After we've gushed and marvelled at Johann's skills with a camera, Pieter and Claude retreated to Pieter's room.

Johann, Juan, André and I were left on the couch. We took the camera and again we looked at the pictures of us having hot man-sex, and our cocks were plumping up. I noticed Johann's cock was close to hard and he was looking at me, lucky guess I thought. Naked, André and I were identical.

Juan noticed Johann was looking at me and looked at me. My cock was also plumped up and I thought of the fucking earlier. Johann was a spectacular fucker - lover? His huge rubbery cock was spectacular. It was longer than Juan's and thicker. The head was spectacularly big and long. I saw the precum dripping on the couch. I felt my cock plump up a bit more.

I looked at Johann. The man was one hell of a hunk. Then his blonde hair was tousled but even so, it was fucking sexy. His stubble was dark and his moustache was something else. His kisses were ... wow! His hairy body was something to behold. He had his one foot on his other knee and I noticed the long beautiful toes.

I realised that Johann was a beautiful man with all the attributes in a man I like - sexy, tall, hairy, dimples, hung like a horse and a great lover - but, I didn't love him. I loved him to 'make love' to me, kiss me and cum in me, but it was merely sex, nothing more. He could become a good fuck buddy, but I'd never trade him for my men.

"Do you want some time alone with Johann, my love?"

I looked at Juan in horror. THAT was not on the cards! I was just LOOKING at the man's spectacular cock and at his beautiful physique.

"I ... erm ... I don't know ..."

"Johann ...?"

"Ahem ... I wouldn't say 'no' if I could ... but, it's up to you guys."

"You are insatiable all right! Fuck! Look at that huge thing, ready to fuck again. Baby bro, would you like that?"

"I ... I ... erm ... I don't know ... I never thought Johann and I would do it again ... alone?" I stammered.

"André, how about we gave them a head start and then we joined them in a bit? It's obvious Johann still has some fire in him and our man is at the centre of his attention. Anton ...? Do you want to do it? I know you love us, but I have to admit, Johann has a spectacular cock and I know you enjoy it. So, if you wanted to, it's OK with us. OK, André?"

"I know baby bro would do this only for the sex as I know he loves us very much. Anton, if you want it, let Johann fuck you again. Just remember, after 45 minutes we're getting into bed as well. Go for it."

"Johann ... do you want to?" I put in and his cock gave me the answer: it was standing at attention, and the precum was now running from it, dripping on the couch.

"Oh fuck yes! If I may, yes! Please! Anton, could I please? Thanks Juan, André! You're making my day!"

"Yes, do it. Enjoy it my love, but don't get too used to that mammoth cock. We'd be joining you soon. OK?"

I couldn't believe my ears. My lovers were prepared to leave me alone with Johann who had an enormous cock, and with an enormous sexual appetite to match. Could this be happening? Slut!

"Oh ... OK, if you want to Johann ... I think I want to ... your fucking earlier was spectacular, I have to admit. But remember, I love you guys very much," I said and walked over to Juan and André to kiss them.

"My godd! Just look at his cock! Baby bro! You do have the hots for this horse-hung hunk! Wow! Look Juan, he's also dripping precum! Fuck! You are ready for another round with that big fucker! I can't believe we're OK with this, but there you have it. Enjoy baby bro!" and slapped me on the butt as I turned around.

Johann was on his feet and his gigantic cock was pointing straight towards me. There was a lot of precum leaking from it. I thought of all the precum that already leaked onto the couch. I hoped Pieter didn't mind ...

"Come, let's go. Thanks guys. I'll be gentle again like before - I promise. Come join us soon," Johann said and led the way. I followed him like a sheep led to the slaughter, my cock bobbing up and down.

When we approached Pieter's room to get some of the lube, we heard him and Claude going at it again. Claude was fucking Pieter doggy-style. They moaned and groaned like boars in heat.

"Sorry ... I just wanted some lube, please," Johann excused our intrusion. Pieter looked up and saw me in the door.

"There, on the nightstand. Anton ... where are the others?"

"No, it's just us for a while. They'll join us a little later ..." Johann said. He sounded a bit embarrassed to spill the beans in front of Pieter.

"Ah! Well, enjoy. Mind if we join in as well ...? We'll be a while longer here, right Claude?"

"Yessss! Ahhhh!" and he slammed his big cock into Pieter's ass.

