Sunday started with some shenanigans but nothing more than some groping and a little sucking. We were still sated and my hole and André's hole were a bit tender.

Juan and I decided we were going to barbecue some steaks. We took them out of the deepfreeze and prepared some salads from the ingredients we still had left over from Friday.

We lazed around the house and answered some emails, and downloaded the latest photos Johann took. Luigi went home around 10 o'clock to fetch his MacBook so he could do some work on his computer too. We shared photos and at times we were boned looking at all our big cocks and the sucking and fucking that went on between us. We were a bunch of hunky hung guys.

Luigi returned and showed us pictures of Italy and of his family. Some of his cousins were also very good-looking, but none as good-looking as him.

One picture of his nephew caught my eye: Piero. His parents were Armando and Gabriella d’Antonio. Gabriella was Luigi's older sister.

"And who is this?" I asked, pointing at Piero.

Luigi explained and said Piero had just started his medical studies in Roma.

"Gay?" André, of course!

"Yes he is and ..."

"Big cock?" Sometimes I wondered from planet my twin brother was!

"Yes, last time I saw him naked, it was quite substantial!"

The boy was tall, had pitch black hair and looked angelic. He was a hunk! And gay and apparently hung too. Hmmm! Little did I know what this tall angelic young man was going to play in my life ...

The older lady was Marena Mioretti, Luigi's mother and Mario Giordano's sister. She looked aristocratic and it was clear she was the matriarch.


At one stage I had my head in Luigi's lap and my feet in Gunther's lap. He was massaging my feet and it was clear he would've loved to have me to himself. Luigi's exquisite hands were on my face, on my chest, my neck ... and of course I was rock-hard. I'd jump his bones on the spot but we've all decided to keep the shenanigans till later in the afternoon. Luigi wanted to go back home by 5 o'clock as he had some operations the next day and wanted to go over the procedures that night. Johann had photos to edit, so he also wanted to go home by then. Gunther was the only of the 'other ones' who was not in a rush to go home. My German man wanted to stay!


By noon we did the steaks. It was perfect as always. Juan was a master with steaks.

We put the TV on and watched some hockey and some Discovery programmes before we dozed off in each other's arms, laps or arms, all over each other. I was on the couch again with my head in Luigi's lap again and my feet in Gunther's lap.


By 4 o'clock I woke up with a raging boner. I felt Luigi's cock under my face was hard too. When I opened my eyes, he was actually watching me. "Hi there ... how are you my darling?" The beautiful sexy man was such a nice sweet guy. And he loved me. I felt his big cock twitching under my cheek. I felt the moisture of the precum soaking through his pants. Oh fuck! This man was a dream come true.

He was caressing my face, smiling his million dollar smile and his eyes showed a lot of love for me.

Luigi leaned down and kissed me. "The others are still asleep. Want to suck me please? Per favore mio caro [please my darling]?" he asked softly, touching my cheek.

"What a question! Of course I'd love to suck you my darling!" I answered.

Luigi lifted my head off his crotch and unzipped his pants. I felt with my feet Gunther's big cock was hard too ... oh godd! Luigi lifted his buttocks and slipped his pants off. His big cock was sopping wet and it was rock-hard. Oh fuck!

I pushed my head away from his crotch and looked at the big beautiful cock in front of me. I really got the jackpot with this one. He was sexy, tall and hung. The cock was perfection itself.

Gunther's hands on my feet started to move. He was waking up. He stretched back and pushed his crotch up. His big cock was very evident. He put his right hand on my crotch and squeezed. His own big cock was twitching in his pants. He fumbled with his zipper under my feet and managed to open his pants and slip them down. My feet were directly on the huge cock and Gunther groaned. My feet were covered in precum and I rubbed them over the big cock. His cock felt so good. It was hard and wet. I put one foot over the cock and the other under the cock and Gunther was fucking between my feet, smearing lots of precum on them.

Gunther lifted my legs and put his right leg on the couch next to me and turned his body towards me. He pulled me onto all fours and moved his body towards me. It was clear he wanted to fuck me! He leaned over me and unzipped my pants. He pulled my pants off and threw them on the floor.

Luigi heard and saw all the commotion and asked: "Are you going to fuck Antonio now?"

"Yes, I want to. Do you want to fuck him too?"

"Oh fuck yes! Please!" Luigi gushed.

As Gunther's cock approached my hole, he pushed my legs open and put his hard wet cock on my hole. He took the precum on my cock and put it on my hole. He moved forward and put his big cock on my hole and pushed in gently.

Luigi was groaning and I opened my mouth to take the big cockhead into my mouth. It was so hard and wet and it tasted great. He was stroking my head and face and kissed me on the head. The hard cock in my mouth was leaking lots of precum. The head pushed to the back of my mouth. He put his left hand on my cock and when he felt Gunther's hand there, both their hands took my cock and both started to jack my cock and fondle my balls.

Gunther's cock was now entering my hole and large amounts of precum had leaked onto me. Gunther pulled out and moved his cockhead over my hole and was spreading the precum over my hole. He leaned forward and I felt the head piercing my sphincter. The head pushed in and when it plopped in, I groaned. Oh my godd! Gunther! My man!

Gunther repositioned on his knees and started to push into me ... his cock was entering me and stretching me big time. I groaned around Luigi's cock and marvelled at the big beautiful cock in my mouth. I put my hands on Luigi's chest and felt the satin-like hairy pecs. He was such a hairy hung hunk!

Gunther's cock was now pushing in deeper and he leaned forward to kiss my back. Luigi put a hand out and pulled Gunther's face up to his. He kissed Gunther with deep slobbering kisses. Luigi's cock in my mouth was hard and very wet with precum and my spit.

Gunther's cock was in balls-deep and he started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. Gunther was groaning already.

Luigi pulled my mouth off his cock. He then moved with his legs on either side of my body on the couch and positioned his body under me. I kissed this hunk of a man with all I was worth. He was faux fucking me against my tummy and leaked a lot of precum on my body hair.

Gunther pulled out his cock and I groaned.

"What's wrong?" Luigi asked.

"Gunther has pulled out! Why did you do that Gunther?" I asked.

"Then I want in! Please mio caro [my darling]! Let me in! Per favore [please]?"

Gunther was already pulling Luigi's big cock between my legs and I heard the lube being opened. Gunther was lubing it up.

Where did Gunther get the lube? Kept it at hand of course! Jackal!

He pushed Luigi's cock up to my hole and I lifted up to give him a better angle to enter me.

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! It feels great! Oh yes! Push it in!" I said and heard the others in the lounge coming awake.

Then I felt Gunther's cock on my hole on top of Luigi's cock! Oh my godd! They were going to double fuck me! Oh no! Their cocks were too big! Both were long and very thick! Oh my godd!

"If we hurt you, Gunther will pull out, OK mio caro [my darling]!" Luigi was almost all the way in and I felt Gunther's big cock sliding in deeper. Oh fuck! This was a bit too much but I gritted my teeth and held my breath. I've had 3 cocks in me already, even if for only a few seconds, but still ... so, I endured it. Two of the most beautiful men with the most adorable personalities and with huge cocks were fucking me! And I loved both of them very much.

I was stretched to the limit but the magical lube was doing its job: the cocks were slick and slippery and they slid into me.

When Luigi's big cockhead slid over my prostate, I felt how the precum and some cum were forced out of my cock. Fuck, this was something else! I've been wondering what it would've been like and now it was happening. The two big cocks were sliding into me and filled me up ... big time!

When the two cocks were in me balls deep, they held still. They were twitching their cocks in tandem: one would relax and the other would twitch, then twitch and relax. I tried to clench my cock on the two cocks but together they were just too huge and I just groaned.

"OK my darling? Mein Schatz [my darling]?" Gunther asked. "Can I fuck you now? If it is hurting you, we'll stop! OK?" Gunther said.

"Just give me little more time to get used to your big cocks in me ... ahhh! Fuck! You're big!" I groaned.

"Mio caro [my darling], are you sure? I'll wait for Gunther to finish if it's too much! OK?" Luigi said.

I groaned and said: "No, I'm sure I'll be OK. Just give me more time."

The two cocks in me were still twitching and they were leaking lots of precum into me. My own precum was running from my cock.

"OK? I'm very horny. I want to fuck you and cum, OK? Are you sure this is not too much? Can I fuck you now?" Gunther asked.

I groaned and said: "Yes, fuck me! You too Luigi! Fuck me and cum! I'm OK now but you guys are stretching me big time!"

The two cocks in me felt fantastic and although they were huge, the pain was soon getting better and soon it was mere bliss and pleasure. I was groaning into Luigi's mouth and sucked his tongue. His stubble against my lips was divine.

Gunther started to fuck me and soon he was groaning. He really was hot and ready to cum. Luigi was groaning too and soon he too was groaning. The movement of the two cocks on top of each other was so good and the two of them were soon on the brink of cumming.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! I'm going to cum, mein Schatz [my darling]! I'm cumming! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhh! Oh fuck!" Gunther was groaning and soon his big cock swelled to gigantic proportions. He stretched me a lot.

At the same time Luigi was groaning and his breath too was becoming short and shallow. "Mio Dio [my godd]! I'm going to shoot! My cum is going to fill you up! Here it cums! Ahhhhhhh! Oh fuck! Fuck!" Luigi's cock was also very hard now and his big cockhead swelled up to its utmost biggest.

After one or two thrusts they both were groaning and panting and they shot their loads into me! Oh godd! They usually cum lots and now they're cumming in me at the same time! Oh my godd! Ahhhh! They held still and their cocks spasmed and twitched and they pumped a lot of cum into me. Oh fuck! My cock was spasming on Luigi's tummy and my own cum flew from my piss slit! Oh godd! "Ahhhhhhh! Oh fuck! Hnnnnnngggnnnnhh! Ahhh!" My cum flew everywhere: over Luigi's chest, against his chin, on his cheek, his mouth and the last dribbled onto his hairy tummy.

I collapsed on top of Luigi and Gunther on top of me. All three our cocks were still spasming and pumping out cum. It was fantastic. Gunther's hairy chest on my back felt fantastic and his big body on me was divine. Luigi kissed me and held me tight. My cum on his lips tasted nice.

Oh fuck! How I loved these two men! They were just perfect and just what I've always dreamed of! Yeah, OK, when Juan fucked me, I felt the same about him, and André, and Johann! So sue me! I was a cum slut!

"Are you still OK? Must we pull out?" Gunther asked against my ear.

