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Hedonism (ch. 2)

Story by Daniel Berasaluce

16 Jul 2024 14 Readers comments 7 Min Read

They not only have a shower together, but touch each other thoroughly, kiss each other and also give each other a blowjob and become lovers.

Topics: Incest, Dad & Son


Undeniable Desires

Story by Lovesmedad

16 Jul 2024 23 Readers comments 3 Min Read

Chase was a peculiar 19 year old. He first of all didn't continue his studies due to the fact that he prefers working. And second of all... He has this undeniable attraction to HIS FATHER. The major reason why he didn't continue his studies is because of his longing to be close to his father. But... His father, Theo is a straight man and also just lost his wife who is Chase's mother 6 months ...

Topics: Straight Men, Incest, Dad & Son, Twink


I Found Dad's Toy… and Used It! (ch. 2)

Story by Daddy’s cum slut

15 Jul 2024 1208 Readers comments 7 Min Read

After finding dad’s used toy and tasting his cum I knew I needed to figure out how to have his cock. But once I calmed down I realized my problem… and now my quest had a major dilemma.

Topics: Incest, Dad & Son, Cum Eating


Humiliated Biker (ch. 81)

Story by Gazzaq

14 Jul 2024 306 Readers comments 16 Min Read

Ending Part 29 Domenico and Giordano Double Fuck Tony

Topics: DP, Rough Sex, Brothers, Rimming, Incest, Cum Dump, Felching, Dad & Son


Brotherly Games (ch. 4)

Story by V. De Habsbourg

12 Jul 2024 1442 Readers comments 11 Min Read

Henri goes to a party with his brother and boyfriend where he will be faced with his growing confusion

Topics: Brothers, First Time, Incest, High School, Twink, France


In need of the family's affection (ch. 9)

Story by ZeloS

10 Jul 2024 1542 Readers comments 32 Min Read

Dylan and Zac's relationship is growing, but Henry is far from forgotten. And Henry knows that there is always something to get from his little brother...This time too.

Topics: Muscle, Brothers, Incest, Big Ass, Athlete


Reconnecting with Brodie

Story by Bill Drake

9 Jul 2024 2646 Readers comments 11 Min Read

A family with two unconventional relationships tries to find a new normal as two brothers reconnect over the holidays.

Topics: Brothers, Incest, Verbal, Dad & Son, Fucking


Dad & I - Where It All Started

Story by DFWHeadMaster

5 Jul 2024 9842 Readers comments 32 Min Read

17-year old son finds out that both he and his dad love cock.

Topics: Big Dick, First Time, Incest, Coercion, High School, Dad & Son, Virgin, Age Difference, Footballer, Married, Straight to Gay, Older Men


My Step Brother's dirty secret (ch. 2)

Story by BlooJelly

5 Jul 2024 2359 Readers comments 8 Min Read

A tall dark skinned man asked while throwing his arm around Brian's neck. "This is my step brother Jordy, I brought him because he needs to get out of the house".

Topics: Oral & Blowjobs, Stepbrother


Forget your troubles (ch. 2)

Story by Daniel Berasaluce

4 Jul 2024 1948 Readers comments 8 Min Read

The desire father and son are feeling is such that they only want to deepen the bond, doing absolutely everything in an everlasting date with each other.

Topics: Incest, Dad & Son


Uncle's Vacuum Pump - A Poem

Story by Prikz

2 Jul 2024 510 Readers comments 2 Min Read

My uncle had a vacuum pump that he wanted to show me and one thing led to another.

Topics: Poetry, Penis Pump, Cock Sucking


The Prodigious Son

Story by OldGayFox

30 Jun 2024 4316 Readers comments 7 Min Read

An adult son returns to his father's life and bed.

Topics: Incest, Dad & Son, Fucking


Paternal attraction (ch. 3)

Story by Hornyboy1995

27 Jun 2024 4332 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Kevin helps his dad with chores around the house at the weekend, and gets an eye full that he wasn't expecting

Topics: Voyeurism, Incest, Dad & Son


My Son Dick's tales (ch. 5)

Story by Daniel Berasaluce

26 Jun 2024 1613 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Dick tells now a tale he's just written of three survivors living in a deserted island and Lionel will finally fuck both his sons.

Topics: Incest, Dad & Son


Uncles Naughty Slut - A Poem

Story by Prikz

22 Jun 2024 1057 Readers comments 2 Min Read

My uncle enjoyed using me and would pimp me out to other men which I loved

Topics: Incest, Poetry, Raunchy, Cock Sucking

43 Votes

A Session with Grandpa and Uncle

Story by Prikz

15 Jun 2024 5219 Readers comments 9 Min Read

My grandpa and uncle use me with my consent

Topics: Rimming, Incest, Grandpa, Raunchy, Cum Eating, Fucking, Cock Sucking

35 Votes

Corporal Punishment: A Last Resort (ch. 7)

Story by Casper Prince

9 Jun 2024 2284 Readers comments 25 Min Read

"You're such a good boy," Emmett said, leaning down to kiss his son on the lips. Damon's lids fluttered closed as he met his dad's kiss, moaning softly as his dad began to thrust slowly in and out. Fuck, it felt amazing, having his dad's fat cock up his ass.

Topics: Romance, First Time, Incest, Dad & Son, Love

64 Votes

Mole Check (ch. 2)

Story by SouthBayA

8 Jun 2024 4207 Readers comments 9 Min Read

A dad gives his son a thorough mole check when he gets home from college and other things.

Topics: Masturbation, Incest, Dad & Son, Fucking

114 Votes

A new morning routine

Story by Dude4DadFun

7 Jun 2024 6970 Readers comments 13 Min Read

In this short story a son (27) tells you how he and his dad found a new way to get him out of the bed even early in the morning...

Topics: Farmer, Incest, Dad & Son, Oral & Blowjobs

6 Votes

Fucking Good - A Poem

Story by Prikz

2 Jun 2024 537 Readers comments 1 Min Read

I was going to get fucked good after sucking cock

Topics: Incest, Poetry, Cock Sucking

8 Votes

Uncle's Slut - A Poem

Story by Prikz

28 May 2024 1249 Readers comments 1 Min Read

In exchange for board and lodgings I had to give up my mouth and arse to my uncle and then to his mates, lucky me.

Topics: Uncle, Incest, Poetry, Cock Sucking

49 Votes

Call Me Uncle

Story by Sven Benters

27 May 2024 3709 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Johnny (Carson Boatman) gets some distraction from his uncle Stefan (Brandon Barash).

Topics: First Time, Uncle, Oral & Blowjobs, Deep Throat, Nephew, Fucking

115 Votes

A Good Boy

Story by Boy Mercury X

26 May 2024 7053 Readers comments 25 Min Read

Cole was always intimidated by his jock older cousins, but after changing his own body he finds a new way to fit in.

Topics: Group Sex, Incest, Jock, Cousin

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