Ignoring my impulse and desire to know what Charles knew of Jude's sex history I went with something less scandalous. "How did you meet Jude?"

"He was checking me out at the gym so I followed him home and fucked his brains out."

Of course I was taking a sip and spit it out. "What!"

"Yep, he was not the hunky stud he is now at that time. He was hot and good looking but not the muscle stud. I had a think back in those days when a guy would check me out I would see if I could get him to give it up. They always did so the challenge became how quickly. Fuck that was fun."

Retrieving a towel from the kitchen I wiped up my mess, the spilled drink. "Weren't expecting that were you." He laughed.

"No I wasn't."

"Jude was a bit of a slut in those days. I was too, shit a lot of us were. Young, free and hormones racing, how could we not fuck like rabbits?"

"Jude mentioned he had a run of sluttiness."

"After that we would fuck after working out, went on for about a year. That was how he got into working out and I tell ya, I sort of stopped nailing him when he became the hunk he is today."

"Do you regret it?" How sad to stop getting to fuck a guy when he turns into a muscular stud.

"Nope. We both decided we would rather stop fucking and be friends. Most of the time fuck buddies grow tired of it and move on and it's over. But Jude, he is a great guy, a really good friend, I can get ass anytime, a great friend, those are harder to find."

Not knowing what to say I took a drink.

"How about you? Someone mentioned you had a boyfriend."

"I do. Terry. He's great, first guy I ever fell for."

"But..." he was leading me into revealing something.

"But what?"

"Why are you alone on a Friday night?"

"He has hit a rough spot, needs to find a new job and isn't up for going out."

"So there isn't trouble in paradise?"

"What? No. You know how it is, sometimes you just want to be alone and figure things out."

"Is he cheating?"

That took me by surprise. "No, he isn't. Besides we have an agreement."

"Ah. I see."

Feeling uncomfortable talking about my situation I turned it around. "How about you? Boyfriend? Lover? Stable of willing hunks?"

He laughed. "Oh Sam, you are funny. Nope. No boyfriend. No lover, no stable."

"I guess you can find some without even trying."

"Ok, I accept that and yes, it is pretty easy to find some when I want it. How about you? Finding some when Terry isn't available easy enough?"

It took a moment to think about that question. "Well, sort of, I guess. I mean...guys seem pretty willing but sometimes I don't...I don't know. I guess yes it is easy enough."

"Cheers to that!"

Taking that sip something clicked. "Charles?"


"Do you want to fuck me?"

He didn't smile. He didn't move. He looked in thought. "Do I want to fuck you?" He said very slowly. "Tell you what. Let me see what you are offering and then I will decide."

What a jerk. Fuck I wanted him. Standing up I started to undress. My cock was already happy and I was feeling no pain from the cocktails. After I was naked I faced him. He twirled his fingers around so I turned to show my ass.

"Sam, I am going to fuck you for hours."

My cock sprang to full hard on.

"But first you need to make a commitment."

Fuck, the last time I did that...

"I want you to look at my cock and decide that yes, you are committed to it. You can say no, I won't be mad or anything, and just suck me off. But if you commit I will expect to fuck you like a race horse."

Gulp. "Ok."

He stood up, unhooked his belt, opened his fly, pushed his pants down far enough his briefs were fully showing and reached into them. They were black so I could see what his bulge was, damn mood lighting. He pulled out a cock that was not hard but thick, veiny and generous. "It gets bigger Sam. Some guys just can't take it. Think about it. If you don't think you can take it, say so."

If his cock was hard and the same size it would be a rock star grade A piece of meat, I could take it. But bigger? It would hurt.

"Fuck me Charles. Don't stop until you're through."

A smile spread over his face like a beam from a lighthouse fog light. "Fuck yeah kid, this is going to be amazing. Sit down."

Why he wanted me to sit down I had no idea, but I did.

He put his cock back into his briefs and began to unbutton his shirt. His chest was broad, smooth and two heavy slabs of muscle. His nipples were large, very dark and the center stuck out like a nub I could get lost sucking and chewing on. His shoulders were outstanding and they continued into arms, my god they were huge! The sides of his chest were ripped, his abs were ripped, he had a fucking eight-pack going on. I caught myself panting like a dog.

He rubbed one hand across his torso down to his pants and slowly removed them. The action pushed his bulge out and the amount of flesh moving inside was, for a gay boy like me, better than a briefcase full of hundred dollar bills. His thighs were tree trunks that were perfectly in line to support that solid body above them. He looked at me as he folded the pants and set them next to his shirt. He smiled. My cock was already hard; if it were possible it would have gotten harder. "The point of no return Sam." And he slides his briefs down. His cock was full but not erect, his balls were a double handful and hung half way to his head. He stepped out of the briefs as I marveled at his legs. Standing completely naked in front of me he smiled again.

Leaning forward he raised one hand, one finger and waved it at me. "No no no, sit back." No way was I going to ignore him. He then began to stroke his cock. Watching him was enough to make me want to cum. Shit, if this was a video or some cam action I would be shooting my load all over myself. But it was real, it was happening a few feet away from me. He continued to stroke and pull his cock and balls until he reached full erection.

