Juan received an award for the best hockey coach and we won the league. We couldn't be happier.

Another highlight was that Juan also won an award as the best Biology lecturer in the Western Cape, based on his fantastic laboratory, the way it's organised and managed, and his contribution to the subject in the country. Mom has taken a real big fancy in this hunk of a kind man, and he was invited to have a braai with us and a few other teachers on the farm.

Fortunately Mom actually did not try to hook up Juan with the neighbours' horrid daughter! Mom was content that he visited us regularly. They became very good friends.

After the little encounter we had the first day he escorted us to the farm after the hockey match, there hasn't been any opportunities to have fun together.

We would just have to wait 3 weeks until the weekend away! In the meantime, during the brief times we were alone with him in the change room when everybody else had gone, we did touch his huge cock and he gave us hugs and kisses. He told us how special we were and how glad he was to have us on his team, and as friends. He might have been 26, but he was just a beautiful big boy at heart.

He regularly enquired about Alessandro and Sven. We've mentioned him to Alessandro and Sven (and some details!) and that he had a cousin in London. In one of the emails the invitation to visit them in London, was extended to include Juan and Claude. He gladly accepted and said he'd contact Claude immediately. Claude made a bundle as model. It would be easy for him to fly to London. According to Juan he would have to start saving, he said with a wink.

We've sent a picture of Juan to London ... the response was one of amazement! Sven drooled over this hunk of a man. Then again, the beauty of him took everybody we met by surprise, and once they got to know the man inside, he was loved.

Juan told us that he mentioned us to Claude and that Claude was keen on meeting us. He said he couldn't believe the pictures of us he received from Juan. He said we were like young Greek gods. Go figure! But the Du Toit brothers were nothing short of Greek gods themselves!

The weekend away drew closer and we started planning. I was put in charge of light meals, steaks, wors and everything else for a braai on Saturday night. André would be in charge of wine we brought from the farm and things like charcoal and snacks. Juan was in charge of the final arrangements, payment for the flat and booking us a table at a restaurant for Friday evening.

By Thursday we were set and ready to leave after classes the next day.

That evening André was as horny as a cat in heat. He was insatiable. We hugged, kissed and sucked each other and when we were both hot as hell, he pushed me on the bed on my back, lifted my legs and started playing with my hole.

He bent down to kiss me and I felt his big cock head push against my hole. He was leaking a lot of precum and there was lots of precum on my belly that leaked from my cock. I felt the big head stretching my hole to get in.

"Where is the KY André?"

"No KY tonight, baby bro! Tonight you're going to take my cock with only our precum as lube. OK, baby bro? We've talked about this. It's time."

He stood on his knees and started milking his big cock and spread it over his cock head.

"Put some of your precum on your hole. I want in baby bro!"

I scooped up the large puddle of precum on my tummy and spread it on my hole, pushing in a finger.

"Here, let me help you with that."

André took some of his precum on his finger and inserted it in my hole, next to my finger. I gasped. It felt wonderful!

"Here it comes baby bro. OK?"

"Yes, but take it slow please?"

André aimed his cockhead at my hole, spread the precum with the big cock head on my hole, and pushed in. I felt how my sphincter stretched as the thick head pushed in. I gasped. This was new to me, but I said nothing. I was curious myself to see if this would work.

Suddenly André's cock head plopped in and I yelped. "Nnghhhhh! Wow!" I moaned.

"Everything OK baby bro? It's still just the head. OK?"

"Yes, it's OK. Just give me a minute please."

André pulsed his cock, a new trick he learnt recently. It was fantastic and it really stretched my hole big time. I groaned and pushed back. The big cock started its journey into the inner folds of my rectum.

When it passed over my prostate, I felt how a lot of precum, and even a bit of cum, was forced out of my cock. This was going to be epic!

André pulled back again, and again my prostate was massaged with the big cock head. Another copious amount of precum, and a bit of cum, was pushed out. I groaned. Wow!

André slowly pushed his cock into me, passing through the internal sphincter and I gasped, again. It felt wonderful! He continued until I felt his balls land on my buttocks. He held still to let me adjust to the invasion.

"Are you OK baby bro? A minute?"

"I'm OK, thanks. Yes just give me a minute. This is a new experience! But it's nice. It seems our precum is enough for this kind of games! We really make enough of the stuff between the two of us!"

