• A Big Harry Daddy Deflowers His Son's Best Friend

    Big Daddy and his wife Antoinette host a joint 18th birthday party for their son Mario and his best friend Cody. After booze had big daddy horny as hell, he gave Cody a special birthday gift by deflowering the innocent 18-year-old's virgin ass.

  • A Brat's First Holy Communion

    Lifting sail and catching the winds of destiny, an adolescent boy undertakes a voyage fraught with consequences. Receiving first holy communion from sailors, he is forever transformed.

  • Boy's First Time Chapter 4

    A new relationship fizzles out, and a new one blossoms.

  • Boy's First Time Chapter 5

    Things heat up with the new guy..Justin just might be a thing of the past..

  • Boy's First Time Chapter 6

    Chapter 5 continues..

  • Catch and release

    This is my first attempt at writing so I'll start with my first encounter

  • Cum-Dump

    Becoming an older stepbrother's cum-dump...

  • Danny's Choice Ch. 01: Second Chances

    Ambition moves Chris from one old mentor to the next.

  • Danny's Choice Ch. 02: His Story

    Ambition disarms a striving stage dancer.

  • Danny's Choice Ch. 03: Star Chase

    TV Drama star reaches for the big time.

  • Danny's Choice Ch. 04: Anthony's Choice

    Another Danny wannabe makes a bid.

  • Educating Ricky

    Ricky gets an education before going away to college.

  • First Gay and Speedo Experience for 18yo

    Meeting two amazingly hot guys at the local pool, this curious 18yo wears a speedo for the first time which is just the start of his first gay experience.

  • Kenny Kissed a Boy

    That first kiss...then the second one.

  • Pretty Perfect

    Sean doesn't know much, being a virgin and all, but he knows one thing: that first time should be at least pretty perfect, with butterflies in his stomach and love at first sight. This is the reason why he doesn't want to just hook up and have sex, by frequenting gay bars, as his close friend suggests. When a sexy dangerous good-for-nothing punk lands in his bed, is not for sex, though, and he has no hopes that he could score with Max, who seems to be light years apart from everything Sean envisions for himself. But when their lips connect, and Sean feels the butterflies in his belly trying to get free, he starts to understand how his first time should really look like.

  • Prom Night

    Two high school classmates end up in bed together after their senior prom.

  • Sexual

    He was the one that knew the boundaries of his sexuality, and how to push them.

  • Summer vacation with my friend's dad

    Young inexperienced curious bot gets seduced by his best friend's dad one summer when they unexpectedly spend a lot of time alone.

  • white twink loses virginity to bbc

    white fem twink with long dark hair takes a 9in big black cock for the first time

  • white twink loses virginity to bbc

    white fem twink with long dark hair takes a 9in big black cock for the first time

  • "Afternoon at Jay's" Part 4

    Max takes a break to enjoy some island cuisine, a nap and a swim. Soon, the late afternoon will begin to heat up for him again. Will his body be ready and willing? Will it be able to survive?

  • "Afternoon at Jay's" Part 3

    The health club has three owners, and each has pleasured Max, breaking down his barriers. Where will they take him next? If you missed Part 2, it is in "encounters."

  • "Afternoon at Jay's, Part 1"

    Max arrives at a Carribean island to recouperate from a nasty divorce, and gets more than he bargained for when he stops for a massage.

  • "Afternoon at Jay's," Part 6

    Max will be returning home to the states. What lies ahead for the four hunks who have changed each other's lives forever?

  • "Afternoon at Jay's," Part 5

    Is Max safe? Will he recover? And will Jay reveal his deep yearning for Max?

  • "Athletic" modelling

    Bryan is approached to do some modelling, and leads him to try a lot more....

  • "Hey man, whatcha doin'?" (HMW)

    ...before stopping at the base, squeezing hard, before he resumes his gliding, back up its length. After traveling the full length of my tool, one time, he spreads the discharged juice he pumped from my inner most depths across the mushroomed head of my cock. I hear myself, gasp, at the sensitivity of my member. "That's a nice seepage of juice, you got there, bud," Keaton says to me.

  • "HEY, MAC!" (HE)

    "You need help with this?" I ask as I roughly grab his cock, catching him, unawares, while gently stroking mine as I gaze up at him. I squeeze him, tight, his hard equipment, pulses in my grip. It seduces me with it appealing stiffness between his still wet and water-soaked legs.

  • "The Gift," Part 1

    Denny returns to school to land a new job after being 'downsized,' but discovers that college has changed since he earned his first degree.

  • "The Gift," Part 2

    Denny and Liam get down to business, and pleasure. But what's up with the restrooms at the college?