Warm and comfortable I wasn't ready to open my eyes. As my brain returned to life I realized that there was someone next to me. I opened my eyes with a start and didn't recognize anything, turning to see who was next to me I saw Andrew, asleep.

Suddenly a sledgehammer hit me upside the head. I moaned in pain. Andrew stirred.

'You're awake early. How you doing?'

Groan. 'Oh fuck my head hurts.'

'Don't move.'

Andrew got out of bed. The cool air hit my body. He returned and sat next to me. 'OK partner, sit up, I will help you.'

As I started to sit up the sledgehammer hit me again. His bare arm reached behind my back and helped me to sit up. If I weren't in such pain it would have been wonderful to feel his skin against mine.

'Take these and drink this, all of it.'

I did as he said and lay back down. The sheet had slid down and was resting mid stomach, my bare chest exposed, my nipples erect. I hurt too much to be aroused.

Speaking hurt but I tried, 'So this is a hangover?'

'Yep. Fun huh. You look terrible. Oh I didn't say that. I didn't mean that Sam. I mean you are smoking hot and seeing you naked in my bed is almost too much, but I can tell you drank too much. I am not making this any better am I?'

I looked up at his beautiful face and smiled. 'I look like shit, no need to cover for it. What happened?'

'You had too much to drink. Hangovers can follow. I wondered if it was smart to be having so much but I didn't want to say anything and I didn't realize, until we got here that you hadn't really drank. Sorry.' Andrew looked guilty.

'It wasn't you man, it's my own fault.' I groaned loudly as another wave of pain shot thru my body.

'Sam, go back to sleep so the drugs can work their magic.'

He gently pulled the sheet over my chest and stood up. Even in pain, damn he had a fine ass. I watched him walk away and wished I wasn't sick so I could follow after him. Moments later I was asleep.

Opening my eyes I felt better and stretched my arms and back. I looked around the small apartment and saw Andrew sitting at the kitchen counter, 'Morning.'

He turned around and smiled, 'Feeling better?'

'Much.' I sat up as he got off the stool and walked to the refrigerator. Even in a tee shirt and jeans he was delicious.

He poured a glass of water and brought it to me, 'You need to hydrate.'

I eagerly drank the cold water and felt it all the way down into my stomach.

'What time is it?'

'Almost two.'

'Oh shit. Sorry.'

'Forget about it.'

'Considering I can't remember what happened after we were talking with Jude and Craig I will gladly add it to the list. Did I do anything I regret?'

'Not really. Unless stripping off your clothes in the hallway and doing a little dance for a couple of girls in my building is regrettable.'

'What? No way.' Shit, did I really do that?

Andrew laughed and grinned at me, 'No you didn't, but you did strip down in here. And fell, guessing you have a bruise on your hip from landing on the edge of the bed.'

Lifting up the sheet I looked at my hip. No bruise. Checking the other and sure enough a bruise the size of a baseball. I pulled the sheet back so he could see it.

'Nice. The bruise is impressive too.'

What a flirt.

'So. Andrew. Did we?'

'Nope, nothing at all. You passed out after I got you on the bed. It was tempting but I couldn't, I don't take advantage of guys when they are passed out. Sober. That's an entirely different story.'

What an ass I am. I had the chance to have sex with this gorgeous guy and pass out. Smooth.

'Listen Sam, I need to be at work at three so...'

'I need to go. I understand.' I finished his sentence for him.

'Yeah, sorry.' He replied sheepishly.

I started to get out of bed; he stood up and walked back to the counter. Standing naked in his little apartment, he wasn't more than ten feet away, but it felt like a thousand miles. I looked around for my clothes. He looked at me. When I caught him he looked away.

'They are on the table.'

I thanked him and stood naked giving him the chance to look at me. 'Andrew. I feel terrible. I guess I can understand if you don't want...' I stopped and started getting dressed. He didn't say anything.

As I walked to the door he stood in place. I opened the door a crack, 'Um, thanks for taking care of me and I am really sorry I fucked up.'

I left and walked out into the daylight and tried to figure out where I was and how to get home. How could I be so stupid? I don't drink and yet I yet fucked up when I had the chance to impress someone.

Jude wasn't home when I got in. Yep, he was working. I took a shower, put on a pair of boxers and lay down on the sofa.

For the third time that day I woke up when Jude closed the front door. 'There he is, home at last. How was it?'

'Jude, I fucked up. I passed fucking out. Nothing happened. Woke up with a major hangover and fell asleep until two and then came home. Nothing happened. He didn't even talk to me when I left.'

