Friday. It felt like today was never going to arrive. Waking up I wanted to shower and leave for the premier but knew I had about ten hours to kill before it was time. Time at the gym would be good for me. Timothy was walking in as I arrived. What a relief.

"Timothy! Morning."

"Hey Sam. Ready for tonight?" He smiled as he greeted me.

"No. Yes. I guess as ready as I can be, I have no idea what to expect. I am really excited."

"You look really excited. No need to be nervous. It isn't scary and no one will bite you. Well, I take that back. No one will hurt you." He chuckled.

"It's not that. Just not sure what people will think of the video. Will they like me? Is my acting any good? Am I hot enough?"

"What? Seriously? Hot enough? Sam. You are so sexy and attractive and hot that they will love you." We were standing at the counter waiting to run our cards through the scanner. I didn't pay any attention to the desk workers.

"Yeah, I know I'm not ugly, but am I hot enough to be a porn star?"

Both of the counter clerks looked at me wide eyed. I smiled meekly, scanned my card and followed after Timothy.

"Yes Sam. You are. Trust me."



"Are you going to be there? Will Master let you go?"

"Of course he will let me go. Why wouldn't he?"

"Well, I wasn't sure if he let you out to do..."

"Sam. I guess I haven't been as clear as I could about my relationship with him. I have a life outside of serving him. Serving him is my job in a way. I go to the gym, the store, out to eat, movies, museums, all the things you or anyone else does. The biggest difference is my sex life is committed to him. I do what he wants, when he wants it. I do it because I want to. He doesn't force me to do anything. So yes I am going. Yes I am allowed to go. And yes, Master will be there too. We can hardly wait."

"Sorry. I wasn't trying to be rude. I am just stupid I guess. Hey. Will you up the workout? I am so anxious I thing really working myself to exhaustion will help." Feeling like a jerk for asking and assuming such a stupid thing I wanted to change the subject.

"I can do that Sam. Are you sure?"

I nodded.

Timothy did not fail me. He had me increase the weight on all of my exercises. He had me double the reps on a few of them. He increased the speed on the treadmill. He had me sweating like I was in a sauna. I loved it. When it came time to do my laps he asked if I was ready.

"Ready for what? You are doing a great job, I am beat."

"Good. Get changed and meet me in the pool."

Timothy stood at the edge of the pool telling me what type of stroke to use for each lap. He timed me and encouraged me to work harder, swim faster. He corrected my form. He was a true taskmaster and I couldn't have asked for more.

Finally he said it was time to shower. Walking back into the locker room he stopped me outside the showers. "Take off the suit. Time to see how you look."

It was a locker room so I didn't think much of it. Pulling off the wet skintight suit I stood in front of him. Without thinking I was in the waiting position Master demanded of me when I made my Tuesday visit.

Timothy looked at my body. He commented on my muscular development. He suggested areas we can focus on. He had me flex a bit to see my form. There was nothing sexual about it. I was being judged on my physic like they do to horses. As Timothy was commenting a couple of men, late thirties or early forties, walked by and stopped.

"Hey guys. Sam here has me helping he develop and build his body. What do you think?"

Their eyes opened as Timothy asked them to look at my naked body and comment on it. A little embarrassed they hemmed and hawed.

"Don't worry about Sam, he doesn't have issues being naked. Really, what areas are looking good and what can we focus on?"

" looks great." One of them said. They both were nervous and smiled weakly and left. I felt rejected. They had obviously been checking me out as they walked up and when invited to not only look at me but to stare and comment they clammed up. Standing quietly I tried to get over it.

"What's his goal?" A deeper man's voice came from around the lockers. Timothy and I both looked in the direction. A moment later a man walked around the corner. Damn. Tussled dark brown hair, full yet trimmed beard and ripped. Even wearing a tee shirt and long shorts it was clear this guy was solid, defined and serious about working out.

"What's his goal?" He looked right at me. "What do you want to do? Compete? Tone up? Look good at the bar? You need to have a goal, without one I can't say one way or another." His gaze went over my body; there was nothing sexual about it. "Just looking at you I would say you are coming along pretty well. You are young but not young enough to be serious about competition, unless you devote yourself to it like a full time job. There is potential. So what is it?"

