On Monday while we were in school, Mom and the domestics removed our single beds and when the new bed arrived, it was taken straight to our bedroom.

Mom unwrapped the linen and put it in the washing machine to get the hard new feeling out. When we arrived back home after 2 o'clock (there is no hockey practice on a Monday), all was ready and our bed made.

We stood in the doorway and looked at the huge bed set against the wall where the two single beds used to stand. Next to each side were new nightstands that were apparently part of the special offer. We were thrilled and were smiling broadly at the big present.

The bed linen was a play between beige and brown with the colours fading into each other, with big autumn leaves. Very manly, I thought.

Mom appeared behind us.

"Do you like it boys?"

"Yes, Mom! We love it! Thanks again!"

"Now remember no jumping on the bed. It's an expensive bed and we don't want a lot of noise. Remember no more late-night noises please!"

"Yes, ma'am! No, ma'am!"

We approached the bed and we sat down on it on either side. It was firm but soft. As if like synchronised swimmers, we stretched back on the bed and flung our arms back onto the many pillows Mom has put up for us.

"Wow, Mom! This is wonderful! Thanks!" André was very appreciative and I merely added, "Yes, thanks Mom!"

"Now come have something to eat. Dad wants you to finish your studies for tomorrow's exam and then wants you to come help in the shed where they're busy with the vine cuttings. Come. I have lasagne - satisfied, André?"

"Yes, Mom! OK, Mom!" André was really in his element and I was wondering what was going to happen that night.

After a wonderful meal, we tackled our work for the next day. We were to write our Science exams and although we both usually scored around 95%, our Sciences teacher (Mr Juan du Toit, whom we like very much) warned us that the paper wasn't going to be too easy.

By half past 4 we have done the lion's share of the work and rushed out to help dad with the cuttings. It's a particular interest of us both and when we did the section on cuttings in Biology, we took some of the cuttings to school and were very proud when Mr Du Toit asked us to demonstrate it to our fellow-classmates and show them how it's done. Dad was experimenting with a new variety of grape that would produce big globules and which would produce a distinct wine when fermented.

André and I were both keen to see if the slips we grafted last weekend have taken. We each have grafted 50 cuttings and dad promised each of us a nice bonus if the grafts were successful. Some will be sold of course - a new grape variety is sought after all the time.

We checked our grafts, and lo and behold! All of them took! Dad came up behind us and took us by the shoulders and squeezed.

Dad is a very tall muscular man. He is 1,9m tall and is very hairy. Being 35, he was in the prime of his life. He had very big hands and wore a size 12 shoe. We've seen him naked often and know he has a very big cock. Soft, we guessed it to be around 16cm, very thick and also uncut. We have discussed his cock after seeing it during the previous summer break at the beach. Of course, that was before we started to get sexually interested in each other.

"Congratulations boys! I believe you have your work cut out for you! This is a huge success. How about I give you each money for the iPads you've been wanting for so long?"

"Thanks Dad! Will it be our birthday presents?" André asked.

"No, silly! This is payment for a job well done. Would you rather have the money and iPads for your birthday? Or iPads now and some other iThings for your birthday?"

We looked at each other, and we knew what Dad had in mind. It's been some time now that we needed new computers and while having iPhones already, it made perfect sense to each have a MacBook. We have discussed it with Dad and we have been looking at MacBook Air.

"OK, iPads now please Dad!" I said.

"All right then. I'll call the iStore Call Centre tomorrow and find out which iPads they have in stock. I'll also enquire about the MacBook Pro for your birthday."

"Jippie! Thanks Dad!" Things were really looking up for the two of us. We didn't know HOW nice it would become a few months later ...!

After looking after the rest of the nursery and finishing some other chores, it was time to head back home.

At dinner, Dad offered us some of our vineyard's wine. We each had some of the late harvest - Mom would allow us each only one small glass.

Mom's chicken and veggies were gourmet quality and the dessert was a rich baked pudding and custard.

"Boys, I think you better hit the shower, and then to your books until 10 o'clock. We don't want to disappoint Mr Du Toit now, do we?"

"No, of course not, Dad!" André said. With that we thanked Mom for the dinner, helped her to clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher, while dad retired to the study to make some phone calls.

"Now, off to the shower, boys!" Mom said and banished us from the kitchen.

In the bathroom, we closed the door and André locked the door.

"Why do you lock the door? Mom and Dad won't come in - you know that!"

"Just in case ..." and André winked at me. He pulled me closer and hugged me close to him. I could feel his cock stir in his pants - and so was mine!

We stripped and by the time we were buck-naked, we were both rock hard!

"Come here you hung hunk!" André joked and pulled me closer again, hugging me with one hand, holding my throbbing cock in his other hand.

I reciprocated and held him tight to me.

