public toilet at a carnival though.

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  • Flashback: Instagram Star of 1964

    Flashback: Instagram Star of 1964

    While I'm not certain of the date, I am sure if Instagram had been a thing then, he would have hoards of followers. And in a sense, through the web of physique magazines at drug stores and red light district shops plus plain brown wrapper mail order, those fans would be equally anonymous as an Instagram follower is now.

    I hope he put himself through college with his impressive looks, getting a psychology degree and opening a practice to support wayward homosexuals with whatever the opposite of conversion therapy is.

    The appointments would primarily consist of the modeling poses you see here, except he'd be in a tweed jacket, bow tie and wire-framed glasses. His care would have been covered by all the major insurance companies, because the people who used to control insurance company arrangements were utterly and consistently homosexual. 

    You can't prove me wrong.

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  • Is Chaos Men Morphing Into Chaos Twinks?

    Is Chaos Men Morphing Into Chaos Twinks?

    Chaos Men has been pumping out hot porn featuring well-defined and muscled guys for years, but this week a new scene with Espen and JJ Smits stands out like a sore thumb. Seeing the pair of them and I wondered if Chaos Men was changing its name to Chaos Twinks. Take a look for yourself.

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  • Spotlight

    Ricky Larkin Is A Barebacker Now

    Ricky Larkin Is A Barebacker Now

    Ricky Larkin has been edging his way back into Pornland after a long hiatus from most mainstream gay porn filming. He never completely left, he always kept his toe into gay foot-fetish site My Friends' Feet. But not only is he back to filming, but he's filmed two bareback scenes now. Surprising since HIV is what scared him into retirement back in 2013.

    This week, Larkin appears in Interrogate Me Harder over at Bromo, which only releases bareback videos. Larkin plays an undercover police officer questioning and fucking suspect Ryan Kroger's bare ass.

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  • Spotlight

    New Site - Richard.XXX

    New Site - Richard.XXX

    Do you remember Suite 703? They were the mega site that brought us horny video series like I'm a Married Man, My Brother's Hot Friend, Men Hard at Work, and Hot Jocks Nice Cocks. They stopped updating five years ago, but late in August they staged a comeback with a new name and fresh videos.

    Richard.XXX is the new name, and not only have they got a whole new look, but they've started filming new scenes. Richard has started updating two of their old faves, I'm a Married Man and My Brother's Hot Friend, but they have also launched three new series: Straight Seduction, Cocksuckers, and Flip Fuckers. And they're updating twice a week on Tuesday and Fridays. Sounds hot? It is, check it out.

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  • Public Exposure: Dicks, Dicks and also Dicks

    Public Exposure: Dicks, Dicks and also Dicks

    Plus ass. Super fine ass. And cum. Not just any cum. Prime vintage parking lot cum. Nothing better. Plus since Target is known for credit card security breaches, you're sure to keep your digits safe if you only go to Target to ejaculate in the parking lot.

    Though you are risking your dignity, because nobody wants to be caught ejaculating by the person who collects the carts from the lot and brings them back to the front of the store. They are so over it all they wouldn't give a damn, even if seeing a large, spurting cock out of nowhere. Plus they have a cart return quota and can't afford to slip on semen.

    Meanwhile, this truck trucker is working and peeping at the same time. There's no way to know his voyeurism target. He could be on the lookout for, what's the word, meat balloons. Oooh, that's not a respectful phrase. Let's say giant melons. I like melons.

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  • Devin Franco Debuts at Falcon Studios

    Devin Franco Debuts at Falcon Studios

    Once-exclusive Lucas Entertainment model Devin Franco has just released his first scene with Falcon Studios. Franco had a falling out with Lucas and has been making the rounds on other gay porn sites. He rides Pierce Paris' big dick in the second episode of the Falcon's newest DVD called Work It Up. Alex Mecum fucks Alam Wernik in the first episode, which you can preview inside.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Take Your Pick

    So many kinks to choose from in this mantitallating performance from Broadway Bares. There's the kink that I hope is a kink when you're into someone because they are a caring soul. Because this is from a benefit show for Equity Fights AIDS. 

