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Shedding the Last Inhibition

Story by Habu

14 Jun 2024 884 Readers comments 20 Min Read

Helping male nude model go all the way in Madeira.

Topics: Voyeurism, First Time, Outdoor, Beach, Nudity


AJ and MO

Story by Succubus

10 Jun 2024 1739 Readers comments 16 Min Read

MO was excited for a hot, steamy night with Mr. Thick, but things took an unexpected turn when his best friend showed up needing a hug.

Topics: Romance, First Time, Friends


Gone Fishing

Story by Don

9 Jun 2024 1545 Readers comments 3 Min Read

Long week at work. Had tp get away and relax.

Topics: First Time, Oral & Blowjobs, Fucking


Oliver's Travels (ch. 9)

Story by Donny Mumford

5 Jun 2024 387 Readers comments 28 Min Read

Young love is a powerful thing, but it can be a bumpy ride. After a drunken night together, Frankie is back appeasing Darleen with Oliver left holding his own dick again. Frankie has more troubles than Darleen, though. He owes a bookie $2000 and he has to 'work' it off blow...

Topics: Fiction, First Time, Sex, Drunk, Kissing, Love


Coming Out

Story by Grant

3 Jun 2024 3450 Readers comments 64 Min Read

Wesley lived the rural life, one on a farm, and he felt isolated, alone, closeted out fear, until he met Oliver.

Topics: Anal Sex, Fiction, First Time, Farmer, Coming Out, Oral & Blowjobs, Rural


Owen and Enzo

Story by Str8SensitiveGuy

1 Jun 2024 1746 Readers comments 45 Min Read

From friends to roommates to more. A prank with a rival sports team leads to the kidnapping of a human mascot that almost goes too far.

Topics: First Time, Friends, College, Roommate, Revenge, Tickling


Bromance on the Beach (ch. 5)

Story by Jay Taylor Johnson

28 May 2024 3299 Readers comments 32 Min Read

After becoming fast friends at work, Tucker is excited when Bryson agrees to join him on a group vacation to Mexico. But between the romantic beaches and unlimited cocktails, the pair is forced to reckon with the unacknowledged tension between them and answer some difficult questions about the true nature of their relationship.

Topics: First Time, Friends, Bromance, Straight to Gay


A Bodybuilder's Fuck Fantasy

Story by Paul François

25 May 2024 2951 Readers comments 5 Min Read

Having a perfect muscular body seems to be a curse… until the right guy shows up in the fitness center. Biceps, pecs, thighs, ass and cock are all being put to contribution.

Topics: First Time, Body Worship, Body Modification, Fucking

87 Votes

The Abstinence Pledge

Story by Grant

14 May 2024 2224 Readers comments 34 Min Read

Tyler felt unmoored. That life wasn't progressing they way it should.

Topics: Anal Sex, First Time, Outdoor, Oral & Blowjobs

65 Votes

Peter's earbuds

Story by Karcamel

13 May 2024 4416 Readers comments 23 Min Read

A man discovers that his old laptop has stopped working completely. The young man next door is good with computers and comes to help.

Topics: First Time, Neighbour, Twink, Sex, Age Difference

14 Votes

Wrong recipient? (ch. 2)

Story by Karcamel

9 May 2024 1803 Readers comments 6 Min Read

The final part of the story

Topics: Straight Men, First Time, Neighbour, Infidelity, Oral & Blowjobs, Sex

20 Votes

Bubble Butt Becomes a Star

Story by Paul François

8 May 2024 1991 Readers comments 4 Min Read

At 18, a butt in dark pink spandex can earn you unflattering nicknames like sissy and pansy. In the case of Angel, it confirms his difference, a feeling of pride that has driven him since puberty.

Topics: First Time, Twink, Bubble Butt, Ass Play

9 Votes

The teddy bear which granted me my wishes (ch. 2)

Story by mr_crimson

8 May 2024 1463 Readers comments 3 Min Read

I got closer to the mesmerizing creature in front of me and I touched it. It physically existed. The skin was extremely smooth and smelled really nice. In fact, too nice. The moment I smelled it I got really horny. My sight was getting blurry.

Topics: Big Dick, First Time, Fantasy, Twink, Size Difference

138 Votes

Complete Opposites

Story by Str8SensitiveGuy

1 May 2024 4103 Readers comments 48 Min Read

The star of the football team and a nerd are paired together as college roommates. They become unlikely friends and eventually more. The sports star gets abducted by rivals and the nerd comes to his rescue.

Topics: Abduction, First Time, Friends, College, Coming Out, Love

54 Votes

Riding Bitch (ch. 3)

Story by ClosetCase

25 Apr 2024 4222 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Vince and Todd take Carter to a truck stop and share...

