Nathan said goodbye to Jude as I quickly finished getting dressed. A little nervous about going with Nathan, who I had exchanged fewer than twenty words but Jude seemed unaware of it. Zipping up my jacket, Nathan started walking away.

"Go have fun Sam. Nate's a good guy. Don't worry. See you when you get home." He smiled and patted me on the back. Taking a deep breath I followed after Nathan.

He didn't hesitate or slow down for me. He was out the door of the gym by the time I caught up to him. He looked at me and smiled but didn't say anything. Stepping into a cab he gave his address. Sitting in silence for the fifteen-minute drive I wondered what he was in to.

Arriving at a beautiful brownstone in the South End we exited the cab. Unlocking the exterior door he stepped into the foyer and held the door open for me. Unlocking the entrance door he smiled. "Come in Sam." Come in? Did he own the entire brownstone? Usually each floor is one unit. Stepping inside my question was answered. He lived in the entire building.

"May I take your jacket?"

Handing him my jacket and removing my shoes he smiled and showed me to the living room. Beautiful, not over decorated and spotless, he had taste, money and someone to clean for him.

"Sam. Before he head upstairs I want to make sure you are up for this. I like young men. I like young men who workout. I like their soft skin, solid muscle and energy. I like when they are willing and eager. I expect we will spend about an hour upstairs. I top. I use condoms. I want you to enjoy the experience but I am a man who works hard to enjoy myself and essentially tonight is about me enjoying myself. Does this work for you?"

Rather unusual way to start a hook up I thought. Most guys just get naked or start pawing me. He sort of killed my excitement. "Yeah." I was still interested in getting laid. Hopefully he would start my juices flowing again.

"Good. Follow me." He began walking up the main stairs, continuing up to the top floor. Everything I saw was very well maintained and decorated. Nothing over the top, it was almost understated. The art was original. The colors were pleasing. A professional designer had to have done the place. The top floor had a small landing and three doors. He walked to the middle door and opened it. "Come in Sam."

Turning on the light I saw a large bed in the middle of the room. White sheets and a few pillows were on it. The rest of the room was a soft grey and the carpet was thick under my feet. On the walls were framed black and white photos of naked young men. There was a low dresser with six drawers. He opened one and left it. Next he raised the top of a cabinet that looked like it was a bar. "Sam. There are several cameras in the room. I like to record my conquests to watch later. Once you are naked I am going to take a few photos. As you can see I like to frame a photo of each of the young men I bring here, sort of like trophies."

There were easily a hundred framed photos on the walls. "All of these guys were here?"

"Yes. There are quite a few more, these are only from the last couple of years. The others are in the adjacent room. Handsome aren't they?"

"They certainly are, wow." As I looked at a few of the photos I was not only impressed but my juices began to flow again.

"When ever you are ready please face that wall and slowly remove your clothing. Follow my direction, relax and enjoy yourself." He smiled.

Stepping to the spot he had pointed at I stood facing the wall as directed. Slowly I began to remove my sweatshirt, tee shirt, socks and jeans.

"Run your hands slowly over your body." His voice was soothing, smooth and comforting.

Forgetting about the cameras I stood in front of him and slowly ran my hands over my body. My cock was still soft but it was beginning to grow. Nathan removed his sweater and walked up to me wearing his jeans and a tee shirt. He stood next to me and began to run his hands over my body. "Relax your arms." He whispered into my ear.

Letting my arms rest at my sides I allowed him to explore my body with his hands. He began to kiss my shoulder, my neck, and my back and moved over to the other side. He then began to suck on my ear lobe. My cock started to stand. He hands continued to roam over me, avoiding my cock and balls but nothing else.

"You are so beautiful. Your skin is so soft. You smell fresh, like youth. Smooth. Not a scar on you. Firm. Strong. Your ass is amazing in my hand." He was almost cooing as he felt my body. I was already in a trance as he warmed me with his hands and seduced me with his words.

"Do you want me? Do you want me to continue to explore your body? Do you want me to feel your young hard cock? Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want to suck my cock? Lick my body head to toe? Do you want my cum?"

As he asked each question I said yes. The first time my response was rather quiet and he told me to speak as loud as he was, I repeated yes and spoke clearly as I answered yes over and over.

After the last yes his hand reached for my cock and he slowly stroked it, engulfing it in his large strong hands. He continued to stroke my cock and then reached for my balls pulling them away from my body and lightly squeezing them. His touch was one of experience and confidence. He knew what he wanted and it took only a moment of his caress for me to surrender to him. His lips continued to kiss my body. His hand slid up my arm, shoulder and neck, resting on my ear. Lightly he turned my head toward him and kissed me. I accepted and returned his kiss. Deep, solid and warm, he tasted wonderful.

He turned my body into his and we continued kissing. His hands were on my ass firmly squeezing them. He was still dressed but I could feel his cock. He wasn't hard yet but it was ample.

Pulling away from me he stepped back and removed his tee shirt. Tanned, lightly hairy, he was beefy and in great shape for a guy over fifty. His torso was thick but solid and strong. His shoulders and arms were also impressive on a man any age. This guy took care of himself. Dropping his tee he began to remove his jeans. He was wearing boxer briefs and his package was full. He stood upright and smiled. I stepped to him and began to explore his body with my hands and lips.

For some time I enjoyed his mature yet firm body. This was how I hoped I could look at his age. He wouldn't let me touch his underwear, keeping me away as he naturally moved his hands to guide my touch. Finally he stepped back and onto the bed. Standing in the middle he beckoned me. Climbing on he pointed so I stayed on my knees and stopped a couple of feet in front of him. Tucking his thumbs into the waistband he removed, slowly, his boxers briefs. His legs were still strong. I was enjoying his muscles as he moved. As he stood I finally saw his cock. Hanging down, full, thick and heavy it was close to six inches.