"You know of course that by tomorrow night this time, this hole will have been invaded by a much bigger cock?" and he pulsed his cock to drive home the idea. I groaned and clamped my cock over the big invasion in my hole. "How could I forget? I've been thinking about it for weeks. I'm terrified ..."

"Don't be. I'll be there, remember? And before Juan tries anything, I'll be the first to fuck you, so you could get nice and loose. You'll be able to handle his cock. Just relax. Now, let's get this show on the road! I want to fuck you really good and fill you up with my juices. Ready?"

"Ready! Let fly!"

André fucked me hard and deep and when he started to groan, indicating the imminent release of his cum, I felt how the cum was gathering in my loins, ready to spew out my cock.

"Fuck baby bro, I'm going to cum! I'm cumming!" And with a few deep strokes, I felt how his cock swells to gigantic proportions and felt how it pulsed as it released his big load 23cm deep inside me.

At the same time my cock erupted and sent my cum flying into my face, on the headboard, on my chest - it was everywhere!

André bent down and started licking the stuff off my face and kissing me.

"You're the best baby bro! I love you man," and he pulsed his cock for special effect.

We were spent and André collapsed on top of me, covering his own chest and tummy with my big load that was all over my body.

"Thanks again big bro! You're such a special lover. This was epic! Thanks!"


On Friday I woke up with a raging hard-on and felt André's hard cock between my thighs. I clenched my hole to test it. It felt fine. I could tell I was fucked, but nothing serious.

I thought about what was about to happen that night, and shivered. Juan had a huge cock. 28cm is not child's play. It's a seriously big cock. And he wanted to put that into me. I wondered if I'd be able to handle it ... Time woul tell, and André would be there all the way, so I'd OK. We just had to see.


Juan picked us up at the flat just after 2 o'clock. He was playing the latest music of Avicii, Bastille and Maroon 5. This was one cool dude!

The drive to the resort was pleasant and the chat and banter in the car was light and relaxed. André sat in the passenger seat in front. He wanted to see Juan's iPod and to programme the satnav to take us straight to our destination.

"Just to be sure: is it André sitting next to me? Anton in the back?" The man only knew the difference when André started with his forward way of talking.

"Yep!" I piped up from the back.

Sitting in the back in the middle of the seat, I often caught Juan looking at me in the rear-view mirror. I couldn't see his eyes behind his shades. I thought of what's going to happen in a couple of hours ... it was a daunting thought.

"Anton, relax - there is nothing to be scared of. You'll be fine" Juan said reassuringly. He leaned back with his left hand and gave my leg a comforting squeeze. "You'll be fine" he said again.

Yes, easy for you to say! You're the one with the 28cm cock, the one who is going to impale me on that! I'm the one who will have to open up to accommodate that monster schlong! Relax? I can't! But I forced the picture out of my mind of his huge cock sliding into me ... The mere idea was too much.

"I'm still scared. I don't know if I could do it."

"Relax baby bro! I'll be there, remember? We'll take it slow. Nothing you can't handle, OK?"

"Yes, the ball's in your court." Juan said, looking at me in the rear-view mirror.

I shrugged and decided: Que séra, séra. What will be, will be.


When we arrived at the resort just after 5 o'clock, we booked in, put the food and meat in the fridge and freezer. The charcoal went on the balcony.

When I took our luggage to the bedrooms, I noticed there was only one bedroom! It had a huge king size bed and nothing more! We would HAVE to sleep together! There was no getting out of this one!

Ashen with latent fear, I returned to the lounge.

"Where is my luggage? Did you take it with yours?"

"Yes, it's all in the bedroom. Do you know there is only one bedroom and only one bed?" I said softly.

Juan walked up to me and took me into his arms. "Yes, I know. But not to worry. It's a big bed. We'll fit comfortably."

"OK" I said weakly. It's not so much the one bed I'm worried about! It's what's about to HAPPEN in that bed, I thought.

"We'll be fine Anton! How about a drink boys?" André took charge, as always.

"You're my guests this weekend. I'm the barman. What can I get you Anton?" He held his one arm around my shoulders and looked at me. He had a soft look in his eyes when he looked at me. Yes, you have lots of compassion now, I thought. Wait until later - then I wonder how much compassion will remain!

"A Heineken please" I said.

"Make it two please" André said.

