It was dawn when I opened my eyes. I yawned and ... I had a big man on top of me, lightly snoring against my ear. Oh godd! What a way to wake up!

Luigi was still on top of me, his hairy chest on mine and yes, his big cock - now rubbery - still in me. Unbelievable. I squeezed my hole and it wasn't sore. It felt a bit tender, but not sore at all.

I put my arms around him and my face against his. He was groaning as he was waking up. "Hnnnnggghhh ... Buongiorno bella uomo [Good morning beautiful man]! Did you sleep well?" He yawned and stretched out. "Was I not too heavy on top of you? Are you OK la mia belezza? Hmmm?" He asked and turning his face to kiss me ...

"I'm wonderful and your body on top of me was divine. I loved it. You are an exquisite lover! Good morning sexy hunk!" I gushed.

"Hmmm! I love you my beautiful boy! It was the most wonderful night I've ever had. You are just wonderful. Have I told you that I love you ...? Hmmm? Not? My bad! I love you, my sexy boy!" Luigi lifted up and kissed me. Ti amo molto il mio tesoro [I love you very much my darling]!"

"Mio Dio [my godd]! I'm still in you!" Luigi twitched his cock in me and I groaned. "Too much? Must I pull out?" Luigi asked.

"No, don't pull out. Stay in me for a while longer. I've never woken up like this and I want it to linger a bit longer with you on top of me and inside me."

Luigi propped his head on his hand and moved his body slightly to the one side. He put his other hand on my chest. He looked at me and touched my chin and cheek. "You are a dream come true. This is the best I've ever had ... I love you Antonio!"

'Antonio'? My name in Italian! Oh well, it was close enough.

Luigi's cock was no longer rubbery ... he was fast getting hard and he was going to fuck me again!

I was getting hard too and soon the precum was leaking from my cock. Luigi was slowly and gently fucking me, looking at me. "You still OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine! Ahhhh! I love you so much ...! Fuck me!"

The sex was epic again. Luigi lifted himself on top of me and pushed my legs up to my chest. He picked up speed and fucked me. My rectum had a huge load of cum in it. I have stopped counting how many spurts of cum Luigi pumped into me since the previous night. And he was about to add some more! He was on his knees between my legs and was fucking me like a pro, which he was!

"First spurt coming ... ready? Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Here it comes ... oh hell! I'm cumming ... oh godd! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Luigi shot his first 5 wads of cum into me and continued to fuck me. He groaned again and the next volley of spurts was shot into me ... again and again and again. He leaned down and kissed me while he was still fucking me. My cock was trapped between my legs and Luigi's tummy. I was nearing orgasm ...

"Ah! Oh fuck! Here it comes again! Another round!" Luigi let fly and his third volley of cum was pumped into me. And I let fly! My cum flew from my cock and hit us in the face. I was amazed at the volume spurting from my cock.

Luigi collapsed on top of me and put his head in the crook of my neck and held me tight. "I still can't believe how lucky I was to have met you. You're amazing and make me so very happy ... oh fuck!" His cock was still twitching and he groaned. My cum was smeared into our chest hair - what a mess! I did shoot a big load.

"I have to pee my darling. I'm pulling out, OK? Clench ... there is a lot of cum in your rectum ... clench!" Luigi said and slowly started pulling out. He kissed me and put his tongue in my mouth the second his cock slipped out. His saliva running into my mouth tasted so damn good ... oh fuck! I was so in love ...! The big cock slipped out and I managed to lose only a few drops of cum.

The hairy hunk's huge cock swung from side to side as he padded to the en suite bathroom. I got up and followed him. I stood next to him at the toilet bowl and put my arm around him. He pulled me to him and kissed me on the head. We aimed our rubbery cocks at the bowl and his huge stream of urine was the first to start flowing. It was such a big thick stream that thundered into the water in the bowl! My stream started to flow and he played swords with our streams! Like André! "Ahh, a healthy prostate gland, I see! Do you know how much cum you have in your chest hair, my darling? Hmm? Wow!"

I looked down and saw my chest hair was matted with cum, as was Luigi's. I looked at Luigi's chest and saw almost the same amount of cum in his chest hair. We were in need of a shower!

The cum in my rectum was a lot but I clenched and was hoping I'd be able to contain it as long as I could.

"How are you my boy? You full of my love juice? I suppose there is a lot ... you've really drained me! Do you need to sit down?"

"Yes, there is a lot but I want to keep it in me a little longer ... ahhh! It's something of you, of your body ... I want to keep it in me as long as I could. First some coffee please?" I said as the last of our urine splashed into the toilet bowl.

"Sì per favore! I'm dying for a cup of coffee!"

We washed our hands and ended up kissing ... again! Our big rubbery cocks pushed against each other. His big muscular hairy body against my body felt so divine ... oh fuck!

"Come on, before I fuck you on the spot again!"

We walked arms around each other, buck-naked to the kitchen. I was amazed that this bachelor already had the necessary appliances such as an AirFryer, a Brita water filter, an illy coffee machine, a griller, a kettle (OK, a necessity), a microwave and some spices and herbs. There was a dishwasher and washing machine too. This man was a keeper! He measured some filtered water from the Brita into the reservoir of the coffee machine, scooped two big scoops of ground coffee into the filter and switched on the machine.

I was sitting on a barstool and Luigi came to me. He stood between my legs, his arms around my body. "Happy la mia belezza [my beauty]?" His big rubbery cock pushed into my chest.

"Yes, very ... and you?"

"Oh fuck yes! You're everything I've ever wanted. Ahhh!"

The coffee machine was dripping away. Luigi went to the fridge and brought out mini yoghurts of different flavours. I chose granadilla. Luigi chose an apricot. We ate the yoghurt and in the process we fed each other.

When the coffee was ready, Luigi rinsed the filter in the sink and put the filter back in the machine. A man to my liking! If a permanent filter was left too long with the coffee in it, it becomes difficult to clean properly. He got us two mugs, put some creamer in the mugs and poured the coffee. It smelled so good! Luigi got the milk from the fridge and looked at me.

"Yes, please!" I said and he poured milk in the mugs of coffee.

"Sugar?" he asked.

"No, no sugar thanks. I love the taste of coffee without sugar," I said.

"Another similarity!"

Luigi handed me my coffee and stood between my legs again, with his one hand around my neck. "I wish I could wake up with you every day and have my first coffee with you!" He kissed me on the head and squeezed me.

"Uncle Mario is going to have an enormous spread, so I think we should just have an apple each before we go. The food at Mr Giordano's place would be enough for an army!" Luigi said.

We finished our coffee - fantastic illy coffee with lots of taste and aroma - and after rinsing the mugs, Luigi put the mugs in the dishwasher.

He pulled me up against his body and hugged me. "I love you so, so very much! I'm actually scared to love you this much already ... it's just too much! I don't want to put you in a tight spot by telling you this, but I can't help it! You're a phenomenal man and last night was epic. Thank you Antonio!"

'Antonio' again ...! "The microwave clock says it's 07:45. Let's get showered and get started. Are you leaving your car here or do you want to take it home first? I'll follow you and you could travel with me. Let's get going. But come here first," Luigi said and kissed me.

Oh fuck ... what a man! So beautiful and perfect and still a humble and down-to-earth hung hunk. He had everything in the superlative and was not one bit conceited or a prima 'donna' in the least. And what a lover, what a guy, what a beauty ... he was spectacular. I took one of his hands and took a good look at it. It was extremely sexy and so clean and perfectly manicured. The nails were big and immaculately clean. The black hair on the digits and back of the palm was sexy and beautiful. I kissed his hand and he pinched my nose between his index and middle fingers.

"Luigi, I think it's providence that brought us together. How else could we explain it? I know I've met my future husband ... There, I've said it! After just 2 days I'm sure! I've never met anybody like you and as beautiful and sexy as you. And, I think ... no, I KNOW! ... I love you already!" I said and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Ahhh! My beautiful man! You're just too adorable! We love each other! But, come, let's get in the shower. You still OK with that huge load in you? Once we're en route, we can't stop if you run into trouble. I'll wait for you if you want to go clean up first. Yes, I know you want to keep it in you, but I promise there would be more!" He winked and gave me a hug and a playful little slap on the butt.

I decided I'd rather get rid of the cum in me. I went into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet bowl ... the second I sat down, the huge load of cum just ran from my hole! It was a huge load! This man was a horse! Soon I was empty and took a dump as well. I had to get ready for later at Mario's ... I'd be fucked wholesale again! I douched as well and when I have finished, I found Luigi was busy straightening the bed. I jumped in and helped him. Then I took the glasses and ice buckets to the kitchen and put the glasses in the dishwasher, and poured the water in the buckets into the sink. I put the rest of the Coke in the fridge.

Luigi was on the toilet and I waited for him in the bedroom to finish. I looked around and saw there were a few Italian stories on the nightstand. I picked up one of the books and paged through it, but I couldn't understand it - a word here and there, but all in all, it was a foreign language to me.

I looked at the bedding and realised it was of a very good quality. It was in a variety of round patterns in different shades of white and grey and charcoal. Very stylish.

I sat down on the bed and saw Luigi's shoes. I put my feet in them and smiled! My feet were size 11½ but in his number 15s, they looked small! I took one of them and smelled the inside of the shoe. My godd! Even his shoes smelled divine! I was impressed.

Luigi opened the door and saw me sniffing his shoe. "I hope you don't faint!" he joked.

"No, they smell good! You are a wonderful man, my Italian Stallion! Head to toes!"

"Thank you mio caro [my darling]! OK, come. Let's shower. It's about 60 minutes to Uncle Mario's. Come."

In the shower Luigi shampooed my hair, washed my back, and even my feet. He was on his knees in front of me with one foot in his big hands, resting on his thigh. He took my cock in his mouth and gave me a quick suck. I was hard in seconds! Ahhhhh! Oh godd!

After I was pampered, I reciprocated and stood on my toes to reach his hair. He laughed and bent over so I could finish the shampooing. His curly black hair felt luxurious under my fingers. I massaged his scalp and worked up a lot of foam. He pushed his head under the water and rinsed the foam from his hair. I continued to wash his back and buttocks and thighs and then ... ahhh! His big cock! I had it in my mouth in no time! Then, his feet! His big beautiful feet were just the ultimate sex object to me, apart from his huge cock. I took one of the big feet and put it in my lap. I soaped it up and washed between the toes, the bridge, the sole and massaged each toe, and then the ball of his foot. I let go and took the other foot and repeated the treatment.

