We were up early the next morning to catch the flight back home. Things felt a little rushed and emotions were running due to our leaving but it went smoothly. Once at home I had to hurry. It was Tuesday. Prior to leaving Master knew I was going out of town and may not be on time. Terry knew I had this appointment and was equally eager to get home. He had a list of things to do.

Dropping my suitcase off, I left and went to Master's loft. Standing in the spot He wanted me to stand in I removed my clothing and placed the wrist and ankle cuffs on, the collar, the ball gag and the blindfold. I stood and waited. This time the sound of footsteps approaching was almost immediate. A gloved hand grabbed my cock and balls and pulled them away from my body. Something that felt like leather was wrapped around them and snapped shut. It felt like they were being held six inches from my body but I am sure it wasn't nearly that far.

The sound of a chain moving came from above. My arms were moved in front of me, raised above my head and the cuffs were hooked onto what I assumed was the lowered chain. Then the chain was raised until I was standing on the balls of my feet. There was movement between my legs. There was a light tug on the cock and ball stretcher and then a slight pulling downward. More wiggling and then I felt weight pull my cock and balls down. As it swung back and forth it pulled on my groin.

I could hear footsteps and then felt the swap of a belt or strap on my back. It wasn't painful really, more of a surprise. My jump caused the weights attached to my junk swing terribly. That was where the pain came in. The strap continued to strike my back and ass for some time. Never too hard but enough to make me jump. And my jumping made the weight swing. Soon I was sweating. My groin was on fire and my back and ass felt a slight burning.

All the pain and burning did not prevent me from having a major hard on. My cock felt like it was going to break out of my skin. The strap ceased to strike my body. The weights were removed from the stretcher and the chain was lowered. Suddenly my arms fell to my sides and I fell over onto a heavy mat or thin mattress. My legs were pulled apart; a large amount of very cold lube was rubbed in my crack and forced into my hole.

Moments afterward a cock entered me in one movement, all the way in. Thankfully it wasn't a thick cock. It wasn't Master's cock. Whoever was inside me began to fuck me, the weight of his body resting on mine. He continued to ram his cock in and out of me as he shifted his weight from my body to his arms. Not able to move I remained prone as this man roughly fucked me. I felt my cock pulse and knew I was cumming.

The entire fuck lasted only a few minutes. Once the man was satisfied and I assume he shot his load he pulled out. The ball gag was removed. "Did you enjoy being fucked so well?" It was Master's voice.

"Yes Master." I replied as I stretched my sore jaw.

"Did you enjoy being fucked?"

"Yes Master I did."

"Whose ass was just fucked?"

"The ass belongs to Master." I hoped that was the reply he wanted to hear.

"Very good. And does Master like watching an ass that belongs to him be fucked?"

"Yes. Master enjoys seeing the ass fucked."

"How many times do you think Master wants to see this ass fucked?"

Shit! How many times? Too few and he would be unpleased. Too many and I was going to be unable to walk. Mind racing I tried to settle on a number. But what number. Fuck. "Master wants to see all his guests fuck the ass." My heart was beating so heavily I could hear it.

"Very good."

The sounds of movement and I felt another man take his place between my legs. Another cock was driven into my ass. The large amount of lube eliminated what would be a terrible pain. This man roughly fucked me for several minutes, paused and grunted. He pulled out and moved away.

As terrible as it may sound the fucking was turning me on. Being used my Master like an object turned me on. I loved it. Was I sick? Finally, after repeated fucks the room was silent.

Two sets of hands took each arm and I was helped into a kneeling position. The blindfold was removed and Master was standing in front of me. He wasn't smiling but he looked pleased. He picked up a tray from the small table next to him. Presenting it to me he asked what I saw.

"Six condoms Master with cum inside."

"Pick up one condom and empty the contents on your cock."

Carefully picking up the condom I tried to empty as much of the cum onto my hard cock. He had me rub it in. Repeating the process until all six had been emptied on my cock he had me jerk off using it as lube. After I came it was time to lick my own cum up off the mat. Once I was finished I was told to stand. Looking down I waited. Once Master's footsteps ceased I removed the cuffs and collar returning them to their spot on the tray. Getting dressed I quietly left the loft.

Showered and dressed I busied myself until dinnertime. My visits to Master were a highlight of my week. Each time things began and ended the same but what happened during the sessions was different. Not once had I seen anyone other than Master yet I had been told to service several cocks and I had been fucked by up to six men. It was always silent when I arrived and left. What he did to me and with my body was scary but never truly painful. I always left without bruising or hurting. Of course I stank like cock and man sex. Walking home I wondered if anyone could tell I had just been fucked, but I didn't care. The high from the experience was enough.

What happened at these sessions I didn't talk about. Terry knew enough to understand it was complete submission for ninety minutes and condoms were always used. He didn't press me for details. It did cross my mind how long I would continue to show up. There was no answer. As long as I was getting so aroused and having such amazing orgasms I would return. What did puzzle me was the videotaping. What did he do with the tapes? Did he post them online? Keep them for himself? Show them to others? Sell them? One day I would have to find out, but for now I was happy to be going home after some very hot sex.

Terry stopped by and said he had one last gift for me. Immediately I felt stupid because I had nothing to give him.

"Go ahead! Open it!" He urged.

Excited to see what it was I opened the small box. Inside were two keys.

"To my apartment." Terry smiled. My heart jumped. The excitement and surprise were huge. A key to his place! It felt like our relationship had taken a giant step forward.

"Terry! I am so happy! Thank you!" A big hug and a long kiss to show my appreciation followed.