I groaned and said softly: "No, stay in me a little longer. Wait till your cocks are softer and rubbery. I love having you guys in me."

"And what about the other three of us here? Must we revert to jacking off? Hmmm? Nothing left for us? Not even the crumbs? Shame on you! We are now so hot and wet and now we have to live with cocks that are damaged for life! Our cocks will never be the same ever again! Shame. On. You!" André ranted on.

"You could bottom for Johann and me ... come, bro - let us fuck you? Johann, what do you say? Let's fuck this wayward delinquent and get him to keep his trap shut! I'll fuck him and you put your cock in his mouth! Come here you sexy hexy!" Juan put in. He reached for the lube and put it on the chair next to him.

"Just because we have one cum slut in the family doesn't mean I'm one too! Sheez! What do you think of me? I have feelings, you know!"

"Yes, and we want you to have something else to feel. Come on André, let's have a go at that nice tight hole of yours. If not for me, then for Johann? I know you don't love me ... sob sob!" Juan ribbed André.

"Oh fuck! OK! Before we have to bring the new bed linen out to dry up your crocodile tears ... yes, you can fuck me, but you behave and none of this double-fucking business! I'm not there yet!" André said and stood up. He stepped out of his pants. His cock was way already almost hard. He walked to Juan sitting in his big lounge chair. He sat on the floor between Juan's legs and took the big cock, which was sticking out Juan's open pants, and sucked it.

Johann also got up and joined André on the floor in front of Juan's chair. He took André in his arms and kissed him. He took André's cock in his hands and jacked him. Johann's big rubbery cock was pushing against Juan's legs and was leaking precum already.

Juan leaned forward and started to kiss both of the two men on the floor in front of him. Soon it was a slobbery, sucking wet kiss with spit all over the show. André's hands were on Juan's and Johann's hard big wet cocks.

After a minute of kissing and groping, Juan pulled André up and pushed his cock out for him to suck. It was sopping wet. André took the cock in his hands and pushed the big head into his mouth. Juan growled and groaned. Johann was standing next to Juan. He pulled his head down and kissed him.

I had my head on Luigi's cheek and Gunther's head was on my neck. We watched the other three and were still enjoying the bliss that engulfed us a minute ago. Both their cocks were still in me and my cum between Luigi and my body was sticky, but we endured it. We had ring-side seats.

André was enjoying Juan's big cock and soon he was groaning: "Ahhhh! André, slowly there! I'm going to cum! Watch it!" He pulled André up and into his lap. André was sitting on Juan's cock with his knees on either side of Juan's hips. The three of them entered into a three-way kiss again. Juan fumbled with the lube and put some on his cockhead, and on André's hole. André lifted his buttocks and lowered himself onto Juan's big 28cm cock.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! You have such a damn big cock, you oaf! Everything about you just has to be so damn big ... ahhhh! Oh godd! Hnnnnnngngngnnnnhhh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh fuck!" André was moaning while Juan's big cock slid into him. André held still and I could see he was getting used to the big thing in him. Juan had his hands on André's hips and held him while he sank lower onto Juan's cock.

Johann was kissing André and it was clear he was buttering him up for the big cock in his hole ... and I was sure Johann wanted in as well ... poor André! If he knew what Johann had in store for him!

Juan was in balls-deep and held still. I could see he and André were playing the twitch and clench dance. André has learnt quickly. He broke free from Johann and kissed Juan. The banter was just a façade - André loved the 'big oaf' very much! And now that he bottoms for Juan, the love has grown even deeper.

Johann put his hand on André's back and slid it down until he touched Juan's cock. He massaged André's buttocks. Johann's fingers were slick with the lube and then he slipped his middle finger in on top of Juan's big cock ... oh my godd! He was going to do it! Sneaky dogg!

"Hnnnnnggghhh! What are you doing? Johann, your fingers are too big man! Ahh! Oh godd! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh godd! Yess! Yess! That feels so good! Ahhhh! Push in!" André groaned.

Johann pushed in another finger and André was squealing with joy! He was enjoying it very much! Johann took the lube and was lubing up his big rubbery cock. At 29cm, it was just 0.5cm shorter than Gunther, but it always retained some rubbery feeling to it and it had never hurt me.

André knew what was coming and he was groaning: "Oh fuck! You're going to kill me! Oh godd! You're too big ... you're going to kill me! Oh fuck! Ahhhh!" Johann had pushed in three fingers and was stretching André's hole good for the onslaught.

Johann pulled his fingers out and moved in behind André. He stood on either side of Juan's legs and pushed André forward. Johann aimed his big rubbery cockhead at André's hole and pushed forward. The soft head was slowly pushing in and André howled: "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhhhh! Oh godd! You're fucking killlliinnnngg meeeeee! Oh fuck! Ahhhh!"

"Just relax and push out. I won't hurt you. Just relax and push out!" Johann said and pushed in deeper. It appeared as if the pushing out and relaxation helped as Johann's cock slid in deeper. As it reached the half-way mark, André put his hands around Juan's neck and gave a deep sigh ... "Oh fuck! I'm being fucked wholesale and it feels so good! Oh my godd! This feels so fucking good! Yess! Oh fuck yes!"

Johann was in balls-deep and held still. He and Juan were also playing the twitch, relax, twitch, relax game and really stretched André's hole.

"Oh godd! Just fuck me! Just fuck me! I'm on the verge of cumming! You're driving me nuts! I'm about to cum! Please! Just fuck me!" André shouted.

Johann started to fuck André and they were all groaning and with his hands on André's back, he really went to town fucking my brother. I envied him the fuck, but was glad he had a double. It was much to get used to, but in the end it was worth it!

André was kissing Juan and Juan had his hands around André's neck. It was clear there was a lot of love between those two men, and Johann too. Johann was a guy we all loved. He was a true hunky hung man. His body, his hands, his feet, his spectacular cock and his fucking were just phenomenal. He was a keeper.

"I'm also very close now ... Johann, you?" Juan said.

"Oh me too. I'm going to shoot my load soon ... ahhhhh! André, what about you? Are you close too? Oh fuck!" Johann moaned.

"Yes, fuck me! I'm almost there! Fuck me and cum! I want to cum! Oh godd! You big oafs are killing me! Just fuck me and cum!" André moaned.

Soon the three were groaning and gasping and the three bodies were writhing against each other. They were moaning and groaning and then it happened: all three were cumming. André was shooting his load on Juan's body while Johann and Juan were shooting their loads into André's hole. Johann slammed into André one last time and held still. He was clenching his buttocks and he shuddered. He was pumping an unholy load of cum deep into André.

Juan tore away from André's mouth and threw his head back. He was growling like a brown bear. "Oh godd! Oh fuck! Yess! I'm cumming! Take it André! Here it comes! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahh! Nnnnnggghhhnnnnnh! Oh godd! You're too much! Oh fuuuuuuuccccckkk!"

Johann's hands on André's buttocks and back were slowly massaging him. He leaned forward and kissed André on his back. Juan's hands were in Johann's hair and André's mouth was on Juan's, kissing him deeply.

Johann lifted up and was pulling out.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing? Eh? What are you doing? No! Keep it in me for a while longer!" André moaned. "This was spectacular and I want to remember it. Please keep it in me a little longer."

"You sex dogg! Look at our new bottom! Enjoying getting fucked, hmmm?" Johann ribbed André.

André scoffed and said: "Hmph! Just because you have a great cock to fuck me with, it doesn't mean you have to be mean! Oh fuck! It feels so great to have you in me! Oh godd! I'm getting as addicted to this as my baby bro! Fuck!"

"It's going to cost you! I want an all-nighter and soon! You need to be fucked all night long so you could become a real bottom. Juan, how about you breaking him in for us?" Johann ribbed André.

"No fucking way! I'll still take you for an all-nighter, but not Juan ... most definitely not now! He's too big! Oh fuck! I still don't know how I managed to take you both! This is rape! You big oaf! You're the biggest rapist and oaf there is! I'm telling Dad! He'll sort you out!" André ranted on.

"If you tell Dad, he's going to bend you over and fuck you too! He'd be very happy to learn both his twin sons bottom now. Go ahead, tell him! From Anton's comments, it would appear he is a lover of note! So, tell him! You can be such a baby at times!" Juan said.

I wondered about Dad's visit on Wednesday. I was dying to see Dad again and to have him fuck me, but what about André? I thought of telling André first and discussing it with him before I said anything to Dad. Perhaps Dad would love to have us both in his bed? Perhaps all night long? If we both went to see Dad, it would be easier to stay the night ...

Herman ... oh fuck! I was still concerned about him. He must have fucked the boys good at Mario's. I wondered if he fucked Claude? Or even Pieter? And who else? It was clear something was amiss since Saturday morning.

I remembered seeing him chatting to Johan Malherbe on Friday when I came back to the 'kaf' after being with Luigi. But it looked innocent. And besides, Malherbe was a pussy freak running after every skirt on campus. Herman agreed the man was a douchebag. But, when they parted, the handshake Herman gave Johan was longer than I would have thought proper for the man. I actually disliked him so much, I never wanted to touch his hands ever.

I put it out of my head and thought the truth would eventually come out.

After watching the shenanigans on Juan's chair, the cocks of the two men inside me were no longer completely soft, but being the gentlemen that they were, they didn't want to overdo it.

"I'm pulling out now, mein Schatz [my darling]. Clench, OK?" Gunther said. He pulled out slowly and just as his cock was about to slip out, he squeezed my buttocks and I clenched. The big cockhead slipped out and I managed to keep the cum in me. Gunther sat down on the couch with our feet in his lap. "You do have sexy feet Luigi"! Gunther gushed. He noticed too.

"Thanks Gunther! Your feet are also nice. Mio caro [my darling], are you OK? Do you want me to pull out too? Could I please stay in you a little bit longer? Per favore [please]?"

Luigi was so sweet - how could I deny him that if he was asking so nicely? "Yes, of course my darling! I'm still OK. Are you still OK with me on top of you?"

Luigi hugged me closer and kissed me. "Oh fuck! You have no idea how nice it is to have you on top of me! Don't you know how much I love you by now? On Friday night I slept on top of you all night long, and I'm bigger than you. No, I'm fine thanks, mio caro! You're so fucking amazing! I love you!"

