I was feeling great. I had slept well, been felt up by a guy, fucked by Tommy and now I was hungry and horny and wanted to see what would happen next, shit it wasn't even noon yet. Life was pretty great.

Food. I needed to eat something. I wondered the street looking for a place to grab a bite. There were plenty of restaurants but I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I wasn't interested in eating alone. Finally I came to a café with outdoor seating. There was an open table in the corner so I sat down.

The waitress brought some water and a menu. I sat and looked it over, taking my time; I was in no hurry.

'Is this seat taken?' A masculine voice startled my reading. Looking up I saw a slim man in a dress shirt and pants. He was nice looking, professional, and smiled. His hand pulled out the other chair and he sat. 'Hope you don't mind. I hate eating alone and you looked alone. His knee touched mine and he let it stay there, I didn't move, except for the sexual charge that went thru my body.

'Have you ordered yet?'

'Ah, no. She just dropped off the water and menu.'

'Good. Ever eaten here?'


'The sandwiches are perfect for a light lunch that fills you up.'

The waitress returned took our order and left. We chatted about the weather, the city and other typical topics while we ate. His name was Nate and he gave me the idea he was in his forties by the things he talked about. When the bill came he paid it, placed his hand on my knee and smiled. 'I want you.' That was all he said. He stood up and started walking. I followed.

He was polite, very clean and charming. I tried to figure out why I was following him and then decided to just stop thinking and see what would happen. His apartment was a block away. Once we got inside he looked at me, 'I was hoping you would be up for some after lunch sex.' He was taking off his clothes. I watched as his body was revealed. Lean but muscled, smooth chest, light trail, pierced nipple. He had strong arms, not big but like the rest of his body, lean and strong. His cock was still soft and his nuts were shaved.

'Get naked kid, let's see what you got and what I am getting.' He wasn't rude, just getting to the point. I stripped down; it took about three seconds since I wasn't wearing much. 'Nice. Turn around.'

I did. His hand squeezed me ass. 'Very nice.' I faced him, his hands went to my shoulders and he applied enough pressure I understood he wanted to be sucked.

I took him in my mouth and he rapidly grew, he was longer than a dollar bill and the thickness complemented the length. I worked his cock while he moaned. He pulled me up, 'Suck my nipples.' A pierced nipple. My first. I sucked for a while as he ran his hands over my body. 'This way.' I followed him to the bedroom. He asked me to lie down and got between my legs. Sucking my cock, balls and lifting my legs to get to my hole.

His was sure of his movements and his caress was sensual. I wanted him. As he rimmed me I pulled my legs back as far as I could to give him room, I was enjoying his tongue and wanted to accommodate him and let him know he could have me any time. After putting a rubber on he lubed my hole and then placed the head of his cock at it. 'Ready Sam? You are getting all of it.'

'A-huh.' Was all I got out and he leaned in. The pressure built for a moment and his cock entered my bud. He didn't stop. He slid the entire hard on inside. I moaned in a mix of pain and joy. He filled me and smiled. 'Damn I love fucking you young guys. Ready for a ride Sam?' I nodded and he started fucking.

As Nate explored my hole my mind went to this place. The euphoria was confusing and amazing. I didn't think about what was happening, who was taking me to this place, the past or the future. All I focused on was the energy blasting through my body as it was being worked over by another man. I was lost in the high of being fucked.

'Keep your eyes closed Sam, I am aiming for your face.' Nate's words jolted me back to the reality of his impending orgasm. And he did. My chest, chin, cheek and forehead all received some of his sperm. I opened my eyes and looked at Nate, smiling.

'You look happy Sam.'

'Nate, you took me to my happy place. Fuck I love a hard cock inside of me.'

I was becoming use to the conversation that follows sex with a stranger. The smiles, the semi awkward moment, cleaning up and then the big decision, do we offer phone numbers?


'What's up Sam?'

'Not sure if you are up for repeats and you don't need to even answer, but I can leave you my number and if you ever want to go for a second round I would love it.'

Nate walked toward me, smiling and gave me a hug. 'You are really sweet. Beneath that horny 'fuck me' exterior is a truly sweet guy. I would love to get your number.'

Thus I find myself walking the street feeling clean and alive. Fucked twice and it was still early afternoon. The sun was shining, the temps were high and the breeze was perfect. I felt great. I knew I was smiling and I wouldn't be surprised if I had a little hop to my step. All around me I saw hot guys, guys I would like to see naked. Guys I would like to touch. Guys whose cocks I wanted to suck. Guys I wanted to have fucked me. I didn't try to figure it out. I didn't try to understand. I just accepted it. I was horny and feeling good.

