I slept with Juan behind me. He had his loving hand over my waist and his big rubbery cock between my legs. There was no sex as he knew that I was with Herman earlier and that I was fucked with that 33cm big cock. As attentive as he was, Juan just wanted me to have a good night's rest.

However, when I closed my eyes, it was the Italian god I saw. Luigi. His face, his lips, his eyes, his hands, his feet, his hairy body, his cock, his multiple orgasms ... the man was a hunk in every respect! And he wanted me. He fell in love with me. I fell in love with him. He couldn't understand the 5 other men in my life. He wanted me for himself. He was the proverbial tall dark and handsome hung hunk. He was the perfect lover. He was kind. He was gentle. He kissed me like I was the most important person in the world. He made love to me like nobody before him, not even André and Juan. He was perfect in every way. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! What was I going to do? I can't throw away what I had with the other guys, I pondered. I loved them! But Luigi was a phenomenal man. What was I going to do ... to do ... do ...


I woke up with the smell of coffee. Johann was standing buck-naked in front of the bed with a tray with mugs of coffee and a big bowl of Mom's rusks.

"Wake up sleepy head! Did Herman tire you down last night? Hmmm! How was it? Big? I betcha! Come! Coffee!"

Juan stirred behind me and I felt his big morning wood twitch between my legs.

"Ahh! Good morning my darling. Good morning Johann! André! André! Wake up you delinquent! Hey! Wake up!" Juan put his hand on André's left nipple and gave it a light tweak.

"Owww! Is this what they mean by 'love hurts'? Why do you have to be so mean? Just because baby bro went to Herman last night, why do you have to be so cranky and take it out on me? I also have feelings! And an inner self! Ow!" André pretended to be offended. He stretched and leaned towards Juan and gave him a loving kiss that lingered and ... yes, some tongue too! Oscars for these two! "Morning baby bro! How are you? Did the Gentle Giant wear you out? He did? I'll have to talk to him!" He kissed me and it too was a long and loving kiss. And yes, some tongue too! Oh my! What a brother!

Johann just climbed on the bed balancing the tray and sat down in the middle of the bed, right on top of our legs and morning wood. "Out of the way! I said wake up and now I have to stand and watch you all lovey dovey while the coffee is getting cold! Move!" Johann ranted on and sat down.

He got a few playful swipes against his head but it was all in good spirit.


After coffee we discussed the day ahead.

Juan would have to go into town with his own car so he could bring Gunther with him after their meeting with the dean. André and I would go in one of the ECO 25s so we could bring Herman with us after 2 o'clock. Johann was going to get some papers from Claire and the ring from the jeweller he ordered for Herman. We were going to have a Chinese stir-fry at our house. It was up to André and me to get the necessary ingredients and start cutting and chopping the chicken, beef and vegetables when we got home.

We bundled into the shower and after a flurry of shampooing and soapsuds flying everywhere, us hugging, kissing, groping and horsing around ... the guys were relentless! ... we managed to get ourselves respectable to face the world. André and I decided to trim our stubble and leave shaving for the shoot until the next weekend when Dad and Mom were going to be with us. I quickly trimmed André's stubble and he mine. I looked in the mirror ... ahh! We did look dashing and so suave! I liked the stubble, especially after it was trimmed.

"Come come! Well get something to eat from the farm stall down the road. No time for a proper breakfast. Coffee and rusks won't cut it for the growing boys. Come! Bye Johann! Give Werner and Lukas a kiss. I hope they can make it to Mario's tomorrow! Give them our love!" And we were off.


Our classes were OK, but my mind kept on racing back to Luigi. Oh my godd! My life was perfect and Dad ... oh fuck ... Dad ... how I loved that man! ... and Mom have accepted the liaison between the 5 of us - they still didn't know that Herman was now part of the liaison ...

But Luigi! Oh fuck! Why does this have to happen to me? Why!

When we got to our 11 o'clock class, the lecturer was not there. He fell ill and our class was cancelled. We went to the 'kaf' to get coffee and custard slices. My iPhone binged and it was a message from Luigi. He had an hour free and wanted to know if I could come see him ... 'please?'. "I'm going out of my mind here! I have to see you, please? Please? Please say yes?"

"André, seeing we have this time free now, I have to go. I have to get Dad some of the sprayers our co-op in Clanwilliam didn't have. So, you sit with the guys and I'll see you in a bit, OK?"

"OK, I'll be here. Hey, drive carefully! I'm glad it's not my Auris you're taking!" André put in. I didn't know if André believed my excuse but there was no time to contemplate that.

Luckily I still had the bag with the douche rubber ball and lube under my car seat. As I walked to my car, I sent a message to Luigi. "See you in 10 minutes".

My cock sprang to life and I swore and hated myself and felt guilty ... oh fuck! But I had to see him! Fuck! I had to see Luigi!


When he opened the door, he already had his shoes and socks off. His shirt was unbuttoned and his cock was tenting his pants. He pulled me into the house and kissed me. Even though he - like me - was as randy as a cat in August, he was as gentle and kind as he was the day before. But there was an urgency about him that wasn't there the day before.

"Hallo my darling! Please come in. How are you?" Luigi asked between the kissing. He was kissing me deeply. His saliva tasted like nectar. "Ah! The stubble is trimmed! Bello!"

"I'm fine but I can't stop thinking of you! Fuck!"

"Same here ... you drive me nuts!"

I put my hand on his hairy chest and marvelled at the hair and muscles and nipples ... he was just perfect. He started to unbutton my shirt while he was kissing me. "Come," he said on my mouth, "we don't have much time. I have to be back at the surgery in 50 minutes' time. Come ..."

When we got to the bedroom, we undressed each other and when we were buck-naked save for our underpants, Luigi pulled me into an embrace which pushed our bodies tight to each other. His huge erection was wet and made a wet spot on my belly right through the fabric of his underpants.

"First go prepare ... I'll wait for you. OK?" Luigi said and kissed me.

I went into the bathroom and took a dump. I started to douche and after 6 flushes, I was clean. I flushed once more just to be sure. I put some lube in my hole and went back into the bedroom.

Luigi was on the bed palming his huge erection. "Come my love, come here."

I put the lube on the nightstand and got onto the bed with him. I lied down with my head on Luigi's hairy chest. He smelled divine. Same intoxicating perfume ... ahhh!

I put my hand on his chest and felt the luxurious hair and big nipple under my fingers. My leg was draped over Luigi's hard cock and I felt it throbbing, and I felt the moisture of his precum on my leg. He put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me on top of him. My hard-on pushed into his belly and I put my legs on either side of his body. I lowered my face to his mouth and kissed him. His soft mouth was something else. I opened my mouth and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I sucked it and he groaned. He pushed me up and looked into my eyes.

"Anton, this is about sex, yes, but it's not all. I really like you. I like you a lot. And I really am falling in love with you. I'm sorry! I know you have your own life and I only arrived on the scene yesterday, but fuck it! I love you too! If it means I have to share you to 'have' you, then so be it! I can't imagine a life without you after I've met you ... yes, I know it's fast, but I know what I want and it's you," Luigi said and kissed me again.

I moved down on his body and kissed his nipples, marvelled at the big areolae and the long silky chest hair. As I moved down his body, Luigi was growling and had his hands in my hair.

When I reached his underpants, I put my hand in and hauled the magnificent cock out. It was rock-hard and sopping wet. He groaned. I licked the head and tasted the precum. It was wonderful. I put the big head into my mouth and pushed it right to my throat. Luigi groaned. His hands were holding my head and he pushed up. I let go of the big 29cm cock and pulled the underpants down. Luigi lifted his buttocks from the bed and I pulled them off. He lifted his one leg and then the other to push the underpants off. When his feet were pushing the underpants down, I sat between his legs and took his feet in my hands.

Fuck! Once again I marvelled at the most beautiful male feet I've ever seen. I touched them, stroked the hairy bridge, the perfectly formed toes ... they were beautiful. I stroked Luigi's calves and thighs and when I reached his crotch, I put my face on his balls and with my buttocks sticking out, I pushed my underpants off and used my feet and one hand to get them off.

I sucked one of Luigi's big balls into my mouth and he groaned. His huge cock was spasming on his tummy. The big head was way beyond his bellybutton. It was sopping wet. I moved up and licked the underside of this great cock. I moved higher and sat on the huge cock with its head between my balls. I moved my crotch over the shaft and I groaned.

"No time for fancy moves today. Do you want to try the lube today so we have a head start? I'd love to use precum but we're both in a hurry, OK?" Luigi asked. I was dying to use the precum only but he was right. We didn't have time so it was down to the lube.

I moved down his body again and sucked the big cockhead into my mouth. I sucked the precum out of the big piss slit. It tasted so good. I took the huge cock in my hand and put my fingers around it. My middle finger and thumb only just touched around the shaft. It was one of the most beautiful cocks I've ever seen. Not the biggest or thickest, but it was perfect and big and thick and dark and uncut and leaking ... what a cock! And it was as straight as an arrow.

Luigi pulled me up so I could sit on his chest. He guided my wet thick 23cm cock into his mouth and groaned when he tasted my precum. He pushed my foreskin back and sucked the head and played with his tongue under my cockhead. I groaned ... oh fuck! Luigi played with his lips and tongue over and under my cockhead - it felt fantastic. I shuddered and groaned. Luigi pulled my body closer and my cock disappeared deep into his throat! Ahhhh! What an experience to feel my big cock disappear into the mouth of this big hung hunk!