Topics: Straight Men, First Time, College, Trucker, Gangbang

46 Votes

Cherry Picking in the Vineyard

Story by Habu

22 Apr 2024 2877 Readers comments 19 Min Read

Gay Egyptian Londoner takes son to Cyprus for initiation.

Topics: Arab, First Time, Interracial, Outdoor, Hotels, Travel

50 Votes

Straight Boy Mansion

Story by Shadow123

21 Apr 2024 4157 Readers comments 18 Min Read

Brian is a straight male in desperate need for money, when a gay millionaire bets him, "One hour of sex with me, if you don't like it, I'll give you $50k." Brian is confident in his sexuality and could really use the money, so he takes the bet. This'll be the easiest money he'll ever make, right?

Topics: Rough Sex, Bondage, Group Sex, First Time, Master & Slave

70 Votes

First Love

Story by ganymede

20 Apr 2024 3289 Readers comments 15 Min Read

After the Homecoming football game, Gary and Todd engage in another type of game. The two boys explore each other's bodies and form a bond that will last for years.

Topics: First Time, High School, Twink, Oral & Blowjobs, Nipple Play, Love

88 Votes

Streets to Sheets

Story by Pothos Scout

19 Apr 2024 6535 Readers comments 13 Min Read

A frightened young twink, who finds himself recently alone after being kicked out of his house, reflects on his first time with a charming redneck jock boy from his small hometown.

Topics: Piss, Handjob, First Time, High School, Seduction, Twink, Virgin, Redneck, Homeless, Blond, Blue Collar, Coming of Age, Kissing, Cum Eating

33 Votes

Well-Cut Hairstylist

Story by Paul François

19 Apr 2024 1957 Readers comments 5 Min Read

A client walks in a hair salon for just a mustache trim. He ends up with a public hair trim and a unique experience in man-to-man pleasures.

Topics: Rimming, First Time, Kissing, Fucking

24 Votes

Slippery Slope

Story by Habu

16 Apr 2024 2322 Readers comments 47 Min Read

Craig lets ambition sink him into the world of male prostitution.

Topics: Fiction, First Time, Prostitution, Interracial, Office Sex

68 Votes

Strange Library Encounter

Story by Shadow123

16 Apr 2024 3764 Readers comments 12 Min Read

A nerd in college hasn't had success getting laid by any girls. One day, a guy comes up to him and boldly states that he wants to have sex with him. A chance for free and easy sex, but with a man. Will he accept his offer?

Topics: Rough Sex, Straight Men, First Time, College, Domination

72 Votes

Employee of the month

Story by Shadow123

15 Apr 2024 3340 Readers comments 9 Min Read

Jerry is caught for a fireable offense in the office. But as the new hot young guy in the office, his boss gives him one last chance to keep his job. How far will he go to avoid being fired.

Topics: First Time, Domination, Boss, Office Sex

49 Votes

Breeding Pretty Boys

Story by Prettyboy

14 Apr 2024 3154 Readers comments 4 Min Read

Jerry loves a virign and breeding pretty boys. He meets Justin and connects with him so eventually he initiates Justin into gay sex. Justin is bred and becomes a gorgeous bottom bitch that loves cock up his ass.

Topics: Anal Sex, First Time, Twink

37 Votes

A Canadian Cowboy's Nirvana

Story by Paul François

7 Apr 2024 2755 Readers comments 6 Min Read

An older cowboy has a big ass. A younger cowboy has a big dick. They are meant to saddle up. Welcome to Homo on the Range where one saves a horse by riding a cowboy.

Topics: Big Dick, First Time, Cowboy, Big Ass

62 Votes

Truck park

Story by Morningstar97

6 Apr 2024 5628 Readers comments 8 Min Read

The stories is based on real events. Names have been changed.

Topics: Public Sex, Bondage, First Time, Bareback, Age Difference, Trucker, True Story, Fucking

38 Votes

My Buddy's Big Blond Balls (ch. 2)

Story by Brandon

4 Apr 2024 2295 Readers comments 2 Min Read

Part 2. My buddy goes back to playing video games without putting his clothes back on. As I watch him I get brave and give him a blow job. A first for both of us.

Topics: First Time, Friends, Face Fuck, Oral & Blowjobs

38 Votes

Pat's Bar, Last Call

Story by LaidBackCoolGuy

4 Apr 2024 2217 Readers comments 17 Min Read

When asked by a mutual friend, Johnny arrives as last call is shouted out at the bar, to get Erik home safely. These two men, Erik a widower and Johnny married with kids, who don't know each other well, get a bit carried away in the moment.

Topics: Straight Men, First Time, Oral & Blowjobs, Married, Fucking

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