The shower was shut off and I could hear him drying himself off. He ran the water in the sink. His footsteps were quiet. He wasn't walking toward me. I tried to look but the position of the bed and the bathroom door made it difficult. There were noises from the other room.

Footsteps. He was getting closer. I see him walking towards me. His hand reaches out and I feel the warm soft cloth as he wipes my ass. It feels wonderful.

He reaches for something, his phone and pushes some buttons. Silence.

"Michael. It's Ed. I want to thank you for having Sam available. Yes he is here, arrived right on time. So far he has been amazing. Yes, totally cooperative. Enjoying myself? That's an understatement. Yes. If he is as wonderful the rest of the weekend I may never want another boy! I will. Take care."

"Please don't scream." He says in a soft soothing voice. He unhooks the ball gag. My mouth hurts from being stretched open and in one position for such a long time. I move my jaw to loosen it up. He releases the hooks for the wrist and ankle cuffs. My limbs are sore.

I don't scream. I don't say anything. I rub my wrists.

"Don't take them off boy." His voice was stern. I stop rubbing.

"Sit up."

Trying my best I realize my body is not able to move normally. The restraints and assault took more energy than I had expected. Ed helps me sit up. With his arm around me he helps me to the living area and seats me on the sofa. He turns to the bar and returns with a couple of drinks.

"Sam. That was the best experience I have ever had. You were superior to Michael's other boys. You took that rape so well. Thank you."

What reply does one give to such a statement? I didn't say anything, just sipped on my drink. Was it the same as the ones he gave me before he raped me?

"It isn't easy find boys who will let you rape them. I do love it. As great as you were, sadly I can only rape a boy once, after that he knows what to expect and it just isn't the same. Your ass is amazing. The muscles in your body were so tight. It really made me hard. Don't worry; I won't be raping you again. As you might guess, I like rough sex. I love tying a guy up and using him.

"Just now Michael said you liked it rough. I am really glad to hear it. We have the entire weekend ahead of us. I am not sure what types of rough sex you have done or get into but I am pretty sure, considering your age and how you reacted that I will be able to teach you some new things."

He took a sip of his drink, I did the same and when I placed my glass on the table I noticed my cock was getting hard. Shit. My earlier experience with some bondage had been so hot and I loved it. The rape was not what I expected; it took me completely by surprise. It wasn't fun for me. But hearing him talk about a weekend of rough sex I was getting turned on.

"You cock is hard boy. You are going to love what I have planned."

Those words did it for me. My cock was fully erect. He finished off his drink and stood up. At the bar he mixed another one and then a different drink in a smaller glass. Returning, he handed it to me. "Here, down this." He commanded politely. I did. It tasted strong but went down so easily. He took the glass and returned to the bar. Turning on some music and sitting back down on the sofa he smiled. "Finish your drink and then dance for me."

Downing what was left of the cocktail I stood up and slowly started to dance. The music wasn't too loud but had a perfect beat to dance to, show off, and I did.

My thoughts were so convoluted I couldn't keep track of them. Letting go of everything I just moved and enjoyed the beat. The music came to an end. I stopped and looked at him.

"Boy. Beg me to use you. Surrender to me and convince me to fuck you." He had a grin on his face that showed he knew he had the power to make me do anything. I began to beg. The things I said were simple at first. How much I wanted his cock. How hot and sexy he was. Soon I was saying shit that surprised me. I begged to be restrained and whipped and used. Crawling on the floor and over the coffee table I said everything I could to get him to abuse me and breed me.

He stood up, pushed me out of his way and left the room. When he came back he had a small bag with him. He placed a collar around my neck and then blindfolded me. I didn't move. The music was turned on again; different music this time, not the dance beat.

He helped me to stand and then felt up my body. He was rough, squeezing and pulling, pinching and tugging. I was hard. I could feel it. There was a click. I realized he had placed a leash on me. Then he pulled and I started to fall forward before I caught my balance. Pulling on the leash until we were in the bedroom and then pushing me back onto the bed. The cuffs were reattached to the corners of the bed and then there was nothing. Until the first smack from a paddle or whip or some sort hit my thighs. I yelped. He stopped and placed the ball gag back into my mouth and secured it. The whipping and paddling resumed and continued for some time. My arms, chest, stomach, legs all received the same punishment. He didn't spare my cock and balls either.

The entire time I was actually enjoying it. He didn't use enough force to really hurt me and after the first contact with each area I came to enjoy it. It is a mind fuck to realize that someone is hitting or whipping you, abusing your body and you are not just aroused, but also completely turned on by it. When it stopped I waited patiently, I hoped he would continue. He didn't. Instead he unhooked the cuffs and helped me to stand up. He hooked the wrist cuffs together behind my back. Still blind folded he guided me via leash into the bathroom and sat me on the toilet. He spread my legs. Some more subtle noises and then a buzzing sound. The cold metal on my thigh mad me jump. Carefully he began to shave off all my pubic hair. It was not intentional but I did feel a few tears damped the blindfold. After waiting and wanting pubic hair for years and finally having it, it was being removed.

