After breakfast, Nonna and Gabriella came in and told us all to make haste and quickly get an overnight bag for the evening as we’d be going to Bologna, and would be staying over in Milan. We looked at them in disbelief.

“Yes, change of plans. Make haste. Lorenza and I will oversee everything. Don’t leave your bags in disarray: when you come back tomorrow, there will only be time for a quick lunch before you leave for Roma. Go, and enjoy!” Nonna said and hugged Piero. It was quite obvious she loved her grandson very much.

We ran upstairs and grabbed our toilet bags and a fresh change of clothes.  Ahh! Pisa! Bologna and Milan! And perhaps Ferrari! Lamborghini! Wow!

In the Kombis – the same configuration as before applied: Luigi, Giovanni, Pierre, Clive and I were assigned to the Kombi with Giancarlo and Piero; Juan, André, Gunther and Johann got in the Kombi with Armando and Gabriella, Piero’s parents. But for a start, we all bundled into Giancarlo’s kombi first.

Giancarlo turned around and told us that we’d be driving through Siena the next day en route to Roma. The family had a crash meeting earlier and Nonna would oversee the arrangements for us to drive to Roma the next day, Wednesday. That would give us the opportunity to explore Rome itself and take a trip down to Naples, to Pompeii, to Sorrento and the Isle of Capri before we flew back to South Africa on Saturday.

He told us that the trip for the day would be past Livorno to Pisa, with a quick visit to the tower, past Pistoia and then up to Bologna. Then further to Milano for a real quick visit to the city.

“Who knows what is in Bologna?” Giancarlo said and put his finger on his lips when he looked at Piero. “Not you Piero. The engineering students? Do you know?”

“Ferrari!” André and I said almost simultaneously.

“And Lamborghini too? Really? Are we going to see that?” I said and salivated. I knew I’d never be able to even afford the dipstick of a Ferrari but yes, every man – gay or straight – would give his right as first-born to see these wonderful cars.

“Yes, and Lamborghini too! Nonna knows the lady at the PR section. She has secretly arranged for you to see the Ferrari factory. We’ll be seeing the museum as well as how the 2016 Ferrari 488GTB is assembled,” Giancarlo manage to get in.

“Baby bro! Wow! Ferrari! Wow! Giancarlo, my baby bro is the man here! He might be … ahem … you know … but he is the cleverest of all of us when it comes to cars! Baby bro! Let’s call Dad now! He is going to flip when he hears this!” André said very loudly and fished his iPhone from his pocket. He found Dad’s number and called him.

“Dad! Dad! You have no idea where we’re going! Dad! We’re going to see how a Ferrari is assembled! Yes! Yes!” André said to Dad on the other side of the phone.

“André, call Dad again on FaceTime. Let him see all of us,” I said.

“Dad, I’m calling you back. Your clever second-born says we should do a FaceTime. Bye Dad! Bye!” André chattered.

Within seconds he had Dad on FaceTime and of course he was turning around so Dad could see all of us. André did the introductions and then when Dad got the wind back in his sails, I heard him saying it sounded like we were enjoying it a lot.

“Dad, the Italians are not as bad as you said they would be. Even Luigi is a gentleman here with his family! We’re enjoying it I have to tell you!” André said and ducked out of the way when Luigi aimed a smack at his head.

“Behave André! You’re a guest there! How are you Anton? Everything OK?” Dad said.

I took the phone from André and looked at my sexy Dad and felt the tears welling up in my eyes. I loved this man so very much.

“Yes, we’re enjoying it a lot Dad. André hasn’t annoyed the d’Antonios and Morettis too much. We still get food and a bed to sleep in!” I managed to get in before André grabbed his phone from my hand.

“Dad, that’s not true! I’m the proverbial angel! Ask Juan! Right Juan? I’m on my best behaviour, not so? Tell Dad!”

“Dad, we were able to appease the Italians with a promise of lots of wine when they come to visit! We’re still OK!” Juan said and ruffled André’s hair.

“Dad, we’re going to Pisa and then to Bologna, and then to Milan. I’m so excited! Ferrari and Lamborghini! Wow! How is Mom?” André said.

“She is fine but she’s missing you guys a lot. But so am I. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much but I can’t wait for Sunday to hold you in my arms again. Enjoy! Mom says ‘hi’ from the kitchen! I love you lots! My regards to Pierre and Juan and of course Luigi, Gunther and Johann. Giovanni, Clive and Piero, pleased to meet you. We’ll see you on Sunday! Love you all!” Dad said and waved at us.

“Bye Dad!” we all said in a choir.

“That was my Dad! The best dad in the world!” André boasted. “And he loves me! So, there!”

“My Dad is also the best in the world,” Piero said and hugged his dad Armando, who kissed his beautiful son.

“*Is that your dad? Wow! He is sexy!*” Giovanni said next to my ear.

“*Yes, he is! And he also … you know … I love him very much!*” I whispered back, and felt my cock stirring in my pants! What I’d give to have his cock in me again soon!

“*I want to be part of it next time he ‘does’ … it!*” Giovanni whispered.

“*You will!*”

“*Both of us in you!*” Giovanni said and rubbed my lower back.

“*Yes of course! Stop Gio! You’ve already made me hard!*” I said and squeezed his leg.

I looked up and saw Piero looking at us. His eyes were big. It was clear he was as curious as Giovanni about Dad … wow! Imagine Dad fucking me with either of them in me! Something to look forward to!

“Not to be a wet cloth … erm … ‘blanket’? Come on, we have to start. It is a long way to Pisa and Bologna, and then Milan. Come, we have to go! Oh, and we’re cutting out Livorno to save time,” Armando said. His passengers left our Kombi and soon we were following him in Giancarlo’s Kombi.

Giancarlo had his iPod plugged into the sound system of the Kombi and was playing the recording of the previous night’s little concerto!

We all erupted in spontaneous applause. The members of the d’Antonios and Morettis, as well as the Greco, Marino and Conti families, were true musicians who entertained us big time the previous night. Ahh! The warm sounds of the Italian songs filled the Kombi and the ones amongst us who knew the words sang along. Piero’s voice was crystal clear and very pure. But so was Luigi’s voice and then Giovanni impressed and surprised us all. His warm baritone voice joined in and it was clear this man was a multi-faceted, talented man! His voice was like warm honey and chocolate! Hmmm!

It took some time to get onto the SS67. Soon we passed Scandicci to the west of Firenze and we were en route to Pisa. We passed many towns, including Empoli and Castelfranco di Sotto. After about 45 minutes we turned right off towards Latignano and further northwest towards Pisa.

By then we were listening to the three ‘boys’ – no longer boys at 21, 22 and 23 years of age – of Il Volo. The songs they sang, including E più ti penso, Per te, Il Mondo, Piove, O sole mio, L’ultima Volta and many more. They were two exceptional tenors and one baritone. The members were Gianluca Ginoble (baritone), Ignazio Boschetto (tenor) and Piero Barone (tenor), all with beatiful angelic voices.

Of course there were also a couple of songs by Andrea Bocelli. The Italians knew a lot about pasta, love and music!

Piero had his iPhone out and showed me on Safari that a trip to the supercar museum and factory was very popular. I was looking forward to that very much.

Taking a day trip from Florence through the countryside gave us a look at the beauty of Tuscany – picturesque hill towns, vineyards and wineries. The views from the Kombi were breathtakingly beautiful, even though it was winter.