After dinner we returned to his place. He had me unlock the doors. The sound of the lock releasing was so rewarding. It worked. We worked. Inside we slowly undressed, putting our new matching cockrings on and breaking in the toys from my mother we had a powerful evening naked. It did feel a little weird at first to think of my mother and handle sex toys that she had given us but I quickly got over it.

Falling asleep next to Terry felt like home. He had given me a key to his apartment, he had met my mother and we had spent our first major holiday together and taken a trip together. All big steps to take in a relationship and they all went smoothly. My dreams were peaceful that night.

In the morning Terry woke me at eight, he had an appointment to get to and was leaving, but I could stay as long as I wanted to stay. Rather than sleep alone I got up and went to the gym. I may be spending the night with my lover but my body still needed a workout.

Timothy once again pushed me physically in my exercising. My body was sore and tired but it felt great. The rewards would be worth it. After we finished we went for a smoothie and Timothy told me how proud he was of my video work, how I handled the premier, how well I was doing with my workouts and he asked about the trip. There was so much to talk about I could have gone on all afternoon but I needed to get back to the condo and get to work at Steve's.

Steve surprised me with a gift. Once again I felt foolish for my lack of thought. Opening the gift I found a small leather paddle. Talk about a surprise! First my mother gives me condoms, a cockring, butt plugs and a vibrator for my boyfriend and now my neighbor is giving me a paddle! Obviously sex was either an obsession or a healthy hobby that was not a secret. Setting the paddle on top of my clothing I went to work cleaning Steve's condo.

He was busy at his desk, trying to discreetly film me. The temptation to call him on it was great but I kept to my work, he was paying me to clean his place so clean it would be. When I finished my duties I walked over to my clothing and looked at the paddle. Why a leather paddle?

"As you can see I didn't get you a present Steve."

"Don't worry about it Sam. It isn't a one for one deal."

"Do you post the video you take of me as is or do you edit it?" Without thinking the confrontation of the secret taping came out.

"Um...what? Sam? I guess I am..." Steve was busted and he knew it.

"Don't mumble. Do you edit the video or are you streaming it live? Are you making money off of it?" A swell of strength came over me.

"Sam. I um...not sure what you mean...I guess...oh, I need to pay you." He was avoiding my questions.

"They are simple questions. Do you profit from the video of me nude while I clean? The answer is yes or no." The strength was turning into power.


"Come here."

Slowly Steve walked toward me. When he finally was three feet away he stopped, looking at the floor.

"Know I am not mad at you. However, you refusal to answer my questions about what you are doing with the video of me naked is frustrating me. Do you understand?"

Steve nodded.

"Good. Come closer. Put your hands on the back of the sofa."

Very slowly, without looking up Steve did as I asked. Once his hands were firmly on the back of the sofa I reached for the paddle. Not saying a word I gave him a swat. It wasn't hard but the sound was a surprise. He yelped as his body leaned forward and his weight moved from his feet to his hands. Another swat. He yelped again. Another swat. He was now on his toes leaning into the sofa and either wantonly or unconsciously he arched his back making his ass accessible. Another swat and another yelp. Steve was fucking enjoying this!

"Without standing up lower your jeans to the floor." I commanded. The rush of power took over. It felt amazing!

Not slowly he undid his jeans and pushed them to the floor. He was wearing boxers. He obediently returned his hands to the back of the sofa.

"Now answer with a yes or a no. Do you post the video online?"

"Yes." I could barely hear his answer.

Swat. Yelp.

"Do you stream the video live?"


Swat. Yelp.

"Do you edit the video before posting?"


Swat. Yelp.

"Are you making money off of the video?"


Swat. Yelp.

"Is this being recorded?"


Swat. Yelp.

"When I leave you will edit this video and send it to me. You will not post it. Understand?"


Swat. Yelp.

"Do not move until I am gone."

"Yes Sir."

Picking up my clothing I left his condo and returned home. Walking naked was rather careless but I did it anyway.

The rush, the energy racing through my body was incredible. I was euphoric! No wonder Master loved what he did! Slipping into some sweats I sat down at the computer and began to surf the net seeing if I could find where Steve had posted the videos. Hours passed by and I found nothing. Jude returned from work as I sat online.

"Sam? There is an envelop with your name on it, it was under the door."

"There is? That's odd." Taking the envelope form Jude I opened it."


The task you assigned is complete. My email address is below. Please contact me so I may send you the assignment.


"What is that about? Sir? Sam, what you involved in now?"

"Jude you won't believe what happened today!"

Before I went into the tale I emailed Steve. Moments later he replied with a link to the video. As I explained the situation we watched the video. Only thirty minutes long it was a decently edited video of my nude as I cleaned. He had added some music to the background and honestly, it started to turn me on. After we finished watching it I noticed another email from Steve. It was another link. This was also a video, of me spanking him with the paddle. It was edited briefly but showed me leaving as he waiting. When he stood up the wet spot on the front of his briefs was clearly visible. Steve had cum while I was swatting him!

"He gets off on being paddled! Sam! You have a sub!"

"Jude? What have I done? What am I doing?"

"Get dressed, lets grab dinner."

"No, don't need to eat. I need a drink!"

Jude grabbed a beer for each of us and we sat down and talked about the incident at Steve's, the key to Terry's place and how crazy the trip had been. Not realizing the time I checked my phone. It had been on silent all afternoon. Terry had sent text several times. The last text was to come over when I could. Changing out of my sweats I said good night to Jude and left for Terry's, making sure I had my keys.



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