I woke up early enough to get to the gym, work out and return home by ten. After texting a few of the guys to see if they had time for some morning action, and failing to find even one I sat back on the sofa and rubbed my cock through my shorts. Fuck I was horny and everyone was working. The smartest thing would be getting my ass busy finding a job. Boring. What can I do to keep myself occupied so I don't spend the day edging until someone can fuck me? Work was the sad answer, what work?

Jude had yet to ask me for any money for staying with him. Sure I gave him all the sex he wanted and I loved it. But it could turn into a negative situation. I didn't want to be earning my keep on my knees. Sucking cock wasn't the issue, but not supporting myself was. What can I do for Jude? Prepare dinner for him? I can't cook. The laundry was already done. I would do housework, at least today. He was very clean and I wasn't messy either so it wasn't like I needed hours to clean, so I decided to make it fun. Going into the toy box I put on a simple leather cock ring and inserted a butt plug into my always-eager hole and went to work.

The music was on loud, not too loud but loud enough and I was naked except for that little piece of leather around my cock. Doing dishes and laundry and cleaning a bathroom was a lot more fun while naked, moving to the music and massaging my prostate in the process.

A good hour into it there was a banging on the door. Not a knock, I wouldn't have heard it, it was banging, pounding. Turning down the stereo I went to the door and opened it. "Hello?" I said to the man standing at the door.

"Hell...oo to you." He looked at me with wide eyes. Shit! I forgot I was naked. "Um... yeah, I was going to come down and yell about the music being so loud."

"Oh, sorry. I didn't think anyone was home. I will keep it down." I felt bad for interrupting the guy's day.

"Answering the door like that, there is no need to apologize. I'm Steven, I live upstairs." He was a nice looking man, very normal, an average guy, but a very friendly face. My naked door answering may have helped.

"Hi. I'm Sam." And I reached out to shake his hand.

His grip was firm, but not overbearing. He had a good vibe.

"Well, I will let you get back to whatever it was you were doing. Thanks for turning down the music."

"Oh, I was just house cleaning, music makes it less boring."

"Do you do house cleaning?"


"No?" he was puzzled.

"I mean I don't do it as a job, I don't have a job. I was just cleaning to surprise Jude." We were still standing in the doorway; I wasn't thinking that someone might walk by.

"Really? What would you say if I offered to pay you to clean my place?"

"Seriously? Hell yeah! I would be glad to."

"Excellent. When can you?" he was smiling.

"As soon as I get done here, how about in an hour?"

"Sounds very good. Just upstairs, come up when you can." He shook my hand again and left.

Finally I had a job. Granted just cleaning some guy's condo but still, it was work. Working as fast as I could to finish up so I could be at his door in an hour I was happy. Damn. He saw me naked. Did he want me to clean naked? What if he doesn't? I pulled on a tee and shorts and went upstairs, my cock in a nice state of arousal and the plug still in.

Steve answered the door and smiled. "Thank you for coming up Sam. I appreciate it. The vacuum and cleaning stuff is in the kitchen." He explained what he wanted done and it was all pretty basic. "I will be working so don't mind me. If you have questions please ask."

"Sounds good." Then I decided to take a chance. "Steve?"


"Um I am not sure how to ask but I will. When you came down I wasn't dressed. Did you want me to clean naked?"

His face turned bright. "Well, if you wouldn't mind, I wouldn't."

"Doesn't bother me and you already saw me so sure!" I was turned on. Slowly, but not too slowly I removed my clothing. "Cock ring ok?"

"Cock ring is more than ok." He was staring at my cock and smiling. I smiled and my cock twitched.

He was sitting at a desk in the living room as I started to clean. Wanting to do a great job I worked hard and forgot about him. Whenever I did see him he was watching me. Hot. The cock ring did its job, keeping me from getting too deflated but not hard. He wanted his sheets washed so I went into his bedroom to get them. On the bed were a dildo and a vibrator. "Steve? What would you like me to do with your toys?" It wasn't an invitation or anything like that, it was an honest question, like when I asked where he wanted his mail.

"In the nightstand drawer please." He replied. I opened the drawer, condoms, lube and a couple of other basic toys. Nice.

Walking back to the kitchen he looked over and smiled. I smiled back and picked up the vacuum. That was when I noticed my cock had gotten much harder. Not straight out hard, but close. Just the sight of the toys and lube get me going. Returned to the bedroom I didn't try to hide my hard on.

By the time the laundry was done I had finished all the tasks he had asked me to do. I made his bed and went to the living room. "Well Steve, I think I am done. Do you want to take a look and see if I missed anything or have anything else you want me to do?"

"It looks almost as great as you do Sam. Thank you. Is fifty ok?"

"Fifty! Wow, yeah it is. Thank you." He handed me the money.

"It was worth every penny Sam. Would you be interested in coming by once a week?"

"Really? Of course I am."

"Great. I look forward to next week."

I went to the door, realized I was still half hard and naked so I went for my clothes. "Guess it wouldn't be smart to go downstairs naked. You want me naked next time too don't you?"

"If you want to, sure."

