During the night André was up to his old tricks again and I let him be. At least my brother 'was back' and his ordeal with Morné was forgotten - for now. I woke up to André kissing me. It was a tender, brotherly kiss but also with so much love that I was taken aback. In all the years we've been sleeping together and started having sex, this was a moment to remember.

I had no idea what the time was, but it was cold. I pulled the duvet over André's back and down his sides to trap our body warmth.

André's soft mouth on mine felt super sexy. It had something to do with the fact that he was my brother, that he was my twin brother, that he was my first lover, that he was one hell of a sexy guy and that his cock was perfect for fucking. I truly and sincerely loved my brother and would have sex with him, any day, any time, any place. I just would never be able to say 'no' to André.

I put one of my hands on his face and the other on his hairy chest. Oh fuck! Even though I loved Luigi like he was part of my body, and I loved Dad like he was ... well my dad, but I loved André in a way that couldn't be described. I just loved him very much.

The kiss was one of those that you just gave yourself over to the other guy. I put my hands behind his head and stroked his neck and hair. The soft lips enveloped mine and his tongue was fluttering over my lips, 'knocking' on my lips to let him in. I gladly opened my mouth and felt the boisterous tongue slip into my mouth. I sucked the tongue into my mouth and André pushed as much of it as he could manage into my mouth. Oh fuck!

His big hard cock was pushing into my hip and I could feel it was sopping wet. He faux fucked me on my hip and I rolled onto my side facing him. The big cock was now pushing into my groin, pushing against my now almost rock-hard cock.

Our hands were caressing the each other, our cocks were pushed against each other and soon my cock was leaking lots of precum making a monumental mess between us.

André broke the kiss and sighed. "*Oh fuck baby bro! How could I ever explain to anybody how much I loved you, how important you are to me and how much you mean to me? Sex with you is never just sex. I love you too much. Ahhh!*" He was whispering all of that into my ear and pushed his big cock between my legs. "*I'm going to fuck you baby bro! I need to pump this big load of 'useless baby batter' into you! Oh fuck!*"

"*I love you too André - you know that. It will never change. You're my other half. I love you bro!*"

I was gasping with anticipation and lifted my legs so my feet were flat on the bed next to André's hips and my knees up in the air. I lifted my lower body and pushed my groin into André's body. He sat back a bit and put his hands on my knees and pushed them towards my chest. My hole was now an open and inviting target. It was virtually pitch dark in the room but after having sex for so many years, André didn't need light to find his way around my body - he'd find my asshole blindfolded.

He rubbed his big wet cockhead over my asshole and lubed me up good. "*Give me some of your precum baby bro*".

André let go of my left knee and scooped up the big amount of precum leaking from my cock, and put it on my asshole. He pushed his middle finger into me to get the precum in my hole.

"*More baby bro! Some for my cock!*"

André took some more precum from my cock and rubbed it onto his big cockhead, mixing it with his own precum to make his big 24,5cm cock sopping wet, ready to penetrate me. He leaned forward between my legs and kissed me. This time the kiss was urgent and sexually charged. "*I want to fuck you like even Luigi has never fucked you before!*"

His big cockhead was on my asshole and I felt the tip entering me. André pulled out again and pushed back in. I groaned. I still had the big cumloads of the three men in the bed next to us in me. I felt that I was slick on the inside and André's cock would be able to get in with ease. André pushed his cock into me again and when the big cockhead slipped through the sphincter, André groaned, and I groaned even louder, and I sucked his tongue deep into my mouth. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Having sex with my brother was just that little bit special and different. Even though I couldn't marry my brother, I was totally in love with him. He was everything I wanted in a man. OK, his cock wasn't as big as the others, but it was plenty big - big enough to be felt. At 24,5cm (almost 9"), it was way above the normal Caucasian average. And I could feel it!

André pushed in deeper and I groaned in his mouth again. Oh fuck! It felt wonderful to have my brother's big cock in me! I loved it! André's cockhead scraped over my prostate and I groaned again. Oh fuck! Oh dear fuck! Oh fuck! The sensation of his cock stimulating my prostate was almost as wonderful as when Luigi and Pierre double-fucked me. My prostate got the royal treatment and I was on Cloud Nine! Utter bliss!

The big cock advanced into me and soon the big head stopped at the inner sphincter. Andre stopped kissing me and just held his mouth on mine while he waited for the sphincter to relax. And when it did, the cockhead slipped through and André pushed home. Oh fuck! I felt his big balls resting on my buttocks and I groaned.

"*Oh fuck baby bro! You're just too much! This is super special! Thanks bro! You're still sopping wet inside! I can feel the others' cum in you!*" André held his cock still and made it swell. His cock was not the one that swelled the most - that distinction was Gunther's: his 29,5cm cock swelled to gigantic proportions when he made it twitch and I most definitely felt it, especially when he fucked me with Johann or Luigi. With Pierre it would be an almost impossible feat to take them both when they twitched their cocks, not to mention with Giovanni or George or even Herman ... oh fuck! But I was a cock hound and loved big cocks fucking me - finish en klaar!

André continued to twitch his cock and he rubbed his cold nose over mine - equally cold - and dragged his long tongue over my lips. Jackal! He knew how much I loved his saliva and he deliberately let some drip onto my mouth. I opened my mouth and licked it off my lips. He giggled and flicked his tongue over my lips. He wás a jackal!

My beautiful brother pulled his cock back and pushed back in. I groaned. It felt fantastic. He made his cock swell again. André pulled back a bit, made his cock swell and pushed back into me and made it to swell again. Oh godd! This was fast becoming a fucking of note! Where did my brother learn to be such a spectacular lover?

Same lip and saliva treatment: I slurped up his saliva and pulled his head down to me. I opened my mouth and literally sucked the saliva from his mouth. I groaned and pushed my hips up. André was balls-deep inside me and made his cock swell again.

André was leaning on my knees with his hands, which pushed them right up to my chest and gave him perfect access to my hole. He started fucking me - slowly at first. He would swell his cock every time he was in deep, and then again, just before he pushed back into me, he would make his cock swell again. I was astonished. His cock was the smallest - apart from Johan's cock, which was 24cm - but he was giving me a fucking to remember!

He was still kissing me and feeding me saliva. My hands were behind his head and neck and I was clinging to him like a drowning man. I wanted every centimetre of his cock in me and I wanted his tongue in my mouth and I wanted his saliva and I wanted him to fuck me and I wanted him to make love to me ... oh fuck! He was fucking me like my brother hasn't fucked me before. It really was that good.

My own cock was leaking lots of precum onto my tummy and each time André's cock twitched, a small amount of cum was pushed from my piss-slit. Oh fuck! If André were to keep up that kind of fucking, I wasn't going to last long!

Fortunately, André himself was starting to gasp and groan and I felt his orgasm wasn't too far off.

"*Baby bro, if we keep this up, I'm going to shoot my load soon. Do you want this to end now? I don't want it to end so soon. OK if we slow down a bit?*"

"Yes, let's slow down a bit. Lie on top of me and relax,*" I whispered and clenched my hole over his cock.

"*Ahh fuck! That's what will make me shoot my load right on the spot! Try to keep your asshole from clenching! You're making me so fucking horny!*"

"*I'm so fucking hot for you right now bro! I can't help it but I also want it to last a bit longer! I'll try not to clench my hole ...*"

André lied down on top of me and I pushed my knees up next to his chest. André caressed my face and touched my nose with his. "*I fucking love you so much baby bro! You have no idea! I don't care if this is incest! You and I both want it and it doesn't hurt anybody else! I want to fuck you for the rest of my life, as I love you like a lover and a brother and a friend and ... fuck! I love you man!*"

"*I love you too bro! What we have is super special and I'm sure many twins would envy us for what we're having! You're a spectacular lover, even though your cock isn't the biggest. I still love you and I love you fucking me!*"

We were both super horny and before we could stop it, we were clenching and twitching again big time.

"*Oh fuck that! I'm going to cum! I can't keep it back anymore! You're just too fucking sexy and make me horny out of my skull!*" André said and started fucking me again - this time with determination. I knew he was about to add around 25ml of his 'useless baby batter' into me, into the pool of cum I still had inside me.

"*Yes, fuck me bro! And pump your big cumload into me! Fuck me André!*"

André started to fuck me in earnest and then I felt the bed move. Someone was getting into bed with us. In the dark there was no telling who it was.

"Fuck your brother and cum! Please cum on his hole for me. I want to push in on your cum," Pierre said. Oh fuck! Pierre! Pierre with his huge 33cm veiny cock with its very big head, uncut, very thick, beautiful, curving upwards, and that shoots HUGE cumloads in quick succession, was a cock that wet dreams were made of. Oh fuck!

"Pierre! You dogg! I am enjoying fucking my brother. OK, I'm about to cum and I'll lubricate the baby bro's hole for you. Are you hard already?"

"Stupid question! Feel it!" Pierre said and both André and I put our hands out in the dark to touch the monster cock of the master. Fuck! It was hard and wet! In my opinion, Luigi's cock was the most beautiful and perfect cock, but Pierre's cock was - together with Herman's - the biggest cock and it was also exquisitely beautiful. The thickness, the veins, the curvature ... all made for a super special cock!

André let go of Pierre's cock and I took it in my hand. I couldn't wrap my fingers around it, it was so thick. Pierre groaned and faux fucked my hand.

"Ant, may I please fuck you too?"

"Yes, of course! André, how far are you?"

"Fucking close baby bro! I'm about to cuuummmm ... ahhhh!"

André was now fucking me wholesale and was starting to groan like a wounded bear. "Oh fuck baby bro! I'm going to cum! I'm fucking going to cummmmmm! Oh fuck! Yess! Oh godd! Yess! Hnnnnggggnnnn! Ugh! Ugh! Yes! Yes, oh yes! I'm cumming! Take it baby bro!" André moaned and I felt him pushing his cock deep into me and starting to twitch as it pumped a big load of cum into me.

"Remember to pump some cum on his hole, André!" Pierre said and I felt André pulling out after the 5th spurt. The 6th spurt was squirted onto my hole and he pushed in on top of it, lubricating my hole big time. He squirted spurt number 7 into me again and repeated the lubricating job with spurt number 8. My hole was sopping wet and ready for Pierre.

André pushed his cock in to the hilt and held still. His cock squirted the last bit of cum into me and he held still again. It was still twitching.

André leaned down and kissed me. "I fucking love you to bits baby bro! Never forget that!"

"Mind if we joined in the fun? You three were making such a noise, mio caro!" Luigi said in the dark and I felt him moving in from my other side.

"Of course! Come!"

"And me too please?" Giovanni!

"Of course Gio!"

"I want to be first please? But I want to see all of this. I'm switching on the light, OK?" Pierre said and switched on the light on the nightstand. I blinked in the light and saw that all my lovers were rock-hard and looked dashing, even though they've been asleep until a few minutes ago. Luigi was his dashing self. Giovanni was super sexy and of course Pierre was his handsome self.

I groaned and realised how lucky I was to have three beautiful men loving me, on top of André loving me, Juan's love, Johann, Gunther, Dad ... and soon George and Piero's love ... Oh fuck! What a slut and cock hound I was!

André gave me one last kiss and pushed his tongue deep into me. I sucked on his tongue and pulled him close to me. Oh fuck! I loved this man that just happened to be my twin brother. Yes, he was my brother, but that would never stop us from sleeping together. And no law or anybody else was ever going stop us from loving each other and having sex.

Pierre moved in behind André and put the tip of his big long cock between André's legs on my hole.

"Please lift up and let me in closer, André?" Pierre said. André stood up on his feet on the bed with his cock still in me. "Yes, that's it!" Pierre was overcome with lust and wanted to push his cock into me with André's cock still in me! Jackal!

I felt the huge head push in under André's cock and I groaned. André's cock was still fairly hard and it did occupy my hole, big time, but now Pierre's huge cock was about to enter me too. André moved his legs to beside my buttocks to give Pierre better access. His 33cm cock was long enough to try this feat and he was just about to prove he could do it.

My hole was sopping wet with André's cum and Pierre's cockhead was super slick with all the precum that leaked from his piss-slit. He pushed the big head into me and I groaned. Oh fuck! Oh godd! Yess! Yes! A thousand times 'yes!' My hole was stretched something awful as the big cockhead slipped into me.

"Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Oh godd! Your huge cock is feeling wonderful! Yes! Oh fuck yes! Push it into me!" I groaned and prepared for the onslaught of the huge cock sliding into me.

However, with André's buttocks in the way, Pierre managed to get only the head into me.

"André, would you mind to pull out please? I won't be able to get my cock in. I'll lie down and Ant could sit on me and then perhaps you could push in again?" Pierre put in.

"Oh, OK. I'd like to feel my cock with yours in my baby bro! Let's do it!" André said. I felt Pierre pulling the magnificent cockhead out of me again and he sat back on his haunches. He moved over next to me and lied down. Giovanni sat on the bed next to him. When I looked at his huge cock curving downwards - the only one in the group - it was sopping wet with precum. He was rubbing it over the cockhead and shaft but it was a lot, too much in fact. Some dribbled onto the bed.

André pulled out of me and I felt I was really filled to the gills with the cum of the 3 men that fucked me the previous night and now André's cum added to the mix. Oh yes!

Pierre held his cock in the upright and I moved over him to sit over him with my knees on either side of his body. I lowered my buttocks and felt the huge cockhead touching my loose wet hole. I felt how some of the cum was dripping from my hole onto Pierre's cock. Oh my godd!

The huge cockhead was starting to enter me when I felt André putting his cock on top of Pierre's huge cock entering me.

"I'm pushing in with him before my hard-on is gone, OK baby bro?"

"Yes, OK. Push in ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh fuck yes! Push it in André! Push in Pierre!" I groaned and pushed out to accommodate the two big cocks entering me. Pierre's rock-hard cock was entering me with André's very rubbery but still hard cock on top of it. Oh fuck! I was getting fucked big time again! No rest for the wicked, I thought!

Soon the two cocks were scraping over my prostate and I almost shot my load. I felt how I was teetering on the verge of cumming and felt some cum being pushed out of my cock. Pierre was anxious to get his cock into me and was pushing up to speed up progress. I groaned and tried to relax my hole as best I could.

The fucking I got from André earlier actually loosened me up enough for the two of them to enter me without any problem. Soon Pierre's enormous cock was in me all the way. André's big rubbery cock - almost in the state Johann's cock usually was when he fucked me - was filling me big time.

Both the men held still to allow me to get used to the two big cocks in me, of which one was no less than 33cm deep in me ... oh fuck!

"Mio caro, may I please take André's place and push in on top of Pee-AIR's cock? Per favore mio caro?" Giovanni. Oh my godd! At 29cm his cock was as big as Luigi's cock, but thicker. It was one hell of a big cock and was almost as beautiful as Luigi's cock. And he wanted to push it into me on top of Pierre's big thick cock! I thought about Pierre's cock curving upward. Giovanni's cock curved downward - a perfect fit on top of each other in me while I was sitting on Pierre's cock! Heaven! Oh fuck yes!

"Yes, but I might be up for seconds, OK baby bro?" André said and pulled his cock out again.

Giovanni took his place immediately. He took some of the huge amount of precum on his cock and lubed up his fingers. He pushed his one finger into me - it felt like his middle finger - and I groaned. Oh fuck! He had big fingers. I felt him pulling the finger out again and then he added another finger and pushed in. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! He pulled out again and added a third finger and pushed in. Oh dear godd! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh fuck yes! He moved his fingers inside me and I felt how he stretched my hole to be readied for the huge cock he wanted to push into me.

He pulled out his fingers and aimed his huge cockhead at my hole and pushed forward. Oh fuck! Oh godd! The immense cockhead stretched my poor asshole to new extremes as it entered me. Giovanni already proved he was a lover and fucker of note and that he wanted to make love, not hurt me.

"Gio, si prega di tirare fuori prima (Gio, please pull out first)! Your cock on top of Pierre's cock is big! Per favore?" I asked Giovanni.

He pulled out again and milked more precum from his cock. He pushed the big head into me again and I groaned. I leaned forward and sought Pierre's mouth to kiss him while Giovanni was pushing into me.

Pierre took my face in his hands and kissed me tenderly. Fuck, he was a lover of note! He might have a cock of death, but he was also a lover par excellence! "I fucking love you Ant! You know that, don't you? You make me so damn happy and fucking you is just the cherry on top! Just relax and push out. Gio, don't hurt my boy!"

Giovanni pulled out again and Luigi got up to add some of his precum to the big half-bred's big cock. André did the same from the other side.

"No, I'd never dream of hurting him intentionally, but I do have a big cock and you have an anaconda Pee-AIR! If we hurt him, you're bearing most of the blame! Just relax mio caro! I'm pushing in again, OK?"

Giovanni put his huge cockhead on my hole and I held my breath ... that huge object of pleasure was going to enter me again and fill me up to capacity. Oh fuck! Yes! It was going to hurt at first but I knew that soon there would be only pleasure. Bring it on you half-bred! Give it to me!

"Lentamente il mio uomo (slowly my man), OK?" Luigi said from my other side and touched my face lovingly. He put his other hand on Giovanni's chest to impress on him to be careful. "Si dispone di un grosso cazzo Giovanni (You have a big cock Giovanni)! Attento (Careful)!"

"Sì il mio fratello (Yes my brother)! Sarò attento (I will be careful)! Io già amo questo bellissimo uomo di noi (I already love this beautiful man of us)!" Giovanni said and pushed in gently. His cockhead stretched my hole and slowly slid into me.

Oh fuck! Oh my godd! It wasn't as if this was the first time I was double fucked but Giovanni had a thick cock and Pierre's cock was plenty thick too. My poor hole was taking a beating but I endured. I knew from past experience that soon my hole would adjust to the invasion and pain would turn into pleasure in a heartbeat.

"How are you doing, Ant? You OK my darling?" Pierre pulled me down and kissed me to distract my attention from what was happening to my hole.

His lips were soft and gentle and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I sucked the tongue and groaned.

I broke the kiss and said: "Gio, just slowly please! You two have huge cocks and this is about the thickest two cocks I've had in me. Ahhh! Oh fuck! Pull out and put it back in please?"

Giovanni's cockhead was already in and was advancing deep into me, but he pulled out slowly again. When the cockhead plopped out, I wanted it back in me on the spot! Oh fuck! Yess! Oh fuck yes!

"Oh fuck! Put it back in me Gio! But just slowly please!"

Giovanni put his now sopping wet cockhead on my hole and pushed the glans into me again. This time I relaxed and pushed out. The big cockhead slipped into my hole and he held still. He twitched his cock ... oh fuck! It stretched my hole something awful! Oh fuck!

I sought out Pierre's mouth again and kissed him hungrily. I pushed back a bit and Giovanni took that as his cue to push in deeper. The enormous curved cock slipped deeper into me and filled me good. On top of Pierre's huge cock, this one was only 4cm shorter but it was as thick as Pierre's cock, and really filled me with lots of cock.

I pushed out and clenched my cock, which caused both cocks in me to swell! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!

Giovanni's cock slid deeper into me and as the tip of his cock slipped through my inner sphincter, I relaxed and a feeling of euphoria washed over me! I've done it! I've managed to take two big cocks in me and the feeling of pain was replaced with one of sheer pleasure.

Giovanni, the good lover that he was, held still and kissed my back. "Are you OK mio caro? How does it feel?"

"I'm fine now Gio! But fuck! You have an enormous cock! Sheez! Just give me a minute to adjust to this enormous invasion please!"

Giovanni held still and his cock twitched a few times. His enormous balls rested on my perineum and on Pierre's big cock. They were big! He was hot as hell and very randy. Below me Pierre was pushing his huge 33cm cock as deep as it would go and his cock also twitched a few times. The two men were really stretching me!

Pierre took my face between his hands and kissed me. "Ant, you're the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me! You're a beautiful man and I love you!" He kissed me again with so much tenderness that I almost forgot about the two huge cocks in me.

However, with Giovanni so randy and with his huge cock deep in me, there was no chance for me to forget about that! He pulled his cock back and slowly pushed it back in. His cock twitched again. He pulled out a little more and pushed back in.

Pierre started to fuck me too and the two huge cocks in me were really fucking me. At times the two cocks would fuck me in tandem, then Pierre would be holding still while Giovanni was fucking me. Gio was as randy as a dog in heat! And it was clear he wasn't going to last long!

"Oh fuck mio caro! You're such a wonderful man! This is fantastic and I wish it could last much longer but I have to cum my first round. I'm going to fuck and cum, OK? Pee-AIR, I'm going to cum and then when I shoot my second round, I want you to cum with me, OK? Mio caro, are you OK il mio ragazzo (my boy)?"

"Yes, I'm fine thanks. Yes, cum and pump your big load into me. OK, Pierre? And then you and Gio could cum together when he shoots his next round into me. Ahhh! Yes! Oh fuck yes!"

"No, please don't cum now Pee-AIR! As soon as Gio has shot his second load, I want to push in first. I want to double fuck mio caro with you, OK?" Luigi put in and put his hand on Giovanni's back.

"Oh, OK il mio uomo (my man)! Here it comes Antonio!" Giovanni said and fucked me - deep but gentle thrusts. His cock was hard and very big. He was starting to groan and then he came. He continued to fuck me while his cock squirted a huge load of cum into me. It could have been 13 spurts or more.

Giovanni fucked me with slow thrusts to catch his breath. He fucked me slowly for about 20 seconds and then his cock started to twitch again and the next round of spurts was shot deep into me. He held still and collapsed on my back.

"Oh mio Dio! Il mio ragazzo, vi causi il mio cuore a smettere (My boy, you'll cause my heart to stop)!" I could feel Giovanni's heart beating in his chest on my back. He put his arms around my body and hugged me. He kissed my neck. I turned my face towards him and got a lopsided kiss. My godd! He was a great lover and a wonderful guy.

Giovanni clung to me for another minute or so while Pierre gently fucked me. There was an almighty load of cum in me: the cum of the previous evening, André's cum earlier and now these two huge loads shot from Giovanni's cock. And more was to come!

"Il mio uomo (My man), it's my turn now. Please pull out," Luigi said. Giovanni pulled out slowly. I felt his huge balls leaving their position against my hole and marvelled at the sheer size of them. Giovanni had his hands on my buttocks and pulled his big thick cock from my hole.

"This is the best sex I've ever had in all my life! Damn! Antonio, you're a darling boy!" Giovanni gushed. "Here we go - my cock is coming out now!" The huge cockhead slipped out of my hole and I felt a considerable amount of the load in me leaking from me. Giovanni bent down and licked it all up and even kissed my hole with Pierre's big cock still in me.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! Gio, you're a master! Wow!" I gushed in turn.

"You're a sex hound, il mio fratello (my brother)!" Luigi commented and gave Giovanni a pat on the back.

Giovanni moved over to the front and positioned himself over Pierre's face. His huge balls rested on Pierre's forehead and his huge, still hard cock pointed towards my face. Of course I opened my mouth and sucked the big head into my mouth. Fuck! It tasted good! Giovanni moved forward to get more of his cock into my mouth and his big balls ended up on Pierre's mouth. Pierre opened his mouth and sucked the balls. Giovanni gasped as he got the full treatment.

"Oh fuck! I thought it will take some time for my third orgasm, but you two guys will make me cum in no time!" Giovanni was still super-charged.

Luigi positioned himself behind me and put his big cock on my hole. After the pounding I've had with Giovanni's thick cock, Luigi's cock was going to slip in! Fuck, my hole was stretched big time! Luigi pushed the head in and I groaned but it was a groan of pleasure. It felt fantastic to have the cock of the love of my life in me. He was attentive and loving and took his time to push into me.

Giovanni's big cock in my mouth was hard again and my tongue under the head had revived it enough to leak some more precum into my mouth. It tasted great and I did my level best to suck the big cockhead into my throat, but it was too big.

I felt Pierre was sucking the big balls good, which made Giovanni groan with pleasure, and added to it was my expert sucking of his big cock.

Luigi's cock was halfway into me and he held still. "You still OK mio caro? Can you still manage?"

"Uhm!" I groaned with Giovanni's big cock in my mouth. Luigi pushed deeper into me and I gasped. Pierre and Luigi's big hard cocks in me made me feel ecstatic and with Giovanni's thick cock in my mouth, I was in cock heaven!

I put my hand out towards André and felt for his cock. He rolled closer and 'handed' me his cock. Fuck! It was rock-hard and sopping wet! My brother was still super horny and definitely up for some more action!

"Yes, it's ready for another round if you're up for it baby bro! Your bro's cock is still good for some more action!" André said and faux fucked my hand. My godd! I was in for some more fucking before these shenanigans were over!

Luigi's cock was now deep in me and he held still. "You still feel loose after Gio's fucking. OK if I fuck you now mio caro?"

I pulled off Giovanni's cock and said: "Yes, of course! Fuck me!"

"Your wish is my command il mio ragazzo (my boy)!" Luigi said and started to fuck me with slow and deep thrusts. He put his arms around my chest and hugged me. He put his head over my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek. Giovanni - jackal that he was! - pushed his big cock towards our mouths and we both licked it. Giovanni groaned with pleasure. It felt great to have the big cock pushed between our mouths, leaking an enormous amount of precum on our lips. It tasted great. Giovanni lifted up and pushed his cockhead into Luigi's mouth. I put my mouth on the shaft and nibbled the hard shaft. Fuck! We were a true bunch of cock hounds!

Giovanni pulled his cock from Luigi's mouth and pushed it back into my mouth.

Luigi picked up his fucking and said: "I'm about to shoot my first load, OK? Pee-AIR, I want you to cum with me the second round, OK? You must be bursting with cum by now!"

"I have an enormous pair of balls in my face and yes, after Gio's fucking and now feeling your cock on mine, I'm also about to bust a nut, and soon!" Pierre put in. He was slowly fucking me too. It was clear the big-dicked man under me was close to cumming. He must have had to do his best not to cum.

"Mio caro, here is the first. I'm cumming ... ahhh! Oh mio Dio! Cazzo (fuck)! I'm cumming! Hnngghhnn! Ugh! Oh cazzo!" Luigi was going to shoot the first of his big loads into me.

He hugged me tight as his cock started to twitch in me. He pushed his cock deep into me and held still. Luigi's cock spasmed as he was pumping an unholy amount of cum into me. He pushed his cock as deep into me as he could and just held still.

"OK mio caro? Next round, OK? Pee-AIR, you ready?"

"Oh fuck yes! I'm almost bursting here! Yes! Let's fuck our boy and cum together!"

"Mio caro, I'm going to cum again! Do you want it in your mouth?" Giovanni asked and took my head between his hands, pushing his cock deep into my mouth.

"Hmmm!" I mumbled with the big cock in my mouth.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'! Here it comes then!" Giovanni said and fucked my mouth.

Pierre and Luigi were fucking me in tandem: one in, the other one out - in, out.

André's hard wet cock in my hand also felt as if he could cum again. It was hard and sopping wet.

"I'm also about to cum again baby bro. I want to cum in your mouth please? And I want you to cum in my mouth please?"

All I could do was squeeze his cock and mumble.

"I'm going to shoot my load! I can't hold back any longer! Oh fuck no! With such a big cock fucking our boy on top of my cock, I'm only human! I'm cumming! Luigi, are you cumming with me?" Pierre was as hot as a dog in heat and his cock was rock hard in me. The gigantic cock started to swell as he fucked me with Luigi's cock deep in me.

Giovanni's cock in my mouth was leaking copious amounts of precum into my mouth and it was rock hard. He was about to shoot his third load - this time the huge load was going to be pumped into my mouth. Yess! Bring it on!

Pierre was the first to cum. He groaned with gusto as he started to pump his monumental load into me.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Ant I'm cumming! Ahhhhh!" And I felt his big cock twitching in me as he was shooting into me. "My first load! I need to cum another round please! Luigi, hold back! I'm cumming another round!"

Pierre fucked me with a short burst of thrusts and then he shot another load into me as Luigi was starting to cum his next round. The two cocks in me twitched as they pumped lots of cum into me.

Giovanni started to groan like a boar. He too was cumming his next round, this time into my mouth. He held my head in his hands and shot load after load of thick creamy cum into my mouth. It was a lot and I had my work cut out for me to swallow it all. It tasted divine. This new man in my life was a darling with a huge cock and his lovemaking was on par with all the others. One thing about him that changed that very instance was the taste of his cum: it was the best cum I've ever tasted! He was a winner in that department. But overall, Giovanni O'Connell was a darling and a guy I loved to have with me, to make love to me, to be with.

Luigi collapsed on my back and hugged me tight to him. He was catching his breath with his cheek pressed against my back. Giovanni's huge cock in my mouth was still spasming as it oozed the last of his cumload into my mouth. Pierre was still gasping after he shot his second load into me in such short succession. It was clear the three men entangled with me were sated on every level.

My own cock was aching for release and my precum had made a huge mess on Pierre's tummy. His tummy hair was matted where my precum leaked out. I was teetering on the verge of cumming.

Luigi started to pull his big rubbery cock from me. When the head vacated my hole some cum leaked out. André stood on the ready and licked it up. He too sucked my hole with Pierre's cock still in me. My godd! What a bunch of sexual animals!

I slowly lifted off Pierre's huge cock in me, still rather hard and very big. I clenched as I knew that when Pierre pulled that big cock from my hole, some cum was going to be spilled. I clenched for all I was worth. André's mouth was still on my hole and when Pierre's cock left my hole, the cum that dribbled from my hole was caught in André's mouth. My brother, the cum hound!

I sat back on my haunches and leaned back. André leaned around my body and sucked my cock into his mouth. I put my hands on his head and felt my cockhead disappear into his throat. I leaned back some more and positioned myself so André's identical cock was in front of me. It was rock-hard and sopping wet. He was ready to cum again! I sucked the cock into my mouth and tasted his precum. Still a wonderful taste and being my brother ... oh fuck! I loved it!

André's cockhead disappeared into my throat. My twin brother and I were sucking each other and both were hot and horny. We were going at each other with gusto.

I felt the imminent orgasm building up in my loins and felt André's cock swelling. He too was close to an orgasm. Yes, Giovanni's cum tasted divine but there was a special taste to André's cum - I loved it.

I groaned and then I shot a load of note into André's mouth. When my second spurt exploded into André's mouth, he started to cum in my mouth. It was as if he didn't cum earlier there was so much he squirted into my mouth. And it tasted fantastic as always. I held onto André's buttocks and pushed his big cockhead deep into my mouth. I refrained from pushing the big head into my throat, as I wanted all of his cum in my mouth.

My own orgasm in André's mouth was equally impressive. I felt the huge load being squirted into his mouth. He too kept my cock in his mouth to get all my cum. He too was cum hungry and loved my cum.

Soon we stopped squirting cum into each other's mouths and just held the cocks in our mouths. Our cocks still twitched and the last of our cum was pumped into the other brother's mouth. Fuck! That felt good and André's cum tasted fucking fantastic!

While all of this went down Luigi and Giovanni were stroking my back and head, and Pierre was giving André some TLC.

I pulled André's cock from my mouth and kissed the tip of the head. "I love you bro!" I said as André pulled my cock from his mouth.

"Ditto baby bro! And I'll always love you!"

"Bravo! That was quite the performance! You two are sex hounds! Oh fuck! What a night! Let me check what time it is," Pierre said and retrieved his iPhone from the nightstand. "My godd! It's just after 4 o'clock! I don't know about you guys, but I want to get some more sleep after all these shenanigans! Gio, would you like to have an all-nighter?"

"An 'all-nighter'? What's that?" Giovanni asked and looked at Pierre with a frown on his face.

"Ant, are you up for an all-nighter with our guest?" Pierre asked.

"Erm ... I don't know. I'm filled to the gills with cum. I don't know if I'd be able to handle any more ... but OK, let's give it a try," I said and looked at Giovanni's big thick cock. Fuck! To think I've had that and Luigi's cock in me earlier and then in my mouth. Fuck! What a thick beautiful cock. An all-nighter with him was looming ... fuck yes! "Yes, OK. Let's do it. But I want Luigi in front of me please?"

"Does it mean I get to push into Antonio and stay in him for the remainder of the night? Hmm? Really? Fuck! And there I thought this night couldn't get any better!" Giovanni said.

"Let's stay in this bed. It's warm and I'm starting to feel the chill. Come Gio, settle in. André, you behind him and I'll crawl in behind Luigi. The bed is big enough for all five of us. Ant, how wet is your hole? Would Gio be able to push in?" Pierre was the sergeant major!

Giovanni lied down and held his big rubbery cock in his hand and trapped some blood in it by pinching the shaft at the base. "I think I will be possible to enter Antonio with this bad boy."

"I think I'd be able to handle it. I'll just relax and I'm sure his cock would be able to enter me," I said and lied down in front of Giovanni. He put his big cock on my hole and pushed forward. My hole was still loose and the head slipped in. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Gio, you've got one fucking thick cock!"

"Sorry Antonio, but as soon as it's in, I'll let go and then it won't be so thick and hard," Giovanni said and pushed in until he was in almost all the way. He removed his hand and immediately the cock deflated somewhat and yes, it was not as thick and not as hard. Hmmm! It felt good. Giovanni put his left hand over my chest and pulled me tight to him. "Oh fuck! What a wonderful experience! Thanks Antonio!"

The others took their places on the bed and when Luigi took me in his arms, he and Giovanni touched each other over my body. The entanglement was hot and weird.

"Once again, thanks for the sex party but now I want some sleep. You sex hounds have kept me awake long enough now! Sleep! Now!" André ... my brother was back!

"Yeah, and who started these shenanigans with Ant earlier, you delinquent? Hmmm? If you could just close your mouth long enough we might be able to get some sleep," Pierre put in and lied down behind Luigi. He too put his hand over Luigi and touched me. "Ant, I fucking love you man!"

"Thanks Pee-AIR - I love you too my beautiful tall hung hunk! You're so very special!" I said and touched his hand.

"I have met you only 12 hours ago but fuck, please don't report me to the Fashion Police or any other police department - I fucking love you too Antonio! You've shown me more love and affection in a short span of time than all my other encounters put together. And you guys too. You are phenomenal. Albeit different to what I feel for this beautiful man in whose hole my cock is right now, I really like you guys a lot. My time in Stillen ... erm ... Stellenbosch is going to be awesome!" Giovanni said and made his rubbery cock twitch in my hole. My godd, I was going to be fucked wholesale by this new addition to our group!

"Yes, we like you too Giovanni. Lei è un uomo fantastico e qualcuno si potrebbe amare (You're a fantastic man and someone we could love). Just don't fall in love with Antonio too much - remember he is my fiancé, OK?" Luigi said and kissed me. He squeezed Giovanni's hand on my chest.

"Gio, you're one of the nicest half-breds I've ever met. A pity I have to listen to so much Italian now ... sheez! You guys have no mercy! But I still like you lots. I just hope Ant's hole would survive the onslaught with all the cocks waiting to fuck him! And I'm the guilty one to fuck him a new hole every time it's my turn. Sorry Ant! But fuck! It's nice to feel my cock in you!" Pierre was such a darling. I really loved him a lot and yes, his huge cock was something to get used to, but by then it was just wonderful to experience him. When he and Giovanni fucked me, it was like very little I've felt before. Perhaps the love between us made it special? I didn't know but eventually I did realise that that night was the start of a wonderful relationship with the half-bred mixed in with the others in my 'family'. Gio, you're the man, I thought!

