Going to the gym with Jude is great. No sex, no flirting, just working out. I wasn’t really into the working out; I didn’t feel a high or anything. I went because it was time with Jude. And, I admit, there are some really hot guys to look at and wonder what it would be like to get naked with them.

I went to the gym, alone, because I was restless and needed something to do. Not being in school yet, and not working, not knowing anyone, was leaving me bored. Off to the gym. The work out was ok I guess, I didn’t think much of it. The hot guys must have all been at work, no one really caught my eye.

Walking home past the sex shop I had visited a few days earlier I decided to check it out some more, maybe find something to buy and surprise Jude with it.

The same guy was working, the one who didn’t check me out. This time he asked for ID. Shit, I didn’t have ID, at least not with my birthday on it. I pulled out the gym card and he said that wasn’t going to work. Asked to leave I slowly walked away and then stopped outside to look at the window display. I guess Jude wouldn’t be getting a surprise when he came home.

My eyes changed focus from the items to the glass, the reflection on the glass of a guy standing just behind me. I smiled at him. He smiled. Turning around I was face to face with a guy about ten years older than me, short dark hair, goatee, he looked good in the long sleeve tee and jeans.

"Hi." My brilliant and clever way of greeting someone was simple.

"Kicked out of the adult shop huh."

"Yeah, I didn’t realize you needed ID."

"Got to be eighteen kid."

"Eighteen I have covered, the ID well, not this time."

"Anything specific you were looking for today?"

"Not really. Something simple, not too expensive, curious more than anything."

"Curious. Virgin?"

I smiled at that comment, 'nope, rather a beginning slut’ I thought to myself. "Nope." Another brilliant answer.

"Nice. Neither am I. Mind if I show you a few things? At my place?"

"You going to tell me what they are or make me wait until we get there?"

"Make you wait. This way kid."

And off I went, once again following a guy home to his place.

His cock felt like silk as it slid in and out of my mouth. The veins were pulsing and the head was about as perfect as I have ever seen. Granted I hadn’t seen many hard cocks, yet, but the ones I had seen were not this outstanding. His had the helmet shape that gave it the look of an arrow, except it was wonderfully rounded. He wasn’t too long, and that suited me fine since it allowed me to suck it all in until his trimmed pubes were under my nose.

Fuck I love sucking cock.

He leaned back and kept his legs spread as I worked on that beautiful piece of flesh. I wanted it inside me and did my best to keep at least part of him in. His hands gently reached along the sides of my face and I felt his fingertips behind my ears. He pulled me up from my knees.

"Your oral skills are impressive, especially for someone so young and new to cock. I can’t wait to see how spectacular you are in a year from now. Now it’s my turn to get my mouth on you."

I smiled, he liked my sucking skills.

Into his bed and on my stomach he pushed my legs apart and began to rim my hole. Why does a talented tongue on your hole feel so amazing? It became the norm for me to lose all track of time while getting rimmed and once again all I remember is feeling like my body was vibrating from the inside out, for a long time. It would be no surprise if my eyes were rolling to the back of my head and I would forget to breathe. It sounds like I am having a seizure and in a way it is, but a wonderful seizure that I want to continue until I come.

I sort of came to when his cock entered my hole. He slid the entire thing in slowly without stopping. I opened my eyes and found myself now on my back; legs trapped behind his armpits my knees nearly on the bed. He was looking directly into my eyes and smiling.

"Welcome back stud" and he slowly slid his cock out until the magnificent rim of his head caught on the ring of my hole.

I just smiled. And gasped. He continued the slow rhythmic motion for some time before he began to vary the speed. As the speed increased he raised his body from mine, my legs were aching so I slid them until my feet were planted firmly on his chest near his shoulders. He must have liked it because he smiled a wide-open smile and winked at me. It was the first time a guy ever winked at me while his cock was inside me. A strange and odd little first.

Sadly he was getting close. He kept fucking me faster and harder, we both were grunting. I shot my load shortly afterward he shot his. Pulling out he left me laying there, breathing as if I had run a mile in five. Returning with a warm damp towel he wiped off my ass and handed it to me. I clean up my own load, almost a shame to waste it, but I wasn’t clear headed. When I finished and looked up he was dressed. "No talking. Let’s keep the mystery going." He turned and left me alone. I got dressed and left. Walking from his door I wondered who he was and decided to just keep my focus on my now empty hole.

Before I left the building I checked my phone and was surprised, happily, that it was just after two. The hot stranger hadn’t kept me too long, sometimes the magnitude of the sex makes it feel like hours. Being early I was wondering if I should go home or try and find another stud. My horniness was becoming out of control. All I wanted was to be naked and have another man touching me.

Maybe I have some kind of illness or something; do I go to a doctor and ask or find a hunk?

Checking my phone list I saw Tommy’s picture and sent him a text. Walking back toward the sex shop, I mean adult novelties; I received a call, Tommy. "Hey Sam, Glad you sent a text but I am at work and can’t leave."

"Ah work, I see. Thought maybe you were free like the other day." I was disappointed.

"Lunch break, thus the quick fuck. You feeling horny huh?"

"Always feeling horny. Being eighteen seems to do that to a guy."

"Age has little to do with it kid. Listen, I can’t leave but if you are interested you can stop by my office, I could use a blow job."

My ears perked up at that music. "Where is this wonderful office?"

Twenty minutes later I entered the building and walked up to the second floor. The receptionist was a younger guy, cute in a way. He asked if he could help me. Suddenly I didn’t know what to say.

"Are you here to see Tom Murphy? He said he had a young guy coming by."

Tom Murphy, not Tommy, at least at work. "Yes, I am."

"Thought it was the case. Follow me please."

He was very nice and didn’t sound condescending, especially since it was a business office and I was dressed very casually, not at all like a client or customer or whatever they had coming in.

"The second door to the left, it’s open." He smiled at me and left.

I opened the door feeling a little nervous.

"Sam! Come in. Come in." He smiled, looking sexy as hell in nice pants, well cut to show his hot body and a dress shirt that draped like satin over his pecs. He stood up and closed the door.

Returning to his chair he rolled it back. "This is what you came for." He opened his pants. I walked around the desk, got on my knees and took his soft cock in my hand. As my lips kissed his flesh my eyes closed and my head swirled and I felt a rush of joy, satisfaction and thrill. It was no surprise he was hard in no time and I slowly worked his cock with my tongue.

"Sam, I got a client coming so this has to be quick. If you want it, work it fast."

And I did. I wanted it and I started working it fast. I wanted to see how quickly I could get his load down my throat. He was silent as I sucked. I didn’t think about it and just kept working it until he grabbed my head and jerked, cum.

"Thanks kid, that was hot. Next time we can fuck, I will call ya."

He zipped up and ushered me to the door. "Thank you for stopping by, I will be in touch."

I smiled and walked away. That was a little weird. As I walked past the desk the receptionist startled me. "That went fast. Will you be stopping by again? Can I schedule an appointment possibly?"

"Ah, thanks but not right now." I mumbled in response.

He smiled and curled his finger to beckon me closer.

"Hot isn’t he, would love to find out for myself but he won’t give me the chance."

I didn’t know what to say.

"I know this isn’t my business and please don’t say anything to him, but every time he has some hot young thing stop by like this, it makes me hard."

"What do you mean?" I was so taken by surprise I didn’t know what to think.

"You aren’t the only lucky one to stop in and offer a mid day blow job. Wish I was."

I smiled and left. This entire experience was odd.



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