Johann led the way to one of the other bedrooms and when I walked in the room, he closed the door.

"Just for a little privacy, OK?"

"OK ..." I said softly. I was embarrassed to some extent.

Johann pulled me into his arms and hugged me. He was a bit taller than me.

His gigantic sopping wet cock, now a little bit softer, pushed against my cock. My cock was also a bit softer, and also very wet.

"Anton ...! Come here! I'm not going to replace Juan and your brother! Never! That's not what this is! I promise you! I want you to know I'm not trying to steal you away from your lovers! I'd never do that! This is just sex, but I have to add, it's special sex. I don't want it to be just a quick fuck and then it's over. I told you, I've enjoyed fucking you like I've never enjoyed sex before. It was unbelievably nice. You're a special guy!"

"Oh, OK. But I feel a bit embarrassed. I feel like such a slut ..."

"Noooooo! No! No! Don't feel like that! I'm the one who should be embarrassed! I'm the one with the insatiable sex drive and you drive me fucking nuts! I could fuck you all day and every day and never get enough. I like you - a lot, but I don't want to make you feel unhappy. I want to fuck you ... please? Not just sex, but friendly, nice and good sex between two nice guys ... OK? I'm not going to ruin your relationship with the other two. Your love and special relationship are precious, and that's how it's going to stay."

"Oh, OK. Just so you know I'm also doing this for the sex, and I agree. It was spectacular and I never want to lose Juan and my brother. They are my life."

"Ahhhh! That's my boy! Come here!" He hugged me close again and kissed my neck. "If this works out, I'd really like to become a regular visitor and a friend with benefits. As often as possible, but I won't become a nuisance or impose on you guys. I'd rather jack off than to force myself on you ...!" Johann pulled me in for a kiss.

Johann's lips were soft on my mouth. He was a superb kisser. I put my hands on his hairy chest and felt his hard nipples. He had big areolae, which were very sexy. I felt his big rubbery cock lifting and pushing against my cock. His tongue was gently pushing on my lips and I opened my mouth ... oh my godd! His long tongue entered my mouth and I couldn't help it! It was phenomenal! I sucked hungrily on the tongue in my mouth. Johann held me tight against him and his hairy chest felt so masculine. He tore his mouth off mine and pushed me away ...

"Fuck, you're one fantastic guy! The other two are so fucking lucky! And hopefully I would be allowed into the inner circle from time to time ...? Thanks for agreeing to this ... it means a lot!"

"OK, just as long as you remember there are only 3 in our relationship. If the other two agree, you'd be welcome to join us from time to time."

"Best news ever! I've never enjoyed sex like what I've had earlier with you. Come, we don't have all night. Again, just some gentle loving sex. No animalistic sex just to fuck you and get it over."

Johann pulled me onto the bed and I fell on top of him. He pulled me close and kissed me again. He really was a nice guy.

His huge 29cm rubbery cock pushed on my tummy right up to my chest. Imagine that in you Anton, I thought! I felt for Johann's big nipples and slid down his chest to suck on them. The big areolae and big nipples were such a turn-on! I trailed down some more and felt his huge wet cock pushing against my cheek.

"Ahhhh! Careful there! Your stubble is a bit rough!" Johann exclaimed.

I opened my mouth and sucked the huge cockhead into my mouth. The huge amount of precum tasted great. I pushed the thick rubbery cock into my mouth, but alas! I couldn't get much more than the huge head into my mouth. It literally filled my mouth to capacity, and most of it was outside in my hand ... An amazing cock, for sure! It was totally different to Juan's and André's cocks, but amazing for sure.

I cupped his huge balls. Fuck! I couldn't get both of them in one hand! Low-hangers, for sure. I sucked his big cock as best I could and moved up to the big areolae around the nipples again. I sucked on them some more and Johann groaned with pleasure.

The big balls were to add another dimension of pleasure to sex with Johann ... when the time was ripe!

"Oh fuck! You're just phenomenal! Oh my godd!"

Johann pulled me up and held me tight. He rolled over and ended on top of me. His weight on me felt fantastic. His cock was leaking a tremendous amount of precum on my tummy. He trailed his tongue over my chest and sucked my nipples as well. He moved down and took my 23cm thick uncut cock into his mouth and with one fell swoop, my cock was buried in his throat. This man was a talented cocksucker!

"Slow down! I'm close ...!" I gasped.