"I thought my big mouth was the problem here? Now just listen to you all! All lovey dovey and declarations of eternal love and and and! And all I need is my sleep! Shut up or I'm calling my Dad! Sheez! Jy weet!" André was really back!

"And we love you too you wayward delinquent!" Pierre said, leaning over us and gave Andre's head a playful swipe.

"Ouch! You damn horse-cocked rubbish! I'm calling my Dad! Ouch man!" André feigned pain and indignation.

Pierre switched off the light and we snuggled close to each other under the duvet. I sighed and felt Giovanni's big cock in me starting to swell again ... oh fuck! I was hoping to get some more sleep ...


The rest of the night - what was left of it - was peaceful and I did manage to get some sleep, albeit with an enormous cock in me. But, like Pierre and Luigi, Giovanni was a nice guy. He wasn't pushy and he knew the limitations of what he could do with his big cock when it came to fucking someone. He was tender and loving, like the others.

Giovanni fell asleep with his arm around my chest and his cock pushed in as deep as it would go. Luigi's face was close to mine and I felt his breathing on my mouth. I had his big cock in my right hand and my left hand on his body. I heard Giovanni's breathing become deeper and he mumbled something in his sleep as he drifted off to sleep. Pierre had his right hand over Luigi and held my cock. What an entanglement. I didn't know what André was doing behind Giovanni. I suppose he cuddled with him for some warmth.

I woke up with soft lips on mine - Luigi's. I put my left hand on his face and gently stroked it. Oh fuck! The feeling in my heart I had for this man was indescribable. He lingered with his lips on mine and I realised he must have had his eyes open, looking at me. When I opened my eyes, I saw the curtains were open. I looked into Luigi's chocolate brown eyes in the semi-darkness and saw the love he had for me.

"Buongiorno mia cara ragazzo. Hai dormito bene? Come stai? (Good morning my darling boy. Did you sleep well? How are you doing?)" Luigi asked.

"Sì, molto bene e tu? (Yes, very well and you?)" I answered.

"Bene! How is your hole feeling after all the fucking? Is Gio's cock still in you? Is it hard?"

"I'm fine thanks. Yes, it's still inside me and fuck yeah! It's hard!"

"Sciacallo (Jackal)! Gio, non hai mai abbastanza? Vieni, lascia andare la mia cara! (Gio, did you not get enough? Come, let go of my darling!)

"Buongiorno Luigi! No, per favore lasciami stare a lui per altri cinque minuti, per favore? (No, please let me stay in him for another five minutes, please?)" Giovanni prostested. His huge cock in me twitched as he yawned and stretched out. He pushed his big cock deep into me and took me in his arms. "Thanks for letting me sleep with my big old cock in you Ant! See, I'm a part of this group already!"

"Yes, five more minutes, Gio. Ahhh!" I said and clenched my hole over the cock in me. Oh fuck! It felt good! I wished he'd rather fuck me another round ... and then he slowly started to fuck me.

"Oh fuck Ant! Yes! Oh fuck yes! Yes!" Giovanni groaned and started fucking me with slow thrusts.

"Gio, are you really fucking mio caro again? Reale sciacallo (Real jackal)! Mio caro, are you OK?" Luigi asked. He put his hand on my cock and said: "You're hot for this half-bred, aren't you?"

"Ugh! Oh fuck yes! Yes, I'm fine! My godd this feels good! Oh yes Gio, fuck me!" I couldn't help myself. I had to have him. My cock was rock-hard and already leaking precum onto the sheets.

"I could wake up like this every morning, thank you very much!" Giovanni said and fucked me with renewed energy. He was horny as fuck.

"Baby bro, are you OK? Are these horny men abusing you? Must I get rid of them? Just say the word and they'd all be out on the cold sidewalk! Baby bro?" André was back in full force! "You are a bunch of sex perverts! Just look at you!" he said looking at the other guys.

"Ugh! Ahh! Oh fuck! No André, I want this! Oh fuck yes Gio! Fuck me! Oh godd yes! Fuck me!" All I wanted was for this sexy half-bred to fuck my brains out! My hole clenched over the big thick cock in me. I pulled Luigi closer and devoured his mouth.

By now Luigi was as hot as Giovanni and his big cock in my hand was also rock-hard and leaking lots of precum.

Pierre was spurred on by my ministrations and obvious lust for Giovanni's cock in me. He put his hand over Luigi and added his hand to Luigi's around my cock. He leaned over Luigi and started to kiss me with Luigi. Oh fuck! We were all behaving like we were sex-craved and haven't had sex in days.

"Careful where you push your insanely huge cock, Pee-AIR! It's dangerously close to my hole and that's a no-go area!" Luigi said. It was obvious Pierre's cock was also hard and he too was horny as hell.

"Want to suck me mio caro?" Luigi asked as he was getting up and out from under the duvet to sit on the pillow in front of my face. Pierre took his place in front of me and took hold of my cock again.

While he was fucking me, Giovanni leaned over from behind me and kissed Pierre. It was clear Giovanni knew how to keep the men in bed with him happy and horny as hell. Pierre was groaning into his mouth.

Even though all of us were so horny we could explode, Giovanni was the perfect gentleman and fucked me with such delicate but deep thrusts. No hammering or jack-rabbit bursts of fucking. No, it was urgent, but gentle. I immediately loved this man just that bit more.

Luigi's big cock slipped in between my lips and I tasted his copious precum. He pulled his cock out again and I turned my head so my face was turned up. Luigi moved onto the pillow with his knees on either side of my face and pushed his big cock into my mouth again. At that angle the cock slipped into my throat with fair ease. He held still and let me adjust to the huge cock in my mouth and throat. I smelled his masculine fragrance emanating from his scrotum and picked up faint traces of Tom Ford Noir ... was he scratching his balls after we put the perfume on us, I wondered. Fact was, he smelled good. He pulled out and gently fucked my mouth.

Pierre lifted his face up to mine and put his mouth on Luigi's cock fucking my mouth. Luigi pulled his cock out and pushed it into Pierre's mouth while I was sucking his balls. What an entanglement again!

André moved in between Pierre and me and started sucking us in turn. I was approaching orgasm with all the shenanigans going down between us. Giovanni's cock in me was also doing a marvellous job of massaging my prostate and making me feel good.

"Oh mio Dio! Antonio, I'm going to cum! Pierre, do you want my load in your mouth or do I give it to mio caro? First load for you Pierre?"

"Yes please! I want to taste your cum! Give it to me! Yes! Shoot it into my mouth!" Pierre gushed and slurped Luigi's cock into his mouth. Ahh! My big hunky hung (like a stallion!) man was lusting after my man's juices!

"Oh fuck! Here it comes! Pee-AIR, I'm going to cu-u-u-u-u-m-m-m-m-m-m! Oh fuck! Yes! Hnnnghhnn! Hnnnghhnn! Oh mio Dio! Oh fuck! Ahhhhhh!" I felt Luigi's leg muscles pulling his knees closer to my face and felt his balls and body spasm as his orgasm shot out through his urethra into Pierre's hungry mouth. "Ahhhhh! Oh fu-u-u-ck! Yess!"

I had my one hand on Pierre's face and felt how he swallowed Luigi's big load. It was obvious my man was shooting a big load into Pierre's mouth.

"Next round for mio caro. Pierre, it's Antonio's turn now. Let go please ... fuck! You're a good cocksucker! Antonio, here's your load!" Luigi said as he pushed his cock into my mouth.

In the meantime Giovanni was fucking me like the good lover that he was and I felt the big cock swelling. He was about to shoot his load into me.

My own orgasm was going to explode into André's mouth. He was doing a fine job of sucking me as he was alternating between Pierre's and my cock.

"Fuck! That was nice! Ita, you cum like a fire-hose and your cum tastes great! André, I'm about to cum myself! Want to taste my cum?"

André let go of our cocks and just said: "Yes!" and sucked Pierre's cock into his mouth again.

The rest was a blur of cocks exploding and cumming. Giovanni pushed his big cock deep into me as he was squirting his load into me. Pierre was shooting his load into André's mouth and Luigi was shooting his next round of cum into my mouth. I had a hard time to keep from cumming. I didn't want to shoot my load onto the sheets but fuck it was hard not to cum! Everybody else was groaning as they reached orgasm and shot their loads.

My brother came to my rescue. As soon as Pierre's cock was finished pumping its load into his mouth, he put my cock in his mouth and I let fly. My cock shot a load of note into André's mouth. Oh fuck! What a way to start a day!

André stopped sucking me and just held my cock in his mouth until the last dredges of my cum leaked onto his tongue. I held Luigi's cock in my mouth while Pierre was kissing Luigi's cock. Giovanni was kissing the side of my face and was caressing my chest and nipples.

André let go of my cock and announced: "I'm starving! These creamy hors d'œuvres were nice but not nearly enough to still my hunger. In fact, gentlemen, I'm ravishing! So many sausages and ..."

"What a delinquent you are! But come to think of it, I'm also as hungry as a wolf and I'd suck the bellhop for a cup of coffee right now!" Pierre put in. "Come here you rubbish and let me suck you off," Pierre said and pulled André towards him.

"Hear, hear! Me too!" Giovanni said and kissed me on the mouth. "May I please say it? May I? Fuck, I've fallen head over heels in love with you! I know! I know! You're engaged to Luigi and I've only met you yesterday but fuck! I already love you so much! Please tell me you love me too ...? Please, please, please?" Giovanni said in a small boy's voice and kissed me again.

I giggled in his mouth and pushed his face away a bit. "Yes, you half-bred! Of course I love you a little bit! But, before you get complacent and forget that I loved being fucked, you'd better promise me you will join us for sure and come fuck me with my boys! OK?"

"Yes, of course! Yes! Thanks Ant! You're the best! Thanks Luigi! Thanks Pee-AIR! Thanks Andre! What a day! What a night! What a morning so far!" Giovanni's cock gave another twitch in my hole as he pulled me close to him.

"Ah! Ah! He's still mine Gio! You might have fucked him alone since our nocturnal pleasures, but he is still my fiancé! Now, I think it's about time you get your big half-bred cock out of mio caro! OK?" Luigi said and put his left hand under Giovanni's chin. Luigi obviously liked the half-bred a lot, otherwise none of what happened the past 18 hours would have been possible. Giovanni took Luigi's hand and kissed it.

"Oh my godd! This is so sweet! Ant, you really know how to draw men towards you! You're the man and Gio, you're now officially one of the team! Guys, this man deserves the jewellery to welcome him into the folds of our group! What do you say?" Pierre said.

"Oh for damn sure! He'll get his jewellery as soon as we're back in the fatherland! Right Luigi? André?" I said.

"Yes, but the jeweller will have to order more gold. Did you see the size of this half-bred's fingers? Mio Dio! They're bi-i-i-g-g-g! I'm amazed you could handle that big cock, together with mine and Pierre's. Fuck! What a night!" Luigi said as he got up and leaned over to kiss me.

Pierre was sucking André's big cock balls-deep into his mouth and André groaned. He was already on the verge of cumming and it took all of 1 minute before he was howling like a wolf and shot his load into Pierre's hungry mouth.

"Fuck! That was nice! Thanks you donkey cock man! I love you too you big rubbish!" André, of course.

"Yes, I love you too and that was a nice big load! Hmmmm!" Pierre put in and gave André's head a playful swipe.

"Sheez! There's no need to abuse me! I'm calling my Dad! Ouch man!" André feigned hurt and indignation - big time, like only he was capable of!

"Before we get up, just a little cuddle to get warm again? May I please be in front of Ant, Luigi? Would you mind if you get in behind my back, please Luigi?" Pierre asked.

"Yes, but not for too long. It would appear I'd have to keep an eye out for you and Giovanni! You are putting the moves on mio caro!" Luigi said and got under the duvet behind Pierre.

André pushed up between Pierre and me and faced me with Pierre behind him.

"Out, you delinquent! I want to have Ant in my arms! Please?"

"Oh all right then! I know when I'm not welcome! I'm calling my Dad!" No, André was back big time! He moved over Pierre and Luigi, and crawled in under the duvet behind Luigi.

Through it all, Giovanni's big cock was still in me, its head bathed in all the cum in me.

We pulled the duvet over us and cuddled each other to build up some heat. It was bliss to share a bed with 4 others who loved me. Hands were all over each other and Pierre kissed me like a pro. He was definitely a lover of note.

"Forget about that half-bred with his cock still in you - how dare you Gio! - and the Ita behind me. I'm the man! I have the biggest cock here and I love you more than anybody else. Come elope with me to a tropical island and raise some spaniels with me! These men are only interested in you for sex! Sex maniacs ..." That was as far as Pierre got with his 'declaration of love' before Luigi started tickling him.

Pierre shrieked like a girl. He was as ticklish as I was!

"How dare you! What a two-timing jackal you are! Antonio, don't listen to this pillow talk. It's all hogwash and I guarantee you, you'll live the life of a poor jobless attorney's husband. He is all big cock and very little more! Horse cock! He's mine, you hear?" Luigi said and tickled Pierre some more.

We were laughing so hard the bed was shaking. What a way to start a day!

After some more jokes and tickles, André jumped out of bed and pulled the duvet off us. We were left with merely the upper sheet.

"Enough of this! I'm calling my Dad! You're all sex perverts and I'm the elder brother and I have rights! His mine first and then Luigi's! Horse cock and half-bred, take a number! Sheez! I'm starting the shower and I want breakfast. Come, come! Baby bro, save yourself and get that big half-bred cock out of you. Come join me in the shower and wash my back. Are you coming you sex perverts?"

"André, I knew it was a fault to let you sleep with us. How mean! It's cold you delinquent! Give back that duvet!" Pierre said and tried to take the duvet from André, but he was already halfway to the bathroom.

Pierre and Luigi jumped out of bed and chased after André into the bathroom.

Giovanni pulled the sheet over us and cuddled me.

"Ahh! Alone at last, even though we don't have a duvet over us anymore! Fuck Ant - I hope you don't mind me calling you that too? You are a great guy! It was an experience and I'm glad you love me too. Yesterday was meant to happen. Everything just clicked! I can't wait to come live with you guys!"

"No, it's OK to call me 'Ant'. It's actually only Pierre who calls me that but yes, you may call me 'Ant' too. Yes, it was an experience to have met you too. I love you already - perhaps more than I should, but I know it was meant to happen. Things just fell into place and I've enjoyed the time with you. And your cock belongs to me now! I've put my 'stamp of approval' on it now! I want you to fuck me and as often as possible! You're a magnificent lover! I fucking love you, you half-bred!" I meant every word. "But I'm cold. Please pull out so we could go and ..."

"Hey there you lovebirds! Ugh! You make me sick! Come! The shower is running! Come baby bro! Let go of my brother you half-bred! Come!" André, who else?

Giovanni pulled out slowly. My rectum was really filled with lots of cum. I feared the worst when I felt the big cockhead approaching my sphincter.

"Clench Ant! There is a lot! I can feel it!" And then the head plopped out of me. Wonders of wonders! I managed to contain the cum in me. But, I felt I had to get to a toilet soon.

Giovanni rolled me onto my back and lied down on top of me with his full weight. His big rubbery cock pushed into my tummy. His face was right above mine and he looked into my eyes with his beautiful blue eyes. He smiled and then he kissed me.

"Oh fuck! I wish we could spend the day in bed - just you and me! That would've been nice! Ant, I'm serious. I meant every word I said. I really like you a lot and yes, I've fallen in love with you - more than I'd like to admit to myself," Giovanni said and kissed me.

"Yes, I feel the same, but ... on that beautiful note, I have to tell you I have to get to a toilet now! I'm sorry, but I really have to go! Very unromantic, I know but, sorry!" I said and kissed the gorgeous man on top of me.

Giovanni got up and pulled me up with him.

"OK, let's get into the bathroom. The others are halfway with their shower by now."


After the shower - not without any shenanigans, doggs! - we got dressed. We looked at the racks of clothes and put on the ones marked for Monday.

Luigi lent Giovanni a pair of clean underwear and Pierre lent him a pair of clean socks. He had to wear his denim and shirt from the previous day again.

Soon Juan and Morné arrived to assess André after the previous night's activities. Morné was a bit reserved but André had forgiven him in full and even gave him a hug and a kiss. The relief on Morné's face was priceless. I pulled him into my arms to kiss him and whispered: "All is OK. OK? We'll all have some fun tonight. I couldn't give up on our very own Muscles from Brussels. You OK?"

"It was tough but yes, I'm fine now, thanks. Hmmm! There is a number on my dick for you for tonight! Fuck! You're so fucking hot!" Morné said and pushed his big bulge into me. My hole twitched remembering what a good fucker he was.

"Hey, hey! What's it with the whispering and hugging and kissing here in broad daylight?" Claude said as he walked into our room. "I didn't get any of the 'baby bro's' ass last night, so watch it, Mr Muscle Man!"

Gunther and Johann came into the room and Gunther hugged and kissed me as if he hasn't seen me in ages. "Ich liebe dich mein Schatz! (I love you my darling!)" His big cock was semi hard and if we had time, and given half a chance, he'd fuck me on the spot.

Johann joined in the hug and kissed me. "I love you so much my beautiful boy! We missed you but I'm sure you've had lots of fun with the half-bred, did you?"

"I love you too Johann. Yes, it was nice. Gio is a nice guy and a good lover. You'll see how nicely he'll fit in with the group ..." I got in.

"Huge cock I suppose? Is it?" Claude said in a loud whisper. Giovanni heard it and when I looked at him, he was blushing cherry red. Poor man! He was in for a rough ride with Andre and Claude!

"Yes, it's big and it was nice. You'll see tonight ..."

"What? Is he joining us tonight ... again? Sheez 'baby bro', you know how to rope them in! But I have to admit, he is fucking gorgeous and the more I see him, the nicer he is! Nice going 'baby bro'!" Claude put in.

Johan and Herman joined us and after we hugged and kissed them, Morné stepped closer and took Johan in his arms. It was obvious he remembered what I told him the previous night. If all worked out, Johan was going to get fucked by the muscle man, and soon! I looked at Herman and saw he was totally OK with the hugging and kissing going down between the two men.

"After breakfast I have to go back to my B&B to go change my clothes. May I join you later at Windsor Castle? How long will you be there?" Giovanni asked Luigi.

"We'll have to ask Gareth. Let's go to the dining room. Come guys!"

"And this is where Pieter and I have to love and leave you. We have to go see some of my friends, I want to check in with some of my investments and I want to look at some new cameras from Japan. Enjoy boys! Break a leg! André, behave you delinquent! Anton, ask Gareth to stop at the first pet shop to buy him a leash!" Claude said and tickled André. Of course there was retaliation, what else?

"Guys, not to piss on your parade, but Claude and I realised we had too much to do in London to join you on your trip to Germany and Italy. We're going to change our flight arrangements to fly back just before New Year's. I hope you don't mind, but I have just too much to do here. And Claude has a number of invitations and appointments. So, would you please apologise on our behalf to your parents Gunther, and to your family, Luigi? We're really sorry, but we have no other choice. Enjoy your day! I know you're going to be phenomenal!" Pieter said and pulled André and me into a hug. He kissed us and said: "Behave! Don't let the boogieman catch you at night! Be careful of the big cocks that lurk in the dark! Boo!"

I was sorry to see them go as Claude was Juan's brother and Pieter was Dad's brother. Thus, they were family, but I did understand. So then, we were down to 11.


As we got out of the two lifts, Gareth was standing at the reception counter, talking to the guy behind the counter. When he saw us, he finished his sentence and came to greet us.

"Good morning guys! I hope you slept well. Everything is arranged. Breakfast is ready. We're sitting at the same table as last night. Please be careful not to spill anything on your clothes," Gareth said.

We greeted Gareth and when he greeted me, I could see he was still lusting after me. Well, my man has spoken and Gareth was out in the cold ... for now.

"Giovanni, your stay with us is arranged. Alexander Cooper agreed that you join us and he'll arrange with Claire about signing you up with Boss. We're leaving for Windsor Castle after breakfast. Please give me your measurements so the people from the wardrobe staff could get you clothes for the shoot. They'll send it to the people already at the castle," Gareth said and opened his iPad to take down Giovanni's details. I overheard him saying his shoe size was 16 and that he was 1,94m tall. Gareth took out a tape measure he got from household to measure Giovanni's waist, chest and leg length. For the last measurement, he went down on his one knee and had to push the tape measure between Giovanni's legs right up to his crotch and it was obvious he felt the huge balls and ample cock in Gio's pants. Poor man: to be so close and yet so far from a real feast of big man meat!

"Thanks Giovanni ... erm ... you're a big man! Size 34 underwear, large pouch? Wow! I hope we can find suitable clothes and accessories that will fit you ... D&G are the losers here!" He clicked on the 'send' icon on his iPad. "And ... the email is sent. Come guys, let's go have some breakfast."

Breakfast was a grand affair with everything possible on the menu for a breakfast. It was buffet style with eggs to order. Fruit juice, yoghurt, fresh fruit, Danish pasties, jams, cheeses, bacon, sausages, savoury mince and more. We had a feast.

After breakfast we went back to our rooms to brush our teeth and get our warm jackets and scarves. We met Gareth in the foyer to board the bus waiting outside. When we stepped out the hotel, the air was cold as shit. We all had white vapour plumes in front of our mouths as we ran for the bus. The windows of the bus had mirror finish, which meant that we could easily see out, but nobody could see inside the bus.

The engine was running and the inside was cosy and warm. Fuck! This was a cold we've never experienced in South Africa. Luigi opened his jacket and pulled me close to him, enveloping me close to his warm hairy body. Next to us were Giovanni and Pierre. The two took a big liking in each other and it was clear they were going to become good friends.

Gareth took up his position in the front and took the microphone to tell us more about the area we were driving through. The bus got onto the M4 and soon we were passing Brentford and West Drayton. Gareth told us the drive would take just under an hour and to stay warm.

"Windsor is to the west of Heathrow, which is now on our left to the south. We'll be in Windsor soon," Gareth said.

Luigi pulled me close to him and kissed my head. His warm body felt great against mine. I put my hand on his thigh but he took my hand and pushed it high up until I felt his genitals under his jacket. Fuck! What a sex dogg my beloved had become! Not that I complained! "Excited mio caro? You'll love it. Windsor is beautiful and the castle is breathtakingly beautiful. I wish we had more time to do a full tour of the castle. Perhaps next year?"

When we arrived in the quant little village of Windsor, we were astonished at the beautiful castle that dominated the area. There was a wide lane south of the road that ran below the castle. But, our time was limited.

Gareth had his iPad out and flipped through pages on it. "Guys, there is a small skew house here you need to see. It's just off the street towards the castle, so here is some info: It's called the Crooked House of Windsor that has been an integral part of Windsorian life for more than 400 years. Originally it was a Market House built in 1592. Until 1592, on market days, local farmers met at the town's original market cross, where Queen Victoria's statue is currently located. In 1592, when Queen Elizabeth I was still on the throne, the original Crooked House of Windsor, known historically as Market Cross House, was built.

"In 1687, the council ordered this first Market Cross House to be demolished in order to build the neighbouring Guildhall. An acrimonious land dispute ensued. The council was ordered to rebuild Market Cross House and to make the Guildhall its present size. Market Cross House acquired its famous tilt due to the use of unseasoned green oak.

"It was originally a butcher's shop; but over the centuries the building has housed many types of businesses. It has been a jeweller, a brewery, an antique shop, and a gift shop in the past. It was a tearoom for over 30 years. It's worth it to quickly pop in to have a look and take some pictures. You'll have just 15 minutes, but it is a stone's throw from the castle, so go and have a look. Just around the corner from it is the Guildhall. Go and have a quick look there too. Some information on the Guildhall," Gareth said and read from his iPad:

"The building of the present Guildhall dates from 1687. Many locals believe Sir Christopher Wren designed it, but it was actually designed by Sir Thomas Fiddes. Unfortunately he died before the building was completed and it was supposedly Sir Christopher Wren who oversaw the completion after two years. The Guildhall at Windsor originally cost around £2,000 to build

"The building has an open ground floor where a corn market was held, with a number of meeting rooms upstairs, supported on columns and arches of Portland stone.

"However the four columns in the middle of the Guildhall are purely decorative, having stood for many years supporting no weight from above.

"The legend is that the town burghers demanded the extra supporting pillars for safety reasons despite Wren's assurances that none were needed.

"Eventually the client had his way and the four pillars installed, but Wren had the last laugh, leaving a gap at the top so they didn't actually support any of the weight of the ceiling above. There are visible gaps between the tops of the pillars and the ceilings above them."

"Ah, and here we are. Guys, it's cold outside. Zip up your jackets and scarves around your necks. Don't catch a cold now. Come, let's go," Gareth said as the bus came to a standstill. We bundled out and followed him to the Guildhall first. It was a grand building with an ornate finish and quite a number of columns. There were huge chandeliers and portraits of royals and other dignitaries. We didn't have too much time so the visit was brief.

Gareth led the way around the corner to the crooked house. It was painted in black and white and it really was skew! The whole lower floor looked like a giant had pushed it to one side. We were amazed it didn't fall over.

We took lots of pictures and the popular pose was the tall men in the group 'trying to push the house upright' again. What a bunch of clowns!

"Guys, let's get to the castle. If there is time, we could arrange for a quick trip through the most important parts of the castle. You need to know that it's the oldest and largest castle in the world that is inhabited. It has been the family home of British kings and queens for almost 1,000 years. It is an official residence of Her Majesty The Queen, whose standard flies from the Round Tower when she is in residence.

"The Queen spends most of her private weekends at Windsor and takes up official residence for a month over Easter. The Queen is also at Windsor for one week each June, when she attends Royal Ascot and the service of the Order of the Garter. Enough for now. Later on I'll tell you more.

"The wardrobe is set up in four heated caravans at the edge of the gardens. Come, we have work to do. Giovanni, please come with me so we could get your clothes from the guys. The rest, your names are on the doors. Please go get checked out and some make up too. Yes, you too André! You did know we're going to do some body painting for the shoots, didn't you? Giovanni come!" Gareth led the way up the walkway towards the gardens.

It was obvious that these gardens were spectacular during summer, and being a regular residence for the queen, no expenses were spared to make this beautiful castle look like a million dollars ... erm ... pounds! I remember Dad telling us of the fire that ravaged the castle in 1992. From where we were, there was no sign of that. It was beautifully restored.


I was first to be attended to in our big caravan, which I shared with André, Juan, Luigi, Pierre and Giovanni.

When I walked in, I got a surprise: in the one corner with a white cloth over his shoulders and his hair being attended to, was Jonathan Williams! When he looked up and saw me, he pushed the beautician out of the way and jumped up.

"Anton! Erm ... it is Anton, not André? Is it?" he said and looked a bit confused as I had a stubble and my hair was longer. His own wavy dark brown hair was also longer and he too sported a stubble. He looked dashingly attractive and very, very sexy!

"Jonathan! Hi there! Yes, it's Anton! How are you?!" I said and leapt into his arms. He hugged me and put his one hand behind my back and the other on my bum. Jackal!

"Oh fuck! It's nice to see you again! I've missed you so much! *Every time I've jacked off, it was because of you, my beautiful sexy boy!*" he whispered in my ear and pushed his enormous bulge into my tummy he was so tall. "*I wish I could fuck you right now! Oh godd!* How I've longed to see you again!" He hugged me very tight to him with his arms around me. I had my arms around his chest. He pushed me away a bit to look at me. He pulled me to him again and kissed me. His full soft mouth on my lips felt luxurious and wonderful. Fuck! What a man! He pushed his tongue unceremoniously into my mouth and really kissed me. "*Fuck man! You drive me fucking nuts! I want you!*" His cock was already stirring in his pants and I clearly felt it. At 35cm it was impossible to hide that anaconda!

"Where are you staying? We're in the Berkley. Why didn't they put you with us?" I asked when Jonathan let go of my mouth. He still had his body pushed tight to mine.

"I'm joining you guys tonight. I only arrived from Toronto late last night and the Berkley was fully booked. I slept in another hotel not too far from you guys. I'm moving in with a guy called Giovanni ... is he nice?"

"Here I am. Giovanni O'Connell. And you are ...?" Giovanni said as he put out his hand to greet Jonathan. He didn't look too pleased to see me in the giant's arms.

"Jonathan Williams. Pleased to meet you. So, you're my roommate in the Berkeley? I hope you're not a snorer!" Jonathan joked and shook Giovanni's hand.

The others entered the caravan and all greeted Jonathan. Jonathan let go of me and when he greeted the others, he tried to hide his huge bulge, but there was no way he could ever accomplish that. However, the others all knew the score and have seen this man's enormous cock.

Just then Gareth entered the crowded caravan and broke up the 'party'. "Guys, we're pressed for time. The weather is changing and the photographers are worried about their equipment in this weather. They're all in their gazebo but it looks like the predicted snow might start falling within the hour. The refreshments caravan has arrived. If you need some coffee or some other refreshments, please go help yourself between shoots.

"Make-up and hair, please do your level best to get the guys ready in 5 minutes. They're beautiful already, so just make sure all is fine. Check the clothes and accessories. I'm going to the other two caravans to rush them along. As soon as you're ready, assemble in the gazebo so we can get cracking. Time is of the essence and I still would like you guys to see something of the castle. So, chop chop!" It was as if Mom was there! "Did you meet Jonathan? Oh you have? Didn't you meet him in Cape Town? Ah yes, Claire mentioned something to that effect. Jonathan, are you OK?" Jonathan nodded and Gareth was out of the caravan.

The stylists for make-up, hair and clothes got to work on the rest of us and after 5 minutes some of us already headed for the refreshments caravan to get some hot chocolate or coffee.


The shoot went well albeit fucking cold. The gardens were exquisitely beautiful, even though it was winter. The photographers took us through our paces and at times we only had to exchange jackets and scarves for a new look. We mixed and matched as well and the groupings and pairs were also changed. The backdrop was breathtakingly beautiful and the castle was spectacular.


After about an hour and a half of shooting, rushing between the make-up caravan, to the refreshments caravan, the gazebo and the garden, the first dainty snowflakes started to fall! Our very first snow! Wow!

Luigi grabbed me and hugged me. "Your first snow, not so? Ahhh! Mio caro! It's so nice to be here with you!" he said and hugged me. I didn't notice the one photographer - a new guy who wasn't with us the day before - was clicking away. His name was Phillip McGrath and he was a very nice friendly guy. He wore a wedding band on his finger but he was married to a guy. He was a free-lance photographer and after he started photographing us earlier in the day, he asked if he could take some pictures for the "OUT" gay magazine. He had an arrangement with Boss so we agreed. For the pictures used for the magazine we would be reimbursed separately.

"Very nice guys! It's obvious you're very much in love. I got some spectacular pictures of you amidst the falling snowflakes. OUT is going to rave about you!"

Jonathan was never too far off. Between shoots he'd come stand with me and told me about his brother, about Toronto, his business and his now booming modelling career that took off after his visit to Cape Town. "*As soon as we can slip away, I need to fuck you Anton! Please! Oh fuck! I haven't had sex like I had with you in Cape Town! The last guy brave enough to take me failed miserably. I had to take him to a doctor ... long story. I saw there are toilets in the castle. Any chance we could slip away for a quicky?*"

"*Jonathan, you're incorrigible! Yes, as soon as there is a chance, but I'd rather wait until we're at Boss Models later on, OK? It's too cold and I don't know if we'd be able to get away ... I'd love to at least taste your huge cock again, but let's not push it, OK? We've planned an orgy for tonight and you're invited. OK?*" I whispered as nonchalantly as possible.

"*An orgy? Really? Oh fuck! Yes! Oh fuck yes!*" Jonathan pulled me into him as if he was trying to warm me - which he did, in more ways than one! - and pushed his huge bulge into me. Oh fuck! Just thinking of that huge cock in my hands, in my mouth and in my hole again, made me rock-hard. I felt my precum because of the hugs and kisses in the caravan, making an enormous mess in my underpants. Slut!

"*I can feel that biggie of yours against my leg! I want to suck you and I want your cum in my mouth today! Oh fuck! You're driving me mad!*" Jonathan's enormous cock pushed into my tummy and he hugged me close to him. Just then Luigi joined us and took me from Jonathan's arms. "Jonathan, behave. He's my fiancé and you'll get your chance tonight. Not now. Mio caro, are you hard already? Really? Jonathan, you're a bad boy!" Luigi said and chuckled. He wasn't mad at all. He found it funny that we could be so amorous in that cold weather and got erections in the park!

Gareth came to tell us it was a wrap and when he saw me in Luigi's arms with Jonathan on my other side, it was clear he was still hurt.

"*Cut him some slack and invite him for tonight, mio caro?" I pleaded with Luigi. He stiffened slightly but he was in a good mood. "*I don't think he meant any harm yesterday. Come on mio caro!*

"*OK, but only because you've asked.*" Luigi said. "Gareth, we're having some cocktails and some ... erm ... fun after dinner tonight. Would you care to join us?" Luigi said.

"Erm ... erm ... Oh, OK. Yes, of course! Yes, thanks! I'd love that! Thanks!" Gareth gushed and smiled his million-dollar modelling smile. He was a damn sexy man! So, there would be two more to join us that night. Bring it on! I was going to be pumped full of hot creamy man juice again! Hmmm! And with the multiple cummers Jonathan, Pierre, Giovanni and Luigi there, combined with the other big cummers, I was in for a treat again.

"Settled then. Would you be able to organise some refreshments from the hotel for us please? I'm prepared to pay for it ..." Luigi said.

"No, you will do no such thing! I have a Boss credit card and I'm allowed to do something like that. No, I'll call the hotel straight away and organise it. Mostly savoury? Finger snacks? Some sparkling wine? Ciders and a punch?" Gareth said. He was elated!

While Gareth was on his iPhone I thought of Alessandro and that I haven't spoken to him. I thought of calling him and took my own iPhone out and started searching for Alessandro's number while Luigi and Jonathan were talking about the latest countries in the world to join Canada, France, Ireland, the UK and South Africa to allow gay weddings.

Before I could hit the green button, Gareth finished talking to the events manager at the hotel and interrupted: "All set for 9 o'clock in your room Luigi. The hotel is actually supplying the snacks free of charge! I only have to pay for the drinks! Let the good times roll! Who is it you wanted to call? Here, use my iPhone. I have a very large number of free minutes. Please, go ahead!"

"Thanks Gareth ... erm ... that's very kind of you!" I took Gareth's iPhone 6 Plus - way too big for my own liking - and punched in Alessandro's number. He answered on the third ring. "Alessandro Defenu, hallo."

"Alessandro, it's Anton le Roux! I'm calling from the Boss Models agent's phone! How are you?"

"Antonio! Wow! Sven, Jean-Pierre! It's Antonio! He's here! They're here! So you are here in London! Hallo there! How are you doing? How is Andre? Is it still OK for Saturday? Sven and Jean-Pierre are as horny as dogs in heat ..." Alessandro rambled on.

"Yes, we're here. We're at Windsor Castle right now and it is freezing cold. It has started to snow a few minutes ago. How are Sven and Jean-Pierre?"

"They're fine. Just fucking horny! They can't wait for Saturday! I can't wait to fuck you! You have to feel this Italian sausage! Oh fuck! I'm getting hard here!"