"I love you too Luigi! You're just the most amazing man I've ever met. My other guys are spectacular each in his own way but you ... ahhh! Oh godd! You're just too wonderful! I love you!" I gushed.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Puh-lease! We've heard that one before! Lay off the greasy buttering up! You still have his cock in your ass and yes, we all know by now what 'special bond' the two of you have! Imagine us mere mortals next to you Luigi! Baby bro thinks you fart perfume!" André ribbed us. "And with that, this sex party is now over. Big oaf, you big cock animal, please remove your huge dong from my hole, now. I'm thirsty and I want coffee or even a beer. Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Fuuccckkkkk!" André moaned as Johann started to pull out of him. "Oh godd! Oh fuck! Your huge cock has stretched me beyond repair! And you've pumped an almighty huge load into my poor hole! Sheez! Allow them to fuck you and this is how you're treated! Talk about delinquents ... sheez!" André ranted on, ribbing Juan and Johann.

Johann gave André's head a playful swipe and then his buttocks.

"See? This is what I'm talking about! This is what I get in return for giving up my virginity to these animals! Sheez ... you know!" André was on a roll ... again!

Just as Johann's cock was out of André's hole, he lifted off Juan's cock and a little cum slipped out and ended on top of Juan's legs.

"Oh fuck! I have no idea how you keep the stuff in your hole, but I can't. I have to get to the toilet ... ahhhhh! Excuse me!" André said and ran out of the lounge to the bathroom, holding his hand on his buttocks. I wondered exactly how much the two guys came.

"I did cum a lot, I have to say. To double-fuck André was damn hot! And I was having a big sexual fantasy dream this afternoon. I shot a big load into him!" Johann bragged.

"Yes, watching my darling getting double-speared by those two hung hunks over there did bone me up a lot. I also shot a big load into André. Poor thing! But, that's for ribbing us to no end! Pay-back time!" Juan put in.

"Should I switch on the coffee machine? Everybody for coffee or beer?" Gunther said, getting up and let our feet down on the couch.

"Coffee all around I think," Juan said. "Thanks sexy Jerry!"

André came back and was still ranting and passing comments about the huge load that was pumped into him. "At least a damn litre, I'll let you know! Animals, I'm sure. We could sell the stuff to the cold glue factory in Woodstock! They'd be able to restore the whole of the castle's furniture with the stuff! Sheez!"

"Where is his ON/OFF switch? This delinquent's dog vitamin pills have worn off. Down boy!" Juan said.

"Leave me alone! You've destroyed my ass!" André said and aimed a swipe at Juan's head.

André retrieved his pants and pulled them on. He sat in a chair and looked at Luigi's cock still in me. "How do you do it baby bro? He's still inside you? My godd! You're insatiable!"

Johann walked past André and gave him a playful swipe on the head. "Behave, Roger! We'll get you a new supply of vitamin pills tomorrow! Down boy!" The retaliation was swift and Johann ended up on top of André. Johann was tickling André to let him go. André was howling with laughter. Johann was sitting astride André's body and put his hands on his shoulders, and looked into his eyes. "I fucking love you so very much! Never change! You're the salt of this group. You manage to help us keep our feet on the ground. You're a keeper, and a looker and one hell of a nice guy! I love you!" Johann leaned forward and kissed André.

"Yeah, yeah ..." André started but Johann's mouth was on his again and André's next rant was smothered with the moustached mouth. André put his hands behind Johann's head and pulled him in for a proper kiss. André might have been a loose cannon but he wás a keeper!

Johann nestled on André with his head on his shoulder. Johann knew how to handle my brother. André was putty in his hands!

Juan got up and put his pants on. He went into the kitchen to see whether our sexy hung Jerry needed any help. As he passed us, he tousled my hair. "Happy with the Italian stallion in you? Hmmm?"

"Yes, thanks my love. He is so good to me ..." I gushed.

"And you Ita, how are you doing? Still not enough? You're really insatiable!" Juan said and bent down and kissed the man.

"I never thought I'd be so happy. In 27 years I've never met anybody as spectacular as Antonio. I know, I know - I can't have him to myself, but I'm so smitten with him, I'm willing to be with him under your rules. And I love him very much ... please forgive me, but I really love him. He is everything I've always wanted ... and more. He is mio caro [my darling]!" Luigi gushed.

"It's OK, just as long as you remember he's not coming to live with you. He is part of this group and that's not going to change. As long as you remember that, we're OK with you abusing him like this! He's a big boy and could decide when he's had enough of your huge Italian salami. But I have to say, we like you very much. You're a nice guy and we'd be able to live with you in our midst," Juan said and tousled Luigi's hair.

"Is it too much mio caro? Must I pull out?" Luigi asked with concern.

"No, I'm fine thanks. But as soon as the coffee comes, perhaps you should pull out then. OK?" I put in.

"Please sit in my lap while we have coffee? Oh fuck! I know I sound like a sex dogg but I just can't get enough of you!" Luigi wás a sex dogg - a very sexy and nice sex dogg! I loved him to bits. He knew just how to make me feel good.

"Later my darling, OK? You might get an all-nighter ..."

"Ahh! I can't! I have an early morning. Remember? First I have rounds at the hospital and then 3 operations. Plus, I need to go through the operation procedures tonight. So, no all-nighter for me tonight. Sorry mio caro!" Luigi complained. "I wish I could have had you for the night ..."

"OK, next time. I also have some studies to do tonight. Our prof is an animal and we haven't done a stitch of work this weekend. We have a big test on Tuesday which is contributing to our predicate. So, perhaps it would be best that we have an evening separate from each other. Otherwise we'd just end up fucking all night again ... not that I didn't want it ... fuck! I could have it every night! But, perhaps it's best that it's not tonight," I said.

I pushed my knees next to Luigi's hips and sat up. His big cock was still in me. He swung his legs from the couch and sat up. He took me into his arms and put his head in the crook of my neck. He hugged me and said into my ear: "Oh fuck! You've made me the happiest man alive! I love you so much! You're just superb in every way. Ahhh!"

"When is your birthday Luigi? André and I have ours on 25 August and Juan on 26 August. When is yours?"

"I have mine on 25 November. I'm a Sagittarius, so beware!" he joked.

"I'll add that to my iPhone. Born in 1987 then? We were born in 1996," I said, sitting in Luigi's lap with his cock still in me. Sex dogg, and me too! I wanted it, of course. With all the movement, Luigi's cock wasn't soft and rubbery anymore. He was close to hard again ... fuck!

"Can you feel what you've done to me ... I'm hard again! Earlier I stopped fucking you after my first volley, as it was awkward with Gunther in you too, plus you've also ejaculated. So, I'm still almost fully loaded with a huge load of cum I wanted to leave in you before I go ... oh fuck!" Luigi was as randy as a street dog! And so was I!

"Oh fuck yes! I'd let you fuck me before you have to go. Right here. The others can watch, I don't care! As long as I get your cum in me! Oh godd! You drive me mad!" I gushed and felt my cock pushing against Luigi's tummy ... I was almost fully hard and felt the first precum bubbling up ... oh godd!

"Yes, let's get this show on the road. Ahhhh! Oh fuck! You're just so special mio caro!"

Luigi started to fuck me with fervour and determination. He kissed me and I sucked on his tongue. I had my arms around his head. I lifted my buttocks slightly off Luigi's lap and he started to fuck me. It was clear that he was going to pump his multiple orgasm and huge loads into me soon! Oh godd!

Behind us Johann and André broke their kissing and embrace and were watching us. Johann got off André and sat in the neighbouring chair and was gasping. Nobody had ever before seen the sexual phenomenon that was Luigi.

"You go baby bro! You go!" André put in.

Luigi was kissing me and had his arms around my chest. He was fucking me with such sexual prowess, it took my breath away. This Italian Stallion was in a class of his own. His big cock was moving in and out of me at quite a speed, and his breath was already shallow and fast. His next volley of cum was about to be shot into me.

Behind me I heard Johann's camera clicking. Dogg! He hardly took any pictures at Mario's the day before. But this was a ringside seat and he took pictures up close of the big cock fucking me.

"Just look at that big Ita cock pumping in and out my baby bro's hole!" André was so blunt!

Luigi started to groan and his cock was starting to twitch in me. His tongue pushed deeper into my mouth and he hugged me tighter. I felt the cock swell to gigantic proportions and then it happened. He shot his next volley of cum into me and continued to fuck me ... the third volley of cum of the day was shot out of his piss slit ... he continued to fuck me ... the fourth volley of cum was pumped into me ... he continued to fuck me ... and the fifth volley of cum was fired into me! My Italian really wás a stallion! He had pumped an enormous load into me on top of his earlier load, together with Gunther's cum in me. I was full of cum! And then he continued to fuck me and shot another series of volleys into me.

I leaned back and Johann put his arms out to cradle my body. It was clear Luigi wanted to suck me while he was still in me. I put my body in Johann's loving hands and Luigi sat up. He leaned forward and took my cockhead into his mouth. He jacked my cock and within a minute my cum was boiling up and it shot out into Luigi's mouth. I spasmed and jerked and shuddered and groaned. I was having an orgasm of note. It all shot into Luigi's mouth. He groaned and I knew I shot quite a load into his mouth.

Luigi sucked my cockhead a bit more to get every drop of cum. He pulled off my cock and pulled me back towards him. He kissed me ... my godd! How did the man know all these things? He did everything I loved! I opened my mouth and felt my warm cum pouring into my mouth. Fuck! It was my own cum but it tasted great, especially coming from Luigi's nice mouth. He was perfect. I swallowed half of my cum and gave the rest back to Luigi. He swallowed and we kissed again.

Juan and Gunther were standing by the dining room table and gave us an ovation. "Phew! You two are just insatiable for each other! My godd! You put us to shame! We could never keep up with you two!"

Luigi's cock was still fairly hard in me but we had to put a stop to the shenanigans ... sadly. I lifted off Luigi and felt his big cock sliding out of me. I clenched my hole and managed to keep the cum in me as the big cockhead slipped out. Luigi gave a gasp and shuddered. He clung to me ... fuck! I loved this man!

As soon as Luigi's cock was out of me, I sat in his lap. He had his arms around me and kissed me. "Thank you mio caro ... you are perfect mio caro! Thanks ... " and kissed me. His big cock under me was wet and rubbery. My own rubbery cock was pushed into his tummy.

"Let me get a towel, OK" I said and stood up.

As I rose, André clapped his hands. "You are a champion slut, baby bro! The Ita has really fucked you good and solid today!"

