The phone rang. Mother answered. "That's wonderful." and hung up.

"Boys, that's Linda, she will be here in a minute. You two relax, enjoy yourselves and I will see you later this afternoon!" She had her coat and gloves on before she finished the sentence and left.

"That was fast!" Terry looked a little surprised at her quick departure.

Shrugging my shoulders I began to pick up the unfinished game. We both turned with a start when the door opened.

"Guys!" Jude's voice was booming. "Time to have some fun!"

Huge smiles across our faces we stood to greet Jude. Handing a box to Terry, Jude removed his coat and boots and gave me a bear hug. "How goes the visit with Mom?"

"Really well." I smiled and gave him a quick kiss.

"Unbelievable well!" Terry added giving a kiss to Jude.

"Really? Great! Brought a little something while we wait for the ladies." Opening the box Jude pulled out bottles. "Tom & Jerry's?"

Terry insisted we have the radio on playing Christmas music, talked about the trip and drank. Jude was really enjoying his time with his mother and sister. Most of the conversation was about the visit we were having at my mom's. Jude asked a lot of questions. We laughed frequently and Terry, who rarely talks much in groups, answered most of Jude's questions. He looked and sounded like he was truly enjoying himself.

As the afternoon worn on I was relieved that he was having fun. Maybe it was the booze but I think it was honest on Terry's part. He was enjoying a visit to my childhood home. My level of stress dropped once I could see Terry was having fun and that my Mom liked him. The trip was turning out to be a great decision.

The door opened and my Mom walked in. "I can hear you boys all the way to the street! You must be having a fun time!"

We greeted her with hugs and kisses.

"No wonder you are so loud, you boys have been drinking. I hope you aren't drunk." Her tone was half serious.

"Where's Linda?" Jude asked.

"She went home. We need to be at your house at six, not a minute earlier. Oh, I guess it isn't your house anymore is it Jude? Silly me."

"Can I interest you in a holiday drink Shirley?" Jude offered.

"Thank you Jude. That's very sweet of you but I need to drive in a little bit." A cup of coffee will be just fine.

Leaving them I went to make coffee and mix yet another batch of drinks. Half an hour later Terry and I changed clothes.

"Sam. I am having so much fun. Thank you." He gave me a deep kiss. I wanted to take off his clothing and make love to him but resisted.

Linda was a Martha Stewart fan. Her home, the dinner table, the tree, every detail was perfect, if you like that sort of thing. Complimenting her on the amazing display she was blushing and pooh poohing it. It was easy to see she was thrilled we noticed. The food was outstanding. I had never seen such care taken to make a meal look like the cover of a magazine.

Eating and talking and laughing, we laughed a lot, the evening passed smoothly. My mother didn't say anything to embarrass me, at least nothing about sex. After we ate Linda insisted "the boys" go into the living room and enjoy a cocktail. She had made up a festive holiday drink. Not sure what it was but it was spiced and delicious. While we boys took it easy the moms took care of the kitchen. It felt awkward not to help but they were both adamant.

Finally they came into the living room bringing their smiles. Of course they wanted pictures. Each of us alone, in pairs, with our mothers, all together. Twenty minutes later they were satisfied they had taken enough photos.

"Time to go boys!" Linda announced.

"Go where?" Terry asked.

"To church. It is Christmas Eve. Come on boys! Get your coats. I hope you aren't too drunk."

We were drunk, but not falling over drunk. Terry looked frightened. Personally I wasn't much of a fan of church, especially since being gay was still considered a sin in the church my mother went to, the same one I grew up attending. The idea of refusing was unthinkable. After all they had done I couldn't say no.

The ride to church was quiet. Music played on the radio and helped to fill the silence. Arriving to church I took the moments chance to ask Terry if he was ok. He nodded. I knew he wasn't a believer and that he had issues with the church but he was going. I gave him a lot of credit for it.

Walking inside he smiled politely to people. There wasn't much conversation, people were talking in hushed tones, a lot of hand shaking and slight bows. We followed behind the moms taking a seat towards the front. The organ began to play, the Pastor walked up the main aisle and everyone stood. He spoke for a moment when he reached the front telling us the service was a special service and most of it would be the choir singing.

Relaxing when I heard there would not be a sermon I wanted to reach over and grab Terry's hand. We don't always get to do what we want. The service lasted one hour. The Pastor spoke twice for a minute or two, otherwise it was just the choir singing and a few Christmas hymns when the congregation joined in. The lights were low and candles where everywhere. Admitedly it was rather beautiful. A few times I looked at Terry and he had never looked so serene.

The Pastor thanked us for coming and we exited the church while the choir sang. Linda dropped us off and we quietly went into the house.

