Within a day or two it would be Terry's birthday. He hadn't said what day or the date so I wasn't sure. What could I do for him? The typical dinner out, gift, sex, all seemed lame. He didn't want much, had never mentioned wanting anything that I could recall. A nice hotel with dinner is a great birthday surprise but then I remembered that Terry had spent a lot of time at hotels. Only he was being paid for sex. Dinners out also seemed more like something a john would do and we ate out often already.

A few days earlier we had gone shopping for clothing and he bought everything he liked. Trying to remember if there was even one item he really liked but decided against I came up empty. Maybe my trip to the gym would spark some great idea.

Timothy was already in the middle of his workout when I arrived. He nodded when he saw me so I went up to him to chat. He was very talkative, not typical of him. "Sam, your workout is going great. Really, you can see improvements. Today I need to head out a little early but tomorrow if you want to plan on a little extra time I can work with you on tweaking your routine. Meet at eight?"

"Really?" I looked down at my body. Being dressed in socks, shorts and a tee I couldn't see much difference.

"Not dressed like that but naked, you are looking good kid."

Of course he had seen me naked. Agreeing to eight the next morning I got to work. Who was the second guy who fucked me the week before after Master finished? Was it Timothy? My curiosity was peaked at the thought of him fucking me while I was blindfolded. Not knowing it and he did. How hot!

After the treadmill I went to the weights and lost myself in concentration. Terry's birthday. Who fucked me last Tuesday? The release party. It all went away as I focused on my reps.

Finishing up my gluts I noticed I had a couple of admirers. Wade and Ben. Wanting to keep the upper hand I did one last rep, totally a waste in terms of working my gluts. It was purely to tease them. I arched my back and squeezed my cheeks and showed off my ass like they wanted to see. Smiling at them I stood up. "Hey guys. Listen, I want to get royally fucked after my workout, let me know who a couple of hot hung tops are will ya?"

Walking away I felt cocky and in control. Yes I did want the two of them again. My cock felt a little thicker. Finishing my workout I went to take a shower. It was difficult to not check out the guys in the locker room but I liked the gym, liked how close it was to home and wanted to keep my sex life out of my workout. Sure I had gone home with Wade and Ben. Yeah Timothy knew about my sex life. I wanted to keep it that way.

Toweling off at my locker I failed. Six feet away from me was a man, early forties, decent body, changing into workout clothes. I stared.

He looked at me, couldn't blame him I was facing him and watching him take off his clothes. "Hi."

"Oh man, sorry. I ah...didn't mean to stare. Shit I feel stupid."

"No problem." He took off his pants.

"Um...can I ask you a question? I don't mean...well...if it's not ok I understand. I'm not trying to hit on you or anything like that. Really." I was embarrassed and flustered. Shit. If I was trying to get him into bed I would have been excited but calm.

"Ok." He sat down and took off his socks.

"Your nipples. Pierced. You like it?" He had a nice sized ring in each nipple. Silver, simple rings that looked great.

"Yeah I do. You thinking about piercing?"

"Well...sort of. My boyfriend had mentioned it a while back, piercings. He said he liked them. He doesn't have any but other guys...you know. Am I out of bounds here?"

"Not at all. But if you get pierced do it for yourself."

"Oh it isn't for me, well it is but I don't want to pierce anything. He mentioned wanting to pierce something, at least that he liked them. It's his birthday and I couldn't think of what to get him and then I walk around the corner and see yours and it hit me, I could offer to pay for him to get pierced."

The man smiled and stood up, turning towards me. "That's a nice idea. I imagine you two have some idea what they are like." He was standing in his boxers now.

"To be blunt, I have had the chance to play with a pierced nipple or two, so has he."

He laughed quietly, turned toward his locker again and removed his boxers. Nice ass. I nearly said it out loud. Standing up his cock began visible. Yep, pierced. I stared. Why I don't know, I had seen pierced cocks, sucked pierced cocks, been fucked by pierced cocks, it wasn't anything new.

"I have two more, want to see them?" He didn't even look at me.

Not knowing how to answer I stood silent. He turned toward me and took a few steps. Reaching down with his left hand he grabbed his cock and balls and lifted them up. He was pierced between his sack and hole. He dropped his balls and he was pierced at the top of his sack. "These two aren't a good choice for the first piercing. I started with a nipple, added the second. Did the belly button thing but decided I was a little too old for it. Then the Albert and finally these two."

"Wow. Cool."

"The nipple is a great starter. If he gets his cock done he won't be able to fuck for a while, something to keep in mind." He put on a jock, shorts and tee.

"Thanks. I hope I wasn't rude or anything." Removing my towel I began to get dressed.

"Not rude at all. They are intended to draw attention. You would look good with pierced nipples."