I took the lube and lubed up my hole. When Luigi let go of my cock I leaned back and lubed up his huge cock. I moved backwards and when the huge cockhead pushed against my buttocks, I lifted and aimed the great cock at my hole. Luigi bucked and pushed the cockhead right onto my hole. I pushed back and I felt the huge cockhead stretching me ... it was slipping in. After the fucking of the previous day and then Herman late last night, my hole was still fairly stretched and the head slipped in fairly easily. Nevertheless I groaned and flung my head backwards. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Luigi, you're the man! Oh fuck! It feels fantastic!"

"Hnnnnggghhhh! Sit on it please! I want it inside you, please! Oh godd! You're killing me! Ahhh!" Luigi groaned.

I moved back and felt the long big cock sliding deeper into me. It just felt so good! The big head pushed against my inner sphincter and I stopped. The pressure of Luigi's cock, with him pushing up, caused the sphincter to relax and the cockhead slipped through. Ahhhh! Oh fuck!

Soon the whole cock was in me and it swelled and twitched. My cock was rock-hard and I was already on the brink of orgasm.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Mio Dio! I'm cumming! Oh godd! Ahhhhh! Hnnnnngggghhhh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I felt the cock spasming in me and I felt the first of his cum being shot into me. This man was phenomenal!

Luigi took my hips and started to fuck me and soon he was groaning again. "Second round ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! Here it comes! Hnnnnngggghhhh! Ah! Oh fuck! Ahhhhh!" Luigi shot his second volley into me.

After a few seconds of twitching and swelling and pushing in deeper, Luigi started to fuck me again. "Jack off my darling! I want to cum with you! Do it! I will cum again soon. Jack off your cock!" Luigi was fucking me with long but deep thrusts.

I took my hard wet cock in my hands and started to jack off. Luigi's cock in me was twitching again and he started to howl: "Oh my godd! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Please cum with me! Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh my fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cummmmmiiiiinnnnnnggg! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Luigi shot his third load into me.

My cock spasmed in my hand and I started to cum. It was my first orgasm since the previous day with Luigi and it was an unbelievably big load! I held my cock low so I didn't shoot my load into Luigi's hair or all over the bed. It did fly far though and hit Luigi under his chin. Some ended up on his neck. Most of it hit him on the chest in his thick mat of curly black hair. The last of it was shot onto his tummy. It was a lot and made a big mess in Luigi's body hair.

Luigi's big cock was still spasming in me and when I was clenching while I was cumming, he picked up speed again and as the last of my cum spurted onto Luigi's tummy, Luigi shot his fourth load! The man was just phenomenal! Oh my godd!

"Oh fuck! This is a record! The last time I came four times in such a short period of time was when I was about 19 and was edging a lot while I was watching porn. You drive me absolutely nuts! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh my darling! I love you! I fucking love you! This has to be a sign ... we're perfect for each other! Oh godd!"

"Yes, this is fantastic and this is a first for me too. It feels like you've shot a big load into me again. Hmmmm!"

"Yes, it was a lot! And we better stop now because," he looked at his watch, "I have another patient in 20 minutes' time! If we don't stop now, I'm going to fuck you again! Come, let's have a quick shower! I cannot see a patient smelling like cum! But, thanks my darling! Thanks for coming ... I love you!"

"Yes, it was fantastic. Yes, let's have a quick shower please. Just no water in the hair." I put in.

After a quick shower - there was a lot of kissing and groping and a little jacking, but Luigi put an end to it as he said he'd end up fucking me again and we didn't have time - we dressed each other between lots of kissing and hugging and looking into each other's eyes ... fuck!

Luigi gave me a bottle of Hugo Boss Bottled to spray on my body and he sprayed Tom Ford Noir on his body. Ahhh! The heavenly scent was American, and not Italian!

When I put Luigi's socks on, I just gawked at his beautiful big feet, again. They were perfect. He wore slip-on shoes so he stepped into them. He closed his pants and fastened his belt. He sat down on the floor and put my socks on while I was buttoning up my shirt. Before he put on a sock, he'd first kiss my foot and nibbled the hairy bridge. When he was done, I slipped on my shoes and tied the shoelaces.

"I haven't given you anything to drink. There are small fruit juices in the fridge - apricot I think - let me get us a couple. Then we'd better get going my darling," Luigi said as we left the bedroom. I waited at the front door while he went to fetch the juices.

He pulled me into an embrace and kissed me deeply. "Anton, I love you - full stop! I can't help it. But here you have it! A 27-year-old man besotted with a beautiful 19-year-old sexy boy! Oh fuck! Come here!" He kissed me again and his cock was almost hard again and pushed against me. I put my head on his chest and he lowered his chin so his mouth and nose were in my hair. He kissed my head and groaned.

At the same time he had his one arm around my head, clutching me to his chest and the other arm around my chest, hugging me tight to his body.

"Oh fuck no! We have to go! I love you! I can't wait to see you tomorrow! Thanks for coming!" and he opened the front door. He held my hand and looked into my eyes and said: "I. LOVE. YOU."

We got into our cars and left - he was in front of me and put his arm out and waved at me. Then he put his hazard lights on and flashed them three times. I flashed my lights and at the stop street, we went in different directions.

My hole was full of Luigi's cum! Oh my godd! This Italian Stallion really was a horse! I felt the cum and clenched. I decided I WILL keep the cum in me for as long as I could!


I quickly stopped at the co-op and ran in to buy 5 of the sprayers in use on the farm. I discarded the fruit juice brick-pack box. Then I saw there was a sale on: shoes, jackets and other farm stuff. I took a flyer of the sale and I was off.

When I got back to the 'kaf' at just after 12 o'clock, André and some other guys have ordered some toasted sandwiches. "Ahh! My brother! The farmer! Did you get the sprayers? What took you so long?"

"Yes I got them but it's Friday. They're busy and there is a sale on: shoes and farm clothes. Here is a flyer. I looked at the stuff and think we should go get some for us before we go home. Everything is marked down 50%. There is some nice stuff," I said and was amazed at how easily the lies rolled off my tongue!

"The half-past 12 class is still on. Want half of my toasted sandwich baby bro?" André asked. I gladly accepted and got myself a bottle of water. By 25 past 12 we were in our class waiting for the lecturer. My hole was literally filled to capacity! Fuck!

In class my iPhone was on silent but I felt it vibrate. I carefully looked at the screen: Luigi. "Waiting for next patient. Thanks. You're super. I love you". I texted: "It was wonderful. Thanks. Love you too".

Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I was just hoping for the best! I really liked this hung Italian Stallion and I had to find a solution to this problem, and quick. There was no way I could just spring this on my 'family' and expect them to accept it. Six of us were already a stretch. I needed reinforcement ... André? Could I trust André on this? He's been my first love and we've known each other since birth. If there were anybody who could help and would help, it would be André. A plan started to hatch in my head ... oh fuck! I can't lose Luigi! I had to find a way so André could like him too ... and for Luigi to accept André ... click, click, click ... a plan was taking shape ...


By 2:15 André, Herman and I were in ECO 25.2 - WC and after a quick detour to the co-op to buy some farm clothes and then to the grocery store to get the ingredients for the stir-fry, we were en route to La Rochelle. Juan and Gunther still had a meeting with the dean at 3 o'clock. Johann had to drop off some photos and posters in Strand before he could come home.

Back at home we put the stir-fry stuff in the fridge. Then we poured us some Coke, kicked off our shoes and socks and lounged around. Herman was like a little dog. He followed me - unobtrusively, he was clever! - and when I lied down on the couch to check my emails on my iPhone, he sat down where my head was and put my head on his huge bulge. He groaned and stroked my hair.

André was in the bathroom and Herman and I were very comfortable with each other. Herman bent down and kissed my nose, my mouth, my chin ... and his hand was on my bulging crotch. Ahhh! This man was just a nice guy! I liked him a lot!

"You sex deprived delinquents! The sun is still shining. I'm still here. You've had sex last night whereas poor me, had nothing. Do you mind? There will be shenanigans tonight ... so keep your pants on! And behave! Herman, Dad has a very sharp Swiss Army Knife. If you don't behave, I'll have you neutered! Sheez! I haven't had the privilege of sucking you for a long time: you only have eyes for my baby bro ... if you get it right, that is! Myself, I wouldn't mind sucking you off you big giant!" André put in ... my godd!

"So, what you're saying is, you're hot for my cock and if 'baby bro' and I have a little quality time here, it is not OK? So, you want in? Bring it on!" Herman said bravely and lifted my head from his hard crotch. He unzipped and hauled his humongous cock out. I sat up and gasped at it once again. It was a real anaconda and already wet.

"Oh fuck yes! I want to suck you off! Fuck yes!" André said and kneeled in front of Herman. He put his hand on the huge cock in front of him. André, my bro! This was new! André stood on his knees and pulled Herman's pants down to his ankles. Herman lifted his buttocks and helped to get the pants completely off. Herman sat down again with his legs wide open.

André moved in and took the humongous cock in his hand and jacked it. The precum was literally flowing from the giant piss slit.

"If I haven't seen this huge cock and the precum it makes for myself, I'd not believe it! Fuck! Herman, this is an insanely big cock! I wish I were a bottom to feel you fuck me with it ..." André said while he slowly jacked Herman's cock.

"That could be arranged. Just let me do it and you'd be hooked. I'll be very gentle ..." Herman started.