With our beers in hand, we went out onto the balcony and enjoyed the 180 degrees view of the beach, only about 100m from the complex. There was a light wind and it was a bit cold. I went inside to get our jackets from the bedroom.

While I was getting the jackets from our bags, I heard someone entering the room. I turned around and Juan walked in, closing the door behind him. He walked to me and took me in his arms.

"Don't be afraid Anton! I promise I'll be gentle. Nothing to worry about. Just relax and enjoy it. I promise you it will be OK."

He pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I couldn't help noticing the huge bulge between his legs and a cold shiver ran down my spine. THAT'S what I'm scared of - that thing that will be lodged deep in my hole in a couple of hours!

Juan stood back and cupped his bulge. "There is nothing to be afraid. Don't be afraid of this. This is one of the tame, friendly anacondas! Trust me - you'll be OK. You're one special person and a dear friend. I'll never do something deliberately to you to hurt you. Just leave it to me. You'll be OK, I promise."

He took me into his arms again and pushed my face into his shoulder. I felt his huge cock come alive in his pants and I panicked. It really was a huge bulge pushing against my crotch. And then it happened: my cock sprang to life! I felt it getting hard rapidly, pushing against Juan's cock, now also almost hard.

"There, you see? You want it as much as I do! Just relax and all will be fine. I promise!' He kissed me again and I tasted the Heineken on his tongue. I sucked his tongue hungrily into my mouth and pressed my cock against his huge bulge.

"Come, let's join André in the lounge. It's too unpleasant outside. It's getting late and it's a bit chilly. Let me get my jacket too. Wait up please."

I watched him getting his jacket from his bag and noticed his big frame, his big beautiful hands, his enormous feet in his Kommetjie shoes, his dark curly hair cut into a beautiful longer style. This man was one of a kind. And with what he had in his pants ... he was a keeper. I just had to handle what he had in mind for me later ...

We returned to the lounge and André shot us a knowing look.

"Did you start without me?"

"No man! I just comforted your 'baby bro' a bit!"

"Yes, I can see that! Big tents in your pants!" He groped his own crotch. "Remember, this one is still there too!"

We chatted about the hockey season, our up-coming birthday, Claude, Alessandro and Sven and before we knew it, it was time to go to the restaurant for dinner.

We all went to pee and the three of us stood around the toilet bowl, hauling our big cocks out.

"No funny business! I have to appear in public just now!" Juan joked.

I looked at the enormous cock and couldn't help to think what he was about to do to me with it ...

All three of us plumped up a bit but we managed to keep our hands off each other and finished peeing without interferences.

The restaurant was just down the road, so we walked there. We walked with our jackets wrapped tightly around our bodies, hands in our pockets. André was walking very close to me. He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled Juan by his jacket sleeve on my other side to walk close to me. Juan put his arm around my shoulder and I was sandwiched between the two hunks. I realised that I was a very lucky man to have such a twin brother who was also my lover, and this (hung) hunk of a man walking on my other side. Maybe what would happen later on, might not be too bad after all. He did promise to be gentle ...


The dinner consisted of stupendously wonderful fresh fried fish and salads. We ordered one shared plate of potato fries. Coach Juan was not keen on too much chips in our diet, but being at the end of the season, he approved, but then one plate only.

We had a Nederburg Riesling and Juan compared our own wines to it. "Yours is any day as good as this one," he said.

Too soon, dinner was over and we started walking back to the flat. My mind was racing. Outside it started to rain lightly. I was cold to the bone. André put his arm around my shoulder again, and Juan followed suit.

"We have to keep 'baby bro' warm, eh André?" he joked and gave my shoulder a soft squeeze.

We walked back to the flat briskly in the light rain. When we arrived there, there were some small droplets of rain in our hair and we were cold!

Once inside the flat, we rubbed our arms and hugged ourselves.

"Brrr! Come here you two! There is an easier way to get warm!"

Juan opened his jacket wide, put his arms out and we gladly accepted the tight hug against his chest. He was amazingly warm and I put my face in the crook of his neck. I felt his stubble against my face. It felt good. André grabbed my shoulder and we pushed into Juan.

He held us tight around the shoulders and hugged us.

He pushed me back a bit and gave me a kiss. It was just his lips on mine, but soon his tongue was playing on my lips. I opened up and his tongue darted in. I tasted his saliva and felt his bulge growing exponentially against my groin.

He broke free and took André's mouth and gave him the same treatment.