Luigi bent down and pulled me up. He took the shower sponge and soaped up my chest hair and crotch and neck and arms again. He leaned in and kissed me long and gently and lingering ... our cocks got hard!

I took the sponge from him and washed his chest, tummy, arms and hands. His rock-hard cock stood at 45° to the ceiling and throbbed as I washed it. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck! I'd want fuck you again on the spot! Now! Please! Fuck! Stop or I'm going to fuck you again! Ahhhhh!" Luigi put his hands on my buttocks and turned me around. He pushed his huge cock up and down my crack and pulled me close to him.

"Oh fuck! Fuck this! I want to fuck you again! Please! I want to fuck you! Now!" He turned the water off and milked my hard cock to get some precum. He put the precum on my hole and then he put his cockhead on my hole and was jacking and milking his cock to get more precum. He pushed his cockhead in and ahhh! It slipped in! Luigi took a small amount of shower soap - it was an organic variety - and rubbed it over his cockshaft. He pushed and his big cock slipped in deeper.

"Oh fuck! Oh godd! I'm sorry, but you drive me nuts!" Luigi moaned as his cock slipped in all the way. He pulled me close to him and put his hands around my chest. He kissed me on the cheek and started to fuck me with deep and long thrusts. "Oh fuck! I can't help it ... oh fuck! You drive me mad! I just have to fuck you again!"

His big cock in me felt good again ... I could never get enough of that huge cock, and that man fucking me! I loved him so much!

"I'm going to cum soon, OK? Do you want to cum with me too?" Luigi asked next to my ear.

"Yes, I'm also close! You drive me nuts! I could never get enough of you and your big cock! Oh yes! Fuck me!" I groaned and jacked my hard cock.

Soon Luigi started groaning and his big cock started to spasm in me ... he was shooting his first volley into me and kept on fucking me ... within 20 seconds he was groaning again and pumped his next volley into me ... and within 30 seconds, he groaned the third time and shot another volley of cum into me ... his cock throbbed and swelled and he pumped a big load into me, three times within 90 seconds. This man was phenomenal!

When the third volley was pumped into me I let fly and shot my load against the glass wall of the shower. It hit the glass splattering, and clung to the glass. It was slowly running down the glass. Luigi was clinging to me and his cock was spasming inside me, pumping his huge cum load into me. He shuddered and put his chin on my wet hair.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! You're too much! You'll kill me! Oh fuck! I just can't get enough of you! Oh damn!"

"It's all good and nice every time you fuck me! It is fantastic to feel you in me!" I gushed and clenched my hole.

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! You'll kill me! Oh fuck!"

Luigi still clung to me. He slowly started to pull out and groaned ...

As his cock slipped out, I felt he had left a huge load in me again! The man was a sex hound of note!

He swung me around and took my face in his hands. He looked into my eyes and said with a big groan and sigh: "Antonio, you're driving me mad! I've never been so hot for another man in my life! You're driving me fucking nuts! I'm sorry I've been going on and on and on ... but I just can't get enough of you! Sorry my darling ... sorry! I'm behaving like an animal ... so sorry ..." he said and put his chin on my head.

"It's OK, really. If I didn't want it, I could have said so and I didn't, because I also wanted it! You're driving me nuts too! I also could never get enough of you! I'm fine! I'm OK! Don't worry! No need for you to apologise!" I lifted my face and kissed him on the chin. He leaned down and kissed me on the mouth.

"Another reason why I love you so much! You're the most amazing man I've ever known! Nobody else would've allowed me to carry on the way I did ... I'm sorry! I'm not a sex pig, but you really drive me nuts! Sorry! I'll behave and let you take the lead. Sorry la mia belezza [my beautiful]! No, I can't continue to behave like this! You deserve to be treated with respect ... sorry ..."

"Shhh! Shhh! I said, it's OK! I'm fine with the sex! If you want to tone it down, OK, but leave it up to me to decide if it's too much or not. But, up to now, it hasn't been too much, I promise you! I love it! Honestly!"

"Oh fuck! What have I done to deserve you? You're phenomenal! And I love you so much, so fucking much! Antonio, you're a great guy!" Luigi said and hugged me tight. He kissed me and said in my ear: "Ti amo molto [I love you very much]! Oh fuck! Ahhhh!"

We got out of the shower and towelled each other dry. Luigi trimmed his stubble and turned to me to trim mine but I declined. "Our stubble is getting shaved off next week, so it's OK, thanks."

We brushed our hair and when Luigi's black curly hair was in place I marvelled at how good he looked. We brushed our teeth and used our good-smelling stuff. Tom Ford Noir, the intoxicating fragrance on Luigi's body! My godd! He offered me some too but I declined. I knew André was going to be pissed off if I used something else than our Hugo Boss Bottled. But, I made a mental note to get us some Tom Ford Noir with some of our modelling money. It was just that great!

We dressed each other ... we just couldn't keep our hands off each other!

Luigi dressed me with the clothes I've brought and it felt strange to be dressed by someone else ... he even insisted on putting my socks and shoes on! Before he put on my socks, he kissed my feet.

"I hope I'm forgiven now ..." and Luigi smiled and kissed my hand.

"There has never been anything to forgive you for in the first place my darling!"

Luigi decided to wear a black shirt with black denims. He put on black boots. He looked suave! Fuck! His black hair and body and clothes and perfume ... fuck! He was going to knock the socks off my boys!

All dolled up and dressed up, we made our way out the house. Just as I got into ECO 25.2, my iPhone rang. It was André. "Mario called earlier and said we must bring clothes for the night. He said he is going to confiscate all car keys. Nobody will be allowed to go home before 10 o'clock tomorrow morning! I'm taking a change of clothes for you, OK?"

"Thanks bro. Seems like the Italian man has plans!" I said laughing.

"Yes, and what about you? You up for it? I missed you terribly last night! I'm glad you had a night with Luigi, but I hate to be without you! I missed you ...!"

"I always miss you when I'm not with you! You're my other half, remember!" I said.

"Yes, it's best if Luigi becomes part of the group. I don't like you being away from home ... I miss you too much! Fuck, I love you baby bro!"

"I love you too André ..."

"Now, how was the sex with the Italian Stallion? Awesome? Can you walk this morning?"

"It was like nothing I've ever had before! Luigi is not an Italian for nothing! He is absolutely special and an exceptional lover. I was literally fucked all night long. And then some ... Yes, I can walk but I can tell you I know I was fucked by an insatiable big Italian hunk! But, he is gentle, he is wonderful and an exceptional man ... You'll like him, I promise!"

"Are you coming in the Auris or are you coming with Luigi?"

"Where are you? Have you left already?" I asked.

"Yes, we've left about 10 minutes ago. We're en route. So then?"

"I'm taking the Auris back home and will come with Luigi," I said.

"OK, see you later. Drive carefully. And I love you baby bro! I missed you too much last night! Fuck! Love you baby bro! Bye!"

"I love you too! Bye!"


We arrived at Mario's place and the sun was shining. It was a beautiful day.

I was amazed at the huge mansion. Mario must've been selling pizzas like hot cakes! It was a big place with a big beautiful garden. It was very nice.

There was very good security: we had to be beeped in from the gate. There was enough parking under the trees for at least 7 or 8 cars. When we arrived there were already 4 cars.

When Mario opened the front door, he was dressed so smartly and had a glass of wine in his one hand.

"Come in, please! Welcome!" He kissed Luigi and me, and hugged us. "Ahhhh! The lovers have arrived! I want to know all about you two! You dogg Luigi! True Italian! Molto bravo il mio ragazzo [very good my boy]! I'm proud of you! A true Moretti! Come, come!"

Luigi took my hand and walked through the foyer to the lounge. As we entered, I saw Juan, Gunther, Johann, Herman and André looking at us. Lukas and Werner were there, as well as Pieter and Claude. Their eyes grew big when they saw us. I let go of Luigi's hand and walked to Juan to kiss him. He hugged me and whispered: "A bit much my darling."

Gunther had a glum look on his face and turned his cheek when I kissed him ...

Johann was less hostile but he gave me a peck on the lips.

André looked at me big eyed and open mouth ... "Not appropriate ..."

Herman looked flabbergasted but kissed me and hugged me. "Wow!" he whispered.

"Could I please introduce my nephew Luigi Moretti to you? Luigi, this is Juan. There is Gunther and Johann and this cute one is André, and this giant is Herman," Mario said. When Luigi put his hand out to greet André, he made a double take and looked at me again. He couldn't believe his eyes. André was dressed exactly like me and of course, we looked exactly the same.

"I don't believe what I'm seeing! You're really identical! Wow!" Luigi said in astonishment.

"Pleased to meet you dr Moretti," André said smoothly.

"It's Luigi, please!"

Pieter and Claude came closer and hugged and kissed me. They greeted Luigi with a bit more warmth than the others. Then Werner and Lukas greeted me! They were giddy and smiling when they grabbed me and kissed me. Werner even lifted me a little off the floor!

"And these two are our young friends Werner and Lukas. This is Luigi Moretti," Mario concluded the introductions. "What can I get you to drink, il mio ragazzi (my boys)?"

"A cider if you have please?" I said.

"Same for me please," Luigi said.

"Come sit with me," Juan said to defuse the situation. I went over to him and sat down. Gunther was quick to sit on my other side on the couch. Gunther put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him. He shot Luigi a look that could kill. Oh my fuck! They were jealous! We'd have to do something to defuse the situation, I thought, and soon!

I got up and went after Mario. Luigi followed me. In the kitchen Luigi caught up with me and turned me around. "What was that? I thought you said they were OK with me?"

"It's just the shock of seeing you with me and you holding my hand. Give it time. I'll work on it. Don't worry. Just play it cool, OK? Remember I love you Luigi!" I kissed him. Mario was on his way back with the ciders and caught us in the act of kissing.

"Ah, the love is good! I'm glad!"

"No Mario, the others are jealous. Please help us. I don't want the guys to hate Luigi ... please," I pleaded with Mario and hugged him after taking my cider from him.

"Ahhh! No problem! Mario will make everybody laugh quickly! Come!"

I sat down next to Juan again and Luigi stood next to Mario. He kept on looking at André and me. It was clear he still couldn't believe his eyes.

Mario switched on his stereo and played some nice Neapolitan music. He started to tell us stories of him as a child and young man in Firenze (Italian name for Florence) and later on in Naples. He had us squealing with laughter with his stories of restaurants, clients, situations, encounters with the likes of Sophia Loren and royalties such as Prince Albert of Monaco.