"Sì, ho anche voglia di sentire il tuo pene grande a me per favore (Yes, I also want to feel your big penis in me please)!" I said and Alessandro gasped.

"Mio Dio! Si può parlare in italiano ora! Come hai fatto a imparare l'italiano? (You can speak Italian now! How did you learn Italian?)." Alessandro was taken aback. I saw Gareth looking at me in astonishment.

"I'm engaged to Luigi, remember? I'm taking Italian lessons," I said.

"Well, I'm impressed! Oh fuck! I'm so looking forward to Saturday! In which hotel are you staying?"

"We're in the Berkley, in Knightsbridge close to Hyde Park. The Knightsbridge Underground is close to us. Where are you?" I asked.

"We're in Wimbledon. We moved here at the beginning of December. It's on the Blue Piccadilly to Earl's Court and then on the Green District Line to Wimbledon. If you know your way around on the Underground, it's about 15 minutes. We'll come pick you up at the Underground. We'll talk again. Wow! I'm so exited! Have you grown since last year?" Alessandro rambled on.

"Yes, we're hairier and about 2cm taller and ... *about 2cm bigger* ... erm ... you know ...!" I stammered.

"Really? Wow! I can't wait to see that! Sven is going to flip when he hears this! Do you have some recent photos to send? I'm going to send you some right now! Oh fuck! I'm so hard now! I can't wait for Saturday! Sven and Jean-Pierre send their love! Lots of love! Enjoy London and we'll see you on Saturday! Ciao Ciao!" Alessandro said. I felt my own semi in my pants was hard now ... oh fuck! I was a first class slut!

"Bye! Love to the boys! We'll see you on Saturday!" I said and clicked the red button. When I gave the phone back to Gareth, I noticed his jacket was unzipped and I saw the huge bulge in his pants. Fuck! And that cock was going to fuck me that evening! Slut! "Thanks Gareth. What do I owe you for the call?"

"You owe me ... you know! We'll talk tonight! Hmmm! Oh fuck!" He leaned closer to me and whispered: "*I'm so hard for you right now! I wish I could have an hors d'ouvrés right now! Thanks for inviting me for tonight! It's going to be epic, I promise!*" He gave me a playful pat on the head. Slut!

"Gareth, you're invited for tonight's fun, not to have some hors d'ouvrés now! Behave! Mio caro, is he harassing you? Just tell me and we'll send him to bed without dessert!" Luigi said and gave Gareth's arm a squeeze. "Don't worry, all's forgiven. Don't stress!"

All of a sudden I was looking forward to have Gareth as part of the shenanigans! His cock was spectacular, his hairy body even more striking and the man knew how to kiss. Feeling his cock in me was also memorable and I wanted him to fuck me again - yes!

"And on that exquisitely high note, please get all your belongings from the caravans. Listen up guys! All of you, please! Get your belongings from the caravans and dress appropriately. As you can feel - and see - it's fucking cold! The weather forecast said we're going to have a thick layer of snow before the end of today. Come, I want you to see some of the castle. Scarves, jackets, gloves, boyfriends ... haha! The whole shebang! One minute gentlemen!" Gareth was as giddy as a foal! He was in the pound seats for the night! "Like I've said earlier, it's a wrap. The photographers and I are on Cloud Nine! Because there were no prima donnas and despite the terrible weather, it went exceptionally well. We have stunning pictures. You're going to love them. But, let's get to the castle. One minute!"

Jonathan came up behind me and put his arms around me. He pushed his enormous bulge into my crack and said next to my ear: "*I can't wait to sink my cock into you again! Oh fuck! Just feel what you're doing to me*!"

"*You're so fucking hard Jonathan! Wow! I wish I could bend over for you right now, but we have to go. Wait for tonight*!" I said and turned around into the arms of the tall man. "Come, we have to go!"

We went to our respective caravans to get our jackets and scarves. None of us, except for Jonathan and Giovanni, had gloves. We didn't know it would be that cold! And in any case, proper leather gloves were expensive. So, we had to make do with hands in our pockets, something Dad is not very fond of. He says it's very unmanly to walk around with one's hands in one's pockets, especially when hands were in pants pockets. Jackets were OK, so even though Dad wasn't there, we were OK.

Dad was very strict when it came to manners and behaviour. He just wouldn't tolerate inappropriate behaviour. I clearly remember when I was about 3 years old, I threw a tantrum in a shop, and Dad gave me a few smacks on my bottom, right there on the spot. I never tried it again.

We gathered around Gareth who was handing out pamphlets on the castle and explaining to us the history of the 1 000 year old establishment. Of course it didn't look like that a thousand years ago. It was the residence for the monarch of the United Kingdom when he/she was in Windsor. Queen Elizabeth II loved Windsor and came there a few times per year. Her standard is flown over the tower when she was there.


The very brief visit to the Windsor was memorable and interesting, just enough to whet our appetites for a longer and more detailed visit to such an elaborate 'live' castle.

We bundled into the bus and shivered. We were cold to the bone. The inside of the bus was noticeably warmer. Luigi welcomed me in his arms and wrapped me in his jacket. My darling man!

Giovanni and Pierre sat on the seat next to us on the other side of the aisle. Jonathan was behind us, all by himself. He was a big man and occupied both seats.

I whipped out my iPhone and looked up Windsor Castle on Google. I found a nice brief description on Wikipedia:

Windsor Castle is situated in Windsor in the English county of Berkshire. The castle is notable for its long association with the royal family, but its architecture is also very notable.

The original castle was built in the 11th century. Since Henry I, it has been used by monarchs and is the longest-occupied palace in Europe. The State Apartments added in the 19th century are architecturally significant and described as superb and of unrivalled sequence. Included in the castle is the St George's Chapel added in the 15th century.

We saw some of them today but we couldn't believe there were actually more than 500 people working and living in Windsor Castle!

The castle was designed to protect against the Normans and to control an important part of the River Thames. The castle's walls were gradually replaced with stone since the 13th century. Henry III built a posh palace in the castle during his reign in the 13th century. Edward III built an even grander set of buildings, the finest in England at the time. Later on Henry VIII and Elizabeth I made increasing use of the castle and facilities as a royal court and centre for diplomatic entertainment for their guests.

Windsor Castle survived the unbridled times of the English Civil War, during which time it was used as military headquarters for government forces and as a prison for Charles I. When Charles II restored the castle, he used the services of architect Hugh May and created an extravagant interior, still there to be admired today.

There was a period during which the castle was neglected in the 18th century, after which George III and George IV renovated and restored Charles II's palace at enormous expense. The renovations lead to the current design of the State Apartments with Rococo, Gothic and Baroque furnishings. When Victoria became queen, she made some minor changes and she used the castle for most of her royal entertainment. During the Luftwaffe bombing in WW II, Windsor castle was used as refuge for the royal family. After the fire in 1992, Elizabeth II had the castle rebuilt at an enormous cost.

Today Windsor is an enormous tourist attraction and is used to host state visits, and is the venue of choice for Elizabeth II over weekends.

Luigi and I read the passage while he had his arm around my shoulders and warming my free hand in his other hand.

"Just another reason to have our honeymoon in London ... erm ... now I've said too much! I wanted to keep that as a surprise, mio caro! Oh well. But I do want us to come here for our honeymoon, before flying to Switzerland and Italy of course. We'll see. We'll have to come back to Windsor, do you agree?"

"Oh yes please! I'd love to stay close to the castle while we're here. Yes, mio caro! Yes! And if you haven't heard it before, 'yes, I'll marry you'!" I gushed and pushed my body close to my man. He hugged me to him and kissed me.

"All of the shenanigans with the others, and now with Giovanni and Gareth added to the mix, just remember I'm your fiancé and that you're not to fall in love with anyone else, even though they have enormous cocks. Pierre is the exception and Piero ... they're like family and are family. And George tomorrow ... you're insatiable mio caro! What must I do with you? Hmmm?" Luigi said as he hugged me and kissed me.

"I'll never fall in love with anybody the way I love you mio caro. Pierre is next in line and then perhaps Giovanni, not excluding my brother and Juan, Gunther and Johann, and of course Morné, even though he misbehaved. But, I love you mio caro. I want to marry you and have sex with you every day for the rest of my life. You're the man I love, the most beautiful of them all, with the most perfect body and hands and feet and *cock*! Ti amo troppo (I love you too much)! You know that!"

"Yes, I know and I feel the same. It's just that the others are all also in love with you. As long as they know you're mine!"

"No worries mio caro! The same goes for you: you're mine!"

The microphone in Gareth's hand came to life with a crackle and he announced: "Boys and gentlemen and hunks and everyone in between ..."

"There is nobody 'in between'! We're all hung hunks, I'll let you know!" André, who else?

"We'll have to appoint a committee of enquiry to verify that. How about we start off with you? Stand up and pull down your pants!" Gareth called André's bluff.

And would you believe it, André stood up and within a second his pants were around his ankles, and he hauled his big cock out for everybody to see. I saw the bus driver gawked at the spectacle in his rear-view mirror.

"Convinced? All of 24,5cm when hard I'll let you know! Baby bro, show him!"

"He'll do no such thing! Put away that midget cock of yours and come sit down," Juan said and pulled André to sit down. "One could dress you up but one could never take you anywhere! Sheez! I'm calling Dad!" Juan said, mimicking André's mantra.

"And Dad's cock is even bigger ..." André managed to say before Juan put his hand over André's mouth. André! Where the hell did you come from?

Of course everybody on the bus was roaring with laughter but I was sure a few of them were sporting semis ... they've all seen André's cock hard, and our cocks might have been the smallest in the group (and with Johan's cock at 'only' 24cm, also not small), but almost 9" was definitely not small. And everybody knew the amount he cums. My brother shoots a big load, as do I.

"Show us more! Come on! Herman, show Gareth the anaconda you carry around, unlicensed, I may add! Come on! Show him!" André put in. What a raunchy bunch!

"Her-man! Her-man! Her-man!" some were chanting. Even Pierre was urging Herman on to show Gareth his mammoth cock.

If I didn't see it myself, I wouldn't have believed it: Herman stood up and gave a faux strip show by slowly gyrating his hips and undoing his pants. My godd! I looked at Gareth and saw he was literally salivating. I looked at the bulge in his pants - rock-hard! The man couldn't believe his eyes. Herman zipped down his pants and pushed his big bulge forward, obviously not completely soft anymore.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" André and some others were chanting. "Show us the anaconda! A-na-con-da! A-na-con-da!"

"No Booboo! You can't show them your ... your ..." Johan tried to stop Herman. But, André urged Herman on, and even Johann was chanting with André. What a raunchy bunch!

Herman pushed the elastic waistband down and the enormous uncut cock jutted out. It was about 50% hard ... my godd! Every time I saw that ginormous cock, I couldn't believe how big it was, and that I've taken it in my hole several times, and that it felt incredibly nice! My godd!

"My godd! Is that thing for real? Really? 'Hur-min', how big is that thing?" Gareth said and was literally salivating when he saw the huge cock.

"It's all of 33cm long. Come, touch it! It might get hard!" André urged Gareth on to go towards the back and touch Herman's huge cock, which he did! He walked down the aisle and put his hand out to touch Herman's enormous cock. Gareth had long fingers and his hand could just go around the thick shaft. And right there in front of us, Herman's cock hardened at the touch of this sexy hairy man, and was rock-hard in seconds. Herman was horny!

"My godd! For this cock I might give up my position as a sole top. Can you actually fuck someone with such an enormous cock?" Gareth gushed.

"Oh fuck yes! And the bottoms love it!" André put in.

"I have to see that! I really have to see that! Wow! Put it away before I go down on my knees and suck you right here! Wow!" Gareth said and turned around. The bulge in his own pants was insanely big and he readjusted it as he walked back to the front. I saw the bus driver's big eyes in the mirror. Poor man!

The others were cheering Herman on and clapped hands for the impromptu show. I never knew Herman would be so bold and brave!

Johan pulled Herman down but the poor man had a struggle on his hands to wrestle that huge cock back into his pants first. I wished I could suck him on the spot ... fuck! What a cock hound I was! I knew he was sopping wet by now.

Johan was laughing a lot but he ruffled Herman's hair. "Booboo! How could you?" So there is a new name for a loved one.

Herman said in Afrikaans: "Now the Redneck has something to tell his friends!"

My own cock was rock-hard and when Luigi put his hand on my crotch, I groaned. Fuck! I was randy! "*Mio caro! You still have the hots for the giant! Wow! You're rock-hard! Hmmmm*!" Luigi said as he squeezed my bulge.

"*Luigi, no! Don't! My godd! I'm so fucking randy right now! That was just so hot to see*!" I whispered as I put my hand on Luigi's crotch: rock-hard as well! So, let the pot not call the kettle black!

"Ahem! My godd! You men from Africa are like savages! The biggest I've ever seen was about 30cm in Milan, but this is insane! Wow! I can't wait for tonight!" Gareth said as he was trying to wrestle his own hard-on into submission.

"What about Pierre? Come on Pierre! Show Gareth your cock!" André, of course! "Bro, show the Redneck your cock! Come on!"

"Yes, show him yours too!" Herman said from the back.

"Yes, come on! Show us your biggie too!" Johann said. Gunther put his hand over Johann's mouth but it was too late.

We all urged Pierre on and he got up. He unzipped and hauled his equally impressively big cock out - also 33cm - and Gareth was thrown for a six.

"Two huge cocks on one bus? Wow!" Gareth said.

"Go, touch it!" André urged Gareth on. Gareth walked up to Pierre and took the enormous cock in his hand and groaned.

"Fuck! It's even thicker than Hur-min's cock! Wow!" Gareth gushed and jacked Pierre's cock a bit. It was clear Pierre was also precumming, and Gareth bent down to lick the precum off.

"Yes! And how does it taste, Redneck?" André.

"Fantastic! Wow!" Gareth was so impressed.

"Show us your cock! Come on Gareth! Fair is fair!

"Yes, show us yours!" some of the other guys chanted.

Gareth stood up and unzipped. It was obvious he was rock-hard. He pushed the elastic of his underwear down and hauled his hard 28cm cock out for us to see. It was thick and the big head was covered in precum.

Pierre put his hand on Gareth's cock and pushed the skin back. The piss-slit opened up and lots of precum flowed out.

"Wow!" lots of the guys said. The Englishman's cock was quite impressive and the huge amount of precum looked delicious!

"Baby bro, suck him!" André, André!

I looked at Luigi and he nodded. I got up and took Gareth's cock in my mouth. Fuck! It was wet and the precum tasted good. He pushed his cock deep into my mouth and being so wet, the head slipped straight into my throat! Wow!

"That's enough for now! Come mio caro!" Luigi put an end to the show.

I licked the precum off the big piss-slit and let go of Gareth's cock. I sat down again. Gareth was trying to get his big cock back into his pants when he heard the shocker.

"You ain't seen nothing yet!" André managed to say before Juan shut him up by putting his hand over his mouth. My brother was a handful. And with Claude usually to support him in his wicked ways, we were rolling in the aisles at times. Fortunately Claude wasn't there with us. But Jonathan was ...

"I'll let you know that this Canadian has the biggest one of them all," André said and waved at Jonathan, who stood up. I looked at his bulge and saw his cock was almost hard. My godd! Was he going to unleash the beast?

And then he did unbuckle his belt and opened his pants. He zipped down and Gareth gasped. He still had the microphone on. "Oh my godd!" was all he could say.

Jonathan's huge bulge was spilling out his pants and when he put his hand in to haul out his majestic cock, André - who else - was cheering him on.

"Jonathan, show Gareth a real cock! Gareth, you need to feel that cock to appreciate its size! Go on, touch it."

Gareth looked at the big man and when Jonathan smiled and presented his cock to be touched, Gareth walked up to him and put his hand around the huge 35cm cock. His long fingers couldn't go around the thick shaft - no surprise there!

"My dear godd! And here I was thinking I was one of the lucky ones. In just 1 minute I was pushed aside by three giants in one go! Fuck, this is a huge cock! And don't tell me you actually fuck guys with this thing ...? Wow! It's big!" Gareth said and squeezed the big cock in his hand. He put his other hand out and took the enormous balls in his hand. His big hand couldn't hold them both. I noticed that there was quite an amount of precum glistening at the tip of the huge cock. My mouth watered ...

"Suck him! Suck him!" André urged Gareth on before Juan could shut my brother up.

I gasped in amazement when Gareth actually did bend down and took the enormous cockhead in his mouth. He sank down on one knee and sucked half the huge cock into his mouth. We all gasped but cheered him on. Gareth pulled off the huge cock in his mouth and looked at it.

"My godd! I'd love to see you fucking something with this huge cock!" Gareth gushed.

"You will ... tonight! Baby bro, tell him!" André ... André ...

"He fucks you with this enormous cock? Anton? Really? I have to see that! Oh fuck! Your precum tastes so good! Wow!" Gareth was thrown for a six.

He got up and he reluctantly let go of the huge cock in his hand. I lusted after that enormous cock myself ... fuck! Cum slut!

"*I could fuck you right here, right now! Mio caro, you're too much! You're hot for Jonathan's huge cock too, aren't you? Hmmm?*"

"*Oh fuck yes! It is the biggest cock ever! It hurts like hell but after a while it is just fantastic! Fuck!*" I said and squeezed Luigi's hand.

"*I'm wondering what is going to happen between you and Piero. He is super horny and I know he is going to want to fuck you non-stop! But he is such a lovely boy! You're going to love him!*" Luigi said next to my ear, his one hand still on my crotch.

"*Mio caro, you're not saying or doing anything to make my hard-on go away! Ufff! Oh godd! And here we thought André was a handful! Just look at you! Ahhh! Oh fuck! I love you so fucking much!*" I said and kissed the beautiful man next to me.

Behind me Jonathan was struggling to get his huge cock back into his pants. It was an enormous cock! Eventually he managed and sat down.

"It's yours tonight Anton! I can't wait!" Jonathan said, leaning forward.

"Oh fuck yes! I want it!" I said and felt Luigi's hand in my lap. Cum slut!

"As I was wanting to say before the vaudeville impromptu shows we've just had ... ahem! Three enormous anacondas on the same bus! I'm sure they're venomous! Ahem! As I was wanting to say, we're on our way to Kew Gardens. For those of you haven't heard of them, it comprises a huge piece of land. It's the world's largest collection of living plants. It started in 1840 in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The collection of plants includes more than 30 000 different plants. The herbarium is one of the largest in the world with over 7 million preserved specimens. There are more than 750 000 volumes in the library and more than 175 000 prints and drawings. I'm taking you to one of London's top tourist attractions.

"The site is 121 hectares big and consists of gardens and quite a few glasshouses. The gardens even have its own police force, so none of these shenanigans there! André, 'Hur-min', Jonathan, behave!

"Because of the weather, you're not going to see much of the gardens. We'll show you some of the ponds and at least two of the glasshouses, and part of the herbarium. Then we'll have some hot chocolate in the restaurant before we depart for Boss Models UK," Gareth concluded. He was still randy as fuck and was palming his huge cock while he was talking to us. Poor man! He didn't know what was in store for him later that night! He was in for a treat! And I was salivating at the thought of the man's big cock in my hands, in my mouth and fucking me again. Fuck! His hairy body with all that silky smooth black hair ... heaven! Gareth sat down behind the driver and spoke to him about the trip to Kew.

I looked out the window and saw it was still snowing, and fairly heavy, but still not enough to accumulate on the roads to cause problems. It was warm and cosy against Luigi's body. I had my iPhone back in my jacket's pocket and had both my hands holding Luigi's big manly hand in my lap. Oh fuck! It was nice to have this man as my lover!

"Mio caro, I got an iMessage from Piero this morning. He said my sister and the rest of the family are already preparing for our visit in two weeks' time. He says my sister is baking biscotti and has already worked out the menu for our visit. Piero has worked out a detailed itinerary for our trips in and around Firenze. One of the days we're going into the country to see some of Tuscany's exquisite beauty. You'll love it, but not more than Piero himself. Oh mio caro, he is gorgeous, he is funny, he is horny, he is delightful, he is kind - did I mention he is horny? *He is going to fuck you non-stop, mio caro! The boy is insatiable and he cums in bucket loads! After he and I have fucked you, you're going to be so full of cum, not one more would be able to fuck you! But I know Pierre will insist to join! I just know! Sciacallo (Jackal)!*"

Giovanni sat next to us on the other side of the aisle. He leaned towards us and said: "I've spoken to my parents earlier. They're definitely expecting me to be in Dublin over the weekend and to be with them for Christmas. But I need zio Mario's number please. I need to call him to find out when does he want me to be in Stillenb ... erm ... Stellenbosch. When are you going to be back in South Africa?"

"We'll be back the second weekend in January," I said and fished my iPhone out of my jacket pocket to give him Mario's number. "Mario's number is +27 82 ..."

Luigi put in: "Arrange with zio Mario to start there on the second Monday in January. It will give you time to settle in over the weekend before that. But, why don't you fly to Italy in 2 weeks' time and join us in Firenze? Hmm? What do you say mio caro? Yes! Come on! The Morettis and d'Antonios have enough space for one extra soul! And with Claude and Pieter not with us anymore, there will definitely be a bed for you. So, what do you say? Then you could fly back to South Africa with us! Mio caro, do you agree?"

"Yes, why not? We'll give you our flight details from Rome to Cape Town via Johannesburg and you could make the necessary booking. It's a fantastic idea, Luigi! Yes Gio! Join us in Italy!" I gushed. Little did I know what was in store for me with all the men who lusted after me ... hmmmm! Bring it on!

"Settled then! Gio, chiamare i tuoi genitori e dire loro che stai partendo per Roma subito dopo Capodanno (call your parents and tell them you're departing for Rome soon after New Year). You're coming with us! Organise to fly to Rome the same day we depart from Berlin so we could be picked up at the same time. My brother-in-law and his son Piero are in charge of that. Gio, gli italiani vi accoglieranno a braccia aperte (Gio, the Italians will welcome you with open arms)!"

"Grazie mille amico mio (Thank you so much my friend)! I feel so happy I've met you guys and that my life is going this direction: first Ireland and Italy and then South Africa no less! Wow!" Gio was elated.

I pulled up the information of our flights on my iPhone Notes and read it to Giovanni as he was typing it into his iPhone. He opened an App to book a flight with Aer Lingus from Dublin to Rome. He looked it up and yes! There was a flight on the same day as our flight to Rome, but this flight was an hour earlier than ours. He'd just have to wait for us having coffee or perhaps meeting Piero and his dad.

"Sì, mio caro! All in order! On 2 January I'll meet you in Rome. I'll meet Piero and have insatiable sex with him in the toilets while we're waiting for you to arrive from Berlin! Haha! Just joking mio caro! But yes, all arranged! Let me ask Gareth if his office could arrange a ticket for me with you on the flight to Cape Town. Wow! I'm so excited!" Giovanni was elated! He got up and went up to Gareth. They spoke and I just heard Gareth saying "For sure! Yes, of course!"

Gareth took out his iPhone and dialled a number. He spoke to someone and gave Giovanni's details. Giovanni took out his wallet to give his credit card to Gareth to give the details to the office to book the ticket.

"No need. You'll fly first class with the boys ..." Gareth put in.

"What? First class? Oh fuck no! I can't afford that! I'll fly coach!" I heard him saying.

"No ways! If you're going to be signed up by Boss Models SA, you'll fly first class with the other boys! Just hold on .... Yes Clint! He is a prospective model we're robbing from D&G! Yes! You'll see the photos later today! Yes! ... Yes! ... Yes, with the group from Rome on 9 January to JNB and then on to Cape Town. Yes. Thanks man! I owe you one ... Of course! We'll talk! Yes! Thanks! See you later!" Gareth said and punched the red button on his iPhone. "All set! You're a go for SA!"

Wow! Luigi, and Giovanni, and Pierre, and Piero, and Gunther, and Johann, and Juan, and André, and Morné, and Johan, and Herman ... my godd! If all of them cum at least 25ml (and in the case of most of them and apparently Piero too, they cum lots more), it means at least 275ml in me. More than half a cup of cum ... oh my dear godd! But I was the cum slut, so bring it on!


When we arrived at the gate to Kew Gardens, we were merely waved through by the officials as Gareth had tickets - what else? The snow was still falling and there were tufts of the stuff accumulating on the lawns and trees in some places. It was cold and we all had white vapour puffs in front of our mouths. Fuck! I wish I could get into bed with Luigi and Pierre and Giovanni and Gunther and Johann ... fuck it, I want them all in bed with me!

We walked in and saw the immense park-like grounds. It was huge! There were all sorts of vegetation, even some dense forest-like clumps, and some glasshouses some distance away.

"Come on boys! You'll catch your death of cold. Come, this way!" he said and led the way on one of the paved walkways. He was heading for a huge glasshouse.

"We're heading towards the glasshouse with the South African plants inside. Come! You'll be pleasantly surprised at the piece of your country in the heart of the UK!"

The glasshouse was big and the plants inside were immense and lush. The temperature inside was much warmer than outside as the climate inside was controlled. There were clivias, proteas, strelitzias, yellowwood trees, cabbage trees, tree ferns, other ferns, and even disas. Wow! It was beautiful.

Gareth led the way to another glasshouse not too far off with a small aquarium. Next to it was another glasshouse with lots of water lilies. Everything was neat and tidy and clean. Typically first world! The plants were well tended and healthy. Wow!

The next glasshouse had plants from other parts of the world and the inside felt like a rain forest ... and then we saw the signs: it wás a hothouse for tropical rainforest plants! It was hot and humid!

In front of this glasshouse there was an immense patch of rosebushes but of course they were not in bloom. Across a fairly big pond there was an old building and Gareth was heading for it. It was part of the herbarium.

Inside the herbarium there were numerous exhibitions and some of it was very old. The handwriting on the sheets was old-fashioned. Once again, everything was in pristine condition. Wow! If only we could transplant some of that efficiency to our country ... sheez!

Only Luigi, Gunther and Juan were remotely qualified to understand the herbarium. They took some pains to explain some of the stuff to us. It was all very interesting and being a herbarium, the inside was climate controlled, so it wasn't too cold. But I was craving the hot chocolate we were promised.

Just then Gareth announced our departure to go have some hot beverages, but there was a change of venue. He told us we were going to an upmarket coffee shop in Kew itself. Whatever, as long as we got something hot to drink.

We literally ran to the entrance to get our bus. When we left the herbarium, Gareth called the bus driver to switch on the heater and start the bus. Good thinking! When we got into the bus, it was nice and warm.

Outside the snow was falling harder now and it was fucking cold!

The bus pulled away and Luigi took me into his arms again. Fuck! This was a man for all seasons! I think it was the title of some movie, I thought. But this Ita was mine and I loved him to death. He was a keeper.


The bus stopped in front of a Starbucks coffee shop not too far from the station. Ahh! The long-awaited STARBUCKS! Only a very few hotels and venues in the big cities in South Africa had a very small Starbucks corner and only the travellers who have been to the USA and Europe have had a taste of the world-famous coffees.

Inside we were amazed at the bewildering menu of coffees and lattés and teas and flavoured coffees. Wow! I had no idea what to order, so I told the cute man behind the counter to give me a large cup of the most popular coffee. He nodded and said: "Cappuccino". Simple as that! Some of the guys ordered caffè lattés, hot chocolates, caffè Americanos or plain filter coffee. Chris, the guy behind the counter wrote our names and our orders on the paper cups and handed them to a Latino-looking guy at the barista machine.

After the spread at the shoot at the castle, we were not really hungry but I felt like having one of the huge biscuits and a few of the guys ordered pecan nut pie or some other confectionary.

Mr Latino looked at us with much interest and smiled. Perfect white teeth, framed with a pitch-black stubble. He had really big hands ... I wondered about 'the rest' hidden behind the apron ... fuck! He was sexy! He was about the same height as my brother and I. Wow! He saw me ogling him and he smiled again ... and winked! Oh my godd! My cock twitched ... slut!

Mr Latino handed the first coffees to us and I saw his name badge said his name was Diego. A thick tuft of pitch-black chest hair billowed from the top his shirt. Fuck, Diego, I'd love to undress you! When he gave me my cappuccino, he slid his fingers over mine and smiled ... I was a goner!

Luigi was standing behind me and pushed his big bulge into my crack. Just what I needed, I thought. I looked at Diego and he smiled again. His lips were full and his exquisite olive skin tone was sexy as fuck ...

"Thanks ... Diego! My ... erm ... my name is Antonio ..." I stammered. Slut!

"Encantado de conocerte, Antonio", he said. I had no idea what he was saying. "Pleased to meet you," he added. Ahhh!

"Thanks!" I said again and blushed cherry red. Oh my godd!

We took our coffees and eats and sat down. From where we sat I was facing the counter and caught Diego looking at our table a couple of times.

The two photographers took some casual pictures of us lounging in the restaurant. We were used to the cameras by then, so the pictures they took were very natural.

"Guys, we have another 30 minutes. Just now there was a traffic update on my iPhone that stated there was a big pile-up on the M4 due to the snow. I'll call the traffic department and confirm. Please get another coffee," Gareth said.

Some of the guys visited the toilet. I was chatting to Gunther, my darling Gunther whom I loved with all my heart. He was such a darling. He told me his mom and cousin have organised a week of fun for us in and around Berlin.

Soon most of the guys have been to the toilet. I decided to go too before I got another coffee - this time a hazelnut flavoured mocha coffee - and excused myself. Luigi and Giovanni were chatting away in Italian about Italy, Firenze, Italian men, life in Rome.

When I stood up, I looked at the counter and saw there was nobody waiting for an order and that Diego was looking at me. He smiled and winked at me and started walking in the direction of the toilet. I looked at the guys and saw nobody paid attention to me.

I went into the toilet, which had only one urinal, a washbasin and one stall. I unzipped my pants and stood at the urinal to pee. I was semi-hard, so it took a few seconds before the urine started to flow. I listened for anybody at the door and when I heard nothing, I went in the stall. I was slowly closing the door when I heard the front door open ... Diego! When I pushed the door closed, he pushed it back and his sexy friendly face appeared, finger on the lips. "Shhh! 2 minutes! Quick!" he said and pulled me into his arms. His lips were as soft as I thought they would be. Fuck, he was sexy!

Diego fumbled with his apron and shifted it around to his back. I put my hand on his crotch ... what a shock! He was hard, and it was fucking huge! He unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. I put my hand in and felt he was going commando, and he was fucking huge! Of course wearing an apron made it possible for him to go sans underwear! I hauled his magnificent cock from his pants and gasped. Fuck, it was easily as big as Gunther's cock!

I unbuckled my belt and let my pants drop. Diego put his hand on my bulge and groaned. "*Ahh! A big one too*!" He took my cock from my underpants and put his huge hand around it. I was sopping wet of course.

"*Please suck me*!" he whispered. "*Please*!"

"*How big is yours*?"




"*Only 24,5cm ...*"

"*'Only'? It's still very big and very nice*!" he whispered.

My hand couldn't wrap around Diego's shaft. It was thick and a smooth foreskin covered the immense head. It was sopping wet.

"*I was hard from the moment you smiled at me*!" Diego whispered and kissed me again. "*I wish I could fuck you*!"

"*Yes, so would I! Where do you live*?"

"*Here in Kew. Why*?"

"*I'm meeting someone in Soho tomorrow night. Will you like to come*?"

"*Fuck yes! Address*?"

"*You give me your mobile number and I'll text you the details*," I said and kissed him again. Fuck!

"*Yes! Now suck me*!"

I sank to my knees and looked at the magnificent cock in front of me. The head was big and long - much longer than George's magnificent cockhead - and it was sopping wet. The shaft was thick and curved upwards. His piss-slit was big and the balls were huge.

I put the tip of the cock in my mouth and tasted the sweet precum - fuck! It was a lot and it tasted fantastic. He smelled of coffee and hazelnut. I put my hand up his shirt and felt the luxurious hair on his hard muscular body. Oh fuck!

Diego put his hands on my head and pushed his huge cock into my mouth. However, the head was just too thick to go into my throat. I sucked the cock as best I could and lapped up the precum. I played with the immense balls and pulled the foreskin back and forth over the cockhead.

Diego pushed his cock back into my mouth. I tried to relax my throat even more and pretended to yawn ... and the huge head slipped right into my throat! Oh fuck! It was a big cock!

"*Dios mio (my godd)! Nobody could do that before! Oh fuck yes*!" Diego gushed in a hushed voice. "*Oh fuck yes! Yes! Oh fuck! Yes*!" Diego was beyond himself with pleasure. But, so was I! I pulled the big cockhead back out of my throat and took a deep breath. I pushed the huge cockhead back into my mouth and the head slipped right down my throat again. It was lubed well with the precum and spit. The head went down my throat into my oesophagus. I felt the huge balls on my chin and my nose was in his hairy groin. Oh fuck!

My hands on his body roamed higher and when I touched his nipples, it was like he received an electric shock! He shivered and groaned. The nipples were big and it felt like the areolae were huge.

Fuck! Just what the doctor ordered! Everything was perfect about this man. The ONLY snag was: he was almost unattainable. I hoped to high heavens he'd be able to join George and me the next evening.

I pulled off the huge cock again to take a breath. Diego pulled me up and took me into his arms. He kissed me and his big Latino tongue darted into my mouth. It was a big tongue and it pushed deep into my mouth. His soft full lips were just so wonderful. I looked into his big brown eyes and noticed his eyebrows were very thick and wide. He was magnificent in every way.

I let go of the sexy man and went down to suck his cock again. His pants were now around his ankles and when I touched his legs, I shivered with pleasure: they were hairy as fuck! Hairier than Luigi's or Pierre's legs! My godd! What a nice surprise!

I took the big cock into my mouth again and tasted the fresh load of precum that leaked out of the big piss-slit. I pushed the cock right into my throat and opened up for it to enter. It slipped in on the first attempt and Diego pushed it deep down my throat. I felt how it filled my oesophagus and felt how it spasmed in my mouth.

The scrotum with the big balls on my chin was very hairy too. I was pleasantly surprised that his cock wasn't shaved clean. It still looked odd to me that a guy's groin was shorn clean. Yes, do some trimming or manscaping, but not completely smooth - that's as unnatural as ice cream in the Sahara.

"*I'm going to cum Antonio! I haven't cum in a week. I'm going to cum and it's going to be a lot. In your mouth? Please say 'yes'*?"

I pulled the huge cock from my throat and mouth and just whispered: "*Yes*!" and put the big cockhead back in my mouth. I jacked the thick shaft with one hand and with the other hand I felt the balls were pulling up. He was about to cum.

He faux fucked my mouth and was groaning softly. He was building up an immense orgasm ... oh fuck! "*Ahh mierda*!" he said - whatever the fuck that meant! The first shot of cum was big but the second one was even bigger. The third one flooded my mouth and I swallowed for all I was worth. The fourth, the fifth and sixth spurts were copious as fuck and then it started to taper off. The last few of the ten spurts were less copious but I still had to swallow like mad. I didn't dare spill any of it on my clothes.

Diego shuddered above me and held my head tight in his hands. "*Mierda! Mierda! Mierda*!" he said under his breath. I was sure it meant 'fuck'. He bent forward and stroked my back. I was sure that this man would be an excellent lover in bed. I wondered what it would feel to have him inside me ... Slut!

He pulled his softening cock from my mouth and pulled me up to kiss me. His mouth was soft and sensual on mine. He was a gentle man and his tongue was slowly entering my mouth and he groaned. He tasted his cum in my mouth.