"No fucking way! There is no way I'd bottom for you! I'd have to be very drunk and I'd have to sniff lots of poppers before I'd bend for that anaconda! No ways! I'd happily suck you and you can cum in my mouth, but fucking? No my man!" André said, determined that Herman would not fuck him.

Herman pushed his huge cock up and André put the big head in his mouth. He groaned when he tasted the precum. Herman's precum tasted so nice. I myself was now rock-hard and sopping wet.

Herman leaned forward and massaged André's shoulders. He moved down to André's back while his cock was being licked and sucked.

"Take off your pants too," Herman said.

"Why? I just want to suck you man!" André put in.

"Because I want to suck you too," Herman said smoothly.

André stood up and took his pants off. His cock was rock-hard too and sopping wet. I took his cock in my hand and guided it to my mouth. I licked the head and pushed it into my mouth. André groaned and said: "Are you ganging up on me?"

"Just enjoy the attention you're getting for a change!" I retorted.

I unbuttoned André's shirt and pulled it off. He was buck-naked. Herman took his shirt off too.

André said: "What about you? If you didn't notice, we're both buck-naked now. Come on, take off your clothes too!"

"OK, but let me get a towel, the poppers and lube. Be right back," I said and briskly walked to the bedroom.

"What ..." André started but Herman pulled him closer and kissed him. He took André's hard cock in his hand and jacked it. "Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Your huge hand feels so good on my cock ...!"

I returned with the items and found André lying on top of Herman, kissing him madly. It was a slobbering and a kissing of note! My godd! My brother was hot for the Gentle Giant!

I put the stuff on the coffee table and undressed. I sat on my knees on the floor next to them. I joined in and kissed André's neck and stroked his back. André was faux fucking with his cock on top of Herman's huge cock. His own cock was sopping wet and when he lifted up a bit, I put my hand in under his body and touched the two cocks. They were both sopping wet and there was a lot of precum on Herman's tummy.

André was groaning and it was certain he was hot as hell and would cream any minute. But I had other plans ...

My own cock was sopping wet. The precum dripped from my piss slit onto the floor. I was hot myself ... and my plan was put in action. It's now or never ... I thought. I took the precum on my finger ...

I stroked André's back and kissed his cheek. He turned his head and kissed me with lust and vigour. He was hot and very randy! Perfect! I stroked André's back with my palm with my fingers in the air ... precum ... and kneaded André's buttocks. I let the precum from my finger leak into his crack. I took some more of my precum and kneaded André's thighs and ... drip, drip ...

I opened the poppers and gave it to Herman and winked. He didn't understand what I had in mind but he took the bottle and took a whiff. "You too André," I said. André took the little bottle and took a little whiff. "No, take a proper whiff bro! We're having fun! Take a deep whiff and then me," I said. André took a deep whiff and groaned: "Oh fuck! Oh my godd! Wow! My head is spinning ...!"

André took Herman's huge cock in his mouth and sucked the big head into his mouth. He groaned.

Perfect! I took some of the lube and put it on my finger. I put my fingers on André's crack and massaged the lube and precum in. André's reaction was to put his bum out, not clench! Perfect! My fingers reached his hole and rubbed it. He groaned. I went down to his perineum and massaged it. By then André was squirming.

"Poppers!" I commanded and Herman gave André the poppers who lifted off Herman's cock, and greedily grabbed it and took a deep whiff. "Ahhhhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yess! Oh fuck yes!"

Herman put his big hand on André's back and stroked it. He would move his hand up and down André's back and into his hair, his neck and back to his back.

I slipped a finger into André's hole ... he groaned and I indicated to Herman to give the poppers to André. André took a whiff and I slipped in a second finger. André groaned and pushed his bum even higher in the air. I slipped in a third finger. I pushed my fingers down and felt his prostate ... ahh! Bingo!

My middle finger was on André's prostate and I lightly massaged it. André was groaning with Herman's cock in his mouth.

André pulled off Herman's huge cock and turned his head to me. "What are you doing to me baby bro? Oh fuck! It feels good! Oh godd! Ahhh!" He turned back to Herman's big cock and I mouthed: "POPPERS" and Herman gave André the poppers.

I got up on the coach and sat between André's legs. I took some lube and put it on my cock ... yes ... my plan was taking shape. I couldn't believe what I was doing, what I was about to do ... but ... I can't lose Luigi! Come hell or high water, that Italian Stallion was not going to get away even if it meant doing what I was about to do ... I groaned and put the tip of my cock on André's hole.

Herman's eyes were big and he mouthed: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I just winked and said: "Just relax bro".

I gently pushed in and when my cockhead slipped in, André looked back and asked petrified with fear: "Oww! What are you doing Anton? Oww!"

"Just relax and push out. Poppers!" I commanded.

"Oh my godd! You're raping me! You're fucking raping me ... ahhhh! Oh godd!" André ranted on as my cock slipped in. I held still and massaged his buttocks.

"Poppers!" André took another whiff and his asshole relaxed completely! I pushed in gently but firmly and my 23cm cock slipped in. After Juan fucked André with his 28cm cock, André was not interested in bottoming again, as Juan's cock was a bit big to start with to bottom. My cock is thinner and 5cm shorter. I had no intention of hurting André at all so I was as gentle as I knew my lovers were. None just pushed in and fucked me. I was about to make love to my brother as I wanted him to experience the pleasure one could have when bottoming.

My cock slipped in balls-deep. I held still and made my cock twitch. André groaned. Fuck, I felt like a dog, but desperate times called for desperate measures! Luigi would be the ultimate prize and André would thank me afterwards!

André pulled off Herman's cock and was moaning: "Oh fuck! Your cock is big ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Ahhhhhh! Hmmmm! Oh fuck yes! Yes! Oh godd! Yessss! Yes! Fuck me Anton! Fucking fuck me!"

Herman's eyes were really big. André sucked his cock again and he stroked André's back.

I pulled my cock back a little, made it swell and pushed back in. I did so a couple of times and then pulled out altogether. There was the danger André wouldn't let me back in again, but ... "What the fuck do you think you're doing?! Put your cock back! Oh fuck! Put it back in me! Anton! Do it!"

I aimed at his hole and slowly pushed in. When my cockhead was through the sphincter I held still and made my cockhead swell. André clenched his hole over my cock and groaned. He pulled off Herman's cock and growled: "Oh my fuck! What are you doing to me?! Oh my godd! Oh yess! Fuck me! Oh please fuck me!"

I pushed back into him and made my cock swell while I was pushing back into him. He groaned and as I pushed in balls-deep André was like putty in my hands.


I pulled André on all fours and took his cock in my hand. He was sopping, sopping wet! I've never experienced his cock so wet! I jacked him and he put his one hand on me to stop. It was obvious he was on the verge of creaming!

"Are you still OK bro?" I asked and rubbed André's back.

"Oh godd yes! If I knew this could be this good and wonderful, I'd have you fuck me ages ago! Oh my fuck! Yes! I'm more than OK!"

André was paying all his attention to me now. Herman got up and sat behind me. He put his hand on my buttocks and put some of his precum on my hole ... oh my godd! Was this leading to what I was thinking? Was Herman going to fuck me while I was fucking André ...? I've never had that! But, this was also the first for me to fuck anybody!

I turned my head to Herman and hissed: "Yess! Fuck, yes! Do it! Please fuck me!"

Herman put some lube on my hole and on his huge cock. He got on the couch behind me and aimed at my hole. As I was fucking André, it was moving back and forth. Herman pushed forward a bit and with my next backward stroke, I impaled myself on Herman's huge cockhead! Ahhh! Oh godd! THIS was sexual heaven! Herman pushed forward again and with my next backward stroke his cock went in deeper. He pushed forward some more and on the third push, he was in balls-deep! Oh my godd! I had one of the biggest cocks in me while I was fucking my brother!

André was moaning and it was obvious he was enjoying this. He clenched his hole on my cock and with every push into him, he was groaning.

Behind me, Herman was picking up speed. The Gentle Giant was on a sexual high! Me fucking my brother has put him in overdrive! His huge cock was scraping over my prostate and made me feel so good.

"And what the hell do we have here? My godd! André? Anton? Herman? Wow! Would you look at them, Gunther?"

It was Juan! He and Gunther have arrived back home and we didn't hear them! Oh my godd! And look at us! Oh fuck!

"Donnerwetter [German for 'thunder weather', their version of 'fuck']! Unglaublich [Unbelievable]! Wow!" Gunther said. "I want to join them! Oh godd! Yes?"

"Oh fuck yes! I want in too!" Juan said and started to undress. His shoes flew over the floor and his shirt was off in seconds. As he approached the couch, he opened his pants and jumped around a bit as he pulled his pants off and threw them across the room. His cock was already almost hard.

Gunther followed suit and was naked in no time. His cock was also very hard by the time he was out of his clothes.

"Instead of being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, this is how I prefer to find you when I come back home! Oh godd!" Juan gushed.

Juan sat in front of André, not knowing it wasn't me and took his face in his hands and kissed him gently but with sexual urgency. André took Juan's big cock in his mouth and started to suck it.

Gunther sat down on the floor next to me and stroked my back. I put my hand out and took his huge cock and stroked it. He leaned forward and kissed me. I was sure he didn't know it was me.

"But ... is Herman fucking ... André?"

I was on the verge of cumming and felt Herman's cock spasming and growing. He was breathing deeper. "I'm going to cum! Oh fuck! I'm going to cummmmm! Ahhh! Oh godd! I'm cumming!" and I felt his big cock spasming in me, pumping lots of cum into me! He collapsed onto my back and growled. "Oh fuck! This is fantastic, Anton! Oh fuck!"