"Come and suck it kid."

Crawling on my hands and knees on and over the ottoman I remained that way, mouth open, tongue out, reaching for his cock. He teased me a bit, moving his hips so his cock would sway back and forth. If I weren't so horny I would have been ticked. I kept trying to catch it, at least lick it just a little bit. He played this game for a few minutes. "You want this piece inside you don't you kid?"

"More than anything." And my tongue was out and waiting as soon as I finished the word.

"Going to let me fuck you until the sun rises?"

I nodded.

"Going to take a pounding like a jackhammer digging a hole?"

I nodded.

"Going to give that nice pink hole of yours to me to abuse until I blast you full of my man juice?"

"God Yes!"

"I am going to bring you to a new world Sam." And he brought his beautiful cock to my tongue. I used my tongue to guide him in and wrapped my lips around his sizable head using as much force as possible. He pulled it out and offered it up again. We went back and forth as I produced enough spit to lube up for more shaft.

Head in my mouth I worked my saliva glands as hard as possible. He was reading my mind and when I felt I was ready, how he knows I don't know. He fed the entire shaft to me. I gagged, not too badly but enough to let us both know he wasn't feeding me a hot dog. Shit this was a giant brat.

The man knew how to feed a mouth. He slowly moved in and out, we were in synch as I came to take the entire thing without gagging. My mind raced at how talented I had become at deep throating cock. He moved his hands to my head and held it while fucking my face. It wasn't rough, it wasn't fast, it was glorious. Pulling his entire cock out told me to flip. I rolled onto my back. He kneeled on the ottoman and lowered his balls to my open mouth. Smooth, full and absolutely perfect I bathed them. Sucking one ball in at a time and bringing my lips to as tight a hold as I could on his sack I sucked and tongued it. Switching balls to do the same and repeat.

He leaned forward and pushed his cock down. Reaching for it I sucked it in and he slowly began to fuck my throat. This was amazing. He could remain like this for hours and I wouldn't get bored. Lost in the joy and high of having a full hard cock and matching set of balls I was in heaven.

He stood up and pulled his cock from me. Leaning over he reached under my arms and raised me up, then he tossed me over his shoulder. I yelped, not in pain but completely stunned he could flip me around like a blanket. My hands reached for his chest to balance myself. I didn't need to help him, he had a firm grip on me, but I wanted to feel his strength. He walked to my room, reached over to flip on the light and tossed my onto my bed. The entire moment sent a wow factor unlike any I have ever had. This man of steel was going to fuck me. Shit.

He smiled. "Like that huh?"

"I like it all Charles."

He bent over me and kissed me. Chills went through my body. He tasted like the Manhattan and male. I loved it. After sucking my tongue until it felt like it was going to come off he pushed up and walked to the end of my bed. "Over."

I turned onto my stomach. His strong warm hands encircled each ankle and he spread my legs open. I felt the bed sink as he crawled between my legs and that anticipated moment when his hands would spread my ass. The feeling of a man's hand, especially when each hand can grab an entire cheek, squeezing them and then separating them is such a turn on. I knew I was leaking. His tongue wasted no time flicking at my bud. I moaned. It was the first moan of hundreds that would follow for the next half hour or more while I rimmed me like a champion. Tongue, fingers, and a combination of the two he warmed, relaxed and eased my ass to the point where he knew he would be able to use it as he wanted. I had no complaints.

Charles got off the bed. "Where's your lube?"

"In the nightstand." I rolled onto my back and slid a finger into my hole; it was wet, warm and ready.

He opened the drawer as his cock, standing straight up, thick and incredibly veiny bobbed. He pulled out the lube, popped it open and dribbled it over his cock. Closing it and dropping it on the bed next to me he walked to the foot as he slicked up his meat. At my feet he reached down and pulled me to the end of the bed, lifting my legs he made room to go in. "Sam, your ass is outstanding, I am so ready to make it mine. You ready?"

"Have been for hours."

He laughed and then moved my body into just the position he wanted grabbed his cock and aimed. That head, large as it was had to work it's way in. I tried to remain relaxed and when he finally got past that first ring he stopped. "Ready?"

"Give me all you got Stud."

That was the wrong thing to say. He leaned in and his entire cock, head to balls entered me. Yelping was impossible to hold back. Opening my eyes we made that eye contact. "No, it's good, go." I tried to speak loudly but my words were but a whisper. He smiled and gently began to fuck me. I could feel the veins; I could feel the head I could feel my entire body exploding. The pain was intense but I wanted him inside me so badly I grit my teeth and started to chat yes.

Leaning over me he stopped moving and kissed me. I could feel his chest on mine, I felt puny. His kiss was warm and full. We remained in the same position for a while as my body became accustomed to his cock filling it. He must have felt when I was ready. He stood up slowly, dragging his tongue over my nipples. He began to slowly fuck me.