Mio caro, this is one country we have to return to! For our honeymoon! After London!” I said and squeezed Luigi’s shoulder where he sat in the passenger seat next to Giancarlo.

“What is ‘honeymoon’?” Piero asked.

“The holiday newly-weds go on,” I said and saw the confusion in his eyes. He still believed he was going to marry me.

“No! I’m coming with you!” Piero said and put his arm around my shoulders. “Luigi, you’re not going alone with mio caro!”

“We’ll talk about that later Piero! Mio caro, Giancarlo has printed some info for us on the campanile of Pisa and the Duomo. Thanks brother! Here, please read this and ask if you have any questions,” Luigi said. “Pisa is famous for its leaning tower but it also has a beautiful Duomo and Baptistery in the Piazza dei Miracoli. It also has a good medieval centre and if we had time for it, a wonderful walk along the river. We could easily spend a full day here.”

The info Giancarlo selected and printed for us was short and to the point. It was from Wikipedia.

The Piazza dei Miracoli (“Square of Miracles”), formally known as Piazza del Duomo (“Cathedral Square"), is a large area located in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, recognized as an important centre of European medieval art and one of the finest architectural complexes in the world.

Considered sacred by the Catholic Church, its owner, the square is dominated by four great religious edifices: the Pisa Cathedral, the Pisa Baptistry, the Campanile, and the Camposanto Monumentale (“Monumental Cemetery”). Partly paved and partly grassed, the Piazza dei Miracoli is also the site of the Ospedale Nuovo di Santo Spirito (New Hospital of the Holy Spirit), which houses the Museo delle Sinopie (Sinopias Museum) and the Cathedral Museum.

The campanile (bell tower), commonly known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, is located behind the cathedral. The last of the three major buildings on the piazza to be built, construction of the bell tower began in 1173 and took place in three stages over the course of 177 years, with the bell-chamber only added in 1372. Five years after construction began, when the building had reached the third floor level, the weak subsoil and poor foundation led to the building sinking on its south side. The building was left for a century, which allowed the subsoil to stabilise itself and prevented the building from collapsing.

In 1272, to adjust the lean of the building, when construction resumed, the upper floors were built with one side taller than the other. The seventh and final floor was added in 1319. By the time the building was completed, the lean was approximately 1 degree, or 80 cm from vertical. At its greatest, measured prior to 1990, the lean measured approximately 5.5 degrees. As of 2010, the engineers have reduced it to approximately 4 degrees.

As we entered the outskirts of Pisa, I was literally on the edge of my seat. My Italian tutor in Stellenbosch used a book on Tuscany to test my proficiency in the language. One of the passages I had to read and translate was one on the ‘Piazza dei Miracoli’ and its buildings. She was originally from Bologna but she knows her fatherland well and Pisa was a favourite destination. She had shown me numerous pictures she had taken and she told me many things about Pisa, which made me very anxious to see it for myself.

I looked at my watch and saw it was just after 09:30 – perfect timing.

“Excited mio caro? You’re in for a treat! This is another place we have to come spend a night when we’re back in Italy!” Luigi said.

Piero’s attention was focused on where Giancarlo was driving. He didn’t hear Luigi.

“Gentlemen, and there you have the tower and Duomo! Until recent years tourists were not allowed to climb the staircase inside the tower, due to consolidation work, but now the tower is open again and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. Come! Armando has parked already,” Giancarlo said as he manoeuvred our Kombi into a parking spot next to Armando’s.

We got out and had to walk down a street to the Piazza dei Miracoli … and there it was: the impressive Duomo, the baptistery and the leaning tower. Wow! It blew my mind away! Here I was looking at one of the most amazing architectural wonders of the 12th century, and saw what my tutor was gushing about. I could see why she loved it so much. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

The cathedral was beautiful with its marble-clad façade. It was the heart of the Piazza del Duomo.

We entered from the main entrance of the Duomo on the far side of the bell tower. It was fascinatingly beautiful.

The cathedral has two aisles on either side of the nave. The transept consists of three aisles.

“Gentlemen, a quick background on the Duomo,” Armando said. “The construction of the Duomo began in 1064 by the architect Buscheto. It set the model for the distinctive Pisan Romanesque style of architecture. The mosaics of the interior, as well as the pointed arches, show a strong Byzantine influence.

“As you saw on the outside, the façade, of grey marble and white stone set with discs of coloured marble, was built by a master named Rainaldo, as indicated by an inscription above the middle door: Rainaldus prudens operator.”

The inside of the cathedral wasn’t enormous but it was exquisite and to think it was almost 1 000 years old! What an achievement for the Italians! I looked at the architecture and without knowing it, I took Luigi’s hand and put my head on his shoulder. That was exquisitely beautiful and I was proud to have an Italian as my husband-to-be.

We saw the inscription Armando mentioned. He continued with his information on the cathedral:

“The massive bronze main doors were made in the workshops of Giambologna, replacing the original doors destroyed in a fire in 1595. The original central door was of bronze, made around 1180 by Bonanno Pisano, while the other two were probably of wood. However, worshippers have never used the façade doors to enter, instead entering by way of the Porta di San Ranieri or in English, the St. Ranieri's Door, in front of the tower, built around 1180 by Bonanno Pisano.”

“Mirabel has just texted me. She has managed to book us tickets to climb up the 296 steps of the tower. Let’s meet at the Porta di San Ranieri in 15 minutes. It’s at the far end of the Duomo towards the tower. Gabriella has brought us each a bottle of spring water. Come and get it before we go any further,” Giancarlo said and took the backpack with the water from his sister-in-law.

I’ve seen beautiful and I’ve seen splendid, but the Duomo was easily as beautiful, albeit on a different scale than the Duomo in Firenze. I took picture upon picture of the beautiful interior.

The time was up too soon. Wow! What an exquisite experience.

We met Giancarlo and Armando at the far end of the Duomo and exited the cathedral. Right in front of us was the tower. Wow! The leaning was immense when seen up close!

Giancarlo showed the reference number of the tickets Mirabel had sent him to the ticket lady. We entered the ground floor of the tower and started climbing. It was the strangest experience! Because of the tilt of the tower, the stairs were not normally positioned: in places one was stepping on the edges of the stairs pointing upwards!

We exited on each floor and looked out at the Duomo and Bapistry, and took more pictures.

Halfway up to the top we were out of breath and took a swig of our water. Wow! It wasn’t that high, but climbing on the strange steps and the inclination of the walls made for lots of fun. André and Johann were on top form of course! The two clowns made everybody laugh with their antics.

Eventually we reached the bell chamber at the top. It was strange to walk ‘up-hill’ on the Duomo-side and ‘down-hill’ on the other side. Fortunately there were balustrades for security purposes. Nonetheless, I held tight to Luigi’s hand as we approached the balustrade towards the Duomo.

Giancarlo was on photographer duty and took many pictures of us posing and casual.

Then Luigi surprised me. He took me in his arms, trapping my arms that were on his muscular chest, looked deep into my eyes and said: “Mio caro, amo molto! Ancora una volta, vi prego di sposarmi? (Mio caro, I love very much! Once again, will you please marry me?”

“Yes, of course! You know that! Of course ‘yes’!” I said and surprised him by kissing him. He hugged me to him and said in my ear: “Me l'uomo più felice del mondo si fanno! Grazie mille! (You make me the happiest man in the world! Thank you very much!).”

Giancarlo was right there to immortalise the kiss … wow. We looked at him and he took a picture of us with the Duomo in the background.

