During our first month in the king size bed we had a lot of fun with each other. Most of it was restricted to kissing and mutual jacking off.

By the end of our Grade 12, we've grown considerably and were two very attractive dark-haired guys, blue eyes with the physique of boys of much older. By the end of winter in Grade 10, we started to go to the gym at our school and within months the results started to show already. Our pecs were more pronounced and our tummies were flat. Our biceps already started to show. Of course, the work on the farm also helped to develop our bodies. That, together with the huge spurt of testosterone our bodies poured into our bloodstreams, made for rapid development.

Our hockey coach (also our Science teacher, Mr Juan du Toit) put in a good word for us to start using the gym in Grade 10 and we started to develop rapidly. We couldn't be happier. The black hair on our chests caused some guys to tease us about it, but we took it in our stride and teased them for not having any!

We were ready to go into Grade 11. We were so good at playing hockey, our coach was already speaking of playing for the first team in our Grade 11. André is a mean centre and I a very fast wing. We enjoyed playing hockey and with our appearance and physique, we were very popular at school. The girls were mad about us and we had many friends. However, our love for each other was stronger than everything else. But of course it all stayed a secret.

By the end of Grade 11 we were already 1,79m tall. Our feet have grown exponentially - we wore size 9,5 by the end of the year. And by then our cocks were now close to 20cm. They were very big and our hands could just reach around the shafts.

We have started to produce a lot of precum and when we reached orgasm, the cum was milky white and thick. We played with each other every night and sometimes even during lunch over weekends. We were insatiable for each other. We kissed a lot and we enjoyed licking the cum off our faces and bodies. It tasted like strange creamy, slightly bitter slippery milk. It's not easy to describe cum!

We looked like young Hollywood stars and of course Dad and Mom were very proud parents. We did very well at school and our hockey was A1. We also swam a lot in our spare time that helped to develop our bodies.

Our days flew by and before we knew it, it was the end of our school. We turned 18 in August and in November we finished writing our final exams. For the holidays, Dad organised a weeklong holiday on the coast on the other side of Cape Town. Dad managed to get his younger brother to leave his job as attorney in Cape Town and oversee the work on the farm for the week. Uncle Pieter was a really tall guy with very big hands and wore size 14 shoes ... we often wondered about him! At age 33 he was still single and no girlfriend either ... we kept on guessing. Hmmmm.

When we arrived at the seaside flat, we unpacked and within 20 minutes, we asked to be excused and ran down to the beach. The beach was like something from a holiday brochure. Long stretches of golden sand, with rocky outcrops here and there. There were a few tidal pools and that's where we were heading. There was one that was far from the other swimmers and we couldn't see the block of flats where our parents were from these rocks.

After a lot of horseplay in the pool, we stretched out on the rocks to dry off. The water around Cape Town is fairly cold, so we drank in the sun to heat up again. We were actually shivering because of the cold water. Time to heat up now!

Not far from us there were two other guys on towels, watching us. We guessed they were around 20 and perhaps students. We horsed around and joked about them. André speculated perhaps they were lovers. It sure looked like it.

The guys saw we were looking at them and the next thing, the taller blonde guy leaned over to his friend and kissed him on the mouth! The shorter dark-haired guy took the tall guy's hand, and with his other hand he pulled his friend down towards him and kissed him again.

André and I were curious now! We were VERY curious about these strangers.

The shorter dark-haired guy looked at us, took his shades off and winked at us. He motioned with his head for us to come over to them.

André and I looked at each other and decided to take him up on his invitation.

Then we realised, our cocks have warmed up faster than expected and were rubbery after seeing the guys kissing each other. André nudged me and said under his breath: "We'll have to hide our cocks. Is yours also coming back to life?"

"Yes, I am almost completely hard! I don't want them to see it!"

"Let's hold our towels in front of our cocks to hide them."


We got up and strolled over to the guys on the other end of the rocks.

When we approached them, they both got up and it was very obvious, they were also sporting boners! The short dark-haired guy's bulge was big! He was wearing baggy shorts but they were not very successful at hiding the big cock trapped inside. I had no idea how big it was, but it was obvious it was very big.

The tall blonde guy had a Speedo on and although obviously not as big as his friend, his cock tented his Speedo so much that the waistband was pulled away from his tummy. I thought it to be at least 21cm long.

They welcomed us and introduced themselves. The short dark-haired guy was Alessandro and from Italian origin. The tall blonde guy was Norwegian and his name was Sven.