Opening my eyes I felt like I was in a porno with the superstar porn stud fucking me. His body was so beautiful and he was so strong. Seeing his muscles move as he thrust kept the blood rushing to my cock. It remained hard. He would grunt and groan while I kept up an almost nonstop monologue of moans and yes and please, mostly it was just the incredible sensations my body was feeling coming out as sound.

He pulled out and turned me on my side, lifting one leg into the air, into a position I didn't know was possible for me. He entered me again. The pain I felt the first time was absent. I wanted him in me. He fucked. I moaned. My cock was leaking the entire time. Each time he pulled out he would rearrange my body and go back for more. Each time I felt empty and wanted to be filled. He added lube twice during these moves and I learned of positions that allowed me to feel a cock in ways I had never experienced.

"Sam. Are you ready?"

"Ready?" I was confused. Ready for what, he had been drilling me for quite some time.

"Stallion wants to rut."

"Oh god." And I nodded.

He flipped my onto my stomach and spread my legs open. I am sure my hole was already stretched to the point it wasn't closing up when he pulled out because he suddenly thrust his cock in with a force that pushed my entire body to the head of my bed. Somehow he arched his back and pulled me with him so my head wasn't hitting the wall and then his body came to rest on mine and he began to buck.

Being fucked was nothing new for me. I had been fucked several hundred times by this point and by over a hundred men, those escort days were busy. But nothing had prepared me for this. Even Ed wasn't like this. His assault was intended to put me in my place. Charles' assault on my hole was to give me what he promised.

His strength alone guaranteed a solid fuck. His body and cock backed by his muscularity were unknown territory for me. I felt like crying out but resisted. Finally I couldn't hold back and I cried out. I surprised my self. It wasn't pain. It was ecstasy. "SEX! YES! Don't stop!"

And he didn't. The entire bed was shaking, it was moving. The noise of his body slamming into mine as the bed squeaked like I had never heard it squeak was almost alarming. Yet I didn't care. I was being truly fucked by a man who was a champion at it. The heat that was building in and around my hole from his fucking felt like I would melt. "Please, fuck me harder!"

Charles was there to please. I started having trouble catching my breath. He raised his body off of mine and began to plow into me with a force that would knock a man out cold if it made contact with his face. I stopped thinking and just accepted it all.

"Want me to fill you?" I heard him ask and immediately I went into an internal debate. I did but I wanted to see him cum, I wanted to see his load.

"On me." I managed to utter between grunts.

Once again he used his talent and strength to flip me on my back, his cock never leaving my hole and never stopping it's thrust. He held my legs high and wide.

"Ready Sam?"

I opened my eyes and tried to smile.

He slowed his pace and after a minute he pulled his cock out. Reaching down he grabbed my hips and pulled me until my ass was nearly off the bed. Grabbing my legs again he stood between them, his cock purple and huge sticking up and out like a trophy. He smiled and grunted and it flew. The first three spurts looked more like a guy pissing than a guy cumming. They hit my chest. He spurt again and again this time hitting my stomach. He spurt again and it hit my cock. He never touched his cock, his hands kept my legs in place. Finally he had a few dribbles.

Setting my legs down he came around to the side of the bed and pulled me away from the edge. I was panting as I tried to catch my breath.

"Sam. You did well. Jude can be proud."

Lifting my head to see his load I was embarrassed by how much he had cum. My loads weren't wimpy but his matched his body and strength. I reached down and took some. I wanted to taste it. He smiled. Eat all that up Sam. You earned it.

As I slowly wiped the cum up and licked it off my fingers I was able to return to normal breathing. Charles left my room while I was enjoying his seed. At some point I know I came, likely more than once. It was difficult to tell because the bedding was a mess and damp from sweat and lube. My body was sticky and hot, I felt amazing.

The door opened, I looked toward it. "JUDE!"

"Hey Sam." He smiled a huge smile.

I sat up. "Jude! I am sorry, I didn't know you were home and shit, I fucked in your house." I was embarrassed. I felt busted.

"Sam." He chuckled and walked into the room. "Don't worry. Remember I asked you to do me a favor."

I signed. Thank god he wasn't upset.

"Obviously you enjoyed it."

"Oh Jude, it was...I can't describe it."

"Oh yes you can, well you did. Shit the noise you two were making was a clear sign it was hot as hell."

"You heard us?"

"Half the building heard you two."

"Shit. Wait. How long...when did you get home?"

"About an hour ago."

Now I was sitting straight up. "An hour ago! What time is it?"

"Almost two thirty."


"He is incredible isn't he?" He smiled a knowing smile. "Sam. Charles is probably the best fuck I have ever had. You know we were buddies right? Well, we both learned a lot from each other. I know what he can do with that cock of his. And I can only imagine how he has improved since we last did it. Be proud Sam."

"Where is he?"

"He went home."

"What? He left?" Should I be annoyed?

"It's late Sam. You gave him what you wanted and what he wanted. He was never one to spend the night. You want a shower?"

"No, but I want to piss." Standing up I nearly fell over. My entire body was spent. Jude laughed at me and left my room. When I returned, after a little clean up, he had a large glass of water waiting for me.

"Sleep well Sam."

Crawling into bed, still sticky and overall a mess I feel asleep in moments.



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