"Sam. I have a business meeting at five. I will be downstairs in the restaurant. While I am gone I want you to shower and then exercise. Crunches, push ups that sort of thing. When I am on my way up to the room I want you to dress in the same outfit you wore earlier today. Once you are dressed leave the room but take your phone. I will send a text, wait five minutes and come to the door.

"The man I am meeting with is going to sign the contract but he is going to stall so I am going to sweeten the deal. You are going to be the rent boy I hire for him. When you come to the room you don't know me, never been in the room before. You need to play the role of a rent boy. You got it?"

Ed wanted me to pretend I was a rent boy, when he was paying me for my services for the weekend and really, a rent boy. A little odd but what the hell, it was his money. "Got it."

Nearly an hour and half passed and I was wondering what was taking so long. As he asked I had done crunches and push-ups and some other exercises that I could do without equipment. Finally the text came in. I dressed and left.

Knocking on the door to the room I tried my best to be professional and appear like I really had been called in just to have sex with the client. Ed thanked me for coming and told me that this gentleman needed my services. The client was average looking, well dressed and all, with a very average body. By very average he was a good thirty pounds over weight. I smiled walked up to him and stood to offer my body.

Ed suggested we use the bedroom. I walked towards it, the client followed. He told me to get undressed. Standing naked in front of him he began to feel me up. "Fucking nice. Suck me."

Getting down and opening his pants I took out his cock. Sucking it until it was hard I realized it was maybe five inches long and the thickness was in proportion. Yep, the smallest cock I had yet experienced. He pushed my head away, took off his pants, tie and white shirt leaving his tee shirt and black socks on. He was not a man who believed in exercise. Or sun. Hairy, white, out of shape and looking very much like a man in his late fifties he was the least sexy man I had seen in a long time, at least while naked.

He told me to get on the bed ass up. Trying to be as convincing as possible I did as he asked, spread my legs wide and arched my ass. He climbed on to the bed and slapped my ass. "Spread your ass."

My ass now spread he spit on his hand and rubbed it over his dick and started to push his cock into my hole. No finesse in this guy's method. I moaned when he entered me, not because it felt good only to make him think he was causing it. He started humping me. Then he started talking, not much but a few words as he humped away on me. "Nice tight ass, loves my cock in it." "Such a horny whore." "What a cheap slut you are." "Can't wait to add my cum to your ass." I didn't pay too much attention to his comments because I didn't want to laugh. He was so far from sexy and his fucking skills were pathetic yet he was calling me a cheap slut. If it makes him feel good so be it. I was hired to do this. Finally he pulled out and shot his load on my back. He got dressed and left the room. No word of thanks. No insults.

"Thanks Ed. Pretty hot rent boy. Talk to you on Monday."

The door opened and closed while I was in the bathroom wiping his cum off of me. Ed came in behind me, kissed my neck and smiled at me through the mirror. "Thanks Sam. That guy hasn't been laid in years. Get dressed again, same stuff, I want to repeat this little scene."

He had me step into the hallway. After waiting the three minutes I opened the door with the key and walked in. Ed was standing in the middle of the room with a camera. He told me to come in and have a drink. On the bar there was a drink, I took it and stayed at the bar leaning on it, posing. He made some small talk asking questions. I played along acting like a rent boy who had been doing this sort of work for a year. I tried to keep it real but show I was a real slut, a glorified prostitute.

Following his requests I slowly stripped down played with my cock and posed and postured for him and the camera. He had a dildo sitting on the table and I used that on my hole putting on as hot a show as possible. Ed wanted me to fuck myself to orgasm which I did as he came in for close ups. Truth is, I was enjoying it. The attention, the play acting, showing off, all of it was getting my juice flowing.

He set up the camera and walked into the frame and demanded I suck his cock. Trying to keep things in view of the camera I did my best to suck cock like a porn star. He flipped me around and started fingering my ass and when he was ready he fucked me. My moans and groans were all real. This was completely turning me on. He pulled out, pushed me to the side and told me he wanted my face. His load splattered across from one cheek to the other with a nice glob falling on my tongue.

Another cocktail and then he had me put on the same outfit. He wanted to have some fun. Setting up his laptop he had me sit on the sofa across from him. I don't know what site he was on but he was doing some live cam with me on the cam. I smiled, felt myself up over my clothes. This went on for about fifteen minutes before he asked me to remove my shirt. Slowly removing my shirt I smiled at the laptop as I felt myself up. Things picked up. Ed started telling me to do different things, apparently guys were typing in requests.