Alessandro and Sven were on holiday in South Africa and were staying in the same small seaside resort we were staying in. They have been in the Western Cape for a week by then and were off via the Garden Route to the Drakensberg the next day.

We told them our names and where we lived.

"How old are you?" Alessandro asked.

"No, let us guess!" Sven said.

Alessandro said: "17?"

"No, they can't be 17! They have to be at least 18." Sven put in.

"What would you say if I told you we are really 18?" André answered.

"No way, man! You're joking with us!" Alessandro said.

"Yes man - you're joking, right?" Sven asked.

"No, we're 18 - we had our birthday in August." I said.

"Well, I'm sad we didn't pick you up in a bar last night, as I would have wanted to have sex with you both on the spot!" Alessandro exclaimed.

"Really? And what would you've done to me ... to us?" André asked curiously.

"I know I'd love to give you each a blowjob for starters! Or you to suck me off!" Sven said.

"Blowjobs? Is that all?" I asked.

"That's for starters!" Alessandro said.

"Sounds promising." I said.

"You have no idea what you're missing, man!" Sven said! "Alessandro is a master at giving head ... erm ... giving a blowjob."

"Wow" was all I could say. I noticed that Alessandro's big bulge in his pants was even bigger now. And the head of Sven's cock was actually peeking over the waistband of his Speedo. I couldn't stop staring at their bulges and their obviously big cocks underneath the garments.

"Stupid question, but here goes: do you guys jack off together? Other stuff you do?" Sven asked.

"Yes, we sleep together and play with each other's cocks every night" André said.

"Nothing else?" Sven asked.

"André started fucking me just before our birthday in August" I answered.

"I see. Interesting. But, I can see you're interested in what you see here! It seems like you also have boners too?" Alessandro said.

"Yes, it's obvious they're hard too, Alessandro!" Sven put in.

André and I glanced at each other. There was no way we could hide it from them. Our baggie shorts were tented big time - way beyond hiding it!

"Would you like to see mine?" Alessandro asked.

"Yes, please!" We said together.

Alessandro pushed the elastic waistband of his baggie pants down and hauled an enormous cock from it. It was the biggest cock I've ever seen! It was very long and it was thick and uncut. The head was really big. The tip already glistened with precum.

"Wow! That is a big one, Alessandro!" André exclaimed!

"How big is it?" I asked.

"Guess and you might touch it if you're right!" Alessandro said.

"I guess it's about 23cm!" André put in.

"And you (he motioned to me)? How big do you think it is?"

"I also guess it's about 23cm." I said. "How big is it? Are we right?"

"Almost!" Alessandro said. "It's 24cm on a good day, like today!"

"Really?" I was astonished! I'm used to André's cock of 23cm but 24cm was really big!

"Tell you what: you were so close to guess the size, you may still touch it!" Alessandro said, winking at us. "But if you touch it, I want more ... I want you to masturbate me - jack me off. And perhaps a blowjob too."

"I'm not as big as Alessandro, but I'd also like to have a hand-job." Sven said.

"How big is yours?" André asked Sven.

Sven peeled his Speedo off and revealed a big thick uncut cock. The head also glistened with precum. As Sven was closer to us than Alessandro, he moved closer to us for us to actually touch it.

It felt big in my hands and André said, "Man, this is thick! I guess it's about 21cm long? It's very thick!"

"And you Anton? How big do you think it is?" Sven asked.

"I also guess it's about 21cm." I said.

"No, it's 22cm and a bit when I'm really horny, like now, and when Alessandro sucks me. What would you say when I tell you Alessandro can deep-throat my cock?"

Sven smiled at us and said with a wink: "And Alessandro fucks me with his huge cock!"

I was mesmerised. So, the shorter guy has the bigger cock, and fucks the taller guy.

"Do you guys fuck each other?" Sven asked.

"Yes, André fucks me" I said.

"I wish I could see Alessandro fucking one of you!" Sven said.

"Not today!" Alessandro said. "Not here, in any case."

André bent towards Alessandro and took his huge cock in his hand. "Anton, you have to feel this huge cock! You won't believe its enormous size!"

I let go of Sven's substantial cock and took Alessandro's cock in my hand. Indeed, it was a huge cock. Alessandro was about 1,75m tall but his cock was enormous!

"Now for some action boys!" Alessandro announced.

"What? Here? Now? What if people see us? Is it safe here?" I asked.

"Yes, it's very safe here for some fun. We would love to fuck here, but that would be a bit awkward and we won't be able to hide it away if somebody should suddenly show up here." Alessandro announced. "Look around: the closest people are at least 500m away and the trees over there shield us from the flats. Now let's see your cocks, boys!"