I pushed my hand between us and rubbed over Juan's big bulge.

"That's it," he whispered in my ear. "Nothing to be afraid of. Touch it - it's yours .."

He hugged us again and then broke free.

"Time for a shower boys. You first. I'll make sure everything here in the kitchen is taken care. Go."

"OK," André said. "Come baby bro. I'm cold."

We broke free of Juan's embrace and got our toilet bags from the bedroom.

"André, give me a minute to 'prepare' first please? You know ..." I trailed off.

"Yes, of course. But don't take too long, baby bro."

After the first time André fucked me, we realised I had to 'clean out' before he could fuck me. It just wasn't nice without doing it. A man's rectum is the passage to expel waste and you have to get rid of it before taking a cock in there. When it's clean, no soiling of the sheets, no bad smells and it makes for more comfort and relaxed sex.

I took the syringe bulb from my bag and went into the bathroom, door closed. I sat on the toilet and took a dump to clear out as much I could the natural way. Then I ran a basin of tepid water and filled the syringe with water. I squirted the water in my rectum and released it, bringing with it what was left. I repeated it 3 more times until only clear clean water came back out.

I flushed the toilet, opened the door and called to André to join me in the shower.

He entered with a big smile on his face. "Ready baby bro?" And took me into his arms, hugging me.

"Yes André, but I'm still scared bro!"

"Don't be. Just relax and enjoy the ride! I'll be right by your side. It's going to be a night to remember. You just wait and see. Now come, let's get the sweat and grime off your filthy body!" and pushed me in the shower.

We washed each other's backs, crotches and rinsed everything clean. I took particular care to ensure my asshole was squeaky-clean. I washed and rinsed it several time.

"Come let me see it," André said, turning me around and bent me over. "Ladies and gentlemen, here we have a first class nice clean asshole, ready to go! What a sight to behold! Damn! I could fuck you on the spot! Put away that thing immediately and let's get out of here before I loose my considerable constraint!" he quipped. Full of jokes! It wasn't him who was being led to the altar to be slaughtered. Easy for you to joke, I thought. But, his light-heartedness was infectious. I laughed with him and started to relax a bit.

We towelled dry, brushed our teeth and put on some of the Hugo Boss Mom gave us for our birthday last year. We were ready for a night of debauchery!

We called to Juan that the bathroom was vacant and went to the bedroom. We hung the towels over the rails in the bedroom (nice touch, I thought). I took the KY from my bag and squirted a fair amount of it on my fingers and squatted to rub it over and in my hole. André was watching me with a big smile and patted the bed next to him. "Here, when you're ready baby bro!" He was on the far side of the bed.

I put the tube on the nightstand and crawled under the duvet next to André. He opened his arms and I could feel his warmth against my skin. I was on his left side and crawled closer to him. I shivered a bit.

"There, there baby bro! You're shivering! Relax now. It's all going to be OK - you'll see. Just relax," and he pulled me into him.

I felt his big cock pushing against my hip. It was starting to get hard.

"Remember, you first please," I said.

"Yes, of course. Now relax," and he leaned over me and kissed me deeply. His hand was behind my head and his right hand was caressing my chest and nipples. I started to relax slowly. André started to dry hump my hip and pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. I sucked on it hungrily. How I loved this man!

Soon Juan entered the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his body. It did nothing to conceal the monster cock dangling between his legs, I noticed.

"Have you started without me? Hmmm? Are you getting a head start on that delicious piece of ass André?"

"No, just getting him to relax. He's shit scared but I assured him he'd be OK. Right?"

"Of course," Juan said as he removed the towel and hung it over the door. The towel rail had only space for 2 towels. When he turned around, I gasped. It's the first time I've seen him totally naked. The man was an Adonis. His body looked like a live Michelangelo statue. His damp hair was finger-combed and he smelled of nice soap and perfumes.

He rubbed his big hands over his big muscular chest and looked me in the eye. "We're here to give pleasure only. No pain, I promise. Trust me ..."

I glanced down and saw the huge cock dangling between his legs. It was plumped up, due to the hot shower and rubbing it with the towel. It was hanging about 18 cm down his legs. It was huge, there were no two ways about it. I marvelled at its thickness and the big uncut head. It was a masterpiece in every sense of the word. And soon that big thing would be pushed into me ...