I flipped him the bird and went to get a towel. I took a small face towel and moistened it with hot water and also took a bigger towel. I returned to the lounge and wiped Luigi's chest where my earlier load ended up. Then I took his huge cock, now 20cm and still very rubbery, and peeled the skin back. The huge head was spectacular and I resisted the temptation to put it in my mouth ... for a few milliseconds! I leaned forward and sucked the big rubbery head in my mouth and tasted his cum ... oh godd! The cock was starting to get hard ... again! I pulled off the cock and wiped the semi-hard cock with the warm towel and then with the other towel. Oh fuck! This man was just the bees' knees!

"Anton, you're a real sex fiend, but I can see why! Luigi is a spectacular man! Luigi, I haven't had the chance to really look at your hands and feet ... Oh! My! Godd! Wow! I have to have pictures of them, please! You are a god my man! Do you know what the jewellers and sandal manufacturers would pay for those hands and feet to model their merchandise? Oh fuck! Sorry Juan, but you've been dethroned!" Johann had Luigi's feet in his hands and it was clear he was impressed.

Juan stepped closer and looked at Luigi's feet. "I have to agree: they are spectacular. Mine are not too bad, but my godd, this man has the perfect feet! Same size, but they are very nice, I really have to agree. Yes, take some photos of them. Let me see your hands, Luigi? Fuck yes! My darling was right. His hands are masterpieces! They're also perfect! Look at the fingernails! And the hair on the digits. My godd! You are intelligent, attractive, hung like a horse, multiple orgasms AND these hands and feet! There is no justice in this world! Look at the chest hair! The face! The hair! He could join us in 2 weeks' time for the shoot! Take some photos and show it to Claire. I'm sure she'd flip when she sees Luigi!"

"Oh I don't know ... I've never thought of modelling or that my hands and feet were that spectacular. What shoot are you talking about? Why would you want me there?" Luigi asked.

I filled him in and after a bit of convincing, he agreed to consider joining us. Depending on what Claire would say. But my heart swelled with pride. Luigi was a hunk, that was for sure.

By now the coffee was cold so Gunther took the pot to the kitchen to warm it in the microwave oven. Johann was taking pictures of Luigi for Claire. Of course only his hands and feet, and headshots.

After Johann was satisfied with his photos, Luigi retrieved his pants and while Gunther was warming up the coffee, Luigi went into the bathroom to wash his hands. He was a doctor after all. He preferred to wash his hands and clean up properly.

When Luigi returned, Gunther poured the coffee. He had found some koeksisters in the fridge.

After coffee, Luigi announced he had to go. He offered Gunther a lift into town. Gunther realised he had to prepare some materials for Denmark and do some preparations for the experiments he was busy with.

Luigi and Gunther collected their stuff from the bathroom and bedroom. They hugged and kissed everybody and then Luigi pulled me close to him. He had his arms around my body. He hugged me and kissed me gently and deeply. "Mio caro, ti amo molto [my darling, I love you very much]! I want to see you again. I have a rather hectic week until Wednesday. Perhaps Wednesday night? I'll keep in touch. OK with you guys? Perhaps we could go out for dinner?"

"Dad and Mom are here from Wednesday but perhaps you could join us with Dad on Thursday? He has invited us to dinner with him. Mom is coming Thursday. Or, if it doesn't work out, we could have a dinner together on Friday. Let's see how it works out?" André said.

I've forgotten about the dinner with Dad on Wednesday! If I wanted to sleep with Dad, André would have to be a part of the plan.

"It will have to be Thursday. Gunther and I have a dinner with the dean and people from Denmark on Wednesday. You Johann? OK with you?"

"Yes, Thursday would be fine. On Wednesday I'd be home late. We have a shoot at Club Med and the client is super shitty. So, it is going to be a long day."

"OK, dinner on Thursday then. If I can get away, we could have lunch some time, OK mio caro?"

"Yes, let's play it by ear," I said.

I walked Luigi to his car with Gunther next me. At the car, Luigi pulled me into an embrace and gave me a long lingering kiss. His big cock was semi-hard again and pushed against me. The man was a phenomenon! Gunther hugged me and kissed me too. "Just don't forget of me ... mein Schatz! I also love you very much! I know Luigi is a super sex symbol, but my cock is 0,5cm longer and it's thicker! Don't forget about me!" I quickly groped him and said in his ear: "My darling, I could never forget you. You're a very special man too. Never forget that!"


The evening was relaxed and after a nice meal consisting of Mom's frozen lasagne we found in the deepfreeze, we showered and were off to bed.

Johann decided to sleep at home. He had to be in Franschhoek for a shoot at 7 o'clock the next morning.

So, for the first time in a long time, it was down to just the three of us in our bed. Ahhh! A night of peace and sleep ... But Juan had other plans ... talk about a sex fiend! I woke up during the night while he was fucking me ... My darling man was having an all-nighter after all!


On Monday morning, we drove into town in two cars: Juan had an appointment with the bursary section with regard to Herman's alumni payment. Fuck! And all of it might have been in vain. How quickly things could change. Such is life, I thought.

At 10 o'clock my iPhone beeped. It was Luigi: 'I love u very much. Thanks for weekend. Busy week. Can't wait to see u Thursday. Wish I could fit u in tomorrow. Will let u know. Fuck! I'm so horny for u!'

Ahhh! My love! I texted back: 'Love u too, very much. Weekend was nice. Yes, busy week for us too. Can't wait 2 see u again and feel u against me, in me. Love u to make love to me! I'm hard here for u!'

He answered: 'Wrong answer for a doctor seeing naked men as patients ... argh!'


At 11 o'clock we went to the 'kaf' to have some coffee and some seeded loaf sandwiches. And whom did we encounter there? Herman. He was like a child who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He greeted us and clearly didn't know what to do or to say.

André walked up to him and said something to him. When André came back, Herman was following him. He sat down with us.

"So, how was your weekend with the boys at Mario's? It would appear the boys loved your big old cock? What happened? What have we done to piss you off? What is wrong? We have gone out of our way to include you in our group, clothes, an alumni payment, even a ring, and now it seems like you're history?" André was as blunt as always but this time around it was necessary.

"Please forgive me. I really appreciate what you've guys have done for me. I did enjoyed the time with you and the weekend on the farm was super. But when Luigi was added, I felt out of place. I like you very much Anton," (he was looking at André, but it wasn't the time to be finicky), "but the whole thing was a bit much. Jealousy, I suppose. And I feel like a dog after the weekend at Mario. I wanted to make you jealous when I paid so much attention to the boys, but it was fiendish. I was using them. The whole sex thing was getting to me too ... I was brought up in a simple family and this kind of thing was never heard of. And after the weekend at Mario's, I've made up my mind. I can't do it. Sex with Lukas and Werner was also a bit of a stretch. Anton, if I could have had you to myself, I'd take you on the spot. But I can't have you. So, call me old-fashioned but I can't do this. I still have to explain it to Coach. I admire you guys, but I really can't do it. It was fun while it lasted, but every time anyone fucked you, I wanted to kill him on the spot. I was consumed with jealousy. Luigi was the straw that broke the camel's back. Please forgive me ... I feel like such an idiot ... sorry!" Herman said and his lower lip was starting to quiver. The big man was on the verge of tears. Poor man!

"Herman, this whole thing is also new to us. We were wondering what was the matter. Yes, it could be a bit too much for most people. Thanks for being honest with us. We don't blame you or won't hold it against you. But, we don't want this to become a big thing between us. We still want to be friends with you. And if you still wanted to fuck my baby bro at times - ow! Why are you hitting me? I'm only looking out for your interests! Sheez! Herman, Anton is mad about your huge cock and if you could at least have sex with him once in a while ... you know, to keep your barrel clean and his hole stretched - ow! Anton, what's wrong with you?" André was as blunt as they come.

"Yes, I'd love to have that occasionally, to be honest. I've had the most wonderful sex with you. If we could manage it and if you're interested, I'd love to have a one-on-one with you if I may, please?" Herman gushed.

"Yes, it would be a shame to never have that big cock in me again ... it is a magnificent cock. Yes, if we could manage it, I'd love to have a one-on-one with you from time to time," I said. My cock stirred in my pants ... slut!

"Guys, there is something else I have to tell you. Please don't hate me for it, but it just happened. It's partly your fault, what with the fancy clothes you bought me and all, and introducing me to sex like I never could imagine ... Last Thursday morning I ran into Johan Malherbe here at the 'kaf'.

"What? Say what? What is this? 'Poepol' [asshole] Malherbe? Now you're friends with him?" André ranted on. I was also irritated just to hear his name.

"His dad bought him a new Audi and he bragged about it. I was pissed off but when he offered to take me for a spin in it, I accepted. When we got to the red car, my heart melted. Johan gave me the keys and told me I could drive. I took the car on the road to Paarl and it was just amazing. When I was driving, he asked me about you guys, about you two. He asked point blank what was the deal, and I told him. He then asked me if I'd like to have coffee with him sometime, and I said yes. He gave directions and we ended up at his flat. He invited me in and made me some very nice coffee in his fancy coffee machine. When I stood next to him, he put his hand on my crotch and told me I had the biggest bulge he has ever seen and wanted to see my cock. Well, one thing led to another and we ended up in bed. He is actually a really nice guy. He acts like an asshole because he is insecure of himself. He couldn't keep his hands off my cock. He gave me a very nice blowjob and wants to see me again," Herman ranted on.

"What? Are you telling me Malherbe is actually a pansy? And a bottom?" André gasped.

"Yes, he is actually a nicer guy than he appears to be on the surface. I'm sorry but it just happened," Herman said. "If it works out with him, it would be just the two of us ... Bottom? I'm not sure he'd be able to handle my cock. But he did give me a good blowjob. For fucking, I'd have to revert to you Anton, if I still may, please?"

"I can't believe it, but there you have it. The asshole is as gay as they come and he did poach you off us! Well, he does have money and come to think of it, he is actually an attractive guy. And in the pants? Small?" André!

"No, he is actually bigger than you guys! I guess it's about 24cm! Thick, with a very big head and uncut. It's only when he is soft that it is small. He is a real grower. After he came and went soft again, I couldn't believe how small it was. But hard, it is big! A whole mouthful! So, are you guys not angry with me? You need to meet with him and get to know him. He is just insecure and he doesn't think he is even close as attractive as you guys. We could come visit you some time if you wanted ...?"

"So, are you two going to go steady now? Really?" André asked.

