It was Wednesday and I had expected to hear from Michael by now. A little frustrated I debated if I should go to the gym, try and get laid or wait for the call. All three were worth doing. Sitting on the sofa in a towel, which is as far as I had gotten in terms of getting ready for the day I thought of Terry. Fuck was he hot. My dick, no surprise to me, began to stir and I opened the towel and started stroking it. My mind went to that place where I fantasize about something a little beyond what makes up my typical sex life. Was my sex life typical? Whatever. That certainly didn't make me horny so I went on to think about cum. A picture with a hot guy who had a nice load of cum on it was hot. I moved around on the sofa until my cock was above my head and began to work out a load. My intent was to shoot it on my face and if possible get it in my mouth.

It didn't take long before I let loose a nice warm stream of cum; four real big bursts followed by a slow stringy one. I hit my forehead, cheek and the towel. But the last burst and the slow string did manage to hit my mouth. I carefully held my cum in my mouth, got up and raced to the bathroom. Damn it looked hot. Grabbing my phone I had to take a couple of pictures. Then I looked in the mirror and wiping the cum off my face and sucked it off my finger. Watching myself as I did it I tried to look as sexy as I could. Granted some guys might be turned off but I felt hot enough doing it as not to care.

Washing my face, I looked once again at my reflection. My body was still hot, smooth of course and toned but not really muscular, especially when I thought of Terry. When I moved you couldn't really see the muscles moving underneath my skin. Off to the gym. If I was going to be working with Terry I wanted better definition.

The gym was a comfortable place. Considering the neighborhood I am sure there was a high proportion of gay guys working out at it. Every time I had been there it was busy but no wasted time waiting for equipment. Sure I caught guys checking other guys out, but it was never in an obvious way, or should I say a way that looked like a guy was trying to pick up another guy for sex. Even in the looker room the guys behaved like typical guys not like the looker room scenes in the pornos.

Doing my thing, taking my time I noticed a guy. I found myself watching him. It wasn't sexual. It was in admiration. He was so ripped, so defined; I swear he had no body fat at all. He wasn't overly muscular like the muscle body builders. He was definitely strong and well built but the way I could see his muscles move was even more spectacular than Terry.

Gathering the balls to approach a guy and not for sex, I walked up to him and said hello. He smiled politely and said hi in return. "I am new here, actually I have just started working out and I noticed you and wanted to ask a question if you wouldn't mind." I felt awkward.

He looked at me, smiled nicely and looked down, "Sorry, I am here just to work out, not looking for a hook up."

"Oh, I am not...I wasn't...that wasn't what I was going to ask." I stammered. "Really, I wanted to ask about your workout, diet, whatever it is you do to get such amazing definition. That's all. Honest."

Looking up again with a slightly puzzled look he opened his mouth to say something, stopped, closed it and tried again, "You weren't? Sorry. I didn't mean to be rude."

"You weren't. It's just that I was, I am, really interested in the workout, not you know." Was I twelve and unable to say the word sex?

"More often than not when a guy approaches me here they really want me to go home with them. I don't do that." He responded almost ashamed.

Too bad, was my thought. He was hot and ripped like few men can ever try to be. But I didn't say it.

"So you really want to know about my workout and diet?" He continued.

"Yeah. I realize I won't look like you next week or something. I want muscle but I like the ripped defined look better."

"Well, maybe another time, I have to get going. Good luck." And with that he left. I was a little disappointed. Shit, most guys I approach are eager to get naked with me and this guy wasn't interested in talking. I went back to my own exercises and tried not to think about it.

After completing my workout I went to the gym and showered. Walking back to my locker I noticed him at his and diverted my look, I didn't need him to think I was lying. He left, I finished getting dressed and left.

Outside the gym he caught up with me and apologized for being rude. "Really, I didn't mean it. If you want to talk about what I do I will be willing to talk with you."

That was a change! "Yeah! I really do."

"Willing to grab some lunch?" He offered.

We went to a nearby place and sat down. "First, diet is everything. If you eat the right foods and avoid the rest of them you will be ahead. Fatty foods, not to mention junk food will prevent any real cut look." He ordered for himself and I asked for the same. He spoke about his routine and I listened with great interest. After we finished eating he said goodbye and we parted ways. It was a very strange experience.