“Remember we need to take pictures of you with the campanile in the background,” Giancarlo said and squeezed my arm. “*You're so damn sexy, Antonio!*” he whispered right next to my ear. “*Tonight … hmmm!*” He wanted to fuck me again! Fortunately my cleaning kit was always in my toilet bag. Slut!

“Not to be the Witch of Endor, but we have to go. I’m sure you guys are dying to see the Ferraris and Lamborghinis? Yes?” Armando said.

“Yes! Oh yes!” André said, exited the tower like he was on fire! However, Giancarlo wanted to take some group photos so André had to run back up. Clown!

We rounded up our visit to the top of the leaning tower, took some more pictures, including the group photos. Piero insisted to have pictures of him and me. He wasn’t going to give up easily, but then again, he was such a lovable and exquisitely beautiful man!

“*I wish I could fuck you right now here! Now!*” Piero said hugging me close to him, his face right next to me while Giancarlo was taking pictures of us. “*I want to make your visit to Pisa memorable!*”

Imagine me standing at the balustrade, overlooking the piazza and Piero fucking me! Wow! I got hard on the spot!

“*I wish you could fuck me, but let’s wait for Milan tonight! You and Luigi in me!*” I said smiling at the camera.

!” Piero said and hugged me tight to him.

Luigi came to stand on my other side and smiled his angelic smile for the camera.

“*Piero, he is still mine!*” Luigi said and hugged me to me. “*I want to fuck you right now!*”

“*I wish both of you could fuck me now here on the tower!*” I said between my teeth, smiling at Giancarlo, knowing he wanted it too.

“*I’m getting hard here! I think we better go before I suck you!*” Luigi said and hugged me tight. Mio caro! Where did that come from?

“*I can see there is something going on here! Have you forgotten about Clive and me?*” Pierre said as he approached us to get in the picture as well.

“Never my big beautiful man! Come stand with us please!” I said and felt his big bulge as he stood behind me, and Clive right next to him. Giovanni came to join us and he stood behind Piero.

I was sure Giancarlo took beautiful pictures with his big camera. I could see his cock made an awfully big bulge in his pants. He asked another tourist to take pictures of the whole group, him included. He showed the guy how the camera worked on automatic setting and came to stand with us all.

This was one of those moments one would remember forever. I was surrounded by sexy lovable men, in a world-famous spot, on top of the leaning tower of Pisa no less!

“Come guys! We still need to take pictures on the lawn with the Duomo and Bapistry, and the tower in the background. Come!” Armando said and waited for us to exit into the stairwell.

Again, we had lots of laughter and jokes as we stumbled over the steps pointing upwards or downwards. We reached the ground, we took up our places in front of the tower and Giancarlo took the pictures. Then we turned with the Duomo and Bapistry in the background for some more pictures.

We moved to the lawn – not green of course – and we took fun pictures of us standing with our hands up as of we’re pushing against the tower. Everybody was doing that and of course the jokes and laughter were inevitable.

We took a last look around and took a quick peep in the Camposanto Monumentale. Armando told this walled cemetery is considered the most beautiful in the world. The building itself is erected over the earlier burial ground. The building of this huge, oblong Gothic cloister began in 1278. The cemetery was only completed in 1464. The outer wall is composed of 43 blind arches. There are two doorways. The one on the right is crowned by a gracious Gothic tabernacle and contains the Virgin Mary with Child surrounded by four saints. Most of the tombs are under the arcades, although a few are on the central lawn. Elaborate round arches surround the inner court.

The Camposanto Monumentale once contained a large collection of Roman sculptures and sarcophagi, but now there are only 84 remaining.

So much for our visit to the Piazza dei Miracoli. What a splendid visit it was.

As we approached the Kombis, Gabriella had a phone call. She spoke in rapid Italian and I heard her saying ‘sì’ a couple of times and ‘about 12 o’clock’. She looked at her watch and looked at Armando while she hung up.

“Gentlemen, we’re given the royal treatment at Ferrari and Lamborghini. If we can be there by 12 o’clock, you’re in for a real treat! A few of you might even be taken for a trip in some of the cars. Come on! Armando, come let’s go!” Gabriella said and squeezed Piero’s arm. “E anche tu, mio bel ragazzo! Eccitato? (And you too, my beautiful boy! Exited?)”

Sì Mamma! Vorrei che mi avrebbero permesso di guidare uno io! (Yes Mama! I wish they would allow me to drive one myself!)” Piero gushed and kissed his mother on the cheek. “Grazie Mamma! (Thanks Mama!)”

Piero, i biglietti sono € 320 ciascuno, ma che sicuramente non include la guida una delle auto! (Piero, the tickets are €320 each, but that most definitely doesn’t include driving one of the cars!)” Gabriella said and hugged her beautiful son.

Nei tuoi sogni che permetterà di guidare una Ferrari mio figlio! E 'sempre un piacere di fare qualcosa per il mio bel ragazzo! (In your dreams will they allow you to drive a Ferrari my son! It’s always a pleasure to do something for you my beautiful boy!)” Armando said and kissed his son.

Wow! That’s expensive I thought. I looked at Luigi with big eyes but he winked at me and gestured a kiss, and gently shook his head. He mouthed the words: ‘All OK’ and I left it at that. I was sure that Nonna and the family must have had some contact with the people at Ferrari in Bologna. Again, it’s not who you ARE, but whom you KNOW!

We got into our Kombis and we were off. This time Giancarlo was playing some very nice light and uplifting Neapolitan songs and light classics.

Soon we were on the A11 heading towards Lucca. Time permitting, it could’ve been a wonderful experience to walk the streets, but there were Ferraris and Lamborghinis with our names on the tickets waiting for us in Bologna! Another place, another time and we’d take a look at what Lucca had to offer.

I whipped out my iPhone and checked the info on the super cars:

Ferrari, Ducati and Lamborghini! In Italy it means sports cars, so take the opportunity to visit the prestigious stomping ground of some of the best-known sports car manufacturers in the world on this private full-day tour. Be part of the glamorous lifestyles of the rich and famous, and enjoy personalized attention from your English-speaking guide on this special private tour.

Ferrari, Ducati and Lamborghini – the choices are endless, as you get up close and personal with these famous names. View displays of these well-known manufacturers, or visit the private collections of Righini, Panini, Maranello Rosso and Stanguellini. Your itinerary is totally up to you, and you will have time to visit two individual establishments on the tour.

This in-depth, hassle-free private tour is hosted by a professional guide. Please list any special interests you have (art, architecture, history, culture) at the time of booking to alert your guide, so they can prepare for your private tour.

The road became the E76 and took us past Montecatini Terme and Pistoia. Once again, Giancarlo told us what a nice place the latter was. We believed him as he followed Armando on the SS64 straight to Bologna, about 95km away. We’d be on time!

The trip took a bit longer than I thought as the terrain was very mountainous with many villages en route. We passed Vergato, Marzabotto and Sasso Marconi. Then we drove through Casalecchio di Reno before we approached Bologna. Armando stayed on the A1 towards the E45. Ferrari was to the north of the city.

It was clear Armando knew exactly where the visitors’ centre was as he drove straight into the parking lot and we popped out of the vehicles as if we were on fire. These men – gay or not – had ants in their pants! Ferrari and Lamborghini, here we come!

We entered the impressive modern building and Armando led the way to the reception desk. Gabriella took out some documents and opened her iPhone. They talked to the staff behind the counter and I heard “Ahh! Sì!” a few times.