I opened my eyes and saw he was looking into my blue eyes. I noticed the lighter brown specks in his irises. He was fucking handsome and his eyes were spectacularly beautiful. The thick eyebrows gave him a true but very handsome Latino appearance. He put his hands up and stroked my cheeks. I took his hands in mine and broke the kiss. I looked at the hands in mine and noticed that despite him working with wet stuff all day long, his hands were exquisitely nice, neat and big. The ring finger was noticeably longer than the index finger and the nails were short and clean. The dusting of pitch-black hair on the back of his hand and fingers was beautiful against the olive skin. Diego was an incredibly sexy man - full stop!

"*What about you*?"

"*I'm fine, really. I had sex this morning so I'm OK for now, thanks*."

"Tomorrow night I want to fuck you! Please! I want to send you home with a load of cum in your hole! Yes! Here is my phone number. Put it in your phone. It's +44 7595 ... Text me please! Oh ... your friend you're seeing in Soho ... is he gay?"

"*Yes, he is gay! He is Greek and he wants to fuck me too ...*"

"*Ahh! A double fuck yes? Yes! Oh yes*!"

"*Double? I'm not so sure about that! His cock is as big as yours. I don't think I'd be able to take you both ...*"

"*I meant both of us fucking you, not both at the same time. We'll take turns to fuck you. But both, together? Will both fit in you? Yes*?" Diego said and pushed his semi-hard rubbery cock into my groin.

He put his hands on my buttocks and pulled the cheeks apart. He had his thumbs on my hole and pushed in. Oh fuck! His thumbs were huge and they were not lubed. Luckily he realised it and that our time was running out.

"*Tomorrow night I want to finger you first and then fuck you until you beg your friend to join us! Yes? Yes?*"

"*We'll see. Come, we have to go*," I said and kissed him again. Fuck! This man was a good kisser. I was sure he was going to be a good lover too. I just hoped we could swing this.

We dressed ourselves. Diego had to merely slip his big rubbery cock back in his pants and zip up. When he slid the apron to the front again, all was concealed. My hard-on was still very hard and I had to battle to get it back into my underwear and to zip up again. After a few attempts I was successful. All of this while the beautiful sexy Latino man was kissing me ... jackal! Instead of helping me, he was making my cock go rock-hard again!

Eventually I was respectable and I zipped my jacket closed to conceal my bulge. My cock was snaking to my left towards my hip. All was neatly hidden behind the jacket.

"*I'll go first. I'll give a slight knock to indicate all is fine. Thanks Antonio! You're a very beautiful and sexy man*!" Diego said and kissed me again. His lips lingered on mine and then he let go. He opened the stall door and looked out. All was clear. He left the door ajar and I heard him washing his hands. Good! He was hygienically concerned in his job! Good!

I heard the outer door to the toilet open and listened for a knock. It felt like an eternity before I heard the three raps on the door. It was safe! I went to the washbasin and washed my hands. I looked in the mirror and saw a sexy slut looking back at me. I checked for any cum on my chin. I resisted the temptation to rinse my mouth and though I'd just take my chances. In any case, I was going to have another coffee while we waited for the highway to be cleared.

When I exited the toilet, I saw the others were still deep in discussion or checking emails on their iPhones. When Giovanni saw movement in the direction of the toilets, he looked at me and stood up. He came to me and took me into his arms.

"Fuck, I just can't believe how lucky I was to have gotten onto the same train as you guys yesterday! You and your brother are so fucking sexy! And Luigi too, and Pee-AIR, and Gunther ... fuck! The whole lot is beautiful! I'm getting involved with a very sexy and attractive bunch of guys!"

Giovanni hugged me close to him and then he kissed me, right there in broad daylight!

"How about another coffee? How about a Caffè Americano with hazelnut?"

"My exact thoughts! Yes, thank you! And you?"

"Same for me! Come, let's ask the sexy Latino guy to get us some!"

When I looked up, I saw both Chris and Diego were watching us. Both smiled at us and Diego winked. OK. That went well ...

Giovanni and I stood at the counter while Diego was preparing our coffee. Chris was chatting to us and asked about our origins, what we were doing in Kew - the usual stuff. He was big-eyed when he heard we were mostly from South Africa and that we were modelling for Boss.

"Shitty weather you brought for us! But, it's almost Christmas, so the Pommies will have a white Christmas after all! After London, where are you going?" Chris asked. Just then Diego placed our coffee on the counter.

"I'm off to Dublin to see the parents for Christmas and the rest is off to Berlin until next weekend. Then I fly to Rome to join them. We'll be in Florence for a week and then we fly to South Africa. I'm starting to work in an Italian restaurant in three weeks' time. There you have it!" Giovanni said and handed me my coffee.

"And you two are lovers?"

"Yes, and no. Luigi - he's the tall handsome hunk there by the window - is Antonio's fiancé. But I'm also Antonio's lover. It's complicated ..." Giovanni said.

"Really? Wow! A 'ménage a trois'!" Chris gushed.

"No, many more ... I told you, it's complicated!" Giovanni insisted and winked at Chris who was looking at us with big eyes.

"What? Wow! I've only had a threesome before but never more! I wish I could be so lucky! Wow!" Chris said and palmed his crotch. I looked at his hands and saw they were long and slender but completely smooth. Not a hair in sight. I looked at the top of his shirt. Nope. No hair. His brown hair was cut in a modern longer style and had a little gel to keep it in place. His rosy cheeks and pale white skin made him look like a true Englishman.

"You have long fingers," I said.

"Yes, and a very long cock too ...!" Chris said and blushed cherry red. "Ask Diego. We've had some fun with my cousin. Oh fuck! How I wish I could be part of an orgy! Diego has a very big one ..." Chris put in.

"Perhaps we should invite you to join us tonight. We'll hear what the others say. Thanks!" Giovanni said and lifted his coffee in a salute to the two guys. We turned around and heard the two discussing the possibilities of joining the clan for some serious shenanigans. I wondered what Luigi and Juan would have to say about that.


"What? Anton! I don't know ... wow! Another two? How many do you want?" Juan said and looked at the two guys behind the counter. I looked too and realised they were really good-looking. Of course Diego was exquisite when compared to Chris. But, I was biased as my taste had always leaned towards dark-haired hairy guys. Of the guys in the clan, only Johann and Gunther didn't have dark brown or black hair.

"We don't have to invite them, but how about we do and see how it goes. Surely we're going to have a party of sorts first ... we could check them out then. You have to admit, Diego is very sexy! And Chris isn't too bad. Perhaps he's a bottom ..." I put in

"We could invite them but if it turns out they're not what we hoped they are, then we'll ask them nicely to leave. OK?" Johann said flatly.

"Yes, we'll show them the door!" André, who else?

"I have to agree with Anton: Diego is really an attractive guy. Chris is typically British, but did you notice his long fingers? Let's invite them to join us at 9 o'clock. Is it OK Gareth? We're going to have an orgy, so we might as well invite some locals too!" Johann added. "What do you say Ita?"

"OK, but I agree with Johann. If it turns out badly, we'll not continue with them. OK Antonio?" Luigi said and looked at the two guys behind the counter who were watching our every move. "You go and tell them Antonio."

I got up and felt my cock was stirring in my pants. I tried to readjust my bulge as inconspicuously as possible as I approached the counter.

"Oh fuck! Please say it's a 'yes'! Please!" Chris gushed.

"It's a 'yes'! We're at the Berkley. We're in suite 413. Be there at 9 o'clock. There will be cocktails and drinks. And if all goes well, there will be 'dessert'!" I said and winked. My godd! If all went well, I was going to have Diego's cock in me after all!

"Wow! I had a movie date with a friend but I'm calling right now to postpone. Thanks Antonio!" Diego said and pulled his iPhone out to call his friend.

"Same here! My sister can see me another night!" Chris said. I wondered if he was a bottom.

"Settled then. OK then," I said and went back to the group.

As I was walking back, Jonathan called me to his table where he was sitting with Gunther and Pierre.

"Wow! That was quick! Do you know what you're up for tonight? There is a lot of guys here who want to fuck you! You think you could handle it? Don't forget mine ..." Jonathan said and palmed his huge bulge.

"I know and yes, I think I'll manage. You guys are not savages, and I know Luigi and Pierre will protect me, right Pee-AIR?"

"Ant, I'll never allow anybody to hurt you ... I mean, not intentionally. I still don't know how you manage to take such big cocks like mine, but if you enjoy it, it's fine. But if anybody hurts you, he is out on his backside!" Pierre said and pulled me down into the chair next to him. He took me into his arms and kissed me. This man was fast becoming one of my favourites. He was so loving and caring. I really loved him to bits.

Jonathan put his hand on my thigh and squeezed. "How about me? Don't I get a kiss?" I broke the kiss with Pierre and looked at the tall man with the insanely big cock. Fuck, he was sexy and with his darker skin, he looked like a million bucks.

I leaned towards Jonathan to kiss him, but he pulled me into his lap and into his arms. He put his arms around me and gave me a full-on kiss. His full lips and pitch-black stubble were incredibly sexy. He gave me some tongue and when I felt his enormous bulge under the back of my thigh, I sucked the tongue deep into my mouth. Fuck! I wish we were in bed right then! He hugged me close to him and kissed me in the neck.

"Careful! No hickeys!" Gareth reminded us to take it slow.

"*Oh fuck! You drive me fucking nuts! How I wish I could have you in bed right now!*" Jonathan whispered in my ear. He wasn't the only one. Me too, and I think most of the others felt the same way after the display of sexual prowess and lust and me roping in the two behind the counter for the night's shenanigans. They were all charged up!

Gunther joined in and hugged me from behind. "Mein Schatz, I think we'd better stop. There are other customers here now and some are looking at us with big eyes. Come, sit with me for a while, bitte?"

I got off Jonathan's lap and sat down on a chair next to Gunther. I saw there were a couple of tourists (I wasn't sure) at the counter and at least one of the ladies was looking at us with disgust and aversion. Perhaps she was one of the avid churchgoers from the Midwest in the USA who walk and talk Bible, but hated and denounced everything gay. Talk about a lack of brotherly love!

I smiled my million-dollar smile at her and waved. I could be a super bitch given half a chance! She harrumphed and started talking to the other lady. She was highly upset. Ah well. All in a day's work! I wasn't going to allow such an insignificant old fart upset my great day of love and sex and happiness. I wondered what she would have said if she knew about our plans for the night. I suppose she would've had a heart attack! Good riddance, I thought! Bitch!

We were a happy lot. The banter and jokes flew back and forth and with Johann taking Claude's place, he was 'assisting' André with his jokes and anecdotes. Of course, the two made fun of the Bible Brigade by pointing fingers at me, waving their fingers at me and pulling strict faces. André was on his feet and had a magazine clenched under his one arm and waving his other finger at Gunther and me. We laughed so hard, the old farts took their coffee and just left. Good riddance.

"One wouldn't say we're living in the 21st century when one sees and experiences people like that. But you are too terrible André! Poor old lady!" Gareth said but he was wiping tears from his eyes.

Just then Gareth's cell rang. He answered and when the call ended, he announced that the M4 was clear. "Come on guys, we're on our way to Boss Models UK in Soho. Alexander Cooper will be so happy to see you all," Gareth said and called the bus driver to start the bus and crank up the heat.

As we approached the counter to leave, both Chris and Diego came out from behind the counter to say goodbye. Diego actually took me into his arms and hugged me. "*I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before! I hope you're up for it! Thanks for earlier! That was spectacular!*"he whispered in my ear.

Then Chris stepped up and pulled me into a hug too. "I hope I'd be able to handle it ... you guys look so big and butch! We'll see you at 9 o'clock. Bye!"

The others waved goodbye to the two behind the counter and we left.


"May I please have Antonio sit with me on our way to Boss?" Pierre asked Luigi.

"Yes, of course. But make sure he stays warm, Pee-AIR! Giovanni, vieni a sederti con me (come sit with me)."

Pierre opened his jacket and pulled me close to him. His warm body felt so good and I knew he was going to be one of the stars that night. His huge cock was mine and he was going to pump all his cum into me! I was looking forward to the fucking with this sexy hung hunk of a man very much.

"Happy Ant? You seem to know how to wow guys! Wow! 'Sommer' two at once? Diego looks like he might have a big one. Latino, I guess? Chris looks like a nice guy but I think he might be a bottom. He has exceptionally long fingers. I suppose he has a long thin cock. But, I have a number on you, Meneer le Roux! Put your hand on my crotch under my jacket and have a feel ... you fucking drive me mad! You're a deviant sexual creature! You drive us all bonkers!" Pierre said and pulled me closer. His warmth felt so good.

['Sommer' = not possible to have a real translation. The closest is 'just', but in this case it is used as an interjection to indicate 'just like that'. Commonly used in South Africa by all languages. 'Meneer' = Mister]

I put my hand on Pierre's crotch and felt the incredibly big cock almost completely hard. I knew he was sopping wet by then. Hmmm! And to think I was going to have him making love to me in a couple of hours' time.

"Gentlemen, I hope you haven't spoilt your appetite with the snacks at Starbucks. I've just spoken to one of the staff members at the office and Mr Cooper has organised quite the spread for you guys! So, all you growing boys, there will be food on the table! We should arrive there just after 1 o'clock, traffic and weather permitting. ETA, John?" he asked the driver. "Ah, OK. John says we should be there by a quarter past one. So, settle in ... I see you have done just that Antonio! Hmmm! Looks nice and cosy! Pierre, you dogg!"

I was glad all was forgiven and that Gareth was going to join us for the fun and games. Actually he was a nice guy who was a bit over anxious the previous day.

The snow was sill falling and the progress on the M4 was slow. Everybody knew of the accident earlier and was extra careful.


We arrived at the Boss Models UK headquarters. John stopped right in front of the front door and we got out. The doorman let us all in and we stood in the foyer gawking at the minimalistic grandeur of the reception area. It had one big sign that merely said: 'Boss' and underneath the word in big letters, it had 'Models'. The walls were matt white, the counter top was pitch-black granite and the chrome and leather chairs looked spectacular with the numerous tiny LED spotlights in the high ceiling.

The receptionist greeted Gareth with a big smile and gawked at us. It wasn't like she hasn't seen many hunky models together before, but she knew we were mostly from South Africa and there were 11 of us. The most beautiful were Luigi, Giovanni and Pierre. But everybody else was sexy and attractive. Duh! We were all contracted to Boss! And Giovanni was about to be signed up as well.

Melissa - the receptionist - pointed to the lifts and said Mr Cooper was expecting us. She and Gareth whispered to each other and I was sure she wanted to know all the juicy bits and gossip regarding us. Let her guess, I thought.


When we reached the third floor, the lift doors opened into one of the most lavish offices I've ever seen. It was all black granite, black leather, chrome and white with single white orchids on black coffee tables. The lights were all LED spots. Against the wall in the foyer we stepped into was a huge painting of many birds in flight. I looked closer and saw it was actually a photograph of birds, blown up many times. The hue was bluish-white which toned in perfectly with the colours in the room.

A tall man in his forties with black hair and grey temples came out from behind a glass wall and through a glass door to greet us. The sign on the door said: 'Alexander Cooper' with 'Boss Models UK' and 'Manager' underneath it.

He came to us hand stretched out. He was dashingly attractive with a deep dimple in his chin. He was clean-shaven and his hair was perfectly cut and every hair in place. He wore a dark-blue suit (obviously Boss), a crisp white shirt and a dark-blue tie with small white polka dots on it. There was a white handkerchief in his top pocket. He wore elegant black shoes. He looked like a model himself.

"Ahh gentlemen!" Mr Cooper said in a deep, sonorous voice. It sounded like dark chocolate! Fuck! This man had a voice like a VOICE! "Welcome to London. Gareth, have you treated our boys with dignity and grandeur? I hope so, otherwise your trip to the Bahamas will be cancelled! How are you? My name is Alexander Cooper, one of the managers of Boss Models UK. Welcome!" Mr Cooper greeted us all by shaking our hands. He listened to each name when Gareth introduced us, and repeated our names when he said 'Pleased to meet you ...'. The man was a genuine gentleman.

When he took my hand into his hands, I gasped inwardly. His hands were enormous, they were soft and warm and when he held my hand, my cock stirred. Oh fuck! If his hands were any indication of what was in his pants, he would be stiff - no pun intended - competition for Jonathan! Fuck! When Mr Cooper was greeting the others, I took a peek at his hands ... they were beautiful and perfectly manicured. His feet were enormous too. I couldn't see his crotch, but I was determined to get a good look later.

My cock was getting hard in my pants. Slut! I've just met the man, but he was like a super model, sexy as fuck and I was sure he was hung like a horse.

After the introductions, Mr Cooper led the way to the boardroom where Justine and her team had the snacks put out on a few black granite side tables. There were sparkling wine, flutes, 500 ml Cokes, spring water, fruit juices, pure white side plates, napkins and white orchids. There was a single red orchid on the boardroom table.

"Gentlemen, please help yourselves. Justine, please ensure these fine gentlemen from South Africa get enough to eat and drink. Please don't be shy. We've asked Claire about what we should serve you. She even sent us recipes, which we sent to our caterers. See for yourselves. You should feel at home with the 'cooksisters' [koeksisters] and 'mhelk thert' [melktert] ... oh godd! I'm sure I'm not pronouncing it correctly and I have no idea whether the caterers have aced it, but bear with us. We're trying. I also managed to get some real 'beel-thong' [biltong] from a South African butchery in North London. A delicatessen in South Africa I believe? Come gentlemen, enjoy!"

[Koeksisters = a sweet treat made of braided dough, cooked in hot oil and dunked in ice-cold syrup - must when visiting South Africa! Melktert = milk tart which is made from a milky flour custard in a crust. Biltong - South African version of the American beef jerky, but made from superior cuts and far nicer than the American version]

What a host! To think he went to such lengths just to please us, and make us feel at home in the cold and miserable London! I knew what I wanted to do for him to say 'thank you'! Slut!

We helped ourselves and we all - excluding new-comer Giovanni - were impressed to no end with the South African delicacies. I tried a few slices of the biltong. Good! Not the same as our local stuff, but close. Then I tried some of the small koeksisters and a slice of the milk tart. Wow! Tannie Esther and Mom would have approved of the effort! It was almost as good as theirs.

The sparkling wine was real champagne: Moët! Wow!

"Do you all have some champagne? Cheers to you all. I saw your pictures of yesterday at the Eye, St James Park, Buckingham Palace and the Tower. And today's shoot at Windsor. Spectacular! Boss Models are proud to call you 'ours'! Bravo gentlemen! I'm sure today's photographs would be even better! Gareth has whispered in my ear he and the team were very happy with the results! I hope you've been taken care of the way you should?" Mr Cooper said and raised his flute in a toast.

We chatted amongst ourselves and to Mr Cooper. I watched him from a distance and realised he must have been a bodybuilder or swimmer when he was in his 20s. I noticed at one stage that he had an enormous bulge in his pants ... oh fuck! Another one!

"I've heard so much about you guys. I believe you twins are behind all of this good luck Boss is so fortunate to have! Well done, boys! Now tell me who is who? André and Anton? How will I know the difference?" Mr Cooper said and stood between us.

"Oh well, once you've heard them, you'll know instantly!" Johann put in and we all laughed. And of course, as on cue, André retorted and demonstrated Johann's point.

"You first class rubbish! How dare you? I have a heart and I have feelings! Sob, sob! I'm calling my Dad!"

We roared with laughter and Mr Cooper smiled his million-dollar smile. He found it very amusing.

"So, who is the ... clown? André? I've heard about you from Claude and Claire. You've made quite a name for yourself already! We know about you 'calling your dad'! Does he come to the rescue often? Perhaps you're a big boy now?"

We roared with laughter and even more so when André pulled out his iPhone and pretended to call Dad! He was such a clown, for sure.

"So, then you're the softer one, so to speak, of the two? Anton, right? I've also heard you're quite the man with the men ...! Not to worry! My son is gay too and I know it all. He gets into bed with me when he returns home and tells me all about it. My wife and I are divorced and Clive decided to stay with me. So, we're very close. Actually, he'd just love to meet you guys," and he winked at me.

My godd! My name went ahead of me! Mr Cooper in LONDON no less, knew about me! And his son Clive! Sheez! I wondered what Clive looked like.

"Here he is, this is him," Mr Cooper said and pulled his iPhone out to show me a photo of Clive. Fuck! He was gorgeous! He could've been a model himself. "And no, he's not a model, although I could help him, but he made a decision to stand on his own two legs. He is in his third year at medical school - King's College here in London. He is thinking of doing a yearlong stint in South Africa once he has finished his studies. He is the top of his class and has started to apply to spend the year in your country. He could easily become a top model, but he wouldn't hear of it because of my position. Perhaps once he's met you, he'd change his mind? In fact, I'm expecting him within the hour. He is bringing me a parcel from a supplier in East London. Perhaps you would like to meet him?"

Oh fuck! I was fucked! Clive was as hot as hell! And he was gay! My godd! Luigi was going to kill me if I pulled in yet another one! But hell, he was sexy!

"Is he tall?" I asked Mr Cooper.

"Oh yes! He is 1.9m tall. I'm tall and I look up to him. His feet are so big, we have to have his shoes made specially for him. And yes, *he's hung like a horse! My godd! It's huge but the boys love it! Those who don't, actually run away! Interested?*"

I was fucked! Literally! I was fucked! Clive was a tall hung hunk and he was coming to the office within the hour! Oh dear godd!

"Erm ... I'm engaged ... but he sounds very nice!"

"*I've also heard about ... the rest ... you know? I'm sure your fiancé wouldn't mind. Would you like to invite him to the party tonight? I'm sure he'd love to come. Well, you can ask him yourself when he gets here*," Mr Cooper said. He gave me a friendly pat on the back and when I looked at him, he smiled and winked. Fuck! He himself was a dish and if Clive was anything like his father, I'd just love to meet him!

My cock was sopping wet and I had to get to a toilet.

"Mr Cooper ..." I started.

"Please call me Alexander," Mr Cooper said and winked again.

"Erm ... Alexander, where are the toilets?"

"Through there. Come, let me show you. I have to go myself. Here," Mr Cooper said and led the way. All the others were chatting and eating and drinking. Gareth, Johann and André were on top form. The guys were laughing a lot.

We walked through the glass door and I saw the sign for the toilets down the passage. "Oh, I see it. Thanks ... Alexander," I said.

"Don't mention it. I have to relieve myself too. Come."

He held the door for me and let me in first. There were three urinals and I aimed for the middle one. I unzipped my pants and hauled my semi-hard cock out. Next to me, Alexander had unzipped his pants and then he whistled. "It's true then! You South African men do have big cocks! Wow! And you're almost hard!"

I blushed and looked at what he had in his hand ... my godd! It was at least as big as mine hard, and it was clear it wasn't hard ... not yet! It was a huge uncut cock with a long foreskin and lots of veins. He put his hand in his underpants and took out his enormous balls too. Oh dear godd ... What I'd give to suck it on the spot and of course, to feel it in me!

"You ... yours ... your cock is enormous! Alexander! You have a very big one!" I stammered. I looked at the cock as it was getting harder by the second. Alexander pulled the skin back and revealed one majestic cockhead. It was big and thick. My hole twitched thinking of that thing in me. Slut!

"Would you like to touch it? Go ahead? We'll hear if someone comes in. Touch it!"

I put my hand out and touched the warm semi-hard cock. I put my fingers around it and in the semi-hard state, my fingers just went around it. It was big! Alexander turned towards me so I could have better access to his cock. I pulled the skin over the head again and then I pushed it back. It was fast becoming very hard, and very big. And wet! A steady stream of precum was running from the big piss-slit ... it was fucking big! I rubbed the precum over the hardening cockhead.

"How big is it when it is hard?"

"Just over 30cm. Do you like it?"

"Yes of course! It's beautiful!"

"Then you'll love Clive's cock even better. It's 33cm long and even thicker. He precums ten times more than any guy I've ever seen and he cums like a horse! It's insane! Yes, from time to time we jack off together. He is a very horny young man and keeps me young. He still gives the best blowjob I've ever had. But, both of us are tops, so there is nothing more, other than mutual jacking or blowjobs. I'm sure he'd love to fuck you, but so would I. You're phenomenal! As your sponsor for tonight, I'd also love to come to your party if I may?"

"Oh yes, of course! We won't have it any other way!" I said and squeezed his huge cock in my hand. It was rock-hard and very thick.

"At what time? Around 10 o'clock? Would that be OK?"

"We hoped to start by 9 o'clock but 10 is fine too."

"I'm glad I didn't jack off for the last week. I could cum on the spot and would fill a cup halfway with my sperm. Clive also shoots big loads, even more than I do. I'm sure you will like him a lot."

"I'm sure I would. He sounds like a fine young man. He's around 21?"

"Spot on! Yes, he was 21 in September."

I bent over and took the big cockhead in my mouth. Fuck! The man smelled good and his cock tasted divine. He groaned when the cockhead disappeared into my mouth. The big head filled my mouth and tasted fantastic. I pushed the tip of my tongue into the piss-slit ... it was huge! I could actually get my tongue in there! I took his big balls in my hand and felt they were really big.

"Oh damn! Man, you know how to suck! I'd just love to fuck you too! Do you like them big?"

I pulled off the big cock and said: "Oh yes, I love them big!"

"Then you're going to love Clive's big one! It's a bit thicker and of course I told you it's 33cm long. He says most boys run away when they see it. It's a beautiful cock."

"Nothing wrong with your 30cm+ cock! Also very beautiful and big. I'd love to bend for you!"

"Oh damn! Yes! Let's get into a stall! I want to push it into you now! Right now! Do you precum?"

"Oh yes, let's do it! Yes, I precum lots. I'll put mine on my hole and you put yours on your cock. But, I haven't douched ... sorry!"

"No problem. There is a small hand-basin in the stall. Come!"

Alexander closed the door behind us and I turned around. I pushed my pants down and milked my precum from my cock. I bent forward. I put the precum on my hole and waited anxiously for Alex to penetrate me. Then I felt his warm hard cock with the silky soft skin on my hole ... I braced myself.

Alexander pushed forward. There was more than enough precum on my hole and on the big cockhead, but I was too tense. I forced myself to relax and pushed out. Alexander tried again and the head slipped in with no problem at all. He held still and gasped. I gasped too! Fuck! I groaned and pushed out. I felt the big cock advancing into me and filling me up. It wasn't the biggest cock I've ever had, but it was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen, plus it was thick! Fuck!

Alexander pulled out again and milked his cock to get more precum, which he put all over the shaft right up to his balls. He was slicked up big time. I used the time to milk some more precum from my cock and put it on my hole.

He put his cock on my hole again and pushed in ... he didn't realise how hard he pushed and when I gasped as half the cock disappeared into me, he apologised.

"Sorry man! I'm really sorry!"

"No problem. Push in please! I want you to fuck me before someone comes looking for us! Fuck me!" I insisted.

Alexander pushed home and when he pushed through my inner sphincter - without hesitation - I groaned and braced myself for a fucking of note. The huge cock in me felt fantastic and I marvelled at the great fragrance that hung in the stall of this man, and now we were going to add the smell of sex to it. His big balls hung against mine, they were so big.

He put his hands on my hips and started to fuck me with urgency. We didn't have time to waste.

"Antonio, I'm filled to the brim with lots of cum. I'm going to cum quickly. OK? What about you?"

"I'd be fine thanks! Don't worry about me. I had a lot of sex this morning. Fuck me and cum!"

"I hope you'll allow Clive to fuck you too! He should be here anytime now. I'll organise some distraction in the studio so he could bring you here. I want him to fuck you! You'll love his cock!"

"I'm sure I would! Yes, it would be nice if he too could fuck me!"

"Oh damn! You feel so warm and soft inside! Fantastic! Ahhh! Oh dear lord! This is wonderful!"

Alexander was fucking me faster and I felt the big veiny cock in me getting harder and bigger ... I was being given the royal treatment! He was fucking me good and I loved it.

"I'm going to cum ...! I'm going to cum ...! Oh dear lord! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Ahhhhh!" Alexander said and pushed his big cock balls-deep into me. He continued to fuck me with short deep thrusts as his cock started to erupt inside me. He was pumping one hell of a load into me. I felt the pulsating cock twitch and swell in me with every spurt of cum being pumped into me. His balls were pulled up and I felt them against me. I forgot to count the number of spurts, but it could easily have been 10 or 11. He held still and sighed. He was still holding me close to him.

"Phew! That was hot! Man oh man! I've pumped one hell of a lot of cum into you young man! You're ready for my boy! He's going to add at least half a cup to it! You mark my words!"

"I can't wait! Sounds promising!"

"You'll love it! You should taste it - divine!"

"I hope he likes me enough to fuck me!"

"Oh, he will! I promise you, you'll be back here within half an hour with my boy's cock where mine is right now!"

Alexander started to pull out and I dreaded it, as I wasn't sure what to expect. As soon as the magnificent manhood slipped out, I turned around and was surprised to see it was clean. Big relief!

I sat down on the commode and licked the big cock clean. It tasted funky but still nice.

Alexander turned to the hand-basin and rinsed off his beautiful cock. Once done, he turned to me again and asked: "Want to suck it dry?"

"Oh yes! Yes!" I sat down on the commode and took the now rubbery cock into my mouth. I pushed and the big head slipped into my throat ... fuck! It felt good!

"Come, we have to get going. I'll go out first. I'll check first and will call you if all is safe. OK?" Alexander said as he pulled his cock from my mouth. He put it into his underwear and tucked it all neatly into his pants. He zipped up and looked at me. I was busy zipping up when he leaned forward and kissed me. Oh godd! The man kissed me! "Thanks Anton!"

"I'll see you in the boardroom. If anybody asks, I've shown you my wine collection. I do have a few bottles of KWV in the room next door. So, you could say you've seen my KWV Roodeberg 1975! I'm going, OK?" and he was gone.

I went back into the toilet and almost immediately Alexander opened the door again and said: "Coast is clear!"

I washed my hands and went into the passage. I heard the muffled laughter of the men in the boardroom. When I entered, Alexander was the centre of attention as he was telling the guys a joke about an Irishman, an American and a Frenchman.

The guys were so engrossed in the story that Pierre didn't really notice it when I went to stand next to him. "Where have you been?"

"Mr Cooper heard about our wine-making and he showed me his collection from all over the world. He even has a few KWV Roodeberg! I told him I'd send him some of our wines too. You know, to thank him for the party tonight and so." I was a smooth liar!

"Ahh! And there's my boy! Clive, come here! Gentlemen, may I have the pleasure of introducing to you to my one and only boy, Clive Cooper! Clive, these are the men from South Africa, and some others too. How are you?" Alexander stood with outstretched arms and Clive walked right into his dad's arms. And they kissed each other, on the mouth! Well, I never! I thought the Pommies were all stiff upper lip!

But, that wasn't the biggest surprise. The surprise was Clive ... my godd! He was like a Roman god! He was tall, he had very dark brown hair cut into a modern short style, but not skinhead short. He sported a 3-day stubble ... he was super sexy. His smiling mouth was beautiful, his eyes lively and sparkling. His hands were enormous and beautiful. He wore big boots for the cold weather, but they were ... well, they were big! He had an Aran jersey on underneath his jacket and he had a scarf in his one hand, which he must have taken off once he was in the building.

"Hi there! I'm Clive. Pleased to meet you all! My Dad has been looking forward to your visit for weeks! He's been planning everything and used me as a soundboard. I have to concur, the South African men are sexier than I thought!"

Gareth greeted him with a firm handshake and then introduced all of us to this fine specimen of a man. I retreated a bit. I wanted to be introduced last ... Snake!

When Gareth came to me, he hesitated and swallowed. "Clive, please let me introduce you to the finest of them all! This is Antonio, or Anton, or just Sexy Boy! Antonio, this is Mr Cooper's son, Clive Cooper." Alexander called Gareth, so he left Clive alone with me.

"Uhm ... pleased to meet you, Clive! Your dad has spoken about you. He is very proud of you! And he loves you very much!" I said and looked at the man's square jaw and beautiful long nose. His eyelashes were insanely long for a man and his chestnut brown eyes were full of mischief and were lively, and friendly. His teeth were sparkling white and perfect. I looked at his hands ... oh my godd! His thumbs were as long as my middle fingers! The nails were big, rectangular and perfectly manicured. They were not as hairy as Pierre's hands or Diego's hands, but they were not smooth. I saw some chest hair billowing out from above his shirt.

And he was tall! My godd! He was almost as tall as George!

"So, who's who in the zoo here? Anybody your boyfriend or lover or husband-to-be, or husband? A man like you will never be alone!" Clive said and nudged me.

"Smooth talker! Thanks! Yes, my fiancé is over there with your father. He is the very tall guy with the long curly black hair. His name is Luigi. He's an Italian urologist who practices in South Africa. But, most of us are in an open relationship ..."

"'Open relationship'? So, you play the field?"

"Yes, we do. And you and your dad are invited to a party at our hotel tonight at 9. Interested?"

"I had a date with a buddy, but after meeting you and hearing what you've just said, I'm cancelling that date! Oh damn! Do you know just how sexy you are?"

"Thanks, but you're the sexy one here!"

"Smooth talker! It just might get you more than you've bargained for!"

"Bring it on! I'm used to big ... erm ... I mean, I'm used to everything!" I blushed at my blunder.

"Oh, you like them big? Really? How about I show you my Dad's wine collection later? I believe you're going for a photo shoot on the second floor. The wine collection is here down the passage. I'll ask Dad to organise your shoot for a bit later so I could ... erm ... 'show you the wine'. Interested?"

"Oh fuck ... oh sorry! ... but yes, I'd love to 'see the wine'! I believe it's a 'big collection'!"

"I'd like to think so! You'll love the contents too! I hope you like half a glass from time to time?"

"Oh yes! The more, the better and nicer! I love it! Oh dear lord! You're making me ... hard!"

"Good! I don't like to feed hungry men that go soft on me!"

Alexander said out loud: "Gentlemen, studio 2 on the second floor please. Gareth, please take them. I'll be there in a minute. Clive, a minute please?"

We all bundled to the door and down the passage to the stairwell.

"Guys, Mr Cooper wants some photos taken in the studio. The photographers Robert and John who you know and Peter will be taking the pictures. These will be used for the new catalogue that goes out to Boss stores in the New Year. Come!"

In the studio there were tripods, lights, white umbrellas, iMacs, printers, make-up artists, wardrobe people, rails of clothes, and cameras - many cameras! Wow! The backdrops were huge screens with the most exquisite vistas and textures. It was clear Boss didn't skimp on equipment and they wanted the best.

We were divided into two groups to get our clothes and accessories. Each one was assigned his own handler who would hand us the watch or jacket - some worth hundreds of pounds - and who would retrieve it from us after the shoot.

We were given numbers, which would indicate when we would be photographed during a 15 minute period each. Giovanni and I were the last ones in our group to be photographed. For some odd reason Luigi was in the other group ...

Just then, Alexander came in and chatted to Robert. I saw they were looking at me - or so they thought, as André was in the other group and we were identical, sometimes wreaking havoc with strangers.

Alexander came into our dressing room and chatted to some of the guys and handlers. He came to chat with me and said to me point-blank: "*Third floor toilets, now! You have 10 minutes flat!*"

Of course I knew what he meant and my cock sprang to life in my pants. Oh fuck! First Alexander and now Clive! Slut! Slut! Slut! Bring it on! The more the merrier! The bigger the better!