He told us the story of him falling in love with a South African millionaire's son (name withheld - they're still alive!) and how he followed the young man to sunny South Africa. At the time, he was only 21 years old and with the help of his lover, he started his first restaurant. The millionaire soon tired of the Italian and the relationship went sour. Mario decided to stay on to try and make it big. Which he did. Today Mario was the successful businessman who branched out into pizzerias all over the Western Cape, but also catering and furnishing and fitting restaurants and kitchens. Just last year he remodelled the kitchen of a multi-millionaire in Clifton. His other big love was a culinary school he started for promising chefs. It was clear Mario was a tycoon but remained the simple man he was.

The guys asked him all sorts of questions about his life in Italy, gay life there and about the reactions he had when guys saw his huge cock for the first time.

"Mine is big, but Herman puts me to shame! Luigi, you have to see that anaconda! É molto grande, ragazzo mio [it is very big, my boy]!"

Mario continued to tell anecdotes and funny stories about his sexual experiences and we were squealing with laughter. He was a master at telling stories.

Then he started to tell us about his brother and sister and their children, of which Luigi was the youngest child of his sister. He told us how the family relied on him for survival. He told us that Luigi was one bright boy and that at the age of 16 he had already completed school. He first studied sciences but when his other uncle died of prostate cancer, his mind was made up to study medicine. He finished his studies and went on to London to become an urologist.

Mario pulled Luigi close to him and kissed him on the forehead.

"This big beautiful man is also an altruist. He has convinced me to set up a trust fund for other poor boys in Italy who want to study medicine but can't afford it. His mother is also a big donator, and is the administrator of the fund. Soon after Luigi's arrival in South Africa, I introduced him to a family in Stellenbosch. The man is one of my employees and a good worker. He is the father of 2 and Luigi diagnosed him with bladder cancer even before his practice opened.

"Luigi's mother Marena Moretti, my sister, has made an exception to the rules of the trust fund and the treatment for the cancer is paid for by the fund. The prognosis is good and it's all thanks to Luigi. I also need to tell you, my nephew is one of the kindest men alive. He is a very soft man with a big heart. He is a true Italian and like most of us, he likes to show affection. So, him walking in here hand-in-hand with André ... oh fuck! Sorry! Anton! Anton! You're one and the same to me! - it just means he cares. Don't feel threatened by it. My big boy here is part of my life, part of my love, part of me being who I am. He is here in South Africa because I asked him to come here. And I'm glad he did. As soon as you get to know this tall attractive man, you'll see he is a gentle man with lots of love to give to others. Luigi, a toast to you my boy! Welcome here! To a man of integrity and lots of love in his heart. Cin cin!"

I looked at Juan and then at Gunther ... they looked a lot less stressed. Good.

I put my hand on Gunther's leg and squeezed. He put his hand over mine and squeezed. "I love you so much. Last night was too much! You bring him home but you don't go sleep with him again! Never again! It was too terrible! You don't know how much I ... we ... love you!" He hugged me and kissed me.

"Yes, it was horrible without you. Not because we wanted to fuck you, but ... no, I'd rather take the Italian in, but you don't go again. In any case, not soon - OK?" Juan put in.

Luigi took some of the platters with snacks and walked around offering it to the guests. Mario replenished the drinks where required. He asked Gunther to help him in the kitchen. I was sure he was going to talk to Gunther.

When Luigi got to our couch, he was friendly and when Juan took some of the snacks, he even passed funny remarks. We got an abbreviated version of the history of the snacks. One of them had a savoury base and some Parma ham, cheese and a piece of gherkin on. He said his aunt made them only when the priest came to visit because he hated Parma ham! That way the priest didn't visit them that often! He also said that Italians were perhaps big lovers, but they were also big jokers. He told us a funny story about the people of Firenze who had to explain to a British grandmother why the David statue in the Galleria dell' Accademia was naked and had such a small penis. "A lack of Parma ham and the highly polluted water from the Arno River," they told them. The tourist immediately gave them the Parma ham and bottled water which she bought earlier and said they should give it to the poor model that posed for the 'beginner artist' whose work was on display. "Shocking!" she said.

At the end of his story, Luigi was seated next to me. He didn't touch me but when Gunther came back in the lounge, Luigi got up and offered the seat to Gunther. He offered him some Parma ham treats and we cracked up laughing! Imagine Gunther eating Parma ham to get an even bigger cock! Gunther was informed of the joke and he melted. At first he was just smiling and then he gave in to the urge to laugh out loud. The ice was broken. He took 3 more Parma treats and we joked about his cock getting even bigger! Juan even offered to bring him a bottle of bottled water! Gunther was howling with laughter.

By then the others were standing closer and when they heard the story, they all ribbed Gunther and gave Luigi instructions to keep Herman away from the Parma treats and bottled water!

Mario came back in the room and when everybody seemed in a good mood, he clapped his hands and said: "Time for some champagne, no? André, Anton - from now on I will say both names! - please come help me!"

We brought the JC le Roux sparkling wine, a pink and a semi-sweet, and served it to the guests. Soon the mood was light and there were arms around shoulders and even some hugging and kissing.

Mario returned with cut imported Israeli watermelon he found at Woolworths the day before. And sweet melon. And some bowls with carved biltong [beef jerky], short sticks of droëwors [dried sausage], salted nuts, cheeses, savoury biscuits, olives and some other salted snacks.

Gunther and Luigi were in deep discussion about the problems in Europe and the Euro as a currency. Also the problems experienced with radicals in cities such as Paris and Brussels. The Greek problem was also a hot topic. Soon the two Europeans were chatting away like old friends. At times there were hands on shoulders and a nudge here and there.

Pieter and Claude had only eyes for each other. My uncle was totally and really in love! They had their hands on each other and whatever it was they shared, it resulted in giggles and kisses.

We were drinking and having snacks and the banter was flying. André and Claude had the people screaming with laughter. When they heard about Luigi's multiple orgasms, he was ribbed to no end - André and Claude of course! "We have to see that! Seeing is believing and touching is the truth! Before the sun sets today, I want to see that for myself!" Claude put in.

The discussions were light. André and Claude were leading the pack. Mario was no slouch and he entertained us with more funny stories.

Luigi sat next to Mario and he was mentioned in many instances. It was clear my hung hunk of a man was not your everyday Italian pizza vendor or just another Italian. Luigi was a man of note and he had done a lot for his family, friends and other students. He was not stingy and not afraid to dirty his hands. What a guy. We learnt that he has passed all his medical exams cum laude! He was also the student of the year in his final year in Rome and again at the end of his studies in London. Beautiful and clever, and a master in the sack! Godd! What a man!

I looked at Gunther and Juan - they were looking at Luigi with new eyes and it was obvious there was no animosity any more. The fact that the Italian man loved me and wanted to fuck me all the time, was forgiven.


By 4 o'clock we were in a good mood and have snacked a lot and have drunk a lot of wine, beer, ciders and of course JC le Roux.

Because it was such a nice day, and at a temperature of 25°C everybody was feeling like a swim. "No swimwear allowed!" Mario announced and of course André and Claude were the first to pull off all their clothes and jump in the pool. We all followed suit and when I looked at Luigi, he was a bit scared and apprehensive ... but he gave in when he saw everybody, including Mario, was disrobing.

Everybody's eyes were on Herman and Luigi because they were the last to get out of their clothes. Herman's huge cock was plumped up with the excitement and Luigi's 20cm soft cock was just awesome to see. Oh my godd! To think I had that cock in me all night long! And I'd do it in a heartbeat again! I was getting hard in the water. Ahhhh! Luigi!

Herman made a dive bomb and made a huge splash that made a big noise and wet everything in a 10m radius. Luigi dived in and ended up right next to me. He didn't know it was me so he first put a hand out and when I put my hand out too, he knew it was me. He wiped his hair from his face and winked and put his hands on my chest under the water. I floated closer to him and put my hand on his big cock ... hmmm! It started to get hard.

"*I'll fuck you right here if you keep that up!*" he whispered.

"*We'd have a big audience! I'd love that!*" I whispered back.

Then another hand took Luigi's cock from my hand and put a hand on my cock. André surfaced between us and said: "After a whole night of continued sex and none for me ... no more! I want in! Hmmm! Nice and big, Luigi! I bet it feels good in an ass ... love to try it!"

"I don't know about that ... I love your brother very much. Antonio?" Luigi asked.

"'Antonio'? So, he has a pet name for you already? What are you going to call me, hmm?" André ribbed Luigi.

"Easy: Andrea. Do you like it? May I call you 'Andrea'?" Luigi asked, putting his finger in André's side.

"Yowl! Easy there! I'm very ticklish! Hmmmm! I'd love to hear you say it while you fuck me ... would you like to fuck me, hunky hung Italian Stallion? Hmmm! I'd love to feel you in me!" André said and kissed Luigi.

My godd! André! Who is this man? Where is my brother?

"If your brother is OK with it, yes - I'd love to fuck you! But, I'm insatiable! And I cum many times. And I cum a lot! Still interested?" Luigi said.

"Oh fuck yes! Imagine me standing on all fours over Anton and you fucking us in turn ... Hmmmm! That would be nice!" André gushed.

André! What happened to you since the previous night? I took André's cock in my hand ... rock-hard! I sank below the water and sucked his cock into my mouth and took Luigi's hard cock in my hand.

When I resurfaced, they were big-eyed.

"You sex dogg!" André ribbed me and gave my head a playful swipe.

Luigi pulled me in closer and kissed me. I pulled André into the embrace and Luigi kissed André too! Nice!

"So, your verdict? Do you like my twin brother too?" I asked.

"You're so identical! And I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck twins! Now I could do that, if you're OK with it?" Luigi asked.

"As long as you keep on loving me and if André could handle it ... André, Luigi really is insatiable and he does cum in litres and cums again and again ... it's fantastic! You have to experience it!" I said.

Luigi put his hands on André's and my cocks and squeezed. "Really identical! Wow! I'd love to see them together ... hmmm!"

André put his hand on Luigi's cock and squeezed: "Oh fuck! This is a big one! How did you manage an all-nighter with it baby bro? I'd be too happy if I could just handle a single fuck!"

"I'm a gentle lover, ask Antonio," Luigi said.

The surface of the water next to us broke and Juan appeared. "Are we planning some hot action here? Hmmmm!" Juan put his hands on our cocks and gave a wet whistle. "Phew! What a handful of hard cocks ... hmmmm! Luigi, that feels like a big one! How big? My darling, how did you survive a whole night of this big cock in you?"