I came to another sex shop, Adult Novelties according to the sign. Who are they kidding? I went in. The shopkeeper looked at me and smiled as I walked in. Nice enough looking, normal looking guy, forties maybe, who knew? Didn't matter. I smiled back and started looking around the store. Two other customers were there and they gave me a glance and went back to looking at the wares.

I felt a tingling in my groin. Dildos. Clothing. DVDs. And all around were pictures of hot guys naked, hard, glistening; offering their bodies for my enjoyment. I loved it. The keeper approached me and asked if there was anything in particular I was looking for. I replied not really, just new to the area and looking around. He didn't try anything. Didn't stare at my ass. Didn't give any indication he was interested in me. It was like being in any store back home. Except this was catered to gay men.

It didn't take long before I felt my cock growing so I left. It was sort of like teasing myself. I walked outside and continued my stroll.

The time passed and I realized I was not far from Craig's. I wanted the DVD back. I sent a text and he answered, he was working but soon finished, told me to meet him at a café nearby. As I waited I looked at the guys walking by and in the café. I paged through a paper full of news and ads for the gay community. Craig walked in and I felt a huge smile appear on my face.

'So how is my little porn star doing? Been tied up today?'

Blushing 'Nope. Should I be surprised you watched my DVD?'

'I watched and downloaded the video on Xtube.'

For a second my heart jumped, a lump formed in my throat and fear gripped me.

'Chill Sam, I am just joking. Shit, you looked like I sent it to your folks.'

'Craig. That was not funny.'

'Relax boy. So your afternoon was obviously great. Who did you?'

'Now why would you say that Craig? Shit you make me sound like some common slut.' I was half serious.

'Come on Sam. You could just as well be walking around with cum on your chin. Obviously you got laid today.'

He was right and I knew it. It didn't matter either. I had been laid and it was hot and I didn't care if it was obvious. We chatted a little and Craig conveniently avoided any conversation about the DVD. Finally I asked for it back.

'Don't have it.'

'What? Craig, where is it? I want it back.'

'I don't have it on me Sam. It's back at home. Didn't want to loose it and have it really end up on line. Unless that is your goal.'

'No, it isn't a goal. I just was to see it, I haven't even seen it yet and really want to.'

'How about this, we watch it together, after I tie you up?'

I hated to admit it but the idea turned me on. I didn't say anything.

'This is my offer Sam. You accepting?'

'You lost me Craig.'

'Are you willing to be tied up and then watching the DVD?'

I swallowed and thought about the situation. It certainly turned me on. 'Yes.'

Craig didn't say anything. He did take out his phone and type something to someone and then looked back at me. 'Good. You up for an early dinner?'

We left the café and started walking; I just followed Craig. His phone beeped, he read it, smiled and continued walking. What did he text and who replied?

After a simple dinner at a Thai place we went to Craig's. He went into his bedroom and returned with a small bag.

'Is the DVD in there?'


'Can I have it?'

'Nope. Let's go.'

'Where are we going? Craig? Hello? Craig?'

'Patience boy.' He kept walking. I followed. He locked up and we left. After a short ride on the train we exited in a part of town I had not been to yet. We went to a brownstone, one of hundreds. He rang. The door buzzed.

'Where are we?'

He didn't answer. It was driving me nuts.

After the door closed Craig opened the bag and pulled out a blindfold. 'Turn around.'

I wanted to say something but didn't, I just turned around.

The stairs went slowly as I followed Craig, his hand in mine. After more stairs and turns than I could count we stopped. He knocked. The door opened. Craig left me. A different hand took mine. The sexual energy was like a static charge.

His grasp was firm, solid. It felt like the hand of a strong, confident man. I was so turned on. No one spoke. All I heard was movement, leather rubbing leather maybe? My own breathing was deep and sounded loud to me.

Carefully the hand guided me. It stopped and released mine. Two hands, the same strong hand and its partner, came to rest on my shoulders. They slid down my arms giving a light squeeze to my biceps. They slid up my arms and across my chest, down my abs, to my hips. Slowly, deliberately they moved to my ass and cupped my cheeks. My head fell back. God I was horny. From my cheeks to my thighs and down to my feet. The one hand left and joined the other and carefully the hands removed my sandal and placed my foot on the ground.

They moved to the other foot. Then slid up my legs and lifted the edge of my tee. As it was removed the cool air hit my abs, chest. My nipples tightened, goose bumps. I voluntarily raised my arms. The tee came off, careful to leave the blindfold undisturbed. I jumped when the hands took my wrists and led my arms to my sides.

A single finger reached into the front of my cargos and I felt them being opened and slid down until they fell to the ground. My cock was filling the pouch of my briefs. Carefully each foot was raised to allow the removal of my cargos. I was now naked, covered in goose bumps, very plump also hard cock, blindfolded and had no idea who was looking at me.

I was turned on, horny and about to beg to be touched.



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