He finished getting socks and shoes on. I did the same.

"Your boyfriend is a lucky guy. You got a sweet ass." He smiled and walked past me giving my ass a playful squeeze. Immediately I was horny. Thankfully I had two studs ready to help.

Waiting for my at the exit stood the two studs. It was no surprise Wade & Ben were there, I expected them to be up for it. Smiling I walked past them and started towards Wade's place. They followed, trying to chat.

"Guys, no conversation needed. All I want is the cocks attached to you." They stopped talking we were already at the building. Walking up in front of the two I stopped at the door to the loft. Taking off my jacket and cupping my cock I smiled. Wade had a shit-eating grin on his face. He knew what he was going to get as did I and I wanted it. As he fumbled for keys and unlocked the door I made use of the time by walking up to Ben, wrapping my arm around his neck and kissing him. He responded immediately. My other hand went for his crotch. He was growing. The idea he was getting hard just by kissing me made me even more eager to get inside.

Walking in the open door I let go of Ben and went directly for Wade, both arms around him and my tongue in his mouth. His hands were on my ass squeezing and pulling. After a minute or two of kissing Wade I felt Ben's hands on my back and wrap around to my stomach. He was kissing my neck, which drives me insane with lust. He started to remove my sweatshirt. The tee underneath slid off at the same time. I turned toward him and found he was already naked and hard.

Resisting the desire to get his cock into my mouth I went for his instead. His skin was soft and warm. Ever notice that a man's skin has a different feel to it after a workout? Ben had it now. I found it extremely erotic. Hands reached from behind me and began to undo my jeans. Moving my body to help with the removal I kept my mouth on Ben's.

My jeans and briefs were at my feet. I raised a foot and Wade removed my shoe and the clothing. Putting my foot down on the cold floor I raised the other and in a second I was completely naked. Wade's body moved into mine and he began kissing my neck and his hands were roaming my sides and legs. Ben's hard on was rubbing mine. Wade's cock was rubbing up and down between my ass cheeks. The three of us stood for a while kissing and rubbing our bodies together.

Finally Wade pulled back, "Let's get off this cold floor." We broke our embrace. They each took one of my hands and walked me to the bed. Why I was looking down at the floor I didn't know. A sense that I was being lead to be an offering or sacrificed filled my body. Strange. Having already been with them both I was not in for that surprise of what sex would be like with a man. Now I would have both of them.

They stopped at the bed and using their arms directed me to climb on to it. My ass facing them I stopped in the middle waiting for them to join me. "This is too beautiful a sight to ignore. Stay there for a moment Sam. Squeeze your cheeks. Show us what you are offering. Wink at us with the glorious hole of yours. The white sheets, sun shining through the windows, two sexy men wanting me, I was in no hurry. The sound of footsteps walking away was followed by the sound of music. I moved my body to the slow steady sultry beat.

A bottle of lube was tossed onto the bed near me. It made me smile, it reminded me of being at a restaurant and the server brings the side plates prior to the appetizers. Warmth waved towards me, he must have turned on the heat. Sunlight, warmth, music, lube, all I needed was a man or two and things would be complete. The bed moved. I felt the shifting as Wade climbed on the bed to be left and Ben on the right. Their hands found my body and began to run over my skin. As the caressed me I continued moving to the slow sexy rhythm of the music.

Wade reached under my arm, his hand on my chest he raised me until I was kneeling. Leaning in he kissed me. Ben's kiss soon was on my neck. My hands instinctively moved to their bodies and I explored their chests seeking a nipple to tweak. Ben backed away, I twisted my torso to Wade and we kissed while my hands sought his taunt ass. Ben kissed his way down my back stopping at my ass. He gnawed and kissed and squeezed my ass while Wade's tongue filled my mouth.

Following Wade's lead I began kissing his neck, shoulder and chest. My lips found a nipple and I sucked on it, keeping my other hand on his shoulder for balance. Continuing my way down I kissed and licked until I was at his cock. Raising my head, looking directly into his eyes I sought permission to take his manhood into my mouth. He smiled and nodded. That was all I wanted to see. Moving my hands back to the bed I was on all fours, my mouth had the mushroom head in lock. I began to feed.

Ben was not idol during this time. Now on fours he could spread me cheeks and using his tongue he explored my waiting hole. Time becomes meaningless when you are in such a moment. It feels like it is nearly stopped yet races by. Sucking a man's cock, a cock that fits your mouth so well the length in inches is irrelevant is magical. I could continue for an hour except my desire to have that cock inside my ass takes over.