"Come," André said and lifted the duvet for Juan to get in. He slipped in next to me, sandwiching me between him and André. I felt his huge cock pushing against my left hip. He reached for my chest and leaned in to kiss me. His mouth was fresh and smelled of mint. He played with his tongue on my lips and I opened them to let him in. Still, the kiss remained soft and gentle.

"See how gentle I am," he whispered when he broke the kiss.

I felt his cock growing against my hip. I reached for it and felt the huge cock still in a rubbery state. It filled my hand and Juan pushed forward and groaned. "Yes, 'baby bro'! Yes!"

He leaned over me and kissed André. They used some tongue and I felt Juan's hand starting to play with my almost hard cock. André's cock on my other side was hard long ago. I looked up at André and saw the big smile on his face. "This is going to be monumental, baby bro!"

André turned me on my left side so I was facing Juan. André spooned me from behind and pushed his cock between my thighs. He got hold of Juan's left shoulder and pulled him closer to me. I felt Juan's big cock pushing against mine. It was fast getting harder and bigger. It pushed up and was starting to rise between my legs, pushing against André's hard cock already between my legs. I felt André leaking precum on my thigh.

Juan put his right arm behind my head, caressing it, rubbing my right cheek and ear, hugging my head. He pushed his beautiful body against me. He started kissing me and this time he pushed his big tongue deep into my mouth. I sucked on it hungrily.

"Yes, relax and enjoy it. We're going to take very good care of you and make sure you enjoy it. Just trust us," he whispered in my ear, loud enough for André to hear.

"Yes, baby bro. The keywords are relax and enjoy!"

Juan's left hand was all over my chest, my neck, my face. He took my cock and squeezed it. It was rock-hard by now and I felt him rubbing the precum over the head.

"You're one fine specimen Anton. Both of you. I'm a very lucky man to have you as friends, and now this ... Lucky indeed," He kissed André on the mouth and then me.

André lifted the duvet, pulled out his cock from between my thighs and bent over me. He pushed Juan's hand down to the base of my cock and took the head of my cock in his mouth. His tongue was doing fantastic things to it.

I pushed my right hand down and took Juan's huge cock in my hands. I still marvelled at its size. The thick shaft pulsed in my hand and I felt the precum running from the head. I rubbed it over the head and pushed the skin back to get precum all over the big head.

"Hmmmm!" was all sound he made. He pushed closer and kissed me again.

André was making my cock very hard and slippery with his mouth. I was in heaven, or so I thought. I was sandwiched between these two hunks and they were about to take me to Sex Nirvana! Oh...!

André leaned further down and licked Juan's cock head. He took it from me and sucked the magnificent cock into his mouth. Juan gasped. "Wow! Fuck boys, this is hot!"

Juan took my hard cock in his hand and started jacking me.

"Careful there. It's not going to take much to cum tonight," I warned.

Juan stopped jacking me and only held my cock in his hand. "We don't want that, do we?"

André let go of Juan's cock, which sprang back up and pushed under my balls. I could feel the precum leaking onto me.

André crawled back up and announced, "It's time."

"Yes, I think so. Let's get your cock into that fuck hole and take 'baby bro' to sex heaven!" Juan said.

He took the tube of KY from the nightstand and handed it to André. Juan took my right leg and pulled it towards my chest. André took a big dollop of KY and coated his big hard cock. He put some more on me and rubbed it over and in the hole. He inserted a finger in me and massaged the insides. He inserted a second finger and I gasped. Wow!

Juan pushed forward and kissed me deeply. This was fast becoming very hot and nice!

"Here it comes, baby bro," André said in my ear and positioned himself behind me. I took Juan's cock from below my balls and put it between us. I felt the tip of it reaching my solar plexus ...! Fuck! This was a huge cock! André positioned his cock head on my hole and pushed in.

The head stretched my sphincter and entered my hole. I felt how the thick head popped through the sphincter and I moaned in Juan's mouth.

"Shhhh! Just relax!" Jean said into my mouth.

André's cock was in me and slowly he was inching the 23cm into me. It filled me and once again, it felt good. No, it was magic! I had André's big cock in my hole and a true hung hunk hugging and kissing me! Utter bliss!

André pulled back a bit until just the cockhead was in, and he started to push in again. It felt fantastic.

"You OK, 'baby bro'?" Juan asked.

"Yes, I'm OK," I whispered.

