I was exhausted from the experience of Craig fucking me. My body had lost all energy and was trying to recover from the overload of sensation and thrills that he provided. My mind was racing and still at the same time. I wanted to remember every second yet had no idea what I was thinking. It felt like I was alive and dead at the same time.

Craig left me there while I looked at the ceiling and tried to regain my breath. When he returned he had a damp rag that he used, not on me, but the cum I had deposited on his rug.

'Craig, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to...'

'Shhh, don't worry about it, scotchguard. Here have some water.' He smiled as he held out a large glass.

I sat up and immediately felt a pain in my ass. Yes, it hurt to sit. I endured and drank the glass of water while he cleaned up my cum. He took the glass and rag and left. When he returned he held out his hand and helped me stand then proceeded to lead me into his bedroom. 'We aren't done yet.'

Not done yet! Holy shit!

He sat me on his bed and kissed my forehead and then pushed me back. Once again I felt his strong hands on my knees as he easily spread them apart. During the amazing adventure we had just been on he had not once touched my dick. Now he made up for it. His lips wrapped around the head of my cock, which quickly grew to full size, and slowly began to give me another trip toward orgasm.

Sucking only my head he applied pressure then released it only to engulf it again and start anew. He worked my head until I was ready to cum. Moments before I unloaded he pulled off and gripped my cock squeezing like a vice. After a few moments the urge to spooge subsided and he returned to licking my shaft, slowly, top to bottom.

He brought his hands into play and manipulated my dick until I swear it grew even larger. Using his thumbs he spread open my slit and inserted his tongue and I groaned with excitement and fear. Would it rip?

He didn't neglect my balls. Hands and mouth he pulled, sucked, tongued and squeezed the entire time maintaining a smile. He appeared to be enjoying himself immensely.

I wiggled and squirmed as he sent sensations I had never felt thru my body. Damn he knew how to work a body. I tried to watch but found myself falling back again and again. I wanted to see what he was doing, I wanted to learn but the joy was too much to ignore.

'Ready to cum Sam?'

I looked at him and he was smiling at me, his entire face was lit up.

'Oh yeah.' I barely spoke.

He opened his mouth and swallowed my entire cock. At once he applied pressure on my shaft and head and somehow created a vibration that I felt in my toes. Moving his head in what looked awkward he did it. From deep inside my body I felt a growing flow of cum moving up my shaft and then blast down his throat. He swallowed it all and kept sucking.

Feeling dizzy, like I may pass out I was hyperventilating.

'Slow down Sam, breath deep.'

I tried. After a minute or two I opened my eyes and once again found myself looking at the ceiling. Was this going to be a frequent position for me? I raised my head and looked down toward my cock and Craig's mug. My body was covered with a thin layer of sweat. It was, by far, the most amazing orgasm I had ever experienced.

'You are delicious.' He said still smiling.

'Fuck. You are unbelievable.'

'Nah, just experienced. The slut in me comes out sometimes.'

'Thank god for that!'

He laughed and stood up. I looked at him. What a beautiful body and sadly I had yet to touch it. What the hell was wrong with me? I sat up and looked him in the eyes. 'Do I get to touch you now?'

Smiling he stepped forward between my still spread legs. I reached up and wrapped my hands around the cock that had filled me earlier. His cock was not erect but full and I lowered me head to take his into my mouth.

I tried my best to remember what he had done to me but felt like I stumbled repeatedly. The twisting and sucking, pressure and release, I did what I could to give him an amazing blow job. He was very nice about it and would groan and moan. I was pretty sure he was trying to boost my confidence. I bathed his balls and held them in my mouth. I tried to get both in as he had done to me but failed. He was just too big to get them both in.

He was hard and that told me I was doing something right so I continued. He started to move closer and began crawling onto the bed straddling me as his cock remained in my mouth. I leaned back, not by choice and soon I was flat on my back, yet again, Craig over me, cock in my mouth. I relaxed and held still as he slid in and out of my mouth. I tried to suck him so hard he couldn't pull out and he still managed to escape. I was being face fucked and enjoying it. I could get more of his cock down my throat when he was driving and my gagging reflex was minimal.

'Get ready Sam, here it comes.' And it did. The amount was not too much to swallow, it was less than what I got from Jude, I felt proud to take it all and not have any ooze out.

He got off of me and laid down beside me. I could feel him breathing heavy and hoped it was a good sign, that I had given a decent blow job. Watching his chest I couldn't help but reach over and touch his nipple. Soon I was kissing and licking and sucking his right pec and found the taste and scent intoxicating. I wanted more. He allowed me to explore his body and I did. My hands and mouth roamed over him. I wanted to taste every inch of his skin. I tasted armpit for the first time and continued over his bicep to his fore arm to his hands and sucked on his fingers one by one. I moved to his left nipple and explored that side of his body the same way.

I moved down his stomach licking, kissing, caressing. Just as I was about to start moving in on his cock again I felt his hand on my shoulder. I looked up as he gently brought me toward him and we kissed.

Making out with him was wonderful. His tongue was firm and his lips were soft. 'Sam,' he pushed me away, 'I could spend the rest of the day with you just like this, but we really need to shower now.'


'It's almost five-thirty.'

'What! No way.'

'Yes Sam, time to get you home.'

Had it really been five, six hours? Unbelievable. I knew time was passing but it didn't feel like the entire afternoon was gone. He got up and showered while I laid on his bed and looked at his room. Spotless. Shit this guy was a neat freak. It reminded me of a hotel room where everything was always clean and in place. Hearing the shower stop and listening to the sounds of Craig drying off and applying deodorant and brushing his teeth I felt like I was in a different world, kind of odd, but something I could easily get use to.



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