I reached for his cock. He slapped my hand away. Leaning in I stuck out my tongue and licked the bottom of his cock, trying to lift up into my eager mouth. I cold of the metal and the weight was something I didn't expect. Taking his cock with that ring in I closed my lips around it. He tasted so good. Why does a cock taste so wonderful?

He didn't move as I sucked his cock in, doing my best to get it hard. Half way down I felt the ring on the back of my throat and stopped. I pulled back and went in again. It took several tries to get past the halfway point but finally I did. Damn it was thick! Working slowly, he was patient thankfully; I felt his cock become hard and continued to try to take it all. I felt his hands on my head and then he grabbed it and leaned in forcing it all the way. I gagged. My eyes watered, I tried to back off, and he wouldn't let me. He held it in while I sputtered as much as I could being completely full of cock.

Releasing me from his cock he took it all the way out. I spit and moved my jaw and went in for more. I was enjoying this for some reason. He was gentle but consistent, he wanted his cock all the way in and made it happen. I was taking a thick cock with its ring and felt like an accomplished cocksucker.

Just as I was getting in the flow he grabbed his balls and shoved them at my mouth. I accepted. Hairy and full I went to work on them. Sucking balls was fun, they felt so full yet soft and the sack was wonderful to slid around. I couldn't get both balls in at once and he grunted in disappointment.

Following his lead I worked his balls and cock. I had completely forgotten about Ed, all my attention was on the magnificent piece of manhood in my face. He reached down, his hands under my pits and raised me to the table, leaning me back, spreading my legs, which I had no trouble doing, he dove into my hole. His bread and stash scratched that tender area between my legs as he rimmed me. This guy's tongue was strong! He worked my hole, chewed it and licked it and I was in heaven.

Feeling him stand up I opened my eyes. He was smiling. I kept my legs open as he positioned his cock for my hole. Ed handed him lube and the cold hit my hole. Using a finger he worked the lube in and roughly finger fucked me. I wanted it. I wanted him to fuck me with his thick pierced dick.

Smiling at him I begged, "Fuck me. Please slide that cock in me."

He laughed. Ed laughed. I spread my ass for him. He leaned in and I felt the ring on my hole. Slowly he pressed in to my hole, god I wanted it in! He didn't slid in instead he toyed with me. I was withering with anticipation as he teased my hole. "Ready to be fucked, whore?"

"God YES! Please."

That moment you have something thick and wide entering your hole released something in my entire body. I surrender to it. The pain is beyond words but it is fleeting and the thrill of being entered overcomes the pain. Once his head was in I gasped. He slid in slowly. Tears feel from my eyes. He was so thick and it hurt like hell. Part of me wanted him to stop, I couldn't take it. "Please stop." I cried, tears flowing freely. He laughed. "Not until I bust my nut, pussy. You wanted it and you are going to get it."

There was nothing to do but try and relax and accept his fuck. He wasn't mean about it. He worked gently considering his power, size and position. He was fucking me. The thick cock, the huge ring, the fact he was bare backing me all sent me over the edge. I shot my load. He laughed. "Cry like a baby and shot a load. Fucking pussy. Whores are generally past this shit." He kept fucking. Pulling all the way out he waved his cock at me.

"Look at it, whore! Look at the piece that's taking you. Look at the man meant owning you." He carefully placed it at my now wide hole and slid it back in. The tears were no longer flowing. My head was spinning. I couldn't feel my legs. His hands grabbed my wrists and he pulled me up to him. Picking me up he began bouncing me on his cock. Fuck me it hurt and felt amazing. I was a rag doll to him and loving it.

He pulled me off his cock and tossed me onto the sofa. Flipping me over he spread my legs and went back in, this time I was on my stomach. He worked his magic on my hole. I buried my face in the cushion. As it happens, time stops. How long I don't know but after a while he pulled out and pulled my hips off the sofa. "Get over to the bar."

Trying to walk and failing I half crawled half pulled myself on the furniture to the bar.

"Hands on the edge." He barked.

I stood there leaning against the edge. He kicked me legs apart, grabbed my ass roughly and spread it. In he went. Fuck I was enjoying this. "Yes. Fuck me. Yes." I was blurted out commands. Was I going to be reprimanded for it? No, he rewarded me with a hard pounding.

Pulling out of me again he grabbed me and hauled my ass over to the sofa. Pushing my over the arm, my ass aimed at his hard cock he went in again. My hole had grown accustomed to his thick cock. The ring was sending me to new heights. He continued to ravage me.

"Ready fucker?" Was he asking or telling me?

He pulled out, jerked a couple of times and his cum went flying. Hitting me all over in a nice juicy string I had his load spread from my cock to my neck.

"Fuck yeah. Not bad kid. You have potential. Need to train you for a while so you can really handle a man fuck."

I didn't move. Exhausted and shaking from the welcomed assault I tried to catch my breath. Watching as he got dressed and chatted with Ed out of earshot he walked to the door.