An exquisitely dressed and very sexy young man with a square jaw peppered with a five o’clock shadow came to greet us. WOW! That was one hell of a statue of ‘David’ in real life!

He introduced himself as Matteo Rossi and greeted us by shaking hands. His hands were soft, warm and hairy. He was very tall, easily 1,95 like Luigi. He had broad shoulders and his dark curly hair was cut in a fairly short modern style.

The complexion of his skin was olive and his hands were very hairy. He wore a dress shirt, a tie and an elegant dark charcoal pinstriped suit. His shoes were big … Italian of course, and very sexy. And …  really big! As I glanced back up, I noticed the enormous bulge in his pants … my godd! What was it with me noticing that every time?

Matteo held my hand just a few seconds longer than would be the norm and when I looked in his eyes, he squeezed my hand and gave me an angelic smile. He had a perfect set of pure white teeth and his beautiful mouth looked like it begged to be kissed.

When Matteo saw André, he was fazed! He looked at me and at André again and then he realised he could’ve made a mistake, assuming I'd be interested in him.

“No, impossible! There are two of you?” Matteo said, big-eyed.

“Don't you worry. You’ll quickly learn the one with the kind heart is over there. This one is the broken one – meet André,” Pierre said and ducked out the way to avoid a swing André aimed at the back of his head.

“I’m calling my Dad! You’re a mean man!” André said, feigning hurt.

“Incredible! You are 100% identical! Really?” Matteo said and came back to me and took my hand again. “*Everywhere …?*”

I just smiled and nodded. Matteo’s interest was piqued.

Next to me Piero growled and put his hand out to greet Matteo, literally forcing him to let go of my hand.

“*Lui è mio! (He is mine!)*” Piero hissed and I could see he was very perturbed by the presence of the fucking sexy and beautiful Italian.

Matteo was totally unfazed and just shook Piero’s hand and merely whispered: “*Vedremo! (We’ll see!)*”

Fuck! That was a clear declaration of war! No! I didn’t want that! I’d rather want them to be friends! Matteo looked like a very nice guy with a lot to offer … no pun intended!

I put my hand on the small of Piero’s back and stroked him to show him he’s not forgotten.

“Gentlemen, I believe most of you are from South Africa. My presentation will be mostly in English but I will also try to accommodate my countrymen and lady as well. Please come with me! You’ve been allocated a VIP tour due to the connections Signora Marena Moretti has with my boss. First of all, I want to screen some enticing videos of our top models. I take it you’d be interested in Ferrari and Lamborghini, yes?”

“Yes! Ferrari for me, and Lamborghini for my baby bro! He’s not old enough to appreciate a Ferrari!” André put in and ruffled my hair.

“I’ll have you know, he’s only 2 minutes older and I know more about a car than he knows about a lipstick … or a dipstick!” I said, much to the delight of the others.

“Yes, tell him, ‘baby bro’!” Johann put in and ruffled André’s hair.

“Watch it! I still have a very sharp knife, which I bought in London! I’ll get Matteo here to help me hold you down …” André said and faux ‘neutered’ Johann by pretending to have a knife in his hand and cutting, pointing his hand at Johann’s crotch.

“What? No, that’s too valuable to cut it off! I will not help you to do THAT! It would be such a waste!” Matteo said and I could see we were going to get along like a house on fire. He understood the situation and he was clearly one of us.

We entered a small theatre that could house up to 50 people. The seats were plush and bright red with black carpets. The light fittings were chrome and the walls were adorned with huge framed posters of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

“Gentlemen and Signora! Welcome to this private screening of our latest informational videos on the four top models in the Ferrari and Lamborghini ranges. You’ll be the first ones to see this. The videos are earmarked to air on European TV as from next week. The videos destined for the US and the UK will have English subscripts for the ones who can’t understand Italian. After the videos, I’ll answer your questions and when we visit the Ferrari factory the factory manager will answer those I can’t answer. We won’t be able to visit the Lamborghini factory, but there will be two cars for you to admire and to be taken for a spin afterwards. Lights! Enjoy!” Matteo said and came to sit next to me. Ahhh!

Matteo pushed his leg against mine and in the dark, he moved his fingers on his thigh but I could feel he was doing it to touch me. My cock sprang to life like a jack-in-the-box! I very discreetly moved my hand to Matteo’s hand and he squeezed my fingers. Fuck, I was a slut!

The videos were shot professionally with professional models and race car drivers. The settings were very luxurious and in the most wonderful sites on the Amalfi coast to the east of Sorrento. The roar of the cars was like music to our ears and the cars were just beautiful.

After the screenings, we roared into life and cheered like soccer fans at a match when the winning goal was scored in the dying moments of the tournament final match. We were hyped like no one could believe!

We asked Matteo about the designers, the number of cars built in a month, the training the car builders have to undergo, the choices and of course … the price.

“Phew! That proves we’re as poor as a dormouse! We won’t be able to afford the dipstick of any of these cars!” André said and pretended to cry like a baby.

“Isn’t life cruel? Just look at us! We deserve to have cars like these but we have to be satisfied with cheap fuel-efficient Japanese models! Jerry, now you know what to get me for my birthday. Good thing you and Vati made up again!” Johann said. Gunther just laughed and squeezed his man’s thigh.

“If it will make you feel better: neither can I afford a Lamborghini dipstick! Any more questions? I’m sure you would appreciate some refreshments now? Come with me please,” Matteo said and we followed him into the foyer.

The refreshments were laid out on a few tables. The friendly staff helping us were really nice and I saw a few of them – girls AND boys – gawking at us. When they noticed André and me, the tongues wagged at double speed. They recognized Giovanni and I could see the girls were swooning over him. Little did they know!

They also stared at Piero, Pierre, Clive and of course Luigi, Johann and Gunther, with Piero and Giovanni the centre of their attention. Again, little did they know.

However, young people are not stupid and when they noticed the only female was Piero’s elegant mom, and the fact that we all smelled good, were dressed very elegantly, our hands were squeaky clean … they put two and two together. But, it didn't faze them at all, and they still asked for Giovanni’s signature and while they were at it, they asked Piero to sign a napkin as well. Our sexy boy! But, he really was a tall and an exceptionally beautiful man.

There were dainty snacks and beautiful sandwiches. The plates carried small delicate pizzas, some cocktail sausages, Parma ham, a variety of Italian cheeses, savoury biscuits, olives and gherkins. The smell of real Lavazza coffee was intoxicating. There were also some wine bottles and ciders, as well as some soft drinks and water.

“Gentlemen, the bathrooms are over there through those doors, down the passage and around the corner. Just now I have to go to confirm our visit to the factory. Please help yourselves to some refreshments. La signora d'Antonio, mi fido di tutto è di gradimento sulla signora Moretti? (Signora d’Antonio, I trust everything is to the liking of Signora Moretti?)” Matteo said and took Gabriella’s hand in his.

Of course it was! Gabriella was charmed with the sexy Italian host we had.

We helped ourselves to the snacks and some of the wonderful Lavazza coffee. The colder drinks were not very popular. I thought of taking a bottle of water when we left for the factory.

When I stood to one side, Matteo approached me and I knew instinctively what was to come. I noticed Piero was still getting something to eat and drink. Whatever Matteo wanted to say, would have to be quick.

“Antonio? Is it you? So many other beautiful men surround a beautiful man like you! How I envy them! Hmmmm! Where are you going after the visit here?” Matteo asked.