André pushed his whole cock into me and I felt his tummy pushing against the small of my back. He was in! He held still for a few seconds and then started to fuck me slowly. I was ecstatic! I was playing with Juan's big cock, holding it in my hand and feeling the copious amounts of precum flowing out the tip.

André started to fuck me with long hard strokes. It felt wonderful. My twin brother had many talents, and this was definitely one of them. I love you big bro, I thought. Give it to me!

We started the clench and pulse game. André would pull out till only the head was in me, he'd pulse his cock so it swelled to maximum proportions. I'd clamp down while he pushed the whole length deep into me. We did this a couple of times and then he lay still behind me and just pulsed his cock deep inside me. He said: "I'm too close. I don't want to cum yet."

And then it happened. I wasn't afraid anymore. I just wanted to be fucked and if Juan was going to fuck me, so be it. I wanted it, I realised. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted it and was going to enjoy it. I lifted my face and kissed Juan. "I'm no longer afraid ... Juan, fuck me please?"

"That's good, as I think it's time to take over now," he announced.

André withdrew his cock slowly. It felt strange to feel his cock vacating my hole. But, an even bigger one was about to take its place ... I took the magnificent manhood in my hand and marvelled at its enormous size. This was about to be pushed into me ...

Juan pulled free and took the KY. "Ready Anton?"

"Yes, I think so. Just take it slow please ..." I said.

"Don't worry. I'm not here to rape you. Just relax, OK?"

He lubricated his monster cock and told me to get on all fours. "That would be easier for you to control the entry. Stop me when I start to hurt you. Don't just allow me to put it in you because you feel obliged to allow me. I don't want to hurt you. I'm actually starting to fall in love with you two guys!"

I couldn't believe my ears! This beautiful man loved us!

"Well, we've loved you since you taught us Science in Grade 9. Didn't you know that?"

"I'm talking really loving you guys."

"We love you too, Juan. Very much."

I got on my hands and knees over André: he was on his back with his head on the pillows, his big cock pushing up between us. I steadied myself with my left hand on the bed and took André's cock in my other hand. I couldn't believe this big thing was inside me a minute ago! I bent down while Juan was busy with the KY tube and licked André's cock. It tasted a bit musty, but because I cleaned out my hole properly, it was fine to suck. I lifted the head and pushed it into my mouth.

Juan put some more KY on his hands and rubbed it on my hole. Fucking me, André loosened my hole nicely. Juan pushed a finger with KY into my hole. Fuck, he has big fingers!

"Here comes another finger ..." Juan warned. He pushed a second finger into my hole and I gasped. This man really has big hands! He moved them around and pushed them in and out like he's fucking me. He moved them apart and I gasped again. He was really stretching me, getting me ready for his huge cock.

The big cock in question was pushing against my bum and I felt it twitching in anticipation.

"A third finger ..." I cringed! He won't be able to get a third finger in! He pulled out his two fingers and replaced them with three fingers, sliding in and really, really stretching my hole. I gasped. It was not sore, but unbelievable. I couldn't believe what was happening to me! He opened his three fingers inside me and I thought I'd cum on the spot! It was incredible.

"I think you're ready," Juan said as he removed his fingers. I felt him positioning himself behind me and felt the tip of his humongous cock on my hole. I could feel he was pushing the skin forward to cover the head. I let go of André's cock and held my breath in anticipation. Here it comes, I thought. There is no turning back now.

Juan put his big hands on my hips and leaned in. I felt his cock head stretching my hole. It was slowly moving in. I gasped. It was much thicker than André's cock!

"Shhhh, baby bro! It's OK. Just relax," André said soothingly, holding my head in his hands.

Juan held still and asked: "Still OK? I'll wait a bit so you could get used to it. I know it's big. But give it time. Clench on my cock shaft - it will make you get used to it faster" Juan said. I did so, and felt how he flexed his cock in response. I groaned again. This thing was monstrous! And when he twitched it, it grew a lot!

"OK? A bit more ... hold on."

With his hands on my hips, he pushed and I felt the head stretching me, slowly entering me. Then the head was in. I yelped - fuck, it's a big cock!

Juan held still and twitched his cock again. I groaned. I clamped down on the big thing in me and he twitched again. He continued to do this a couple of times, not advancing into me. After a while I felt him pushing again and felt the huge shaft moving deeper.

"Still OK, Anton?"