"That was so beautiful. I love this service. They do such a wonderful job, the choir. Did you enjoy the service boys?"

"Yes. I did. Thank you for inviting us." Terry smiled.

"Oh Terry. I am so happy you came along. Not just to the service, but to visit. It means so much to me." My mom gave him a big hug.

"Now boys. I need to get to sleep. Don't be up too late, Santa won't stop if he knows you are awake."

It was still early, at least for us. Terry asked if we could sit and look at the tree for a while. Opening a bottle of wine we sat and looked at the tree. He didn't talk much as he snuggled up next to me.

"Make love to me Sam." He whispered in my ear. Slowly and quietly we made love. Unless we were removing clothing or sucking on cock we didn't stop kissing. It was truly the most romantic love making I had ever had.

The smell of coffee and bacon woke me from my slumber. Giving Terry a kiss I got out of bed, put on some sweats and left the room.

"Good morning Honey." Mother said quietly. "Merry Christmas. Did you sleep well?"

"Merry Christmas. Yes I slept perfectly. Did you?"

"Oh yes, you two were so quiet last night I slept without a problem. Is Terry up?"

Up? Actually no, he wasn't but he was awake.

"Good morning." Terry's voice greeted us.

"Merry Christmas Terry! I hope you slept well."

"I did. It smells amazing!" He smiled and gave a light pat to my ass.

"Well sit down, it will be ready in a moment. Sam, pour us some coffee will you? And take the milk and juice from the refrigerator."

Finishing with breakfast Terry and I cleaned up the kitchen while my mother watched us. "It is so nice to see you in the kitchen again Sam. You two look so good together! Have you talked about moving in together yet?"

"No Mom, we haven't." I shot her a glare and a smile.

"A mother has the right to ask." She stood her ground. "Hurry up and finish."

We put the last of the dishes away as she anxiously waited. "Come on boys. Into the living room!"

Ushering us in she sat down, camera in hand. "Well boys. Did Santa stop by last night or were you up too late?"

Terry looked at me. He was completely confused.

"Santa. You have heard of him Terry. Did he stop by?" She noticed his confusion too. "Over there, by the fireplace." She pointed and smiled, no beemed.

Hanging from the mantel were two stockings. Mine was the same one that had been hanging on the mantel since I was a child. Next to it, with his name on it, was a stocking for Terry.

"Go. Go see!" She was so eager for us to look.

Terry didn't move, he just stood looking at the stockings.

"Go stand by them so I can get a picture." Mom was giddy.

We stood next to our stockings and smiled. Terry looked terrified.

"Well, take them down! See if he left you anything. Have you been good boys or are they filled with coal?" She laughed at her little joke.

"Define good, Mother." I smirked.

"Now Sam." She wiggled her finger at me.

Terry's behavior was strange. He was acting like he could get hurt. Slowly, stopping as mother asked us to pose for another photo, we began to empty the contents of our stockings. A candy cane filled with M&Ms, an orange, a Pez dispenser, a roll of quarters, a tooth brush, dental floss, a small bag of nuts and a small wrapped gift.

"Terry. Santa has brought the same little treats to Sam every year." My mom was big on tradition. "Now open the gifts."

"You go first Terry." I was curious to see what he had received.

Slowly opening the giftwrap his mouth dropped open. He looked up at me and shook his head.

"Well, show us!" Mother was sitting on the edge of the sofa.

"I can't." Terry said in such a tone I was concerned.

"Don't be silly. Show us!" She wasn't letting up.

"Please no." He pleaded.

"Let me peek." I leaned over to see what he had. Slowly he peeled back the wrap. My mouth dropped open. I looked up at him understanding why he was reluctant.

"Well come on, don't do this to an old woman."

"Let me open mine first." I had to do something. Opening my gift I feared what I would find. Yep. My fears were justified. Terry leaned in and I let him peek. Looking at my mother I didn't know what to think.

"Well?" She was past politely waiting.

Pulling the giftwrap off and dropping it to the floor I held out the gift. Santa had given me a metal cockring.

"Oh! How pretty! Terry? Did you get one too?" I actually believed her. She thought they were pretty.

Terry held his metal cockring up and tried to smile.

"You have a matching pair!" She took a picture. "You must have been good boys for Santa to be so thoughtful."

"Mom? Is it too early for a drink?" I needed something. This was beyond belief.

"Yes it is. Now go shower, don't get dressed in nice clothes yet. We have to get ready for Linda and Jude.

In my bedroom Terry looked at me and started laughing. Trying to keep it down I did too and we both ended up on the bed laughing. "Sam! Your mother bought us cockrings!"

"I am speechless. Terry, I don't know if I should thank her or commit her!"