He worked his way over my bush and then my balls. I was terrified he would slip and they would spill out and I would be rushed to the hospital. I didn't breathe while he worked on them. His warm fingers were a nice contrast to the cold of the electric razor. He stopped, unhooked my wrists and then raised my right arm. The cold of the razor hit and in a moment my pit no longer had hair. He did the same to the left pit.

Rehooking my wrists together he ran water and applied the cold shaving lotion on my balls. Fuck! Now he was using a real razor, with a blade. I was terrified. It felt like hours, I'm sure it was minutes and he had my balls, around my cock and my pits as smooth as they were when I was thirteen. It was defeating. To be smooth again after just a couple years of hair, I felt like a kid.

A warm cloth wiped over all the newly shorn areas and then I was lead back to the bed. The ball gag was back in my mouth, on my back restrained as before I waited. The surprise of a whip of some sort, nothing really painful, hit my abs. Slowly; in a rhythm he worked his was up my chest. He hit my nipples. I yelped. He worked his way down again. Fearing he would get to my cock and then my poor balls I was ready to flee but that was impossible.

The first whap on my cock and my entire body lifted from the bed. Then he hit my balls. My god did that hurt! "You want more kid?"

And I nodded. I nodded! And he went to work hitting my cock and balls with the leather. Covered in sweat and enjoying the pain I shot my load. I felt it hit my chin.

"What do you think you are doing?" He said very stern and sounding upset. Of course I couldn't respond. He grabbed my cock wrapping his entire fist around it and squeezed. I yelped, well tried to and he applied pressure. "You are not allowed to cum again until Monday. Got that?"

I nodded. It would be impossible to resist cumming for two entire days. Shit, I was eighteen, at my age guys cum two or three times a day. Releasing my cock I took a deep breath through my nose. A hand grabbed my balls and pulled. Leather was strapped around them, tight and he released them. Then I felt them being pulled. How he was doing it I couldn't tell, I couldn't see a thing. What I felt was my balls being pulled away from my body. I slid down the bed to try and ease the pulling and managed only a couple inches. The balls were pulled further.

My left nipple was grabbed by two fingers and pinched. I arched my back. I tried to scream. The pressure was released and the right nipple was attacked. Then both nipples. Finally the cold of metal hit each one and the pinch was insane. This is what nipple clamps felt like. A light noise and then my nipples were being pulled up. Straight up from my body. I arched my back to ease the pain and immediately felt the pain of my balls being stretched. He had me. I move to ease pain and it increased elsewhere.

I felt the pulling change. My nipples were being pulled toward my face. His hand grabbed my head and roughly lifted it up. The pain on my nipples was too much. My head began to spin. Then he dropped my head, the pain eased and I laid still. His hand gently touched my cock. I was rock hard. I heard him laugh. "You fucking love this, look at how hard your cock is. Oh, silly me, I guess you can't. Here, I will take a picture so you can see it later." My heart jumped. Photos, he was going to take photos.

The possibility of them ending up on line was too real. Yet I wanted to see what I looked like restrained and pulled. And hard as hell. I couldn't hear anything but assumed he was taking pictures. That is, until my ankle was released from it's corner. He bent my knee and hooked the ankle cuff to something else. I couldn't stretch my leg out. He did the same to the other side. Now my body was folded nearly in half, my balls were being pulled toward the end of the bed, my nipples to the top of it. And the pull was impossible to bear. I started to cry. Of course he couldn't tell, the blindfold kept the tears off my face.

I felt more leather, a wide piece, on the stretched out skin of my ball sack. It was wrapped around tightly and I snapped shut. Then the pulling stopped as the pain. Granted my balls were being pulled away from my body but not nearly as far as before and the leather wrap supported them.

Something cold and wet on my hole. I knew it meant that soon my ass would have something inside of it. Slowly he worked in a dildo. Thankfully it was a small one. For a long time, a very long time, long enough to loose all feeling in my legs, he worked my hole with a variety of dildos. Some were long, some wide, some bumpy some smooth. A harder dildo was inserted and it began to buzz and vibrate. It was in deep, at least seven inches in. My legs were released and once again attached to the corners of the bed. The nipple clamps were removed one at a time and the pain was even worse than when my balls were being pulled away. The leather wrap around my balls came off and a huge sense of relief went through my entire body.

All I could hear was the buzzing of the vibrator in my ass. I tried to hear any other noise but failed. I started to get light headed, the pleasure I was receiving was amazing. The sound of the door closing interrupted my haze. Had he left or had someone else come in?



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