"It's 29cm but I'm gentle. I love my lover to feel wanted and I never want to hurt him. Yes, Antonio? Did you enjoy my fucking last night? And this morning?" Luigi asked.

"What? This morning too? You sex dogg!" Juan said and punched Luigi in the arm.

"Yes, but you know what Antonio is like? He is sexy in the extreme! And now there are two ... wow! The mind boggles!" Luigi gushed.

"Boys, I'd love to fuck you two with Luigi What do you say? Come on! Luigi? Ever wanted to fuck twins? And I'd love to see that multiple orgasms of you ... always just heard about it! Love to see it. What do you say boys? Up for it? André has just become the next insatiable Le Roux bottom! You'd love to fuck him too! Very tight and he's up for more than one fucking! So, come on boys! Some fun with Luigi and me?" Juan put in.

I put my hand on Juan's cock: it was rock-hard!

"I'm in if you're OK with it baby bro! I'd love to see how Luigi fucks you and cums and then pushes into me and cums again! And for Juan to fuck me on top of that cum load! Oh fuck! I'm going to cream here in the pool if we don't get fucked right now! Come on! Let's go!" André was already moving to the edge of the pool.

"I'm in - you Anton? Luigi?" Juan asked.

"Oh fuck yes! I'm in! Come!" Luigi said and pulled away.

"Anton?" Juan enquired and started to swim to the edge of the pool.

"Fuck yes!" I said and followed them.

As we got out of the pool with our raging hard-ons, Johann was howling and whistling and growling! "I'm joining you!" He got out of the pool and followed us with his hard rubbery cock jutting out in front of him, bouncing up and down. Gunther was right behind him and his big cock was almost hard too.

Mario was out of the pool in a heartbeat with his big thick 30cm cock sticking out in front of him. "Come on boys! It's time for some serious fun! Werner, Lukas! Come! Pieter, Claude, Herman! Come! Time for some fucking! I'll get the poppers and lube! Come!"

That got the attention of the others and they all shouted they're joining us. Last to leave the pool were Pieter and Claude ... they were busy hugging and kissing! Pieter, you old dogg!"

We roughly towelled each other dry and were groping and kissing and hugging and we all bundled into the lounge. We pushed the coffee tables to one side and put down the rugs and continental pillows Mario brought out. He put the 3 different fragrances of poppers and a few tubes of silicone lube on different coffee tables and clapped his hands: "Everybody please, only nice playing. No hurting or being nasty. Bottoms, go prepare yourselves. Bathrooms are down the passage. Werner, Lukas, twins, Claude? Who else?"

Mario switched the huge LED TV screen on and was selecting some DVDs for us to watch.

Herman was the immediate hit: his huge cock was admired by all. Even Mario was taken aback by Herman's monster cock. Johann and Gunther were in each others arms before we left the lounge. The two have really hit it off big time. I was glad. Mario took Luigi into his arms and was kissing his beautiful nephew.

Herman was fingering his big thick cock watching the others getting it on, and the scene on the TV.

The 5 possible bottoms took to the bathrooms. André and I took the first communal bathroom on the first floor. The others went to the other bedrooms, some en suite to bedrooms.

There were new toothbrushes, rubber bulbs and some scented wet wipes and extra tubes of lube. I took a dump while André was brushing his teeth. When he was done, he stood against the basin and watched me taking a douche.

"I still need to learn the fine details of this. How many times do you rinse your gut?"

"It depends. Usually around 5 times, but I check to see if the water coming out is clean. Usually up to 7 flushes are enough to do the job," I said.

When I had done, André sat down to take a dump first. Then he took the bulb and started to flush his rectum. I was brushing my teeth.

Once done with the douching, we put lube in each other's holes. We used our fingers to push it deep into the other one's hole. André moaned when I pushed it in with three fingers. "Owh! Do you want to rape me or what?"

"Don't be such a baby! Just relax! In a few minutes' time the cocks that will be fucking you will be much bigger than my fingers! Wait till Herman plugs you!" I put in.

"Fuck that! The biggest I'll take on is Gunther or Luigi ... Herman? No ways! Just too fucking big!"

We emerged with semi-hard cocks. When we walked into the lounge, the tops were all rock-hard and playing with each other's cocks, watching the DVD on the TV. It was of a young guy who was fucked wholesale by two big cocks. The poor man was suffering and moaned a lot.

Luigi stepped out of Mario's embrace and walked to us. "Ahhh! The one as beautiful as the other! Who is who? Antonio? Andrea?"

"This is Antonio, my darling. That is Andrea," I said, kissing the most beautiful man of them all. His cock was rock-hard and sopping wet. He hugged me and then pulled André in for a kiss. André put his hand behind Luigi's head and kissed him gently but deeply. A lot of saliva was exchanged. I had both their cocks in my hands and felt how André's cock got very hard in a flash. My own cock was almost rock-hard again.

"Ahhhh! Oh godd! You two boys are just too beautiful for words! I'm going to have the best fuck of all! Come, let's find a spot on the rugs and pillows," Luigi said and led the way. As we lied down, Johann walked to us and asked: "May we please join you? Luigi? Boys?"

"It's OK with me. As long as you two don't get any ideas to double-fuck me! I'm not there yet! That's for Anton! Not me ... not yet!" André said firmly.

"Gunther, come!" He joined us on the pillows and Gunther kissed André, not knowing who was who. André didn't have the heart to tell Gunther, so he played along. He kissed Gunther with passion and tenderness.

Johann moved in between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. Luigi took me - lucky for him - in his arms and kissed me. Oh fuck! To be kissed by the most beautiful man in the world and be sucked by one of my darling sexy men, my moustached blonde guy! Heaven!

Luigi's tongue was gently pushed into my mouth and I sucked it just as gently. He moaned and pulled away. "Antonio? Hmmm?"

"Sì, signore!" I kissed him again. I put my hand on his chest and felt his luxurious chest hair under my fingers. I put my hand out to touch his cock but André's hand was there already. I gasped as Johann's experienced mouth was sucking me deeply and with such fervour, I wanted to cum on the spot!

Gunther's big 29cm cock was almost up to his solar plexus and I put my other hand on it. Fuck! What a nice big uncut cock!

I felt Johann's hand moving between my legs and I lifted my left leg. Johann's finger started to rub over my hole. He was keen to fuck me after missing out the previous night. His rubbery 29cm cock was a delight. It never hurt me and felt fantastic in my hole.

I heard the lube being opened and felt Johann's wet fingers starting to push into me. Ahhh! Oh fuck! I was made to be fucked!

Next to me André was moaning too. Gunther had his big fingers on André's hole. Poor André. He was going to get fucked with the big one!

"I think let's start with the twins fucking each other. What do you say?" Johann said, knowing that André was still a novice.

"OK with me, and you bro?" I said. Gunther was taken aback. He now knew he had André in his arms, but he still loved it enough not to let go of my brother!

"Anton? It's Anton here, right?" Johann asked. "He is ready. André can fuck him now."

"OK, here it comes," André said and moved in behind me. I stood up between Luigi and Gunther. André put his hands on my chest and kissed me on the cheek. "Everything OK baby bro?"

"André, do it!" I said against Luigi's mouth on mine.

Johann held André's 23cm cock on my hole. André pushed his cock against my hole. The big head stretched me and pushed in ... ahhhh! Oh godd! It always amazed me how nice it felt when André fucked me! I suppose the fact that I loved my brother very much explained it.

Luigi's and Gunther's big cocks were in my hands. They were sopping wet. Gunther's cock was a mere 0,5cm longer but a bit thicker than Luigi's perfect cock. Oh fuck! How I loved these guys! Juan joined us and took my cock in his mouth. Johann was on his knees and watched how André' cock moved into me. He licked André's cock and had his hands on my thighs.

Juan took Luigi's cock into his mouth and sucked the big cock. Luigi was moaning and groaning in my mouth. Gunther - he was still a little jealous, the dogg! - moved in and kissed me together with Luigi. At times the two of them were kissing each other!

André's cock was in balls-deep. Ahhhh! It felt so good! André had his arms around my body and hugged me. He kissed my cheek and ear and whispered: "*I've missed you so much my baby bro! Oh fuck! I love you so much!*" He started to fuck me. Johann moved in behind André. I heard the lube open and soon I felt André stiffen and stood still ... it was obvious Johann was pushing his cock into André! My bro was fucking me and got fucked by Johann's wonderful big rubbery cock.

"Oh fuck! That is a big gun you have there Johann! Slowly, please!" André said, holding still for a few seconds.

Johann and I stood still and then André moved forward and backwards - it was one hell of an experience. In front of me Juan was now sucking Gunther's and Luigi's big cocks in turn. They were groaning in my mouth.

Soon André was moaning and gasped: "Oh fuck! Stop! I'm going to cum! Not yet! Johann please stop! You're going to make me cum!"

Johann pulled out of André, and then André pulled out of me. Johann moved in behind me and pushed his 29cm cock into me ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! It might be a big rubbery cock, but it's still 29cm long! I was loosened by André so Johann pushed in all the way.

Juan stood up and started kissing Luigi. The two of them were moaning and groaning big time. They obviously liked kissing each other.

Behind me Johann was fucking me with long deep thrusts. He held me around my chest and kissed me in the neck and on my ears and on the cheek. "I love you so much my darling! You are such a perfect boy!"

André was playing with Juan's cock and soon he had the lube out and put some on the 28cm cock in front of him. Juan turned his body to give André access to his cock. André bent over and positioned Juan's cock on his hole and pushed back. Luigi stepped back and André got hold of the Italian hung hunk's big cock and sucked it while Juan was entering him.

André was moaning while Juan's cock was stretching him and entered him. And he was moaning with Luigi's big cock in his mouth. He loved the Italian's big cock!

Johann was picking up speed and was gasping. "I'm pulling out now! Oh fuck! I don't want to cum yet!" Johann started to pull out of me.

Gunther immediately took his place and pushed his hard, lubed 29,5cm cock into me ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! This was like I was in sex heaven! Johann moved in front of me and the moustached blond man kissed me and played with my hard cock. His big rubbery cock was in my hands and I marvelled at the size of the cock that had just fucked me.

Gunther's big cock was in to the balls in me and he slowly fucked me. He was leaning over my shoulder and kissed Johann. The two of them obviously loved each other a lot. We've come a long way since the first day they met!

Soon Gunther was also on the verge of cumming and pulled out of me.

Luigi gently pulled his cock from André's mouth and got the lube to prepare his cock to fuck me.