“A short trip into the city and then on to Milan,” I said, keeping it short. I wanted this man’s contact details!

“I’m going to Milan tonight! My brother is playing the double bass in the orchestra and I promised I’d come and see it. May I have your number?”

“Yes, please! I want yours too! Quickly! Piero will be here soon!”

We quickly exchanged iPhones and punched in our details. We gave our phones back, not a minute too soon. Piero was on his way towards us.

“*I’ll text you later! I want to meet you after the concert please!*” Matteo said and winked. Fuck! He was so sexy!

I looked at Matteo again. He looked like he was Moroccan or Algerian or Greek. Very hairy, with an incredibly long but beautiful nose, very thick eyebrows, insanely long eyelashes, a full mouth and the darkest eyes I’ve seen in a long time. I guessed him to be around 30 years old.

“Are you Italian? How old?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m Italian but my mother is from Greece. *That’s where I got my 30cm penis from! All my uncles have 30cm and more!*” Matteo whispered just as Piero joined us. “I’m 31 years old.”

“Ahh! Piero!” I said and put my arm around his shoulder. I could be sneaky and clever too!

Mio caro! Did you hear that Matteo? He’s mio caro!” Piero said very assertive.

“Oh, I can see that, but for me the combination of an Italian and Greek bloodline has always proven to be a winner! You’ll see!” Matteo said and with a gorgeous smile on his face, he turned to the others.

Potrei ucciderlo sul posto! Come osa! (I could kill him on the spot! How dare he!)” Piero hissed.

“What’s wrong nipote (nephew)?” Luigi said as he approached us.

“Nothing! But I need to get André’s knife!” Piero said and I could see he wasn’t a happy boy.

“All is OK. He just feels a bit threatened by Matteo … Do you agree that he is incredibly sexy?” I said and the two of us looked at the man in question where he was talking to Pierre and Clive.

“He is and I can see you’re interested! He looks like he is in the class of Pierre and Clive … Did you see his insanely big bulge? Mio caro, he’ll fuck you a new hole altogether!” Luigi said and gave my butt a quick squeeze.

“I can only hope! His mother is Greek …” I managed to say.

“There you go! And I’m sure his father has Moroccan blood,” Luigi said. “I’d love to see it!”

“He’s coming to Milan tonight to see his brother playing in an orchestra. Could we invite him?” I said hopingly.

“If you wanted to, why not? Piero will just have to learn to adapt and accept the status quo,” Luigi said and kissed me on the cheek.

 “I need to take a dump. Please excuse me. I’ll see you in a minute,” I said and headed for the doors that led into the passage, towards the toilets.

I entered the fragrant room and was amazed at the luxurious finish. It too was red and black, in line with Ferrari colours.

I took the stall at the far end and took a dump. My bowel movement has always been good and since I got fucked so regularly, I could empty my rectum fairly quickly.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my douche bulb with me. Sometimes I douched just for the sake of cleanliness but I wasn’t going to get fucked soon, so I flushed the toilet and pulled my pants up. When I turned back to the door, I saw two shoes – big black ones – outside the stall. Who could that be, I thought as I put my hand on my zipper to close my pants.

I unlocked the door and looked into Matteo’s sexy scruffy face.

“We don’t have much time!” Matteo said softly and pushed me back into the stall while he was unbuckling his belt. I put my hand on his insanely big crotch. He kissed me with his full mouth and his big nose pushed flush next to mine. His tongue invaded my mouth and I gasped. That was unexpected!

Matteo pushed his pants down and when I put my hand on his cock – he was going commando! – I was pleased to feel a really big cock. It was long and thick and slimy with precum. My hand couldn’t fit around the thick shaft. The head was big and long, and he was uncut like most Italians are.

“Can I fuck you please? My cock is wet enough to enter you. Please say yes!”

“I’d love to suck you!” I said but I knew I was going to get fucked and that was that. The huge cock was rock-hard and sopping wet.

“Sucking tonight, fucking now. Please?” Matteo said and kissed me again. He turned me around and yanked my pants off. I bent forward and felt the immense cock in my crack.

“Yes please! Push in!” I said and pushed out to receive the monster cock. It was fucking big and made me think of Krystos in Berlin. And George on the A380 and in London. The Greeks were making a huge impression on me and fucked me royally!

Matteo took his cock in his hand and aimed it at my hole. He pushed forward and I gasped when the huge head stretched my hole as it pierced my sphincter.

“Ahhh! Oh fuck! Your cock is fucking huge! Ahhh!” I moaned under my breath, not knowing if someone would be coming in and hear us.

“Not so loud. I’m sorry if I hurt you but I need this please!” Matteo said as his huge cockhead scraped over my prostate. I almost creamed the toilet seat on the spot!

“Please pull out first! Your cock is huge! Let me get used to it first! Ahhh!” I said and pushed Matteo’s thigh with my one hand while I steadied myself with the other hand by holding on to the stall wall.

“Sorry man!” Matteo said and pulled out slowly.

Ahhh! Oh fuck! When the big cockhead slipped out, I clenched my hole as hard as I could and held it for as long as I could.

“OK, push in again, but slowly please!” I said and bent over for Matteo to insert his cock again.

He pushed forward and this time it was easier. I clenched my hole over the thick shaft and maintained the pressure on the huge cock in me. When I relaxed my muscles, the feeling of pure sexual bliss washed over me as I started to feel the wonderful sensation of being fucked.

“Yes please! Please push in!” I hissed and pushed my butt back to get the huge cock in me.

“Oh Dio mio! You’re too much! Yes! Yes! Ahhh!” Matteo said as he approached my inner sphincter. “Do you mind if I pushed in deeper? Can you handle it if I push into your colon?” Matteo asked, obviously knowing about the inner sphincter.

“Yes, of course! But please take it easy. Once you’re in, you can fuck me! Please push in deeper,” I said and felt his hands on my butt, squeezing my flesh.

“This is the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time. My lover of 6 years was tired of my big cock and said he’d rather have a lover with a reasonably sized cock. He left me for an older man with a much smaller cock. Ahh! Oh yes! Are you OK?” Matteo said softly.

“Yes, I’m OK thanks! Fuck me before someone comes looking for me!” I said and clenched my fuck chute around the huge invasion in it.

“I’ve been semi-hard all day long, wishing to jack off a couple of times, but I had your visit to finalise and some other jobs for my boss. I am going to fuck you good!” Matteo said and put action to his words.

I got an incredible fucking with a wonderfully big and thick and beautiful cock, attached to a beautiful man! The sensation of the huge cock slipping in and out through my inner sphincter was exquisite and was driving me closer to an orgasm.

“Matteo, I’m going to cum! How far are you?”

“A man to my liking! I'm also about to cum! May I cum inside you please? Or do you want it in your mouth?”

I thought of sucking him but decided against it, as I haven’t douched … Getting the Italian load in me was preferable under the circumstances.

“In me please! Fuck me!”

“You got it!” Matteo said and fucked me with renewed vigour.

“I’m cumming Matteo! Oh shit! I’m cumming!”

“Me too! Hnnngghhnnnngg! Fuuccckkkk! Yes!” Matteo was grunting like a bear and then it happened.

I sprayed my big load all over the wall in front of me. It was a lot and the big blobs of cum started to run down the wall.

The already big cock in me swelled to gigantic proportions and started to spasm in me. He fucked me with fast deep thrusts and then he shot his load deep inside me as he clung to my butt. He slammed his huge cock deep into me and held still. I could clearly feel how his cock pumped its seed into me.

