The afternoon actually went by quickly. Jude returned from work and said he had another date. Friday night and I was stuck spending it home alone. No Jude. No Terry. There was no way I could handle it. A text to Craig was needed.

< What > was his simple reply.

< Want to hang tonite >

< Hang? >

< do sumthin >

< what >

< eat movie open >

< I guess >

Obviously he wasn't too thrilled. I upped the ante.

< u can fuk me >

< ok 7 my place >

< ok >

If we were eating, going to a movie or just fucking I didn't know but at least I wasn't going to be home alone.

Timothy's words were still on my mind. I decided I would go over and talk to his Master. Maybe get him out of doing that video. He didn't complain about it but they looked painful, at least for the poor guy getting the abuse and that poor guy was Timothy. Fuck it. I left.

He answered the buzzer and released the door when I said my name. That was a good sign. When I got to the loft door it was barely open. I walked in. I didn't see anyone. My gut had butterflies. What if he was beating poor Timothy? Waiting I grew more nervous. Then my thick skull allowed some thinking. I removed all my clothes and stood in the spot where I would stand to wait for him.

Five minutes passed. I wanted to move but didn't. Another five minutes passed. Finally I heard a sound. He walked towards me. No gear, jeans and a sweatshirt. Even in a sweatshirt the guy looked ripped.

He stopped when he was toe to toe and his nose was just inches from my forehead. He didn't speak. I remained silent.

"Are you going to waste my time or talk you pathetic boy?" He was speaking low and steady.

"I fucked up. I know it. I didn't think. Don't punish Timothy. It wasn't his fault. Please." That was convincing a man who controlled another man completely to listen to me or to reason.

He did not reply.

"I forgot. I was out of town..."

"I know where you were. I know when you left. I knew you wouldn't return in time to show up. You failed completely."

Shit. How did he know?

"Please don't take it out on Timothy. Please don't make him do the movie." Puppy dog eyes might work.

He stepped back. Walking around me slowly and stopped when he was behind me. My nerves were on alert.

Foot steps. He came back around. "It's already scheduled. I won't leave them without a boy."

I had no idea how to respond.

His hand reached out. I jumped. He opened it. Nipple clamps. I reach for them and placed one on each nipple. His other hand held out a chain. I hooked one end to each clamp. The chain was heavy. The pain from attaching the clamps was enough to make me wince. Adding the weight my eyes welled up.

He turned and walked away, grabbed something from the counter and returned. He held out a thin dildo and some lube. He was rough but not sadistic to me. I lubed up the dildo, turned and inserted it while he watched. Once it was all the way it, which wasn't fun. If you have ever had a cold dildo slid into your ass you know how it feels. I stood and faced him.

He walked toward the counter and stood on one side. "Sit." He motioned to one of the stools across the counter. I walked over hoping the dildo wouldn't fall out. It was still cold. The chain moved as I walked pulling on my nipples. Sadly, my cock was responding. I pulled out the stool and sat down. The seat was cold. I was uncomfortable. Looking at him with puppy eyes I waited silently.

Then he almost smiled. "Well done. Why are you here?"

"To ask you spare Timothy the movie. It was all my fault. Please forgive him."

"Can't. The set, crew, cameramen, everything is ready. There is a contract. It must be done."

Looking down at the counter I felt like I had failed Timothy yet again. At least he was talking to me. It was really the first time he had ever spoken to me.

"Unless you are offering to take his place."

Good fuck! Was he kidding?

"No I am not kidding." He could read minds! "It is set. A boy needs to be there. If you want to spare Timothy then you go in his place."

Not realizing it a tear fell from one eye.

He took a breath, nearly sighed and spoke in an almost kind voice. "Listen. You have done very well. Considering your experience I am actually impressed. You could have a future as a slave but you need a lot of training. I don't have that kind of time unless you give yourself to me and you are not ready." He spoke slowly, deliberately, annunciating every word carefully. "If you take his place tomorrow I will spare him and allow your workout training to continue."

I looked up. Really? Did he say he would allow Timothy to keep helping me? I wanted that help. The results were already showing and I liked it.

"Stand up."

Obeying I stood and waited.

He handed me another dildo. This one was larger. It had a head on it unlike the one currently in my ass.

I pulled out the other dildo. The nice thin smooth one that was now warm. He didn't hand me the lube. I turned, bent over and pushed the new cold dildo against my hole. I wanted to cry but more than that I wanted Timothy to be released from making the movie. The dildo wasn't going in. The head on it wasn't huge. I had taken much larger dildos and even a cock or two that were bigger. But it was cold and dry.