"Ahhh! Luigi is going to fuck Anton! Let's see that! Are you going to show us the multiple cumming? Please? Show us!" Johann put in.

"Oh fuck yes! I want to fuck this beautiful boy and pump a big load into him. Yes! Multiple orgasms!" Luigi gushed.

I turned my body so André and Juan could see. Luigi moved in behind me and pushed his 29cm cock into me with one slow continuous thrust ... AHHHH! Oh fuck! It was still big, even though I've had 3 cocks in me already! He pushed his beautiful hairy body against me and put his hands on my pectorals and kissed me on the ear. "I love you il mio ragazzo [my boy]!"

Luigi fucked me slowly and pushed his cock deep into me. He'd make it twitch and then pull out until just the head was in me, then twitch again, and push in while the head was gorged with blood, then pull out again. He was fast making me so randy I wanted to cum on the spot! I willed my orgasm away and took André's hands and mouth off my cock.

"I'm going to cum! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Antonio, I'm cumming ... Hnnnnngghhhh!" and Luigi shot the first volley of cum into me. He continued to fuck me and within 20 seconds, he groaned and the second volley of cum was shot into me. "Mio Dio [my godd], oh fuck! Here is another one!" And he shot his third volley of cum into me. He continued to fuck me - he wasn't done yet! A couple of seconds later he groaned and held me tight to him and shot his fourth volley of cum into me. He shuddered and held me tight. He put his head on my shoulder and lightly bit me. His cock was twitching in me and his whole body was shuddering with his orgasm. He held his big cock deep in me and gave a thrust every few seconds and shuddered as he pushed in as deep as he could.

"My godd! If I didn't see this with my own two eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. Luigi, you're a true Italian Stallion! I'm in awe!" Johann gushed, jacking his big cock.

"You OK mio caro [my darling]?"

"Yes, I'm fine! Thanks. You're a master my love!" I answered.

"I'm pulling out for now. I'll be back for more. OK?"

Juan pulled from André's hole and stepped up behind me. Luigi moved in behind André and put his still hard cock into André's hole.

"Slowly you big stallion! I'm almost still a virgin! Ahhh! Fuck! That feels so good! Yes! Oh fuck! Yes!" André said as Luigi's softening cock slid into him. Luigi pushed deeper into André's hole and André groaned. "Oh fuck! You're a real Italian Stallion! That thing is so big! Ahhhh!"

Juan's big cock stretched me but entered me easily on all the lube and the cum Luigi had pumped into me.

Johann was still kissing me and Gunther was kissing André. I put my arms around Johann and marvelled at the sexual prowess of this nice man with the beautiful hairy body. I loved him very much. But I did love Luigi too ... and Juan - oh fuck! I could never live without Juan ever again! ... and Gunther - what a perfect example of a sexy Aryan male ... and André ... without him, my life would come to an end. My brother is my other half, even though other guys fucked and loved me too.

Juan was fucking me and was hugging me to Johann's hairy body. "Oh fuck! I've never loved another man as much as I love you my darling! Oh godd! Oh fuck! And I love you too Johann! You're such a perfect guy!" Juan was so sweet!

I heard Gunther kissing André and Luigi saying all sorts of Italian words in his ear. "Dio mio! I'm going to cum! Oh fuck! You're as hot as your brother! I'm going to cum! Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Nnnngghhhhh! Fuck!" Luigi moaned and was grabbing André tight from behind while he was pumping his next volley of cum into my brother. He kept on fucking André and soon he shot his next wad of cum into him. "Ahhhhhh! Oh godd!" And he kept on fucking André and soon he shot his third volley of cum into André. He collapsed against André's back and clung to him. He had his mouth on André's shoulder and groaned.

Gunther was holding on to André and had André's cock in his hand, but André pushed his hand away. He also didn't want to cum as yet.

Gunther moved in behind André and as Luigi pulled out, Gunther pushed his big 29,5cm cock into André. Luigi came to us and took Johann's place in front of me. He hugged me and kissed me and looked into my eyes and said: "I never want to be without you ever again ... and your brother ... and Juan ... and beautiful Gunther ... and Johann ... oh fuck! You're such a nice bunch of people!"

I kissed him and said: "You're welcome! We want you too!"

Juan was picking up speed behind me and I felt his big cock twitching and pulsating. He was on the verge of cumming. He was kissing me on the cheek and Luigi was kissing him. Luigi's cock was still hard and wet in my hands. When I squeezed his cock, he groaned and pushed it between my legs. "Oh godd! I am going to fuck you again! Ahhhh!"

Juan was starting to groan and I felt his cock swell to its full size. His cock was twitching and he was groaning. And then he pushed in deep and held still ... he stopped breathing and then: "Ahhhhhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Hnnnnngggghhhhh! Oh my godd!" and I felt his cock pumping its mighty load into me. How I loved this man! Luigi was kissing me and was in sexual overdrive. He wanted back in ... dogg!

Juan held on tight to me and was shuddering as his cum was pumped into me. "Oh fuck my darling! You drive me nuts!"

I was on the verge of cumming with Juan's cock in me and Luigi kissing me with his big cock between my legs.

Juan started to pull out as he touched my back and butt. He has pumped a huge load into me. And then his cock slipped out ... ahhh!

Johann stepped up behind me and pushed in with one long continuous push. His big rubbery cock was fairly hard and I felt the tip pushing in deep. He immediately started to fuck me. The cum in me was making my hole sloppy and wet.

Johann was groaning and pushed into me with long and deep thrusts. He was going to cum soon. His hands were all over my chest and tummy and kissing me in the neck. This other darling was hot as hell and soon he slammed his cock into me and was cumming.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhhhh! Oh godd! My darling I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming! Here it comes! Ahhhhhh!" I felt the rubbery cock twitching in me and pulsating as he was shooting a big load into me.

Gunther was fucking André and he too was on the verge of cumming. He started to groan, holding  André from behind, hugging my brother to him, making love to my brother.

When Johann pulled out, Luigi moved back. He positioned himself behind me and pushed in. He was about to cum again! He immediately started to fuck me and when Gunther was starting to groan loudly, Luigi was picking up speed and soon they both were groaning and fucking us in earnest.

The two brothers were being lubed with lots of cum!

"I'm cumming! Here it comes! Here it co-o-o-o-m-e-s! Oh godd! I'm cumming!" Gunther groaned and slammed deep into André and held still. He was pumping an almighty load into my brother's hole.

Behind me Luigi was cumming again. There was no end to this man's sexual prowess. He was the master, whether his cock was the biggest or not, was immaterial! Luigi's big cock was stretching me again and it felt great inside me.

Johann was now sucking André's cock while Gunther was still inside him, his big cock still pulsating.

Juan was sucking me. Just as I was about to cum, Luigi groaned again and started to shoot his third set of volleys into me. His cock twitched and pulsated while he delivered his cum into me. He kept on fucking me and when he started to shoot the next volley into me, I lost it and started to flood Juan's mouth. I was cumming big! Before I was finished cumming, Luigi was shooting his third volley of cum into me.

Just as I started to groan and cum, I heard André making noises: "Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Johann I'm cumming! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" He came in Johann's mouth. Gunther was still holding him tight and still had his big cock inside my brother.

Luigi collapsed on my back and hugged me. He pushed his head into my neck and groaned. My hole still spasmed over his big cock inside me. Luigi and I sank to our knees, his cock still inside me. We collapsed on the pillows and Juan joined us.

Juan was lying in front of me and took my face in his hands. "I love you so very much! You're such a beautiful person, and such a sexy man! You drive us all nuts with desire. And you, my new friend! Luigi, you're everything my darling said you were! You're a very nice guy!" He put his hand on Luigi's face and caressed his cheek. I heard Luigi kissing Juan's hand.

"Yes, you guys are phenomenal! Everything Antonio said about you is also true! I like you guys very much."

Next to us, André and Gunther - who has pulled out of André - came to lie with us and Johann joined us. We had hands all over each other and legs were entangled. Luigi's cock was still in me ... the sex dogg!

Luigi was stroking my face and put his hand out further and stroked Juan's face too. This was too much for Gunther and he got up and sat on his knees between Juan and I, and put his hands on our bodies. He leaned to Luigi and checked where his cock was. "Still inside our darling? You dogg!"

Gunther's big cock was rubbery and was still oozing cum. I put my hand out and touched the magnificent cock. It was a spectacular cock and a big source of pleasure and enjoyment. Behind Juan, Johann was kissing Andre and they were playing with each other's cocks. One big happy and horny family.

Our Gentle Giant didn't join us ... why? He was always so keen on fucking me ... had he lost interest or was it because of the presence of the other two boys, that he focused his attention on them? Strange.

I lifted my head and saw that Herman and Mario were fucking the boys! Werner had Herman's huge cock in him, but Herman couldn't push in all the way. Lukas had been fucked by Mario before and was doing fine with the big Italian cock in him.

Pieter's big thick cock was in Claude. There was little interaction between them and the other guys. It was clear they had only eyes for each other.

We heard the other group groaning. Werner and Lukas were kissing each other while they were being fucked. Herman was groaning and it was obvious he was about to pump his huge load into Werner ... hmmmm! I envied him that! But my hole was filled with enough cum as it was. As Herman was cumming, he was jacking off Werner who shot a load of note right onto Lukas's tummy. Lukas was jacking himself off while Mario was ploughing his hole. No sooner had Werner shot his load than Lukas shot his ample load and hit Werner in the balls. Behind Lukas, Mario was grunting and groaning. He was cumming and was shuddering and saying things in Italian. He was pumping his huge load into Lukas. Again, I felt a bit jealous. I loved to get those two big guys' huge loads in me. But, perhaps another time.

It still bothered me that Herman kept to himself all the time during the fucking. Was it because of Luigi? Did I do something wrong? He didn't even suck me or touch me. Well, we'd hear about it later.

Luigi's cock was still fairly hard in my hole and Juan made space behind him for Johann to lie down. Gunther put his hand out and stroked Johann's chest. It was obvious they loved each other very much, although no one of the two was bottoming. With André now bottoming, I thought there were enough bottoms to go around. But, the fact remained: they loved each other very much.

I took stock and realised that Luigi was fitting in so well with the other guys. Juan and the others even kissed him and it was clear: they were in awe of his sexual prowess and ability to cum multiple times.