Matteo pulled me up and held one hand on my pelvis and the other hand was around my chest. He nuzzled my neck and said: “Thanks! This was the best orgasm ever! I want it again please!”

“Yes, it was wonderful and yes! I want it again too! Come see us tonight,” I said and turned my head to get a kiss.

Matteo kissed me and hugged me close to him.

“I will come see you tonight! My brother will just have to accept it that I would not be with him all the time. He and his new Czech lover will have enough time to fuck up a storm! I have the day off tomorrow!”

“I’m enjoying this very much and I wish it could last longer, but I think you’ll have to pull out now … ahhh! I'd love to be in bed with you all night long!” I said and clenched my hole over Matteo’s big cock in me.

“So would I! Ahhh! This was a wonderful experience! For this, you get to drive in the Ferrari and Lamborghini!”

“Yes! And for that you can fuck me again tonight! I hope we can manage that …”

Matteo pushed his cock deep into me again and clung to me like a drowning man, but then he started to pull out slowly.

“You're too much … wow!” Matteo said.

Soon his cockhead approached my anal sphincter and I feared the worst.

When the big cockhead slipped out, I clenched but it was in vain: some of the cum did leak out. At least no excrement.

I unrolled some toilet paper and turned around to sit down on the commode. I took Matteo’s huge cock in my hand to wipe it clean. There was a very small smattering of faeces on the huge head. I looked at it and realised that cock was in the same league as the other men in the group, plus Matteo was a super sexy man.

I pushed my hand under his shirt and felt the hairiness of his body. His tummy wasn’t as hairy as I thought it would be, but there was a lot of hair on his chest. His nipples were fairly hard and I massaged them.

“Come on! We have to go! Just now I’ll fuck you again!” Matteo said and pulled me up and into his arms. He hugged me and kissed me like a true Don Juan. It was sensual and very sexy.

“I have to go and wash my cock. Would you mind cleaning the wall please?” Matteo said and opened the door. He held the top of his pants in his one hand.

I took some more toilet paper and wiped my cum from the wall. Some of it had run down to the floor.

I heard the water as Matteo washed his cock. I chucked the toilet paper in the bowl and flushed the toilet. An ominous smell of sex hung in the air. Slut!

I joined Matteo at the basin and washed my cock too. I looked at Matteo’s cock and just admired it for its sheer size but also for being a beautiful cock. It had a very slight curve to the left.

“Want to lick it dry?”

“Fuck yes! Please!” I said and dropped to my one knee and took the huge rubbery cock in my mouth. It tasted of sex and smelled of hand soap. The big rubbery head pushed deep into my throat and I hummed my approval.

“No! Oh fuck! No Antonio! We can’t start again! Come here!”

I let go of his cock and stood up. He took me in his arms and hugged me to him.

“You’re husband material!” Matteo said and let go of me to close his pants. “I’d marry you on the spot!”

“Thanks, but that honour is Luigi’s …”

“What? What’s with Piero then?”

“You have no idea … it’s also Pierre and Clive and Giovanni and the others too …”

“No! really?”

“Yes, really! It’s a long and complicated story.”

“Fuck! Just my luck! Plus you live in South Africa! Just … my … luck!”

“Yes, it is a pity. I have to go. I’ll see you in the foyer?” I said and zipped up.

“Yes, I have to pick up something from my office. I’ll see you in the foyer. Thanks!”


The visit to the museum and then the factory was unbelievable. Everything was squeaky clean and computerised and very professional. The Italians might have had tens of governments since WW II, and gave new meaning to the term ‘red tape’, but our visit turned out to be dominated by efficiency and automation.

The big load in me reminded me of the gift Matteo gave me earlier. When I looked at him, he winked ever so innocently and gave me a slight smile. If only there were a Ferrari factory in South Africa …! Slut!

The factory impressed me to no end. The robots welding some basic parts of the chassis and bodywork were fascinating. The workmen doing the final assembly and checking every small detail was super efficient and it was clear they were masters at what they were doing.

Then came the cherry on top of it all: the drives in the Ferrari and Lamborghini … my poor heart! It was beating in my throat and I was like a boy in a toyshop!

A small bus took us to the racetrack not too far away. I was first – by chance? – to be taken in the Ferrari. To make sure the twins were ‘out of the way’, so to speak, André was ushered into a waiting Lamborghini. It was the Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce! A big beautiful car, also red.

The Ferrari was a 2016 post-box red 488GTB. The scissor doors worked like Swiss precision and lifted up with a soft ‘swoosh’. The leather and interior were in another class. Matteo closed the door behind me and the driver, named Filippo, shook my hand. He was a guy in his thirties, and it was clear he was a seasoned driver.

When he started the engine, the roar was incredible. Filippo motioned to me to fasten my seatbelt. He pushed the paddle on the steering wheel to engage the 3.9-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and revved the engine for show. He let go of the brake and we sped off. The power pushed me back into the seat and when I glanced over at the instrument panel, we have already reached 100km/h!

He drove around the track and took a few fast turns around the corners. My heart was racing. Wow! This was exquisitely nice and a big treat! I might be gay, but when it came to cars, I was as butch as the next straight guy!

Too soon the experience was over and the Ferrari came to a standstill next to the rest of the guys. Pierre pushed forward. He was adamant to be next! My man!

Just then the Lamborghini with André in it came to a stop behind the Ferrari. The scissor door lifted up but André didn’t get out. I walked to the car and saw my brother was gaping at the interior and the instrumentation. Everything, like in the Ferrari, was digital and ultra-modern.

“Baby bro … for once in my life, I’m speechless! What did we do to deserve this? Wow! I’ve never experienced anything like this … wow! Thank you Salazar! This was as good as the best sex … almost! Wow!” My brother was exhilarated and I saw the driver Salazar chuckled at André’s exuberance and reaction to the incredible car.

“Before Pierre goes for his spin in the Ferrari, go have a look at it. It’s different but also very classy! Go on!” I said, not giving away that I was to go in the Lamborghini as a special treat … the reasons were immaterial … oh OK, it was a matter of 30cm and quite a lot of millilitres in me!

As André got out of the car, I got in and admired the interior, the absence of a gear lever and all the digital instruments. Wow!

Cari giovani signore, sei vicino a fare un giro in Lamborghini? (Dear young sir, are you next to take a spin in the Lamborghini?),” Salazar said and smiled at me. He had dark blond hair and had a dark brown 5 o’clock shadow on his face. His square jaw and beautiful mouth were striking. I looked in his eyes and was blown away by the most beautiful brown eyes! He wore gloves but it was clear his hands were huge. His wrists visible above his gloves were hairy.

Sì, sto accanto a la Lamborghini, per favore! Wow! Questo è uno serio bella macchina! (Yes, I’m next in the Lamborghini, please! Wow! This is one seriously beautiful car!)” I said and gushed over the exceptional beauty of the car interior.

Ahh! Puoi parlare italiano! Molto buon giovane! (Ahh! You can speak Italian! Very good young man!)” Salazar said and winked at me.

Sì, mio marito mi ha mandato per lezioni di italiano. (Yes, my husband sent me for Italian lessons)” I said and smiled at the hunky Italian man in the driver seat.

Tu sei sposato? Sì? Lui è un uomo fortunato! (You’re married? Yes? He is a lucky man!)” Salazar said and pulled a face showing joy and sadness at the same time. Interesting! “Peccato! Voi due siete molto bello! (Too bad! You two are very beautiful!)”

