• A Day at the Gloryhole

    I had a day off and the wife Barbara was out of town. I was sitting at home looking at porn on the internet and decided it would be fun to go to an adult bookstore and see some action in the flesh. Even though I was straight I loved watching other guys jack off through a gloryhole.

  • A Glimpse Thru a Glory Hole Caught

    My many adventures at glory holes.

  • A Glory Hole Adventure

    glory-hole sexLike a lot of men I’d always been curious about what it would be like to suck a cock. What a cock would feel like in my mouth, shooting a hot load of cum down my throat.

  • A Good Day at the Boat Show

    As soon as I turned from latching the door I spotted the gloryhole. I hesitated, not sure what to do. The place was busy and I didn't want to be too blatant or anything. Then I decided to just sit down and see what happened.

  • A Night At The Glory Hole

    The telephone sounded; the fourth call today. "Yessir," was all he said as he hung up the phone, and he covered his nakedness with tight jeans and T-shirt and slipped his bare feet into slightly over-sized top-siders. Mr. Dudly was a Friday afternoon regular. He had been waiting for this one. ...

  • ABS Sunland Park News & Video

    Glory hole gay bareback sex

  • Anonymous Gay Sex - The Pleasures and Pitfalls

    The fun, risks and experiences of having anonymous gay sex

  • Army Base Bar

    I open a bar across the street from a military base, and install a glory hole in the toilet and a porno room

  • Bart-Police Academy Instructor

    Today he was teaching them about the rights and wrongs of the law while on and off duty. He started with an open discussion about public sex and how to handle a situation involving restroom sex, the joys of man sex, and a demonstration on how to enjoy a glory hole experience by an experienced ...

  • Bathroom Glory Holes

    Glory holes in the bathroom!!!!???? What is wrong with this place!!!!!????

  • Big Apple Rest

    When I encountered my first gloryhole on my first trip after highschool graduation.

  • Daddy, What's A Glory Hole?: Chapter 2

    Handsome Harry is Carlos' new step dad and his boss. Harry likes to walk around naked and he's got a lot to show. What's a poor kid to do? Right, visit a glory hole.

  • Daddy, What's A Glory Hole?

    Carlos is a scrawny, sassy kid bopping around Perth Amboy, NJ. He has good fuck buddies and experiences his first glory hole. He also meets a hot man who may be his Daddy.

  • El Lechero (The Milkman Cometh): Chapter 3

    Continuation of the most memorable of the encounters employing a private gloryhole at our house,

  • El Lechero (The Milkman Cometh)

    We have a private gloryhole for sucking off Colombian men who need to empty their balls ocassionally.

  • Embarrassed

    story with glory hole blowjobs, forced swallowing and humiliation

  • Filling Station Glory Hole

    My filling station offers a service that most others don't provide. A glory hole where customers can get sucked off

  • Filling Station Sexcapades

    In continue to suck dicks though my glory hole in the service station's men's room, and add other enticements to attract more "business."

  • First time sucking cock

    Loved getting head from men but never tried, scared I'd like it and feared being gay so never really tried sucking a cock until high on speed and at my favorite adult book store with booths with glory holes.

  • Fucked by a friend and he didn't know it was me!

    Looking through a glory hole and damned if it wasn't Donny! Who would have guessed he was hung and a top too!

  • Fun At Work

    After a day at work, I stopped by a local adult video store to suck some cock through a glory hole. One was exceptional and when I saw the man's face......

  • Glory hole: Chapter 2

    Now it's Athan who tells his version of the story and both brother give each other a public blowjob then, being watched by Matt and Cayron and then the McKenzie brothers come and introduce themselves. After these incestuous blowjobs, sex will continue in the glory holes with Matt and Cayron, Steve ...

  • Glory hole: Chapter 3

    Athan and Adam show each other their affection and lust. The next day they also start to have pig sex and Adam also falls in love. He will phone the McKenzie brothers and know Lipp and that night, also with Matt and Cayron, he suggest an orgy for only the seven of them.

  • Glory Hole

    My first encounter at a Glory Hole

  • Glory Hole: Chapter 2

    Getting to know the man behind the glory hole.

  • Glory hole

    Two brothers, Athan and Adam, casually meet one night at Pleasuredome, a gay leather bar. They didn't know both of them likes boys. They go to the bar and start chatting and they discover they have inadvertently had sex with each other.

  • Glory Hole Adventure

    sucking multiple cocks through a glory hole

  • Glory Hole Cock Sucker

    The guy turned and took the stall next to me. I leaned back, so he wouldn't think I was trying to steal a look through the hole. My cock was harder than ever. I could see a small wet spot on my tee, growing bigger by the second as precum oozed out of my slit and through the dark cotton.

  • Glory hole days

    Tales from my youth.

  • Glory Hole Discovery

    Cum loving newbie discovers glory hole by accident.