Gunther stopped stroking my back and asked: "Anton? What? Really? Wow! In that case, Herman, raus bitte (out please)! Out! I want in! Please let me fuck him!"

"Oh, OK" Herman started to pull out and I had to clench. I still had Luigi's 3 loads of earlier in me and now Herman's usual huge load ... but I managed.

Gunther's cock was already lubed up and he stepped up as soon as Herman got up from the couch.

"Wait a bit! Is this André in the front then? What? What is going on here? My darling, are you fucking your brother? What? Oh my godd! You are an ace! I'm impressed!"

André pulled off Juan's huge cock and said: "I was tricked into doing this but fuck! It feels good! Baby bro is a good fucker! I love it!" and kissed Juan. "And if you play nice, I might allow you again ... but only if you play nice!"

Ahhh! Mission accomplished! I was a devious bastard after all! Ahhh! The next step should be a walk in the park! Luigi is mine ... ours! Yess!

"OK, if you want, I'm pulling out and then Juan can fuck you, OK?" I asked, touching André's back. "I'm pulling out and then Juan can fuck you."

"Yes, OK! Let the big oaf fuck me! Your cock in me was so fucking amazing! I'm willing to try that huge cock of the big oaf again! Yes, let's do it!" André said.

Yess! Oh fuck, yess! My plan worked better than expected ... hmmm!

I slowly pulled out of André. Juan took the lube and was already lubing up his big cock. When André was off my cock, he stood up and Juan told him to come sit down on his cock facing him. Fuck! It couldn't be better! André stepped onto the couch, put his hands on Juan's shoulders and lowered his buttocks.

André groaned. When his hole touched Juan's huge cock, André tensed up. "Oh my godd! I hope you're not going to hurt me again ... oh fuck! Slowly, you big oaf!"

"Just relax you big baby! I have no intention of hurting you! Just relax and push out. Sit down slowly. This way you can control the speed and depth!" Juan said and steadied André's body as it descended onto his cock.

"Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Your cock is so fucking big! You're going to kill me ... oh godd! Ahhhhh! Oh fuck ...!" André moaned. Despite his complaints, André was on a sexual high and wanted to feel Juan's cock again! I handed him the poppers and he took a big whiff. He lowered his body and growled. "Oh fuck! Yess! Oh my godd! It feels ... oh godd ... it feels so good! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yess! Yess! Fuck me you big oaf! Do it! Just do it already!"

Mission accomplished! Juan gently pushed deep into André and started to slowly fuck him. André leaned down and took Juan's head and kissed him. He was kissing Juan deep and hungrily and he moaned. My bro was enjoying getting fucked! Oh fuck!

Behind me Gunther was fucking away and I was now definitely about to cum. "I'm going to cum ... sorry my darling, but this is too much! I'm going to cum, OK? Ahhhhh!"

"Me too my darling. Seeing André getting fucked with Juan's big cock has pushed me over the top! I'm also going to cum! You OK?" Gunther asked and groaned as he pushed his big cock deep into me.

Herman was sitting on the coffee table. He was jacking my cock. He was hard again! Dogg! I was very close and warned Herman. He leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth. And then I lost it! I felt the orgasm boiling up and felt Gunther's cock swell up as he pushed in deep.

I was cumming and cumming and cumming! Oh my godd! My cock spurted into Herman's mouth while Gunther was pumping one of his monumental loads into my hole, joining Herman's own big load, and Luigi's loads of earlier.

I collapsed on Herman's back and gasped. All this sex was taking its toll! My godd! Gunther was collapsed on my back and his big cock was still spasming inside me as it pumped the big load into me.

André was growling and Juan was fucking him with determination. It was clear André was enjoying it more than expected. He was kissing Juan like I've never seen him kissing our man before! Both of them were groaning and it was obvious they were about to cum. Juan put his one hand on André's cock but André pushed his hand away as he was going to cum on his own! Dogg!

Juan pushed his cock deep into André and held still while he was groaning. He was cumming. André broke free from Juan's mouth and put his hands in Juan's hair. He growled and spasmed. He was shooting his load into Juan's chest hair. My bro!

Gunther pushed his rubbery cock into me and said in my ear: "A day to remember!" Gunther's cock was getting hard again!

André collapsed on Juan and sat down on the big cock in him. He was panting and stroked Juan's hair. He was still out of breath and was groaning. My bro has seen the light! Thank godd! My plan worked!

"How are you my man? You OK?" Juan asked and kissed André on the cheek stroking his hair and back. It was confirmed: they did love each other. Very much!

André lifted his head and kissed the 'big oaf', deep and lingering. "Oh my godd! This was incredible. After André fucked me, I was ready for this! You can fuck me anytime again! Oh fuck! I've missed out on so much fun! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"

"My godd! What is this? An orgy, in the lounge without me being part of it? So, it's back to jacking off for me tonight! You bastards!" Johann said from the door. Today was the day of surprises!

"Ahh, come in! You've just missed the grand finale! We've just cummed! Come in!"

"Anton? Who is Anton? Both twins are being fucked? What is going on here? André? Wow!" Johann was surprised.

He palmed his big cock and came closer.

"If you want, I could suck you off! I'm hard again and would love to suck you!" Herman put in. He reached for Johann's big bulge. Johann was still astounded and stood still so Herman could open his pants.

"Just tell me what the fuck is happening here! What have I missed? For months, we've been fucking poor Anton left, right and centre and here both them are getting fucked! My godd! What a day to remember!" Johann's cock sprang free from his pants.

Gunther and I sniggered!

"Let Herman suck you off and we'll fill you in!" Juan said.

"OK, but stay where you are! This is too much! I'm randy out of my skull! I want to see you while ... ahhhhh! Oh godd! Herman! You dogg! You have a very talented mou .... th! Oh godd! Yesss! Oh fuck yes! I've been horny all day long! Yes! Ahhhh!"

Herman sucked Johann's big rubbery cock deep into his mouth and when it disappeared in his mouth, we cheered him on! Gunther was rock-hard again! My godd! I was going to get fucked again! And Gunther started to fuck me to confirm my suspicions. Dogg!

Herman was hard again and was jacking off while he was sucking Johann's big cock. Very soon Johann was groaning and so was Gunther. I was going to receive yet another big load of the big Jerry in me.

Johann started to groan louder and pushed his cock deep into Herman's throat. Herman was jacking furiously and when Johann folded double over Herman, we knew he was cumming in Herman's mouth.

Gunther was also groaning and I felt his big cock spasming in me again. He was pumping his second load into me. My cock was hard but I was nowhere close to cumming. I was spent!

With Johann's cock still in his mouth, Herman was still jacking. He pulled off Johann's cock and let out one mighty growl! "Hnnngghhhgnnnnnn! Oh goddddddd! Oh fuck! Ahhhhhhhhhh!" and one huge jet of cum shot from his cock. It shot out with such force, it landed on the floor behind the couch, behind us! The next one hit me in the face! The third one hit the back of the couch. The fourth one hit me in the chin. The fifth one hit the front side of the couch. The sixth one reached halfway to the couch and splattered on the floor. The seventh just dribbled out of his cock and dripped to the floor. This was the first time I've seen him cumming. The first time he shot his load in my mouth, which was one hell of a load, but the other times he came inside me.

"Bravo! Would you look at that! Our champion, in more ways than one! Wow! Herman, you put us all to shame!" Juan put in. We all clapped hands for our champion! "But you'll have to clean it up! Fuck, it will take an army of cleaners to mop up this load!"

Gunther was slowly pulling out of me. It still felt fantastic to have his big cock in me. I groaned and turned around to kiss him. He was one of the nicest guys I've ever known.

"OK, that's it for now. Let's not get carried away. Enough for one day. Anton has fucked me and now you too. Enough is enough. I'm getting up," André said. He kissed the 'big oaf' once more, which lingered just a little too long for someone who was stressed, gave him a hug and tousled his hair.

Juan pulled him into a tight embrace and said into his ear, loud enough for us to hear: "And I love you too. Very much! And it's not just because I could fuck you, but you're one very special man! I really and truly love you!" He hugged André again.

"Yeah, yeah! OK, I love you too, but let's get that huge weapon of mass destruction out of my asshole! OK? Show's over people! Go back to your houses and close the doors!" André joked as he slid off Juan's huge cock, now rubbery but still big at almost 20cm.

Juan pulled me into his arms and kissed me. "Hallo my darling! How did this happen?"

"I'll tell you at dinner. Come! Who wants coffee?" I said.

We all got our clothes, and Herman and I fetched some paper towels from the kitchen to clean up his monumental mess on the floor and couch. When we got to the couch, I bent down to lick up the cum running down the back and front. The rest on the floor was wiped off.

Everybody went to the bathroom or bedroom, before we returned to the kitchen.


Dinner was wonderful. We all pitched in to cut the meat, clean and cut the vegetables. Juan was the master and took over the stir-frying. We all gathered around the counter while he was frying our food. The six of us were chatting, laughing, drinking wine ... it was wonderful. I wondered what Mom would've said if she could see us. We were a happy lot.

After dinner, Johann brought out a box, wrapped in black paper. It had a silver ribbon on. It was the size of a brick.