I just nodded and walked out the door. I heard Alexander chatting to Giovanni and asked him about his time with D&G. I didn't think they noticed me going. There was too much excitement and Alexander knew how to entertain people.

I calmly walked to the door and when I turned the corner in the passage, I almost ran to the stairwell. I took the steps two-by-two and walked very briskly to the toilet. When I entered, Clive was standing at the basins. He came towards me and locked the door. His dad had given him a key to lock the door from the inside.

He turned to me and grabbed me into his arms. "We have 10 minutes tops, if not only 5. We'll have to make the most of this. Oh fuck! You drive me nuts! How do you do it?"

"I know we have little time. You drive me nuts too! I'm an engaged man and look at me now!" I said. Clive hugged me to him. His body was warm and muscular. His huge hands were all over my back and his big bulge pushed into me. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. His beautiful mouth melted over mine and he sucked my lips into his mouth. Oh fuck! He bit my lips lightly and then he pushed his tongue into my mouth. It tasted of spearmint and it was a big tongue. I put my hands on his big chest and gasped at the muscles under his Aran jersey.

Clive put his hands on my buttocks and pulled me tighter to him. I moved my hands to his crotch and yes, it was hard and yes it was big! I tried to open his pants but he was pushed too tight against me. He let go of me and moved his body away to give me access to his crotch. I opened his pants and zipped down. I put my hand in his underwear and felt one of the biggest, wettest cocks I've ever had in my hands! He wasn't just sopping wet, his underpants were soaked! Wow! I put my hand around the shaft - it was most definitely thicker than his dad's cock. I moved my hands to his balls - yes, also bigger than his dad's! Fuck!

My own pants fell to the floor. I pushed my underpants down and my cock jumped out. It pushed against the huge cock in front of me.


"Oh fuck yes! Oh yes! It's huge and it's very wet!"

"Yes, most guys hate it that I precum so much. Some even think I've already shot my load when they feel it. I promise you, I haven't had sex in weeks and the last time I jacked off was the previous Sunday night with my dad. So, the barrels are full! Want to suck me and taste my precum? It really does taste good!"

I kissed Clive and he pushed his tongue deep into my mouth.

"You know that I want to fuck you, right here and right now? Right? And again tonight please? OK?"

"Yes, please! Oh fuck yes! Please!"

I let go of the beautiful man's chest and slid down his body. He pushed his pants down as he reversed me into the stall. I walked backwards with his big cock in my hand and the other hand around his waist.

I sat down on the commode and hauled the magnificent manhood from its confines in the underpants. It was at least 33cm long, very thick with a big, long glans. It looked like a white but bigger version of Diego's cock. It was also like Alexander's cock, but bigger and thicker.

I slipped the big head into my mouth and marvelled at the huge amount of precum leaking onto my tongue. The girth of the cock was as big as Pierre's cock but it was different. The cock was straight as an arrow. It was of equal thickness except for the head that was noticeably bigger and longer than Pierre's cock.

The piss-slit was not as big as I thought it would be, but still big. Diego's slit was bigger, as was Pierre's and Luigi's.

Clive pushed his cock gently into my mouth. He said: "Don't force it. I don't expect you to swallow it at all ... you can try, but I know most guys can't handle it ..."

The huge amount of precum lubed up my mouth and I felt the tip of his cock starting to push into my throat ... If I had anything to say in the matter, this cock was going to go down my throat!

"Like I said, you don't have to ... yow! Wow! I can't believe it! NOBODY ever managed to deep-throat me! How do you do it? Antonio! You're phenomenal! My dad didn't exaggerate!" Clive exclaimed when the big head slipped into my throat. It felt fantastic to have the big cock in my mouth with the huge balls hanging on my chin. Clive pushed in deeper and soon my nose was in his pubic hair. He too smelled like a million bucks. Hugo Boss, no less!

I pulled my mouth off the huge cock to catch my breath and marvel at the huge cock as it slipped from my mouth. I took it out my mouth and the precum just dripped from the big cock. My godd! It was a lot! I took the big balls in my hand and enjoyed the feeling of the big globes in my hand. It felt wonderful.

Clive pushed his cock towards my mouth again and I opened my mouth. The head slid over my tongue and I opened my throat. The big head pushed my throat walls out of the way and slipped into me. The long cock slid down my throat and I massaged it with my tongue, my mouth and my throat muscles.

"Oh damn! You're good! You're very good! But I want to fuck you! Please let me sit on the toilet. I want you to face me. Please come sit on me. I want to see your face and kiss you while my cock slides into you ... please?"

I let go of the magnificent cock in my mouth and stood up. Our cocks pushed against each other. Clive pulled me to him and kissed me again. Fuck! He was a good kisser!

I broke free from the kiss and took off my shoes in order to take off my pants. Clive did the same and while we were both bent down to remove our shoes (he his boots) and pants, we kissed again.

I looked at the exquisitely beautiful big feet: hairy and milky white. Big toes, beautiful nails and hairy. Fuck!

When we stood upright again, there was a huge amount of precum dangling from his big cock. Fuck! It was like he has opened a faucet somewhere inside him!

"Come, bend over so I could lube you up," Clive said and started to turn me around. I bent down and felt the big warm wet cock on my hole. He rubbed the big head over my hole, lubing me up properly.

Clive sat down on the commode and pulled me towards him. He held his mouth for me to kiss while I put my legs on either side of the big sexy man sitting on the toilet.

"You're in control. Take my cock with one hand and aim it at your hole. Sit down and let it slide into you at your own pace," Clive said with his lips close to my mouth.

I took the big cock in my one hand while I held on to Clive's shoulder to steady my position. The big cockhead was aiming at my hole and I sat down slowly. The cockhead touched my hole and I repositioned my body to get it right on target. My strong legs held my body in position while I slowly sat down on the big cock.

I clenched my hole as hard as I could and held it until I involuntarily had to let go. I sat down and the head pierced my now relaxed sphincter. Easy peasy.

The huge amount of precum was better than the best of the lubes Claude brought from Europe or Pierre bought from the pharmacy. The head slipped into me and I groaned into Clive's mouth.

"Am I hurting you? Slowly Antonio! Easy does it!"

"No, I'm fine thanks! But it feels wonderful - that's why I'm groaning. Not because of pain. Oh ... damn!"

The big cock was sliding into me at a steady pace and soon the cockhead scraped over my prostate. After his dad fucked me earlier, I was charged big time and wanted to cum on the spot! I took a deep breath and fought against it. I wanted to cum in his mouth, and that was that!

Clive held me by the hips and supported me while I was sitting down on his big cock. He filled me like Pierre when he fucked me, but it was different. The cock was thick and the big head made it feel great.

The cockhead reached my inner sphincter and I waited for it to open to the invasion. Just over two-thirds of the cock was in me when it slipped through the sphincter. I pushed down and the full 33cm of the cock was in me. Oh fuck!

"You're full of cum! Is it my my dad's cum ...? Hmmm! That is so damn sexy! I'm so charged!"

Clive made his cock twitch, and like with dearest Gunther, it swelled to gigantic proportions! Oh fuck! I groaned and clung to the beautiful man in front of me, his big cock deep in me. I sought his mouth and hungrily sucked his tongue into my mouth.

"Fuck me! Oh dear godd! Just fuck me! Yes! Yes! Fuck me!" I said between kisses and absolutely devoured his mouth, clenching my hole over the big cock in me. I was in sex heaven and I didn't know how long I was going to last. This man was a master at lovemaking. He was sexy, he was hung and he knew how to kiss and make a guy feel good.

"After abstaining from sex for days now, I want to cum please! OK with you? I can feel you want to cum too. You didn't cum while my dad was fucking you, did you?"

"No, I didn't but yes, I want to cum please! I want this to last too, but I don't think I'd be able to ... yes! Fuck me and cum! At this rated I'd cum without touching myself!"

"You'll do no such thing! After I've fucked you, I want you to stand in front of me so I could suck you off! No objections! I want to have your cum in my mouth because I want to and that way there is no spillages in the toilet. Ahhh! Oh dear lord! This is the best sex in ages! I can't wait for tonight!"

"Yes, it is fantastic and you are a god-like creature! I love your cock in me!"

I looked into his big brown eyes and saw the raw lust and anticipated orgasm in them. The man was ready to breed my hole!

Clive fucked me with gusto and soon he started to grunt into my mouth. He pulled me tight against his body. I had my arms around his neck and my mouth on his. Behind me his big cock was slowly pistoning in and out of my hole. He deliberately didn't fuck me like a jackhammer. He wanted to enjoy it and also not hurt me.

He broke free from my mouth while he was groaning: "I'm about to cum, Antonio! I'm going to cum! Oh damn! Yes! Yess! Yessss! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes!" he moaned and then his cock swelled to enormous proportions as the first spurt was shot into me. With every spurt, the cock swelled and he pushed it deep into me, pulled out a bit and shot a new load while the cock swelled as he pushed back into me. He shot around 11 spurts into me and I felt they were huge spurts. Oh dear lord, to use Clive's expression, this was bliss!

"Ahhhh! Oh lord! This is like cum heaven! Yes! Yes!" Clive said as his head was pushed into the crook of my neck and his arms tight around my body. He was breathing heavily. "Oh dear!"

His big cock was still deep inside me and was still twitching. It didn't swell that much but I was well aware of the big cock in me.

"We don't have time. I'd love to be in a proper bed with you and make love to you all night long. But we have to go soon. Please pull off me and stand in front of me. Antonio, this was fantastic!"

I gingerly pulled off Clive's big cock and dreaded what it would look like when he slipped out - I still haven't had a chance to douche. As the cock in me approached my sphincter, I panicked. I didn't want to make a mess on Clive's genitals, but I also didn't want his cock to be covered in poo.

Clive put his hand at the base of his cock to keep it in the upright. When the cockhead plopped free, I looked and was relieved to see the cock was covered in cum only. Lucky me, I guess!

I took the big cock in my hand and licked it clean. It also tasted funky like his dad's cock but nothing yucky about it.

"Come here and give me your beautiful cock! I want to taste your cum!" Clive said and pulled me close to him. I put my hands on his shoulders and held my cock for him to suck. I was sure I was going to shoot a load within 30 seconds.

The tip of my cock entered the warm mouth in front of me and Clive pulled me towards him with his hands on my buttocks. He opened his mouth wide and my cockhead slipped into his throat at the first attempt. Wow! This man was good - he was very good! His mouth and tongue and throat were massaging my cockshaft and I already felt my orgasm building up in me. Oh fuck!

Clive felt my imminent orgasm coming and he let my cockhead slip back into his mouth. The second my cockhead entered his mouth from his throat, my cock started to spasm and squirt my seed into the hunk's mouth.

"Ahhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Oh yes! Oh yessss!" I moaned and shot an enormous load into Clive's mouth. After having sex with Diego and Alexander, I was really ready to cum and I did - big time! The poor man in front of me had his work cut out for him to swallow my huge load!

He kept on sucking me and massaging my cock until I said: "Sensitive!" He stopped massaging my cock and just held my cock in his mouth. He had swallowed my load and now he was just enjoying having my cock in his mouth.

My breathing was deep and my heart was pounding in my chest. I took the head of this Romanesque hung hunk in my hands and hugged him. Fuck! This was one of the best orgasms ever! I slowly pulled my softening cock from Clive's mouth. He stood up and hugged me to his big muscular body. He kissed me in the neck and pushed his big rubbery cock into my tummy.

"I've only met you, but my lord! You're the stuff legends and wet dreams are made of! This was phenomenal! Given half a chance, I'd fall head over heels in love with you! Dear lord! Your man is a lucky guy! If you'd invite me, I'd come visit you in South Africa."

"Oh yes! You're more than welcome! And if you wanted, you could finish your medical studies at Tygerberg in Cape Town. We have some of the best medical schools out there. But, you may come visit any time you want! And yes, although I love Luigi and Pierre very much, I could easily fall in love with you too! What's not to like?"

"I'll discuss it with my dad. Please take my mobile number so we could stay in touch," Clive said as he turned to the hand-basin to rinse off his cock. He turned to me and I sat down on the commode immediately to suck his rubbery cock. Like father like son! The big cock in my mouth felt wonderful and it was where I'd love to have it often!

The cock started to swell again and filled my mouth.

"I wish we had time for a next round, but it'll have to wait for tonight! Ahhh! Antonio, you're too much! Oh lord! You're fantastic!" Clive said and pulled his cock from my mouth. I went to the hand-basin to wash my cock and when I turned around, Clive was sitting on the commode ready to suck my cock dry too. Like two peas in a pod!

We both started dressing and to put our shoes back on. Soon we were fully dressed and in each other's arms again.

"Antonio, you're really a spectacular guy and I'd love to get to know you better. I'm definitely going to take you up on your offer. I want to come visit soon and if my plans work out, I'd be doing at least a year's communal work in South Africa once I've finished with my 5th year. Not too long to wait. Here is my number: +44 783 ... And yours is +27?"

"Yes, it's +27 82 ... Please let me take a picture when we're out in the passage so I can save it in my Address Book."

"Yes, me too. I hope we can take some pictures tonight ... I can't wait!"

We gave each other a last hug and kissed each other. It was a gentle lingering kiss with lots of saliva and tongue and some after-coitus passion.

Clive unlocked the outer door and peered out into the passage. "All clear! Come!"

Out in the passage, we took pictures of each other for our Address Books and saved the numbers.

"Listen, to make it all look legit why you were away from the guys, my dad gave me a box of portfolios with pictures of you guys he had printed for you as a memento of London. They're mostly of your day in London yesterday. Come, it's in his office," Clive said and led the way.

There were 11 folders with our individual names on them. The folders were printed on glossy white paper with the Boss Models emblem emblazoned in gold on the front. Classy! Wow! I didn't look in the folders, as there was no time. I took half the folders and Clive the other half. He grabbed me into his arms one last time and kissed me. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

"Come, let's go back before there is search party to rescue you from the 'wolf's claws'!"

We went down the stairs and back into the studio. Robert and the other photographers were busy taking individual pictures of the guys.

"What took you so long? I almost sent someone to go look for you! Come Antonio, your turn! Let the make-up people try to make you even more desirable! Clive, where were you?" Alexander faked indignation and winked at us. He made big eyes with a big question mark on his face.

"*Yes, it was great*!" was all Clive said and winked at his dad.

"*Good! I'm glad!* Here, let me take the folders from you. I'll give it to the lads after the shoot. I think they'll be pleased. The pictures came out great! We'll email smaller versions to you. Go, Antonio! Make-up! Go!"


The shoot went well. I had to clench my hole to keep the two big loads of cum in me. I couldn't afford to slip up!

To André and my astonishment, Gareth had organised our clothes to be identical! They wanted it to look like a multiplication of the same good clothes and other stuff. Once dressed and made up, it was difficult even for Luigi, Pierre, Gunther or even Juan to tell us apart.

We were photographed in front of the backdrops, individual shots, in pairs, in groups, fans blowing in our hair, holding magazines, wearing Boss watches and everything from shoulder bags to scarves, from shoes to belts, from pants to jackets. Boss Models made very good use of our presence. This was going to be called "Out of Africa" even though 3 of the guys were actually from other countries, although all three were from Africa at that stage ... oh well, Giovanni not yet, but he would have been in 3 weeks' time. Hence the Africa theme.

"Guys, it's a wrap! Mr Cooper, come have a look and tell us what you think. Guys, you may go change. All the clothes will be sent to your hotel rooms. By the end of the week you'll tell us which clothes you wanted to take with you to Germany and Italy and we'll ship the rest to Claire. You get to keep it all! Jackets, pants, shirts - everything! Well done! I'm happy, but let's hear what Mr Cooper says," Gareth said and led Alexander to the bank of iMacs on one side of the studio.

We went into our dressing rooms and changed into the clothes we wore earlier on. I marvelled at the clothes we just 'earned', me in more way than one! The clothes were spectacularly beautiful.

André came into our dressing room with some of the clothes over his arm. "Baby bro, which clothes are you taking with you right now? How about these pants and this jacket? It would look snazzy and warm in this fucking cold and snow! What do you think?"

André held the pants and jacket up and I had to agree it was a good choice.

"OK, I'm going to use this jacket right now. I believe the snow is coming down big time now. Good thing Knightsbridge is just around the corner. I'd love to cuddle in front of the fire with you and some hot chocolate! What do you say baby bro?"

"Yes, that sounds great! I can't wait to get to the hotel. Bro, this is a fantastic experience, don't you think? We've met some wonderful people and look at the clothes we're getting! I'm so happy!"

"Yes, and you're picking up stray cats as far as you go," André said and put some emphasis on the last few words, looking at Giovanni. He burst out laughing and when Giovanni realised André was referring to him (and of course Diego and Chris, and of course to a certain extent to Alexander and Clive), he launched a faux punch to André's cheek. André pretended he was hit and fell backwards into my arms, pretending to be hurt.

"Call 911! I'm hurt! The damn half-bred hit me! Call 911!" André was just such a clown!

Giovanni played along and came to help to get André on his back on the floor. He pretended to slap André's face to revive him. We both kneeled next to André.

"He's not breathing!" Giovanni joked. André kept his eyes closed.

Then Giovanni bent over André and put his mouth on André's mouth. Because his eyes were closed, he didn't see who had his mouth on his, so he didn't know it was Giovanni.

Giovanni's mouth on André's mouth was full and sexy. André's eyes flew open and when he saw it was the half-bred, he pushed Giovanni off him and wiped his mouth with gusto and faux disgust. He even stuck his tongue out and wiped it on his sleeve.

"Dear godd! First you assault me and now you want to give me the kiss of death! I'm calling my Dad! Sies man!" André was on top form!

['Sies man' = 'sis man'. Same meaning]

We roared with laughter and I leaned down to kiss my brother. He put his hand behind my head and pulled me in for a tender brotherly kiss, although kisses we gave each other have long lost the 'brotherly' part. We kissed each other like lovers, which we were.

He even gave me some tongue! Jackal! But, it was a nice kiss.

"Ahh! Much better! Half-bred, you need to take a page from my brother's kissing book! You have much to learn! Next time you pull such a stunt on me, I'm getting a scalpel from the real Ita and I'll neuter you! Sies man!" André pretended to threaten Giovanni and we all cracked up laughing. André couldn't keep a straight face any longer and burst out laughing with us. He grabbed Giovanni and kissed him! Giovanni kept his presence of mind and laid into André with gusto: he kissed my brother with passion and hugged him close. My brother's resistance crumbled like mist before the sun and he had his arms around the big man's chest in no time, kissing him too.

We all cheered them on. Just then Luigi entered our dressing room and came to stand next to me to witness this spectacle of André giving in to Giovanni's ministrations. He had called André's bluff and now my brother was in the arms of this god-like creature.

"Care to give your fiancé the same treatment?" Luigi said and hugged me to him.

Without saying a word, I turned to him and kissed my man. Clive and his dad were good kissers, so was Diego, so is Pierre, but my man still topped them all! I sighed when Luigi's soft full mouth was on mine. My darling! I've cheated on him three times that day, but I still loved him to bits. I know, I'm a slut, I know, but the men kept on falling for me ... and I loved to have them! I knew it had to stop, but how? Fuck! How?


"Mr Cooper is over the moon with the pictures! You're a hit guys! Did you choose your clothes to take with you? Before you go please take the rest to the wardrobe people so they could mark the items with tags. Right guys! It's just before 4 o'clock, perfect time for a high tea at the hotel. They're expecting you. The bus is outside, engine running and heated. Juan, you're the alpha male. Please take care of the boys and go back to the hotel. If the weather were any better, I'd have suggested you take a walk to Hyde Park, but it's freezing and we don't want you to get sick. So, straight to the hotel. There will be tea, coffee and sandwiches in the lounge where I gave you your jackets yesterday. I'll meet up with you at 6. I still have some stuff to do here, and Mr Cooper and I have some business to take care of. Thanks guys! You are a pleasure to work with! See you in a bit!" Gareth said and waved us goodbye.

"Yes, you guys are magnificent. I've never been happier I have appointed Claire! She has good taste and you guys come from good stock! Boss Models are privileged to have you. I'm preparing a submission to the big boss. I'm sure he'd be happy with the expenses incurred to get you here. Congratulations! We'll see you at 9! Clive and I have another commitment at 6, but we'll be at the hotel at 9. Don't start without us!" Alexander said and winked. He came to shake our hands, all of us.

Clive stood on the side and when I looked at him, he didn't know it was I, as André and I wore identical clothes. I winked at him and he realised it was me. He just smiled knowingly. When we walked past him, he put his hand out to say goodbye in a manly fashion. When I took his huge hand in mine, I gasped slightly. It was big .. very big! And it was warm.

"*See you at 9!*" Clive whispered and winked at me. My cock twitched in my pants and I clenched my hole to keep the vast amount of cum in me.

We got into the lift and once in the foyer, we tightened our jackets, put our scarves on and were out the building. When we got outside, the landscape had changed remarkably. The snow had covered most of the pavement and some of the vegetation. It was beautiful, but it was fucking cold!

We bundled into the bus and Luigi pulled me into his embrace to keep me warm. I was shivering so much he actually opened his jacket on both sides to envelop me. Hmmm! That felt great.

The drive from Soho to the Berkley in Knightsbridge took 30 minutes because of the traffic and snow. Soon we stopped in front of the hotel and rushed to get inside.

"Guys, take your stuff to your rooms and let's meet here in 5 minutes. I'll tell reception we're here. Chop chop!" Juan said and clapped his hands. Mom personified!


Everybody was still warming themselves in front of the fire. Pierre pulled me to him and whispered: "*Please let us go to our room!*"

Giovanni was on my other side and said: "*Yes! Let's go!* Luigi, come!"

We all got into the lifts and as we ascended, Pierre started to kiss me in the neck. Luigi was standing behind me and pushed his big bulge into my crack. Giovanni joined Pierre and kissed me in turn. My godd! Three hung hunks, the one more beautiful than the other! But, Luigi was still my darling. He leaned over my shoulder and kissed me on my cheek. I broke the kiss with Giovanni and turned my head to kiss Luigi. Pierre's mouth joined us and it became a three-way kiss. I turned around and Giovanni pushed his bulge in my crack while Luigi took me in his arms. He gave me the most luxurious, wonderful kiss with his beautiful mouth. Oh fuck! I loved him!

My godd! We had to get to our room and fast! My cock was rock-hard and my breathing became faster. My heart was pounding! One wouldn't have said I've had sex with three other men that day, apart from the shenanigans earlier the morning.

In our suite, Luigi was all over me. Pierre and Giovanni joined in and I was passed from one to the other. After my encounters with Diego, Alexander and Clive, I was gorging on the mouths of three of the other men in my life.

"Oh fuck Antonio! Just kissing you makes me so fucking horny! Just feel this big hard thing!" Giovanni said and put my hand on his bulge. It was rock-hard!

"And mine, Ant! Feel it! You're too much! I can't wait for tonight! How about you suck us quickly? Please? Please? Please?" Pierre asked with a small boy voice. He pulled his face into a little puppy face. His blue eyes were adorable!

"Sì, mio caro! We've lusted after you the whole day! Please suck us! Pronto!" Luigi! That was unexpected!

"What do you say? All three of us are hard already! We'll cum quickly! Just imagine: you'd be getting three scoops of whipped cream even before you get your scones!" Pierre said with a twinkle in his naughty blue eyes.

Pierre was already opening his pants and when Giovanni saw that, he followed suit, and then Luigi was convinced of the upcoming shenanigans, and he did the same.

"You guys know how to convince an upstanding member of the Stellenbosch community to let his guard down and become a super cum slut! Yes, of course gentlemen! I'd love to be of service!" I said and kissed each of them.

I sank to my knees in front of Luigi and took his exquisitely uncut cock with its big head, the veins and big balls in my hands. I jacked him a few strokes while I cupped his balls. He was rock-hard and sopping wet. I rubbed the precum over his cockhead and my man groaned. I looked up and saw he, Pierre and Giovanni were kissing each other! My godd, this was the perfect combination of 4 fantastic men!

I opened my mouth and Luigi's cock disappeared in my mouth. It tasted nice and one wouldn't have said it was after a whole day since he showered. My man was just that clean and nice.

Pierre's cock was on my shoulder, the wet head prodding my face. I put my one hand out and touched Giovanni's big cock. The precum literally dripped from it!

"Please suck me! Please Antonio!" Giovanni pleaded. I let go of Luigi's cock and Giovanni pushed his cock forward. I opened my mouth and the big sopping wet head slipped in. Oh fuck! It tasted good! He was so hot. He pushed it deeper until it reached my throat. He started to faux fuck my mouth with his hands behind my head.

"We've been lusting after you since this morning! A whole day with you and nothing ... no, that won't do!" Pierre put in and put his huge cock on my cheek, anxious to get it into my mouth.

I let go of Giovanni's cock and took Pierre's huge leaking cock into my mouth.

"Guys, one at a time! Let's give Antonio a break! Mio caro, we're abusing you now. Giovanni, you first. Let Antonio suck you first. Pee-AIR, let me suck you, OK? Then we could switch," Luigi said and sank to his knees to suck Pierre's huge cock.

I had to see that! It wasn't often that Luigi sucked a cock, and I'd love to see him handle the huge cock! I was amazed! The huge cock disappeared in Luigi's mouth and Pierre groaned, big time! My man wasn't only an ace fucker - he was an ace cocksucker too! My godd! I put my hand on Luigi's back and stroked him.

Soon Pierre and Giovanni were teetering on the verge of cumming and we exchanged places: Pierre sucked my cock and Giovanni sucked Luigi's cock. Fuck! It was hot!

Pierre let go of my cock and said: "Guys, we don't have much time and I want to cum in Ant's mouth, please? Let's get this done, soon! I feel like I'm about to explode! Ant, please suck me! I want to cum! Please Ant!" Pierre was horny as fuck!

I took his cock in my mouth while Luigi sucked Giovanni's cock. Oh fuck! My man really knew how to suck big cocks!

Within 30 seconds after Pierre pushed his cock into my mouth, he started to moan: "Ant! Oh fuck man! I'm going to cum! I'm cumming! Here it is! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Ahhhh!" His cock exploded into my mouth with so much force, some of it went straight into my throat. It was a lot! And fuck, it tasted nice!

Next to me, Giovanni was preparing to cum. He was moaning and clung to Luigi's head. "In your mouth Antonio! Please! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh godd! Oh yes!"

Pierre's first orgasm was tapering down and he and Giovanni switched places. Pierre pinched his cock so no more cum leaked from it and pushed it into Luigi's mouth. Giovanni shoved his cock into my mouth and let fly: he shot a load of note into my mouth! Fuck! It was another huge load and it too tasted fantastic.

Luigi sucked Pierre's cock for a while. Then Luigi let go of Pierre's cock and stood up. "My turn, please Gio! Per favore! Oh mio Dio! Quickly please!" I let go of Giovanni's cock and took Luigi's equally big cock in my mouth. No sooner was it in my mouth when the first of his big loads exploded into my mouth.

Pierre stood closer and was jacking his cock to bring it to his next orgasm. Fuck! I was going to be fed a lot of cum! All three were multiple cummers and they all shot big loads!

As soon as Luigi's first round of cum was shot into my mouth, I let go and took Pierre's cock in my mouth again. It exploded and his second round of shots was fired into my mouth. Fuck! It was nice.

Giovanni was jacking his cock and held his cock at the ready to cum in my mouth again. Next to him Luigi was leisurely jacking his cock and was teetering on the verge of cumming again.

I let go of Pierre's cock as soon as the cumming tapered off and took Giovanni's cock in my mouth. His next round of cum was shot into my mouth with Luigi standing closer to deliver his next round.

When Giovanni's cock stopped cumming, I took Luigi's rock-hard cock in my mouth and received his next load in my mouth! Still a huge load! He shot his second load into my mouth and then Giovanni surprised me: he sank to his knees and took Pierre's cock in his mouth and sucked him!

"Oh fuck Gio! Wow! This is so hot! I'm going to cum again my man! I'm going to cum in your mouth! Do you want that?"

Giovanni let go of Pierre's cock and said: "Yes! I fucking love cum! Yes, cum in my mouth!"

He took Pierre's cock in his mouth again. He pushed the big cock deep into his mouth and almost immediately Pierre started to moan. He was cumming again. Giovanni moaned as he received the third load of my other darling man.

Luigi was spurred on and his third load shot into my mouth. I sucked on the magnificent cock and savoured the taste of my man's cum.

"Your turn!" Pierre said and pulled me off Luigi's cock. He sank to his knees and sucked my cock balls-deep into his mouth.

Then another surprise: Luigi took Giovanni's cock in his mouth!

Giovanni pulled me to him over the men on their knees, and kissed me. I tasted Pierre's cum in his mouth. He hugged me tight and then broke the kiss, and said: "Tonight is going to be epic! This ... this, was the best hors d'ouvrés ever! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Mia bella uomo (my beautiful man), I'm cummmiiinnnngggg! Oh mio Dio! Cumming!"

And so was I! Giovanni hungrily kissed me while we shot our loads into Pierre and Luigi's mouths! What a bunch of sex hounds!

Once I was spent, Pierre stood up and joined us kissing each other. I felt Luigi letting go of Giovanni's cock and joined us too. The four of us were kissing and hugging each other and hands were everywhere: on cocks, faces, necks, backs, balls - everywhere!

"Yeah, I know I've only arrived yesterday, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt: I fucking love you guys! I fucking love you! This was proof that this is what I want! Oh fuck yes!" Giovanni said and kissed us each in turn.

"As the alpha male here, I have to say Pee-AIR, Antonio and I feel the same. Meeting you on the Underground was the best stroke of luck, ever! Ti amiamo bell'uomo (we love you beautiful man)!"

"I'm the last one to be a wet blanket, but let's get going before ..."

"Baby bro! Baby bro, let go of those big cocks and get your butt here! I'm fucking hungry and Juan wants to know what happened to you! Are they fucking you? Again? Bro!" André was at the door!

"Zip up boys, let's go. I'm also feeling peckish. Thanks guys! Thanks Ant! Come!" Pierre said and kissed me.

"Coming bro! Hang on! Just a second!" I answered my brother.

We put our cocks into our pants and zipped up. We hugged and kissed each other once more, grabbed our jackets and headed out.

"You sucked them! Sex dogg! I can smell them! What about me? I'm calling Dad! Sheez baby bro! Luigi, you're sex deviants!" André ranted on.

"Yes, you're one to talk! Come, I'm dying for a cup of Earl Grey!" Pierre said and ruffled André's hair.

"I'm calling my Dad! He'll neuter you! Sheez! You all stink of cum! Whipped cream before the scones? You should be ashamed of yourselves!" André carried on as we walked to the lifts.

"Just let it go now! You'll get your turn later on. Let's go have some refreshments," Luigi said and pulled André into a hug.

"You guys are going to break all the records there are in connection with sex! You're worse than I've ever imagined! Sheez, guys!" André said as Luigi hugged him.

"Let it go now, bro! Here's the lift," I said and kissed my brother.

"Sis no! Your mouth just had three cocks in it! Yuck! Sies man!"

André didn't stand a chance: Pierre and Giovanni grabbed him in a grip and Luigi and I tickled him. I was more ticklish than him, but André was ticklish enough to succumb to our ministrations. By the time the lift reached the ground floor, he was like putty in our hands - literally. He begged us to stop, and promised to behave. That remained to be seen!

The others were all in the lounge and when we entered, Juan stood up to make an announcement.

"Guys, Gareth contacted the hotel and suggested we have our high tea and sandwiches and that we skip dinner, as we're going to have a whole spread at 9. All in agreement? Just look at all the stuff they've set out for us! OK? Yes André, you will survive! There is meaty stuff as well. Gareth, Mr Cooper and his son Clive will be here by 8 o'clock to see the hotel caterers and for some admin issues. All in Luigi's suite by 9, OK? Come guys! There is a cup of hot chocolate with my name on it! Let's see what an English High Tea is all about!"

"Hallo gorgeous! How are you? I hope you're up for some real action later on! My biggie has a number on you!" Jonathan ... how could I forget a 35cm cock!

"I'm fine thanks. Of course I'd love to have you again! That's the idea of the party and the action. Hmmm! I can't wait to feel you again!" I said.

Jonathan pulled me into a hug and kissed me. His enormous bulge pushed into my tummy and I salivated at the thought of that enormous cock in me again ... still the biggest of them all!

"Jonathan, you'll get your chance later on. Come mio caro! Come sit with your fiancé for a change!" Luigi put his arm around my shoulders and walked to the tables with all the food displayed on it.

The spread was incredible! There were petite sausage rolls, small samosas, tiny pizzas, small cucumber sandwiches, scones with strawberry jam and cream, biscuits and more - much more. And then there was a selection of tea like I've never seen before: from plain Ceylon tea to Earl Grey and Breakfast Tea and everything in between. Amazing. I counted at least 9 different coffees. And hot chocolate. And coffee liqueur and some others like Drambuie and Cointreau. And our favourite: Frangelico! Yes!

Just as we were about to help ourselves, Pieter and Claude walked in, blue lips and rosy cheeks.

"Fuck this! It's freezing outside! Brrr! Liquor, now! Coffee with liqueur! Sheez!" Claude put in and ran to the fireplace. "How was your day? Did you wow the bosses at Boss? How was the shoot at Windsor? Are you going to grace the front pages of all the gay magazines next year? What's wrong with you? Why so silent? Nobody says a word? André?"

"Sheez! You've not stopped talking since you walked in! Give a chap a chance! I've missed you too, you rubbish!" André said and hugged Claude. He got a kiss for his trouble.

"Have these horrid creatures been horrible to you? Have they?" Claude said.

"You should've seen them in the lift just now! My own BROTHER has turned against me! I'm calling my Dad! But now you're here, you can sort them out for me! Will you please?" André has already forgotten his promise he made in the lift.

"Just point them out! I'll make firewood out of them! Just tell me who it was!" Claude said and waved a finger at us.

And so the bantering went on and the laughter came thick and fast as the jokes poured out of André and Claude. Johann joined in. We had such a good time.

We dug in - the food was excellent.

"It's too cold outside to go for a walk. I suggest we remain here for the rest of the afternoon until around 6 and then go freshen up, check emails and André could phone Dad." Roars of laughter and Juan got a cushion thrown at his head for the remark! "Then Anton and the others could prepare for later on ... and we could have a few snorts before Gareth and his entourage arrive. Any suggestions?"

"Sounds good to me. Here is enough liqueur to start a shebeen!" André.

['Shebeen' = bar/waterhole in a black township]

"Remember Diego and Chris are also coming," I reminded Juan.

"Oh yes. Have you confirmed with them?"

Gunther came to sit with me and took my hand in his.

"How are you mein Schatz? Did you enjoy today, despite the cold weather?"

"Yes, my darling man! It was nice. Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, but there were so many others who demanded your attention! Diego and Clive are very sexy men! I'm so jealous when all these sexy men pay so much attention to you! But, not in a bad way! I love you too much!" Gunther said and kissed me. This man was a keeper!

I hugged him and said: "I love you too my big beautiful Jerry man!"

My iPhone beeped and I saw it was a text from Diego. "Coming alone. Chris's sister didn't want him to cancel. See you at 9."

