• Beach hut fun

    It’s my last day on holiday and I return to the beach hut, reminiscing about by hot session there a few nights ago. Dan is on my mind, the youngest guy....

  • Boy for rent

    It's time to re live my fantasy.....I was sitting outside a street corner cafe in Knightsbridge, taking up my most popular past time.....people watching. The sun was beaming down on me and topping up the tan o

  • Brandon: Chapter 4

    18 year old Boytoy baseball player Brandon is forced by his sadistic girlfriend to squirt inside a theater during a movie and at a park where he is caught by a young cop who has his way with Brandon

  • Coming out to dad

    A teenage boy comes out to his father

  • Frobisher's New Job

    Jerome Frobisher becomes Housemaster at an exclusive boy's school where he meets up with an old schoolmate and they become gay lovers. He is also a strict disicplinarian and becomes an expert with the cane,

  • My dream come true

    After spending years obsessed about guys who can self suck I find out I can do it myself

  • My first sexual experience with stuart (part 1)

    Stuart and I have our first sexual experience with each other

  • Rush hour

    Rush hour encounter on the tube

  • Swimming Lessons: Chapter 2

    At some point, without me seeing, he had removed his speedos as I noticed them on the side of the pool. He stood to the side of me, undid my shorts and pulled them straight off.

  • The Apprentice

    Young apprentice has gay encounter for the first time

  • The Beach Boys

    I met a young swimmer on the gay beach. We got to know each other. LOL!

  • The Movers

    One day I was going for my morning jog and noticed my neighbor had a moving truck out front with 2 men sitting on the back of the truck .

  • The Swimming Pool: Chapter 2

    We continued our exploits at home

  • The Tailor: Chapter 2

    The manager opened the door and led me through to the back room. He wasted no time in stripping me off and then himself so that we could carry on where we had left off on my last visit.

  • Tricking At The Fence; All Fall Down

    Matt, Rod, Clippers, the Cap, Jerry, Jake, Little Jeff. Skip and the O'Haul Yes Towing Company wonder whose been sleeping in my bed and who will sleep there next?

  • "I said SUCK IT, bitch."

    I should have known something was up when he could only meet me at night, in the forest behind his parent's house. After he had me thoroughly lost, this timid teen let his dom side show.

  • 18yo High School Senior Makes My Night

    Story about my encounter with an 18yo twink bareback bottom. Starts off as NSA but leads to more....

  • 21st birthday

    Read to know about Peter and his birthday celebration.

  • 3 friends

    2 friends and me become closer.

  • A Boy Named Beau

    I fall in love with my "straight" friend

  • A Campus Kiss

    I'm bi, and I never kiss on a hookup. But when a twink with a "highly sensitive body" meets up with me, he awakens something I've never experienced. If only we'd chosen a less dangerous spot...

  • A Cellular Desire

    Growing up and trying to find love is hard for a new eighteen year old gay boy, but he may find luck at this new site, or maybe might find what it's like in the grown up world...

  • A Change Of Heart

    He was a looker, so I looked back.

  • A Cream-Covered Dick is My Weakness

    When I had a bad day at work, Alex knew just how to cheer me up and help me relax. He wanted to give me a massage with a happy ending, but ended up sexting me all night and trading dick pics for the first time.

  • A doctor's visit: Chapter 3

    After a long day full of surprises Adam visits his neighbor John.

  • A few months later

    I have been asked to do this

  • A holiday in Prague...

    My holiday in Prague is going to be one to remember...

  • A matter of convenience

    A visit to a nearby convenience store results in some "oral instruction" times two for a man who just wanted to buy a soft drink.

  • A Memory Worth Remembering

    A special moment between young lovers.

  • A Night With Ben

    A man spends the night with the twink of his dreams