Mario and Herman pulled out of the boys and when their huge cocks emerged, it still was amazing that anybody could take such huge cocks in their asses. I had to admit, it was phenomenal to experience these cocks, but I felt more at home with Luigi's, Johann's, Gunther's and ... ahhhh! ... Juan's cocks! Not to mention my beautiful brother's cock. But their cocks were more in line with my level of pleasure. Herman's cock was a challenge and it felt fantastic once it was in my hole, but the size was ... well, it was enormous! 33cm of thick cock wás a bit much.

I felt a little pang in my heart when I contemplated the possibility that Herman wasn't happy with Luigi in our group, or whatever reason. We've just bought him a ring and have actually accepted him into the folds of the group.

I felt famished after the swim and then the sex. And thirsty.

"Anybody wanting something to eat or drink?" Mario asked.

"Yes please!" we all put in.

Mario disappeared and when he came back 15 minutes later, he clapped his hands and said: "A late lunch is served. Some Italian treats, some lasagne, Bolognese, Parma ham, a variety of salads, ciabatta bread, focaccia bread, and some other breads, olives and gherkins. Come! You don't have to dress! We could have some more sex between meals if you want!" Dogg!

Luigi hugged me close and kissed me. Juan's mouth was close so he kissed Juan too. Fuck! What a nice guy! His cock was still fairly hard in me and he pushed in one last time. "Ahhhh! Another all-nighter again soon! Per favore?"

"My darling, you should know now that I'd never say 'no' to that! But remember the others also want to have all-nighters, OK?"

"Yes, OK. When they want that, I'd fuck you first and pump you full of cum, and then they could have the all-nighter. And in the morning, I'd love to fuck you again and again and again!" Luigi gushed.

"Fuck Ita! We know you're smitten with my brother, but sheez! Remember we're still there too! I'm booking my brother for an all-nighter for tonight, OK? OK!" André joked.

Luigi pulled out of me and I had to clench to keep the cum from running out. I wanted to keep this huge load of cum in me for as long as possible. It was put there with much love.

Herman walked past us with his arm around Werner's shoulders and was in deep discussion with him. He didn't even look at us. It was clear something happened and that he was smitten with Werner. Oh well ...

We all grabbed our shorts and went to the dining room - Mario wanted us to come naked but Dad and Mom would never even allow us at the dinner table without shirts, let alone no pants!

In the dining room the table was laden with food and delicatessen as if from another world.

As we approached the table, Luigi made sure he was next to me with Juan on my other side. I saw the disappointment in Gunther's eyes. My German man loved me so much and wanted to be next to me. I looked at Juan and he saw the disappointment in Gunther's eyes. "Come, sit here my beautiful man! Come!" What a gentleman Juan was! Fuck! My heart swelled with pride and love! Gunther's face lit up and he came to sit next to me with Juan on his other side. André sat next to Luigi and Johann next to André. Herman and Werner sat next to each other and Mario and Lukas sat next to each other.

We had a feast of note. Mario had all the food prepared in his restaurant down the road and just had to heat the food. As a restaurateur, he knew how to whip up stuff in no time.

After we had our fill, I noticed on the big grandfather's clock in the dining room it was after 8 o'clock. It was nice at Mario's but I felt like going home to our house, just being with the guys. Nothing against Mario or any of the others, but I was thrown a bit by Herman's attitude and I felt like being in my own place with the men I loved.

I leaned towards to Juan and whispered: "*How do you feel about going home my darling?*"

"*Oh fuck, you know me too well! Yes, I want to go home too. You, Gunther?*" Juan asked.

"Jawohl [yes]! I want to go back home, bitte [please]!" Gunther said.

I leaned to André and asked him if he wanted to go home, and he emphatically said: "Yes please!"

Johann heard the discussion and put up a thumb.

"Where do you want to go now? Are you tired of Mario?" Mario asked.

"No, of course not, but we've been here almost all day now and we're thinking of going home. Is that OK with you?"

"Yes, of course. I did hope you were going to stay the night. Pieter, are you guys going home too?" Mario asked.

"No, we've made arrangements for our neighbour to look after our cats. We're staying if it's OK with you?" Pieter said.

"Of course you may stay!" Mario said.

"I'd like to stay too, if it's OK with you Juan?" Herman said. Why wasn't I surprised ... I was hurt a bit, but pushed it out of my head. I didn't own him and he owed us nothing. Perhaps he wasn't meant to be part of our group after all. Fuck, I was going to miss his huge cock every now and again ... my heart gave a pang. I forced myself to look at Luigi and try to put the imminent missing out of my mind.

"Werner, Lukas? What about you? Are you staying?" Mario asked.

"Yes, fuck! We'd love to stay! Herman's cock is amazing! I loved it in me!" Werner gushed.

So, Herman was going to stay behind with the others. Oh well ...

We wanted to help with the dirty dishes and plates on the table but Mario wouldn't hear of it. He offered coffee and we accepted.

We retired to the lounge while Mario switched on his big Italian coffee machine. It sounded right that the restaurateur had an authentic big Italian coffee machine!

When we were seated - Luigi on one side and Gunther on my other side - André got the music going again. It was light Italian operatic arias. Nice.

Mario returned with a selection of biscotti, almond coffee cookies, cantucci and other sweet treats. He even had koeksisters! We helped ourselves and learnt that during quiet times in the restaurant, he dived in and baked these biscuits himself!

Mario went to get the coffee. Johann went with him and returned with a tray with Italian cups - too dainty and beautiful for words.

The coffee was divine and so aromatic! Real Italian coffee.

After the coffee we chatted some more and had some good laughs with André and Claude entertaining us with their jokes. Where did André hear all these stories and jokes?

By 9 o'clock Juan got up and announced our departure. We all got up and we hugged and kissed the lot. When I hugged and kissed Herman, he just said in my ear: "*Sorry ... I'm sorry ...*" Nothing more. Yes, I was sorry too, but there was nothing I could do about it.

We said goodbye to Pieter and Claude and invited them to come visit us. We said goodbye to Werner and Lukas and it was clear the two were interested in more fun.

We thanked Mario and he told us we were welcome any time. He repeated he was sorry to see us go. We all hugged and kissed him.

Outside the house, Juan asked softly: "*What happened to Herman? Has anybody done something to piss him off? Is it because of Luigi? What?*"

"*No idea, but I'm a bit pissed that this has happened. We don't own him but after what we've done for him, I'm surprised,*" I said.

"Wait up boys! Wait!" Herman called after us and came running to us. "Sorry boys ... Werner wants me to stay. And Lukas wants me to fuck him too. Sorry. No hard feelings please? I'm still very grateful for what you've done for me, but I'd love to stay please? I still love you guys very much, but please let me have this? OK? Anton? You OK?" he said and touched André's arm.

"No, it's André here. But yes, if that's what you want, it's OK. We cannot tell you what to do. Anton?" André said.

"Yes we don't own you. If this is what you want, then stay. But does this mean you'll be leaving our group?" I asked.

"I honestly don't know ... I just want to stay here tonight, OK? Can we talk about it another time, please?" Herman said.

We said goodbye and we were off. I felt a little sad, but I put it out of my head and looked at Luigi next to me. The man has passed the test with the other 4 guys. It would appear Herman was pissed off with Luigi being there, or didn't like him, or liked Werner better, or ... who knew? Little did we know ...


Back home, Juan invited Luigi in for a nightcap, but actually we wanted him to stay the night if he wanted to. Luigi looked into my eyes and put his arms around my neck. He put his nose on mine and asked: "Would you endure me for another night?" I nodded. "Really?"

"Luigi, Juan would never ask you if we weren't sure or if we didn't want you to stay. André, Gunther, Johann - what do you say? Should Luigi stay? Yes? Yes?" I gushed. I wanted him to stay, because I liked him so much but also to make me feel better after the brush-off by Herman. I was really feeling sad. I hoped he wasn't a devious gold-digger. I shrugged it off when Luigi accepted.

"How about a shot of Frangelica? Luigi? From Canale Italy, but you know that already! André, please bring us 6 glasses. I'll get it from the fridge in the garage. Come, sit Luigi!" Juan was the perfect host. We all loved the hazelnut liquor. Perfect ending to a perfect day, albeit a bit tainted ... ah well! Forget it, I thought.

Luigi and Gunther made sure they were on either side of me as we sat down on the couch. Johann sat on one of the chairs and opened his pants ... my godd! I thought Luigi was the insatiable one! He put his hand in and fondled his cock.

"I don't know about you guys, but I haven't finished fucking for the day. I hope you guys are ready for some more. I still have about half a litre of cum in here ... any takers?" Johann, what happened to you? You've become a sex dogg!

"I'm in too! I haven't been so horny in a long time! Antonio," (the nickname Luigi gave me was catching on!) "are you OK? Andrea? I still want to fuck you too, please?" Gunther asked. Godd! What was in the pool water at Mario's place? Luigi? Juan? André? I felt my own cock twitch and realised I actually wanted them all to fuck me again and pump me full of cum! The cum already in me was quite a lot, but I wanted more!

André brought the glasses and Juan brought the liqueur. "What's going on here? Johann? More fucking? My godd! I thought we were going to have some Frangelico and then go to bed ... but it seems like there will be more cum pumped into you my darling ... André? You up for some more?"

"Oh fuck yes! I loved the fucking at Mario's! Bring it on! But I want Anton to fuck me first, then Johann, then Juan, then Gunther and lastly Luigi. But Anton can have the cum if he wants it. At least I'd get some from Luigi ... right?" André was horny already and opened his pants.

Gunther followed suit next to me and opened his pants. His big 29,5cm cock was way beyond semi already. I put my hand on Luigi's crotch and it was almost completely hard! My godd! I was going to be fucked royally ... again! I wondered about a double with Luigi and Johann ... would I be able to take it? I was willing to give it a try!

Juan poured the Frangelico and brought the tray. When he stood in front of Johann, he groped Juan's crotch. "Ahhh! The man's pants were not tenting like that because of a sock he put in there! He is way beyond a semi! Sex dogg! Lusting after our darling's ass, it seems!"

Luigi took a sip and leaned over to me and kissed me. His tongue pushed into my mouth and then he pushed the liqueur in his mouth into my mouth ... Fuck! There was no end to this man's ingenuity to make me lust after him even more!

Gunther didn't want to be left behind so he took my hand and put it on his hard cock in his crotch. His big cock was rock-hard! I took the glass in my left hand and put my right hand in Luigi's lap. He too was rock-hard!

We enjoyed the liqueur and soon everybody's hands were all over every body and hard cocks.

"Come, let's get showered and take this to the bedroom. Anton, André - would you like to get a head start? Getting ready? We'll have another shot, hey guys?" Juan asked. He took the bottle of Frangelico and poured more liqueur for the four of them.