"Sam. I will be fucking you again." He winked and left.

Ed walked up to me smiling. He was taking pictures of the cum splattered on my torso. He told me to show my hole. I did. He took more pictures and smiled. He was pleased.

Putting a towel on the sofa next to my head he told me to sit on it. Handing me a drink I downed it. Water. Fuck I was thirsty. He refilled it and I downed that glass of water as well. His third glass was a mixed drink. I wasn't ready for it and downed it nearly spitting it up when I realized it was alcohol but didn't.

"Sam. You are good. Ready for me?"

I smiled. Why not?

"Come on." He tilted his head toward the bedroom. I stood up and wobbled in crawling onto the bed. Suspending thinking I just let Ed do what he wanted. My mind and body had moved to a different place, all I felt was the tingling and buzz of sexual arousal and fulfillment. After he came he leaned in and kissed my forehead. "Get some sleep."

Seconds later I was out.

Waking up I was a little sore and I was starving. Ed was not in bed. Taking a long piss I looked at my reflection. Staring back at me was one very happy and relaxed young man. I smiled. Ed was in the other room. There was no sign of the crazy fucking that had happened the night before.

"Hey you, hungry?"

I nodded.

"I will order up something. Take a shower stud."

The miracle of a hot shower! My body was a little sore but it felt alive. When I returned to the living room, a towel around my waist, breakfast was waiting. We ate and Ed told me how hot it was to watch Stash fucking me. After we finished he said he was heading to the airport and asked if he could drop my off somewhere. I accepted the ride to the office, not sure if it would be open, it was Sunday afternoon after all.

Getting dressed I noticed my clothing was ripped up. My new shirt had no buttons, my pants had the ass seam ripped out. Getting dressed while Ed watched he smiled in a kinky sort of way. "You are going to get attention looking like that."

"Yeah, I guess I will." Reluctantly I replied and not thrilled about it.

"If you want to use the other outfit you can." He offered.

What a choice. Wearing ripped up dress clothes or wearing an outfit that creamed easy prey? I decided to stay in the dress clothes. If my shirt was untucked no one would see the ripped ass. My shirt unbuttoned wasn't that big a deal, there were guys walking around shirtless since it was summer. I thanked him for the offer and left.

The office was closed. I went back home. What would I tell Jude? Thankfully he was out. Grabbing a glass of water and checking my phone I saw that he had sent a few texts asking if I was coming home soon. I replied I was back and doing great. My mind did a sort of jump. Ed had given me an envelope. Opening it I found ten hundred dollar bills. I was officially a rent boy.

Part of me felt proud of it. Part of me wondered what my mother would think. Shit, if she knew of any part of my current lifestyle I am sure she would faint. I shook my head to stop the thoughts. Not sure if I really had become an escort or rent boy I decided that it didn't matter. The weekend had been crazy. Still unsure if Ed had raped me and abused me, I never saw any of the equipment afterwards, I decided that since I had overall enjoyed it, it didn't matter. It just didn't matter. I wanted it, enjoyed it and would do it all again.

It wasn't long before Jude returned. He asked about my weekend. How much detail do I go into? Trying to keep it a little vague, should I keep what happens secret due to the client? He gave me some shit about working for Michael. I accepted it all. Craig stopped by bringing dinner. He had a blast harassing me about working for Michael. It wasn't a complete surprise to lean that it was common knowledge, at least among those who knew Michael that the guys working for him put out. It became apparent that while a lot of his business was legit, having us provide assistant services to clients. It was also known that any client who was looking for a hot young guy to fuck could get it.

Craig loved the idea of having me working as an escort. He was proud to have fucked me repeatedly and would continue to get my ass and never paying for it. The banter continued until Craig told me it was time for his free fuck. Jude found it all humorous and gave me shit as well. Needless to say, Craig did get to fuck me in my bed. It was the first time a guy had fucked me there.

After he left Jude came into my room and asked how I was doing. Honestly I was doing fine. The moment became almost serious. He asked again if I minded working for Michael knowing what I now knew. Thinking about it I answered that I didn't mind. "Do you? Does it bother you to know I am now being paid for sex? And living here?"

Jude smiled, sort of, and looked at the floor. "Sam. This sort of work can get...messy. Not in the sex, lube, cum sort of messy. But it can mess with a guy. Think about why you are doing it. Do you really enjoy it? Do you want to or do you feel obligated? Are you feeling pressured into it? Are you doing it because you feel the need to pay rent here? Don't answer, but think about it. I don't expect money from you to live here. At least not yet. It may be fun and exciting now. You are young and still new to sex. I understand it. But there is something bigger and better. Take your time. Think about it. And remember you can tell me anything. Ask me anything. I will not judge you."

Part of me wanted to suck his cock. But it didn't feel right. "I am going to take a shower." Jude got up and I went into the shower. Coming out feeling clean we sat and watched some TV for a while before going to bed. Each in our own rooms.



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