Oh well, there were many others, including Alexander and Clive, and Gareth, and Diego, PLUS all the guys. So then, one less wasn't going to be a train smash.

We had a good time in the lounge with all the eats and drinks. Johann and Claude were comparing notes on cameras. Johann decided he was going to see the same guy on Friday on our day off. He was interested in a new digital Canon camera. Claude bought the top of the range and Johann decided to get one too. He had his iPhone out and spoke to his contact person. The guy was astonished at the good price Claude got the camera for, and suggested Johann did the same.

Johan and Herman were obviously deeply in love. They were sitting close to each other in front of the fire, holding hands. Morné was sitting close by and they were having a good time. I thought about them forming a threesome ... perhaps it wasn't so farfetched. After Herman fucked Johan, Morné's cock would be child's play.

I used the time watching the men. They were all so damn good-looking and manly. Nobody who didn't know 'the score' would've guessed we were gay. And that's how we all liked it. We did show our affection for each other but nobody was a 'flapping queen'. No effeminate ones amongst us.

I looked at Giovanni and Pierre: two proverbial hung hunks. Luigi. My darling man! Juan. My first love after André - a phenomenal man whom I still loved, but not the way I loved Luigi and Pierre. Claude and Pieter. Salt of the earth, straight-looking and -acting men. Johann and Gunther. My godd! What a combination and what nice men!

Jonathan. My godd! A tall hung hunk of a giant! With 35cm, the biggest cock of them all. The man was spectacularly attractive with everything big and beautiful about him. His huge cock and multiple orgasms were something to behold. My hole twitched. It's been quite a while since he fucked me at Jacques's farm. I was actually looking forward to have it in me again.

André. My twin brother. Oh OK, he was fucking sexy and we were identical, but facts are facts. He saw me looking at him and he came over to where I was sitting next to Gunther.

"Baby bro, what are you doing? I see you're watching the guys. What's up? Getting cold feet about tonight? Up for doubles? You know that most of us will want to fuck you, right? The only ones that might opt out are Claude and Pieter, and it is starting to look like Johan, Herman and Morné might pair off too. Would that bother you? With the other three ... no, four! ... joining us, there would be more than enough to go around, right?"

"Oh, do you think Johan, Herman and Morné will pair off? I hope they'd come for the snacks at least? Perhaps it's for the best. Yes, Pieter and Claude might want to leave early. But there would be enough other men to ensure lots of action!" I put in.

"And with Jonathan here, you don't need many more ... he's going to fuck you wholesale baby bro! What I like about it is to see his huge cock sliding into you. Where the hell it all goes is just mind-boggling! I'd love to suck him too and taste his cum. He can pump the rest of his multiple cumloads into you. I'm sure his cum would taste nice, like yours and Dad's and Juan's. Oh fuck! I'm getting hard here! Feel it!" André said and put my hand on his identical cock. Yes, it was hard and throbbing. I couldn't say anything as my cock was rock-hard and sopping wet too!


By 6 o'clock we've had coffee, tea and hot chocolate, liqueurs - more than enough - and lots of the seriously nice and dainty delicious snacks. I've made a point of chatting to everybody. When I chatted to Morné, he was very friendly but very soon he intimated that he was considering spending the night with Johan and Herman. He actually said that after the previous night's debacle, he'd prefer to sit out a round and decided to join Johan and Herman.

Johan took my hand and said: "No hard feelings, but there will be so many guys there tonight that you won't miss us when we weren't there. Herman feels the same and we'd like to be alone tonight if it's OK? We'll still come for the cocktails, but then we're off to our own suite. And Morné is staying with us tonight. I actually want him Herman to fuck him!"

"What? We'll see about that! I don't think so!" Morné put in.

"I'm a gentle lover! Johan could open you up and then it would be a breeze to take me. I'll show you how it's done! I've learnt a lot from the 'baby bro'! If it wasn't for him, I'd still be jacking off instead of fucking Johan, right my darling?" Herman put in.

"Yes, but don't worry Morné, Herman will not force you. Well, I hope you enjoy all the men tonight! I particularly like Diego - fuck, he is sexy! - and Clive! My godd! He looks like a Roman god! I think they're both hung. Perhaps not as hung as my Hermie, but still!" Johan said and leaned towards Herman who pulled his lover into a tight hug. Yes! They were deeply in love!


In our suite, the four of us sorted out our belongings and bags. It was a long day and the next day promised to be as full, so we used the time to get our things in order.

I was bent over unpacking my bag when I felt a big bulge being pushed into my crack. I looked back and saw it was Giovanni.

"That stance is an open invitation, mio caro! Sheez! I'm just a gay man! How could you do that to me?" He pulled me up and held me against his body, his big cock pushing in between my buttocks. I put my hand back and yes, he had only his underwear on! Fuck, this half-bred was randy as the rest of us! Perfect fit!

I turned my head and put my head back on his chest. The luxurious chest hair felt divine on my cheek. Fuck! This man was a stroke of luck, par excellence! He was sexy, taller than Luigi, as hairy as fuck, big cock, thick, uncut and with the only cock in the group that bent downwards, and also a multiple cummer. Perfect. Plus, he already loved me, and I loved him.

He put his hands on my crotch and squeezed my hardening cock. He leaned over my shoulder and kissed my upturned mouth. His stubble against my hairy face felt divine. And he was an excellent kisser. His very big cock pushed against me and I groaned. To feel it in me was just spectacular, like with Pierre, like with Luigi. But also Gunther, Johann, Juan, André, Dad ...

Oh fuck, Dad! How I missed him all of a sudden! My Dad was just one of the most wonderful people alive. The fact that he was super sexy, hairy, hung and that he liked to fuck me, just made him that bit more special. I loved my Dad dearly, and not just because we had sex, but ... he was my wonderful Dad.

Back to the present. I turned around in Giovanni's arms. I put my arms around his neck and looked the fucking attractive man in the eye. He had dreamy dark blue eyes and his strikingly pitch-black hair against his lily-white skin made it clear why D&G took him on as model, why he was in that Italian soapie, why I noticed him on the Underground, why he was with us, why he was in my arms at that moment. He was adorable.

Pierre came up to us, also just in his underpants, and pushed against us.

"If there are any shenanigans in this room, I want to be a part of it! Half-bred, you need to know your place in the hierarchy! First Luigi, then me and then you! Come here Ant! I think this half-bred has used up all of his credit for today! Come here!" Pierre said and playfully pushed Giovanni away. But Giovanni wasn't going to let go of his 'prize' that easily. He moved to one side but he still had me in his arms.

"OK then, it will be a three-way affair again. Ant, brace yourself! It's going to be a night of debauchery like none other! I definitely want to fuck you with this half-bred! What do you say Ita?" he called out to Luigi.

Luigi joined us, wearing just his denims. He was barefoot and had his shirt off. His hairy body looked spectacular and his big beautiful feet ... good enough to eat!

"I was thinking the same! I was also thinking about all three of us in you ... mio caro? Could we try it? Perhaps after Jonathan has fucked you?"

"Fuck, I don't know mio caro ..."

"I'd just love all three of us in you. The Three Musketeers and d'Artagnan, joined in love and for eternity! Could we at least try? Perhaps after each of us has shot our first loads? Oh fuck! I'm hard already! Mio caro?"

I felt Luigi's big hard cock pushing against my thigh and thought about what he just said. Yes, it would be spectacular if they could get all three cocks in me at the same time. That would be wonderful! But if I was able to handle them all was another story.

I thought back when André and Johann were double-fucking me and Juan pushed in as well. That was a while back, before I had the likes of Jonathan, his brother Christopher, Jacques, Pierre and Maurice fucking me. I was sure it might just be possible.

"Yes, let's try it. I'm sure once I'm loose and fucked by a few of the guys, I'd be able to handle it. It would be so cool if I could have all three of you in me! Yes, let's try it!" I said and kissed them all in turn.

My godd! You are a slut, I thought! But, a happy slut!

"Come guys, let's get in the shower. It was a cold day but I still feel grimy after all the make-up and hot studio lamps. And, no shenanigans in the shower!" Luigi said and gave the other two a playful swipe on the head.

"Ow! Love really does hurt! I'll get you for that!" Pierre said and grabbed Luigi.

"How about I fuck you, Mr Oh So Big Cock? Hmm! You'll be sorry!" Luigi retorted and gave Pierre's nipple a tweak.

"Oww! You're hurting me! I'm calling Dad Adriaan! Boo hoo! Sob! Sob!" Another André in the making?

"Ahh! Come here! Let me kiss it better ... shh! It's all right! No more crying, OK?" Luigi role-played and kissed Pierre's nipple. He took Pierre in his arms, stroking his head and back.

Pierre was ready for him and grabbed Luigi's crotch in his big hand.

"Whose king? Who is the master? Who has the biggest cock here? Say you're sorry! I have witnesses! Say it!" Pierre was relentless, but I could also see he wasn't hurting Luigi.

Luigi played along and put his hands on Pierre's hand on his crotch. "OK! Yes, you're the king, the master! You have the biggest cock! Please don't hurt me! Mio caro would be devastated if you hurt his fiancé's cock! Please Pee-AIR?" Luigi was looking at Pierre with his striking blue eyes and Pierre melted.

"Ahh! That's my man! Come here you damn Ita! I love you so very much! You know I could never hurt you!" Pierre said. He let go of Luigi's crotch and kissed him. He put his arms around Luigi's body and hugged him close. "I fucking love you, Ita!"

"I love you too 'Bhoor-kee'! But come, let's get in the shower," Luigi said and pulled away. He unbuckled his belt and took his denim off. His cock was almost fully erect!

I quickly undressed and went into the toilet to 'prepare'. Once I've done, I joined them in the en suite bathroom. The steam billowed out of the shower. The infra-red heaters against the walls have warmed up the bathroom nicely.


The shower was nót without any shenanigans, but nothing serious. We did grope each other, we did kiss each other, we did suck each other a bit, we did get hard (of course!), but we stopped short of fucking or any cumming. After all, we all had orgasms at around 4 that afternoon.

We towelled each other dry and finished our toilette. Pierre had Hugo Boss Green cologne and of course, Giovanni's own stuff was still at his B&B. When Luigi and I took out our Tom Ford Noir, they asked if they too could have some, so we shared with them. The bathroom smelled like a first class brothel!

We flipped through our clothes and decided to wear some of the meagre clothes we brought with us. Giovanni borrowed one of the shirts I bought for Luigi, and a pair of underwear from Pierre and a pair of socks from me.

"Tomorrow I have to get to my B&B to get my stuff. I cannot scrounge on you guys like this. Thanks brothers! Fortunately the stink I'd be adding to your clothes would be a good stink! You'd wish I'd borrow some more in future!" Giovanni joked. We all grinned. Giovanni stink? Never!

Just then there was a knock on the door. André.

"Baby bro ... my godd! How did you know? You're wearing the same shirt that I put on! Sheez! This is scary stuff!" And lo and behold, my twin brother wore the exact same shirt I had on. We could cause a stir amongst the guests once more!

"Here they come, guys! Here are the refreshments now!" André said and stepped inside to allow the kitchen staff to bring in the food. They have brought 2 folding tables with them, which were pitched in front of the windows. They put tablecloths over them and started to arrange the food and beverages on the tables. There was a lot! The Berkley wasn't skimpy, just like it was earlier with the high tea.

"Food for an army! A hungry army!" André quipped as he stood there with his hand on my shoulder. A few of the hotel staff noticed us and took a double take when they realised we were 100% identical and wore the same clothes too.

We were going to have lots of fun with the guests! Even with Johann and Juan! When we were dressed identical, only Mom was certain who was who. She knew the tiny differences in our hair and apparently our mouths and ears, of all things!

A guy came in with a modern portable CD player. The guy said to André: "Sir, you could link your iPad or iPhone to the player with Bluetooth. It should be easy. If you have trouble, please call me, Craig, at housekeeping. But I'm sure you're going to be fine."

"Have you heard from Diego? Fuck, he is a sexy Latino! I think he's got a big one! He's going to fuck you wholesale! I love the colour of his skin and his pitch-black hair. He has big and beautiful hands. And he's fucking hairy!" André said.

"Yes, he is. But the star amongst the guests tonight will be Clive. My godd! He should be a model! He is spectacularly beautiful, in the class of Giovanni and Luigi. I think he too has a big one. I'm in for some serious fucking with a lot of big ones ..." I put in innocently.

"Yes, but I'm the elder brother and I have rights! I'm first to open you up. No 'ifs' or 'buts'. Your ass is mine baby bro! I'm the one who fucked you first and nothing will ever change that," André said and groped one of my globes. Jackal!

"Yes OK, but behave! You'll get your turn!"

"Yes, but I'm first!" André insisted, as he was busy pairing his iPhone with the portable player. Ah! Success! André chose a playlist that he prepared on the A380 consisting of new and older songs. The mood was set.

Juan came in the room, looking strikingly dashing as always. I walked to him and kissed him.

"What's this for? Did you actually miss me?" Juan said and hugged me to him.

After André, he was the second man to fuck me and I fell head over heels in love with him. I still loved him, but there was a Luigi now who swept me off my feet. Fortunately we had the 'arrangement of the guys' with us sharing homes and beds, and lovers. So, Juan wasn't out of the picture. The only difference was that he wasn't the main man in my life anymore. And he accepted it. He and André had a good thing going, albeit a relationship where the fucking was mostly delayed until I was available.

Juan kissed me again and looked into my eyes with his incredibly sexy blue eyes. "Happy my darling boy?"

"Yes, thanks. How are you doing? Oh fuck, I love you so much my sexy man!" I said and hugged him. It was true: even though there was a Luigi whom I loved very much, I'd always love Juan. He was such a gentleman and Dad and Mom loved him very much.

"And I'll always love you too! You're going to be the star attraction again tonight! Ready for them?"

"Yes, I am. And you're going to be one of my favourites like always."

Juan pulled me to him and put his hand on my crotch. He squeezed my hard cock and said in my ear: "Perhaps not the biggest, but it remains one of the most beautiful cocks I've ever had the pleasure to have fun with. I love you my darling boy!"

"I love you too my big man! You know that, don't you?"

"Yes, I know!" Juan said and kissed me on my ear. He pulled away and kissed me on my mouth - long, soft and gentle. I even got some tongue ... divine! What a hunky nice man! And I really loved him. That would never change, despite a Luigi, a Pierre and now a Giovanni. Juan was Juan and I loved him dearly. "After André, please be second to fuck me? OK?"

"You've got it. I wish I could have had a hors d'ouvrés right now!" Jackal!

"Down boy! I hope you have a big load for me ..."

"Always! You know that! At least 30ml and more! Oh fuck! I'm so horny right now! Fuck!"

"What's going on here? Starting without me? Hmm?" André.

"Come here you delinquent!" Juan said and pulled André into the embrace. I hugged my brother and put my hand on his cock. It was semi-hard.

"In a hurry, aren't we? Ahhh! Oh fuck baby bro! I can't wait for later! Come, let's go in the bathroom and let me fuck you right now! Please!"

I felt his cock hardening and of course I was tempted a little, but the guests were expected soon, and André would get his chance to fuck me later. "No darling bro! As much as I'd love to, the guests ..." I stopped talking as Clive and his dad walked in the door. My godd! The tall man was a knockout! He wore a white shirt, a thick chocolate-brown, very stylish jacket, lighter brown pants and dark brown boots. He had a scarf on in different colours of brown and beige. Oh fuck! What a hunk! His dad Alexander was dressed in different shades of grey, and white and black. Smashing with his grey temples. "Here are the first ones, so it's a 'no' bro!"

"Ahh-hh! Shit! I so wanted to pump some of my 'useless baby batter' up your ass baby bro! Damn!"

"Welcome, Mr Cooper! Hallo Clive! Welcome here! Please come in. Do you want to take off your jackets and scarves? André, please help me?" I said and watched Clive take off his jacket. My godd! He smelled divine! I didn't recognise the fragrance and made a mental note to ask him later. When I took his still-warm jacket from him, the fragrance emanating from it was just divine. André took Alexander's jacket and scarf and we put them on hangers in our wardrobe. "Something to drink? Please help yourselves. It's all over there."

André hung Alexander's jacket and scarf in the wardrobe and went over to help Alexander get a drink. When I turned around, I almost bumped into Clive. "*Fuck! You look good enough to eat! Fuck, you're sexy*!" Clive said. "*Hmmm! I've been almost hard the whole time since this afternoon! I can't wait to fuck you again*!"

I looked at his crotch and saw the insanely big bulge. To think that anaconda was in me earlier and was going to crawl into me again later on ... heaven!

"*Yes, it's hard again, and I'm already leaking lots of precum! Fuck! I could fuck you on the spot*!"

"*I wish you could, but let's wait a bit with that*!"

Clive did manage to pull me into a tight hug and I felt his huge bulge against me.

"*You're hard too! Good*!" Clive said and pushed his crotch into me.

"*OK, later! Let's get something to drink*," I said. As I walked to the table with the cocktails and drinks, Diego walked in. Oh my godd! He was so sexy! He wore a pure white linen shirt, black denims and a very nice long black jacket. He looked around and walked towards André who was chatting to Alexander, not knowing it wasn't me.

I stood waiting to see what was going to happen ... Diego walked up to them and Alexander smiled when he saw the sexy man approaching them. André turned around and saw the sexy Latino man behind him.

"Hi Diego! Welcome! Let me introduce you to Mr Alexander Cooper of Boss Models! He is the one who is sponsoring tonight. Mr Cooper, this Diego who works at Starbucks in Kew," André said.

I approached them and waited for Diego to get comfortable. He started talking to Alexander when I walked right up to them.

Diego looked up and when he saw me, he looked back at André and started to stammer. He looked from me to André and back again. "Noooo! This is too much! You didn't look the same today! Who is who now?"

"You guess and if you're right, you might be rewarded later on ... ahem!" André said! Snake!

"No ways! There is absolutely no difference! How will I know? This is unfair!" Diego said bewildered. He was still looking from one to the other.

I went and stood next to my brother and smiled my most angelic smile at the beautiful Latino.

"I'll give you a heads-up: we're 99,99% identical. Even our cocks are the same. Only our personalities and the hair differ a bit. But, only one will bottom for you. We'll chat to you a little and then you decide," André said.

"Oh this is hard ..." Diego started and looked at us again.

"Yes, I'm sure it's hard! I can see your pants are bulging!" André put in.

"Erm ... yes ... oh damn! But it's because you're so damn sexy! Sorry Mr Cooper!" Diego stammered.

"And only one of us has your name and number on his iPhone ..." André continued.

"Then I'll call the number I have ..." Diego said and fished out his iPhone to call my number.

"How will you know we didn't switch phones?"

"André, don't be so mean to our guest! Diego, I'm Antonio. My brother likes to tease people. Welcome here and enjoy the evening. Do you want something to drink? How about you Alexander?" I said and gave Diego a big hug.

"*Fuck! I was worried! Is it really you?* Diego whispered.

"Don't worry, all is fine! *And yes, it's me!*"

"*Good!*" Diego said and pushed his big bulge against me. Fuck! It was a nice big one! It was also a very beautiful one and totally different to all the others.

"Come, let's get drinks," I said and led the way.


All the guys were there: tall sexy Jonathan who towered over everybody else, beautiful sexy Giovanni, Pierre, my darling Luigi, André (he was having Clive and Alexander in stitches with his jokes), Juan, Claude and Pieter, Herman, Johan and Morné, Gunther and Johann and of course Alexander and Clive. Gareth? He wasn't there yet.

"Alexander, where is Gareth?" I asked.

"He'll be here shortly! Don't you worry! He had an errand to run," Alexander said and winked. "Gentlemen, a toast to our budding young models! Guys, we're so proud to have you here in London with us. It was a huge gamble as you're all new to the game, but Claire was as thorough as always. When management saw the photos she sent in from Cape Town, they were smitten! Gareth was the one who insisted on inviting you here. He'll be here shortly! Just enjoy the spread. We're just too happy to have you here. The photos in the studio this afternoon are stunningly beautiful! Of course, Robert and the guys know their stuff, but you gentlemen are exquisitely handsome. Oh, and a special word of welcome to Giovanni. I'm sure you won't regret saying goodbye to Dolce & Gabbana! Welcome! And please allow me to welcome my stubborn, equally sexy son, Clive, who refuses to be in front of a camera!" Loud groans. "But, as you can see, he is stunningly attractive and sexy. Perhaps now that he has met you, he'd change his mind? I hope so, but then I'd have to resign! No, jokes aside. I cannot be a manager here and my son is an employee. Perhaps when he does go to South Africa, as he plans to do, he might work through Claire? Who knows! Welcome my boy! I love you!" Alexander said and raised his glass again.

The party was in full swing when I heard Gareth's voice. He arrived with a very big box and was talking to Alexander. I wondered what was in the box.

Gareth got something to drink and put some of the snacks on a side-plate. He came to André and said. "Anton, it seems like the guys are enjoying themselves. Everything in place?" I was standing behind him, hidden behind Jonathan.

"Yes, all is fine thanks. My brother was worried about you!" André, you sneak! I stepped out from behind Jonathan and Gareth was thrown for a six!

"Oh fuck! Did I talk to the wrong twin now? My apologies! But fuck! You look exactly the same! Jeepers!"

"I'm Anton, Gareth! Welcome at your own party! Thanks for everything. It is a magnificent spread and this afternoon's high tea was glamorous and divine! Thanks a million," I said and gave him a hug.

"Hmmm! A hug? I hope there'd be something more later on!" Gareth said.

"Behave Pommie! Or you'd be sent to bed without any!" André, of course!

Alexander tapped the side of his glass. The guys were having a really good time and the music was a bit louder. Alexander asked Clive to turn down the music so he could get our attention.

"Gentlemen, Gareth has arrived - no he didn't come, not yet!" (lots of laughter) "And he has brought something I've organised for the models today. Gareth, please?"

Gareth opened the box and took out a 'goodie bag' and handed it to Alexander. "We'll start with the alpha male. Juan, here you are."

Juan went to take the goodie bag and looked inside. His face turned into astonishment. "Wow! Mr Cooper! This is fantastic! Guys, you have no idea! Should I tell them, Mr Cooper?"

"Please call me Alexander! Yes, tell them!" Alexander said.

"Guys, just look at this: a Boss belt, a Boss wallet, a Hugo Boss watch ... yes, a WATCH and a 50 ml bottle of Hugo Boss Bottled Collector's Edition Eau de Toilette! Wow! Mr Coo ... erm ... Alexander! This is spectacular! Thank you very much! This is great! And a watch to boot! Wow!" Juan enthused.

We each received our goodie bags with the identical items in it. I was the last to get mine. When I took Alexander's hand in mine, he pulled me closer and whispered: "*Don't let the others see yours!*" I took my goodie bag and walked to the back. I looked into my bag and saw there was an extra scarf, a black and white and grey scarf, in my bag! Wow! But by Jove, I've earned it with my hole earlier! I dug into the bag and saw to my astonishment my bottler of eau de toilette was 100ml ... my godd! Alexander was smitten with me and my hole! When I looked up, I saw Alexander was looking at me. He winked and smiled his gorgeous smile.

I jumped when Clive spoke next to me: "Did he spoil you a bit? Typical! He likes you a lot!"

"You gave me a fright! Sheez Clive! Yes, he did give me some extra stuff. Shh! Well, I like him too," I said.

"*I hope you like my cock better than his!*" Clive said and gave my butt a squeeze.

"*What's not to like? I love it! I can't wait for later! But I like your dad's cock too!*" I gushed and looked at the exquisite beauty next to me. Oh fuck! I could easily fall in love with this hunk of a man too! Slut!

During the evening the guys became mellower by the minute. Lots of hugging and kissing. And even some groping!

At one stage Alexander was chatting to me. He wanted to know about the political situation in South Africa, the tourism industry that's hampered with so much red tape, our wine farming, our studies and our modelling. He really listened and asked very relevant and intelligent questions.

Then he told me how he and Clive's mother were school friends, and how their parents assumed they'd get married. He told me of their hardships starting out as jobless models, how she fell pregnant and how she eventually left him and the 1-year old Clive to go to New York. Those were dark days. He met another model and they moved in together. After a year they split as the guy thought Clive's presence cramped his style. Then Alexander got a break: Boss Models opened an agency in London and they needed a father and toddler for a shoot for Father's Day. They loved him and adored Clive. He had arrived.

Things were looking up and improved. Everything was better and Alexander could afford day care for Clive. He worked hard and his good looks and efforts were noticed. Soon he was organising events. The rest was history. The young Clive was used a few times, but he soon started to grow and was awkward about his length, his big hands and feet, and soon his enormous cock. Alexander was the first one to jack Clive off and give him a blowjob. He was a star tennis player and an A learner at school. He resisted all attempts to get him to model anymore and focused on tennis and his schoolwork. When he got accepted at King's College medical school, Alexander approved.

"I have to tell you a little secret: Clive likes you a lot! He hasn't had many encounters with men. Most guys are scared big time when they see his huge cock. Only 3 guys, of whom one was a guy in his forties, could handle him. You're like a dream come true. Did you like his huge cock?"

"Oh yes! What's not to like! He is the proverbial hung hunk! The group will like him to join us; you too!"

"Yes, Gareth mentioned there might be some fun. Is it still on the cards?"

"Yes, and you could join if you wanted to. Would you?"

"Yes! For sure! Clive will be very pleased! *After this afternoon, you're our favourite guy!*"

Alexander gave me a hug and nonchalantly groped my semi-hard cock. I put my hand on his crotch - big and rubbery!

Clive joined us and casually put his arm around my shoulder. "Gossiping about me? Hmm Dad? Don't believe all of it. My Dad is like a lovesick puppy. He thinks I'm the best thing since sliced bread! He thinks I'm the alpha cocksucker!"

"Clive, few guys have impressed me the way you have - in more way than one. And sucking is definitely one of them!"

"But I'd like more ... of course! OK Antonio?"

"Yes, it's definitely on!"

"Good show! Clive, you're going to get laid here tonight!" Alexander said and kissed his son.

"Watch it Dad! Just now the whole lot wants to join in ...!" Clive protested.

"Isn't that the whole idea?"

I saw that Gunther, Giovanni and Pierre were chatting, looking at us ... hmmm! Luigi was talking to Juan and they too were watching us.

Jonathan was openly palming his enormous cock in his pants and literally undressed me with his eyes. He was ready to stick that huge cock into me!


It was half past 10 when the catering staff was summoned to remove the snacks and empty bottles.

Pieter and Claude used the opportunity to take their leave. They bid us all a very good night and they were gone. The door wasn't closed 5 seconds when Morné announced that he, Johan and Herman were also going to bed. They too said goodnight and were gone.

I was sad to see them go. I really wanted to make good with Morné ... but, if he and the other two could strike up a friendship with benefits, then I'd be happy for them. I also wanted Herman to fuck me, but there were other huge cocks available, so ...

The catering staff was busy removing the leftovers and empties. Gareth asked them to bring a couple of bottles of Dom Perignon and flutes. Wow! We were really treated like royalty!

As soon as the champagne arrived, Alexander no less, went to the door and locked it. We were alone, just 14 of us.

"Boys and boys, and sexy guys! This was a glorious day and a memorable evening. For those of you who didn't know, I'm gay as they come. Clive was a lucky, beautiful mistake from the days I thought I was straight. His mom was a beauty queen and Clive's stunning appearance is evidence of that. Now I've heard through the grapevine that you're not repulsed by some group action, right? Well, Clive and I would love to join you if it's OK. Juan? Would you guys mind?" Alexander asked Juan.

"Yes! Bring it on! My baby bro is ready for you!" André, who else!

The guys roared with laughter.

"Alexander, it would be our pleasure and honour to have you join us for some fun. What do you guys say? Could you stomach the looks of this man and his offspring? Yes?" Juan asked.

"Strip! Strip! Strip!" André chanted and the others joined in. "Clive! Clive! Clive!"

Clive was blushing crimson red and resisted a little when some of the guys pushed him to the centre of the room. Juan switched on the music again. A nice raunchy Spanish number sung by Enrique Iglesias filled the air. He belted out Bailando and we kept rhythm with our hands.

"Strip!" the guys chanted again, clapping hands to the tune of the song.

And lo and behold, the tall hunk started gyrating his hips and started to unbutton his shirt. My godd! My eyes fixated on his torso and his muscular body. When his shirt was opened, I saw that his areolae were big, very big and dark in colour. The chest hair was dense but not long. It formed gorgeous patterns on his chest and tummy. I didn't see it earlier as he still had his shirt and jersey on. My godd! This Romanesque creature was exquisitely beautiful!

We all clapped our hands to the rhythm of the tune Enrique sang. While he danced and gyrated, he pushed the sleeves off a bit and pulled them back on, wiggled it back and forth over his back and then off again.

When the shirt came off, Clive swung it over his head and then he threw it at us. I was the lucky one to catch it. There were a lot of cheers. I put it to my nose like every normal gay guy would do. Godd, it smelled divine! I had to ask him what fragrance he used.

Then I saw Clive was unbuckling his belt and slowly pulled it out the loops of the pants. He was pushing his pelvis forward provocatively. Fuck! I was rock-hard! The bulge in his pants was huge!

When the belt came free, he swung it over his head and threw it into the group. "By the end of the night I want my stuff back!" he shouted.

"That remains to be seen!" Pierre shouted.

Roar of laughter!

Clive swayed back and forth and put one foot on a coffee table. They were huge! He unzipped his boot and pulled it off. He threw it into the room behind him. He pulled his sock off and threw it at us. I lunged forward and caught it! Lucky me! I put it under my nose and almost fainted. It smelled clean and manly. What a man!

I looked at the bare foot ... oh my godd! I was a goner! The man's feet were enormous! Number 18 I guessed. But they were exquisitely beautiful! Luigi had found his match! The foot was hairy, perfectly shaped with the biggest toenails I've ever seen - all clean and perfectly pedicured: rectangular nails and cut straight. The dusting of hair on the foot was almost as much as on Pierre's feet. Being British, it was milky white but fuck! It was beautiful! Ufff! Fuck me! Oh godd! Could a man be more perfect than this creature?!

Then he repeated the procedure with his other boot. Giovanni was the lucky one to catch the sock. He too smelled it and winked at me when he saw I was looking at him. He liked it too. Clive was a real hunk and squeaky-clean.

The bare feet were now exposed for all to see and I knew I wasn't the only one who admired the man's feet. They really were spectacular.

Clive swayed back and forth and unbuttoned the button on his pants. His big bulge was prominent and it was clear the contents were no longer soft! He slowly unzipped the pants and turned around, pushing his buttocks towards us. André took his chance and gave it a light rap with his hand. We cheered him on. He moved in and put both hands on his gluteus muscles - his ass. Clive stood upright and turned around.

"Just so you know, it's André!" Juan put in and we roared with laughter, as it was clear Clive didn't know who it was! He smiled and kissed André on the cheek. André put his hand behind the hunk's head and kissed him on the mouth. Cheers from the guys.

André was bold enough to put his hand on the huge bulge and squeezed it.

"My godd! Guys, this man is hung like a horse! Baby bro, he's going to fuck you a new asshole!" Roar of laughter!

But, the ice was broken and by then we all knew what would be the imminent conclusion to the shenanigans happening right there and then.

André stepped back and made big eyes at me. He held his hands apart and indicated a cock at least 12 inches long. 'Fuck', André mouthed.

Little did he know I've already had first-hand experience of the huge cock and that in fact, it was longer ... Slut!

Clive was still gyrating his body and rocked back and forth, pushing his pants down. When the pants were down to his knees, he turned around again and pushed his buttocks out. This time Giovanni put his huge hands on the man's bum and squeezed. Big cheers. Clive stood upright and pushed his body into Giovanni's muscular body. He pulled Clive's pants back up and then he danced with Clive. We all cheered them on.

Giovanni spun the man around and gave him a kiss. Clive put his hands around Giovanni's neck and gave him a proper kiss. The ice was really broken now. Giovanni took Clive's hands in his and danced with him, even twirling the hot man a few turns. He let go of the man and stepped back, and stood next to me.

"You next! Go!" Giovanni said and pushed me forward but I resisted.

Clive pushed his underpants right down to his feet and stepped out of them. When he stood up, his huge bulge clearly showed the big cock trapped inside. He faux fucked the air and put his hands behind his head, smiling at me. "Come!" he said and stood with feet apart waiting for me to join him in the centre spot in front of the guys.

Giovanni pushed me forward again and this time I stepped forward. Clive pulled me closer. He took my hands in his and put them on his hips, pushing his cock towards me.

"Take off his briefs! Off! Off! Off!" the guys chanted.

I put my hands on the elastic band and pushed it down over the enormous bulge. The huge cock pointed to his left and was trapped just below the elastic band. I palmed the huge bulge - the guys were chanting and roared. I looked at the guys and saw most of them had their hands on their neighbour or partner. They were hot already.

I pushed the elastic down and all of a sudden the big cock jumped out. Fuck! I knew it was big but seeing it in the light and with Clive with no clothes on, it was a revelation! It was fucking big! And beautiful. The tip was absolutely drenched with precum.

The guys whistled and cheered and clapped hands.

"Fuck! He looks like a horse! Antonio, he's really going to fuck you a new hole!" Whistles.

I pushed Clive's underpants down to reveal the big balls underneath. I pushed the underpants down to his knees and looked at the enormous beautiful cock jutting out towards his left. It was beautiful and big - very big! It was as big as Pierre's cock! The tip was already slimy wet with precum. I touched it - loud cheers - and pushed the skin back to reveal the huge head. Loud cheers. Clive groaned and bent down. He rested his head on my head. "*Fuck! You're driving me nuts!*" A huge drop of precum dribbled from the piss-slit. I caught it on my fingers and put it in my mouth - loud cheers. Divine taste!

"Strip Anton! Strip! Strip! Strip!" André started chanting. The other joined in and soon I felt André's hands on my chest to unbutton my shirt. He was dancing behind me with his hard cock in my crack. "Strip baby bro!"

I let go of the huge cock and smiled at the gorgeous man in front of me. I started to sway with the music and André started to unbutton my shirt. Loud cheers. My eye caught Luigi's eye and he winked. He shook his head and smiled. He didn't know I'd be willing to do that!

I slowly disrobed and when my shirt came off, I followed suit and swung it over my head and then I flung my shirt into the group. Giovanni's length gave him the edge and he caught it.

"I'm next in line to have you!" he shouted.

I took off my shoes and flung my socks to the guys. When my feet were bare, I looked down and saw the vast difference in size between my number 13s and Clive's number 18s. His feet were huge and fucking sexy. At least mine were sexy, I thought.

"Pants! Pants! Pants!" the guys chanted.

I followed suit again and gyrated my hips and zipped down. When my hard (what else?) bulge billowed out above the zip, the naked Clive stepped up to me and did to me what I've done to him: he pulled my underpants down and took my hard wet cock in his hand. "*I'm going to fuck you hard right here and right now! Ready?*"

"*Oh fuck yes! Bring it on!*" I whispered back. He pushed my underwear down and took my hard cock in his hand.

"*Nice and hard for me? You want my big cock?*"

"*Oh fuck yes! Right here, right now! Give it to me!*"

Clive pushed my underpants right down and took my cock in his mouth. The guys cheered and some gasped. My 24,5cm cock disappeared in the hunk's mouth. He took me balls-deep into his mouth! In one go!