"I'm not sure. He wants to see me tonight. He invited me to dinner at his place. Then we'll discuss what is going for what. I have to say, although he is not as sexy and hairy as you guys, he is actually a good kisser and he is also no riff-raff. With time, he might allow me to fuck him. Please understand ... it was something that just happened," Juan said and his lip quivered again.

"Not to worry. You're forgiven."

"What happens now to the clothes you bought me? The ring?"

"The clothes are a gift from Dad. He can afford it and I know he'd consider it a gift. The ring? It's up to you, but I suppose that is a gift too. So, if your new boyfriend could live with it, keep the ring. What do you say André?"

"Fine by me. We did have some serious fun with you, but if it's not meant to be, then so be it. Yes, you may bring him home to visit. Perhaps he would be nicer to us than he is on the hockey field and in the change room. Let's see."

We discussed the weekend, Luigi - Herman blushed crimson red and it was clear that Luigi really was the final nail in the coffin: he couldn't take all the men in my life - and the upcoming shoot. Herman would be welcome to join us and perhaps he could bring Malherbe with him?

Herman took my hand in his big hands and there was a sad look in his eyes. "Anton, I've never felt the same about anybody the way I still feel about you. You've been a wonderful person and lover. The way you kiss me, the way you suck me, the way you took my huge cock ... I really love you. But I wasn't made to share, not on this level. If it were just André and Coach, I might have been able to accept it, but there are too many others who are involved. I'll always love you, even if something develops between Johan Malherbe and I. Please know that this decision wasn't taken lightly. On Saturday night I slept alone, much to the chagrin of the boys, but I needed time to myself. And yes, I cried too. It was very painful for me ..." A tear rolled down his face. He lowered his gaze and looked at my hand dwarfed in his.

"Herman, we're not blaming you. Such a huge sexual entanglement is not for everybody, and you just happen to be one of the ones who can't accept it. We'll also always love you, the Gentle Giant with the huge anaconda. And you'd always be welcome to visit us at the house and even on the farm. Dad and Mom like you very much. And we too. Baby bro will also always be available if you wanted to fuck him again. He loved your cock as we all did. It is a pity and a big loss to us all, but ... such is life. Don't beat yourself up about it. About the clothes, the money Juan has organised for you and the ring. See it as our way of saying we love you. No hard feelings and no regrets. The only regret is that you won't be part of our shenanigans anymore. You were one of the stars when you were there with us," André said and wiped the tears from Herman's face. My brother had a heart after all!

"Yes, if it's OK with Juan - not that we're going to tell the others or ask their permission, the less said the better - I'd still love to see you from time to time. I really like you a lot, actually I really love you a lot, and I've never been fucked the way you've fucked me. You are a master and I'd let you fuck me again anytime. And I know André and Juan wouldn't mind. But, it might not be a good idea to drag the others into this: let's keep this between us four. Fuck! I get hard just thinking of your big cock! I'd go home with you right now and let you fuck me if you wanted it! Oh godd!" I gushed and squeezed Herman's hand.

"Fuck yes! I'd love that very much! It was nice to fuck Werner and Lukas, and even Claude, but I wanted to fuck you! André, would you mind if I took Anton home and fucked him? Would you be OK? Actually, I could do with a good fucking right now! Or do you want to join us? Just listen to me! I'm all boned up just at the prospect of fucking you, Anton! Yes, let's go please!" Herman was horny as hell, and so was I! I forced myself not to think about Luigi or Juan or the others ... I wanted Herman's huge cock!

"Yes, go. I'll cover for you baby bro. Go and let our big man fuck you properly! I also love to get fucked now, but not with that huge cock! Oh fuck no! Go, and enjoy!" André squeezed Herman's hand and gave my hair a tousle. "Go let the man stretch you good!"

"OK, let's go. Come with me in my car," I said.

We left the 'kaf' and drove to Herman's flat. In the car Herman opened his pants and hauled his huge cock out. When I touched it, he gasped and fell back in the seat. He was horny as hell!

I stroked his cock that was already sopping wet. He was groping my hard cock in my pants. I rubbed the precum over his cockhead. I marvelled at the sheer size of the humongous cock! Ahhh! Fuck!

When I approached Herman's flat, he pushed his huge cock in under his shirt and zipped up as good as he could. It was insanely big.

As we entered the flat, we kissed each other hungrily and undressed as fast as we could. Herman's huge cock was rock-hard and dripping with precum. I excused myself to go to the toilet to douche. Fortunately I kept the little bag with the rubber bulb, lube and poppers in my car. When I was clean, I found Herman on his bed playing with his huge cock. Fuck! It was big! Nobody could ever deny that it was a monster cock! And yes, I craved to have it in my hands, in my mouth and in my hole!

I crawled between Herman's legs and rubbed his hairy legs. When I got to his huge balls, he was groaning. "Oh fuck! This is why I love you so much and why the weekend at Mario was so terribly boring! The others were nice and it was nice to fuck them, but I wanted YOU!"

I kissed Herman's balls and moved my tongue on the underside of his huge cock on his tummy. When I reached the head, I found a huge puddle of precum on his tummy. That was just an exquisitely huge cock, which would never ceased to amaze me! I was tempted to lick up the precum, but left it on Herman's tummy.

I lifted the huge cock off his tummy and milked some more precum from it, which also ended up with the rest of the precum on his tummy. I licked the head and sucked it into my mouth. Ahhh! It tasted so good and the huge size was just phenomenal. I pulled back the skin and the huge cockhead filled my mouth. How I wished I could deep throat that huge cock, but my throat could never open up enough to accommodate this huge cock, not in the least! The head and about 3 or 5cm of the shaft were the limit.

I massaged his huge balls and Herman groaned. He leaned down and took my face in his hands. He pulled me off his cock up to his face. I lifted off his cock and scooped the precum off Herman's tummy. I spread it on my hole and sat down on the huge erection. I leaned down and kissed him. He had become such a good kisser since our first session on that very same bed! His lips were soft, his big tongue did just the right things and his huge cock between my legs was driving me mad with desire. I sucked on Herman's tongue and lightly bit his full lips. His stubble on my lips felt intoxicating and sexy.

I milked my precum from my cock. It was much more than I thought I'd have and rubbed it over Herman's cock with my cockhead. Herman had leaked more precum from his huge cock and I took that and put it on his big cockhead.

"Oh fuck! Please sit on my cock, my man, my darling! I hope I may still call you that ...?"

"Yes, you may and yes, I want your cock in my hole! Oh fuck yes!" I gushed. I lifted my buttocks and Herman held his cock upright. I lowered my buttocks onto his huge cock and felt how the big head stretched my hole. It really was an enormous cock and it did stretch me very much. I lifted up again, milked my cock and Herman's cock, and put the precum on his cock. I sat down again and the huge cockhead slipped in. "Ahhh! Oh fuck! Herman, it's still the biggest cock I've ever had! It is a spectacular cock! Thanks for having me again! Oh godd! Yes! Fuck me!"

"Oh, I intend to do just that! I'm going to fuck you wholesale!" Herman groaned.

I lowered my buttocks even more and felt how the huge cock slid into my hole ... slowly but surely it was entering me ... oh fuck! That's why I was so miserable over the weekend ... I've actually missed the huge cock! In me! Fucking me!

Soon Herman was halfway inside me. It was such an enormous cock and it was in me! Herman's hands were on my hips and I lowered my body even further. The mere girth of the cock in me was phenomenal. It was big and thick and at 33cm, it was something else altogether! I groaned and leaned forward on his big chest. I put my hands on his huge pecs and felt the big nipples under my fingers. Herman was groaning and he was pushing his huge cock up ... it slid in another few centimetres and I gasped. Taking this huge cock in me using only precum was worth earning a Nobel Prize for bravery! But I loved every centimetre of it and the huge girth. I was glad I'd still have 'access' to this marvellous cock from time to time!

When the huge head scraped over my prostate I groaned. It felt wonderful and I almost shot my load right there and then. He held still and rubbed over my hairy chest.

"You OK, my man?"

"Yes, but when your cockhead scrapes over my prostate, it almost makes me cum! Push in please!"

The huge spear proceeded and when the big head reached my inner sphincter, he applied a steady push and then it broke through.

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck!" I said and clutched Herman's arms.

"What's wrong? Am I hurting you?"

"No, not at all! But fuck! It feels wonderful when your cock enters my colon! Wow!"

I sat down and felt Herman's pubic hair under my balls. It was in and it felt fantastic! Oh fuck! Herman pulsed his cock and I clenched on it as best I could. When he twitched it, Herman's cock was extremely thick. I loved it! I put my hand behind my buttocks and put my hand on Herman's groin under me. I lifted up a bit and put my hand around the big cock in me. It was just the most amazing cock!

"Oh fuck! I'm so horny and we don't have much time! I wish I could have this all night long, but it won't be possible, I know. Oh godd! I love you so much, but I'll just have to get used to it ... fuck!"

"Yes, you're such a nice guy and I love getting fucked with your big cock. Every single time you fucked me, was spectacular. I love it. And I'm glad we're going to perpetuate this ... Ahhhh! Oh fuck! It feels so good!"

Herman started to fuck me in earnest. His huge hands were on my pecs and on my much smaller cock. At 23cm my cock was 10cm shorter than Herman's huge cock in me. His huge hand almost covered my whole cock!

Herman was fucking me in earnest and soon he was groaning. "Oh fuck! I'm going to cum! I'm cumming! Sorry Anton, but I can't help it! You're such a sexy guy and your insides are so hot and soft. You drive me mad! I love this and I love you very much. I'm very glad we can still do this! Ahhhh fuck! Oh godd! I'm cummmmiiiinnnngg! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Hnnnngggghhhhhnnnn! Ahhhhhh!"

I felt Herman's big cock twitching in me and knew he was pumping an almighty load into my warm insides. It was shot so deep inside me ... oh fuck!

The fucking with that huge cock was so hot that after just 5 jacks, my cock let fly. I was shooting a huge cumload over Herman's chest and on his face. "Ahhhhh! Oh godd! You're so big and hot and hard and thick! You make me so horny!"

Herman pulled me down onto his chest. My cumload in his chest hair was a lot but I didn't care that it was messing up my chest hair too. He hugged me and kissed me with so much gusto, one could have thought we were real lovers. I sucked his big tongue into my mouth and marvelled at the Gentle Giant under me. He really was a special guy.