"Everybody get some wine and lift your glasses ... does everybody have wine? Yes? Well, as decided by the investigative committee of fraud and corruption, it was a unanimous decision to have a sixth member in this inner circle of 'friends with benefits'. To the health and happiness of our Gentle Giant! Three cheers for Herman! Hip hip hurrah! Cheers mate! Welcome to our hearts, our homes, and our lives. We love you man! This is for you!" Johann said and gave the box to Herman.

Herman had his glass in the air when Johann started his little speech, but he lowered his glass. He was flabbergasted. "What? Really? What is this?"

"It's to show you we love you and want you in our lives. Here, open up!" Johann said.

"Thanks guys! You've already given me so much! What else is there I need? Wow ...!" He took the box and when he opened it, the box was filled with Styrofoam chips. In it sat a small golden box. It had the inscription of the jeweller's shop. Herman lifted it out with shaking hands. He looked at us and his eyes were big. He opened the box and when he saw the ring, he yelled and shrieked and shouted. "This is too good to be true! Thanks guys! Oh my godd! You're the best! Thanks!"

"Put it on, let's see!" Juan said.

Herman took the huge ring from the box. It was a simple gold ring with a groove on either edge. It was beautiful. Herman slipped it on his left ring finger and put it up to look at it and show us. It was huge, but it gave such flair to the huge hands!

He got up and took Juan into his arms and hugged him. "Juan, you're like my dad now. Thank you for looking out for me and for the love and friendship ... you rock!" He looked Juan in the eyes and gave him a tender kiss.

He hugged and kissed us all and then he sat down and admired his ring once more.

"Well done! We're happy to have you in our group! Welcome!" André put in.

"Anton, you have something to tell us. Come on spill the beans! What's it?" Juan said.

"Before I say anything, you guys have to give me a chance to tell you the whole story. It does involve me admitting to ... well, let's just say, premeditating actions. And it involves someone spectacular. You will love him. He is ..." I started.

"Luigi," André said.

"What? Say ... what? Anton? What's this?" Johann put in, his eyes big and his whole face a question mark.

"Yes André, how did you know that?" I asked.

"Baby bro, I'm your twin brother. I know you better than you will give me credit for. I saw the slip of paper Mario gave you with Luigi's number. Before you could hide it away, I saw the name 'Luigi' on it. Your 'dentist appointment' on Wednesday? When you didn't come home, I phoned the surgery and there was no appointment. Today when you went to the co-op? After you left Dad actually called me about the sale and I went to the co-op. I didn't call you as we were bored and wanted to get out and do something else, other than sitting at the 'kaf'. I know. So, tell us about him! Is he delicious? Talk, baby bro! How big is his cock!" André said and tousled my hair.

"Erm ... yes ... yes ... you are a clever man! And you didn't say a word? Why?" I asked.

"I waited for the right moment and et voila! Here it is! I knew you'd come clean sooner or later. So now all of us are here - including our Gentle Giant - speak up!" André quipped.

"First of all, it all happened so fast and unexpected. When you meet Luigi tomorrow, you'll all agree: he looks like a Greek statue that came alive! He is just shorter than Herman. You saw the photo Mario showed us, but that is a shitty photo! He is ten times more attractive! He is really the proverbial tall dark and hunky hung hunk ..." I started.

"Aha! So he IS hung?" André put in.

"Yes, it is big. But not as big as Herman, but at about 29cm, it's the same as Johann. But it has a very big ... erm ... long ... head. It is spectacular. He is a superb human being in every sense of the word. He is a spectacular lover. He has the perfect body, the most beautiful hands and feet ... sorry my darling, but facts are facts! And he is a doctor!" I gushed.

"Ahh! A doctor, a real doctor! That is all this group needs! Imagine Mom's reaction when we introduce 'a doctor' to them!" André was on top form!

"Oh come on André! You know I'm not that shallow! But it goes to show you he is no idiot or riff-raff. He really is an exquisite man! When you meet him tomorrow, you'll agree with me. Just please go to Mario's with an open mind and let him in ... I mean, just get to know him. He is really a special guy!" I said.

"Hmmmm! Do you already love him my darling?" Juan put in and touched my arm. There was no malice in his eyes. Perhaps him fucking André worked both ways ...?

I put my hand over his and said: "Yes, but I can't help it. He just is that special. Johann, if he has the time to do it, Claire would sign him up before breakfast! He has the physique of a god. He is perfect. His skin has that olive colour of the Mediterranean men, his hair is pitch black and curly, his body hair feels like silk and his love-making is in another class ... sorry guys, but he really is that good!"

"So, what is to happen now? Are you leaving us for him?" André could be so blunt!

"Of course not, you demented village idiot! Of course not! I love you guys, every one of you! My life without you is meaningless. Surely by now you all know that? No, I'm definitely not leaving you ..." I said.

"Then, you want him to be the SEVENTH member of this close group of friends with benefits? Really?" Johann said with gusto. "Unbelievable! Imagine Mom's comments when she even hears there is already a sixth member! What do you suggest my man?"

"Yes ... yes, that's what I want. I know ... I know, it is something big I'm springing on you guys, but ... please? I really like this guy! And I want you guys to do too! Please? When you meet him tomorrow, please keep an open mind ... please? I really want this man in my life! I like him ... erm ... I actually love him a little ... oh fuck! So sue me!" I said.

"Oh well, I've always trusted you to have good judgement, so I accept your verdict that this is a special man. But, let's meet him first before we make any decision. Listening to you and thinking of what Mario said about his nephew, I will meet Luigi with an open mind. I have to admit: he is a looker ..." Juan said.

"Here, look on my phone. Here is a better photo of him," I said. I called up the photo he sent me and gave it to Juan.

"Wow! Yes, he is beautiful, that's for sure! Wow ... ah ... and look at that! He sent you cock pics too! Guys, we have competition! Look here!" André gushed.

"No! That's not what I wanted to show you ... oh fuck!" I said blushing cherry red.

The others were gushing over the photos on my phone. "Yes, he is a hung hunk, that 's for sure!" Johann put in. I'd love to see him fucking you ... André? Anton? Who is it going to be? After today, I'm sure André is going to be in demand around here ... hmmm? Hmmm?"

"Slowly there, you pervert! One swallow does not maketh a summer yet! But I have to admit, this afternoon was special and I liked it a lot. This time it was my baby bro who tricked me into ... wait a minute! You sneaky bastard! You deliberately tricked me into this so I'd be willing to let Luigi fuck me too! Admit it! You sneaky bastard!" André said with feigned indignation and put his right hand on his heart. He loved it, the dogg! He hit me in the shoulder.

"Oww! That hurts bro! Yes I did, but there was no guarantee it would work or that you'd like it. And as it happens, you liked it. I promise you, if you liked this afternoon's shenanigans, you'll love it when Luigi fucks you. He just is that good ... no offense guys! And something else that I've only heard of until now, he has multiple orgasms. Yes, he cums three to five times in 3 minutes or less. And he cums huge! It's spectacular!"

"Really? He can cum so many times in such a short time? Wow! I've got to see that!" Johann put in.

"Why haven't you said anything Gunther? Herman?" I asked.

"I'm fine! I trust your taste and judgement. Just look at me ... spectacular in my own way ...!" The man did have a sense of humour! Gunther was a sweet man!

"I'm the late-comer and if this Italian is as nice as Anton says he is, and if his photos are an indication of his real looks, I'm all for it. I'd also love to see a multiple orgasm!" Herman gushed.

"That's settled then. As the alpha male here ... yes, you wayward delinquent, now that you are carrying my seed in you, doesn't mean I'm not the only alpha male here, so behave! ... I say we listen to what Anton is saying and what he is asking. Seven is a stretch, but by the looks of things, he could only add quality and style and size and looks to this lot. So, to quote you André: 'the more the merrier'! Let's hope the Italian Stallion likes us too!"

"Good show! Coffee everybody? Yes? I'm switching on the machine. Let's get showered and settled in for the night. The coffee will be ready soon. Shall we go?" Johann said. He didn't bother that the 'alpha male' didn't give him clearance to take decisions! He was just so at home in our house!

After I've showered and sat at the counter waiting for the coffee, I called Luigi. It was just after 10 o'clock. He answered on the third ring.

"Hallo my darling! How are you?" He gushed and I imagined him naked in bed fingering his huge cock.

"Hallo Luigi, my love. I'm fine, and you? Are you in bed?"

"Yes, I'm in bed! How I wish you could be here with me!"

"Yes, so do I. How was your day? This morning was spectacular but too rushed."

"Yes, it was too rushed, but I needed it. 'Just what the doctor ordered'," he quipped. He did have a sense of humour.

"Luigi, I've spoken to the guys tonight. They've seen your pictures ... yes, your cock photos too ... don't worry, they're fine with it."

"Are you sure? Do they not hate me for what happened?"

"No of course not. And yes, they are looking forward in meeting you tomorrow. So now, for us to have what we so desperately want and need, you need to keep an open mind when you meet them. Please, don't be jealous. They love me and I love them. But I love you too! I know it's very fast, but I love you, for fuck sakes! I love you and I can't help it! So, for you and I to be together, you need to accept the status quo. They know I want you to be a part of this group and if all works out, soon you'd be with me! Forever! We'd be able to have our own time together, often! The guys won't mind!"

"OK ... oh fuck! I can't believe this! But I'd rather have this than nothing at all! I hope the guys like me!"

"Oh, they will. Just don't be jealous or treat me like you and I are exclusive, because that could never happen, OK? Just remember I love you, OK?"