"Shall we play the same game with them, Alessandro?" Sven joked.

"Yes, let's see them. Are they identical like you?" Alessandro asked.

"We'll let you see for yourselves." André said. "Come one baby bro, let's show them what these two South African boys have to play with!"

With that André pulled his cock over the elastic waistband of his pants and urged me to do the same. I looked around nervously to see if anybody is close enough to see what it was we were doing, but it seemed safe enough. Not seeing anything suspicious, I followed André's example and pulled my cock from my pants.

"Wow! They really are identical, Sven! Look at that! And look: they're also uncut and there is precum too!" It was obvious that Alessandro was impressed, despite his own huge cock.

Sven moved in closer to André, and Alessandro to me, and they took hold of our cocks. In return, we took their cocks in our hands.

"How big do you think they are, Sven? It is only slightly longer - and thinner - than yours. What do you think?"

"Yes, it's almost the same as mine Alessandro. I guess about 22cm? Boys?"

"It's just a little shorter than 23cm but we haven't stopped growing, remember!" André put in.

"Yes, at the rate you're growing, by age 21, you might have cocks as big as Alessandro's!" Sven said. "Lucky you!"

I took Alessandro's cock in my hand and was amazed at its huge size. I could just reach around it with my middle finger and thumb, and I have fairly big hands. The precum was really flowing now.

"Yes, he is a leaking faucet, that one! Precums like a leaking tap. And he cums like a waterfall! So, be forewarned!" Sven warned.

I started to jack off Alessandro when he leaned forward and kissed me. His two-day old beard was scratchy but very nice on my face. It's the first time I've experienced other than André and Dad's stubble. Our dark beards were fairly hard. When André kissed me, I always marvelled at the scratchy sensation of his beard. Now it was with a complete stranger who actually had a harder beard than us. Not to mention his enormous cock in my hands!

"May I feel Alessandro's cock too?" André asked.

"Of course." I said.

We changed places and I took Sven's very substantial and very thick cock in my hand. It was definitely thicker than our cocks even though it's slightly shorter. He was not precumming at the rate Alessandro was, but he still was wet. I rubbed his precum over his cock head. Sven moaned and collapsed on my shoulder. He turned and sought my mouth with his and gave me a kiss almost as good as André. His tongue was very long and very agile. Sven knew how to kiss!

"Sven, do you also want to take these boys back to London? They are great boys! We think you're great guys! Now how about some sucking?" It was Alessandro. "I'll show you guys how it's done. Come here Sven, let's show them how I deep-throat your big old cock!"

Sven lied down on his side and Alessandro next to him, head to toe. Alessandro had Sven's cock in his hands and was licking the precum off the big uncut head. We watched in awe. I took hold of André's cock and felt it was rock hard and sopping wet. He took hold of mine and squeezed it to push even more precum out of it.

Sven milked Alessandro's huge cock and a hell of a lot of precum ran from the piss slit. I couldn't believe how much came out his cock! It was like he was cumming precum! We are also heavy precummers, but this was ridiculous!

"Want a taste, boys? Come, lick it off my fingers!" Sven announced.

We looked at each other and bent down and André licked Sven's finger. Sven pushed it knuckle deep into André's mouth and André groaned when he tasted the precum. I was eager for my turn. Sven scooped up some more precum off Alessandro's leaking cock and held it out for me to taste. It was sweet and slippery and very wow! I loved it! It tasted different to André's precum, but I'm sure it must have something to do with diet or something?

Sven took Alessandro's cock in his mouth and managed to get about 22cm of it into his mouth before he pushed it back a little. His eyes were watering but he pushed forward again and the huge cock disappeared into his mouth once more.

Alessandro was doing a great job sucking Sven's big 22cm cock. Sven's whole cock disappeared into Alessandro's mouth up to the balls. Sven's crotch hair brushed Alessandro's chin and his balls rested on Alessandro's nose. It was amazing to see.

Sven started to groan and it was obvious he was getting close. Alessandro got hold of Sven's head and indicated he was close too.

All the time we were watching the guys sucking each other, we were playing with each other's cocks. André took hold of my hand and whispered: "I'm getting close. How about you?"

"Me too" I said.

Alessandro pulled off Sven's cock and turned to us. "Would you like to try?"

Sven pulled off Alessandro's huge cock and looked at us expectantly.

We looked at each other. Not having done it with anyone else before, we were not sure. André whispered in my ear "I'd love to try it. You?"