The huge cock in me was rubbery and still very big. My head was on Herman's chest and I stroked his face. I really liked this nice guy! Juan would be OK with this, I knew. Luigi ...? I didn't know ...

"I'd love us to stay longer but after lunch we have Prof Du Buisson and you know he is an old fart. I just have to be in his class. So, let's get going. I'll buy us some toasted sandwiches at the 'kaf', OK?" I said. I started to pull off the huge cock in me ... and realised he had pumped one hell of a load into me. I just hoped it wasn't too much to attend the old fart's class without it leaking out. Fuck! I loved cum! As the huge cock head slipped out of me, we both gasped.

"Oh fuck! How I love to have my cock in you, my darling! I wish this could've been different, but 7 guys in a group are too many! Sorry! How was this quickie for you? OK?" Herman asked.

"Oh fuck yes! I loved every second, every centimetre and every millilitre of it! You're such a nice guy! I'm sorry about the many guys, but there isn't anything I can do about it. Juan will approve of this, so don't stress. I'll have to play it by ear with Luigi. For now, keep this from Johan Malherbe. He doesn't have to know that you and I still have this privileged encounters! OK? Come, let's get my cum off our chests so we can go. André must be bored out of his skull by now!"


When we entered the 'kaf' I almost turned around. Johan Malherbe was sitting with André! My godd!

Herman gasped and touched my arm and we both went to the counter to order the toasted sandwiches.

"What do you think that's all about?" Herman asked.

"No idea! Johan had almost never spoken to anyone of us before unless he insulted us, let alone sat down with one of us here!" I answered. "But, unless André has told him what we've gone to do, we'll just play it cool and pretend I took you home to fetch a task you've forgotten, OK?"

When we got the sandwiches, we went to sit with André and Johan.

"Johan! How are you?" I said jovially and sat down next to my brother.

"Anton! I'm fine and you? So, what have you two been up to?" Johan asked.

"I told him you went to fetch a task from Herman's flat. Did you get it?" André said smoothly.

"Yes, I got it thanks. How are you Johan?" Herman said and gave the guy's arm a squeeze. "I've forgotten where I saved it on my laptop and had to look for it. Luckily I had Anton with me. He knows some fine tricks to search a Mac. Thanks again Anton."

"Oh OK. Herman, I've actually missed you over the weekend ... fuck! Sorry guys! André told me you know what's going on! Yes, I've been a closeted bitch and I'm sorry for the way I treated you. You're such nice and fucking cute guys, but I was jealous of your friendship with Coach. And when it was clear Herman had become a friend too, I was green with jealousy. So, sorry. But after Thursday last week, this big man was all I could think of! Fuck the girls! They are just after my money and my ripped body! Herman is a fucking hot man and my godd! His cock is the biggest I've ever seen! But you know that of course!"

"Johan, Herman is still our good friend, although the borders have changed slightly. He likes you very much and we want you two to have a chance at having something more than just a good time in bed. So, what are your intentions with our man?" André asked, as bluntly as always.

"Erm ... I don't know! This is all new to me. I've always loved to look at guys but being the head boy at my school and the Victor Ludorum for 3 years, I had to save face and date girls. It was perpetuated here at university, but no more. Fuck that! If you guys and Coach, and now Herman too, could come out and have a good time, why not me? So, I'm not going to abuse Herman, if that's what you're thinking. I'm going to give it all I have to make it work. If it's OK with you?" Johan asked.

"Johan, Herman is the guy you need to ask! We'd be happy if he's happy. But, we're curious. We've seen you in the change room ... we never thought you to be a hung man, but our Gentle, VERY Hung, Giant here tells us you're quite the hung hunk yourself! Fuck! I'd love to see that!" André in all his bluntness!

"Oh fuck! It is always my greatest fear to spring a boner in the change room, that's why I always undress so quickly and shower at the far end of the stalls. Sometimes I have to go jack off, especially after I've seen you guys or Coach in there. You guys have no idea how sexy you are, and hung! I was daydreaming about Coach so many times after I saw him once with a semi-boner. It was after a match and he was giving one of you a massage. Pulled hamstring I think. It looks as though Coach is hung too!" Johan was a novice, that much was clear!

"Yes, Coach has a biggie ..." I started.

"So then, let's go. I want to see if your cock really is bigger than ours! Toilet, now! Come! I want to see that! Or are you scared we'd actually be bigger than you?" André really was from another planet!

"Erm ... I don't know! I can't just whip out my cock for you guys to see ... fuck! I've never done that before!"

"First time for everything. Come! We've taught the Gentle Giant some fancy tricks, which you'd be thanking us soon. Come! I want to see that cock! Are you two coming too?" André was persistent, I had to give him that!

"And when I've shown you, will you show me yours too?" Johan asked. It was clear he was more than interested!

"I'd suck you if you wanted! Come!" André got up and his pants were bulging already.

"Fuck! Just look at that bulge! Now I'm not so sure mine is bigger than yours," Johan said staring at André's bulge.

"Just come already! Come baby bro! Herman! Come!" André turned around and headed for the toilets in the adjacent building. Most of the guys were in class or heading for the gym or were in the 'kaf'. Herman and I decided we wanted to see André's shenanigans! We got up and Johan was sort of obliged to follow us.

"Fuck, you guys don't play fair!" Johan complained and cursed. "I'm very curious but ... I've never done this before!"

When we entered the toilets, they were deserted. Herman took up post at the door. André was already unzipping his pants and hauled out his big semi-hard cock for Johan to see. Johan unzipped and pulled his small soft cock from his pants. He was nervous as hell and it was clear all the talk didn't even start to dissipate his trepidation in the least. His cock was still completely soft and small ...

André and I stepped closer and when I took Johan's cock in my hand, it was cold and really small. It was no bigger than 10cm and thin. It was a pale white and I couldn't believe this puny cock could be bigger than our cocks! I squeezed it and felt it coming alive.

"Suck him baby bro! Your warm mouth will get him hard fast."

I dropped to my knee and took the small cock in my mouth. Johan smelled so good. Exquisite and expensive perfume. Fuck! Within seconds the cock started to get hard and was growing rapidly. My godd! It was like the thing had a life of its own! After just a minute in my mouth the cock has grown right into my throat! The head was pushed into my throat and I marvelled at the wonderful feeling of a cock getting hard in my mouth.

I pulled off his cock and looked at it. It was thicker than our cocks and longer! My godd! The transformation was phenomenal!

"Baby bro, let me see that cock ... oh my godd!" André swore when I pulled off Johan's cock. "It IS bigger than ours!" He took Johan's cock in his hand and put it next to his hard cock. Lo and behold! It was at least a centimetre longer and most definitely thicker! It was easily as thick as Dad's cock! "My godd! Johan! I'd love to suck you off! Any time! Just say the word! Now I suppose you're going to tell us you cum by the bucket loads too ...? Hmmm?" André enquired.

"Erm ... yes, actually I do! Sorry! I cum as much as Herman ... fuck! I'd love you to suck me off! Herman, would you mind?" Johan asked his lover-to-be.

"Go for it! Pump a big load into André's mouth! He'll love it!" Herman said, palming his hard cock in his pants while he was standing at the door.

André sank to his knees and put the big cock in his mouth. He was jacking the thick shaft and pushed his hands under Johan's shirt and felt the body hair.

I looked and saw Johan didn't have as much body hair as we did, but it was very nice. It was dark brown and straight.

I leaned in and kissed Johan ... fuck! In my wildest dreams I never thought I'd be kissing that man! He was such an obnoxious guy on the hockey field and when he was surrounded by women ... and here he was as meek and mild as a lamb! I had to give it to him: he was a good kisser! His lips were soft and he knew just how to tease a guy with his lips: just enough tongue and gentle pressure. He even put a hand behind my head and pulled me in for a good kiss.

Johan was starting to groan in my mouth and broke free. "Fuck! I'm going to cum! Stop sucking or I'd be cumming in your mouth! Watch it ... hnnnngggghhhhnnn! Oh godd! You're going to make me cuuuummmm!" He tried to pull his big cock from André's mouth but my brother was determined to take the load in his mouth. "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhh! Oh godd! Here it comes! I'm cumming! Ahhhhhhh! Nnnngngghhhhggg!" He started to shudder and jerked forward. He pushed his big cock deeper into André's mouth and he was cumming.

I dropped to my knees and André let go of the cock and I quickly put the spasming cock in my mouth. The rest of the cum was squirted into my mouth. It was a lot! I didn't know how much was pumped into André' mouth, but the load I received was substantial! I tried not to swallow, but eventually I didn't have a choice. It was just too much. I felt André standing up and knew he was kissing Johan, feeding him his own load. I wondered what his reaction was going to be.

The big cock in my mouth was still spasming and then I heard Johan slurping. I looked up and saw he was hungrily sucking his own cum from André's mouth. I squeezed the big cock and milked the last of Johan's cum into my mouth. I was tempted to swallow, but decided to feed it too to the hunk.

I stood up and leaned in to kiss Johan. He was still kissing André and when my mouth was added to theirs, Johan hungrily switched mouths and sucked his cum from my mouth. He was a sex dogg after all!

I kissed him deeply and realised this beautiful man must have been very lonely. I was glad André was so forward and dragged him to the toilet. That was an experience, a nice one! And, the man's cock wás actually bigger than ours! Wait till we told Juan!

Johan still had André's hard cock in his hands. "Do you want me to suck you off too?" Johan asked.

"Yes, fuck! That would be great if you don't mind!" André gushed. He was jacking his cock already. It was sopping wet and rock-hard. I knew my brother and knew he was going to cum very soon and he was going to shoot a big load! Johan was in for a big surprise.

Johan sank to his knees and took André's cock in his hand. His other hand was on André's balls. He was squeezing André's balls and jacking his cock. He opened his mouth and licked André's piss slit. The precum was literally dangling from André's cock.

"You precum a lot! It tastes nice," Johan said and opened his mouth. André pushed forward and his big cockhead disappeared in Johan's mouth.

"Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! You're an ace at cocksucking! Fuck! Baby bro, you should feel this! The man knows how to suck cock!" André was ecstatic about the sucking.

Johan opened his mouth wider and pushed forward. André's whole cock disappeared in Johan's mouth. It almost seemed this wasn't the first time Johan was sucking a cock! He appeared to know what he was doing!

He was sucking André's cock in and out of his throat. André was moaning and soon he was groaning. He was about to cum!