A splat of cold lube hit my hole. I jumped at the surprise. Turning the dildo to spread the lube I finally managed to work it all the way in.

"Fuck yourself."

The blood was rushing to my head by this point. Readjusting my stance I began to fuck myself with the dildo. My cock began to rise again. Without warning his hand pushed mine out of the way and he took control of the dildo. His other hand grabbed my shoulder. He pulled me up and then pushed me around to the counter. I grabbed it, spread my legs and he began to fuck me with the dildo. He wasn't causing pain as mush as he was causing embarrassment. Honestly, he was talented fucking with a dildo. Holding on to the counter he continued to pull and push the rubber phallus. My breathing began to increase. My body moved with him. I was turned on. There was no denying it. Finally I came. He pulled the dildo out and stood at my side about four feet away. I didn't want to look at him. I felt busted. He had me. I came for him without him touching more than my shoulder for a few seconds.

"Tomorrow. Eight AM. Be here."

I nodded. He walked away leaving me there, a roll of paper towels and some spray waiting next to me. The nipple clamps! Shit I had forgotten about them. Knowing what it felt like to have them removed I paused and wondered how to take them off without experiencing the pain. Reaching for the right clamp I tenderly grabbed it. Slowly I eased the clamp. It was off and then the pain hit. I screamed. Dropping the clamp due to the pain the weight of the chain as it fell and swung to the side caused my poor left nipple to twist. I screamed again. Reaching up to stop the chain I quickly gathered it up and accidently pulled. Fuck me it hurt. I reached up and released the clamp and once again yelled. They hurt going on and really hurt coming off. They were too tender to rub. I felt like crying.

After cleaning up my cum I returned the towels to the counter. Pulling on my pants and shoes I tried not to make any noise. As the cloth of my shirt rubbed against my nipples I winced. Damn they were sore. My poor nipples. I stuffed the cum towels in my pants pocket. What had I just committed to doing?

Walking home I realized I had forgotten to wipe my ass. I could feel the lube on my thighs and my briefs sticking to my ass. I tried no to think about it and wondered if people could see a wet spot. Thankfully it was early evening and a lot of people were out and about, eyes would be on the traffic and hopefully not on a tight ass. I tried not to move much because my shirt was rubbing on my nipples and it still stung a bit. Trying to hurry without causing some irritation and hoping I didn't have a wet spot I wished I hadn't tried to fix things.

Once home I showered. Washing my ass I thought about the Master and how he had so much power over me yet wasn't actually causing pain. There was some, but it was not that terrible. The water reminded me off the clamps. Half an hour later my nips were still tender. My ass felt fine, I was safe but stupid for agreeing to his terms. Trying not to think about it I got dressed again. Sending a quick text to Terry I left and went to Craig's.

He was ready to go when I arrived and we went to grab a burger and then off to another movie. He was in a good mood and we laughed a lot. After the movie we returned to his place and he asked if I missed working. Apparently Jude had told him I had quit. I told him I didn't miss it but needed to find something soon.

"Did you really quit? You did offer to let me fuck you in exchange for dinner and a movie." Craig smirked at me.

"You are getting a deal on this trade. Shit, for what you spent all you should get is a hand job." I smirked back.

"For a cock like mine you should be paying me! No get over here. Tramp."

I walked over to him and we kissed. Craig was good at kissing and good at sex. He knew how to make me want his cock inside me and he loved fucking. Watching him was fun to do. He was so into it, concentrating and focused on what he was doing yet still enjoying it completely. I wondered what he was like when he was my age. Was he naturally talented or had he just had enough experience that he was now skilled? How he knew to give my nips a break I don't know. Not once did I let on I had been used only an hour prior to meeting up nor about the promise I had made for Saturday morning. Pushing the thoughts out of my mind I refocused on Craig and enjoyed a solid fuck.

Back at home I showered and get ready for bed. Jude came in. His date was better than on Wednesday, he got a kiss.

"A kiss? Two dates and a lousy kiss? Shit. Jude. I didn't go on a date and I got laid."

"A guy doesn't need to take you on a date to get access to your body Sam. All he needs to do is smile."

"Jude. You are so funny. I was going to offer to blow you but now I am just going to bed."

We laughed, gave a quick hug and went to our own rooms. I was nervous and wanted to be rested.



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