• Public Exposure: What's an Exhibitionist's Worst Enemy?

    Public Exposure: What's an Exhibitionist's Worst Enemy?

    You want to say clothes. I know you want to say clothes. Or maybe strict public nudity laws. Or cold weather. No and no and no.

    Rather an exhibitionist's worst enemy is the elimination of taboos about nudity/public sexual behavior. Now societal taboos have a purpose. Even if seemingly tied to some repulsive Puritanism you're against, a taboo against public nudity may make your commute on public transportation more predictable and, well, sanitary.

    But once the shock is taken away, there is no shock to pursue. Then what would exhibitionism be? Maybe a competition on who can wear the most clothes at once and remain very still doing nothing remotely sexual. Hot!

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  • Did Markie More Shave His Head for Movember?

    Did Markie More Shave His Head for Movember?

    Next Door Studios is doing it's part this November to raise awareness of men's health with a month-long campaign to help raise funds. The studio has released a new scene called November Check with Markie More and Dacotah Red and all proceeds from the scene will be donated towards "the cause," which was unnamed in their press release.

    "We can make a difference in men's health by drawing attention to prostate and testicular cancers as well as mental health and suicide prevention," says director Rocco Fallon.  "If we can help even ONE guy to go get checked out or to support someone who might need help finding their voice, then we have succeeded."

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  • Kink Spotlight: Men Shaving

    Kink Spotlight: Men Shaving

    Whoever invented the razor also needs to be credited for inspiring the fetish for men shaving their faces. Though they would need to be co-credited with whoever invented the other things tied to that fetish, which seem to be archetypes about masculinity and the general intimacy of someone seeing what someone else does in the bathroom.

    Before five-bladed razors and of course before electric razors, guys must have shaved with some sideways application of a handcrafted metal knife. And then shaving cream came along probably at first in the form of soap. And super sexy bathrooms were wherever someone went to the super sexy bathroom (likely separate from where someone super sexy bathed and super sexy washed).

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  • Spotlight

    New Site: Mike's Army Men

    New Site: Mike's Army Men

    Mike's Army Men opened earlier in the summer, but I never got around to posting about it. Mike got his start filming videos for Active Duty, but he moved on. Now, getting a hand from Major Woods (Straight Off Base), Mike has launched his own site feature military studs jacking off and sometimes sucking and fucking together. 

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  • Spotlight

    My Straight Buddy Is Filming Again!

    My Straight Buddy Is Filming Again!

    Remember My Straight Buddy? The site was hugely popular a few years ago and it featured real Marines in naked horseplay and a whole lot more. Wrestling and fighting, naked beer pong, streaking, and these military studs experimented too. The site had to go incognito when some of the USMC higher-ups caught wind of it. It's been a long time since we've seen a new video, but this week the site released a new scene and promises to keep them coming.

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  • Amateur Action: Cucumber Fuck

    No food waste to see here. He's wrapped the cucumber in a condom and I'm certain enjoys it in a big salad after his ass party. And when you're fucking yourself alone on camera, knowing you're going to upload it for all to see, it's a party.

    After warming up with some jacking off, he makes the video description of "split open ridin a fat cucumber" come true. He's so into it, he doesn't care about the talking heads TV show going on in the background. Thankfully, you're free to turn the sound off on the video and replace it with your own soundtrack (like self-made moans and groans as you match the guy's actions or some music or The Wendy Williams Show so it's good for something).

    He may be one of those guys who doesn't bother with the gym because sex is his workout. Squatting and humping and balancing in a chair is pretty much a cardio-pilates situation, minus the exorbitant class fee.

    Plus he has the convenience of working out at home, or in a public park or restroom, wherever else he does this kind of thing. A grocery store bathroom would be pretty convenient for this. Grocery stores often have drug stores in them so sell condoms and lube too. So practical.

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  • Flashback: Totally Fuckable Fellas

    Flashback: Totally Fuckable Fellas

    These guys are utterly fuckable. And I mean that in the broad sense of fuckable, as in top, bottom, to the side, triangle, quadrilateral, pyramid, fettuccine, tetris, dick, asshole, and face.

    Except for the part where these photos are from many years ago and there's a chance these guys aren't each both naked and available. Though I would bet one of the four is available for rent as, say, a carpenter or plumber or ass fucker. All valid careers.

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  • He's Back! Retired Ryan Rose Appears in New Falcon Release

    He's Back! Retired Ryan Rose Appears in New Falcon Release

    Well that didn't take long, did it? Can I call it or what? Last week, Naked Sword Original debuted Ryan Rose's last scene beginning the porn star's retirement. Not even a week later, Falcon Studios is updating their site with a scene from MXXX The Hardest Ride featuring Ryan Rose and Pheonix Fellington. It's not a new video, but it's a recycled scene that was released last year. And so it begins: the trail of Ryan Rose previously-released scenes to milk Pornland of every last nickel and dime until Rose is ready to return for his comeback scene. 

