Thin, thick dark hair, dark eyes, smooth, tight body, I thought I was hot. I knew I was gay and jerked off daily to fantasies of hot guys fucking me, sucking cock and men. I wanted to have sex but fear kept me from experiencing it and I was about to graduate from college a virgin.

After graduation I moved from the Midwest to Boston. I wanted to get into financial investment and likely the opportunity that Boston had and because my Mom's best friend has a son who lived there and was willing to let me rent a room even without my securing a job.

I didn't know Jude. He was fifteen years older than me so we never played together or hung out growing up. All I knew was he lived in Boston had a place and would rent me a room for almost nothing until I got a job and could move on. My hunch was his Mom pressured him since I was her best friend's son.

Arriving at Logan I had no idea what he looked like, just his cell number so I called and he answered. As I waited with my bag at the luggage carousel I watched for him. My eyes spied a hot guy and in my head I fantasized it would be him. It wasn't, the hot guy walked up to some chick and kissed and they left. I kept watching feeling let down.


I turned around and my eyes focused on a dark haired, dark eyed Adonis. 'Yeah.'

'Jude, nice to meet you, welcome to Boston. That it?' He pointed to my bag, my suitcase, not my balls.

'Yeah. We mailed the rest of my stuff, cheaper than paying the bag fees.'

'Smart. Well, let's head home.'

God I liked that sound of that. Now to hear him follow up with, let's head to bed. Ah, my horny overactive mind was at it, hopefully my horny overactive, yet inexperienced cock would remain inactive, at least until I got into the shower.

Jude was barely taller than me but much better built. I was thin, smooth stomach without fat and without definition. Jude wore a tee shirt like it was designed specifically for him. He wasn't overly big but every muscle I could see was built up to show off. His chest was broad and solid, his nipples clearly visible. His pecs filled the arms of the tee and it was clear his abs were ripped. He had a face I could melt into and I did my best to not look at him as we made our way to his place.

Once we arrived he suggested we leave the bag in the trunk and get something to eat. At the restaurant we chatted, a little small talk while we waited to order. Once the order was in his composure changed. 'Sam. Before we go much further there are some things we need to discuss. We both know this was our mothers' idea. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to help out but there is something I think you need to know. I'm gay. I am out, but my Mom refuses to believe it, she thinks I haven't met the right girl. She won't talk about it and I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't even told your Mom, who knows but I want you to know in case you didn't.

'If you are uncomfortable, we can make some other arrangements tomorrow. But the basics are simple. I am gay, I am happy to help out, but I will not hide my lifestyle or change it to fit yours. I have worked too hard and refuse to live my life to the ideals of others.'

The entire time he spoke I stared at him, directly into his eyes. And I was thrilled. Finally I was in the presence of someone who was gay, like me. I took a drink of water, looked back at him, and then looked down. 'Jude.' I breathed in and exhaled heavily, 'I am, wow, this is not what I thought moving out here would be like. I didn't know you were gay. But. Well. Um. I am too.' I started speaking faster and faster, 'No one knows. I haven't told anyone, ever. Not even a little hint. I have been quiet my entire life. I knew a long time ago and was really scared. You, this is the first time I have ever said it out loud to someone.'

With hesitation I looked up at him. He slowly smiled. 'Congratulations Sam. I am honored to be the first you told. I remember how terrified I was to tell someone. Welcome to the rest of your life.'

I smiled and felt like I was going to puke. The fear I had been suppressing my entire life hit me like a wall.

'You OK Sam? You don't look well. Is something wrong?'

'Oh man. Jude, I...I...'

He smiled, (God what a great smile) 'Breathe Sam, it will be OK, you aren't going to be struck by lightening or anything like that. Just breathe.'

Dinner arrived, we ate, talked, the feeling I was going to puke slowly left me. As we walked back to his place, got my bag and walked up to his condo I was a little scared and thrilled and felt like life was getting better. It didn't hurt to follow him up the stairs and watch his ass in his jeans either.

He unlocked his door and opened it, walked in and said welcome. I followed and was met with a sight I had never seen. The place was not too large but classic brick and tall walls, molding and tin ceilings. And there was art on the walls. Photos of nude men. A Greek statue, a torso and legs with the penis and balls proudly displayed. On the counter there was a copy of OUT magazine.

'Tour?' And he showed me the layout, living area open to the kitchen with a dining area open to both. Fireplace, tall windows in the front, modest sized bathroom, a small home office. His room was large and had a queen sized bed and walk in closet. 'My' room was much smaller, pretty much filled with a double bed and a wardrobe.

'Make yourself at home. Care for a beer?'

I dropped my bag on the bed, said yes and followed him, eyes on his ass, to the kitchen.

'If you could ask an openly gay man anything what would it be?' His question caught me off guard.

I stammered, paused, 'Wow. I have so many I don't know where to start.'

'Well, we have time. Maybe it would be easier to talk about Boston?'

'Yeah, Boston. Where is the grocery store?'

'I can take you on a field trip and show you all the basic places. Tomorrow. We will make a day of it. Next?'

'Do you have a boyfriend?' I was nervous but really wanted to know if I was going to be able to lie in bed at night and jerk off as I listened to Jude having sex. I didn't tell him that.

'Nope. I have in the past but I am currently single.'

I suddenly had no idea what to say. I sat there, sipped my beer and realized I was nervous but comfortable for the first time in my life.

Jude sat quietly and watched me.

'Jude. I don't know what to say really. I mean, I have a ton of thoughts racing thru my head but I can't catch one to say it. I guess I want to thank you for letting me stay here. And for being gay and telling me. I was so nervous coming here. I wanted to get away from home so I could be myself and be gay and knew Boston would allow me to do it. Then to find out you are gay. It's like a miracle or something.'

I rambled on for a while. We both finished out beers. He got us each another and I paused long enough for him to say something. Slowly I was able to ask all those questions I had about being gay. Sounds sort of silly or dumb really. I was gay, what questions would I have to ask another man about being gay when I was myself. But I did have questions. Mostly about sex, relationships and making friends. Who to tell, when to say something and why I had too. The straight guys I knew never said they were straight.

Thankfully Jude was open and comfortable enough to talk about things and answer all my stupid questions. I didn't get into the detailed questions I was really eager to ask, like what is it like to suck a cock or had he ever been fucked by a hot cop while in a holding cell. I was terribly interested in the details of his sex life but couldn't get myself to ask, even with a couple beers in me.

About one in the morning he suggested we call it a night. I went to my new room, put my bag on the floor, got naked, crawled into bed and jerked off into a sock. I feel asleep happier than I had ever been.



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