La ringrazio molto, ma lo sei anche tu! (Thank you very much, but so are you!)” I said and tried deliberately not to look at his crotch. Fat chance! I was gay and a big cock was a big cock!

His crotch was bulging something awful … don’t scorn me! I am a gay man and I just HAD to look! It really was a big bulge! Salazar caught me looking at his crotch when he pushed the ‘ON’ button. The car engine roared into life. Salazar readjusted his package and winked at me.

Salazar explained some of the features of the car, what was shown on the instrumentation and what some of the levers and buttons were for. I listened and looked but my eyes kept looking back at his insanely big crotch, which had definitely grown bigger!

The car pulled away with a roar and once again, I was pushed back in my seat, even more so than in the Ferrari, I thought. I looked at the instrumentation and saw we were doing 120km/h already! The car was a masterpiece in every way, and the driver wasn't too shabby himself.

When we turned into the long straight, Salazar put his hand on my thigh and squeezed. He didn’t take his eyes off the racetrack and I put my hand on his leg.

Superiore per favore! (Higher please!)” Salazar said and pushed my hand right up to his crotch.

When I touched his balls, I was amazed! They were huge and when I looked down, I could clearly see the thick cock snaking up to his right hip … wow!

Ti porto attraverso la città. Voglio che succhiare me per favore! (I’m taking you through town. I want you to suck me please!)” Salazar said and turned off the racetrack and headed to the outskirts of Bologna.

I squeezed his cock and it felt as if it were as big as Matteo – big enough. Wow! What luck to encounter all these sexy and horny hung men! Two on one day!

He turned off the road and stopped behind a dense clump of trees.

Abbiamo un minuto! Si prega di succhiare me! (We have a minute! Please suck me!)” Salazar said as he killed the engine. He leaned back in the seat and unzipped his pants. He put his hand into his pants and hauled his cock and balls out.

I unbuckled my safety belt and looked at the big white cock he revealed to me. It was about 28cm, thick and uncut, although the skin was already pushed back, revealing big balls and a cock with a big fat head, already slimy with precum. He might have had a hard-on when André was with him! It had a very manly scent and it was obvious this man’s cum was going to have a distinctive odour. Oh fuck!

I took the cock in my hand and Salazar groaned. It was thicker than Matteo’s cock, but not as long. But the head was something else: it was big and flanged. When I pulled the skin forward, a huge dollop of precum appeared at the piss-slit. I leaned forward and took the big head in my mouth. Fuck! It tasted divine! The precum tasted sweet.

There is just something about precum I can’t explain. As every cocksucker will tell you, the taste of it is totally different from anything else, including cum. It tastes sweet, it is sticky and is the best lube ever.

Salazar put his hand behind my head and pushed his crotch higher. The huge head disappeared into my mouth, but such a big head wouldn’t fit into my throat. I put my hand on his balls … fuck! They were big! Most definitely the biggest balls I’ve ever seen or felt! I thought George, Vlado and Krystos had big balls … Salazar was the champion!

He groaned when I fluttered my tongue on the underside of his thick cock. He groaned and said: “Voglio scoparti così male! Voglio rivederti per favore! (I want to fuck you so badly! I want to see you again please)!”

“Hmmm!” I groaned with the big cock in my mouth. It would have been an honour and experience to have this big cock in my hole, fucking me! But, how?

Questo è estremamente piacevole! Si sa come succhiare il cazzo giovane! (This is extremely nice! You know how to suck cock young man!)” Salazar said and had his fingers in my hair. My mouth was full of the wonderful cock, his huge balls were in my hand and I was on Cloud Nine. Yes, it would’ve been wonderful to feel this big fuck stick in my hole!

Ho intenzione di girare il mio carico! Oh cazzo! Sì! Voglio che questo per durare più a lungo ma non ho tempo! Ecco che arriva! Oh cazzo! Sta andando essere un sacco! Lo hai ingoiato? (I am going to shoot my load! Oh fuck! Yes! I want this to last longer but we don't have time! Here it comes! Oh fuck! It’s going to be a lot! Do you swallow?)” Salazar said and I felt his big cock getting bigger and harder.

All I could do was to groan and keep on sucking his cock. The big flanged head filled my mouth and I didn’t want to take his cock out of my mouth in case he started to cum.

Sì! Oh cazzo! Sì! Ecco che arriva! Sta andando essere un sacco! (Yes! Oh fuck! Yes! Here it comes! It’s going to be a lot!)” Salazar said again and started to hyperventilate. I braced myself and then it happened. He started to shoot his load into my mouth. His cock swelled and twitched. First a small and then a huge wad of cum hit the back of my mouth. It really was a lot.

Before I could swallow the second large spurt of cum, and the third were shot into my mouth. The big head filling my mouth didn’t leave much space for the cum. I swallowed as best I could and when the fourth and biggest spurt of cum was shot into my mouth, I managed to swallow it.

I realised the cum tasted different from the other cum I’ve tasted – once again. Perhaps it had something to do with diet and with the kind of drinks and the amount of water or other drinks a guy consumes.

Salazar pushed his cock deeper into my mouth and … the head slipped into my throat, now softer and lubed up with all the cum! Wow!

Wow! Oh cazzo sì! (Wow! Oh fuck yes!)” Salazar gasped when he realised his cockhead was in my throat!

The big thick cock and big head throbbed in my throat and the last of his cumload was shot into my throat.

Incredibile! Questo è il miglior pompino mai! (Incredible! This is the best blowjob ever!)” Salazar gasped.

With the big cockhead in my throat, I couldn't breathe and I was desperate for a breath of fresh air. I lifted my head and felt how the big rubbery cockhead popped back into my mouth.

Ahhh! Oh cazzo sì! Sì! (Ahhh! Oh fuck yes! Yes!)” Salazar swore and his fingers in my hair twitched and pulled lightly.

I put my hand around the thick shaft and really wished he could fuck me. It was an amazingly thick cock and the big head would have done the most wondrous things to my hole and rectum!

Odio dire questo, ma dobbiamo tornare indietro! Fanculo! Questo è stato il migliore di sempre! Grazie ... Ahhh! (I hate to say this, but we have to go back! Fuck! This was the best ever! Thank you … Ahhh!)” Salazar said and put his hands on either side of my face.

I let go of the big cock in my mouth and looked at it in awe. It really was a great cock. It was big, thick and beautiful. I noticed the dark brown bush at the base of his cock … nice!

Salazar took my head between his hands and pulled me up, and then he kissed me! My godd! This man was a real Italian lover! His nice full mouth moulded over my lips and he gave me a fabulous kiss. I opened my mouth and Salazar pushed his big tongue deep into my mouth. He groaned and I knew he tasted his cum in my mouth.

Sei quello che sogni bagnati sono fatti! Tuo marito è un uomo molto fortunato! (You’re what wet dreams are made of! Your husband is a very lucky man!)” Salazar said and looked into my eyes with his beautiful brown eyes. “Ma, dobbiamo andare! Grazie mille! (But, we have to go! Thank you so much!)”

My own cock was rock-hard and slimy wet in my pants. Oh fuck! How I wished I could bend over for this man for him to push his big cock deep into me!

E tu? Vuoi che per rendere il vostro sperma? (What about you? Do you want me to make you cum?)” Salazar said squeezing my hard bulge.