I sent him to shower and went to see what needed to be done. Two hours of cleaning up, prepping food, setting the table and making things look just perfect. She kept us busy.

"Go get changed boys. They will be here soon." She sent us off and went to change herself.

Mother kept us moving with her requests for some little thing. Having never hosted a dinner party, any party, I wasn't sure why she was so concerned. Napkins foldered just so, the glasses in the right stop, candles lit and a myriad of details.

The doorbell rang. "Where does the time go?" Mother removed her apron and hurried to let the guests in.

Dinner was delicious. Conversation moved smoothly with bouts of laughter during the stories. Once we had all eaten our fill and then some Jude almost forced our moms and Terry into the living room, filling their glasses with wine. The two of us cleaned up the table, did some dishes and made an serious effort to return the kitchen to a state that would please mom.

"How is really going Sam? Terry doing ok? You doing ok?" Jude spoke in hushed tones.

"It is going really well Jude. I was nervous but she likes Terry, he seems to like her too. But get this Jude. Santa brought us both a cock ring!"

"What!" Jude was not hushed. Then he started laughing.

"Shhhhhh! Yes, he was so embarrassed. I was too. Can you imagine?"

"Where did she get them?"

"No idea."

Jude continued to laugh over the gift as we finished up.

"Now stop laughing, let's go." I grabbed another bottle of wine and we went to join the others. The moms were leaning in towards Terry and chatting away. He was completely drawn in to whatever tale they were telling.

"Wine any one?"

"Oh Yes! I would love some more wine." Mother was not driving so she could enjoy a glass or two.

"Thank you boys for cleaning up. You are so sweet. And Terry here, he is adorable. Come sit boys. Time for gifts!" Mother bounced up and went to the tree. There weren't many gifts, we didn't go crazy buying things. Part of it was just being careful with the dollar and part of it was not really needing anything. Of course I was given the standard white athletic socks and a three pack of Fruit of the Loom boxers. Not much of a surprise when Jude and Terry also received the exact same gifts. I was anxious to give mother her gift, the one Tyler helped me pick out. When she picked up that box I smiled and felt excited to see her reaction.

"It's so beautifully wrapped Sam! When did you learn to do such a nice job?"

"Spent hours getting it just perfect." I lied.

"He's lying, the clerk wrapped it." Jude had to correct my fib.

Carefully she opened the gift wrap. She didn't say anything but I knew she was going to save it to use on a gift someitme in the future. Carefully folding back the tissue paper she gasped, her eyes grew wide and her mouth formed a huge smile. "Oh Sam. Oh, Sam! Look at it! It is beautiful! Linda! Look at how beautiful this is!" She held up the scarf.

"Touch it Linda, feel how soft. Oh Sam, I don't know what to say. It is so beautiful!" She had opened up the scarf carefully put it on. It was perfect for her.

"Sam. Really. You spent too much. I know it. I can feel it. This was far too much money Sam. Linda. Smell how beautiful this scarf is, he spent far too much money."

"Merry Christmas Mother. It was worth every penny, just as you are." I wasn't fibbing. She was worth it.

"Where will I wear it?" Was she asking us or herself?

"Everywhere." Linda answered her.

"Oh Sam. This is too much. Really Sam."

"Shirley, stop now. The boy said you are worth it. It is beautiful on you."

A few gifts later mother was excited to pass her last gift on to me. Boxed and wrapped it was a work of art. My guess was the two of them watched some program about gift wrapping. Gotta love moms into Martha Stewart.

Opening the box my eyes grew wide, my mouth dropped open and I would have fell over had I been standing.

"What is it!" Came the chorus.

"Do you like it Sam? I wasn't sure but decided to give it a try."

"Mom. I don't know what to say."

"Thank you is a good start. Now show everyone!"

Reaching into the box I slowly, very very slowly pull out my gift. My mother, the woman into Martha Stewart and her church ladies group, had given me a butt plug starter set of three. Jude rolled with laughter. He was on the floor laughing loudly. Terry was also laughing. Linda smiled politely and my mother, she just sat waiting for a thank you.

"Well Sam. Do you like it?"

"Mom. I don't know what to say. Thank you."

Stunned. I was stunned. What do say to your mother when she gives you a set of buttplugs? For Christmas no less! In front of guests?

"You are welcome. Now I have something for Terry too."


"Hush Sam. You had your turn. Here you are Terry. I hope you like it."

Fear filled me. What could it be?

Terry's eyes lit up. "What?"

"Here, this is for you. Go on take it Honey." My mother held out a beautifully wrapped gift.

Looking lost and completely surprised Terry slowly reached up to take the gift. He sat down turning the package around to look at the wrapping. "It's too beautiful to open."