If I want to, come on Steve. "Not a problem, I love being naked. Thanks again."

Moments after returning to the condo, still half hard I decided to risk it. I went back upstairs and knocked on his door, he was surprised to see me.

"Steve. This may sound wrong but I will risk the job. I really want to suck some cock."

The look on his face was priceless. There was no risk to losing the job. We backed into his condo; I got on my knees and enjoyed sucking a very nice man's cock. He was average in every way, and that isn't a bad thing. Clearly he was enjoying it. I was too. Seeing a guy so happy and enjoying himself so much made sucking cock even better for me. His cum was rather sweet. Smiling I stood up. "Thanks. I really needed some cock in my mouth. See you next week." I left before he could say anything.

Getting back to my original plan of having the place spotless I stripped down and got busy. The music was on but not loud enough to annoy Steve. Cleaning wasn't too bad when you are jamming to good tunes and naked. Once finished I congratulated myself and decided on another surprise for Jude, dinner would be ready when he came home. Now what can I make that will wow him? Wait, what can I make period? Pasta with sauce from a jar? Heat up frozen pizza? Sandwiches? Boring and no wow factor. Sitting naked on the sofa, softly squeezing my junk I thought. Nothing came to mind that was food related. Sex related was another story. Wonder if I could show up at Jude's work and suck him off as a surprise? Not such a good idea. Standing up and grabbing my clothes I stuffed my semi hard cock into my briefs, pulled on my shorts and left for the store.

There was a great little grocery store not far from us. Little is not an accurate description. Little in terms of the giant warehouse grocery chains but decent size in terms of the owner run places. It was higher end, sort of a boutique type of place. Everything was nicely arranged and the people were very friendly and helpful. Walking around rather aimlessly I looked at different products and wondered what I could possibly make without fucking it up.

"Hello, is there something I can help you find?" A very pleasant man asked me.

Startled and nearly jumping I smiled back. "Hi, ahh not sure. I want to make a nice dinner for my roommate, nothing fancy just a sort of appreciation for being so cool."

He nodded, "How kind of you, he is lucky to have such a thoughtful roommate. Did you have anything in mind?"

His comment was sort of lame but I let it go. "Well, no I don't. The thing is I cook well enough by opening a jar and boiling water, I wanted to do something a little nicer than that."

"I see. Does he have a favorite food or type?" he replied.

Yeah he has a type, young stud on his knees. "Asian is a favorite but that is hard to compete with the restaurants. He does like meat." Pun intended even if the guy didn't get it.

"No problem, follow me." Off he walked and off I followed. At home I placed the items on the counter and preheated the oven. All I needed to do was cook the roast slowly, boil some potatoes with the added spice packet and dump the salad into a nice bowl. This I could handle. Two hours later Jude arrived home to the smell of roast. "What is that heavenly smell?" he followed his nose into the kitchen.

"Dinner. Roast, potatoes and salad." I tried not to beam but it was difficult. It did smell amazing.

"Who are you? You look like this guy Sam but you cook and he can barely boil water."

"Funny Jude, real funny." I laughed.

"No really, what other secrets have you been hiding?" He opened the lid to the potatoes and took a deep inhale of their aroma.

"None. The guy at the grocery helped me and told me what to do. It was really easy. At least I think so, we will see how it tastes."

"Beal's? They are the best. Sam, what brings such a surprise?" He grabbed a couple beers from the refrigerator and opened them, handing one to me.

"Jude, you have been so great to me. You let me stay here, include me in your outings, pay for things and ask only I pick up my mess. You also have been amazingly supportive as I was coming out and you are cool about me having sex with your friends. You are cool about my sex life. I wanted to do something nice for you to say thanks. I do really appreciate it Jude. If it wasn't for you I would still be at home stuck in the same crap working some lame job I hated just wishing I was some place else."

Jude put down his beer and gave me a hug. It wasn't a sexual hug, more like a big brother hug. It felt great. "Sam, I had no idea what I was getting into when my mom asked if I would let you stay a couple of weeks. I half expected some narrow minded cocky guy who thought he was the bomb, left dirty socks everywhere and thought gays ought to be illegal. Instead I got you, a young man who was still closeted and sort of lost.

"Watching you come to terms, accept and come out has been a gift. It was so difficult for me, and most of my friends. To help your transition be easier is something I feel I owed. Not just to you but to any guy going through it. You are easy to live with and not only pick up after yourself; you clean up the entire place. Thank you."

His kindness made me feel a little guilty, I wasn't sure why. "And you don't mind my habit of getting naked with your friends?"

"Oh, the sex. That. Well, if you want the truth, at first I wasn't so thrilled with it. But after Craig got his hands on you, and I knew there was little to no chance of stopping him, I decided that it was your sex life and I couldn't really stop it. Since you don't bring them here I don't worry about it. Besides, you are very eager to get naked with me, how can I complain?" He reached over and gave my crotch a nice squeeze.

"As long as you aren't ticked about it I guess I will continue fucking them, well, letting them fuck me." I smiled a cocky smile at him and patted my ass. "Oh, there is one other thing, a new thing. I have a job."