"I um...well...I guess...I wanted to look good naked?"

He laughed. "Don't we all! Depending on who you want to attract most of us look good naked to someone."

"How about you? What is your goal?" Maybe if I put the focus on him I wouldn't feel so goofy.

"Me? I tried competition but wasn't able to bulk up enough without steroids. No way I want to do that to my body. Now I do fitness modeling, some private training. Going into sports medicine if I get the grades. Granted I am a little older than most of the guys getting into it but I figure my age and experience can be a benefit."

"Really? Cool." I was dying to see him without his shirt on so I gathered the balls and asked. "Would you mind?" I motioned as if I were taking off a tee shirt.

"Oh, sure." He pulled off his tee. I tried not to react but how do you control your cock? Stunning. Perfect. Ideal.

I just stared, ignoring my partially hard cock.

"I take it you approve?" He smiled and looked at me cock.

"God. I am really sorry." I felt the blush, the shame and embarrassment as it hit my face.

"Don't worry about it. At this place I have come to expect it. Plenty of gay guys here."

"Then why here?"

"Proximity. And I get a great rate for mentioning the place in any interviews or press. So what's you goal?" He was really nice about my reaction, especially for a straight guy.

"Well..." I was too embarrassed to answer.

"He wants to get the reaction he just had." Timothy spilled my secret.

"Nothing wrong with that kid." For about fifteen minutes we talked about my body, exercises and diet. Timothy was dressed in his workout clothes. This hot fitness model was shirtless and I was naked. He paid no attention to my arousal or that I was gay and lusting for him. It was all very professional, like at the doctor's office.

"Well guys, I need to get going. Good luck with your goal Sam. My name is Mike, with a Y, not an I. See you around." He turned and left. We both said thanks and watched as his perfectly muscular legs moved his stunning body away from us. His ass was to die for; his back had the V shape with muscle in all the right places.

We skipped the smoothies and went for food. I was starving. We had been at the gym for over three hours. Myke was the first straight man I had talked to about my body in my life, at least since I came to Boston. It was sort of surreal.

It was early afternoon. I had five hours to kill before getting dressed to go to the premier. A haircut! I hadn't had a haircut in over two months, maybe even three. As I walked back toward the shopping district I looked for a salon. A few moments into my search I saw a barbers. They had the old fashioned barber's pole in the front and everything. Smiling I walked in.

The place had been around for a while, at least it looked like the real deal and not some corporate chain franchise designed to look authentic. The chairs were large, there was a lot of woodwork and the men working were all much older than the guys working at the trendy new salons. I was greeted by a white haired man didn't waste time with pleasantries. I liked it.

"A haircut. First time here huh. You young guys like those fancy places. Come on, follow me. There were two other men getting haircuts and the three barbers talked with them as they worked. It was the most straight, masculine place I had ever been in.

"So kid. You ever had a shave?" One of the barbers asked. He was shaving one of the other men. The razor, foam on the guys face, towel under his chin.

"Nope." I smiled.

"You got to try it kid. Really. It's better than anything you can do at home." The man who was receiving the shave said and smiled.

"Ok." A huge grin broke out on my face.

Then entire 45 minutes I sat in that chair, listening to these men talk was...amazing really. They were so normal. The topics were everyday topics, sports, women, business, and the weather. They treated me like I was one of them. I felt out of place yet welcomed at the same time. Keeping pretty quiet I took in their banter. Growing up there wasn't much of a male influence in my life, at least not positive. Once I arrived I had spent all my time with gay men. This was a new experience.

Thanking the barber, Stan, I promised to return. A great workout, a great conversation with a straight guy about our bodies, a shave and a haircut while listening to five men chat, my day was going really really well.

At home I looked through my carry on to make sure I had everything. I checked that I had the ticket information and confirmation numbers. Running the vacuum over the rugs, spot-checking the place to make sure it was clean I wasted my time.

"Ping" my phone beeped. It was a text from Terry.

< u home >

< yep >

< stay >

Terry wasn't into long texts. Waiting for him to arrive I turned on the computer to check the tumblr sites. A little porn was a great way to waste some time.