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" the guys chanted. "Give us some action!"

I looked at them and saw they all were palming their hard-ons in their pants. All the guys were hard and hot!

I looked at Alexander and he smiled at me. He winked and mouthed: "Go!" He gave me the OK sign: thumb on index finger, forming a circle.

My cock in Clive's mouth felt good and I groaned. My hands were on his short dark brown hair and I threw my head back. Pierre stepped up and took me in his arms from behind. He pushed his huge cock in my crack ... oh fuck!

Clive sensed what was happening and let go of my cock.

"I'm first mate! OK?"

"Sure, let's see some action then!" Pierre said and turned me around.

Clive put his sopping wet cock on my hole and lubed me up good with his copious precum.

"Fuck him!" some guys shouted and I heard zips being pushed down. The guys were hard and ready for some action. But first they wanted to see how I handle Clive's huge cock!

I was in Pierre's arms and put my hand on his crotch: rock-hard too! And I knew, sopping wet too. "Please take it out!" Pierre said and kissed me.

He had unbuckled his belt already. I unzipped him and took his big cock out of the pants. Yes, he was sopping wet: his underpants were as wet as can be.

"Clench tight! Clench!" Clive said and put his hand on my back.

I clenched my hole as hard I could until I could hold it no longer. My hole relaxed and I was ready to be impaled on Clive's huge cock.

Immediately Clive started to push his 33cm cock into me. Oh fuck! That afternoon's experience was a revelation at what a cock-hungry sex pervert I really was. I was pushing back into his cock as I bent forward to take Pierre's cock in my mouth. It was hard and wet and big and thick.

Giovanni came to stand next to Pierre and offered his big cock to me too.

Behind me the huge cockhead started it's advance into me, stretching my sphincter and slipped in. I groaned with Pierre's cock in my mouth and Giovanni's cock in my hand. Oh fuck! I was being pork speared and I loved it!

"Yes! Fuck him! Fuck him!" the guys chanted and they all came closer to have a good look at the huge cock entering me.

Alexander stood right next to Clive and had a hand on his son's back. "Be gentle Clive! You have a huge cock! Careful there!" He knew Clive fucked me earlier but had the presence of mind to keep quiet about it. Clive pushed deeper and soon the whole head was in me. Oh fuck! It felt good! The precum was super slick and there was no resistance as the big cock slipped deeper into me.

I was jacking Pierre's huge cock and sucked on the head. His precum tasted great, as always. Giovanni's big leaking cock was at the ready for me to suck.

I felt some hands on my back and when I looked sideways, I recognised Luigi's cock and legs. My man was right next to me. "You OK mio caro?"

"Uhm!" I groaned. "Yes!"

"Don't hurt my boy Clive! Be careful! You have an enormous cock! Take it easy!" Luigi said.

I felt a hot mouth on my cock and knew it was André. My brother was making sure I got some attention. I just didn't want to cum too soon. He sucked me for a while and let go when Gunther took my cock in his mouth.

Clive's huge cock was scraping over my prostate and I groaned. It felt fantastic. My hole was filled good and the huge cock made me gasp with pleasure.

I let go of Pierre's equally huge cock and said over my shoulder: "Mio caro, I'm fine. Clive, I'm OK! Push in and fuck me!"

He did just that. He pushed in. He made his cock swell and I groaned. It was a big one and it filled me up good. As it reached my inner sphincter, he slowed down and waited for my sphincter to open up. He maintained a constant thrust and ... ahhh! The sphincter relaxed and the very big head slipped through. Oh godd! He was almost in. There were about 13cm to go and the cock slipped in deeper.

The guys were now palming each other and some were brazen enough to touch Clive's huge cock entering me. I felt hands on my buttocks, on my back and felt hard wet cocks pushing against me. Oh fuck!

I alternated between Pierre and Giovanni's cocks. Luigi moved in next to them and then I had the three sexy hung hunks' cocks to suck in turn. They were hard and wet and I was in cock heaven.

Diego stepped up with his cock in his hand. I recognised it by the colour and sheer size. It was an experience to suck the big cock in Kew and I was lusting after this spectacularly big and beautiful cock.

"Ahh! Diego! Hmmm! Let me suck your cock!" I said.

Luigi and the other two let Diego closer and I marvelled at the impressive 31cm cock in front of me. It was thick and the big head was covered in precum. It was veiny and curved upwards. A real beauty.

I took the impressive cock in my mouth and sucked the head. Hmmm. The precum running out the piss-slit tasted good. I fondled the balls - big ones in the hairy scrotum.

By now Clive's huge cock was in balls-deep and he held still. He made his cock swell and I groaned. Oh fuck! He stretched my hole big time when he made it swell.

He put his hands on my back and asked: "You OK my man? How are you doing?"

I let go of Luigi's cock and said: "I'm fine. You can fuck me now! Ahhh!"

Clive started to fuck me slowly. It was an exquisite experience and it was a fuck to remember with all the other men witnessing it, lusting after me.

Jonathan stepped up closer and touched Diego's big cock in my mouth. His own gigantic cock was pushing against Diego's leg.

I let go of Diego's cock saw Diego bending down to suck Jonathan's huge cock. My godd! What a sight! And they were all in line to fuck me later! Diego's big 31cm cock was the one in the room I haven't felt in me and I was very keen to feel it. It was such a beautiful thick cock with one of the longest and biggest cockheads I've ever seen. He was jacking his cock in front of me while he was sucking Jonathan's gigantic cock.

Next to them Juan and André were in each other's arms, cocks pushing against each other. I saw the tall man looking into my brother's eyes and saying something. My brother kissed Juan and hugged him closer. My darling man and brother did love each other.

Clive was fucking me now with slow deep thrusts. I groaned as the huge cock was really filling me up, stretching me and it felt fucking good. I loved it. I felt the big balls pushing against me with every thrust. They were big!

I heard kissing and when I looked up, Luigi, Giovanni and Pierre were kissing each other. My men! I was so glad they liked (loved?) each other and that there would be no animosity between them over me. Jonathan was gasping as his cock was pushed deep into Diego's mouth.

Clive was starting to pant and gasp. His cock was rock-hard and swelled to huge proportions.

"Ahh! Ahh! Oh dear lord! Oh damn! Sorry! Can't help it! This is too much! Oh damn! I'm cumming! Antonio you're too much! Ahhhhh!"

Clive fucked me with a few short quick thrusts and then he pushed his great cock deep into me, and held still. I felt the huge cock swelling to huge proportions and he squirted his second load of the day into me.

I groaned and pushed back to receive the hung hunk's big load. He really shot huge loads and I was eager to take it all in me.

The big cock squirted at least 13 spurts into me. His huge balls rested on my buttocks.

I've let go of the three cocks in front of me and groaned. I put my hands on Gunther's face to warn him he was doing too good a job of sucking me ... oh fuck!

I heard Alexander undressing: ruffle of material, shoes being taken off, pants being unzipped. I looked at him as he stepped up to my back to take over from Clive.

Clive's cock was still spasming a bit as the last of his load was pumped into me.

"Please let me in Clive! Come on! I feel like I could burst! I'm so horny!" Alexander said.

Clive put his hands on my back and stroked me gently. He bent forward and kissed me on my neck. "Thanks my man! This was astonishingly nice and spectacular! Damn! May I have seconds later on?"

"What? You want seconds? There are 12 other guys who want to fuck our boy! No ways! You've had your chance - it's now the other's turn," Pierre put in. "Pull out so your dad could fuck Ant. Come on!"

I looked up and saw Pierre was determined to get his turn sooner than later. He liked Clive, but it was clear he thought it was preposterous that Clive could have another round. Oh well, there were enough cocks to fuck me!

Clive pulled out slowly and I felt there was a big load of thick creamy cum in me. I wished he'd squirt his second round of cum into my mouth ... hmmm!

As soon as Clive's cock was out of me, Alexander positioned himself behind me and said: "Let me lube you up again," and I felt him rubbing his big wet cock over my hole - like Clive he produces a lot of precum. I felt him milking his cock and rub the precum over the head and shaft. Incredible family, these two men!

Luigi was down on his knees in front of me and was kissing me. "All OK mio caro? Just say the word if you're no longer comfortable, ?"

"Yes, OK. Thanks mio caro!"

Pierre and Giovanni had their cocks on either side of Luigi and I sucked and kissed the men in turn.

Behind me Alexander pushed his big cock into me. At 30cm it was only 3cm shorter than Clive's cock but it was thick. Fortunately the lots of precum and cum were doing its job perfectly. The big cock slid into me with ease.

I groaned and sucked Giovanni's cock with renewed gusto. Luigi was kissing the shaft of the big cock. Pierre bent down and put his mouth on Giovanni's big cock as well. The huge amount of precum the man was producing tasted good and all three of us loved the taste.

"Clive I can feel your huge load in Antonio. It is a lot!" Alexander said. I loved it to be filled with lots of cum and Clive had just pumped a big lot into me, confirmed by his dad.

Alexander's cock was balls-deep in me and I was so engrossed with the three men in front of me I didn't notice he was in deep. He made his cock twitch and held onto my hips. "You OK boy? Not too much?" Alexander asked.

"Hmmm!" I groaned with Giovanni's cock in my mouth.

Alexander was fucking me and Clive was urging his dad on. "Yes, give it to him! Give him some of your Cooper signature big loads! Yes!" Alexander continued to fuck me and I heard lots of groaning coming from the guys around us. They were all lusting after what Alexander was doing.

"Please forgive me but I'm going to cum. I think the others would like to have a go. And watching my boy ploughing your hole with his huge cock, I'm charged big time! So ... ahh! Oh damn! I'm going to cum! Ugh! Oh my dear lord! This is too much! Aahhhh! Here it co-mm-ee-ss! Ugh! Ugh! Hnnnggghhnn!" His cock spasmed and I felt the huge head in me delivering his big load into me. After the afternoon's shenanigans, I was amazed that a man in his forties could be up and ready and cum such a lot within 6 hours' time. Stud, that's what he was!

I sucked my three men's cocks in front of me and wondered who would be next. I thought perhaps it might be Pierre.

Alexander's cock was still big but now rubbery. He slowly pulled out and as the big head approached my sphincter, I realised he really did pump a huge load into me: I had to clench to keep the cum in me. And then it was out. He bent over and licked my hole ... ahhh! Some cum did slip out of me and Alexander lapped it all up. Cum and cock hound like the rest of us!

I felt another cock on my hole while my three men were still standing in front of me. André? Who was behind me? Gareth? Juan? Gunther? Then the man spoke and I knew it was going to be the Latino hunk's turn to fuck me! Diego had moved away from in front of me to the back and Jonathan pushed his huge cock into my mouth.

I only sucked Diego off in the toilet at Kew, but now he was going to fuck me with his big beautiful Latino cock. At 31cm, uncut, thick and a big piss-slit, veiny, with a VERY big head and curving upwards, an enormous amount of precum, and huge loads, this man was a welcome addition to the group that night.

"Antonio, you're very wet, so I'm just going to push in, OK? If I hurt you, please tell me," Diego said and I felt him rubbing his huge cockhead over my hole to put some of his precum over my wet asshole. He pushed his big cockhead in a bit and held still.

"Still OK? My cock is thick and I don't want to hurt you! OK?" The hunky hunk Latino was a darling to be so attentive!

I let go of Jonathan's immense cock in my mouth and said: "I'm OK! You can push in!"

"OK, but if I hurt you, please tell me," Diego said and pushed his thick cock into me. The big head plopped through my sphincter and I groaned. Oh fuck! It was a big one! He held still and made his cock twitch. It swelled up something awful and stretched me big time. I groaned and knew soon the sensation would be one of pleasure. I pushed back a bit and Diego got the message: he could push in, as I was ready for him.

The big head was inching deeper into me and scraped over my prostate. I groaned and sucked Jonathan's cock. My godd! Diego's cock felt bigger than I thought it would be, and I loved it! Ahhh!

Soon the whole big cock was in me and I felt the big balls pushing against my buttocks. The big cock was in balls-deep.

"You OK, Antonio? I'm not hurting you?" Diego enquired.

I let go of the enormous cock in front of me and said: "I'm fine Diego. You can fuck me now."

Diego started fucking me and I could swear I could distinctly feel the huge head as it fucked me beyond my inner sphincter. It was a big one and he knew how to fuck!

He fucked me with slow deliberate deep thrusts - the perfect lover and he knew how to fuck and make a bottom enjoy it. He was obviously not a novice. I wondered what his previous lovers said about his immense size and his skills as a lover. I was sure they were scared of the size, but once inside a bottom, he was a good fucker. I loved every centimetre in me, and the feeling of being filled almost to capacity.

I continued to suck Jonathan and saw Luigi, Pierre and Giovanni were playing with each other, jacking each other off and heard them kissing. I wished I could be part of the kissing. Jonathan pulled his cock from my mouth and moved towards Diego. My boys moved back to me and I alternated between the 3 big beautiful cocks again.

Jonathan was urging Diego on to make love to me and make me feel good. "Don't hurt him! He's a darling and deserves to feel good. OK, man?" What a darling Jonathan was after all.

"And when is the first-born son going to get a chance? I do have rights and by the time I get a chance to fuck my baby bro, you'd have filled him to the gills with your dirty slimy cum! Sheez!" André, of course. I wondered when he was going to get a turn to fuck me. Perhaps last so he could add the Le Roux touch to the mix?

"Yes, we know! Just wait until the guests have done. I'll let you go before me, OK?" Juan said and ruffled André's hair.

"Sheez! Do you have to mess up my hair when I'm stating the obvious? I'm calling my Dad!" André put in and ruffled Juan's hair. Delinquent bro! But it did lighten the mood.

Diego was fucking me with gusto and it was clear he was enjoying himself. I was enjoying feeling the man in me. His big cock made me feel good and the upward curve touched the right places, filling me up good.

"Anton, how about a double? Hmmm? Let's go to the bed and then I could push in too. What do you say?" Johann, my darling man with the eternal hard but rubbery cock. Oh fuck! Diego has a big cock ...

I let go of Giovanni's cock and said: "Oh fuck yes! Yes! Let's do it! Diego, pull out first and I'll sit on your cock! Let's go to the bed."

"Really? Do you mean the two of us could then push in? Wow!" Diego couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Yes, pull out, OK?" Johann said and touched my face. "You OK with that 'baby bro'?"

"Yes, of course! Let's do it!" I said and stood up, when Diego started to pull out. His huge cockhead plopped out and a little of the Cooper clan's cum slipped out, but not too much.

Diego got onto the bed and I clambered on too. I straddled the Latino hunk and held his cock in the upright aiming at my hole. I sat down and gasped when the big head pierced my hole again. Fuck! It was nice.

I felt Johann getting on the bed as well. "Lube please André?" I heard the cap of the lube bottle being opened and knew Johann was lubing up his long rubbery 29cm cock to push it in on top of Diego's huge one in me already. I braced myself, even though Johann's cock gets hard, but never rock-hard. He has hardly ever hurt me.

Diego sensed my hesitation and pulled me down on him. He took my face between his big beautiful hands and kissed me. "Just relax and push out. I'm sure you'd be OK. Hmmm!" he said and kissed me again with his full soft lips.

"Here it comes, 'baby bro'. OK?" Johann said and put his big rubbery cockhead on my hole. I clenched my hole around Diego's big cock in me and held it for about 30 seconds until I automatically had to let go.

Johann touched my buttocks with his left hand and pushed his cock in. It slipped out and over my hole, smearing lube all over my hole. He tried again and this time the head pierced me. Oh fuck! Oh godd! What an experience once again! Yess! Oh fuck yes! Yess! Yess! He maintained the pressure and pushed until the big head plopped in ... ahhh! Oh fuck! It wasn't hurting me but there was a big thick Latino cock in me already. Oh hell! What a pleasant and wonderful feeling.

"If I didn't see it myself, I wouldn't have believed it! Dad! Have you ever seen this?" Clive said as he stood closer to see better.

"Yes, I have but haven't told you about it. Years ago in Southampton with two sailors ... it was quite an experience! Are you OK Anton?" Alexander asked.

"Hnnnnggghhhhnn! Oh fuck! Yes! Just hold still first Johann! Ahhh! Ugh! Ugh! Diego, your cock is so big and hard! Yess! First just hold still please!" I said and sought out Diego's mouth to kiss him again. Oh fuck! Yes! Johann's cock was going to really fill me up!

I kissed Diego and once again, I was pleasantly surprised at the skills of this beautiful man. He kissed me tenderly and pushed his big tongue deep into my mouth. I sucked the tongue and tasted the alcohol on it. Hmmm!

"OK, Anton? Can I push in? You OK?" Johann asked and squeezed my buttocks.

"Ummmm!" I moaned into Diego's mouth.

Johann started to push in deeper and I loudly groaned into Diego's mouth. He groaned too as he felt Johann's cock rubbing against his big cock in me.

"How about a 'Johann Special' for a change? Hmmm! What do you say 'baby bro'? I'd love to squirt part of my load on your hole and push in again, OK?"

I broke the kiss with Diego and said over my shoulder: "Yes! Of course yes! Ahhhh!" Johann was leaning over my shoulder and kissed my mouth turned towards him. His moustache felt so sexy on my lips! His long rubbery cock pushed in deeper and I groaned.

Diego's cock twitched in me as the second cock slid over it. "I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this before, and I have to say, it's phenomenal! It feels fantastic! Yes!" Diego enthused and made his cock swell in me.

I groaned and clenched my hole over the two big cocks in me.

Johann was balls-deep in me and he kissed my neck. "OK, 'baby bro'? Can I fuck you now? If I hurt you, please tell me, OK?"

This darling man has never hurt me with his big cock, as even completely hard, it still was rubbery and has always been a wonderful experience.

Johann and Diego got into a fucking pattern, pistoning in and out of me. Diego was fucking me with slow thrusts while Johann was fucking me at about double the speed - it felt great with the two cocks filling me up and making me feel good.

"Just look at that Dad! I wish I could experience it too! Wow! I don't know how Antonio manages to take them both ... damn! I'm so hot and randy again!"

"Yes, it is an experience and I can see you're lusting after the young man again! But with 33cm, I don't know who here would be able to double with you and whether Antonio would be able to handle the two cocks when yours is so big. Perhaps with Johann again later?" Alexander said.

"If the 'baby bro' can handle it, we could double up later on when I've caught my breath," Johann said to Clive and continued fucking me. "Anton, would you like Clive and me to double up a little later on? OK?"

"Yes! Of course yes! It would be great to have you two together in my hole! Diego, how are you doing?" I said.

"Oh fuck! I've died and went to sex heaven! This is better than anything I've ever experienced! I'm so glad you came into Starbucks today!" Diego gushed and pulled me down for another kiss. His cock in me swelled under Johann's big cock in me.

He broke the kiss and pulled me lower so his mouth was next to my ear: "*I love this very much and want to see you again, please! I want to sleep with you and fuck you all night long! I fucking love you man!*" he whispered.

I whispered: "*It's wonderful and I'm enjoying it too. You'll have to come visit in South Africa. Come!*"

"*Yes! I will! I hear Starbucks is coming to South Africa? Yes!*"

"What's with the whispering? Hmmm!" Johann said, fucking me.

"Just that Starbucks is coming to South Africa and Diego is thinking of coming to sunny South Africa! Wouldn't it be nice to have this Latino in Cape Town?" I put in.

"Cape Town! Yes! I'd love to live in Cape Town!" Diego said and kissed me again. "*Yes, oh fuck yes! Then I could fuck you regularly!*"

Diego fucked me with new gusto and said: "I'm about to shoot my load! Can I cum now?"

"Yes, cum! Then Clive could take your place and fuck Antonio with me. Shoot your big load man!" Johann said and held still.

Diego groaned and fucked me with renewed lust. His big Latino cock was making me feel good. "Antonio, OK if I cum now? Oh my godd! Yes! I'm cumming! Ahhh! Mierda! Here it comes! Oh godd!" Diego pushed his big cock deeper into me and held still. The big cockhead spasmed and pulsed and I felt the huge load being pumped into me to join Clive and Alexander's loads already in me. If it was anything like the load I got at Kew, Diego was pumping an almighty load into me! "Oh damn! Oh fuuuuccckkk!" Diego shouted and I felt the cock spasmed in me and swelled to huge proportions against Johann's cock.

Standing next to us on the bed, Clive's cock was rock hard again and literally dripping precum. He was already standing on his knees with his huge 33cm cock in his hands, rubbing the precum over the big beautiful head, pulling the skin back and forth, milking even more precum from the piss-slit.

Diego's breath was fast and I could feel under my hand his heart was racing. The man has had his second orgasm with me and it was more satisfying than the sucking I gave him at Kew.

After a minute, Johann started to pull out. "You too Diego! Please pull out so Clive could take your place."

I lifted off Diego's cock and as the big head of the 31 cm cock slipped out, I felt a mouth on my hole. When I looked back, it was André licking my hole. He pushed me forward over Diego and took Diego's big cock in his mouth to suck it clean. My bro! I was pushed over Diego and felt his hand touching my super-hard cock. I groaned and put my hand on his to stop him from jacking me.

I felt André's mouth on my hole again and ... he was sucking some of the cum out of me! My godd! Sex hound and cum freak, I thought with love and affection.

André let go of my hole and moved in next to me, and offered the mouthful of cum to me. I greedily opened my mouth and sucked it from his mouth ... but felt another mouth on my hole! My godd! It was Gareth! I kissed André as we shared the cum he offered me.

"I fucking love you baby bro! And I'm next! To hell with all these huge cocks! I'm next"

"Yes, you're next. Do you want to double with Johann or with Juan?"

"With my big man of course! Juan, baby bro says it's OK! We're next!" André would never change!

Gareth was a sex hound like us after all! He sucked the cum from my mouth but before he could offer it to me, Jonathan stepped up and took the big beautiful English lad into his arms and kissed him, sucking the cum from his mouth! Sex doggs, the lot of them! And they all wanted a piece of me!

Diego crawled from under me and as he stepped off the bed, André took his big cock in his hand and whistled. "Latino man! You sure as hell have a lethal weapon there! I want to suck it!" and went down on his knees to suck the man's cock. Diego groaned and pushed his big rubbery cock deep into André's mouth.

As soon as Diego was out from under me, Clive slid in and as his huge cock scraped over my chest, the sopping wet tip rubbed over my right nipple and made a monumental mess in my chest hair. My godd! And that huge cock was going to slide into me again!

Clive took my face between his hands and kissed me. "Next round Antonio! It hasn't been often that I could come back for seconds so soon, but damn! I'm charged and I'd love to feel Johann's cock on mine while I'm fucking you! OK? I hope you will be able to manage with my huge cock in you ... will you?"

"Yes, I'd be able to. Just take it easy, OK? Yes, you're right, you do have a huge cock!"

Johann held Clive's 33cm cock in the upright and I sat down on it. Oh godd! I've had it in my twice already but the sheer girth of the head and shaft ... my godd! And then Johann wanted to push in on top of it ...! I was in for a rough ride. Then I remembered Luigi, Pierre and Giovanni who wanted to triple fuck me ... sheez! THAT was going to be a rough ride!

Clive's big cockhead was in me again when Johann moved in behind me. I braced myself. Clive's cock was fucking thick and Johann's cock, even though it's always rubbery, wasn't small at all. But with all the precum flowing between the guys, I was lubed up pretty well. And Johann wasn't into hurting me ever. He was too loving and too much of being one of my beautiful hung lovers. But it was a tight fit ... the big head slipped in on top of Clive's cock and Johann held still. Clive sensed Johann held still and held still too, but then Clive's cock was sliding into me on the precum. I groaned. Oh fuck! Getting double-fucked had become a favourite with me. I loved feeling two cocks in me!

"You OK, beautiful 'baby bro'? Are we hurting you?" Johann asked next to my ear. He kissed my cheek and massaged my buttocks with his big beautiful hands.

"I'm fine thanks. Push in you hung hunk!"

Johann started pushing into me slowly ... the big rubbery cock slid into me and I groaned loudly! It was a lot of cock in me and Johann's cock was filling me up good. He stopped pushing in and kissed me on the cheek again. "You OK 'baby bro'?"

"Oh fuck yes! I'm fine but fuck! You guys are big and you're stretching me something awful! Clive's cock is so fucking big and thick!"

"Sorry my man! I'm sorry if we're hurting you!" Clive said and touched my face. "We'll take it slow, OK?"

"Yes, OK!"

Juan moved in over Clive's head and offered his big cock - the 28cm cock I was so afraid of at first - for me to suck. I gladly obliged and took the big beautiful cockhead in my mouth. It was sopping wet and tasted wonderful.

Juan took my face in his hands and pushed his cock deep into my mouth. The head stopped at the opening to my throat and he pulled back. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and pretended to yawn when he pushed back into my mouth. The big head slipped into my throat and the rest of the big shaft moved into my mouth. His big balls rested on my chin. I put my hands on his balls and his hairy tummy above his cockshaft. I felt Clive's tongue licking Juan's balls from below. Fuck! What an entangled lot we were!

Johann's cock was in balls-deep and he held still for me to adjust to the huge invasion. He made his cock twitch and I groaned. It was big even though it was this wonderfully rubbery big cock.

"OK if I start fucking you my darling boy? Are you up for a 'Johann's Special'? Hmm?" Johann asked.

"Hmm! Hmmm!" I mumbled with Juan's cock in my mouth. A Johann's Special was always nice: he'd shoot one or two squirts into me, pull out and shoot an amount of cum on my hole and push back in on top of the cum and finish cumming inside me. Perfect! If he and Clive could cum together, it would be a perfect fucking, I thought.

Johann started to fuck me with long, deep and gentle thrusts. Nothing about Johann was rushed or inconsiderate. Between him and Gunther, the latter is my favourite by a very small margin - both were excellent lovers, were fucking sexy and were nice guys. Hmmmm!

Underneath me Clive was fucking me too and his enormously thick 33cm cock was really fucking me good. He was still sucking Juan's balls and had his hands on my tummy and nipples. My hands were on Juan's body and were playing with his nipples, stroking his beautiful hairy body. My first love after André ... still someone I loved very much.

"I want to push in as soon as Johann has finished, OK?" Juan said. Oh fuck! His cock was thicker than Johann's cock and it was rock-hard! Oh fuck! But, it would prepare me for the trio who wanted to fuck me ... I was in for the fucking of a lifetime.

I let go of Juan's big wet cock and simply said: "Yes, OK!" And the deal was made.

That spurred Johann on and I felt the big rubbery cock getting harder and his thrusting to accelerate. He was about to cum and give me his special treatment. Bring it on then!

"I'm going to cum, OK? Ahhh! Oh fuck! You're driving all of us mad with lust and desire! Here it cuuuummmss! Yess! Yess! Oh fuuuccckkk! Hnnggghhhhnnn! Phew!" Johann groaned and I felt him shooting his first load deep into me. He continued to fuck me but was pulling out when he shot his second spurt of cum into me. The head slipped out and I felt the cum splattering on my hole as he shot his third and fourth squirts on my hole.

"Going in again, OK?" he said and pushed his cock into me again as the fifth squirt was fired into me. He pushed his cock home and held it while the rest of his cum squirts - 9 in all - was pumped into me. He collapsed on my back and kissed my neck.

"Oh fuck! That was awesome! Hmmmm!" he said and made his rubbery cock twitch in me.

Juan pulled his big hard cock from my mouth and said: "My turn, OK? André, do you want to take my place?"

"Oh fuck yes! My baby bro is still the best cocksucker there is! Yes!" André said and got on the bed in front of me when Juan moved to take up his position behind me. He pushed his 24,5cm uncut into my mouth and I groaned. It was an exact duplicate of mine, but I loved it nonetheless. It was always nice to suck André's cock.

Johann pulled out slowly and when the big rubbery cockhead slipped out, he leaned forward and licked the cum on my hole with Clive's big cock still in me. Ahhh! He took Juan's cock in his mouth and made sure it was sopping wet. He jacked Juan's cock and milked the precum out, but I've done too good a job: he didn't have enough precum to fuck me.

"Lube, please?" Johann asked and took the tube from Gunther. "Thanks my love!" Johann opened the tube of lube and put some on Juan's cock and some on my hole. Oh fuck! My darling Juan was really going to fuck me on top of Clive's cock in me!

Juan took up his position and put his big cock on my lubed-up hole. "OK my darling boy? You OK? Can I push in?"

"Yes! Do it!" I said and took my brother's beautiful cock in my hands. I bent down a bit and felt Juan's cock being positioned on my slick hole. Below me Clive was groaning with desire while he started sucking André's balls.

Juan pushed forward and the big cockhead slipped in. It stretched me more than Johann's cock but my hole was loose and the cock slipped in deeper. Ahhh! Oh fuck! What a sensation.

Juan was very hot after the shenanigans earlier and I knew he wasn't going to last long. And yes, that's exactly what he said: "I'm so damn horny, I'm going to cum soon. Sorry darling boy, but after André's sucking and your sucking and now this ... there's no way ... ahhh! Oh godd! Yes! Yes! Hmmm! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ugh! Ugh! Hnnnngggggnnnnhhhhnnnn! Uff! Uff!"

He pushed his big cock deep into me and started pumping his huge load into me. By now Clive's cockhead was bathed in cum and Juan was adding some more to the mix.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! This is so good!" Juan said and grabbed my buttocks as his cock was squirting its cumload into me. The head twitched and the shaft swelled as he slowly fucked me with very slow and short thrusts. My beautiful man was pumping one hell of a load into me. "Hhhnnnngggghhhnnn! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Wow!"

"I'm so hot again! Oh damn! I hope I can last a while longer ..." Clive said and I felt his huge cock twitch in me.

André pulled his cock from my mouth and announced: "I'm next! I'm the elder brother and I have rights! It's my turn!" He lifted off Clive's face below him and moved in next to Juan. "You oaf, come on! It's my turn! My baby bro needs my load! Come on!"

"Just give me a minute to enjoy this, you delinquent! Sheez! You'll get your turn! Hold on to your hat!" Juan said and gave André's head a playful swipe.

"I'm calling my Dad! You're an ugly ogre!"

Juan's cock was still twitching and the last of his cumload oozed into me. His body shuddered and he kissed me on the neck. I turned my head and got a lopsided kiss. Ahh! How I loved this man!

My darling man slowly pulled his cock from my hole and caressed my buttocks.

"Come on ogre! I want in!"

"André, give me a chance! Sheez!" Juan held his cock just inside my hole and held still. He made it swell and I groaned. Oh fuck!

I felt hands on my buttocks and looked back: André had his hands on my buttocks and Juan's cock still in me.

"Oh fuck! This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! Ogre, your big cock in my baby bro's hole, together with Clive's enormous cock ... fuck! This is beautiful! But come on! Pull out now! My turn!" André was relentless!

Juan's cock slipped out and some of his cumload leaked out. André was quick to bend forward to lick it up. He lifted his face to Juan and got a big kiss. They shared the cum and kissed each other.

"My turn! Lube please?" André said and positioned himself behind me. Gunther was on lube duty and handed the tube to André, saying: "Be careful! Don't hurt my darling boy! I'll neuter you!"

"Just you try! Sies man!" André said and lubed up his hard cock. He put some of the lube on my hole and rubbed it over my hole and Clive's cockshaft. "Here it comes baby bro! OK?"

With that André pushed his big cock into me on top of Clive's huge cock already in me. I groaned with pleasure. André's cock wasn't small by any measure but it was shorter and thinner than Juan's cock but it was still substantially big - bigger than most of the guys on the hockey team.

The head slipped into me and André continued to push in. I groaned and pushed out to welcome my brother's cock in me. It slipped into me with one long continuous thrust. Ahhh!

"Your cock on mine feels awesome André! Antonio are you still OK? Not too much?" Clive said.

"Ahhhh! It's. Fine. I'm. OK. Fuck me André!"

Gunther moved in over Clive's face and offered his 29,5cm cock for me to suck on. It was one of the most spectacular cocks ever: it was long, very thick, veiny, uncut, curving to his right (Gunther is left-handed) and he shoots big loads. Plus, the light brown hair on his body was luxurious. His big cock curving to the right was more suitable for a fuck where I sit on him, not for doggy: one's rectum curves up to the left from one's anus to join the descending end of the colon.

I greedily took the big wet hard cock in my hands and sucked the head in my mouth. It tasted wonderful as the big head approached my throat. I opened my throat and by then my throat muscles were loose and ready to allow the big cocks in. After the second attempt the big head slipped into my throat. We both groaned.

"With all the fucking, I'm so close to cumming again, Antonio!" Clive remarked and twitched his huge cock in me.

André was fucking me with gusto and being André and having had his cock sucked earlier, he was on a high and ready to shoot his load.

"Baby bro, I'm going to cum, OK? Ahh! Oh fuck! This is too much! Ogre, your cum in my baby bro feels so fucking good! I'm going to add my load now! Oh yes! Baby bro, here it comes! Here it is! Ahh! Uff! Uff! Ugh! Ugh!" André exclaimed with every thrust. His cock was rock-hard and I felt it being pushed way beyond my inner sphincter.

I was teetering on the verge of cumming imagining my brother's big beautiful cock deep in me about to shoot its load into me. I took a deep breath and willed my orgasm away.

André's cock exploded in me and I knew he was pumping one hell of a load into me, like he always does. At times I think he shoots a bigger load than me. It just felt like a huge load again. He was moaning and his cock twitched in me.

"Oh fuck! It feels nice to have my cock in you with such a big one like Clive's cock! Fuck! It feels awesome! Ahh! Oh fuck yes!" André gushed.

Gareth stepped up. "Please, may I be next? Clive, please cum so I could have a chance, please?" Gareth asked and touched Clive's beautiful face.

"Yes, gladly! I'm so damn charged! OK, Antonio? Can I cum now? André, keep your cock in Antonio and let me cum too, OK?" Clive said and started to fuck me again.

Soon the huge cock in me started to swell to gigantic proportions and together with André's still hard cock in me, I was filled big time. Clive pulled my face down and kissed me. It was a sensual and sexually charged kiss: lots of tongue and his hands were behind my head. "Oh fuck! You're phenomenal, Antonio! *I wish I could relocate to Cape Town and live close to you*!

"*Investigate the possibilities then! I'd love to have you there!*" I whispered back. Imagine having him and Pierre on the ready to plough my hole with their 33cm big cocks! Oh my godd! I could dream ... Little did I know.

Clive's cock was fucking me good and after only a few thrusts I could feel he was close to cumming again. The shenanigans have caused him to hover on the verge of cumming for a while already, so he was about to cum. After a few more thrusts, he started to growl ... first a low growl, which intensified and became a loud bear growl. "Fu-u-u-u-u-u-c-c-k-k! Oh dear lord! Yess! Yess! Yess! Ahhhhhh!" Clive thrust his huge cock deep into me and held still. "Shhh! Shhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yess! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!" he growled and then I felt his cock spasming in me as he shot his immense load into me. It felt like a big one, although he had come earlier as well as that afternoon in the toilet. "It's a huge load again, Antonio! I'm filling you my man! Thanks for staying in Antonio with me André! I owe you one!"

"My pleasure! As long as you don't try shoving that monster cock into me! Yes, it felt like a huge load you pumped into my baby bro!" André said and started to pull his cock out. The cock slipped out and with it, a bit of cum. He bent forward and licked my hole and Clive's cock. "Hmmm! Nice, even if I have to say so myself!"