"Oh fuck, yes! What else could I do? Ahhh! I wish you were here in bed with me right now! Can't you come sleep with me tonight? Then you could travel with me to Uncle Mario? Please? Please? Please say yes?"

"Oh fuck! Yes, I also want to. Let me ask the guys ... I'll call you in 5 minutes, OK? OK?"

I went to the bedroom where Juan and André were hugging and kissing like there was no tomorrow!

"Ahem ... sorry to interrupt, but I have a request please?"

"Erm ... sorry, but it's this wayward delinquent that forced his way into my arms ... I'm innocent!" Juan quipped and got a swipe on the head! Hugging, kissing and fucking? And still the banter! "What's up my darling?"

"Uhm ... I've just spoken to Luigi ... he is more relaxed about tomorrow and is looking forward in meeting you guys. But, he asks a favour ... oh please ... please say yes ...?" I said.

"He wants you to go sleep with him, right?" André really is that blunt and very perceptive!

"What? He had you this morning and again tonight, for the whole night? The dogg! Not yet in and he is claiming you for himself? Sheez!" Juan said with a twinkle in his eye. "Do you want to go to him, my darling?'

"Yes, fuck yes! Please say yes? You'll see tomorrow why I like him so much. So, may I go please? Please ..."

"Of course my darling! I love you very much but I don't own you. And if this Italian Stallion was going to become a part of this group, this will happen from time to time. So André? What do you say? We give our 'baby bro' the night off to go sleep with the Italian? OK?" Juan asked. Oh, this man was just the most divine creature!

"Yes, if he is anything baby bro says he is, I can understand why he wants to go to him. But, and this is a big but, you may never just love him, you hear? We're a big family but nobody has exclusive rights to anybody. Go and enjoy it baby bro! Just don't fall pregnant!" André put in and kissed me on the cheek.

"Oh thank you, thank you! Thank you very much! I'll make it up to you!" I hugged and kissed Juan and André.

Gunther, Johann and Herman came into the bedroom with the coffee and asked what was going on. Juan told them and they were all smiles and cheered me on. "Yes, go and enjoy the hung hunk! We'll catch up with you tomorrow! You go boy!" However, it was clear Herman and Gunther were a bit disappointed. They realised I was going to be with someone else, someone other than them ...

"Hey guys! Not to worry! I love this man, but I love you guys too! There is no such thing as love for only one guy! We've proved it, didn't we? Even though I'm going to stay the night with Luigi, doesn't mean you're now out in the cold! I still love you very much! Never forget that!" I said and hugged and kissed them.

I grabbed some clothes for the next day - André and I have already decided what we'd be wearing (identical of course) - and my toilet bag, got dressed in sweats and slops, and was off to the man of my dreams! Oh fuck yes, this man was just so special!


As I drove out the main gate, I called Luigi and he answered on the second ring. "Good news?"

"Yes, I'm on my way my darling! I'll see you in 25 minutes!"

"Oh godd! I'm so glad! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Luigi gushed.


When I rang the doorbell, I heard Luigi inside. He opened the door barefoot and dressed in sweat pants with a huge tenting bulge, and two glasses of sparkling wine.

"Hallo my darling! Come in! Come in! Oh fuck! This is a dream come true! Champagne?" He handed me a glass and pulled me into a tight hug. His huge cock pushed into my tummy. He kissed me and I just melted.

Luigi took my bag from me and led the way to the bedroom. I looked at his exquisite feet and just ... I just adored those feet. They were so perfect.

In the bedroom Luigi put the bag down. "Do you want to prepare yourself first? I want to fuck you all night long, so perhaps it's best you douche first ... OK?"

"Yes, I think so. Let me go and do it before we go any further," I said and went into the bathroom. I took a dump and flushed my rectum thoroughly. If this god was going to fuck me all night long, I had to be super clean.

When I got out of the bathroom, Luigi walked to me with the glasses of sparkling wine. The bottle was in an ice bucket on the floor. There was a second bucket with a bottle of Coke in it and two glasses on the nightstand.

"This is to us! To you my darling! To my lucky day! To love! To the guys. I'm so glad! It seems this is going to work out." He took me in his arms and kissed me ... his one hand behind my head, his soft lips as gentle as always, enough tongue to drive me mad and ... well, it was perfect.

We sipped some more of the sparkling wine and sat down on the bed with a hand on each other. I put my head on Luigi's shoulder and he hugged my head. He put his head on mine and kissed the top of my head. How could a guy be more perfect?

I took another sip of the bubbly and put my glass on the nightstand. I put my hands on his back, on his chest and kissed his shoulder. I looked up and saw his beautiful face, the black eyebrows, the dark eyes, his beautiful sexy mouth ... oh godd! This man was just perfect.

He put his glass down and turned to me. "Now tell me what happened with the boys. What is going to happen to you and me? How will this even work?"

"Only Gunther, the big tall blonde Aryan German, is a bit upset. He loves me very much, and I have to admit, I also love him very much. He is gentle soul, a nice guy. He is here to do his doctorate in Microbiology - hormone production and therapy. You'll have a lot to talk about. He rents our flat from us for the next 3 years, or more. You will like him. He is a bit pissed because he will have to share me with just one more guy. He was just getting used to sharing me with 5 others, now there is going to be another guy. He is a very nice guy and a good lover. At first I was afraid of his 29,5cm thick uncut cock, but he is gentle. He cums a lot. But, if we want to keep him in the folds of this group, we need to play it cool and not make him full pushed aside. He'll come around."

"Please tell me about the other guys. Your brother?"

"André is an exact carbon copy of me. Physically there is no difference. Only in the voices if you listen carefully and sometimes in how we brush our hair. But we're identical. And we still like to dress identical too. Some people hate it - too bad for them - and others adore that. The only real difference is in our demeanour. André is straightforward and says it like it is. He has a wicked sense of humour and will make a lot of fun of almost everybody. If he ribs you, just take it in your stride - he means no harm. We're from a wine farm. We're the only children our parents have and they have accepted they'd never have grandchildren. They farm in the area close to Clanwilliam." I didn't say anything about Dad ... not yet! The shock this man had to endure was enough for one day!

"And the others?"

"Then there is Juan. He was our schoolteacher and hockey coach, but nothing ever happened when we were at school. He got an appointment as lecturer at the university and hockey coach, which made us choose Stellenbosch. And while being our coach again, things just developed! He was our first love. And we still love him dearly. He is also tall, dark hair like us, blue eyes and a big cock. I was so afraid of it at first ... it's 28cm, thick and uncut - they're all uncut ... but he is a very good lover. And we love each other very much. He is our housemate and Dad and Mom accepted him as their son-in-law. You will love him. He has just been accepted for tenure with Novo Nordisk to do his doctorate with Gunther. He is a darling."

"Who is next?"

"Johann is a free-lance photographer. He does a lot of work for Boss Models. He was the photographer who took the photos of our first shoot and will also be the photographer for our next shoot in two weeks' time. He is also tall, dark blonde, has a dark moustache and is very hairy. He is a very nice guy and is very talented. I love his cock: it is 29cm but remains rubbery throughout. He loves me and I love him too. He lives in his own house at La Rochelle just around the corner from us. He is an easy guy and will welcome you in the group with open arms."

"That is 5 guys. Who else?"

"The last and latest guy is a student, Herman. He studies Chemistry and Biochemistry. He plays hockey with us. His dad passed away when he was 17 and we've organised to get him some help. He is a very tall guy. We refer to him as the Gentle Giant. He is very hairy and has huge number 17 feet and yes, a huge cock too: 33cm, thick and uncut. He is really a nice guy and very appreciative of what we do for him. He was in tears when we bought him clothes. He is a good lover and because of his huge size, he is a gentle lover. He cums in buckets! It's amazing."

"The way you tell it, it sounds like they are a nice bunch of guys. I can begin to understand why you love them. Thanks for telling me. Now I also know more and when I meet them tomorrow, I'm more clued up to understand the situation and where they all fit in. The fact that you love them and that they're willing to allow me into the group too, says something about them. I still wish I could have you to myself, but I understand now it is impossible. I'm willing to do my best to fit in so that I could love you, even though it is with five other guys. Fuck! This sounds like the script for an Italian soap opera!" Luigi leaned in and kissed me again.

I put my hand on his cock and felt it was in that glorious rubbery state! Hmmm! Perfect for deepthroating!

"Now please tell me more about yourself. I know you're an Italian and you're an urologist. And I know that you're fucking devastatingly beautiful. You have the most beautiful hands and feet, and a great cock. Your lovemaking is in another class ... oh fuck! I love you my darling! But tell me where do you come from? Where did you learn to speak such good English? Brothers? Sisters? Parents?" I asked the beautiful man next to me.

"Oh, brothers? You want more? I'm not enough? Hmmm?" Luigi ribbed me and tickled me. I yowled and fell into his arms.

"No, I'm just curious. But, if there is another one, why not make our group a number of 8?" Luigi tickled me again.

"No, there are no more brothers. There are three older sisters and a few cousins. I was born 8 years after my elder sister and was brought up amongst adults. I did well at school in Florence and studied medicine in Rome. After my initial studies and 2 years as a practitioner I was accepted to further my studies in urology in London. That's where I learnt the language. While I was there I had a brief relationship with an English student who was just 18. He was beautiful but a pathological liar. While I was at the hospital, he would sleep around and pretended it never happened. Eventually I threw him out. That's why I was so devastated when I found out about the other 5 guys in your life. The only difference is you're not hiding it away from me. And all the guys sound like nice guys - no riff-raff. I'm from the old school where it remains a one-on-one but I'm willing to give this a try. You're just that special. And I really love you lots already," Luigi said. "My dad has passed away some years ago. My mother is still alive and doing well. My sisters pretend they're my parents, especially the one just older than me. And of course I came to South Africa because of Uncle Mario."

