• British Bloke

    A friend from across the pond comes to visit an online friend to finally experience man to man sex. Bottoms just want to have.

  • First time threesome

    First gay experience - with two men

  • First Time With A Man

    just a first experience, both sexually and writing

  • From Innocent Virgin to Slut in 24 Hours: Chapter 3

    Back at his aunts house Stuart is warned about staying away from the car park in the woods as it's a place where men meet for sex. With a twinkle in his eye he offers to take Pip for a walk in the woods!

  • Happy 78th !!! or....PJ Comes To The New World-1949

    How not to arrive in a place you've not been.

  • initiation

    My late but first time gay experience - a threesome

  • Lay-by fun

    My first experience with a gay guy.

  • Cousin trains me....: Chapter 2

    My cousin Owen returned from Vietnam and lived with our families tobacco farm.

  • My First Time

    True Story - First time ever encounter with an older gay gay.

  • My Husbands First Gay Experience

    For our anniversary in Vegas we invited another guy to join us to tick off some of our fantasies. We met Dave at the pool and headed back to our room where I watched my husband suck and fuck him.

  • Nothing succeeds like success

    Ravi Menon is slated to be the youngest Senior Partner in IT industry, but when he makes it to the top there is no one to celebrate his success with. Then, the most unlikely candidate walks into his life...

  • The Development of Joshua

    From that first crush to the exploration of sex.

  • "Athletic" modelling

    Bryan is approached to do some modelling, and leads him to try a lot more....

  • Hey man, whatcha doin

    ...before stopping at the base, squeezing hard, before he resumes his gliding, back up its length. After traveling the full length of my tool, one time, he spreads the discharged juice he pumped from my inner most depths across the mushroomed head of my cock. I hear myself, gasp, at the sensitivity ...

  • Hey, Mac!

    "You need help with this?" I ask as I roughly grab his cock, catching him, unawares, while gently stroking mine as I gaze up at him. I squeeze him, tight, his hard equipment, pulses in my grip. It seduces me with it appealing stiffness between his still wet and water-soaked legs.

  • The Gift: Chapter 8

    A grocery store, sex, and a video camera. A recipe for disaster, or freedom? Hal and Doc's lives are about to change.

  • Therapy

    Jess is stuck in an abusive relationship with the rugby team captain, Brayden. Until he meets Demetriou, a god of a man.

  • 18-Year-Old High School Jock Gets His First Blowjob at Gay Bookstore

    Dirk, an 18-year-old high school senior, is shy but sexy as hell as the number one athlete on his high school golf team. Dirk, a typical horny teenager, becomes very curious of what it would be like to have a guy suck his cock. He visits an adult gay bookstore in search of an answer.

  • 18yo Aussie Tom's First Time

    I received a fan email from an 18yo high school swimmer from Sydney saying he wanted to try anal for the first time. How could I turn down that kind of offer? Tom is gorgeous and our first time together involved my fuck buddy Alex, three Aussie guys getting it on in speedos. It was really hot!!!

  • 1st Adult Bookstore Arcade Experience

    True recalling of my 1st encounter at an arcade in Memphis, Tennessee

  • 1st Time fucked a Boy-pussy

    My Introduction to the gay world through my elder cousin brother

  • 2 Best Friends First Time

    True story-2 best friends take their friendship even further one day.

  • 2nd Time With Same Guy?

    This is like pt2 of my other story "it's weird how it happened" a user requested to tell us more so this is pt2.....

  • A Brat's Baptism

    Growing up around sailors and ships, immersed in a sea of masculinity, a boy is indoctrinated into the sacred mystery... igniting a life-long infatuation with cock.

  • A Brat's First Holy Communion

    Lifting sail and catching the winds of destiny, an adolescent boy undertakes a voyage fraught with consequences. Receiving first holy communion from sailors, he is forever transformed.

  • A Burglar at My Back Door

    His virginity is taken by an intruder.

  • A Camping Trip to Remember

    We all have first time experiences; mine happened with my best friend at the time.

  • A Change of Hearts

    James finally comes to terms with what has happened.

  • A Cherry Tale

    Let me tell you about the first time I fucked another man. We'd been dating a couple of weeks and I really wanted in his pants badly. His name was Tom.

  • A Christmas Miracle - Jimmy and Jesse

    Jimmy's lived in solitude for a long time, finding anonymous sex when he couldn't stand it any longer and had to have it, keeping himself safe from ever getting hurt again. Not from his family who disowned him when he came out, not from boyfriends, the last of which did an epic number on him. But ...