Having time on my hands I decided to call Michael. Terry answered. He sounded happy to hear from me and said Michael was still interested but very busy. I asked if I could stop by anyway.

Michael was out so it was just Terry. What he did I wasn't sure and didn't care, he was beautiful and sexy, why not chat with him. Assuming I had the job I asked about clothing, I didn't own anything like dress work clothes, professional or such. He suggested a store and some basics I should consider. Thankfully I had money still and could afford at least a pair of shoes, a pair of pants and a couple shirts and ties. The clerk was very helpful and I left the store feeling grown up. I had spent most of the money I had left on clothes for work.

Michael called after I returned home with my purchases and asked me to come by the next morning. Finally. It was nearly Friday and I was hoping to work and begin making some money.

Hitting the Internet I looked into the foods that Timothy had suggested. It seemed easy enough but I would have to stop with the pizza and several other foods that are typical for me and most guys my age. It was a little depressing.

That evening I explained to Jude my new diet and workout goals and spoke about my excitement on seeing Michael in the morning. I also bragged about how I hadn't had sex in any form with another guy all day long. Jude was kind enough to offer himself to prevent me from going a day without sex.

Early the next morning Michael called and asked if I could come in after lunch. Finally! Heading to the gym I was eager to start into a new workout routine. Not going crazy I went steady and carefully. I saw Timothy, the ripped stud, and nodded once but let him do his thing while I did mine. After finishing the workout and a nice soak in the hot tub I showered. Grabbing a lunch, following the diet tips from Timothy and online I was at Michael's office by one.

Terry was not at the desk. Michael came out of his office, "Sam! Perfect timing. Come on in. Terry is on assignment today. He sends a hello." We sat in his office and he talks about up coming assignments. I fill out some forms. This was a real job, W-2 and everything. "Sam, I think this can be a great fit for you. You are comfortable and eager to please and I like and need that as do our clients."

"Thanks Michael, I think it will be perfect. Will I get to work with Terry?"

"Not on every assignment. At first I will pair you up with him or one of the other guys just to help you learn the ropes. You like Terry?"

"Yeah, good guy, I feel comfortable with him." Which was the truth.

"You looked comfortable with him, no hesitation getting your hands on him."

"Oh now, that was easy." Fuck it was hot having sex with Terry while Michael watched.

"Terry is a great bottom and just as talented top. Sweet ass on that boy."

"Sweet everything on him!" I couldn't let Michael stop at Terry's ass, shit the guy was a jerk off material top to bottom.

"And you too Sam."

"My ass just as sweet as Terry's?" now I was getting spunky.

"Whether that's an offer or not I think I need to have you naked Sam."

No complaints from me, I was standing naked in front of him in less than a minute. I wanted him. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I wanted his cock in my ass. I wanted my new boss to fuck me right now. Instead I stood patiently in front of him, naked, my cock rising.

He smiled. "Turn around Sam." I did. "Bend over Sam, show off that beautiful ass." I did. "Tease your hole Sam." I did. "Lick your finger and finger yourself Sam." I did. "Make your hole ready for me Sam." I moaned.

I couldn't see Michael. I didn't care. I knew he was there, watching me finger my hole. I was getting into it. My breathing changed as the pleasure I was giving myself grew.

Without being asked I sucked two fingers on my right hand and switched hands at my hole. Two fingers going in and out, twisting, and spreading as I warm up the muscles and loosen the entry to that tunnel. Sucking on the finger that was just in my hole, tasting myself I add that finger to the mix. My body moves and sways as I increase the speed and work my fingers.

Hands gently touch each cheek, Michael's hands. I continue to finger fuck myself, lost in the pleasure of the touch of his hands on my ass and my fingers inside of it. His thumbs reach under my wrists and apply pressure to them; I remove my hands leaving my hole exposed, wet, and ready. The warm soft head of his hard cock is at the bud. He slides it up and down, pokes at it, and teases it and me. Please Michael, stick it in, please! I can feel the lube in the tip of his cock and he begins to push. With little resistance he slides the head in. I gasp. It is amazing. I love the feeling the second after the head of a cock enters me.

He feeds the entire length of his cock to my hole. I start to fall forward but manage to brace myself. His hands pull back on my hips and he begins the slow and steady grind. Unable to stop myself from moaning I let go and accept the gift of his cock, breathing heavily and moaning, groaning, "Thank you Michael. Take it."

