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The Village (ch. 104)

Story by Lil Guy

15 Jul 2024 284 Readers comments 22 Min Read

Asher fly's to Phoenix to finalize his new position, meet his team, look around, and find a place to live. Naturally, the Original Phoenix Village made Asher feel welcome... he even made a new friend.

Topics: Fiction, Relationship, No Sex, Intersex


The Porn Star (ch. 7)

Story by Lee Obrien

14 Jul 2024 263 Readers comments 16 Min Read

Rocky and Willy fill each other in on what they had been doing for the last 60 years and Matt tells Ash about Willy's life. Ash and Ross are welcomed into Matt and Willy's family just as Rocky was. Rocky tells Ash that he is tired, and Ash tries to prepare himself for what comes next.

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Porn Star


A taste of freedom (ch. 14)

Story by Craig W

12 Jul 2024 485 Readers comments 21 Min Read

Boots accompanies Nat to his pop's fund raising dinner but soon finds himself alone at a table full of strangers when Nat is suddenly called away. Can he fit in ? Hold the fort? Become part of Nat's world?

Topics: Romance, College, Military, Crush


C.U.B.E. (ch. 41)

Story by Hunknown

12 Jul 2024 583 Readers comments 26 Min Read

👁 In this chapter, Kareem announces that he can’t stay at the Cube: the new world without UBA’s and sexual control calls for action inside and outside the Cube. Lance is invited by Perry Yukon to attend the new BDSM show at the infamous ‘Uranus Club’.

Topics: Public Sex, Fiction, Handjob, Forced, Cum, Mystery & Crime, Domination, BDSM, Fuck Machine, Illustrated


Nights in White Satin (ch. 12)

Story by Chris Lewis Gibson

9 Jul 2024 49 Readers comments 7 Min Read

Friends, after several days absense (my apologies!) we return to Geshichte Falls the week before Christmas of 1999

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Religion, Betrayal, Love, Geschichte Falls


The Agent (ch. 4)

Story by Danny Galen Cooper

29 Jun 2024 402 Readers comments 14 Min Read

Anthony has an exceptionally difficult day at work and is forced to tell Dylan the whole truth.

Topics: Fiction, Relationship


Play'd (ch. 2)

Story by TheCrazOne1814

19 Jun 2024 575 Readers comments 10 Min Read

After leaving Nikki's house I hopped into his truck and drove off. I drove again the city, before I head home, it was 8:00pm, when I pulled up outside if my Mom's house, I didn't think my day could get any worst, I didn't even notice the cars parked out front.

Topics: Black Men, Fiction, College, High School, Age Difference

8 Votes

My wishing star (ch. 8)

Story by Kaysa

13 Jun 2024 673 Readers comments 6 Min Read

All stories come to an end, Kevin and Clark have all their future ahead. (I don't have much time or inspiration, so I decided to finish the story rather than stop writing)

Topics: Big Dick, Alpha Male, Small Cock, Size Difference, Domination

33 Votes

Rumor Has It (ch. 3)

Story by Jake

11 Jun 2024 1757 Readers comments 6 Min Read

Kenny, now 25, is still dating Derek. The couple runs into one of Kenny's assailants from seven years ago, and Kenny can't control his rage. After Derek calms Kenny down, the two of them have a moment of passion in order to forget what transpired earlier in the day.

Topics: Anal Sex, Muscle, Romance, Beach, Redhead, Boyfriends, Fucking, Brunette

15 Votes

The Squirt

Story by Boy Mercury X

8 Jun 2024 1482 Readers comments 56 Min Read

The men of the Leary family congregate for a holiday meal that's got everything: Kissing cousins, a hot drunk uncle, pie, rugby dad, a scene at dinner, Aretha, family secrets and pie.

Topics: Fiction, First Time, Uncle, Incest, Cousin, Coming of Age, Holiday

58 Votes

Destination Napa Valley

Story by cmwp

3 Jun 2024 1178 Readers comments 39 Min Read

What will happen when Adam flies out to Napa Valley for his sister Terri's destination wedding? He butts heads with her fiance Chris, but will he manage to get along with Chris's brother, Alex?

Topics: Fiction, Romance, First Time, Fucking

12 Votes

Hostage Game (ch. 3)

Story by DualSoul

2 Jun 2024 1356 Readers comments 12 Min Read

The captured men discover a whole new reason to play along with their captor's game. Farmer has agreed to be your Slave as well. What will this entail?