"I'm going to cum! Fuck! Johan! I'm going to cum in your mouth! Here it comes ... ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Hnnnnggnnnnnnh! Ah! Ah! Unghhhhgggg!" He pushed his cock deep into Johan's mouth and he was cumming. His body was shuddering as he shot his cum down Johan's throat. Johan pulled back a bit and received the rest of André's cum in his mouth. It was clear André was cumming a lot! He was filling Johan's mouth!

"Oh fuck! To think the hockey captain is so talented at sucking cock! Oh my godd! You're an ace man!" He had his hands in Johan's hair and was stroking his cheeks as he pumped the last of his cum into Johan's mouth.

Johan slowly pulled André's cock out and when only the head was in his mouth, he pulled the skin back and was sucking slowly. André's cockhead moved in and out of Johan's mouth. The very last drops of cum were milked from André's cock.

Johan let go of André's cock and stood up. He leaned in to kiss André and lo and behold! He gave André the same treatment! He opened his mouth as it approached André's mouth and I saw the big white-grey load on his tongue as he pushed it into André' mouth. André hungrily accepted the 'gift' and slurped his own cum into his mouth. He then pushed some back into Johan's mouth. They were still kissing each other when I heard them gulping down the cum in their mouths. André put his hands on Johan's face and stroked his cheeks and ears, and was kissing the hunk with lots of feeling. Johan's hands were in André's hair and were stroking his stubble. It was clear both of them liked it a lot.

They broke free and they put their still rubbery cocks in their pants and zipped up.

"Oh fuck! That was intense! Thanks guys! You've given me so much to jack off to in the future. This was an experience to remember! I never knew you were such nice guys and such sex doggs! Feeding me my own cum ... wow! It was nice to suck you off too! I want to do this again! Please guys! How about you guys come visit me in my flat? How about tomorrow afternoon? Please say yes! Please? Herman, is it OK with you? I'd love you to be there too of course. Would you mind?" Johan was as horny as hell!

"Yes, they are nice guys. You'll enjoy having sex with them. I'm game to join you in your flat tomorrow. André, Anton? Would you like us to go to Johan's flat tomorrow?" Herman was still as randy as earlier: his huge cock was making a huge bulge in his pants. He was rubbing it.

I wondered about the 'sharing' problem but decided not to say anything. Perhaps we were enough for Herman and perhaps Luigi was too beautiful or because I loved my Italian Stallion so much? I didn't know and let sleeping dogs lie ...

"Yes, I'd love that. Anton?" André was very randy!

"Yes, it's fine by me. What time?"

"I'd say by half past 3. I'll make sure there are drinks. What else do we need?"

"We'll bring some lube and poppers ..." André started.

"Lube? Is that for fucking? What are poppers?" Johan asked big-eyed.

"Precum is not enough lube for if we want to fuck. We need proper lubrication, and poppers ... ahhh! You'll love it! You'll see!" André put in.

"Herman's cock is too big to fuck me. Oh godd, no ways! But I'd like one of you guys to fuck me ... if you want to ... would you be interested?" Johan asked.

"Oh fuck yes! I'd love to fuck you! We could play Lucky Pierre with you: I'd fuck you and you could fuck Anton. How about that? It's awesome! Would you be interested in that?" André put in.

"That would be a first for me on many levels ... I've never really been fucked before and once, a long time ago, I have tried to fuck one guy, but he complained my cock was too big. Do you think my cock is too big? Oh yes, you've been fucked by Herman before, so you'd be OK, Anton? Would you be interested?" Johan asked.

"Oh fuck yes! I'd love to feel your cock in me! I hope we can manage to do it tomorrow! I can't wait for that! And after you've fucked me, Herman could fuck me ... you'll love to see that! OK then! Tomorrow we're taking this to the next level!" I gushed.

"Oh fuck yes! Yes! I can't wait for tomorrow!" Johan said enthusiastically.

"One request though: no jacking off tonight! We want as much cum as possible and multiple fucking if possible to make this worth it. OK? No jacking! You too Herman! I know you're hot as hell, but N.O J.A.C.K.I.N.G O.F.F! OK?" Sergeant-Major André commanded.

"Fuck, that is going to be difficult! I know I want to jack off NOW! Oh fuck!" Herman said palming his huge cock in his pants. "Let's go: there is somebody coming ..."

"And what do we have here? A hockey meeting without your Coach? Eh boys?" It was Juan! Oh my godd!

"We're just about to leave. We've had something to eat in the 'kaf' and were about to leave to go to our last classes before lunch. And you?" André put in smoothly.

Juan looked at us, not really believing André, but he hasn't heard what was the deal with Johan and the mere fact that Johan was there with us, actually protected us from further questions. Also, the odours in the toilet - toilet freshener blocks all over - masked any cum smell that might have lingered in the toilet. As long as Juan wasn't going to kiss anyone of us ... oh fuck! He leaned in and actually kissed me in front of Johan! My darling! And he leaned in and kissed Andre too! He tousled Herman's hair and said: "I've had discussions about the Alumni fund. We'll know in due time about that. In the mean time, don't go out and buy a Maserati yet!" He tousled Herman's hair again.

"Thank you Coach! You're the best!" Herman said blushing crimson red.

"When are you coming to see us again? How about tomorrow night? We could have some nice Cape Malay curry. Johan, would you like to join us? Come, it would be nice to have you." Your choice of words, my darling man! 'Would you like to join us ...'!

"Erm ... I don't know. Are you sure? Wouldn't it be an imposition? I've never been to your place ... I don't even know where it is!" Johan was battling to avoid the invitation.

"No problem! Come with Herman. About 7 o'clock? Anton, I'm leaving the cooking to you? OK? Here is my credit card. Perhaps you could get the foodstuffs before you come home tonight? We could all pitch in and help. Curry is always better if it's made the day before. Listen to me: giving advice to the master cook, and in a toilet of all places!" Juan was standing at the urinal and hauled his big cock out to pee. Johan's eyes were big. It was obvious he was impressed with Juan's cock.

Johan was literally staring and Juan saw it. He deliberately turned so Johan could see his cock better. Dogg! Johan was a real tall handsome man and every skirt on campus was swooning over him, but so were a lot of men! And Juan, like us, had noticed the hunk! I noticed that Juan's cock was plumping up and Johan was now blatantly staring at the big cock in Juan's hand.

"Fuck! Sorry Coach ... erm ... oh godd! Uhm ..." Johan was stuttering.

"Never seen your Coach's big old cock before?" He squeezed his urethra closed and turned 180º so Johan could see his cock in all it's glory, now way beyond semi. Dogg! "Here, take a look!"

"Oh fuck! It's big! Coach, you're hung big! I never thought it was that big! Fuck!" Johan gushed and palmed his cock that was regaining rigidity fast.

"Yes, the boys enjoy it. Don't you boys? André?" Juan was ribbing Johan big time. He turned back to the urinal and finished peeing. He was milking the last of his urine out and in the process his cock was quickly getting hard ... my fuck! What are you doing Juan?

"Yes, we do! And he cums a lot too!" André put in.

Juan gave his cock a last shake and turned towards us. His cock was almost completely hard. He held it in his hand and let Johan look at it. "Satisfied? Now you've seen Coach with a hard-on! Looks like you've got a hard-on too, don't you Johan?"

"Oh fuck ... sorry Coach ... I can't help it, but yes I also have a hard-on! Sorry ...!" Johan stuttered and palmed his cock in his pants.

"Come visit us tomorrow night!" Juan said, apparently ignoring Johan's admission that he had a hard-on. Juan battled to get his hard cock back in his pants and zipped up. Juan, you dogg! If I've ever seen bait being thrown out to the 'innocent', I've seen it now, I thought! "OK boys, I'll see you at home then? I also have a class. I just came to the 'kaf' to get a small bite." Juan said and washed his hands. He kissed us again. "Bye now," and Juan was gone.

"My godd! I've always thought Coach had a big cock, but that was insane! OK, Herman's cock is the super cock, but Coach's cock is massive! It's much bigger than mine! Fuck!" Johan was flabbergasted.

"You have to see him cumming ... spectacular! And he fucks like a champion!" André was as blunt as always!

"So then? Are you coming to visit us tomorrow night?" I asked.

"Oh fuck yes! If I could suck Coach's cock, I'd be over the moon! But what about our session we've planned for half past 3?" Johan asked.

"It stands! I want to see your flat and I want to fuck you while you fuck Anton. By the end of dinner, we'd be revived for a next round if it came to that. What do you say? We keep our session at half past 3?" André stated.

"Oh fuck yes! I'm in! You Anton?" Herman put in.

"Yes, that would be nice. Johan, I'm actually pleasantly surprised with you. I've seen a side of you that I like ... not just your cock, which by the way is spectacular and puts new meaning to the term 'grower', but you're actually a nice guy. We've always thought you were a mean spoilt brat. You'd be very welcome to come visit us tomorrow night," I said and looked at the hunky man with new eyes.

"OK then. What time does Coach expect you to be home tomorrow?" Johan asked.

"I know he has an appointment with Gunther, his study partner and he should be home by half past 5. That gives us around an hour and a half at your place. Looking at our performances here today, I'd say that should be enough for us to fuck and get home by 5 o'clock. Anton?"

"Yes, that should do. OK guys, we're going to be late for our classes. And just look where we're making plans! The toilet! Come guys! I'm out of here!" I said and was out of the toilet with André and Herman short on my heels. Johan was still battling to hide his big hard-on and followed a few seconds later. His chemistry class was 3 buildings away so he started jogging.

Just as I sat down in our Applied Mathematics class, my iPhone beeped. It was Luigi ... oh fuck! I felt like a dog! I've just had sex with Herman and sucked Johan ... oh fuck! I was such a slut! And I loved this beautiful man to death! Oh fuck! What a slut I've become!

'Hi! How is ur day going? Miss u terribly! I have hard-on every time I think of u! Fuck! I miss u so much! I love u mio caro [my darling]!"

"I miss u too. Day is going OK. I've wanted u so many times today. I wish it were Thursday. I miss u too my darling!" Slut! Liar! But, it was the truth that I loved him to bits and that I'd never deny him sex, ever! But, today just happened ... yes, I could have said 'no', but ... fuck! I wanted it!


En route home we stopped at the mall to get the groceries for the curry. We were home by 5 o'clock. André and I started with the preparation of the curry. We each had a cider while we were chopping and cutting and frying.

"How was your session with Herman? As good as always?"

