Barely three in the afternoon, fucked once, sucked a guy off and I was still horny. I needed to feel full, and my ass was empty. I wondered about the reception’s comment. Was it a regular occurrence to have young guys stop in and suck Tommy’s dick? It sure sounded like it. So I was just a mouth to Tommy. Some how that excited me. Once again the idea of guys looking at me and wanting me was turning me on. My cock was responding.

Walking down the sidewalk, neatly dressed but not hiding my body, my cock was filling with blood and I could feel it bouncing back and forth. It had to be visible to others that I was half hard. What I wanted was to go into a gay bar and strip down and let the guys inside use me. Eighteen year olds don’t get into gay bars. I could try the sex shop but I didn’t have ID so that would be a waste of time.

Without realizing it I was soon in front of Craig’s work. Maybe in the back of my mind I knew I was going there, but it wasn’t planned. I went in and looked for him. He was working, his back to me. I walked up and said hello.

"Wow! This is a surprise. And it looks like someone is horny. You been walking all over town showing off or is it just for me?"

"It’s not just for you, I share it. But you can have it now if you want." I smirked.

"Sam, you don’t really share it that much. Nice try."

That ticked me off, I thought I was doing pretty well letting guys enjoy me willingness to get naked. "Really Craig, I do share. In fact..."

He cut me off, "you share? Not really Sam. But if you want to prove me wrong go over to that guy in the red polo and get him to fuck you."

My dick started to get harder, not enough to be sticking out, but enough that it was showing. I glared at Craig and turned, using my thumbs in my waistband I tugged my shorts down enough to show the dimples to the top of my crack to him and walked over to the man in the red polo.

He was good looking in a guy next door way, short haircut, bleached blonde, nice build, not to muscular but not fat or skinny, not much taller than me and a barely there goatee.

I was without five feet of him and the butterflies hit. What the fuck was I doing and what was I going to say? I HAD to have him fuck me just to spite Craig. I walked around his desk and stopped. He looked up, first at my crotch and then quickly to my face. "Um, Hello. May I help you?" He tried to sound professional and cover for checking out my goods.

"Maybe. I um, was wondering if you possibly were available this afternoon." Why? Why was I wondering and what would I want with his time? I had to think quickly. "I was told you might be able to help me, consulting, a consultation."

He looked at me and smiled. "Ah, sure. Who recommended me, if I may ask?"

"This guy did, at a café, I don’t know him, but he overheard me speaking and said he knew of a guy who could help."

He looked a little perplexed, and I didn’t blame him. I smiled.

"Sure, would you like a seat?"

I took a step closer to his desk and aimed my crotch at the corner, I wanted him to look at my half hard on again. It worked. I stood there, my crotch nearly resting on the corner of his desk, letting him stare at it. After a moment I smiled and sat down on the chair, scooted it in as close as I could get it, leaned in to him and smiled.

"So, what can I do for you?"

I smiled and looked at him, looked at my crotch and looked back at him. Whispering I said "its sort of personal, a delicate situation."

He leaned in, "I understand."

"See, I just moved here for college and don’t know many people and well, I need someone to help with a situation."

"Go on." The look on his face was one of confusion mixed with effort to be professional.

"Well, I don’t want to say what the problem is, but I think the solution is," I leaned in even more, he followed suit, "I need to get naked and sweaty with a guy as soon as possible."

His mouth dropped open. His eyes looked at mine, then quickly to my out of view crotch and back at me face.

He didn’t say anything. One hand dropped into his lap. He rearranged his package.

"I would love your help. Do you think you can help me?"

"Um, yeah. Um, let’s see. Yeah. I think I can help you." He was flustered and looked a little uncomfortable. Shuffling some papers he tried to tidy his desktop, typed a few keys on his PC and then suggested we step out.

I followed him and didn’t bother looking back at Craig. I knew he was watching.

Once we got out of the building we fell into step. "I don’t know who you are, but if this is a set up or joke or something..."

"It isn’t. I just really need to get laid and here we are." I try to reassure him I was not joking.

"This sort of thing is just not real, I mean it just doesn’t happen. A hot young guy does not walk up to your desk in the middle of the day and ask to be fucked. It just doesn’t happen." Was he talking to himself or me?

"Yes it does happen, at least this once it has. I am not joking."


I grabbed his arm, stepped back towards a building, reached my hand up behind his head, pulled him close to me and kissed him. I kissed him like I was ready to explode and wanted him. He was stiff for the initial lip lock and then accepted. I reached for his hand and pushed it into my groin. He took advantage of my not so subtle hint. I pulled away from our kiss. "I am serious. Pleased fuck me."

"Ok. Um, we need to get on the subway."

I followed him towards Roxbury Crossing and to the platform. I wanted to kiss him again but held off.

We excited a couple of stops later, no conversation. I followed him and felt a little bit like a puppy. His apartment was small, as most of the places I had been in. He stood inside the door as I walked in. I reached for my tee and pulled it off and then turned to him. "I am for real."

I dropped my board shorts and let me cock feel the air.

"No shit you are. Hello stud." He smiled and shook his head as if to bring himself back to reality.

"Can’t really fuck me fully dressed stud." I smiled at him as sexily as possible. I need to practice that at home.

He pulled off the polo, a nice chest, not too worked out and not too thin. He had a nice light cover of hair across his chest with a slightly larger amount around each nipple. Nice flat stomach, mostly. I walked up to him as his fumbled with his pants. I got down on my knees just as he unzipped them. I reached up to pull his underwear down as hid pushed his pants over his hips. Reaching in I grabbed his cock which was quickly growing and fisting it I looked up at him, smiled, opened my mouth, licked my lips and took his head into my mouth. He groaned.

I was enjoying myself. After a few minutes he pulled back, grabbed my upper arm and pulled me up, "On the bed stud." He half pushed me onto it, I bounced and turned onto my back, he climbed on top of me and immediately leaned in to kiss me. Lowering his back I felt his cock against mine. He leaned in and rubbed cock to cock as we kissed.

Pulling away from my lips he kissed and licked his way to my cock and took it. I groaned.

Taking it entirely he worked it, as if I needed any help, I was so hard already. He let it out, moved on to my balls bathing him with his tongue. Rather quickly he worked his way to my hold, lifting my legs up and apart, I followed his lead.

He rimmed me for a few minutes and then sucked one finger before slowly playing with my bud. He was smiling as he worked it in. "Can’t believe this is happening, fucking hot ass man."

He worked it a while, I moaned. It felt wonderful.

"Here, finger yourself for a minute." He stood up and walked away, returning with a condom and some lube.

"Fuck this is hot." He said, to himself, as he wrapped his cock into the condom. Smiling at me he rubbed some lube on himself and my hole. "Ready kid?"

Climbing back onto the bed he used one hand to hold himself up and the other to aim his cock at my hole. He was in without any problem.

There wasn’t any great method or romance to it. Basic fucking. I loved it. His cock was hard, about six inches, not too thick with a nice upward curve that hit places I don’t recall being hit in the past.

Flipping my left leg to the right he fucked me sideways for a while, the entire time talking about how hot it was.

"Ca, ca, ca, cumming!" And he did.



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