"Not now!" Johann said as he moved back to my face.

"Ready for another monumental fuck with my big cock? No pain, I promise. As close to love-making as is possible ..." Johann said and gently kissed me.

"Yes, OK. But slowly please ..."

"Of course. I'm not careless with this big old cock! I don't want to hurt you in the least. Promise!"

Johann sat up and pushed my legs up. My knees were close to my face and Johann bent down between my legs. Johann pushed my buttocks up in the air and stuck his tongue out, and licked my asshole! Oh my godd! That felt great!

Johann put his hands on my buttocks and slightly pulled them apart. He stuck his tongue out and I felt the tip entering my hole. Oh. My. Godd!

He let go of my buttocks and sat between my legs. He was rubbing the huge amount of precum over his cockhead. I took my cock and milked my precum out of me. Johann put some of it on my hole and pushed a finger in ... ahhhh! Wow! Johann had long and big fingers! He pushed his finger knuckle-deep into me and pulled out. He took some more precum and then pushed TWO fingers in ... Wow! He took more precum and ... THREE fingers went in! He spread the fingers in me and I groaned. This man knew how to prepare a hole for a huge cock!

He slowly pulled his fingers out and I gasped ... wow!

"Ready, Anton? Just great fucking - no pain."

"OK ..."

"One request please ...?"

"What ...?"

"There is a huge amount of precum between the two of us. Would you mind if I tried to enter you with precum ...? I'll be careful, I promise! If it hurts, we'll use the lube."

"I don't know. You have a big cock, Johann ..."

"Can we try ... please?"

"Oh ... OK ..." I said with a lot of trepidation ... Fuck! Could that be done?

Johann milked his huge cock and rubbed the copious amount of precum on the head and down the shaft. There was enough to cover his big rubbery cock. I took some more of my precum and rubbed it on my hole ... Oh fuck! That was going to hurt!

"Ready? Just relax and when I push in, push your hole out and let me in. Just relax, Anton. I promise I'll stop if I hurt you."

"OK ..." I whispered. I wasn't sure ...

Johann put my legs over his arms and leaned in, aiming his huge at my hole. He pushed forward and I felt the huge rubbery head pushing on my hole. I pushed out and felt the tip of the head slip in ... I pushed out some more and Johann pushed his cock in deeper.

"Oh my godd! It's going in! Are you OK Anton?"

"So far, yes ... take it slow please!"

"Push out ..."

I pushed out and the magnificent cock slid deeper into me. I felt the head pop through my sphincter and I gasped. Fuck! That felt good! I realised there was no pain! Once again, no pain!

"Still OK?"

"Yeah! How do you do it? There is no pain! But let's just be sure it stays painless. Please put some lube on your cock?"

Johann pulled out his cock and I gasped. Wow!

He took some lube and lubed up my hole and put some on his cock.

"Here it comes again. Ready Anton?"

"Yes, put it in. How the fuck do you do it that it doesn't hurt?"

"I'm a gentle lover, that's it! I told you!" Johann said with a chuckle. "OK, here it comes." Johann pushed in ... he slid right into me!

"Ahhh! That feels good! You OK, Anton?"

"Yes, push it all in!"

Johann pushed and I felt how the huge cock slid in all the way. He held his cock deep in me and let me get used to the invasion. Once again, it felt amazing!

Johann pulled out completely and I moaned. I knew he would be pushing in again soon. And he did ... My hole was stretched something awfully again, but the magic lube did its job. He slid in to the balls and started to fuck me with slow deep thrusts.

After 5 minutes, Johann announced: "I'm ready to cum - you?"

"Yes, with a gigantic cock like yours in me, me too!"

"OK, cum with me!"

I took my cock in my hand and started to jack off in rhythm with this great cock fucking me. I was fast approaching orgasm and said: "I'm close ..."

Johann fucked me deeper and with long strokes. His breathing was becoming louder and quicker. "I'm cumming! Oh my godd! I'm cumming! Ahhhh! Here it comes! Oh fuck!"

I felt the big rubbery cock swell up in me and shoot its load into me. My own cock was spasming and shot my load onto my hairy tummy. What a mess!

Johann pushed his big cock into me and let go of my legs. He collapsed on me and pushed his chest into the cum on my chest. I felt his weight on me again ... This really was a great gentleman and a wonderful lover! My godd! He was phenomenal!