"How did you and Mario started to 'play' together?"

"Oh it only started when I was at university. He came to visit and well, the one thing led to another and before we knew it, we were sucking each other. He wanted to fuck me, but I'm not a bottom. I like to fuck a boy and that's that. So, after I've finalised my studies in July of this year, I went to visit the sisters in Italy and spent time with the other family. Mario found out there was a surgery for sale in Stellenbosch and ... the rest is history! Here I am, and I have a beautiful man in my arms who I hope isn't going to break my heart ...?" Luigi put in.

"No Luigi, never. I've got too much integrity and I have fallen deeply in love with you. You're a dream come true. Although I do have 5 other guys whom I also love, it's you who will have the extra special place in my heart. I really love the other guys but you ... my godd ... Luigi! You're just spectacular. Everything about you is big and beautiful, including your heart ... No my darling! I have no intention of breaking your heart! But ... I want to ask the same from you ... please don't break my heart ... please ... I'm so much in love with you already ... oh fuck! You have no idea ..." I said softly.

"My boy! Why on earth would I want to break your heart? Never! I've already thought of applying for citizenship to stay here to be with you! No! Break your heart? Not a chance! Anton, I have never seen anyone more perfect than you with so much love in his heart ... with so much warmth ... Now that we have the blessing of the other 5 guys, my heart feels light and swells with love when I look at you. You are a dream come true for me ... I love you my darling!"

"I feel the same," I said as I kissed Luigi on his stubbly cheek. I put my hand on the other cheek and turned his face to look at me. I looked into his eyes and saw the warm dark chocolate eyes looking at me with lots of love. This man was one of a kind. Yes, I love the others - all of them. But Luigi was just different. He was ... he was Luigi! My beautiful hunky hung Italian Stallion from faraway Italy. Oh fuck! What a darling!

"Enough talking. Come here my beautiful boy. I need to have you naked in bed with me ... come here," Luigi said and pulled me tight. He caressed my face and kissed me on my mouth. It was a soft lingering kiss. He had his eyes closed but opened them and when he saw I was looking at him while he was kissing me, he smiled and pulled away: "What? What are you looking at? Want me to tickle you?" He put his hand on my side without tickling me, but any hand on my sides sets the trigger!

"Yow ... care ... ful ... ahhh! Please don't tickle me! I'm just looking into your big beautiful eyes. And when your eyes were closed I looked at your eyebrows, your hair, your eyelashes and the top of your nose. You are one hell of an attractive man, dr Luigi Moretti. And what you have in your pants and what you do with it, is just spectacular! And your hairy body is just heavenly!"

"Ahhhh! Keep it up, and you might just end up with my big cock in you for the rest of the night, pumping multiple loads into you ... ahhhh! Oh godd! I love your hand on my cock ... fuck! Yesss! Ahhh!" Luigi moaned when I squeezed his huge cock in his sweat pants. It was almost rock-hard again. "Come here my darling. You deserve some special treatment. The way you put yourself out for me is just commendable. I will reward you in centimetres and millilitres! Ahhh! I love you so much!" Luigi was the real deal.

Luigi pulled me on top of him and lied back on the bed. He put his big beautiful hands on my face and caressed my cheeks, my nose, my lips, my eyebrows, my ears, my chin, my neck, my back ... all the time looking in my eyes and smiling his gorgeous smile. I looked down at him and my heart melted. Ahhh! Fuck! This was the perfect man in every respect!

His huge cock was rock-hard now and he groaned. He pushed his groin up and opened his legs so I was lying on top of his big cock and balls. He lifted my sweatshirt up and over my head. I lifted my body to get it off and pulled my arms out of the sleeves. My groin was pushed hard against his groin and Luigi's cock throbbed.

"Keep THAT up and I'll cream in my pants! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! You're just perfect!"

I put my hands in the elastic of his sweat pants and pulled it down. The huge cockhead slipped out and came to rest on his body, way beyond his bellybutton. It was sopping wet. I moved between Luigi's legs and pulled the sweatpants down his legs and over his beautiful sexy feet. As the pants cleared his feet, I took them in my hands and kissed them. "Ahhhh! I love your beautiful feet so much! They're perfect. I'd love to see them every day of my life!"

"I know my feet were nice, but you're really worshipping them! Are they so nice to you?"

"Yes, they're exquisite. I've never seen any male feet as nice as yours. Yes, I'd love to worship them every day!" I gushed.

"Oh godd! You're something else! You're such a nice boy, perfect in every way yourself! Come here!"

I slipped my sweatpants off first and got between Luigi's legs again. As I crawled between Luigi's legs, my hand gently fondled his huge balls. My godd! Small wonder he cums in such huge volumes! He groaned and bucked his groin upwards. "Ahhh! Wow!"

My hand grazed the underside of the huge cock on his tummy. It swelled and lifted from his tummy. The precum was dripping from the head and had already made a little puddle on his tummy. His black tummy hair was very wet.

I leaned down and put my mouth on his big right nipple. I put my left hand on his left nipple and felt the big areola, and groaned. This hunk was my dream-come-true man! His hands were on my back, on my neck, in my hair ... He was groaning. My hard wet cock was pushing against his big balls and was leaking lots of precum on them.

Luigi put his hands under my arms and pulled me higher. I moved up towards his face and felt my cock pushing against his huge cock. As I lied down, I felt his luxurious body hair against my body ... My face was just above Luigi's face and I kissed his beautiful mouth. Luigi had his one hand in my hair and the other on my neck.

"I love you so very much! You complete me. You're so perfect," Luigi said and kissed me again.

Our hard cocks were pushing on each other and the wet heads were making a huge mess on our hairy tummies! But it was heaven!

Luigi cradled my body between his legs and held my shoulders. He rolled over holding me tight. He ended on top of me. Again, without saying a thing, he knew what to do to make me feel good. I just loved it when my lover lies on top of me ... ahhh!

Luigi pushed my legs out and pushed his knees up under my legs. He put his hands on either side of my face and touched my nose with his ... he kissed me ... he stroked my cheeks ... he kissed my nose ... he looked into my eyes ... he put his head in the crook of my neck ... he lied on me with his full weight - 1,95m of muscular 105kg ... and his huge cock was pushing between my legs.

He kissed my neck, my throat, my chest, my nipples, my solar plexus, my bellybutton, he licked down my cockshaft, my balls, my perineum .... Down my legs, my knees, my calves, my feet, my toes ... and back up to my cock. He took my cock in his big mouth and slowly sucked my cockhead into his throat. Ahhhh! Oh goddd! My fuck! Could there be anybody more perfect?

Luigi had the looks, he was hairy, he had the most beautiful brown eyes, a beautiful nose, high cheekbones, he had a wondrous stubble, a most kissable mouth, a hairy body that was a delight to see and touch ... and then ... his hands and feet ... oh fuck! He was perfect, AND he was just the best lover I've ever had! My guys were super, each in his own personal way, but ... Luigi was a god! And I was in his bed and he loved me and I loved him and we were meant for each other ... I was going to spend a whole night of love and passion with him, experience the most exquisite lovemaking, multiple orgasms ... again and again ... all night long! What have I done to deserve the most divine man on earth?

And to top it all, he was a specialist, an urologist, an intelligent man with the looks of a Greek statue. Oh fuck!

Luigi came to lie on top of me again and put his hands on my chest and looked into my eyes. "Are you happy my darling? You and I were made for each other. I'm so happy my heart could burst ... when I feel you under me and see you and touch you and kiss you, I'm so happy! Ahhh! I want to make love to you all night long. I want to fuck you long and deep and non-stop until tomorrow. I hope you can handle it ... do you think you'd be able to handle it?"

"Yes, I would be able to handle it. I want to suck you and take your first load into my mouth. Then I want you to fuck me and stay inside me all night long. I want to fall asleep with you still inside me ... if you can keep hard long enough?" I said.

"Oh fuck! You're a dream come true! No boy would ever allow me to fuck him for so long! Either they ran away when they saw my big cock or once I've had it in them, they'd scream and pulled off me and ran as well. When I started with my multiple orgasms, most of them couldn't stand it. Thanks Anton. I have to come up with an Italian name for you ... I think you'd be my bellezza ... beauty ... yes! La mia bellezza ... my beauty! Yes!" Luigi gushed.

He rolled onto his back and put a leg over the lower part of my body, trapping my cock ... my hard, leaking cock ... and moved his leg over it ... I groaned and rolled towards him with his leg moving over my middle. I ended op on top of him with his legs bent and wide open, and his feet resting on the bed. I kissed this beautiful hunk and moved down on his body once more. I made love to his nipples, his tummy, his balls, his legs, his beautiful feet and back to his groin ... I took his big cock and pushed the big wet head into my mouth. It tasted so good ... oh godd! I took it out and milked more precum from the big piss slit. I licked it and pushed the head between my closed lips ... the skin peeled back and the long big head filled my mouth.

Luigi groaned and put his hands on my head ... he wanted to push deeper into my mouth ... I wished there was a way I could get the magnificent cock into my throat, but it was just too big. I sucked the big head and savoured the precum leaking into my mouth. I fondled his big balls and he groaned again. He squeezed my body with his thighs and started to fuck my mouth ... I put my hands on his pelvis and balls and soon Luigi was groaning. He was about to cum!