"Don't be silly. Open it." The look on my mother's face was priceless. She looked so happy.

Carefully Terry began to open the package. The anticipation by all of us was high. Once the paper was off he held the box pausing. Slowly he opened it almost as if he was a little fearful. The lid open he looked inside and froze. Then he nudged my leg with his knee. Leaning over I looked inside. I started laughing. There was no way to stop it. Terry started to laugh too.

"What's so funny? Show us!" The demands from the others came rapidfire. Finally Jude leaned over me and reached into the box and pulled out Terry's gift.

"A vibrator! Perfect! Mom? How come you never gave me a vibrator?" Jude began to laugh. The three of us were falling on each other as the laughter continued. The moms looked on and smiled politely.

"What is so funny boys?"

Apparently they were not as amused. We caught our breath. Terry stood up and gave my mother a hug. "Thank you Shirley. It is a wonderful gift."

She looked happy again and sat back with that knowing mother face. "You are very welcome Terry. I am glad you know what it is."

"Shirley, where did you get these gifts?" Jude couldn't hold back from asking.

"Well. I went on line and searched for gifts for gay men and went to this site. Of course I had no idea what to pick. Most of it, I didn't even know what it was. But they had a phone number for customer service so I called. A very nice woman answered and I told her I was looking for a gift for my gay son and his boyfriend. She asked some questions and suggested the rings and the thing for Terry and that starter set.

"I still am not entirely sure what you do with them but she seemed to think you would. Do you like them? You do know what they are for, how to use them don't you?"

"Oh do they know how to use them!" Jude volunteered a little too quickly and then laughed. I slugged him.

"Now Sam. That isn't nice. Say you're sorry."

"What are these rings?" Jude asked.

"The rings. They are very nice. Are you boys wearing them?" Mother appreciated Jude asking about them. I did not. He knew very well what she was talking about.

"No we are not."

"Well go get them so Linda and Jude can see them. Go on. Both of you." She waved her hand at us.

Standing up I purposely stepped on Jude's foot as I went to retrive the rings. Stopping in the kitchen on my way back with another bottle of wine I smiled and put the rings over the neck of the wine bottle.

"IS that what they are for? Seems a little silly to call them a gift for gay men. Women can use them too." Mother was perplexed.

"That is not what they are for Shirley. You wearing them around your cock and balls." Jude was still very eager to embarrass us.

"Jude! Watch your language!" Linda scolded her son.

"That seems odd. Who would see it?" Mother still didn't quite get it. "But if that is how you wear it I don't want to see it." She shook her head.

"Have another glass of wine Mom." I poured her and Linda another glass. "And this is for you Linda." I handed her the gift I had bought.

She smiled and thanked me, taking the gift. "It is so beautifully wrapped. I bet you didn't do this Sam." She smiled. Carefully she opened the gift and gasped, her left hand came to her breast and she sighed. Picking up the broach she shook her head. "Sam! It is so beautiful! Shirley, look at this. It is beautiful! Where ever will I wear it?"

"Oh my! Linda it is beautiful. Sam! You are so thoughtful." Both women were admiring the broach. I felt so good for finding her a gift she appreaciated so much. Well, that Tyler found a gift she would love.

"Mom, I have one more gift for you." I handed her another gift and sat down. She gingerly opened the gift and had the same reaction as Linda did to hers. They both admired the broaches and sort of forgot we were there. What a great feeling when a gift works so well.

As they were talking Terry's hand ran along my thigh and came to rest half way up. My cock began to swell. Patting my thigh he stood up.

"I have a gift for you too." He picked up a present and handed it to my mother. It was a surprise to all of us. Sitting down I put my arm around his shoulders and gave a gentle squeeze.

As she opened the book I felt so complete. My mother was happy. She liked my boyfriend. My boyfriend liked my mother. The visit was going far better than I culd have imagined.

"It's a book. Linda, a new book. Terry you are so clever! Linda and I are in a book club and we are always looking for something new to read. The other women seem to want to read these old classics and I find them boring. I haven't heard of this one. "Fifty Shades of Grey" Linda? Have you heard of it?"

Without thinking I elbowed Terry. What was he thinking? Giving my mother, whom he had never met, a book about bondage sex?

"Well Shirley, I have and it's...rather racy."

"Is it? Maybe I need to read some of it before mentioning it to the girls. Thank you Terry. It is very thoughtful and I am sure I will absolutely love it." She stood up and walked toward Terry. He stood and she gave him a hug.

"Boys. This is the best Christmas I can remember. I am so happy you are all here."

Please don't let her cry!

"I think I am going to cry. No. No I won't. This is a joyous occasion. Let's finish our wine."



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