"I'm the luckiest boy alive, Anton! I have you with me every day and now this ... I love this very much."

"Yes", I whispered against his ear. "I love it too. And you're a wonderful brother, André."

André pushed slightly away from me and saw my blue eyes were a bit teary.

"Now come on big man! Don't get all soppy on me! I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, and this has only just begin! There is much more fun ahead for the two of us! Come here." André pulled me closer and kissed me. He pushed me against the cold tiles of the bathroom wall and pushed his big cock against mine. I had to withdraw my hand and held on to him while he was kissing me and kissed him back.

Soon our rock hard cocks were leaking lots of precum that has already started to flow.

"Are you showering or what, boys?" It was Dad! He turned the door handle but of course the door was locked. He thought well not to comment on it. Clever Dad!

I realised the shower wasn't turned on yet and jumped into the shower booth and turned the water on.

"Just finished undressing and peeing Dad", André called to Dad.

We both showered with deliberately fewer distractions. Not that both of us were not rock hard and absolutely longing to touch each other, but we had to control ourselves, and we couldn't afford to walk to our bedroom with raging boners. Plus, we still had some studying to do.

We showered and washed each other's backs. When we got out of the shower, we dried off each other's backs and before long we were in each other's arms and kissing again. I was wondering when we'd actually get something else done other than all of this groping and kissing and hugging!

"We have to stop for now, Anton. Look at my cock! I'll have to put on my dirty underpants - I can't afford to walk to our bedroom like this without some help! You'll have to do the same baby bro!"

We got to our bedroom without encountering our parents and put on some boxers and warm gowns. We sat down at our adjoining desks by the window and started our final preparation for the next day's Science exam.

By half past 9 mom knocked and entered with hot chocolate and some digestive biscuits.

"I think you two can call it a day now. Don't stay up too late. Have your hot chocolate and brush your teeth, and then off to dreamland in your new bed!"

All night we've been eyeing the bed and every now and again, André would pass a suggestive remark at how good my "big" ass would look like in the big bed and what I'd do to him if he decided to sleep on top of me. He could be such a tease and clown!

"Yes Mom. I think we're ready for the exams now. After the hot chocolate, we'll give our bed a test drive!" André winked at me making sure Mom doesn't see him. She was inspecting the bedding and tested the bed herself by sitting down on it.

"Yes, you two will have a good night's rest. The manufacturer claims the movement of a second person will not disturb the other one. Well, enjoy the new bed and sleep well. I'll come wake you by 6 o'clock. Dad is driving you in to school tomorrow. He has a meeting at the co-op at 8 o'clock."

Mom got up and kissed us both on the mouth. "Good night boys. Sleep tight. And no horsing around again tonight!"

"Yes, ma'am! No, ma'am!' André and I said in a little choir.

After brushing our teeth, we headed for our new bed. André locked the door, undressed and even took off his boxers.

"Anton, get rid of those clothes and get into bed!"

By the time I was naked, I was almost completely hard! André held the new duvet open for me and I jumped in next to him.

"No jumping, young man! Don't you ever listen to your mother, boy?!" André joked.

However, he folded me in his arms and started kissing me. I melted in his arms and shifted under him. He positioned himself to lie flat on top of me and our cocks and tummies pushed into each other. He pushed his legs slightly outward so his knees were just along the outside of mine. He started to grind his crotch into mine.

"This bed is nice and firm and soft. Listen, there is no creaking or any sound! We could have some nice hot fun in here!" André planted another kiss on my mouth.

The rest of the night was more or less like the previous week when we started to really play with each other. André kissed me lots of times and we played with each other. Eventually André sat on my thighs and jacked off both our cocks. Again the watery liquid plastered against my chin, on my cheeks, and some even in my hair. Fortunately, nothing on the new bedding!

This time, André licked my face and chest clean and kissed me with his cum-filled mouth. It was wonderful.

Afterwards André spooned me from behind again and pushed his still rubbery cock between my thighs. He held me tight and played with the little black hair on my chest, and with my nipples.

"Anton, I really love you very much, baby bro. It's not just this what happens between us - I really love you."

"André, you should know I feel the same. You're the best thing since sliced bread ..."

"What? Am I compared to bread now?" André jokingly said, and gave me a faux punch on the cheek.

"You know what I mean, silly! Of course I love you. But I think it's late and we need some sleep."

I turned in his arms and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Excuse me, Master Anton, but is this the best you can do?"

"Sorry, Master André!" And I opened my mouth for him to give a nice deep and wet kiss. André really knows how to kiss! Of course, then I had nothing to compare it to.

"Sleep well, baby bro! See you in the morning." With that André settled behind my back again, his still rubbery dick between my legs and his right arm draped over my body, his hand slightly rubbing my chest and nipples. Before long we were both fast asleep.

= To be continued =



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