'Ouch. So what are you going to do?'

'What can I do? I fucked up. Big time.'

'Do you like him?'


'Well you need to do something or it's over before it even starts.' He sat next to me putting his hand on my leg. 'Ask him out on a date, a real date. If he says no, it's over and you know it. If he says yes, behave and don't get drunk.'

'I guess. Jude, why I am I so stupid?'

'Sam, you aren't stupid, just learning. We all go through it. You eat today?'


'As much as I hate to say it, get dressed, you need some food.'

Dinner was nothing special but I did needed the food. Walking home I felt normal again and made up my mind never to drink like that again. When we got into the apartment Jude's hand made it's way to my ass. I was instantly horny and without looking I peeled my pants off.

His hands reached around and groped me. His left hand moved up my stomach to my nipples and he gave them attention as his lips did their work on my neck and ears. I was hopeless at that point; all I wanted was his cock in my ass.

As Jude kissed my neck and sucked on my earlobes I removed my pants and boxers, shoes, socks and started taking off my shirt. He pulled back to give me room to remove it, 'I like how willing you are to get naked for me.'

I smiled and reached around to feel for his cock. He pulled his hips back, 'Not yet, go get some lube.'

I did as he said and when I returned he was naked, his cock plump. I set the lube on the table sank to my knees and started to entertain his balls and cock. The thoughts rolled through my mind, I really liked sucking dick. I really liked getting fucked. I really liked having guys want me and letting them.

Jude pulled me off his cock and had me bend over the arm of the sofa. He applied lube to my hole and started working a finger in. More lube, more finger, until I was sloppy and he had three worked in, fucking my ass. He pulled out and using his sloppy hand he grabbed one cheek and used the dry hand on the other.

'Ready to be fucked Sam? Cause it's gonna happen.' And he pushed his head into my waiting hole. Fuck it hurt. It still hurt the first time a guys head entered my hole, guess that's a good thing. He slowly pressed forward until he was all the way in. The sounds I made were clearly those of someone who was in pleasurable pain.

Once in, 'Ready to get plowed kid?' I nodded, for whatever good it would do while leaning over the arm of a sofa with a hard cock up your ass. He started in. Slowly and then building up. He was not kidding, he was plowing my hole. The pain was gone and the pleasure was filling my head. I wanted it to go on and on.

His hands grabbed my hips, hard and he shoved his dick into me, my head smacked the cushion and he grunted as he unloaded. 'Sam, you are gonna be one hell of a bottom. Damn. Guys will line up for a chance on you.'

I was flattered. And wondered. Do I want guys to line up? What did he mean really?

I stood up, my load all over the leather. I was covered in a film of sweat. That was hot. After cleaning up we sat down and had a drink.

'Sam, I want to know, honestly, do you feel like you have to put out since you are staying here?'

I was surprised by his question. 'No, not at all, I don't feel I have to, I want to, I love it. Sometimes I wonder if you think less of me because I am bending over for you but honestly, I like it.'

'And what about Craig? Do you feel obligated to have sex with him?'

I didn't need to think about it, 'No Jude. I don't feel at all obligated. If anything I feel a little slutty, he is a good friend of yours and I am taking his dick whenever he wants it.'

'It hasn't been that many times, shit you have only been hear a little over a week.'

'Does it make me a slut Jude? Having sex with both of you?'

'Nope. Not in my opinion.' He smiled at me.

His phone rang; it was Craig, no surprise. I listened as Jude calmly told him he just got done fucking me, like it was the same thing as washing the dishes. Craig wanted to hang out during the afternoon, if I was available. Of course I was and I hoped hang out meant get naked.

The next week went quickly. I often hung out with Craig, we had sex daily. I would look for work and go on a run. Jude would come home and we would hit the gym and then hang out. We settled into a little routine where I would suck him off after the workout. I loved the way he smelled. I also was trying to get Andrew to give me another chance. Daily I would stop by his work before he started and drop off a little gift, lifesavers, bananas, plums, and chocolate sauce. I wanted to get his attention.

Friday I went in to drop off a deck of playing cards with different emoticons on it. To my surprise I turned around and he was standing there, smiling. 'So I finally catch you.'

I wasn't ready for it and looked down feeling guilty.

'Join me for a little walk?'

I looked up and smiled.

'I wasn't upset about what happened. Really I was concerned about how sick you were. The gifts were a sweet idea. Liked the innuendo.'

'Really? I was so scared you didn't want anything to do with me.'

'Oh I do, after seeing you naked, I do.'

We were at the entrance to his building.





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