In what seemed like five minutes but was really half an hour, the buzzer sounded. Opening the door to the condo I found Terry holding several boxes and wearing a huge smile. "Hi gorgeous! I have something for you!" He nearly sang his words.

He gave me a quick kiss as he passed by me coming in.

"Tonight is the night! I can't wait to see the movie. My hot sexy boyfriend in a hot steamy video, you have got to look amazing. So I have some presents for you. Don't complain, they are already paid for and I lost the receipts so you can't return them. Here start with this one." He handed me a small box.

This was not at all what I expected. Really I expected him to want to get naked and fuck like rabbits, but gifts were a surprise.

Opening the box I found a pair of boxer briefs that were longer in the leg than anything I already had. I thanked him, not sure why he chose them. The next box answered my question. A pair of leather pants. "Terry! Seriously? You didn't, well you did but wow!"

"That's why I got the shorts, don't want you chafing. Get naked, try them on." He was so eager and excited. I rarely saw him like this and was enjoying it.

The pants fit perfectly. The leather was supple, smelled utterly delightful and decadent.

"I love them. Do you love them Sam? They are perfect! Look at how hot your ass is in these! Every guy is going to want to fuck you. You better not let them. Ok, the next one."

He handed me another gift box. Inside was a long sleeved shirt, along the lines of a tee but much nicer.

"Put it on!" Terry urged.

Taking off my sweatshirt and pulling on the new shirt I was not sure what to think. It was soft, sort of sheer and fit like a glove.

"Oh wow! Come on, you have got to see yourself in the mirror!" He pulled my arm and me to the bathroom. "See! Look at you! Fucking sexy as hell! YES! I did good." He kissed me, ran his hands over my body and stood back to look at my reflection.

Wow. Staring at myself I was stunned. Looking at me from the mirror was a very good looking man wearing a sheer body hugging shirt, perfectly fit leather pants, great masculine haircut and the cleanest shave he has ever had. Was that me?

"Sam. You look so amazing. Really. Not just because of my amazing taste in clothing but overall. And you got a haircut! It looks so hot. It looks so manly? Where did you get it?" He looked puzzled. It was pretty funny.

"I went to a barber." My gaze didn't leave my reflection, I was not sure it was really me.

"Really? A barber? Never been to one. How straight of you. Anyway, it looks fantastic."

"Thanks. For everything Terry. Thank you. This is really far more than generous."

"You are welcome. You deserve it. Now get undressed. I want to give you a shower before we leave. Hungry? I am starving. But first I want to suck your cock and bath you."

This rather unusual side of him was one I could get to enjoy. We showered, gave each other a wet blowjob and then dressed. Terry had brought a change of clothes, nothing like what I was wearing but it didn't matter, he looked great in everything he wore.

"Sam?" Jude's voice filled the condo.

"In here Jude!"

"Jude! Wait there, you have got to see this! Sam, hold on." Terry rushed out of my bedroom, turned on all the lights and had Jude stand so he couldn't see down the hallway. "Ok Sam, you can come now."

As I turned the corner Jude's entire face shown with appreciation and surprise.

"Damn! Where is Sam? Wow."

"You like? The clothes were my idea, the haircut was his. I think he looks stunning." Terry was presenting me like a game show hostess shows the showcase prize.

"I like. Wow."

"Thank you. Not to cut into the marvel of this beauty but I am starving and time is tight. You joining us for dinner Jude?"

"When are we leaving?" He asked.

"At seven." Terry replied with confidence.

"We are?" I asked.

"Yes. I called and asked if we should be fashionably late and he said no, be a little early so they know we are there."

"That's an hour. I need to shower and get ready." Jude sounded disappointed.

"Bummer. Ok, we need to do this together so I will order u p some delivery. Jude go do your thing. Is Craig meeting us here?" Terry was all over running this show. "Sam, send him and text and tell him to be here no later than seven. We are eating in twenty minutes. As if he is joining us."

Terry stepped over to his coat and grabbed his phone. Jude went off to get ready and I called Craig. He was still at home but would be over shortly.

Jude came out of his bedroom ready to go, Craig arrived and moments later the food. We ate and left just a few minutes before seven.



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