After my morning shower I tossed my sheets into the wash, they needed it and then left for the gym. Half way through my workout Wade stopped by. "Sam, you look like you have had a really hot fuck recently. Anyone we know?"

"Morning Wade. Nope." I smirked just to tease him.

"Would you be interested in a follow up?" He asked.

Knowing what he was hinting towards so I took advantage of it. "Wade, you don't know how badly I need a follow up, if I could manage it I would have a plug in my ass right now." I whispered to him with a smirk and a wink.

It worked, his eyes opened wide and he lost his smile. Did I actually put him at a loss for words?

"The bummer is I have an appointment after I get done so I will just have to wait." I made a pouty face. I knew I was acting immature but I couldn't help it.

"Maybe tomorrow?" I winked at him.

Finishing my set I walked away giving Wade a pat on the back. He didn't say a word.

Terry sent a text and asked if I could stop by after my workout. Such a simple message left me elated. Pondering if I should shower or not I decided to skip it so I would have that incredible smell of workout sweat. He did not disappoint. As we hugged he commented on how sexy I smelled and he started tearing at my clothing. In a matter of minutes he had my ass lubed up and a condom on. He went to town on me and I loved it. He hadn't ever been so dominant with me but I was going to encourage him to do it more often!

Returning to the bedroom after tossing the condom he didn't ask me, he told me to get dressed. He wanted to go to lunch and have both of us smell of man sex. Fuck he was turning me on. He chose a place I hadn't been to before. It was half bar half restaurant. The clientele was heavily gay men, older gay men. The look in his eyes told me he was feeling playful so I went along with his lead.

The crowd was not a business crowd it was all workingmen. Uniforms, jeans, tees, tank tops, beards, mustaches and tattoos filled the place. Not all the men were bears, but they all were blue-collar workingmen. It was hot to watch them, especially while Terry was making up these crazy stories about them. He would point out a table and make up some story about the two guys being brother-in-laws and fucking each other. Or how they were both unable to get hard ons so they had no sex life. We enjoyed the meal and I loved his humorous stories. Heading to the restroom after finishing my lunch I knew guys were looking at me, I didn't care let them look. Standing at the urinal I took a much-appreciated piss. Moments after that stream started a man was standing behind me, very closely, looking over my shoulder.

"Stand back so I can see." He demanded in a deep voice.

What does a guy like me do? Stand back. Piss wasn't my thing but if he got off on it then he was welcome to watch.

After I finished he reached over and took my dick from my hand and gave it a couple of shakes. He patted my ass. "Nice. Need a man's cock in here?" He squeezed my ass.

Not wanting to be rude, he wasn't bad looking and in the future I may run into him so I smiled. "Just did, need to get to work." A little lie.

"I can smell it on you. Experience tells me you need it again." He wasn't giving up easily.

"Who I am to argue with that?" I zipped up.

"I have been fucking boys like you as long as you have been alive. I know what you need. Be late for work, you won't regret it."

Fuck, I was beginning to fall for his gruff seduction. "Really, I can't."

"Next time I see you here, plan on it." He smiled, patted my ass and left.

Returning to the table I realized guys were looking and I realized why, I had a noticeable bulge. Terry was no longer alone. Two men were sitting at our booth. As I returned they all looked and smiled. Boy those men were smiling. What had Terry told them?

"Hey sexy, what took you so long? Suck that guy off?" Terry smiled a delicious sexy smile.

"Nope, just had a major piss to take."

"These two studs asked to join us for coffee." He nodded at the men. Mid thirties, short hair, light beards, hunky, Carhartt clothing. It would be so easy to get naked with them.

"Sit down Sam." The darker haired hunk said as he stood up so I could slide in.

The other hunk was sitting across from me, four coffee cups were on the table, and we weren't leaving soon. The dark haired hunk sat down and his arm went directly behind me. He leaned in and sniffed my hair. "Smells good. You two had a good morning huh?"

"Fucked him silly." Terry quipped.

Smiling as he spoke the hunk across from me winked. "I bet you did."

Dark haired hunk removed his arm and took a sip of coffee. "You two would make a hot couple to watch. Ever show off?"

My eyes darted to Terry and fear rose inside.

"We keep it to ourselves." He replied. Thankfully he didn't mention our porn histories.

"Too bad, it would be hot." The light haired hunk frowned.

Then it happened. His hand started on my thigh and moved without hesitation inside my leg and without thinking I moved my knees further apart. He accepted and his hand was on me and he squeezed. "You were right," he looked at his buddy, "he is half hard." He didn't stop groping me.