Topics: Bondage, Exhibitionism, Oral & Blowjobs, Master & Slave, Fuck Machine, Bukkake

2 Votes

The English Spy (ch. 2)

Story by Mosca

20 May 2024 183 Readers comments 26 Min Read

Ilar Robinson returns to Triesenbourg for an important event. He allows himself to become a honey trap to seduce a British diplomat. The Harlequin agrees to help and reveals that one of Ilar's cousins is secretly in love with him. Betrayal is in the air.

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Mystery & Crime, Seduction

61 Votes

The Kicker (ch. 12)

Story by Lee Obrien

12 May 2024 808 Readers comments 26 Min Read

The aftermath of "The Kiss". Leo's secret is out for the whole world to see with that one kiss he and Rudy shared.

Topics: Fiction, Romance

3 Votes

Ben Halpern and his bit on the side (ch. 8)

Story by Mosca

1 May 2024 228 Readers comments 19 Min Read

Ben Halpern the thief with ambition meets Marius for the final showdown. He wants to be Marius's partner in crime as well as Marius's Menial. Ben uses an audacious plan and his body to prove it.

Topics: Rimming, Historical, Coercion, Mystery & Crime, Domination, Submission, Fucking

37 Votes

A Husband's Legal Consent (ch. 3)

Story by Amorifer Xi

20 Apr 2024 3656 Readers comments 60 Min Read

Brett and David continued their fuck-a-thon.

Topics: Muscle, Rimming, Big Dick, Romance, Breeding, Bareback, Cuckold, Sixty Nine, Married, Husband

23 Votes

Coming of Age (ch. 36)

Story by AJ

16 Apr 2024 788 Readers comments 26 Min Read

Just as the guys start to settle in they run into a few bumps but meet some great folks

Topics: Anal Sex, Romance, College, Submission, Coming of Age, Fucking, Love

27 Votes

Damn it Ralph

Story by Peach

28 Mar 2024 1555 Readers comments 9 Min Read

This is a true story wrapped in fiction. I did spend a couple years in prison when I was younger. Ralph is the fictional character who finds out my story. This will be a multi chapter story.

Topics: Fiction, Prison, True Story

21 Votes

A Thuglife Love

Story by KJam

22 Feb 2024 1395 Readers comments 12 Min Read

Inspired by "Every thug needs a bottom (book one), The thug and the bottom who loves him (book two), A bottom and his thug (book three), and The Scandalous Son (book four)." "A Thuglife love" captures our favorite aspects of that legendary story authored by Lovewanted305 and revived/finished by Kjam.

Topics: Black Men, Fiction, Romance

18 Votes

Oh, Brother! (ch. 9)

Story by Jon Royale

17 Feb 2024 2941 Readers comments 38 Min Read

After his last ordeal young Billy pays a visit to an unorthodox doctor, who gives the tortured teen a shocking exam.

Topics: Anal Sex, Fiction, Doctor, Humour, Twink, Oral & Blowjobs, Age Difference

7 Votes

The Gulf & the Cove (ch. 32)

Story by Rick Beck

6 Feb 2024 102 Readers comments 34 Min Read

Clay gets his wings. Dylan gets another new camera. The Cove is back to normal. Each week more people find Ivan's Cove Campgrounds. Clay goes to Washington thinking he is to wax poetic on the environment. A doctor who spoke to the senate about a new disease killing people of disease that don't kill anyone. It's a blood disease. It's a gay disease. It's deadly and no one wants to hear about ...

Topics: Fiction, Mystery & Crime

18 Votes

A Run Over Buffalo Creek

Story by Rick Beck

11 Jan 2024 934 Readers comments 19 Min Read

As a cross county trucker, sometimes you get in over your head before you realize your riding the razor's edge. My adventure in being the final truck to cross over Buffalo Creek and make it up the hill on the other side, was one of those times. Driving all the time, many actions are automatic., and when a fellow trucker calls you on the radio to say, "I'm shooting that bridge. I'm making it up ...

Topics: Fiction, Travel, Trucker

24 Votes

Copping A Lot - A Poem

Story by Prikz

21 Dec 2023 1475 Readers comments 3 Min Read

I pick up a hitch hiker and am in the middle of fucking him when disturbed by a police officer

Topics: Cop, Hitchhiking, Poetry, Cock Sucking

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