    And since they intend the performance to be dramatically, ecstatically turn-onifying, it doesn't debase anything by calling out the inherent kinkiness on display. 

    Because there's also the kink for stripping. And this is more character-driven than pure bump and grind, but it's stripping nonetheless. And Broadway dancers stripping off the layers from the eight-shows-a-week, intensely fit bodies.

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  • Dallas Steele Releases Third Bareback Video This Month

    Dallas Steele Releases Third Bareback Video This Month

    Dallas Steele is quickly making a new name for himself in bareback porn. The former Titan Men exclusive has just finished his third bareback release in two weeks and Lucas Entertainment is calling this his "bareback debut." However, Steele has already filmed two bareback scenes for two other sites. 

    Nevertheless, Steele is making his first appearance on Lucas Entertainment, so in that sense the site is right, this is his bareback debut at Lucas. This scene is from Manuel Skye: Alpha Daddy and Steele stretches out Ruslan Angelo's smooth hole.

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  • Amateur Action: Smooth Muscle Daddy Double Cum Solo

    Muscle dad Rusty shares: "The second load was so hard it made my nuts ache." Then he asks a question that's both extremely rhetorical and sexual: "Am I the only one who likes to try to cum twice in a short period of time???"

    For someone sure enough of himself to expose a real-time, double-cum session (which starts off with fine muscle ass exposure and pulling out of anal beads, as if that's not the climax itself), he sure uses a lot of question marks.

    As he's super into eating his cum, he adds: "To keep the seed sweet tasting, add fruits like strawberries and pineapple to your diet. Works for me."

    Yes, works for us, too, Rusty.

    Now, I can't adopt "seed" into my standard vocabulary. I already have a lot of seeds to keep track of, like pumpkin, sunflower, flax, chia, and hemp. I really can't manage another. Though I can get behind eating fruit. But if you want something sweet in your mouth, just give head to a banana and call it a day.

    I'm waiting for the episode of fake reality show House Hunters in which Rusty would be the next door neighbor. I'd give up my dream kitchen for that to be true. Though I would still insist on a two-story house. Not because I like stairs, but for a better view over Rusty's fence. He tends to hang out naked in his backyard a lot and can't really keep his hands off himself.

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  • Spotlight

    New Site: Property POV

    New Site: Property POV

    You know those reality TV shows featuring a real-estate agent showing a client a bunch of houses and we follow along until the buyer makes an offer? Well, Property POV is a brand new porn site that parodies those shows, except in true Pornland fashion the real-estate agent does everything he can to land the sale, including sucking the buyer's cock, and a lot more. And the buy holds the camera and films this guy working for his commission.

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  • Flashback: Awesomely Awkward Positions

    Flashback: Awesomely Awkward Positions

    I suspect that's not an official wrestling move. The hanging sack is a clue. The facial expressions of proud, sexually competent smile on the left and relaxed arousal on the right, are evidence. There will be no medals awarded here.

    Though I'd be happy to bestow each with a medal. Not of gold, silver, or bronze but another substance. One might consider it a temporary medal, in which the giver and recipient are both winners.

    I am greatly concerned about the lack of neck support for the guy on the couch. And he's also at risk of his pelvis being crushed by the weight of his thick cock. I hope someone provided him the cock and neck support he needed as he looks like he could do with some assertive help.

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  • Public Exposure: Cock Party

    Public Exposure: Cock Party

    When it's an exhibitionist cock party, always at least two people are invited. The cock owner and the cock watcher. Sometimes the cock watcher didn't know they were invited, like if they're driving by on a freeway and catch a glimpse of cock by the side of the road.

    And sometimes there's already a regular party happening and someone pops their cock out to add to the festivities or just as a casual icebreaker. If you've never made small talk with a naked guy at a non-naked party, you haven't lived. Like if you normally at least partially get to know someone by drawing a conclusion by their clothes, you'll instead have to ask actual questions about them.

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