"Told ya, I can spot 'em. Need that taken care of Sam? Need to let it out?"

I smiled.

The conversation continued, sexual innuendos and blatant all out sex talk. My cock was growing as it was being squeezed. My legs kept moving farther apart. Damn, this was going to end up with my ass up in the air.

"Sam, tell you what. The two of you come with us and we will show you some fun, or Sam, your open your pants and let me jerk one out of you right here."

My thoughts went apeshit. How hot to get jerked off under the table in the middle of a restaurant in the middle of the day by a hunk in Carhartt's. But I could get arrested. How hot to have a foursome with these two hunks and Terry.

"Come on Sam, you decide." Terry winked at me.

The hand between my legs was adding pressure, I was almost completely hard and it hurt. The agony I was in was apparent. The server came up to the table with a coffee pot. "You need refills?"

"This one sure does." The dark haired hunk answered as he looked at me and squeezed.

"Looks like he needs something other than coffee. Boy let these men take care of it will ya." Walking away with a wink.

Blood rushed to my face. "I can't do it here, he already knows." I was defeated.

"Great. Let's go." The hunk removed his hand and stood up. Terry and the other hunk followed. Trying to delay standing while praying my cock shrinks up I took another long slug of coffee.

"Come on kid, I want you naked in ten minutes." The dark hair hunk said in a not so quiet voice. A few guys looked. I stood up. The bulge in my pants couldn't be missed. The light hair hunk walked first, Terry followed him. My hunk put his hand on my shoulder to guide me to the door. Guys were looking. I can't blame them. The hand on my back slid to my ass. He was making it very clear where he would be in not time.

A cab was hailed, Terry climbed in the front seat and I was in the middle of the back. Each hunk had a hand on my leg and they freely felt me up. My dick was in pain from being stuck in my briefs and jeans. It wasn't comfortable at all. It took all my concentration to keep from opening my pants to release the bind.

Aside from the address there was no conversation on the short ride. We exited the cab and went into an apartment, another loft style place, two large windows in the front, no interior walls. The bathroom walls were that thick glass block. Simply furnished it had everything that is needed.

"Get naked boys, we don't have a lot of time so get to it." The light haired hunk said matter of fact tone.

Terry smiled and dropped his pants immediately. He was fully naked and hard by the time I had my shirt off. The two hunks, I liked them enough, they were nice, clean and sexy. What really got me going was how eager Terry was for this to happen. As soon as my briefs hit the floor the two hunks looked at each other and high fived. "We got ourselves a couple of hot cock whores!"

"Who wants the pleasure of my cock down his throat first?" The light haired hunk asked. Terry didn't run but he wasted no time walking toward him.

"Muscle boy, you want my cock don't ya?"

"Hell yeah!" Terry replied enthusiastically.

"Too bad, you get his first." The hunk pointed to the dark haired guy. "You, twink, I want your mouth." He smirked.

Kneeling before him my heart was pounding. The desire to make him cum was suddenly overwhelming. He stood with his legs spread, hands on his hips and goofy yet incredibly sexy pursed lips.

"Take it out, boy. You gotta work for my load."

Opening a hunk's jeans and seeing a clean yet worn jock, if I wasn't already hard I would spring at the sight. Reaching in I pulled out a normal sized soft cock and took it into my mouth. He grew as I sucked. Just under six inches and not too terribly thick it wasn't what I expected. However, he was so hard and straight I had to take the full length without any give. His balls were hairy and his sack was pretty tight too. A little bummed since I did like a big meaty cock I did what he wanted.

"Look at me boy." He commanded. Who was I to argue? He smirked again and slowly removed his flannel shirt. My eyes widened. He was solid, light brown hair on his torso, nice definition. He had a body from work, not a gym. His nipples were stunning. Small but incredibly pert, I wanted to gnaw on them. My interest and desire to please him returned. This guy was cocky, hot and confident.

Pushing my off his cock he told us to switch. That was the first time I saw the dark haired hunk naked. His beard was a little fully than the light haired hunk, his torso covered in a mouth watering sexy layer of dark hair. His nips were also small and pert. They weren't brothers but complimented each other perfectly. He didn't have the same definition as the other hunk, a softer midsection, but all hunk and not a gym bod.

His cock, which was in my mouth in no time, was just a little longer and thicker than the other, his balls hung low and full. The curve on his cock was slightly to the left. . I felt a hand on the back of my head and heard the sound of the two of them giving a high five. The other hand came to rest on my head.