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    New Site: Brother Crush

    New Site: Brother Crush

    The production team responsible for taboo fauxcest site Family Dick have just launched a new site. Brother Crush takes dad out of the picture and has horny stepbrothers exploring each other's cocks and asses. The site just launched this week and you can grab their fantastic opening special and watch some horny sucking and fucking. Come inside and preview one of the scenes.

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  • Public Exposure: Go Team!

    Public Exposure: Go Team!

    I'm not a huge sports fan but if it's a team of naked guys, I'll be there cheering, however one cheers with a cock in one's mouth. Possibly by holding up one's fingers in a "We're #1!" gesture. Though that's also a challenge if holding a cock in each hand.

    This is when I remind myself that a guy being naked in public isn't an invitation to be touched, nor is a guy being naked in your bedroom or in a bathhouse. Consent is always necessary. 

    Like the guy jacking off standing nude on the trail has consent with himself to do exactly what he's doing, including posing for the camera. Maybe he's on his own private property at his giant rural compound so nobody can stumble along and see him. Or maybe he's in a public park and is about to be caught by a Park Ranger. Either way is sort of a win.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Ball Stretching Bonanza

    Kink Spotlight: Ball Stretching Bonanza

    If your balls don't get wet when you sit on the toilet, you're not doing it right. If your balls get wet when you're standing at a urinal, you're doing it wrong.

    Unless your balls get wet when you're standing at a urinal because you cruised the guy standing next to you and invited him to piss on you. Then all is dandy.

    While these photos are some extreme examples, including the guy at bottom left whose balls are in a different zip code than his belly button, enjoying the sensation of ball stretching is pretty damn common.

    Tugging on the sack as part of jacking off is ball stretching, no accessory required besides an opposable thumb and forefinger to circle around the base of the balls and exert the desired pull.

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  • New Exclusives: Logan Carter & Riley Ross Sign With Jason Sparks

    New Exclusives: Logan Carter & Riley Ross Sign With Jason Sparks

    Logan Carter and Riley Ross have been signed by Jason Sparks Live as the site's two new exclusives and they appear in their first scene together. It's a two-parter that was filmed in Atlanta and it's a passionate session. Logan is the handsome bearded stud with the shoulder tattoo and Riley is the dark-haired, cute furball who gets fucked in the first episode. Does Riley fuck Logan in part two? We'll see.

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  • New Guy Dann Grey Debuts in First Porno for Men at Play

    New Guy Dann Grey Debuts in First Porno for Men at Play

    Klein Kerr introduces a brand new performer in Men at Play's The New Guy. Dann Grey is a virtual unknown, I can't tell you a think about him except that he's sexy as fuck. Kerr himself has appeared in 14 videos on the men in suits site.

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  • Trans Porn Star Luke Hudson Appears on Lucas Entertainment

    Trans Porn Star Luke Hudson Appears on Lucas Entertainment

    I didn't see this coming, but trans porn star Luke Hudson appeared last week on Lucas Entertainment getting fucked by Michael Lucas himself. Hudson runs his own porn site called Jock Pussy, and if you haven't checked it out, you should, it blows away any other site in the trans guy niche. There's been no word from Lucas Entertainment whether this was a one-off appearance or whether Hudson will be back for more.

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  • Amateur Action: Cum-Splattering Jerk Off Stud

    I get the sense he does this kind of thing a lot. There just happened to be a camera there this time, to capture his relaxed, focused and successful jack session. 

    Not that he could really mess it up too badly. Even half that amount of cum would still let him qualify as a gusher. For me, the only way he could mess up was to not get it on film. Because sometimes fuck Netflix. It's just good to watch a guy jerk out a load.

    And Netflix, for as much content as it does have (along with newly obnoxious forced video previews on hover) tends to keep the cum splattering to a bare minimum. Sure, there's plenty of it in all the cooking reality shows, but that's it. Or maybe that's grease splattering.

    I do think all this cum presents a unique business opportunity. While a towel can do the job, a professional cum cleanup person who goes from video shoot to video shoot would be best. They could bring their cleaning implements like a wet vac (for extreme spills) or a microfiber cloth (for everyday messes).

    The problem is there would need to be a whole fleet of cum cleaners to keep up. And their business model is unstable considering all the people who like to eat cum or rub it right back into the skin or, heaven forbid, let it dry in place as a reminder. What's a voracious cum cleaner to do? i guess make their own mess if there's nobody else's to clean up.

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