Thirty minutes later I was completely naked and finger fucking myself. My cock was rock hard again and I was totally turned on. Ed asked me to wave goodbye. I wasn't sure why he had me stop, there was lube and a dildo on the table, we could have put on one hell of a show.

Ed asked me to make a couple of drinks. My cock was half hard when I brought one to him. He said they were both for me. I sat down and took a sip. He told me to talk about what I like when it came to sex. Between sips I told him what I enjoyed. MY cock would slowly enlarge and then soften as I went through a laundry list of sorts. Sucking cock, sucking balls, being naked, showing off, being rimmed, tied up, having my nipples played with and it went on. He asked about my experiences and I slowly told him as I drank the cocktails. His phone beeped. He smiled at me. "Sam, you are going to enjoy this."

Not sure what he meant I just smiled. He clicked away at his keyboard, stood up and went to the door. I wasn't able to see who was at it until the man walked in. He was imposing. Not too tall but built like a brick shit house. His chest was huge; his thighs were like tree trunks. His head bald a full bread and mustache.

"So this is the lucky fucker who gets my cock tonight." He spoke to Ed and smiled.

"This is Sam." Ed smiled and looked at me. "Sam. This is Stash."

My mouth was open and my eyes wide. This man looked like he could rip me in two. Could Ed really mean for him to fuck me? Of course he could. He did. Stash walked over to the bar and poured himself a drink. Really it wasn't a drink. It was straight alcohol. He put the glass down poured another inch of booze in and walked toward me with the bottle in hand.

"Glass." He said with a tone that left no room to hesitate. He poured an inch of booze into my nearly empty glass. "Drink." I raised the glass to my mouth. The smell of the alcohol was strong. If I sipped it I would never drink it all so I opened up the hatch and poured it down. Coughing and gasping, my eyes and throat burning I made a fool of myself.

"Don't worry kid, you are going to do the same thing when you get my cock down that throat of yours."

He returned to the bar, set the bottle down. Took his glass and downed it without so much as a flinch.

"Show me ass kid."

I stood up and turned my ass to him and bent over.

"Fuck I am gonna love tearing that up. Hope you're ready."

I sat down as he removed his tee. He was very hairy chest, hairy stomach and solid muscle. He looked like he could lift a small car. His left nipple was pierced and a loop was through it with a ball on each end. His nipples were huge. His arms were hung but relatively smooth compared to his torso. He sneered and walked up to me. I gulped.

"Take off my boots."

This was not so easy. First I was a little terrified. Second he was wearing boots. Third I was a little drunk. Sitting on the floor I worked until both boots were off.

He backed up. I remained on the floor. Undoing his leather belt buckle he opened his jeans and pulled them off. He was wearing a jock and I dared not look at the bulge. His thighs had a mild covering of hair and were huge. His entire body was big and it was all in proportion, impressive he was.

"Ready to suck a man's cock?" He smiled and used one finger to beckon me toward him. Crawling on my hands and knees I moved directly in front of him.

"My jock is going to be soaked with your spit. Get to work."

I sat up and began to suck on his jock. The smell was, intoxicating. The jock was full and I knew he was going to be a challenge. For some time I worked my way around the entire pouch doing my best to create enough spit to soak it. Something was in his jock, something not flesh. Metal. Round. His cock was pierced. As soon as I hit it he pulled away and sat on the other sofa. His legs were spread wide.

"Get over here. You ain't done yet."

I crawled over to him and continued to suck on his jock. Between the alcohol hitting and the smell of his manhood, manliness, musk whatever it was, I felt a little high. He leaned all the way back, raised his legs so his heels were on the edge of the seat. "Eat me."

Moving toward his hairy hole I could smell ass. Not wanting to piss him off I began to rim him. My experience rimming was minimal. Usually guys rimmed me before they fucked me so I had not done much of it. His hand grabbed the back of my head and he pulled my face into his hole. Obviously I wasn't doing a satisfactory job. He continued to force my face in like he was fucking it.

His hand left the back of my head, moved to my forehead and he pushed me. I fell back. He smiled, stood up and removed his jock. His cock wasn't hard but it sure wasn't flaccid. The thing was thick. The head wasn't any bigger, thankfully, but it was still one of the thickest cocks I had ever seen. And it was pierced. I have no idea what thickness the ring was, but it was twice as thick as his nipple ring. His balls were huge and hung down almost halfway the length of his cock.

Inside my head I had two thoughts battling it out. One was screaming in fear of having that monster in me, the other was jumping for joy at the chance to have such a prize.

"Suck it kid."

Slowly I sat up and moved toward the beast.



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