I tried not to gasp. Grower of shower I was going to enjoy having it in me. When I looked up at him he nodded. Walking forward on my knees I leaned in inches from his cock. "Take it in, slowly." He said in the same strong confident voice. There was no resistance or hesitation from me.

Sticking my tongue out I reached for the bottom of his head and made contact. Lifting it up and resting it on my tongue I felt its weight. This moment when a man's cock is on my tongue about to be taken into my mouth is one of my favorites. A large cock, a new cock and a confident man make it all the better. Closing my eyes I drew him into my mouth and closed my lips around his head.

I could spend a great deal of time sucking on a nice cock. Truly it is one of life's greatest joys giving a man such pleasure while experiencing such joy myself. Not that I give lame or poor blowjobs, this time I made sure it was outstanding. It took some time for him to get hard and I enjoyed the changes in his cock as it grew. The length grew by a couple inches and it thickened a bit. The biggest change was in his head. It nearly doubled in size. Oh how I love a nice large head on a cock.

My efforts obviously pleased him as he began to moan and caress my shoulders, neck and head. Soon he was carefully guiding my head as his cock slide in and out. Spit began to run down my chin, my own moans echoing his.

Pulling out of me he reached for my shoulders and began to lift me up. Standing in front of him he reached for my own cock, hard as in can be and oozing pre cum. Turning me around so my ass was towards him he kept one hand on my hip and the other moved to the middle of my back. I leaned forward until my hands were on the bed.

The movement of the bed indicated he was kneeling. A moment later his hands ran up the outside of my legs, around my upper thigh and then down the inside of my legs to my ankles. He helped me to move my legs so they were far enough apart to aid in my balance. He then slid his hands up to my ass firmly squeezing my cheeks. He spread them open and I felt his tongue run along the underside of my balls, along my crack up to my lower back. A chill ran through my entire body.

Running his tongue back down he stopped on my bud and slowly began to rim me. What guy doesn't love to be rimmed? It sends me to another planet, especially if the rimmer is talented. Nathan was above talented. He was a professional. Pre cum dripping, my moaning nonstop I was lost in the sensation of all those nerves being stimulated with a warm, strong tongue. God I was ready for his cock.

He didn't finger me at all, just tongued my hole. And he went on and on until I couldn't stand it and asked him to fuck me. He didn't respond. "Please give me your cock. Please!" I said loudly. His tongue left my hole. He moved from the bed. I nearly fell over. As he walked to the dresser I moved to that side of the bed and got on all fours with my knees at the edge. Spreading wide to receive him I waited.

The cold lube hit my hole and he pushed in just a bit but didn't insert his finger. The tear of a condom wrapper, the squirt of lube and the subtle sound of a cock being slicked up came from behind me. My ass was ready, I could feel my bud contracting and restricting as I waited. I wanted him inside me.

His hands once again were on my ass. He spread me open and I felt the tip of his cock touch my bud dead center. Taking a deep breath I prepared for entry. He did not disappoint. His head slowly pressed against my hole, the cool lube warmed. In my head I heard a pop as he broke through. Gasping I smiled. Finally he was inside. At least he had started his way in. Pausing for a moment to allow me to adjust then slowly sliding the entire length of his shaft deep inside me.

When a man knows how fuck, when he knows what he is doing and when he is not in a hurry, he fucks in an entirely different manner than a guy who does not have that level of confidence. Nathan was a man who had been fucking for decades and he was confident and knowing and understood exactly what he was doing. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every guy could lose his virginity to a man with this level of skill? It had taken Nathan a long time to get hard and my guess was it would take him equally as long to reach orgasm. I was in for an amazing lay.

On all fours, on my back, flat on my stomach, my ass in the air with my feet at my ears, on my side, one leg in the air. Nathan moved my body to accomplish his goal. He was fucking me through and through. Thoughts came and went as I let the sensation of his cock inside of me, his hands and mouth on my skin and the warm feeling of sex fill all five of my senses.

Rather suddenly he flipped me on my back, his cock never leaving my hole. He grabbed each ankle and raised my legs bending my knees and placed them on his shoulders. In push up position he began to pile drive his cock into me. Not realizing how loud I was I moaned and begged for more.

He knelt down, straightened, removed his cock and the condom and stroked his copious load onto my chest and stomach. Reaching for his cum he wrapped his large hand around my cock and using his personal lube he stroked me until I shot mine. The orgasm was powerful. My body shuddered and shivered. Sensory overload. His hand on my cock was too much to bear, I nearly shouted for him to let go. He released my cock and moved to my balls gently rolling them in his grasp. That too was unbelievable.

As I caught my breath and my body slowly recovered he left the bed. Pulling a towel from the drawer he wiping my body clean of cum. "You were outstanding. I may need to break my one time only rule."

Sitting up I remained on the bed for a few minutes. My body was weak from the workout at the gym and then an amazing fuck.

"Sam. That truly was fantastic. You are an amazing lover. Jude has taught you well."

As I dressed he called for a cab. When I walked into the condo Jude was waiting up for me. It was not yet ten. Nathan was not kidding when he said an hour, yet it felt like three.

"You look content." Jude said looking up from his book.

"Content. Nathan knows how to fuck. Wow. He said you taught me well. Had you arranged this?"

"Nope. I haven't seen Nathan in close to a year."

"Really. Well, thank you for suggesting I go home with him."

"Your welcome. Go shower, you smell like man sex."

Once again I crawled into bed feeling like my life was as close to perfect as it could get.




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