Wade lifted my chest until I was kneeling again. Ben's tongue left my hole and his hands moved to my chest. His guidance had me twist around until I was kissing him face to face. Slowly I made my way down his body to his cock and began to suck while Wade was rimming my hole that was wet with Ben's saliva. It didn't take long until he had a finger worked in. Soon a second followed by a third. Pulling his face from my ass I felt the cool air on the wetness. It lasted thirty seconds. Then his hands were on my cheeks spreading them apart.

That moment of anticipation, knowing a cock is about to enter you, is thrilling. Add to it the joy of having a meaty cock in your mouth and my mind goes into mental gymnastics. Do I concentrate on sucking or focus on that precise moment a head pops in? Before I could decide Wade had entered me. Moaning, sucking and relaxing I accepted his cock. Slowly he slid in until his pelvis was nuzzled against my skin. The thrust began.

Ben's hands on my head, Wade's were on my hips. Leaving the control to them I let go of all thought and reveled in the pleasure of two thick cocks inside of me. Wade was not in a hurry. He took his time and enjoyed my hole. Reaching under my chest he pulled me off of Ben's cock. Ben leaned in and we kissed as Wade continued to enter and exit my ass steady and sure. Pulling out I felt empty. Their hands turned my body. I willingly followed. Leaning into Ben to kiss him as Wade stroked my cock I felt Ben preparing his cock. Feeling his head slide between my cheeks I arched my back to give him room.

He knew what he was doing as he found my hole and pushed his head inside. I gasped, not from pain but from the relief of having the emptiness filled again. Before long I was again on fours, Wade's cock in my mouth, Ben taking his time at my ass.

After some time Wade pulled out of my mouth and moved to my right. Lying on the bed he smiled at me. Ben's hand reached for my face and he turned it towards him. We kissed. He pulled out of me, turned my body and helped me to straddle Wade. Allowing Ben to hold me he assisted until I was sitting on Wade's cock. I began to ride. What a difference it makes, the feeling inside when you sit on and ride a cock. It wasn't a first for me but it was still amazing.

Wade's arms reached up the sides of my body and came to rest on my pecs. He began to pull me towards him. Laying back I had to stop riding, his thrusting took over. Ben's hands ran down my legs to my ankles, he raised my feet into the air. My entire body weight was resting on Wade as he continued his thrust. Not a thought crossed my mind, all I could do was take in the feelings of the complete control Wade had over me at the moment. Then my eyes opened wide. Ben's cock was at my hole. Wade stopped thrusting. Ben looked at me. My expression was clear. "Don't panic, just relax." He smiled again and began to force his cock inside of me.

My moans and groans were real. It hurt. Even the long slow fucking that preceded was not enough to prepare me for two cocks at once. Breathing deeply I tried to relax. Time did not move quickly while Ben worked his cock inside. Once he was in as far as possible he leaned over me, coming to rest on my body. He smiled. "Sam, you have us both. Good boy." Then he slowly began to fuck.

It was possible to tell if Wade was thrusting or if the motion and movement by Ben was causing it but my ass felt their cocks moving in me. The pain lasted longer than I expected but slowly it began to ebb. Ben continued slowly and patiently as I became accustomed to the invasion. Just as I was able to breath in synch he pulled out entirely. Pulling my up towards him Wade's cock left my hole and that emptiness was huge.

Ben rolled to his side. Wade pushed me towards Ben until I was straddling him and without much thought leaned forward. Wade grabbed Ben's cock and aimed it at my hole. I sat. Ben and I were soon in motion. Until Wade's hand reached for the center of my back and pushed me down onto Ben. His hands then spread my cheeks and he began to force his cock inside. Even knowing what to expect I wasn't prepared. The pain returned. Breathing deep and trying to relax I gasped repeatedly as he pushed as far into me as possible. He slowly began to fuck me.

Head spinning I concentrated on breathing. Sweat covered my body. Ben was sweating and Wade was increasing his speed. Feeling Ben's chest begin to quiver under me I could tell he was close to climax. "Fuck yes! Cumming!" His yell into my ear was loud but I smiled. Ben was shooting his load. Wade kept fucking and his grip on my legs tightened. Within a minute of Ben he too shot his load. He stopped moving and let his orgasm subside. He was smiling as he pulled away from me.

My entire body weight was still on Ben. Wade reached for me to help me up and off of Ben's cock, which had grown soft. Rather quickly he turned me around so I was facing Ben. Ben just as quickly moved around towards my ass. I was on all four and the each grabbed a cheek and spread my hole. They laughed. "Look at all that cum." Their fingers were at my hole spreading the cum as it seeped slowly out. They rubbed it into my skin and caressed my body.

"Sam you continue to amaze me." Wade said after they finished fingering me.

Looking toward him I moved so I could sit on the bed, my body was sore. There it was. At the foot of the bed stood a tripod with a camera. I looked into it and smiled. Sure enough, how did I not think it was going to happen?



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