• Move Over Billy Santoro, There's A New Santoro in Pornland!

    Move Over Billy Santoro, There's A New Santoro in Pornland!

    Noel Santoro is a sexy Spanish hunk who calls Madrid home and he's just breaking into the porn business. And he's not married to Billy Santoro, he's also way sexier, and he sounds better while getting fucked. Noel launched his Twitter feed January 20, and late in February, he filmed this scene with Denis Vega. Men at Play launched The Mansion over the weekend, and fans are already going wild.

    He has done some filming for a small Spanish producer called Macho Factory where he was one of four men to fuck bottom Santi Noguera (Mr. Fetish Spain). And now his next production has been published on Men at Play, which films in Spain. Kristen Bjorn, Tim Tales, Lucas Entertainment, and Butch Dixon also film in Barcelona, so no doubt we'll be seeing lots of Noel Santoro in the weeks ahead.

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  • Public Exposure: Lots of Cock and Muscles

    Public Exposure: Lots of Cock and Muscles

    If you're going to expose yourself, show up to the party with plenty to offer. Conveniently, the party is wherever you happen to be naked at the time. A clothing-optional beach is an obvious choice, but it becomes more of a party with a throbbing erection.

    So much for nudism and sex supposedly not going together. Or at least that's what certain respectable nudist camps say. I suppose, unfortunately, that's true for some.

    The DJ is spinning while hard. He's both the visual and auditory party. Full package there. Very full package. Maybe later he'll spin on something or someone else.

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  • "Double The Raw Dick" Debuts with Four Threeway Scenes

    "Double The Raw Dick" Debuts with Four Threeway Scenes

    If you like threeways, spit-roasting, and tag-team fucking, you'll want to head over to Lucas Entertainment and catch their new DVD called Double the Raw Dick. The series launched late last week and another hot scene is out this week.      

    In the second of the series, top man Geordie Jackson takes charge of Apolo Fire and Andy Onassis and shows them who is boss. And since servicing two bottoms is hard work, he's brings along a double-headed dildo to give his own aching cock a break.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Rough and Tumble Rugby Players

    Kink Spotlight: Rough and Tumble Rugby Players

    For those of you who knowing little to nothing about rugby, allow me to explain. There are a bunch of guys on one team and a bunch of guys on another team. Most of the times it's the same number but sometimes not if some people are in the penalty box.

    A rugby penalty box is clear plexiglass in which nudity (except for dirty sneakers and socks) is required. More than one player can be in the penalty box at any given time, including if from opposing teams. Solo, duo or group sex are all options for players when in the box. Since it originated decades ago, the penalty box has also been known as the penis box, but it's only been a decade since those broadcasting the game formally describe it as such.

    Rugby players don't earn points for pulling each other's shorts down during the game, but do gain popularity for any nude or half-nude hijinks during practice or in their private lives.

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  • Amateur Action: Greedy Bottom Fucked by Duffel Bag

    No, really. The only thing we don't see is the duffel bag initially messaging him on OkCupid and after a whirlwind instant message romance, taking him out to a romantic dinner at the Olive Garden on a weekly basis. 

    Then the seductive powers of breadsticks and scratchy fabric took over. His asshole quivered in anticipation as the duffel bag presented him with bouquets of plastic roses and boxes of Cadbury chocolates from the drug store.

    Your asshole would melt with need too if you saw a duffel bag holding roses and chocolates. It's an impressive gesture even for something that has hands and exponentially more for a handless creature to manage.

    Also, considering all the job discrimination duffel bags face, it's a wonder it was able to manage the expense of dinner and presents. But love is a powerful force and will always find a way. To a pervert's asshole.

    The only place I've ever seen such an interaction before is in a pilates class. Though that was more about building abdominal and thigh strength, not so much about love.

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  • Flashback: Vintage Self-Sucker and Friends

    Flashback: Vintage Self-Sucker and Friends

    Going back to the black and white TV era, there have been hoards of variety shows with "and Friends" in the title. I would like to go back and pitch one for a self-sucker and his friends. Every week, they could do highly-complex acts of extreme skill and nudity. 

    Or just stand there naked. That would work too. And the great thing about friends is you don't need to put on any airs.

    It would have to be filmed in front of a live studio audience. The typical lit-up "CLAP" signs, to generate the right audience reactions, would be replaced by "FAP" signs, I expect the audience would comply.

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  • Arad Winwin Barebacks at MEN.com in His Second Only Raw Scene

    Arad Winwin Barebacks at MEN.com in His Second Only Raw Scene

    Arad Winwin has been pretty late coming to the bareback scene in Pornland. He only appeared condomless for the first time in February in Hot House's Raw Workloads. Now this week, he's making his debut raw performance at MEN.com with Michael Jackman, who himself is doing his first appearance for the studio. 

    Arad himself has only fucked one other time for MEN.com and that was with Johnny Rapid in the Attack of My Clone series. There's no story in Unbreakable Bond, just two guys enjoying each other in a passionate and intimate fuck session.

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  • Public Exposure: Naked Guys Do the Darndest Things

    Public Exposure: Naked Guys Do the Darndest Things

    There are many semi-shocking things naked guys do. One is wear a hat. What are they trying to hide!? A second penis on their head? No, can't be that, else they'd be wearing very tall top hats, in case of erection.

    I suppose the three guys wearing hats here (plus one with a headband) are just maintaining a sense of individual style, or just shielding themselves from the elements.

    But to me, a hat on a naked guy just makes the rest of them look even more naked. Sort of like when a dick hangs out of an open fly. It's not so much about the clothing, but the contrasting dick. Though the singer who has managed to lose his pants on stage may find folks not fully connecting with his lyrics.