"Lube your hole please belezza! After I cum the first round, immediately I want to push into you ... ahhh! Oh fuck! You drive me nuts!"

I took the lube from the nightstand and put a generous amount on my hole and resumed sucking the big cock. Soon Luigi was groaning and was bucking his hips. He was about to cum in my mouth ... oh fuck! It was going to be a big load!

The big head in my mouth was swelling. Luigi took my head in his hands and was fucking my mouth. He was groaning. His heels were right against his buttocks and he pushed up. I opened my mouth as big as I could and then he let fly ... he shot one momentous first wad of cum into my mouth. It flooded my mouth ... I swallowed and the next wad was fired into my mouth ... I swallowed. The big head was now huge and the skin was pushed back to behind the head. He shot another load into my mouth and groaned like an animal in pain ... I swallowed. I sucked the big head and felt the next spurt being delivered into my mouth ... I swallowed. It tasted great!

"Pull off and come sit on my cock - NOW! Come!" Luigi said and pushed my head off his cock.

I lifted up and lowered my buttocks on his big cock he was holding in an upright position. I groaned when the big cock pierced my sphincter. There was no time to get used to it, as his cock was about to deliver the next volley of cum. I lowered onto his cock. When I sat in his lap, Luigi started to fuck me with urgency and after a mere three thrusts, he was groaning as his next load was shot into me ... his cock spurted and pulsed and twitched and Luigi was groaning ... again and again and again ... He pulled me down on his chest and was holding me tight. He was still fucking me and after fifteen seconds he was groaning again when his third load was shot from his cock ... again and again and again ... He lifted my face and kissed me with hunger and urgency while his cock was still pistoning in and out of my hole. Luigi groaned in my mouth while he pumped his cum into me ... He let go of my mouth and looked into my eyes with so much love and passion ... "I love you my darling ... oh godd! How I love you ... ahhhh!" His cock was still fucking me and the fourth load was being squirted into me ... this man was a stallion, all right!

He pulled me down onto him again and was slowly fucking me. I was standing on my knees, sitting on his cock. I had my arms around his neck and kissed Luigi. Fuck, how I loved this beautiful man! I put my hands on his cheeks and kissed me gently. He sucked the saliva from my mouth and groaned. His cock twitched in my hole ...

"Luigi, you know there are 5 other guys in my life but my godd ... oh fuck! You are the ultimate human being! The perfect lover! The most beautiful man! The sex with you is just wonderful! Your multiple orgasms have been a source of joy to me. I have never experienced such love, such love-making, such perfect sex ... My darling, I could never be without you ever again ... I love you ... I do ...!"

"Belezza [beauty], you're my perfect boy, my beautiful lover, my ultimate mate, my love ... I can't even imagine a life without you anymore. And, even though the sex with you is the best I've ever had, I know there will be more and more reasons why I will love you and will want to spend my life with you ... We'll just have to live with the dilemma that there are 5 other guys I will have to share with ... oh fuck! But if it means I'd be able to have you in my life and sex with you, then so be it. This could never end ... Never!"

His big cock in me was going slightly soft and the big head was still lodged deep inside me. When soft, this huge cock was around 20cm long - large enough to stay in me ... which he intended to do.

I put my head high on his chest and sighed. Of all the sex I've had, this was the best by far! I felt Luigi's heart beat under my cheek and put my hand on his hairy chest. He had his arms around me and pulled me tight against his body.

Luigi's cock was still in me.

"Belezza, tell me more about yourself. What do you like? Do you like Italian food? Music? Books? Movies? City? What kind of man? What kind of drink? Sport?"

"Luigi, I actually love my studies in engineering. Our field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a wonderful direction. Italian food? Are you joking? I love pizza, Bolognese, lasagne! I could well have been an Italian myself! I love Dan Brown's stories but even Agatha Christie. Movies have to be action, thriller and good science fiction such as Star Wars. I love all new music with a nice tune such as Maroon 5, Avicii, Bastille ... and I love the trio Il Volo ... Italian as you know! I also love most classical music ... yes! But not so much the modern classical music such as Prokofiev. City? Cape Town! I've never been to Europe, but I believe Rome is beautiful! Man? How could you ask me that! Are you fishing for compliments? Man? You of course, silly! Drink is red wine! My dad makes the best stuff! Otherwise it's a G&T, or just plain Coke. Hockey! Tennis! Swimming! Diving! Gymnastics ... hmmm! All those bodies, muscles, bulges ... hmmmm! And I would like to learn scuba diving some time in the future. How about you?"

"I love my job. Looking at peepees is not it! It's nice though, but I am professional - I'd never get involved with a patient. I love my country's cuisine, but I also love Greek food, French food and Spanish food. Books include adventures, spy novels and biographies. Movies include great ones like Shawshank Redemption, Schindler's List, Titanic, Lawrence of Arabia and oh yes, Star Wars! You and I love the same kind of music! Man? Fuck my darling! What you see in the mirror, is what I like! Drink? Wine, preferably red, but the odd dry white is also good. And Irish whiskey. I actually like some beers such as Heineken. Sport? It's a mix. I also love your sports, but add to that skiing, ice-skating, ice hockey and you get the picture. I already have an Open Water qualification with PADI! I'll accompany you to get you qualified! I've heard you have excellent reefs on your east coast. You and I fit together like a hand and glove ... or how do you say that?" Luigi said.

We listened to each other's breathing, we played with the hair under our fingers, we kissed the chest or head in front of mouths, I lifted my mouth to Luigi's mouth and kissed him. The kisses were long, lingering, gentle, enough tongue to ensure there was more than the connection of his big cock in my hole ...

I put my right hand with spread fingers in his left hand and our fingers intertwined. His big fingers spread my fingers and he squeezed my hand. He lifted his hand with mine to his mouth and kissed my hand. "Some more sparkling wine? Could you get the bottle in the bucket please?"

I carefully leaned over the edge of the bed and got the bottle. I poured the sparkling wine and passed Luigi his glass. We toasted our love and new budding relationship.

"I hope the other 5 guys would really accept our special love!" I said.

"Yes, I'm going to do my utmost best to impress them and get them to accept us as having a special love. But, it's going to be a challenge, I'm sure." Luigi said. "But, I love you enough to work hard to make this work. I love you la mia belezza!"

I put our glasses on the nightstand and lied down on my man again.

"Want me to be on top of you again? Hmmm?"

"Yes, please! I want to feel your big muscular body on top of me! Yes!" I gushed.

Luigi held me close and rolled over, careful not to dislodge his huge cock from my hole. It was very rubbery but still big enough to stay in my hole. He ended on top of me. I put my knees out and Luigi pushed his cock in as deep as possible and lied down on me. He put his nose on mine and looked into my eyes.

"You are so very special, la mia belezza! You are beautiful, you are sexy, you are intelligent, you have a high sex drive - like me! - and this just feels right! You love my body, my hands and feet, my big cock, my fucking ... you are perfect!" Luigi said. He kissed me and put his arms under my head and hugged me.

We were still horny. Luigi's cock got hard again and we had a second round of fucking. Luigi fucked me again and shot three spurts into me. I was hard and shot a load after the third spurt was pumped into me. That was epic to say the least ...

When our breaths were regular again and after some Coke, we chatted more. We told each other some anecdotes of our lives, our upbringing, our first sexual experiences, our fantasies, our likes, our dislikes, the kind of people we like, our sense of humour, which appears to be within the same veins. We spoke about computers, our love for Apple products, our different fields of study, our favourite TV programmes, our favourite colour - yellow for both of us! - and our love of the arts: paintings of the masters, ballet, the opera, symphonies, concertos ... we spoke until we got sleepy.

"You still comfortable my darling? I'm not too heavy on you? Your hole still OK with my cock in you? Hmmm?

"I'm fine Luigi. It's perfect and your cock in me feels wonderful. Thanks."

"Then I think we need to sleep a bit, OK?" Luigi said.

"Yes, OK ..."

I drifted off to sleep with the last sensation in my mind of a big hairy hunk on top of me, in me, and his breathing was calm and deep. My arms were around his body ... He had his one hand on my cheek and the other around my neck.


I woke up with a full soft mouth kissing me.

"Sorry ... sorry ... I'm sorry to wake you my darling ... how are you? Still OK?" Luigi asked.

I felt his huge cock throbbing in me. He was in balls-deep and was gently fucking me ... oh godd!

"No problem Luigi! I'm fine thank you my darling!"

"It's almost 3 o'clock and I woke up rock-hard. Sorry that I'm fucking you again ..."

"No need to apologise. I love it! Fuck me!" I said and kissed his delicious mouth above me.

Luigi was fucking me and was groaning already. He was truly a stallion with an insatiable sex drive. I have met my rival! As I could take on all the other guys in one night, I could take this man's sexual advances, all night long.

He pushed up and pushed my legs higher. He put his hand on my hard cock and groaned when he felt my precum. "Another thing I love about you! Your precum drives me mad! Hmmm!" He lifted his fingers to his mouth and licked my precum with his tongue.

I clenched my hole over the big cock and Luigi groaned.

"You are a master and drive me nuts! Ahhhh! Oh yes! Do it again...!"

Luigi picked up speed and soon he was pumping another multiple load of cum into me ... my Italian Stallion!

= To be continued =



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