André and I went into the en suite bathroom and prepared ourselves. We douched and then got into the shower, and washed each other. After the day at Mario and the sex orgy in the lounge, we felt grimy. We hugged and kissed and jacked each other a bit. After the shower, we took some lube and put in deep into our holes as preparation for the big dicks, which were going to fuck us soon. By the time we were ready for bed, we were rock hard.

We heard the shower in the other bathroom running and thought we heard Johann and Gunther. Yes, it was them when we saw Juan and Luigi entering the master bedroom. They went into the en suite and soon we heard them kissing and groaning. Juan liked our hairy hung Italian Stallion! The shower started and soon the groaning was louder - I was so tempted to have a look at what they were doing ... and eventually I gave in. I peeped around the corner and saw Juan sucking Luigi's big cock! The dogg!

But the shenanigans in the en suite were short-lived. They had other plans with André and I. When I got back to bed, André pulled me in and started to kiss me. Soon our cocks were rock-hard and we were groaning against each other. André had his finger in my hole and was sucking my hard leaking cock.

"Let me fuck you while the others are not here. It hasn't happened that we are alone in a long time!" André said and hugged me tight. Oh fuck! If ever I had to choose between the men in my life, it would always be my brother. Even when Dad was on the menu, I'd choose André. He was perfect in every way. I'd love him to have had a bigger cock, but at 23cm it wasn't exactly small. But for the rest, he was like the other half of me. I loved him to bits.

He took the lube and put some on my hole. I leaned down and sucked his hard cock. The precum tasted so good! I pushed his cock deep into my throat and felt his balls on my chin. I loved to deep-throat my brother. He pulled away and put me on my back. He put my legs on his shoulders, bent down and kissed me deeply while looking into my eyes. He put his cockhead on my hole and pushed forward. I wiggled my buttocks in order to get the head right on my hole and then the head slipped in ... Ahhhh! Oh fuck! I could never get enough of this man! This, my beautiful twin brother! He kissed me and I felt his big cock slipping deeper into me. He pulsed his cock and when it moved over my prostate, I groaned. He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth and groaned. He pushed his big cock balls-deep into me and held still. He took his mouth off my mouth and looked into my eyes.

"Do you still love me? There are so many other guys now. Do you still love me?"

"Fuck yes! Of course I still love you! What kind of a question is that? You're my other half! Life without you would never be possible! I don't care if we were 80 and senile - you'd always be my number one!" I answered.

"Good to know, but what about Luigi? He is fucking sexy and has a big cock, and his fucking is out of this world! And his hairy body ... fuck! He is sexy and classy and intelligent! He is something else!" André gushed.

"Yes, I love him too, but even though there are 4 other guys in my life, or 5 if Herman is still in our group, you'll always be my number one! Always! I love you all, but each one differently. You have that extra special place in my heart, which nobody else could ever take. It's yours alone!" I said and meant every word of it.

André groaned and kissed me again. "I fucking love you baby bro. You're also my other half, more than I would ever want to admit. Without you, there would never be any sense to life," André said and rubbed his nose on mine.

Juan and Luigi entered the bedroom and Juan clapped hands. "My big boys! Good show! Luigi, let's join them!"

I looked up and both of them were rock-hard! When they came closer to the bed, Luigi's cockhead was sopping wet! Oh godd! What a cock and what a man! He was fucking perfect! And my big man Juan ... oh how I loved him too!

Luigi straddled my chest. He stood on his knees over my face and put his big wet cock in my mouth. I sucked the big cock in my mouth and just loved the taste of the precum. Juan got onto the bed too and stood with his back to Luigi with his cock in front of André. I heard André slurping on the big cock in front of him. I put my hands around Luigi's body and put one hand on André's buttocks. What an entangled love life I had!

I felt Juan moving away and heard the lube being opened ... he was going to fuck André. I felt the bed moving and then heard André was groaning ... the big 28cm cock was sliding into André.

"Oh fuck! Yesss! Oh fuck yes! Put that big cock into me! Push it in! Yes! Oh fuck! Fuck! Ahhhh!" André was a fast learner!

André held still while Juan was pushing in. Soon he started to fuck me again.

Johann and Gunther entered the bedroom and got onto the bed on either side of us. The ever gentle and loving Gunther leaned in behind Luigi's back and sucked my cock. I reached for his big cock. It was so big and nice and sopping wet. It was clear he and Johann have been playing and sucking in the bathroom!

André was groaning - he was 'Lucky Pierre': he was fucking me while he was being fucked. Lucky indeed. The fucking the day before in our lounge when I was fucking André was memorable. Not only because I fucked André, but because I was fucked by Herman's huge cock. It was an experience to remember.

But I wondered if Herman was a thing of the past ... just after we bought him clothes and a ring ... it was going to be a sad day if he was going to leave us. Fuck!

Back to the matters in hand.

I sucked Luigi's big sopping wet cock. His precum tasted good, like all the previous times I sucked him. He was such a nice guy. I touched his hairy tummy and his silky body hair felt so good. He had his hands in my hair and his big cock was fucking my mouth.

André's cock in me was feeling so good. Being fucked by Juan, he was groaning and it was clear he wasn't far from cumming. Ahhhh! The first load in me for the night! After all the cum at Mario's ... fuck! I was such a cum slut!

Juan's big 28cm cock in André was making him groan with every thrust Juan pushed into him. His cock in my hole was twitching and scraped over my prostate. I was approaching orgasm myself. Gunther's mouth was pushing me closer and closer but I was no Luigi to achieve multiple orgasms. Once I've shot my load, I was done for quite a while. I gently pushed Gunther's mouth from my cock. He understood and I was just playing with his huge 29,5cm cock. It was still one of the nicest cocks around. And attached to it, such a nice, kind, gentle beautiful blonde man! I loved him to bits. He has only been good and nice to all of us. And Johann loved him to bits, even though there were some issues between them at first.

The fucking and being fucked was getting too much for André. He groaned and pushed his cock deep into me. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Baby bro, I'm cumming! Fuck I'm cumming! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhhh! Hnnnnngggghhhhnn!" I felt André's cock spasming in me and he was starting to cum. He was pumping a nice load into me ... the big head was deep in me and he clung to my legs. He threw his head back and Juan rested his head on André's shoulder. I hoped Juan wasn't about to cum too ... I wanted his load if I could.

"Oh fuck! That was special! It was wonderful, but please take out your cock now, please Juan! It's a bit much now ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! This was spectacular!"

Juan pulled out of André and my brother gasped. "Ahhh! Fuck! That is one huge cock you big oaf! Oh fuck!"

Luigi lifted off me and sat next to me on the pillow. "Me next?"

"Yes, sure. Just let André get out first ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! Bro, your cock feels so good in me!"

"I'm pulling out now baby bro. I think Luigi wants in next ... right, Ita?"

"May I please fuck you now? And come back for more?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, of course my darling! Fuck me!" I gushed.

André sat to one side and gasped. He was overwhelmed with the sex: fucking me while Juan fucked him. 'Poor' bro!

Gunther sat down astride my chest and aimed his 29,5cm cock at my mouth. His precum tasted so good.

Johann was within reach and I put my hand on his big rubbery cock. It was one of the most amazing cocks I've ever seen. Even hard it was always rubbery. And his fucking was awesome. His moustache also felt so good on my mouth. He was now bending down and gingerly took my cock in his mouth. My orgasm had subsided but with Johann's mouth on my cock, I was fast approaching orgasm again. Oh fuck! I wished I could cum like Luigi, but I couldn't! So I gently pushed Johann's mouth off my cock too ... fuck!

Luigi took the lube and put some on his 29cm cock. He sat between my legs and put my legs in the crook of his arms. He aimed his big cock at my hole and pushed forward. Even after just being fucked by my brother, Luigi's cock was big! Oh godd! This godd of a man was fucking me again! Of all the men I knew, including Dad, Juan, Gunther and André (my mirror image, I know!), Luigi was perfection in every sense of the word. He was tall, dark, fucking handsome and had a big cock. His hairy body was orgasmically beautiful. His hands and feet were perfect and beautiful.

I loved the whole lot, including Dad. Dad made me, but I'd never say 'no' for a fucking with him. He was just that spectacular and his cock was also awesome.

My love for all the men in my life was different for each. Each one had his little or big space in my heart. Oh fuck! I loved my men and Dad!

Luigi's big cock pushed in and stretched my sphincter. "Hnnnggghhhhhh!" I groaned around Gunther's big cockhead in my mouth. Luigi's cock pushed over my prostate and I groaned again. Fuck! Being fucked by this big beautiful man was just wonderful!

When Luigi's cock was in balls-deep, he held still and twitched his cock. It felt fantastic. "You're so nice and wet inside! André, you did pump a big lot of cum into your brother!"

"I do have my good points and moments!" André quipped.

Luigi held onto my legs and I felt his big balls on my buttocks. His pubic hair was on my balls. I had Gunther's cock in my mouth and Johann's cock in my hand. Juan was reclining next to me, waiting for his turn to fuck me. André was fingering Juan's big cock and licking the head that was in his hole a minute ago. Of course it wasn't yucky as we douched thoroughly before we came to bed.

Luigi pulled back and he pulled out completely! Fuck! He put his cock on my hole immediately again and pushed in slowly and kept on pushing in with one long thrust until he was in balls-deep. He started to fuck me slowly and gently. If I didn't have Gunther's cock in my mouth, he would've kissed me.

The big Italian cock in me felt absolutely fantastic. It was almost as special as Dad ... oh fuck! Dad! He was coming to Stellenbosch on Wednesday and would fuck me again ... perhaps an all-nighter! Why was I thinking so much about Dad? A fuck session with him and some of these guys would've been great, but Dad was special.

Gunther was groaning and pulled his cock out of my mouth. "I'm too close! I don't want to cum now. Ahhhh! Johann, your turn!"

Gunther sat down on the bed next to me. Luigi bent forward and kissed me gently and deeply. He was such an attentive lover. His big tongue made me so fucking horny and his big cock in me felt just too wonderful.

Luigi pulled out of me again! "What are you doing to me my darling? Why are you pulling out?"

"Please stand on your hands and knees. Anatomically, it's the best position to fuck a guy! Per favore mio caro (Please my darling)?"

I turned and stood on my knees pushing my buttocks out. Luigi took my buttocks in his hands and pulled them apart. He aimed his cock at my hole and pushed forward. Again he pushed in slowly with one long continuous thrust until he was in me balls-deep again. Johann moved in below me and kissed me with his exquisite moustached mouth! Oh fuck! What a nice guy! I put my hands around his neck and felt his hairy chest on mine. Johann had his arms around my chest and was hugging me closer to him.