"Yes, I'm fine. How much more?"

"It's only the head and a bit that's in already. You're doing fine. No rush."

I couldn't believe so little of that huge cock was in me. It felt like at least half of it was inside me!

Juan pushed deeper and said: "Hang in there, I'm pushing in deeper. Just relax, push back and then clench your hole on my cock. Can you do that?"

"Yes," I said groaning. Will I ever be able to take it all? It was a monster cock!

"It's only 5cm shorter than André's ... you can take it. Just relax, OK?"

With that I felt how the big thing slid into me, filling me to capacity. Then I felt it stop somewhere inside me. It was at the internal sphincter. When André fucked me, he usually gave his cock a little push and his cock head would push through the sphincter, but we had one monster cock here trying to get past it!

Juan knew what he was doing and he waited a few seconds and then pushed. His huge cock head broke through the internal sphincter and he was in!

"Just a few centimetres to go. You're doing fine."

"How many more?" I asked.

"Just about 8 cm or so.

'Just 8cm'? I thought. Some guys' cocks are only 8cm long!

Juan held still again and twitched his cock and I clenched my hole on it. I felt it going deeper and deeper into me. And then his pubic hair was on my buttocks. He was in! His enormous balls were hanging over mine. He was in! We did it!

Juan held still again and we twitched and clamped a few more times.

And then it happened ... It wasn't sore anymore! No pain! Just utter sheer bliss!

"You OK?"

"More than OK! I'm glad I didn't chicken out! This is fantastic! André, sorry bro, but I've never felt anything like this before! It's amazing!"

"OK, I'm going to pull out now ... hold on."

"NO! You can't pull out! Please don't!"

"Don't worry! I'll put it back!"

Juan started pulling his huge cock out my hole and I started to feel empty. It was a weird feeling, none I've felt with André when he pulled out.

Suddenly the head broke free and I gasped.

"OK buddy?"

"Yeah, I'm OK."

"Here it comes again."

He pushed the head into me, and this time the head slipped in much easier. He pushed it deeper and deeper until he was in balls-deep again. Again he let it rest there and we twitched and clenched. It was a fantastic experience.

"I'm going to fuck you now. And I'm not going to stop until I cum. You still OK that I cum in you?" he asked.

"Yes, for sure!"

"Here goes!" He started to fuck me like I've never been fucked before. I sucked on André's cock and tasted his precum while my hole received a proper pounding with an enormous cock. It couldn't get any better than this. Little did I know ...

My cock has leaked so much precum it was making a small puddle on the bed between André's legs. I was hot and horny!

Juan was really fucking me big time. He was still considerate and kept on asking whether I was OK, but he fucked me hard and deep. Each time the big head scraped over my prostrate, I felt how the precum, and I was sure some cum too, was being forced out of my cock.

"I'm getting there, 'baby bro'! I'm almost there ... Are you ready? Remember I'm going to whitewash your insides with a huge load. Right?"

"Yes, I'm ready. Give it to me! Fuck me! Fill me up!"

I sucked André's cock into my mouth again and Juan started making guttural sounds. He sounded like a prowling lion and he fucked me hard and deep.

"Here it is! I'm cumming! Oh my god, I'm cumming! Nggnnnn! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

I felt the huge cock in me swell and twitch inside me. And with one last grunt Juan pulled me into him with his hands and lodged his huge cock 28cm deep into me and held still. He was growling like a hurt animal and I felt how his cock started to twitch. He was pumping one hell of a load into my hole. I'm sure it was massive. It felt like his cock would never stop twitching!

"Ahhhhh ....! That was fucking fantastic, if you'd excuse my French! Claude is a good fuck, but this was monumental! You guys rock! Thanks guys!"

He leaned forward over me and tousled my hair. "Thanks 'baby bro' ... you're a star! Want me to stay in you while you suck André off?"

"Yes, please! Just keep it there! I'm sure André will cum quickly." And with that I took André's cock in my mouth and jacked and sucked him. Within a couple of seconds, André took hold of my head and started to fuck my mouth. He was leaking lots of precum into my mouth. He too started to growl and grunt. "I'm cumming baby bro! I'm cumming! Take my load! I'm cumming!" And with one last push, he released his big load into my mouth. It was a lot and filled my mouth to capacity. I swallowed for all I was worth. I didn't want to waste a drop of it.