Clive clung to me like a drowning man and his cock twitched in me. "*I have to have this again! I'm moving to Cape Town!*" he whispered in my ear.

"*Oh fuck, yes! Please!*"

Clive started to pull his big long cock from me and when the head was just inside the sphincter, he held still and kissed me. "*I think I love you my man! Oh fuck*! Clive swore, more mouthing the words than whispering it.


The huge cockhead was free and my hole felt empty. I lifted off Clive and made way for Gunther to lie down. He had already put lube on his cock and lied down, holding his cock in the upright. The tip curved to Gunther's right, perfect to follow the curvature of my rectum. I leaned forward and kissed this darling man. I took his big cock - he was adamant it was 29,5cm long! - and aimed it at my hole, and sat down. After Clive's immense 33cm thick cock I had in me already, plus André's cock on top of it, I easily managed to take Gunther's cock in me. It was still big and it was still extremely pleasurable. But, I loved this man so much that every time he fucked me, it was like a special occasion.

Gunther pushed his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it with renewed passion. My big beautiful Jerry man! His cockhead slipped in and I groaned into Gunther's mouth. Oh fuck! This was just so wonderful.

Just as the huge cock was halfway in me, I felt movement behind me.

"I hope you don't mind but fuck! I'm so horny right now ... may I please fuck you with Gunther? Please?" Gareth.

I was so happy he and Luigi sorted out their differences and that he was there to enjoy this night of debauchery and pleasure with us.

I broke the kiss with Gunther and turned around to talk to him. His mouth was right there on my left shoulder and when I turned my head, I got a kiss. Hmmmm! The man does know how to kiss!

"Oh fuck! This is almost too good to be true! *Thanks!*" Gareth whispered. "May I please?"

"Yes, you may. Just ensure your cock is sopping wet ... is it?" I said.

"Oh fuck yes! I'm rock-hard and sopping wet OK! I won't hurt you! Just relax ... but you know that already, right?" Gareth said and aimed his big cockhead at my butt. "Here it is ..."

He put his cockhead on my hole and pushed forward. His huge amount of precum ensured he didn't hurt me when the big head slipped into me. Ahhhh!

Gunther's cock was in me up to the inner sphincter when Gareth's cockhead pierced my hole. Gunther held still and waited for Gareth to slide in deeper. Soon the two men with the big cocks in me knew what to do: they pushed in deeper and deeper. I groaned and held my breath.

"Einatmen mein Schatz (Breathe in my darling)! Relax! We won't hurt you! Relax!" Gunther said and pulled me down to kiss me again. Oh Gunther! What a man! What a lover! What a gentleman! I pushed out and took a deep breath. The two big cocks in me were now piercing the inner sphincter and were almost balls-deep in me.

"Please fuck and cum! I don't know how much longer I'm going to keep from spraying my big load all over the place! Uhnn! Oh fuck!" Jonathan stood next to the bed with his insanely big 35cm cock in his hand. He had the open lube in his one hand and rubbed some of the slippery gel on his cock. He skinned the foreskin back and forth over the huge wet head. He was ready!

"I'm horny as fuck, so I'd be cumming soon. How about you Gunther?" Gareth said.

"Perhaps a little longer. I don't want to rush mein Schatz too much. I want to fuck him a little longer, OK mein Schatz?" Gunther asked and kissed me.

"Of course my darling man! But perhaps not too long, OK?" I said and kissed the beautiful blonde German man. His cock in me gave a twitch.

"Oh yes! Do that again please? Yes! That feels great!" Gareth enthused and pushed his big cock deeper into me. "Please do it again!"

Gunther made his cock twitch and Gareth followed suit. Both were twitching and stretching me big time. Oh fuck!

They were fucking me and soon Gareth's breathing was faster and deeper - he was on the verge of cumming.

"Antonio, sorry my man, but I'm going to shoot my load! Do you want me to cum in you or in your mouth? Ahhh! Oh fuck!" Gareth said as he fucked me.

"Shoot that huge load in me please! Do it! Yes! Fuck me!"

Gareth was fucking me on top of Gunther's big cock. The cock got harder and soon he growled out loud: "I'm cumming! Oh fuck I'm cumming! Oh dear lord! Yes! Oh fuck yes! Ahhhhh!" He pushed his cock deep into me and held still. I felt the cock spasming in me as it shot wad after wad of cum deep into me, lubing up Gunther's cockhead in me. It felt like a very big load.

"Pull out please and let me in!" Jonathan said and stepped closer.

"No man! Your cock is too big for a double fuck! You'll hurt our boy!" Johann said and put a hand on Jonathan's hand.

"I'm always gentle, right Antonio? Please let's just try it. I'll be slow and gentle!" Jonathan insisted.

"Anton, are you up for it? This man's like a horse! I'm worried he'd hurt you," Johann said and Juan stepped up too.

"I don't know if you'd be able to handle it, my darling boy! Jonathan's cock is huge!" Juan said.

"Just use a lot of lube and push in slowly ..." I said and wondered how on earth I thought I'd be able to handle that enormous cock with Gunther's already in me!

"That's my boy! I promise I'll be gentle. If I hurt you, I'd stop, OK?" Jonathan said and got on the bed behind me. He took the lube and swathed his cock and my hole with it. He leaned forward and kissed me on the neck and when I turned my head, he kissed me on the mouth. Ahhh!

I felt the immense cock pushing at my crack and wondered what it was going to feel like to have that huge cock entering me.

"I'll really be gentle, but I'm sure you'd be able to handle it. Just relax, push out and enjoy! You're the man among men! OK? Here it comes. Relax!" Jonathan said.

I braced myself when I felt the big head pushing against my hole ... oh fuck! It was going to be a tight fit!

"You OK mein Schatz? Just relax, OK?" Gunther said and pulled me closer to kiss me.

"Ahhhhh! Oh godd! Shhh! Oh fuck! It's big! It's fucking huge!" I said as the big cockhead started to stretch my hole ... it slipped out and over my back. Jonathan aimed again and pushed pointing the huge cockhead at my hole, downwards on Gunther's cock. The head started to slide into me and I groaned! Oh fuck! Oh fuuccckkkk!

The huge cockhead plopped in behind the sphincter and Jonathan held still. Oh fuck! I was stretched big time.

"You OK my man? I'll hold still and let you get used to it, OK?" Jonathan said.

"No, pull out again please! Just let me get used to it and then we can continue. Please pull out first," I said. It was one hell of a big cock on top of Gunther's big fat cock.

"OK, I'll pull out first. I don't want to hurt you my boy!" Jonathan said as he pulled his humongous cock from my hole.

Ahhh! Oh fuck! I breathed and clenched my hole over Gunther's cock. I clenched until my hole automatically relaxed again. I pushed out and told Jonathan to push in again while I was pushing out.

The enormous cockhead entered me again and this time it felt much better. The head slipped right in and Jonathan held still.

"Better my boy?" he asked.

"Yes, but hold still please. Let me get used to it first," I said and sought Gunther's mouth for some distraction.

"Have you ever thought this to be possible, Clive? It's a first for me! I hope Antonio's hole can hold up! My lord, it's a huge cock! Even bigger than yours!" Alexander said as he watched Jonathan's huge cock in my hole.

"Dad, my cock is not much smaller and Antonio could handle me and his brother, and me and Johann. I think he's stretched enough. Antonio, just relax brother! And enjoy! You have me rock-hard here again!" Clive said and patted my back. I saw out the corner of my eye that, indeed, he was hard again. Alexander reached for his son's huge cock and started to jack him. "Easy there Dad! I'll spray the whole bed and all its occupants!" Clive said and reached for Alexander's big hard cock.

"I'm pushing in now, OK? Shout if I'm hurting you," Jonathan said. He added some more lube and slowly pushed in deeper.

My godd, it was big! Once the head was in and the shaft started to enter me, it started to change from pain to some discomfort. I clenched again and let go. I pushed out and the huge cock slid deeper into me. Oh fuck!

When the huge cockhead was in half-way, it suddenly started to feel wonderful and I was glad I've endured. I was also glad Jonathan wanted to do it. If I were asked beforehand if I'd allow him and Gunther to fuck me, I'd almost definitely have said 'no'. Now it was feeling wonderful as the huge cock filled me to the gills.

"Still OK mein Schatz? He's not hurting you?" Gunther, who else? My wonderful beautiful Jerry man. Oh fuck, I loved him!

"I'm fine thanks my sexy man! Hmmmm" I said and kissed Gunther. His soft mouth tasted so good and when he pushed his tongue into my mouth, I sucked it hungrily just as the last of Jonathan's cock was pushed home. Oh fuck! I broke the kiss and gasped. It was one hell of a cock in me with the head way beyond Gunther's cockhead almost 30cm deep in me!

Luigi and Pierre stepped up and looked at what was happening to 'their boy'.

"Jonathan, don't you dare hurt our boy! Be careful! Your cock is insanely big! Gentle please!" Pierre said.

"Mio caro, are you OK? Just relax mio caro! Just relax. Ricordo che io ti amo (Remember I love you)!" Luigi put in.

"I'm holding still again for you to get used to it, OK?" Jonathan said as he held my buttocks. He involuntarily twitched his cock and it swelled to huge proportions. Oh fuck! I groaned.

But, I was OK and soon Jonathan was fucking me on top of Gunther's cock.

"I'm going to cum my man! First round, OK? You still holding up?" Jonathan said.

"I'm OK. Yes, shoot your first round please!"

"OK, here it comes! Ahhh! Oh dear godd! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhhhhh!" Jonathan was groaning as the first of his multiple cumshots squirted from his cock, 35cm deep into me. He was still fucking me while he was cumming and that pushed Gunther over the edge.

"Mein Schatz, I'm going to cum too! Jonathan's huge cockhead is scraping over mine and it's too much! Sorry my darling man! I'm cumming too!" Gunther said and I felt his big cock swelling to large proportions as it was about to shoot its load. "Ahhhh! Oh mein Gott! Ahhh! Hnnngggnnnhhhnnn! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!" Gunther gasped as he shot his load into me.

Jonathan was still fucking me and he prepared for the second load to be shot into me. This man had the ability to cum up to 5 times in quick succession. He shot the second volley of cum into me: at least 8 squirts.

He continued to fuck me and announced number 3 was about to be pumped into me. Oh dear godd!

"This is sensational to feel Jonathan's cock scraping over mine and pumping his cum into you mein Schatz! Ahhhh!" Gunther said and touched my face. What a nice hung hunk he was!

Jonathan's third volley of cum was pumped into me and then he held still. "I think that will have to do for now. Perhaps I could convince Antonio to come sleep with me so I could pump the rest into him?" Jonathan joked. Luigi would never allow that, and neither would Pierre. And I was pretty sure Giovanni was in for the long haul - he too would object. But my godd! Three loads from Jonathan's huge cock were enough, I'd say!

"OK you sex doggs! Pull out of the man of the moment! It's our turn now! Out Jonathan! Out Gunther! Please?" Pierre said. He and the other two have waited long enough. It was their turn. And what a round that was going to be! I didn't know what was awaiting me!

"OK. Thanks Antonio! This was fantastic! I wish Christopher were here to join us ... he would've loved it!" Jonathan said as he was pulling out slowly. "Imagining the two of us fucking you my man!"

I was glad Christopher wasn't there, although if it ever happened that the two brothers had me to themselves again, I was almost certain I'd have said 'yes' for a double with them ... ahhh!

As the huge head plopped out, some of Jonathan's huge load spilled out. He bent down and licked it up. Then he put his mouth on my hole with Gunther still in me and sucked ... he sucked some of the cum he and Gunther had pumped into me, from my hole. Oh fuck! That felt wonderful!

He let go and leaned over me to offer the cum to me. I gladly accepted the gift. Jonathan opened his mouth as his lips touched me and let the cum run into my mouth. It was a lot and tasted so nice.

I felt another mouth on my hole and Gunther's big cock that was still in me. Somebody else was sucking the cum from me. The mouth let go when quite some cum was sucked from me and bent over Gunther to feed it to him - Johann! My beautiful man! He wanted Gunther to taste some of the cum he and Jonathan had pumped into me.

"OK Jerry, let the 'baby bro' off your big cock and let us have our turn please?" Pierre said. He was fast becoming an alpha male of sorts in the bedroom. A late bloomer but he just knew what he wanted and with a 33cm cock in his pants, he might as well be a sergeant major of sorts!

I lifted off Gunther's big rubbery cock and as I sat back on the bed, a pair of arms grabbed me from behind. Clive. "You still OK my man? You took a beating there! Hope you can take the three still to come!"

"I should be OK, thanks. Thanks for your concern."

"*I wish I could sleep with you guys tonight ... think the guys would mind if I asked?*" he whispered.

"*I don't know. Let's see how the rest pans out and we'll ask them, OK?*"

"Come Clive, let go of our boy. You've had your chance - twice, I might add - it's our turn now. Ant, you should be loose enough by now. Come sit on my cock, OK?" Pierre took charge. He was rubbing the vast amount of precum leaking from his cock over the big cockhead. I looked at the cock and although I've had a 35cm cock in me just a minute ago, plus Clive's 33cm, I marvelled at the sight of Pierre's enormously big and beautiful cock. I noticed his incredibly beautiful hands around his cock ... what a hunk of a man, in every respect!

"Here, put some lube on your hole baby bro," André said and took some lube on his fingers and put it on my hole. I bent forward for him to get access to my very loose hole. "I could push in you right here and right now again!"

I wished he did push in ... and then he did! My brother was hard again and pushed into me with one long continuous thrust! The dogg!

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! This feels good! Guys, please let me cum first before you guys fuck him? Please?" André put in and started to fuck me. Being the delinquent first born brother 'who has rights', the rest just let it be but some ruffled his hair and passed all sorts of remarks on his sexual drive 'that was off the charts' and what not.

"Oh fuck! Baby bro, you're so warm and soft and moist inside! I'm going to cum in a jiffy! Ahhh!"

André fucked me standing on my knees. Pierre's huge cock was right in front of me and I leaned forward to take the immense organ in my mouth. It was sopping wet and tasted wonderful. He milked his cock to give me more precum ... what a thoughtful lover! He knew I loved his precum a lot, so he fed me some more!

"Thanks baby bro! Here it comes ... ahhh ... ahhh ... ahhh ... oh fuck! Yess! Yess! Fuuccckkkk! Oh fuck! Yes!" André exclaimed and fucked me with new vigour. His big 24,5cm cock felt good in me and I knew even though it was going to be his second load for the night, it was going to be substantial.

Then he pushed his cock deep into me and held still while he was panting and swearing. His cock twitched and he pumped his load into me. Oh fuck! How I loved him right there at that very moment!

André held on to my hips and leaned forward. His hands slipped under my chest and he hugged me close to him.

"Fuck baby bro! You're the best twin brother anybody could ever wish for. I love you to bits and the fact that I can fuck you, makes you a super brother! Thanks baby bro!"

"Yes, OK you delinquent! We know you have a sex drive higher than your IQ! Out now! Pull out! It's our turn now! Out!" Pierre said and took a playful swipe at André's head.

"Sheez, Mr Big Cock! Keep your shirt on! I'm getting out! I'm calling my Dad and your dad! You're mean to me!"

"Where is your iPhone? Let me help you find their numbers!" Pierre called André's bluff. Of course it won't happen!

André pulled out of me and sat back on his knees.

The rest of the guys passed all sorts of remarks after Pierre gave André some of his own medicine. Some even clapped hands.

"Forget about them! Come here Ant! Come sit on me please?" Pierre said and put his hand out to pull me closer to him.

"Wait! More lube, you donkey cock man! Wait!" André said and took the lube to put some on my hole.

"You OK Ant? Are you up for it? We want this to be super special, but you have to enjoy it too. Come sit on my cock please," Pierre said and held his cock in the upright.

I moved over him with my knees on either sides of his chest. I sat down gingerly and felt the huge wet cockhead under me. I moved a little to find the sweet spot ... and sat down on the cock. Ahhh! The huge head stretched my loose hole and slipped right in. The huge amount of precum and lube did their job: my hole and Pierre's cock were wet and slick. I hesitated a few seconds and then lowered my body over the cock as it slipped deeper into me.

"That's my boy! Ant, you're a master man! Ahhh! This feels so good! To think I've lost out on this kind of pleasure for so long! Ahhhh!" Pierre was elated with pleasure.

Giovanni moved in over Pierre's head and held his 29cm cock in his hand. It was sopping wet and precum dangled from the end.

"Bro, let me lick that please?" Pierre said and opened his mouth. Giovanni pushed his big veiny cock down and into Pierre's mouth.

"Ahhhh!" Pierre gushed with the big half-bred's cock in his mouth. My man was an ace cocksucker! Giovanni's cock slid right in and his balls ended up on Pierre's face. Wow! I didn't know Pierre was such a good sucker!

I sank down lower on Pierre's huge cock and gasped when the big head scraped over my prostate. Oh fuck! I was so hard and wet. The precum ran from my cock and made a huge mess on Pierre's hairy tummy.

Giovanni was ecstatic with lust as his cock was balls-deep in Pierre's mouth. I reached for his beautiful mouth and he greedily kissed me. His tongue darted out and pushed into my mouth. We hugged each other as best we could at the angle we were in.

Pierre's huge cockhead was now in me and once again I marvelled at the size of this immense cock and the way it made me feel. I sat down a little more and the head pushed against my prostate. I almost lost it. Pierre's cockhead was big and it rubbed over my prostate, pushing lots of precum out onto his tummy.

Giovanni's big cock was deep in Pierre's mouth and we were all groaning and growling like wolves in heat. It was hot and with Giovanni's skilful tongue in my mouth, I was in sex heaven. I had no idea what was to follow ...

I felt movement on the bed behind me and I felt someone moving in behind me. It was Diego. Dogg! He put his one hand on my back and I felt his huge hard cock pushing against me. No! He wanted in! My godd! What a sex dogg!

"I'll never forgive myself if I didn't at least ask to try this with Pierre. Please Antonio? May I please?"

How could I say 'no' to such a darling man who had been such a nice lover all through our encounter at Starbucks and earlier here in the bedroom? He was an attentive and good lover, with no mean bone in his body. And fucking sexy with a huge cock!

I let go of Giovanni's mouth and simply said: "Yes!"

"Oh fuck! Thanks my man!"

Diego's hard wet cock was already on my hole and he merely pushed forward. The very big cockhead slipped in and I growled into Giovanni's mouth. Oh fuck! His cock was so damn nice!

By then my hole was loose and the entry of Diego's cock was just pleasurable! I loved it! He held still and made his cock twitch. It was just as good as earlier when he and Johann fucked me.

Diego had his arms around my waist and pushed in deeper. I interlocked the fingers of my left hand with his and squeezed this wonderful man's hand. His cock slid deeper into me and I groaned.

Giovanni was groaning with pleasure as Pierre was sucking his cock. For a late-bloomer, Pierre was a natural at everything: kissing, fucking and sucking. It all just came natural to him and he was good at it all. Go figure! Pierre had a cock like a donkey! It was 33cm long, thick, veiny and uncut. What a stallion!

Not that Giovanni or Diego or Luigi had anything less than perfect cocks or abilities! Sheez! I was surrounded by a bunch of very sexy and sexually competent men!

Diego's cock was deep in me now and I felt the warmth of his very hairy body on my back and his arms around my waist. He kissed me in the neck. Giovanni leaned past me and kissed Diego. It was clear they both liked each other a lot too. But, what's not to like about anyone in the group?

Diego started to fuck me with deliberate thrusts and I could feel he was going to cum again soon. It was obvious the shenanigans that went down on the bed while he was watching, had him hard and charged again!

Giovanni pulled his cock from Pierre's mouth and broke the kiss with Diego. "Too much my friend! You'll make me climax!" He leaned down and kissed Pierre. It was clear it wasn't just a kiss. Lots of spit and tongue were involved.

Giovanni stood up and Luigi took his place. "Want to suck me please Pierre?"

"Oh fuck yes! Push it in!" Pierre said and opened his mouth. Luigi aimed his cock at Pierre's mouth and being the same size as Giovanni's cock, it slipped right down Pierre's throat and Luigi groaned. "Oh mio Dio (my godd)! This is too much! Ahhh! Oh damn!" Luigi sought my mouth and kissed me deeply while Diego was fucking me with gusto. His big cock on top of Pierre's immense cock was mind-blowing.

Luigi broke the kiss and put his face in the crook of my neck. Diego put his face next to Luigi's head and the two started kissing each other. "Hmmmm! You're a good kisser Diego!" Pierre said.

"So are you!" Diego said and pushed his huge cock deeper into me.

"It would be great if you could move to Cape Town. I know Antonio would love to have you around! You'd be very welcome!" Luigi said and put my exact feelings into words. Bring it on! I'd love to have this Latino man around for some serious fun! I could only imagine a night alone with him. He'd be as good as any of the others, and then some. His big uncut cock would be an object of sexual pleasure - big time.

"Pee-AIR! Mio Dio my man! You're such a good cocksucker! Slowly there! I don't want to cum yet!" Luigi said and kissed me again. I looked down and saw Luigi's 29cm cock was balls-deep in Pierre's mouth.

"I'm going to cum Antonio, OK? Oh fuck! Yes! Here it comes! Ahhhh! Oh yes! Yess!" Diego exclaimed and fucked me with new determination to deposit his next big Latino load into me. His cock was rock-hard and as the first spurt of cum shot out of his cock, he pushed the big cockhead deep into me. He held still and put his head on my back. His whole body convulsed as he pumped his load into me. The big cock twitched and swelled and Diego made deep guttural sounds. It was obvious he was on a sexual high.

I groaned with Diego. The sensation of his big cock twitching in me was just fantastic.

Diego held still and breathed deeply. He clung to me and made little sounds of content.

"OK my man! You've had your turn - again! Now out please! Let Giovanni in please!" Pierre - Sergeant major - said. He was in charge, that was for sure.

"Yes, OK. Just let me catch my breath and pump the last of my load into our boy," Diego said. 'Our boy' - this man would fit in with the group like a glove! I was glad the other boys liked Diego.

Diego slowly pulled out and I could feel he deposited one hell of a load into me. I clenched and his cock swelled in response. Oh fuck! It felt good! The big head slipped out and I managed to keep the load in me.

When Diego sat back on his knees, Giovanni moved in and put his rock-hard, sopping wet cock - this man produced an enormous amount of precum - on my hole and with his hands on my shoulders, he pushed in. I bent forward to kiss Luigi and growled like a cat. Oh fuck! Giovanni's cock was slightly smaller than Diego's cock, but by then I had to fight my orgasm. I've been fucked royally for over an hour and I was only human!

The big head was already in me and the long thick shaft was slowly advancing into me. Luigi took my face in his hands and looked into my eyes. "You still OK mio caro?"

"Yes, I'm fine! But I'm so horny I want to cum! This is one of the best nights I've ever had sex with you guys!" I didn't know what was to come. I thought I'd have a triple fuck with Juan, André and Gunther or whoever, but it didn't happen.

"What would you say if I asked you if I could push in as well? We don't have to do it, but would you let me try please?" Luigi said.

At first I thought he'd want to push in when it was his turn, but then it hit me. He wanted to push in while Giovanni was in me with Pierre! Oh godd! Oh no! Oh hell, no! But I was curious of course! I did have triple some time ago with Juan, André and Johann - even though it was only for a few seconds. I wasn't sure how I'd be able to take the three big boys' cocks in me.

"Yes, of course! Let's try it! Do it!" I said and kissed my man. I took his face in my hands and looked in his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. "Yes, do it!"

Luigi pulled his cock from Pierre's mouth and the latter said: "What? Are you going to push in as well? No man! We'll tear our boy to pieces! Ant, can you handle three cocks?"

"That I want to see!" Clive said and moved closer to the bed. So did his dad (Alexander), Diego, Johann and Gunther. Jonathan said outright: "If you can handle all three, you'd be able to handle my brother and me! Do it!"

Luigi moved to Giovanni and told him to push in all the way and lie down backwards. Luigi straddled Pierre's legs and took the tube of lube. He opened it and put a liberal amount on my hole. He pushed his finger into my hole with Pierre and Giovanni's cocks already in me. Oh fuck! He pulled his finger out and pushed in two fingers. Luigi's fingers were long and thick. I groaned.

"Another one? OK?" Luigi said and pushed in a third finger. Oh fuck! It was much, but lo and behold - I managed and it felt wonderful.

"Now for the real thing, OK? Just relax mio caro! Just relax," Luigi said and lubed up his 29cm cock. He positioned his cockhead at my hole and started to push in. He pushed a little, and pulled back. Push in a bit, pull out. He continued until my hole was fully relaxed and ready for the third cock in me.

I groaned and relaxed as best I could. This was going to be monumental and I didn't want it to be for only a few seconds. I wanted them to fuck me and cum. I was determined to make this work, so I relaxed my hole and hoped for the best.

When Luigi's cockhead pushed in, he held still. Ahhh! Oh fuck! I gasped but endured the flash of pain. This will get better soon, I kept on telling myself. It will get better.

Without me saying a word, Luigi pulled out again and played with his cockhead over my hole. He used his fingers again to stretch my hole to receive his cock. Soon I was able to take three fingers with fair ease. Luigi pushed his fingers up to his knuckles into me.

"I think you're ready now," Luigi said and pulled his fingers out. He put his cockhead on my hole again and pushed in on top of Giovanni's equally big cock. The head slipped in and I groaned. It was a lot but it felt better. Luigi held still and made his cock twitch. Ahhh! Oh fuck! It was a stretch to take all three cocks in me but I managed. I relaxed and pushed out while Luigi was pushing in.

"Oh fuck Ant! This feels fantastic! Gio, how are you doing my man?" Pierre put in.

"I've never experienced anything like this before! It feels wonderful!" Giovanni gushed.

Luigi's cock was halfway in and then he pulled back a bit again. I groaned and waited for the big cock to slide into me again. Oh fuck! I've experienced orgies over the past few months, but this was starting to be the mother of all orgies! And with the men I loved and the ones I was starting to fall in love with ... Ahhh! The only one missing was my Dad ... Ahhh DAD!

Luigi's big cockhead slipped in and he held still. I groaned and kissed Pierre. Below Luigi, Giovanni's cock was twitching and I knew it was leaking lots of precum into me - not to mention Pierre, my man!

"OK if I push in deeper mio caro? You still OK?" Luigi asked.

"Yes!" I managed to say with Pierre's lips on mine.

"OK then, I'm pushing in now," Luigi said. He pushed his cock deeper and for some reason it started feeling good. It felt fantastic! I could feel I had three cocks in me, but the pain was gone. Pierre's big cock was pushed against my prostate and made me groan with pleasure. Oh fuck! It felt good.

"Yess! Oh fuck yes! Fuck me Luigi! Yess!" I said and reared up into Luigi's arms. I turned my face and gave him a lop-sided kiss. My darling man! His cock was almost all the way in me, together with Pierre's enormous 33cm cock and Giovanni's 29cm. It made me wonder how I could even handle all that cock in me ... amazing!

"Mio caro, I have to cum now! My first round! OK?" Luigi said and started fucking me.

"Anch'io (Me too)! My first round too!" Giovanni said behind Luigi. The two hung hunks were both going to fuck me and fire their first rounds of cum into me! Ahhh!

Giovanni fucked me as best he could with Luigi in front of him. He was holding on to Luigi's hips and the two fucked me in tandem. Of course Giovanni's big cock was rubbing against Pierre's cock in me and the double movement of his and Luigi's cock made for one hell of an experience for all of us.

"Ahhh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh mio Dio (my godd)! I'm going to cum! Gio, Fino a che punto siete (How far are you)? I'm cumming! Fuck yeah! I'm cumming! Mio caro, are you still OK?" Luigi exclaimed.

"Yes, I'm fine! Fuck me!" I said with my hands on Pierre's hairy chest.

"I'm also going to cum! Ant, I'm cumming! Yess! Hmmmm! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Eiaculare con me fratello (Ejaculate with me brother)! Ahhhh!" Giovanni groaned.

Both the men were grunting and groaning and then I felt them spasming in me, shooting their copious loads 29cm deep in me, on top of Pierre's cock. Pierre's huge cock was showered and literally covered in cum spewing from the two big cocks in me. Oh fuck! I wish I could actually see how the cum erupted from the two cocks!

"Slowly there! You're going to make me cum on the spot! Ahhhh!" Pierre said and put his hands on my hips, holding on to Luigi's beautiful hands that were on my hips.

"Second round! Yes! Luigi, un altro (another one)! You still OK Antonio?" Giovanni put in. He and Luigi started fucking me again.

"Sì, mio fratello (Yes, my brother)! Un altro (another one)! Pronto (Ready)!" Luigi said and the two fucked me again on top of Pierre's huge cock. I could feel they were very slippery and that there was a huge load in me again. Ahhh!

"I'm also about to cum Ant! I think you've had about enough for now! I'm going to cum too, OK?" Pierre said and fucked me in tandem with the other two. Pierre in, other two out. In, out.

"Ahh! Sto eiaculare ancora - ora (I'm ejaculating again - now)!" Luigi said and he and Giovanni fucked me with gusto again.

Soon all three men were groaning and grunting and then it happened: all three of them climaxed together, cocks swelling in me, ejaculating huge loads into me. It was just fantastic. Oh my godd!

Luigi collapsed on me with Giovanni on top of him. There was a flailing of hands all over the place. We hugged each other and Pierre was the lucky one to kiss me. Luigi did manage to get a lop-sided kiss in and Giovanni managed to kiss Luigi. What an entangled lot we were.

My hole was tender, but not aching. I could feel I've had a number of cocks in me and right then, three big ones, but they've been attentive and gentle: I was stretched properly and nobody forced his cock into me.

But my own cock was now aching to release its juices! Oh fuck! I was randy and ready to shoot my load.

"Please let me suck you off? Please?" Diego. My godd! He was a newcomer but already he was becoming a member to reckon with. Oh fuck yes! His 31cm cock in me earlier - twice - was incredible and I loved it.

I wondered about André, but when I looked at him, he winked and nodded. He seceded his 'right as the elder brother' of sucking me off to the Latino hunk.

Luigi and Giovanni moved in the upright but kept their cocks in me, together with Pierre's huge cock. Their hands were on my chest and Luigi took my rock-hard and sopping cock in his hand and gave it a squeeze.

"We've neglected you mio caro. I hope Diego gives you a good blowjob!" Luigi said and kissed my cheek. I turned my head and got some tongue to boot.

Pierre's hands were on my nipples and hairy chest. He was still very randy and if given half a chance, he'd fuck me again right on the spot. But, perhaps I've had enough for one day.

Diego moved in and took my cock from Luigi's hand. His big beautiful hands felt wonderfully warm and soft, and I wondered what his mouth would feel like. He jacked me a little but I put my hand on his and said between Luigi's lips: "I'm going to cum quickly! Suck me!"

He obliged and sitting on his knees, he bent forward and took my cock in his mouth. It was warm and moist and big! The man just swallowed my 24,5cm cock as if it were a cocktail Vienna! I gasped as Luigi kissed me again.

"Any good, mio caro?"

"Oh fuck! He is a master! Hhnnngggnnn! Yes! Oh yes!"

Diego pushed my cockhead down his throat and massaged my cockhead and shaft with his throat muscles. His tongue did a fluttering dance on the underside and I was pushed closer to orgasm.

He let go of my cock and nibbled my cockhead between his teeth and lips. He pushed the skin back and pushed the cockhead into his mouth. Then he pulled the skin back and pushed his tongue over the tip of my sheathed cock. He did this a couple of times and without warning, he pushed my cockhead deep into his throat again and I lost it. I fucking lost it! I couldn't help it but my orgasm flooded over me in such a quick wave, I had no control over it.

My cock started to spasm and I felt how the first of my big load squirted into Diego's throat. Lost forever! He pulled my cockhead back into his mouth and the next 8 squirts flooded his mouth - big time! I came like Pierre does when he is hot and horny: a lot!

Diego was an ace cocksucker and as soon as the last squirts were pumped into his mouth, he held my cock still with no fluttering tongue, as usually a spent cock is very sensitive.

I felt him swallowing some of my cum as it was a lot, and that there was some still in his mouth bathing my cock. He just held still and stroked my leg and fondled my balls resting on Pierre's lower tummy.

After a minute or so, I was coming down from my Cloud Nine and Diego let go of my cock, sucking the last of my cum from the slit. Oh my!

When my rubbery cock slipped out of his mouth, Diego sat up and André stepped up to get the offering of cum. But, Diego wanted to share it with me, so it became a three-way kiss, lined with my cum.

The three of us were slobbering and groaning and sharing my cum in Diego's mouth. It was memorable and very hot.

Below me Pierre was watching us and when I looked at him, he winked and stroked my cheek. He mouthed with his lips: "I love you Ant!" I smiled at him and 'said': "I love you too". Which I did. He was one of the luckiest chance meetings, although we've know each other for years. The day in his father's gent's clothes shop was memorable and I was glad we didn't object to go there with Mom and Dad. Since that day, things developed fast and soon he was one of my boys, someone I loved with all my heart.

Alexander started clapping his hands. "What a show! I've seen what a real orgy is all about and I'm so hot right now, I could fuck you again on the spot Antonio! But, it's late. How about a night cap? Some Frangelico? Drambuie? Cointreau? As soon as you guys have cleaned up, so to say, come and have some refreshments. There is also some Dom Perignon I've ordered. Come guys!"

The rest of the guys were cheering and some came up to us to have a last look at the three cocks in me. Some even touched the three cocks and whistled. Gareth was a new person altogether, having had the opportunity to fuck me again. Clive was rock-hard again and would've fucked me right there again if he could. The precum dangled from his cocktip.

My darling Johann and Gunther stood closer and kissed me. "*We want a triple with Luigi some time, please?*" Johann whispered. Yes! Oh fuck yes! I'd love that!

Luigi was first to pull out and when he did, some of the immense load of cum in me leaked out. Luigi himself bent forward and licked it up.

Next was Giovanni. Pierre's huge cock in me caused some more cum to leak from my hole when Giovanni's cock slipped out. He too bent forward to lick it up.

Alexander and Clive were opening champagne bottles and were pouring the liquid gold into flutes.

Pierre pulled me flat on top of him and kissed me. "Do you actually realise just how fucking much I actually love you Ant? Do you? You've changed my life, my world, my heart - you're my darling and lover and soul mate! I never want to be without you ever again. Not just this - the sex - but everything. I honestly and truly love you my man!" Pierre said and kissed me. His huge cock in me twitched and I could feel it was beyond semi. He'd be able to fuck me again right there and then. I wished he could, but perhaps enough was enough. For now, I thought ... There was still a night ahead of us!

Pierre reluctantly pulled his huge cock from me and when it slipped out, some more cum leaked out. He too was quick to lick it clean. "You OK Ant? Do you want me to suck some of it out of you? I'm sure it's a lot."

"Yes, perhaps it would be best if you sucked some out please. I don't want to dump it in the toilet. Please suck it out and feed some to me."

"I want some too!" Johann said and Gunther joined him to come suck the cum from me.

The three men sucked the cum from me and fed it to each other or to me. One big family sharing lots of cum that was pumped into me.

We all joined the other men in the lounge section and had some champagne. What a wonderful way to end a spectacular day and evening. I was as happy as a lark!

= To be continued =



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