"Yes, I'd love to try sucking Alessandro's huge cock" I said.

"Guys, we'd love to try it, but we haven't done it with anyone else before. We're very tempted to do it, but perhaps tomorrow if you were not leaving tomorrow?"

"How about right now? We're all ready to shoot our loads>"

"OK, I'm game" André said. "You, baby bro?"

"Yes, I think so, but I want to suck you first" and with that I sank to my knees and took André's hard 23cm cock in my mouth.

"Ahhh! Baby bro, you just know how to do it!"

I've tried before, but I haven't managed to get André's whole cock in my mouth. It was just too big and too thick. I tried in vain to get the whole cock into my mouth.

"Here, look how I do it" Alessandro said.

Sven's cock disappeared in Alessandro's mouth, balls-deep.

"You just need to relax your throat and open deep. First take a deep breath and try again."

I did as I was told and yes! The tip of André's cock slipped into my throat! It felt fantastic! André gasped above me. "Fuck, baby bro! That is awesome!"

Sven offered each of us another taste of Alessandro's precum. It tasted a little different than the first time, as if it were almost cum. We hungrily sucked the precum off Sven's fingers and then kissed each other.

"Like to switch positions? Who would like to take on my cock, boys?" Alessandro asked.

"Anton, you try Alessandro's cock. I think you'll manage better than me" André said.

I positioned myself into a 69 position next to Alessandro and took his huge cock into my hands. It felt amazing and I could smell the precum. I licked the head and was rewarded with a huge dollop of precum which tasted so nice. I gingerly put the big uncut head into my mouth, keeping the skin pushed to the tip. I opened my mouth really big. Once the head hit the back of my throat, I pulled the foreskin back until the bare head was on my tongue. I repeated that and heard Alessandro gasping.

"Keep that up, and your attempt at deep-throating me would be over!" Alessandro warned.

I licked the whole length of the cock and used the precum to really lubricate the whole big cock. It was very wet and slippery.

I glanced over at André and Sven. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that André actually managed to take the whole thick 22cm of Sven's cock in his mouth! You go, big bro! Sven was having a whale of a time with André's big 23cm cock. However, he battled to get the whole cock into his mouth.

I felt my cock slipping into Alessandro's throat and glanced down: I saw with astonishment that my whole cock was in Alessandro's mouth! He managed it - no problems! It felt fantastic! I was so glad André was now skilled at deep-throating!

I took a deep breath and tried Alessandro's cock again. On the third attempt, the huge head pushed into my throat and I felt Alessandro pushing it deeper. The huge cock was in, balls-deep! I managed to deep-throat this huge cock! It was fucking amazing!

Sven was making groaning noises now and was pushing his hips to push even more of his cock into André's mouth. He pulled off André's cock and said "I'm cumming!"

André groaned and nodded. It was the sign for both that they were both on the brink of cumming.

With one last thrust, Sven pushed his cock into André's mouth and squealed like a piglet. He was cumming!

André too was starting to groan and he became very still - no movement at all.

Then it happened. The two shuddered and pushed their cocks into the other's mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I could see how the part of André's big cock outside Sven's mouth convulsed and twitched. Yes, they were cumming. And so were we!

We sprayed our cum in each other's mouths. My mouth was filled to capacity with the second squirt and I started to swallow. I could feel Alessandro doing the same. When the cum stopped shooting into my mouth, I held still and savoured the wonderful liquid in my mouth. The Italian tasted good!

When we opened our eyes, Sven and André were lying very still, cocks still in their mouths. Sven pulled off André and moved towards us. Alessandro and I also let go of each other's cocks.

When Sven was close to us, he tilted his mouth backward and opened his mouth. His mouth was filled to capacity with André's white creamy cum! I couldn't believe what I saw! All of that cum from my brother, with one cumshot?

Alessandro made a noise and tilted his head back and opened his mouth. His mouth was full of my cum. It was so damn erotic!

Sven moved to Alessandro and they started kissing each other. It was obvious they were mixing our cum in their mouths! That was a good idea!

It was obvious they pushed some of the copious loads into each other's mouth.

I was eager to do the same with André. I moved over to André while he was moving towards me.

When André's full lips closed over my eager mouth, I tasted the most wonderful taste ever! It was something I haven't tasted before. It was totally different from my own and André's cum! André pushed all the remaining cum in his mouth into my mouth and held his mouth over mine. The cum mixed in my mouth and I savoured the fantastic taste. Then I pushed it back into André's mouth. He did the same and savoured the cum mix in his mouth. I sucked some of the cum back into my mouth and we opened our eyes. I blinked as a sign to André and we both swallowed. It was fantastic!