"Fuck, that's hot, boys!" Juan said and twitched his still rubbery cock in my hole.

I pulled off André's cock and rose up standing on my knees with Juan behind me, his cock still in me. He put his arms around me and pulled me close to him. He leaned forward with his head and I turned my face to kiss him. His one hand was jacking my hard and leaking cock.

"Cum for me, 'baby bro'! Shoot a huge load on André!"

"No such thing! I want it in my mouth! No wasting any of it!" André announced.

He kneeled in front of me and took my cockhead in his mouth while Juan was jacking me. I was so horny, I was sure I'd shoot my load very soon. And so it was. Within a minute I felt the familiar tingling and sensation of an oncoming orgasm. Juan pushed his monumental cock deep into me again. I could've sworn it was almost hard again! He jacked me and André was slurping on the head. And then I came. Buckets full. I flooded André's mouth. He battled to swallow it all and some of it ran over his cheek. I didn't know I could cum so much!

Juan was still holding me to his chest and slowly moved his big cock in and out my hole.

I couldn't believe how wonderful this was. And to think I was on the verge of chickening out!

"Thank you guys. This was spectacular! Thanks bro! Thanks Juan! You may fuck me again any time!"

"Oh, I intend to! And wait until you meet Claude! You're in for a treat. He's versatile and he will make you two very happy boys!"

Juan held me tight and asked if it was OK to stay inside me a bit longer.

"Yes, of course."

Still holding me tight, he lowered us onto the bed on our left sides, his cock still inside me.

"Happy?" he asked in my ear.


"Ahhhhh! So cute!" André piped up. "But don't forget, his mine! You may fuck him, but he's still mine!" André said, giving Juan a playful hit on the chin.

"As long as I'm allowed to do this, I'm happy. And don't forget, I love both of you very much. An alliance was formed today, don't you think?"

"Fine. Baby bro, don't get used to this huge cock. I still want in!"

"You'll always BE my number one! You know that!"

"Right! Who's for Coke? I'm dehydrated. This man is relentless. You should have seen how much cum he sucked out of me! Shocking!" André was never phased by anything!

"Yes please. Coke would be nice."

"Yes, thanks André. That would be nice."

André left and Juan pulled me tightly to him again. "I'm serious. I love you guys very much. I don't want to take André's place, but I want in, to use his term. I don't want this to be the first and the last. I want more. Would you be OK with that?"

"Yes, very much. You know I love André with all my heart and will never drop him, not for anybody. But yes, this is special. And you know we both love you very much. You're a very special person in our lives. And yes, I'm sure André won't mind this to become a regular thing."

"I'm glad. That makes me very happy. I love Claude very much and love having sex with him. But he's versatile and I'm top only. So, he needs other people too. I'm fine with that, but something is missing. And I think I've found it!" Juan said and twitched his cock in my ass. My god, will that thing ever get soft again?

Claude too? I'd have THREE guys (still not counting Dad!) who would fuck me! Wow ...!

André returned with the Coke. It was refreshing and thirst-quenching. André got in on my left where Juan was earlier when we came to bed, and faced me. He took my face in his hands, kissed me on the mouth and said, "I'm so proud of you baby bro! Thanks! That was phenomenal! Thanks Juan! You're the man, for sure! I hope you've made my baby bro a happy chappy! With your monster still in him, I'm sure the pervert is still happy!"

I playfully punched him in the arm and pulled him into my arms.

"You know that I love you very much. This is wonderful, but I'll always love you. You'll never be replaced, not even by Juan. And he knows it."

"Good to hear baby bro. Then, let's get some sleep. By the looks of it, it's going to be a looooonng night!"

He kissed Juan and me, and settled in my arms and soon he was sleeping.

Juan brushed over my nipples and said softly, "You still OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine, thanks."

"What if I get hard again and start fucking you again? Would that be OK?"

"Yes, it would be awesome."

Juan answered by pushing his semi-hard cock deeper into me and murmured, "This is just stupendous! Thanks a lot! Nobody before you was prepared to take it like you did. Thanks ... I'll make it worth it, I promise."

He gave a big happy sigh and dozed off. I was still too exited and took inventory of what just happened, of the two hunks in bed with me, what they meant to me, how much I loved them, what wonderful parents we had, what was bound to happen between Dad and us, Alessandro and Sven, and of course Claude ... I was one fortunate, lucky man!

= To be continued =



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