He doesn't speak as he takes his time exploring my ass, using it and my body to pleasure himself. The thrill of having him, any man really, inside me and knowing the sensations they are experiencing is exhilarating. I want them to enjoy it, to love it, to want it and take it.

And he does. When the time comes he pulls his cock out and within seconds he grunts and I feel the warm splash of his seed on my ass. Success. One hand he places on my back signaling I need to stay put, the other his uses his fingers to wipe up the cum. His hand, fingers covered in his juice, come to my mouth. I open and accept them, sucking off his seed. He removes them and does another wipe and feeds me more. A third wipe and his cum is no longer on me, but in me. I am happy. His hand lifts from my back. I stand and turn to look at him. His smile is large as is mine. "Sam, that was wonderful. Not sure which ass is sweeter. Think I will need to try them both again to find out." He winks at me.

Fuck me as often as you want! I think. I only smile. He hands me a glass of water. I drink. "Sam. Tomorrow you have your first assignment. There is a meeting that starts at ten and runs until three. They want to of you to be there and serve the coffee and some baked goods. Then bring in lunch. Between the two they may have other tasks. After lunch they want you available in case anything is needed. Terry will be the main man; he has done plenty of these meetings. He mentioned you already have some clothing that is appropriate. Meet him here at eight."

"Thank you Michael. I am really looking forward to it." I was beaming. That changed in a split second. Michael's eyes went from my face to the door.

"Ed! Hello. I didn't hear you come in." Michael spoke to the man standing just outside the doorway. Forgetting I was still naked I started to turn towards him, then it hit me and I stopped.

"Sorry to interrupt, I didn't see Terry and am a little early for our appointment. I heard noise from your office and, well, sorry." He sounded embarrassed.

"Nothing to be sorry about Ed. Come in. Ed. This is our newest employee, Sam." From fucking me to working with a client in 30 seconds or less, not bad Michael.

I turned my head and said hello. Ed was late forties, about six foot, dark hair nicely cut and styled but thinning. He looked like he worked hard but was happy. His body was thick. Not fat, but thick as an adult man who physically worked at one point and kept it up in the gym. I was still standing in the same spot, my body facing Michael, my freshly fucked ass toward Ed.

"Ed, have a seat, please." Michael turned to Ed and sat in his chair, he wasn't ignoring me as much as he was focusing on the client. "Welcome back to Boston. You said you were interested in an assistant over the weekend correct?"

"Yes I am." I wasn't looking at Ed, my eyes were on Michael and I had this unusual feeling of shielding my cock and balls from Ed.

"Everything is set, Scottie will be assisting you as you requested."

"Set huh." Ed sounded almost disappointed.

"Not in stone of course. Did you have a change of plans?" Michael heard Ed's tone as well.

"I don't want to be picky, Scottie is fantastic, love his services. But..." he trailed off

Michael kicked in, "You are curious if Sam might be available?"

"Well, yeah. He seems like he would be great."

"Not a problem. Sam, turn around so Ed can get a good look at you and decide."

Not reluctantly but slowly I turned and faced Ed. Ed smiled and nodded.

"If it is ok I would love for Sam to fill in."

"No problem at all. Eight Friday night? Boston Harbor?"

"You know me too well Michael. Thank you." Ed rose from his chair, smiled and started to walk toward the door. "Sam, I look forward to tomorrow." And he left. I stood there unsure of what to do.

"Sam," he handed a towel to me, "have a seat. Relax. Ed has been a client for years. He comes into town once every three months and wants some company over the weekend. I am surprised you were so shy. I hope this isn't typical."

"No it isn't. I just froze up I guess, which isn't typical at all." I felt so guilty.

"Good. Remember, the clients use our services because we have professional young men who do what is needed. Ed needs someone to spend time with and we provide it. Back to tomorrow. Be here at eight. After the assignment ends go home, shower, change and pack whatever you need to spend the time with Ed until Sunday about noon. If you have questions send me a text or call if needed."

I nodded.

"Great. Thank you for coming in and good luck."

I gathered my clothes and walked out of his office. Dressing next to Terry's desk I had a moment of wondering if this job was going to work for me.



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