"Oh fuck yes! To be honest I did miss that huge cock! I hope Juan would be OK if I snuck away occasionally to have that huge cock in my ass! It was as good as always! That cock is a monster but Herman has become quite a good lover. I loved it! And, what makes it worse, is he is such a nice guy! I love him and I can't help it. He really is a nice guy, full stop!"

André moved in behind me and pushed his boned up cock in my crack. "I'd love to fuck you, right here, right now! Do you still have Herman's cum in your ass? Hmmm!"

"Oh fuck yes! And it was a big load! It was wonderful. I wish we did have time for you to fuck me, but Juan would be home any minute. Rather save it for later, OK?" André groped me and when he felt I was boned ... again! ... he pushed his hard cock even harder against my ass. Oh fuck! "Hmmmm! All boned up for your bro? Hmmm!"

"Fuck yes! How could I not be boned up for you, you idiot! Have you forgotten how much I love your cock and you fucking me? Of course I'd bend over for you in a heartbeat, but let's save it for later ... here's Juan now! Behave!" I said and pushed André away with my bum.

"You heartless man!" André feigned hurt.

"I'm home! Where are you? Hallo-o-o-o! Ahhh! My darlings! In the kitchen slaving away for your man! I love you!" Juan joked and he hugged and kissed us. And not just a peck on the lips - they were proper kisses with tongue and spit and all! What a man! He pushed his big bulge into our cocks and groped our buttocks.

"Hallo my darling! How was the rest of your day? OK?" I asked.

"You mean after the little display in the toilet? My godd! I almost turned around and jacked off! You guys had me really boned up! You did have sex in there before I came in, right? Come on, out with it! No lies! I could do with a blowjob right there! But, I'm staff and my godd! Imagine what I'd explain to the dean if I got caught! So, who sucked whom?" We could never lie to Juan. He was too much of a darling.

"Where are Johann and Gunther tonight?" I asked in an attempt to derail Juan.

"Johann has an assignment in Simon's Town and Gunther has to go check on the results of a culture in the lab every 4 hours. So, it's just us. What about Luigi?"

"He has some seminar to prepare for and doesn't want to see me. He said he'd just wanted to fuck me and do nothing else! So, it's just the three of us," I put in.

"Enough derailing! I want to know what happened today ... Ah! Ah! No lies! I deserve to hear the truth. Spill the beans!" Juan said.

We told Juan what happened at the 'kaf' and the ensuing sucking off of Johan in the toilet while Herman was watching the door.

"What? His cock is actually bigger than yours? I can't believe that! I've seen him in the change room and it was a small little white cock! So, he is the proverbial 'grower'! Interesting! And did he come a lot?"

We told him of the sucking and cum-swopping.

"You doggs! I hope Johan enjoyed it! I'm getting boned up again thinking of you sucking off the obnoxious hunk! Was it nice? Nice cum?"

"Oh fuck yes, it tasted wonderful! It was a lot and it was sweet and creamy. He is not only a grower - he is also a squirter!" André said.

"And Herman? Any action for him?" Juan asked.

André and I looked at each other, which gave it away.

"What? What happened? Out with it!" Juan demanded.

I swallowed and we told Juan about Herman's disclosure and admission that Luigi was one too many for him to handle. And that he wanted to fuck me occasionally.

"What? The dogg! He doesn't want us but he wants you on the side? Is he and Johan going to start something? What does Johan say about it?"

"Johan isn't going to know about it. It would be our secret only: Herman, you, André and I. I really want it please? It would just be a fuck - nothing more. He needs it and I want it. He has never had anybody who could handle his big cock. Johan would definitely not allow him to fuck him - not yet, in any case. So, I really want it, please? It is an experience to have that big cock in me ... please? Please my darling?"

"André, how do you feel about it? Would you be OK that our boy gets fucked by the Gentle Giant from time to time?"

"Yes, we allowed him to go see Herman on Thursday and it didn't influence the sex we had with him. And he went to sleep with Luigi, and we still got to fuck him at Mario's. As long as he still loves us and doesn't want only the giant cock in him, I'd say, let baby bro go have his fun with him occasionally. I'm sure he still would want sex with us, right baby bro?" André asked.

"Yes, of course. You guys are my life, especially you two. And Luigi. And Gunther ... oh fuck! And Johann! Godd, I love you guys so much! Herman would be sex and perhaps a little love - I do like him a lot and was prepared to have him in our intimate circle. But I'd never deny you sex, ever. I promise. Please let me have Herman some times? Please?" I put in.

"Oh OK. But you can never fall in love with him, OK? OK? Yes, I know you love getting fucked with that huge cock and I know he does love to fuck you too. So, there! Go get an occasional good fucking with the Gentle Giant. Lucky bastard!"

We looked at each other and we knew what we were thinking of. André winked at me and took the lead. He told Juan about our proposed meeting with Herman and Johan the following afternoon.

"My godd! Where do I fit into all of this? You've become such sex maniacs! I was hoping to drag Johan off to bed with us tomorrow night. Now you're going to have some fun with them tomorrow afternoon. Will we be able to have some fun tomorrow night too? Oh fuck! I've become a sex machine too! I just want to fuck all the time! And I want to plug Johan's hole! I've been lusting after that hunk's ass for a long time! You have to agree: he is fucking sexy! And the fact that he actually has a big cock, bones me up! I saw his huge bulge in the toilet."

"By 9 o'clock our batteries would be charged again and there would definitely be more shenanigans if you wanted some. Please let us have some fun with them tomorrow afternoon? It might just help the two of them getting together. Perhaps Herman would not get to fuck Johan, but that's where Anton comes in. At least Johan gives fantastic blowjobs!" André said and stepped into Juan's arms. He put his arms around Juan's neck and looked into our darling's beautiful blue eyes and pushed his semi into Juan's big semi ... He kissed Juan and he melted ...

"Yes, of course! You are such damn devious devils! First you butter me up with kisses and semis pushed into my groin and then you ask me such sexual favours! Yes, go and make Johan's day. I know for him it will be a day to remember. Lucky guy!" Juan was so mature about all of this. What a true darling. Of course, it just made us love him even more. We'd never give him up, ever!

"Thank you very much my darling! You're so damn nice about this! We love you even more! And never worry. If there happens to be fucking, even with Dad, this, us, is the real deal. That could never change, ever. Even though I really, really love Luigi, this - you, André and I - is the core of our group. I love you guys more than life. I never ever want to be without you guys. I really love Johann and Gunther too - a lot - but you two are my life. Sex with the others is wonderful, but the love I feel for you guys make sex with you the ultimate. Sex with Luigi is spectacular. Sex with Gunther is fantastic. Johann is a phenomenon and of course Herman is something else. They all are fantastic, and I really love them too, but you allowing us to have an afternoon with Johan and Herman, proves to me you love us enough to give us some freedom." I pulled Juan closer and kissed him.

"What would you say if I told you I've sucked off Gunther in the lab today?" Juan said.

"What? Really?" André asked.

"No, of course not! The sex with you guys, and with Gunther when he is here, is enough! In any case, even though I love the Jerry a lot, I feel the same about you two. You're my life. I wouldn't mind having some extra sex with Gunther or Johann, but I'm satisfied with what I have with you lot at the moment. Luigi is a super guy and super sexy, but I don't love him the way I love you guys. Sex with him alone? I doubt if it will ever happen. And, the other guys love you guys a lot, especially now that you're also a bottom, André. So, there you have it. Enjoy the sex with the other guys. I know if I said 'no', you just might do it behind my back and I don't want that. Rather allow you to have sex with Herman and Johan, and we play open cards with each other. Lies have never done it for me. Come here you delinquent!" Juan pulled André into his embrace and hugged and kissed us. We were all beyond semi by then!

"The curry! We're going to burn the curry, you big oaf! Out of the way! Move! Sheez! Almost! Baby bro, come do your magic and save the curry! What would you like to drink you ugly big oaf? Beer? Wine?" André ranted on.

"A glass of red wine would be nice, thank you, silly boy! Sheez! Why do I have to endure this verbal abuse? Don't I fuck you enough? That could be arranged ... just say the word and I'd fuck you right here, right now! Drop your pants and I'd plug you! So, big mouth! What do you say? Feeling like a fucking ... hmmm?"

"Such an oaf! How I fell in love with you is beyond me! Wait for your turn! Let's first get the curry bubbling away. We've gotten some cold meats, some nice cheeses, olives and salads at the deli and fresh bread rolls for tonight. OK, big oaf? Will that be enough for you and your big cock? Hmmm?" André ribbed Juan.

"Keep it up, and you'll sleep with the mosquitos and the stray cats tonight! And that means you'll have to jack off by yourself - no sucking and no fucking! Your choice! So, what's it going to be? Being a loving partner and lots of sex later on, or being a jackass and sleep outside on the veranda? Hmmm?" Juan said and tousled André's hair. He got a big hug and a kiss. "Ahhh! Good choice my man! I was lusting after your ass in the toilet today! Up for some fucking? Hmmm!" Juan said and groped André's ass.

"Yes, you fucking oaf! Blackmailing me into having sex with you now? I'm phoning Dad! My dad will set you straight!"

"Ahhh! Want to drag Dad into this? He'll be too glad to know his other son is also a bottom now! He'd fuck you on the spot! Talking about Dad. He's coming on Wednesday. Are you guys going to stay with him? Yes, I know you want to, so it's OK. Dad would love to see you guys and I know he's going to fuck you two wholesale! Last weekend on the farm he showed how much he wanted to, especially you Anton, my darling. And, yes of course it's OK. I could never be jealous of Dad! He made you and if he wanted to fuck you, I'm OK with it. You sex doggs you!"

"You were invited as well, but now you and Gunther have your own arrangements. Dad wants us to stay the night. OK with you my darling?" I asked.

"Yes, it's OK. I'll get Johann and Gunther to stay with me if that's OK with you?"

"That's fine. At least you'd get a good sucking while Dad fucks us. But, back to tonight. The curry is bubbling away. Let's get the cold meats and salads out for dinner," I said.


After our light dinner, we all bundled into the shower. By the time we were finished with the shower, we were all boned up big time!

The sex was tremendous as always! After the pummelling I had with Herman's cock that morning, I urged Juan and André to double-fuck me. It was phenomenal! The two of them have big cocks as it were, but my godd! Both of them in me at the same time? Not many guys would be able to handle that!

Juan was the one to have an all-nighter ... ah! I loved my life!

= To be continued =



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