Gunther was now next to Juan and they started kissing and playing with each other's big cocks. Juan's cock was a bit shorter than Gunther's and it was not as thick as Gunther's. The Jerry had a cock of note! Of the current group, it was the biggest, if only by 0,5cm! And it was the thickest. Only Luigi made more precum than Gunther. The precum literally ran from the big beautiful blonde Jerry!

Luigi was now fucking me faster and at a steady pace. It felt fantastic. Under me Johann's big cock was pushing into my belly and it too was very wet. I put my hand out and André took my hand. I felt his ring. He squeezed my hand.

"Ah! Ah! Ahh! Ahhh! Oh mio dio (my godd)! I'm going to cum! Here it cu-u-m-m-m-mms! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Hhhnnnngggghh!" He pushed his cock in deep and held still. His cock spasmed and swelled. It was pumping its first volley into me. He started fucking me again and within 15 seconds his cock swelled again and he was shooting his next volley of cum into me. Oh fuck! This man was extraordinary! He held still for a few seconds and started to fuck me again. Again, after about 15 seconds he was pumping his next volley of cum into me ... he held still and collapsed on my back. Fuck! His cock felt fantastic in my hole.

"I'm pulling out for now, OK?" Luigi said and started to pull out. Oh fuck! It felt weird when he pulled his cock out.

Gunther moved in behind me. I heard the lube tube opening and soon the big German's cock was on my hole, pushing in. It was big and thick, and was stretching me big time. He had his big hands on my buttocks and pushed in me with a steady push. His big cock was sliding into me on André's and Luigi's cum. When he was in all the way, he pulled out again until only his cockhead was in me. He twitched his cock and pushed in with one long continuous push. The huge cockhead filled me to capacity and I groaned. Oh fuck! That felt so good.

"Happy my darling? Are you OK? Not too much?" Gunther asked. He was such a gentleman!

He started fucking me and I was just enjoying it when he too started to groan! Fuck! The guys were just as horny as me! We were all hovering on the verge of cumming and this fuck fest was not going to last long.

"Sorry my darling, but your sucking earlier has made me so horny! I'm going to cum! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Oh mein Gott (my godd)! I'm cumming! Ah! Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Oh fuck!" His big cock was pushed deep into me and he held still while he was groaning. His cock was swelling and twitching and he was pumping a humongous load into me. His big cock was deep in me and I was hovering on the verge of cumming without touching myself. Under me Johann was so hot and sexy and his big cock under mine made me so horny!

"This is so good! Oh my darling, I love you so much! This is so nice!"

Gunther started to pull out of me slowly. His huge cock had pumped one big load into me. Oh fuck! I loved this man so much!

As he was about to pull his cockhead from my hole I clenched. I didn't want any of the cum to leak out. Gunther's big cock slipped out and he collapsed backwards and put his head on André's thighs.

Juan got up from between the boys and took his place behind me. Oh fuck! Talk about a gentleman! This was the third man I've loved, after Dad and André. Since he was my Science teacher and hockey coach, he was my idol. He was tall, beautiful and had a cock to die for. He was a superb lover, and the first time I was so afraid of taking it in my hole. He had only been the perfect lover ever since. And he allowed Johann into the folds, then Gunther, then Herman and now Luigi. Oh fuck! Even with the others now in our group, I still loved this special man very much. He was a great guy. Small wonder Mom loved him so much.

Juan got behind me and put a little lube on his cock. He pushed it in slowly. After the big cockhead slipped in, he twitched it and pushed in all the way. He was so gentle. I loved him so much!

He started to fuck me with slow, deep thrusts. And he too didn't last long! My men were all very worked up! Juan's big cock was grazing over my prostate and I was leaking lots of precum onto Johann's belly.

"My darling, I'm too worked up after I've fucked André! I'm cumming! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Ahhhhhh!" His big cock was twitching in me and I felt him pumping his load into me. His big balls were on mine and I felt him spasming in me. He was squeezing my buttocks and kissed my back.

Juan pulled out and I clenched. I managed to keep the loads of cum in my hole. Juan collapsed on Gunther and there was a lot of ribbing going on. André was on top form again. Nobody was spared when he was around! "Getting old, you big oaf? So soon?"

"Ahh! Oh just shut up! You shot your load just as quickly! Just keep your trap shut you delinquent!" Juan gave as good as he got!

Johann pulled me on top of him and looked into my eyes. "Sit on my cock my darling," he said and handed me the lube. I put some lube on his cock and aimed the big rubbery head at my hole and sat down on it slowly. I felt how the 29cm slid into me and groaned. No sooner was he in when I felt something else on my hole.

"Mio caro (my darling)! I want in too, per favore (please)? May I please push in too? I've noticed Johann's cock is very rubbery, so you should be able to accommodate us both," It was Luigi who wanted to double fuck me with Johann! Oh my godd! Already?

He never really mentioned anything like this to me! Two 29cm cocks in me? Ahhhh! Well, after I've had Gunther and Johann in me, I should be able to handle Luigi with Johann's big rubbery cock. Plus, it would be wonderful to feel him and Johann cumming at the same time.

"Yes, OK! Just slowly please!" I said.

Luigi's cock was already lubed up again and I felt the big head pushing onto my hole ... my hole gave way and the big head slid into me.

"Ahhhhhh! Oh fuck! You're so big! Oh! Oh! Ahh!" I moaned. The big cock was sliding into me on top of Johann's cock. I was filled to capacity. Luigi was groaning and was pushing his cock deep into me. Johann held his cock still and waited for Luigi to finish penetrating me ... it was a great feeling.

Once Luigi too was balls-deep in me, he held still and made his cock twitch and swell.

"Ahhh! My godd! This feels so good," I groaned.

"I'm still very hot and randy. I'm going to cum again very soon. Johann, how about you? I want to cum with you!" So, that was what he had in mind all along! He definitely noticed that Johann's big cock remained rubbery and that his cock would've been able to fit in with Johann's cock.

Luigi and Johann started to fuck me. As Luigi pushed in, Johann was moving out. The two cocks felt so good in me. My own cock was rock-hard and the two big cocks were fucking the cum out of me! I too was now so close to cumming I just wanted to let fly.

"I'm very close to cumming ... oh fuck! You feel so good in me but I'm about to cum! Please cum with me!" I groaned.

Behind me Luigi was starting to groan loudly and I felt him pumping his next load into me. The first spurts were shot from his cock.

Johann was also groaning and I felt his cock swelling and twitching. He too was about to cum. I was teetering on the brink of orgasm ... oh fuck!

Luigi was still fucking me and his second volley of cum shot into me. That was too much for both Johann and me and we started to cum. My cum flew out of my cock into Johann's tummy and chest hair. His cum was being pumped into me together with Luigi's second volley of cum. Luigi was still fucking me and before my own and Johann's orgasms were over, Luigi was pumping his third volley of cum into me. Oh fuck! I was in orgasm overdrive! This was too much! I've never experienced this before! Luigi was a sex god! After his third volley of cum Luigi still continued to slowly fuck me while the last of his big load was leaking into me.

Johann was kissing me deeply and held onto me tightly. His big cock in me was now very rubbery after he shot his big load into me. Luigi was on top of me. He pulled my legs sideways and down, and pushed me down on top of Johann. They were both still in me and I ended up in my own cum on Johann's hairy body. Luigi put his hands on my shoulders and squeezed. He kissed me in the neck and leaned past my head and kissed Johann too. I was so happy.

"My godd! You two were sensational! I've had the best show ever! Luigi, you're a sex dogg! Fuck man! I always thought Johann was the sex fiend here, but you're the jackal amongst us! Well done!" Juan congratulated Luigi.

I felt Juan moving in to our side and Gunther on the other side. André was pushing in between Juan's legs and put his hand on us.

"Happy baby bro? Are these guys not too much? Tell me and they will sleep outside with the stray cats! Just say the word!" André! What a thing to say! The two guys just made love to me!

After 5 minutes, Johann was groaning and started to move. "You two are a bit too heavy on me my darling! Sorry, but I have to get out from under you two." He pulled his cock out and almost dislodged Luigi's cock in the process. Luigi and I lifted slightly and rolled slightly to one side. Johann got out from under us and got up from the bed.

Luigi lied down on me again and I marvelled at the weight of the big beautiful hairy man on me. And his big cock in me ... Oh fuck! Luigi put his hands on my head and face. He kissed me on the cheek and was murmuring Italian words (of love?) into my ears. This was the real deal! He was a perfect lover and was as handsome as they come.

Next to me André was lying between Juan's legs. He had one hand on Juan's chest and the other on my arm.

"You happy baby bro?"

"Yes, very happy! You guys are all so awesome! I love you."

"We all love you too. And believe it or not, I even love this big oaf and his fucking huge cock too! What an oaf!" He got a swipe on the head from Juan.

"Anyone for Coke, fruit juice or bottled water? Coffee? I'm parched. I want something to drink," Johann said.

"I'll help you," Gunther said. If I didn't know any better, I could've thought the two of them had a private affair going on! But, it was clear they have become great friends and loved each other like we loved each other.


After the drinks, we found our places on the bed for the night. While Johann and Gunther were away, Luigi rotated me and turned me onto my back, managing it without slipping out of me. He was a master and his semi-hard cock remained in me. He was on top of me again and even though my tummy was still a bit messy, he just lied down on me and kissed me, stroking my forehead and hair.

"Mio caro (my darling)! Ti amo molto (I love you very much)!" My legs were alongside his legs and my cock was caught between our bodies. His hairy body was on top of me and he was kissing me. His saliva ran into my mouth and I hungrily sucked it in. This man was just perfect in every way.

Luigi and I were right in the middle of the bed. Next to us Juan and André got comfortable in each other's arms, with hands on Luigi and me. On the other side, the two blonde men were in each other's arms and were kissing. It was clear they loved each other too.

My heart swelled with pride. My guys ... oh fuck! But I was still a bit saddened about Herman. Time would tell, but it was a disappointment that he wasn't here with us. I missed him. Whatever it was, it must've been something drastically to cause him to make a 180º turn like that. But, everything happened for a reason. Perhaps 6 were the ultimate number for us. We fitted in nicely on the big king-size bed.

The last thing I remembered was of holding Gunther's hand and Juan's hand with my other hand. And Luigi's cheek on mine and his big cock still in my hole ...

= To be continued =



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