When I opened my eyes, André was smiling at me and winked. "Nice, wasn't it?"

I saw out of the corner of my eye Sven was kneeling next to Alessandro and was about to receive the same gift from Alessandro.

When Sven came away from Alessandro, he smiled a big smile and winked at us.

"Come here you two!" Alessandro said.

He pulled me down and kissed me. I was surprised at his soft lips and the way he kissed me. He just opened his mouth and I hungrily sucked on his tongue. It tasted very different from the cum I tasted in André's mouth. I realised some of the taste was my own cum. He ruffled my hair and gave me one last kiss.

Sven gave André the same treatment and before long they were engaged in a tongue battle.

"Down boy, down!" Alessandro joked.

André and Sven let go of each other.

We all pulled our pants back on and I couldn't help to notice the huge bulge in Sven's Speedo, and the fact that there lurked such a huge cock in Alessandro's baggy pants, was close to impossible. In the latter's case, looks can definitely be very deceiving. Who know this man was hung like a horse, and cums like a fire hose?

"How was that, boys?" Sven asked.

"Like nothing you've ever tasted?" Alessandro put in.

"It was phenomenal! Thanks for sharing! It was great. I wish we could do this again." André said.

"Well, you'll just have to come visit us in London some time!" Sven said. "I hope it's soon! I'd love to see you guys in London soon. You're very attractive and you'll be very popular amongst our friends."

Alessandro took his mobile phone from his beach bag and swore under his breath.

"Good fuck, Sven! We didn't take a single picture of the fun we just had! How stupid of us! I completely forgot about the phone!"

"Well, we're still here. You could take pics of us now if you want?" André said.

"Good idea. You guys, stand next to other and give me an indication of who is who. André to the right?"

We stood on the rocks with the sea in the background and Alessandro took a snapshot.

"Pants off, boys! We want some evidence, even though it's after the act!"

We giggled and pulled our pants down to our knees. I was amazed that we were both still about half hard and marvelled again at how identical we really were: even our cocks looked exactly the same.

Alessandro took a few pictures of our cocks and of us naked. He then asked that André and I should pose for a docking picture.

"Push your cocks together tip to tip and push the skins over each other. Try it, It's awesome!"

We tried and we actually started to get hard again!

"Here is the mobile. Please take pictures of Sven and me too. And then we want pictures of us all. Don't worry, I have an App on my iPhone that is a timer device."

We took pictures of Alessandro and Sven and then of them naked too. It was amazing to see them docking. It was obvious they've done this before!

Alessandro then set the iPhone on a towel on an outcrop of rock and we all posed for some pictures. We already liked these guys and I had a gut feeling, that this was the start of something big.

Alessandro took our email addresses and mobile numbers. He sent us an email on the spot so we could have their details as our own mobile phones were in the flat.

"I'll email you the pics later tonight. The place we stay in has WiFi."

"Thanks Alessandro" I said.

"We'll have to be going now. The parents ... you know?" André announced our departure.

"Come here you two hunks!" Alessandro said.

Alessandro took us into a group hug and kissed us on the cheeks. Sven joined from behind us. I noticed his cock was still fairly hard, and that Alessandro's cock was quickly hardening again. Talk about insatiable!

Alessandro kissed each of us in turn on the mouth and hugged us.

"Promise us that you'll come visit us soon, that is, if we don't come here first!"

"We promise. We have wanted to go to London for a long time, but Dad said all in good time. When we turn 21, it could well be our birthday present - who knows?"

"And we could supply the birthday candles! Two big white candles that spew cum!" Sven quipped.

He pulled us into a hug and bent down to kiss each other. His tongue was still tasting of Alessandro's cum. Yum! How I wish we were 21 and in London with these two hung hunks!

"Come, we have to go, Anton. Nice to meet you and we'll stay in touch. Thanks for the ... interesting time we spent with you!"

We hugged and kissed one last time and bounded off the rocks and headed home.

"Wasn't that amazing, Anton? Can you believe the size of Alessandro's cock and the amount of precum he makes?"

"And the huge load of cum he shoots? André, we are both shooting big loads, but I'd love us to shoot big loads like Alessandro! I just don't know how we'll contain it all ..."

"We'll find a way ... we've had plenty of exercise today ...!" André winked at me and gave me a playful jab in the ribs. He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close.

"When last did I tell you I love you, André?"

"I can't remember. For that, you'll pay dearly when we get home!

= To be continued.



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