"One. Two. Three. Skull Fuck!" They said in unison. And they did. By this time in my sexual experience I had been face fucked, but this was more extreme. The hunk held my head in place and thrust his cock in and out wildly. All I could do was keep my mouth open and my teeth covered. Really, he did all the work. After four minutes or so he let go of my head. "Switch!" He smiled at me and winked.

Terry and I scrambled to switch places and as soon as we were close enough the hands grabbed my head and the light haired hunk resumed skull fucking me where the dark haired hunk left off. Overall, being skull fucked didn't do much for me, I wasn't able to enjoy the cock much because I really had to focus on keeping my teeth covered and not gagging as the guy's cock was thrust deep into my mouth and throat. It was the first time I was happy that the guys were both average size. Any larger and it would have hurt.

Within five minutes we were pushed off the cock and told to rim each other. Terry and I got into place and began rimming. I loved the taste and feel of Terry's hole and started getting into it. Thankfully we were given a good length of time to loosen up the hole because one of the hunks told us to finger fuck, skip one and two, three fingers from the start. Terry knew my hole well enough to insert three fingers and start fucking me. There was no pain for either of us, a plus from having spent so much time having sex together.

While working on Terry's hole I was able to see that both hunks were now naked except for socks. Hairy legs, strong thighs, hairy asses, these guys were all man.

"Over here." One of them said. Terry and I stood and walked over to a large ottoman. We were helped into place and on our backs, asses opposite each other and our heads near the other's abdomen. "Legs up boys. Time to get fucked."

Raising our legs we waited. The light haired hunk was at my ass. He squeezed some lube into his hand and tossed the bottle to his buddy. The cold lube hit my hole and he roughly pushed it in with little finger action. I presumed the same was happening to Terry.

"Finish getting those holes ready boys." The dark haired hunk said. Reaching between my legs I lubed up. Smirk on his face, the light haired hunk put a condom on his cock, grabbed my ankles, pushed my legs into position and aimed his cock at my hole.

"Ready." The light haired hunk said. "Aim." The dark haired hunk responded. "Plunder!" They said in unison as they pushed into us. Terry yelped at the same moment I did. The rather sudden and direct entrance into my ass was swift and not forgiving. Then the thrusting began. After two minutes the pain was gone and I felt myself slide into that place of joy as I was well fucked.

Just as I was getting into it he pulled out, released my legs and walked away. The dark haired hunk took his place and without a word, but one hell of a sexy smirk, his cock was in my hole. Thrusting resumed. Within moments I was back at that happy place.

"Come on boys, suck face." One of them commanded. Leaning up I met Terry's lips and we started making out while getting drilled. The hunks began to say all those crazy things guys say when the fuck and it turned me on. Just as I was entering that happy place one of them interrupted. "Sixty nine boys. Twink on top." I hurried to get on Terry. It was a challenge to move into position because both of the hunks continued to fuck. My legs were let go so I could move but it was awkward as hell.

Taking Terry's cock into my mouth I didn't have to work too hard to suck him. Having a cock drilling me and a cock plowing Terry we both were rocking back and forth. It took a few minutes to get into a groove but once we did the power of four men fucking each other and overlapped was amazing. How they did it I don't know but as soon as I felt myself going to that special place we were told to switch. This time the hunks also switched places so I was on the bottom getting fucked by the dark haired hunk and Terry on top getting the light haired hunk's cock.

We hit a rhythm faster this time and sure enough we were told to move as soon as it hit. Both of us were in doggy, shoulder to shoulder. Terry was sweaty and smelled fantastic. I had come to love the smell of a man when he is fucking. The hunks were both sweating and I tell you; a hairy hunk sweaty from fucking is beyond hot. They kept us in this position for the longest and I was ready to unload.

"On your backs." Came the command. Terry and I twisted around and on our backs, shoulder to shoulder we waited. The hunks moved to our sides, condoms were pulled off and they both jerked their meat until a load of warm cum shot out. They didn't cum at the same time, pretty close and they both aimed for our faces. "Add yours to it boys, come on, make us happy." I didn't know which one said it but I gladly jerked my dick, raised my hips as high into the air as I could and shot my load as I aimed for our faces. A moment later Terry did the same.

"Fuckin A boys. Nice. Fuck I love a boy with cum on his face!" The light haired hunk was smiling.

"Four loads, even better!" The dark haired hunk added.

We were each handed a towel to wipe up. My body was still shaking from the over sensation of a hot fuck. Looking at the hunks as they stood and watched us, sweaty, smiling and happy I laughed. They were still wearing their baseball hats.



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