"I know you do, you told me yesterday. Did Michael call?"

"Oh that, no I don't mean that one, and no he didn't call. I have another one. Once a week I am cleaning Steve's condo."

Jude looked perplexed. "Steve?"

"Yeah, the guy who lives above you."

"Oh him! I didn't know you knew him. You know him?" perplexed again.

"Now I do. I was cleaning the house and he knocked on the door to complain, I mean ask me to turn the music down. We got to talking and he asked if I would clean his place once a week."

"Really? How loud were you playing it?" He flashed a parental look at me.

"Really loud. I couldn't help it!" I feel into guilty teen mode. "It was so much easier to clean with the music on and a great song would come on so I would turn it up a little and then he knocked."

"Was he ticked?"

"Well I think he was ticked when he knocked but he wasn't ticked for long." I looked down feeling like I busted myself in a lie.

"Come on Sam, what happened?"

"Nothing. Really nothing. I just opened the door and apologized."

"Sam." He was stern.

"Really." I pleaded in return.

"How come he was suddenly not ticked?" Jude wasn't going to let this one go.

"Well. It wasn't my fault. Really. I was just doing my thing, cleaning and opened the door."

"And magically he went from ticked to happy, it happens all the time. Spill it." He was almost serious but still not completely. So I did.

"I forgot," Jude nodded. "That I was naked." And I looked down at the floor.

"Oh Sam." He shook his head and then started to laugh. "Sam, I guess I can't blame you, but understand that you can't solve everything by getting naked. It may work now but eventually it won't."

"I didn't do it on purpose! It wasn't some quick thinking 'oh, the door, better get naked.' It was an honest mistake." Once again pleading my case.

"And once he saw you naked you invited him in?"

"Jude, are you insinuating that I used sex to calm him down? The answer is no. I did not. I apologized and explained what I was doing, cleaning the house. He asked if I was a cleaning service and I said no, just being helpful and then he asked if I would clean his place. I said yes and went up a little while later, dressed, to clean." Purposely leaving out the detail about getting undressed once I was inside the condo.

"So it was strictly cleaning his condo?" Damn if he wasn't going to press it.

"Yes. All I did was clean his place and then he paid me and then I left. No sex, no monkey business, just cleaning." Maybe if I was confident enough I could escape the detail of getting naked and the follow up blowjob.

"Well Sam. Good for you. How often will you be cleaning?" Whew, he was satisfied. I escaped!

"Once a week." I said firmly.

"Good." Jude turned and walked into the living room and sat down. "Sam, different question for you. Usually I come home and you have some sexcapade to tell me about. Nothing today?"

Fuck. He wasn't finished. He was playing my bluff. "Damn. Jude? Why do you do that? What do you think that I am out every day seeking sex with some guy?"

"Why? Because Sam, you are. Every day since you arrived I come home from work and you have had some guys dick in your mouth. Some days you even tell me before I get home." He wasn't angry or upset; rather he was mocking me kindly.

"That is not true Jude and you know it." And it wasn't true.

"You are correct Sam, that isn't accurate. It has only been since you met Craig. Since that day you have had some sexual adventure on a daily basis." He was being smug now.

"And why can't I go a day without one? Huh? Is it so unlikely I went ten hours without having sex?" I mocked him in return.

"Yeah Sam, it is. I am not judging you, not at all; I have had my time as a sex fiend just like you are having yours. I am just saying it seems highly unlikely you have not had cock since last night when you had mine. Can you honestly tell me that my dick was the last one you sucked?" When he was like this, so smart, it riled me up in a playful yet irritating way.

"I can honestly say that your cock was the last one I sucked yesterday." I had tried to word it carefully so it was the truth but not the answer and failed.

"So you have had dick today! I knew it. Whose? You did didn't you? You apologized by getting on your knees and that was why Steve wasn't ticked any more." Jude felt like he had won the trial.

"That is not how it happened. I didn't 'get on my knees' when he stopped down and I didn't 'get on my knees while cleaning his place. After I left and got back here I turned around and went back up and then I 'got on my knees'."

Jude looked at my accusingly. He was correct all long. He knew it. I knew it. "Jude, I couldn't not go back. I was so horny and he was so nice the entire time, just watching me and doing his work. He didn't ask me for any sex he just asked me to house clean. Then he paid me, thanked me and asked if I would clean weekly. It was totally above board, honest, no funny business."

"But you couldn't resist going back?" Once again pressing for the entire story, Jude didn't like partials.

"No. I was just so horny and he was so nice and so close, I didn't need to go anywhere or look for someone. It was so easy." Come on Jude, work with me.

"Sam, aside from being horny all the time, why were you so horny after leaving his place?" Nope, he wasn't going to let it rest.

"I said I was horny before I went up there. And I was horny when I got back." Which was true, I just left out the middle part.

"Sam, you are holding something back. Out with it." He was done playing the questioning game.

"Ok. Once I got there I started to undress and while undressing asked if he would mind if I was naked." There that was all of it.

"I knew it! You horn dog!"


The roast was ready. Saved by the beep.



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