    Unless they are something like "You're staring at my obscenely large, hard penis. Yes you are. Baby baby baby."

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  • Gay Hoopla Jumps Back to the '90s With Censored Faces

    Gay Hoopla Jumps Back to the '90s With Censored Faces

    Gay Hoopla has just started doing a bizarre thing with releases of their solo model scenes. From now on, any new guy joining the site for his first jack-off session will have his face obscured on the tour. His cock is on display, but the guy's face is covered by a circular blur with "Members Only" across it. 

    It's an odd move. How 1998 of Gay Hoopla?

    Of course, once you get inside the site with your password, you'll be able to see all of the guy, but non-paying guests will only see headless guys. Furthermore, the guys will no longer be identified until they actually do a hardcore scene. So this week's new guy is simply called: Ripped Muscle Jock Jerks.

    I always enjoyed seeing the new sexy guys hitting the site. Yes, many didn't come back for hardcore scenes, but the anticipation was always fun. Let's see how long this dumb move lasts, and this after Gay Hoopla just did a survey about what fans hated about their site.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Massively Muscled Thighs

    Kink Spotlight: Massively Muscled Thighs

    If you were at any point a fan of Suzanne Somers' entrepreneurial success with exercise equipment, you're wondering why I didn't call this "Thigh Masters." If you don't know what I mean, consider her direct to consumer sales record-shattering product, the ThighMaster. It's still around decades later as the ThighMaster Gold.

    But the real reason the kink for this extreme body feature can't be referenced with Thigh Master is because physical appearance is not a reliable indicator of sexual dominance (or submission) proclivities. Plus some guys aren't into power dynamic free sex, no domination, no submission in any sense.

    That said, a bottom with such inner thighs could be directed to use them as nature (and/or steroids) intended: crushing someone's skull into a shoebox-shaped rectangle while receiving head. Tops like to suck cock too.

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  • MEN.com Changes Jay Rising's Name to Matt Wellington

    MEN.com Changes Jay Rising's Name to Matt Wellington

    A month ago, after a year-long absence, Jay Rising return to Pornland, not only with a new video but a new name. He decided to call himself Jay Rizzing. 

    He's got a brand scene today at MEN.com, except the studio decided they didn't like any of his former names, so now he's called Matt Wellington, at least while he's working for MEN.com. 

    Who the fuck knows who he's going to be when he appears on any other site. Anyway, he's got an 11-inch cock, so really, he can call himself whatever he wants.

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  • Spotlight

    New Site: My FTM Crush

    New Site: My FTM Crush

     Ari Koyote is a trans guy who got his start in Pornland on FTM site Jock Pussy. After a few very popular scenes, Koyote was offered his own site. And here it is. My FTM Crush features Koyote, who is cute, bespectacled, bearded, and sports a firm, athletic body, and don't forget, a pussy.

    My FTM Crush launched with eight scenes starring Sherman Maus, Sean Duran, Ryan Powers, and Riley Ross paired up with Ari Koyote. I can't tell you how exciting it is to see another FTM site in Pornland. 

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  • Spotlight

    New Site: Why Not Bi

    New Site: Why Not Bi

    Here's a brand new site full of guys and girls in bisexual play sessions. The site opened last week with 16 scenes and it features many well-known performers. I see scenes with Connor Maguire, Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, Mason Lear, Rick Larkin, Wesley Woods, and others. Come inside and see a preview, or just head over to the site.

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  • RuPaul's Drag Race Season Nine's Farrah Moan Appears in MEN.com Video

    RuPaul's Drag Race Season Nine's Farrah Moan Appears in MEN.com Video

    Farrah Moan plays a fairy godmother who magically appears while Beaux Banks, Johnny Rapid and Jake Porter are hanging out bemoaning all the hot straight men they can't have sex with. Moan is best known for her appear in RuPual's Drag Race (Season Nine) and came in eighth. But now Moan is appearing in a porno from MEN.com

    Jake Porter sees an eyelash on Beaux Banks' cheek, he plucks it and tells Beau to make a wish. Beaux wished they could have any straight man they wanted. Farrah Moan drops into the apartment in a cloud of pink smoke. She waves her magic wand and turns all the boys into girls. With her fingers crossed behind her back, the fairy godmother says they'll remain this way until midnight. So go find your man.

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  • Amateur Action: Spiderman Knockoff Jacks Off

    Solo bondage is tough. It's the equivalent of getting caught up in your own tight shirt while pulling it off over your head. You'll eventually escape, as long as you don't panic and run into a wall. Thankfully, Spiderman is used to tricky situations so doesn't panic.

    But his goal isn't exactly to get fully untied and out of the chair, as that would take away the bondage element and result in him being out of frame of his two cameras.

    No, he struggles just enough to be able to reach his cum-denied Spidey penis so he can release his webs. Normally, since Spiderman is often beset by poor luck, he runs out of fluid for his web shooters. But I'm referring to the artificial ones he wears on his wrists under his costume, not his biological web shooter.

    Still, I find this implausible. I would have expected Spiderman to masturbate while upside down beneath a bridge, since he has exceptional climbing ability thanks to the loving, pinchy bite of that fateful radioactive spider.

    I wonder if this sexual cosplayer's secret identity is known to any in-person confidantes? As he probably goes through two or three Spiderman costumes a month, perhaps whoever he buys them from has figured him out. Let's hope they aren't a super villain who will take advantage of that. 

    Although, our fake Spiderman would enjoy such conflict, as long as it involved rope.

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