"Hold onto me. I'm going to lean back. Hold on," Johann said. He leaned back and pulled me up with him. I was sitting in his lap with his big cock still in me. "Now turn around slowly so your back faces me," Johann instructed me.

I rotated on the magnificent cock in me and was pulled back onto Johann. I was lying on my back on top of him. He held onto me again and rolled us so we ended up on our sides. His 29cm cock was still deep in me. He pushed it deeper in me as best he could.

"Thanks Anton. That was amazing. I really appreciate this ... You guys have made my day. I'm very grateful and happy. Thanks ..." Johann gushed. He hugged me and let out a big sigh. He kissed me in my neck.


The door opened and Juan and André walked in ...

"So then? How was it? Are you OK my love?" Juan asked.

"Thanks boys! Your man was phenomenal. You've made my day ... I'm in debt! Dinner on me next weekend! Thanks ...!" Johann enthused.

"And you're still in him? I think we've just acquired the new frontrunner of the WHORE HOUSE club! Juan, this man is a sex maniac! Baby bro, are you OK man?" André asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. And yes, this man knows how to fuck and make one enjoy it. He isn't replacing you, but he is a good fuck, I'm telling you!"

"Juan, André ... please let me into your circle of love ... not to be the 4th lover, but to add some spice to the mix from time to time. I really like you guys a lot. And fucking Anton was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. I've never had anything like this before. I really, REALLY want this to happen again ... please?"

"Let's not make hasty decisions in the heat of the moment. Let's play it by ear. Yes, you are a nice man and fucking sexy with an even bigger cock than me, and apparently you're a fucking tiger in bed, but just so you know: It's just the three of us in this relationship. If we allow you in, it would be for friendship and the occasional sex - nothing more. I'm OK if you fuck my lovely boy occasionally, but that's it. OK, Anton? André? Agreed?"

"Yes, for sure. I like you a lot Johann, and it's clear my baby bro loves to get fucked with your huge cock, but that's it. I love my bro very much, and I love Juan very much. It's already complicated as it is right now. We can't afford to allow another one into this relationship. Friend? Yes, anytime. Occasional fucker? OK, but nothing more. Baby bro?"

"Agreed. Johann fucks like a champ and he's a good lover. He knows how to fuck me into submission without hurting me at all. I agree, he's a fucking sexy guy who would also be a great friend. I love you guys too much to risk losing you. An occasional fuck would be OK with me. Johann understands and is OK with it. Right Johann?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Friend and occasional fucker! I'm in! Thanks guys!"

"Now pull out of my baby bro. That place is reserved for either Juan's or my cock for an all-nighter, you sex dogg! Welcome to our circle, but just so you know: we're fine upstanding members of this community and don't allow anything sordid to happen. Friendship and the occasional fuck - that's it! Now, pull out mate!"

"Ahhh! All right ... whatever you say. It was a great fuck. Thanks guys."

Johann pulled out slowly and when I felt the head at my sphincter, I clenched ... and contained the huge cumload. He plopped onto his back on the bed next to me. I rolled onto my back and looked at the statue of a man. Fuck! He was sexy! His huge cock was lying across his tummy right up to his hip. It was one impressive cock!

Juan pulled me up and hugged me to his body. It felt so good to be back in his arms. He kissed my cheek and asked: "You OK my love?"

"Yes, I'm fine thanks. You still OK with this?"

"Yes, it's OK. André?"

André pulled me to him and hugged me. "Baby bro, we love you very much. As long as you don't fall in love with this hunk, OK?"

"OK," I said.

"What do you say? Let's get into bed and get some shut-eye, right here." Juan suggested. "Yes, it includes you too Johann. Please stay if you want. The other two are snoring away. You can sleep with us. OK boys?"

"Yes, he's welcome, but Anton sleeps between you and me. Johann can make up the rear ... so to speak Juan! I think you'd better learn to clench your hole shut my man!" My bro was on top form again at that late hour!

Juan and André kissed me goodnight and Johann shyly requested if he could kiss us too.

"Yes, of course! Come here you hunk!" Juan said and we all kissed him goodnight. He really was a nice sweet guy, who just happened to have an enormous sexual appetite with a cock to match.

We settled in with Juan behind me, and his big semi between my legs. André was in front of me hugging me close and kissing me softly. "I love you baby bro! Very much ..."

= To be continued =



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