No, farò un gran casino in macchina e sui miei vestiti! Sto bene, ma grazie per avermelo chiesto. An-altro momento forse? Quando venite a trovarmi in Sud Africa? (No, I’ll make a big mess in the car and on my clothes! I’m fine, but thanks for asking. Another time perhaps? When you come visit me in South Africa?)”

I couldn't tell him about what happened between Matteo and me …! Slut!

Poi voglio scoparti! Pensi di poter gestire questo ragazzone? Oh cazzo! Mi piacerebbe vaffanculo! (Then I want to fuck you! Do you think you can handle this big boy? Oh fuck! I’d love to fuck you!)” he said and kissed me again.

Fuck! This man would be a treat in bed and with his thick cock in me! Perhaps one day … Hmmmm!

Salazar had his hand behind my neck and squeezed gently. He kissed me again and looked deep into my eyes with his brown eyes. “Sei un giovane uomo straordinario! (You are an amazing young man!)” Salazar said and let go of my neck.

Then he wrestled his big cock back into his pants and had a really hard time zipping up. The thick cock made an insanely big bulge in his pants snaking to his right hip. I readjusted my own cock and fastened my seat belt again.

Ecco la mia carta. Si prega di testo me. Devo rimanere in contatto con voi. (Here is my card. Please text me. I have to stay in touch with you.)” Salazar said and gave me his business card. I looked at it and saw it was very stylish. It even had a picture of Salazar! I opened my wallet and put it in there with Rafael's and other cards.

Salazar fastened his seatbelt and pushed the ON/OFF button. The engine roared into life and the Lamborghini eased out from behind the clump of trees. He quickly drove back to the racetrack and entered it where we came off it just over 5 minutes earlier. He drove down the track hard and took the corners at a fairly high speed, and roared to a standstill next to the other guys. The Ferrari wasn’t there – it appeared Giovanni had his turn for a spin in the supercar.

When my door scissored up, Clive was there to take my place. Pierre, who has had his chance earlier after me, stood next Clive and commented on the trim and interior of the car.

When I got out, I stood next to Pierre and watched Clive sliding into the seat with his tall body frame. He looked back at me and made big eyes. I was sure he must have smelled the car carrying the scent of sex. He winked and pulled his mouth into a big ‘O’ and I knew: he knew!

The door scissored down and the car roared away.

“Where have you been, Ant? We thought the sexy Italian has abducted you!” Pierre said as he pulled me into an embrace. “Wait! You smell of cum! You didn’t … did you? You did, you dogg!”

“It is a thick one! Thicker than yours!” was all I said and got another hug. “And he cums like the Niagara Falls!”

“You're incorrigible! But I have to say, this fair Italian really is a hunk!” Pierre said and pulled me out of the way as the Ferrari pulled in again.


After all of us had a spin in one of the supercars Armando announced we had to go. He mentioned that there were a few places we had to see before we departed for Milan.

We went back into the building where Matteo presented us with the snacks earlier.

Matteo stepped forward carrying a big brown bag with ‘Ferrari’ printed on the side.

“In honour of Signora Marena Moretti and family who has made numerous pairs of leather gloves for us, as well as leather jackets, today’s visit was on the house,” Matteo said. We cheered and thanked him. “Plus, we have some gifts for you all. There is also something in here for Signora Moretti. Please ensure she gets it and tell her Matteo sends his love. Grazi mille signora e signori. Bon voyage!”

We went down the line of people standing at the door and greeted them all. The girls – and one particular young man with Latino looks – were absolutely smitten with Giovanni and Piero. I couldn’t blame them.

We thanked Matteo, Salazar, Filippo and the rest of the staff. They were a bunch of friendly and very nice Italians.

“At the rate we’re getting presents on this trip, we might have to ask British Airways to hook a Ventertjie to the A380 when we leave on Saturday!” André quipped as we approached the Kombis.

[‘Ventertjie’ is the diminutive for a small trailer made by a guy with the surname ‘Venter’, who was largely instrumental in launching the trailer industry in South Africa. Everybody in SA knows what a ‘Ventertjie’ is. When someone has a lot of baggage – even for, or in particular, an airplane – the comment usually is that the person needed a ‘Ventertjie’, even though it’s totally impossible to hook up a ‘Ventertjie’ to an airplane, of course!]

"Yeah right, you petrol head!" I said and got a hug from my twin brother.

“What did we get?” Johann asked.

Luigi had the bag and looked inside. “There are baseball caps, T-shirts and keyrings. Plus, there are die-cast models of the Ferrari and Lamborghini we saw today! And a crystal block with the Le due torri laser-engraved inside it, similar to the ones we had made in London. That was for Nonna Marena.

“Wow! The guys in our class are going to be RED – not green! – with envy when they see my red T-shirt and baseball cap! Wow!” André gushed.

“Let’s leave it all in the bag until we get to Milano tonight, OK?” Luigi said and put the bag in the back of ‘our’ Kombi’.


Once we were en route, Giancarlo and Luigi – with Piero adding his knowledge here and there – enlightened us about Bologna.

Bologna, known for its great cuisine, is a beautiful city with two great squares, porticoed walkways, fine historic buildings, and an interesting medieval centre with a tall medieval tower. It has a steep staircase one could climb for great views from the top

If you had time, you could also take a cooking class if you were passionate about pasta and all its variants. It is believed that Bolognese owes its name to Bologna. Luigi and Giancarlo took turns to explain to us that what we know as ‘spaghetti Bolognese', wasn't what the original dish was. Giancarlo gave his iPhone to Luigi who read the following to us:

'Bolognese sauce, is a meat-based sauce originating from Bologna, Italy, hence the name. In Italian cuisine, it is customarily used to dress "tagliatelle al ragù" and to prepare "lasagne alla Bolognese". In the absence of tagliatelle, it can also be used with other broad, flat pasta shapes, such as pappardelle or fettuccine. Genuine ragù alla Bolognese is a slowly cooked sauce, and its preparation involves several techniques, including sweating, sautéing and braising. Ingredients include a characteristic onion, celery and carrot, different types of minced or finely chopped beef, often alongside small amounts of fatty pork. Red wine and a small amount of tomato concentrate or tomatoes are added, and the dish is then gently simmered at length to produce a thick sauce.

'The earliest documented recipe of an Italian meat-based sauce (ragù) served with pasta, comes from late 18th century Imola, near Bologna. A recipe for a meat sauce for pasta that is specifically described as being "Bolognese" appeared in Pellegrino Artusi's cookbook of 1891. The ragù alla Bolognese that is now traditionally associated with tagliatelle and lasagne is somewhat different from Artusi's recipe. Many traditional variations currently exist. In 1982 the Italian Academy of Cuisine registered a recipe for authentic ragù alla Bolognese with the Bologna Chamber of Commerce (incorporating some fresh pancetta and a little milk). In Italy, ragù alla Bolognese is often referred to simply as ragù; and in Bologna, tagliatella.

Outside Italy, the phrase "Bolognese sauce" often refers to a tomato-based sauce to which mince (beef or pork) has been added; such sauces typically bear little resemblance to ragù alla bolognese. Whereas in Italy ragù is not used with spaghetti, so-called spaghetti bolognese has become a popular dish in many other parts of the world.'

“Ahh! I told you Mom should use tagliatelle, but no! Does she listen?” I piped up, much to the disbelief of Luigi. “I’m just glad she can repent and correct her culinary ways before Nonna visits us!”

Mio caro! Mom’s Bolognese sauce isn’t exactly how we make it, but it is good enough!” Luigi said. “Plus, Nonna would never insist on correcting her! If you want, we could buy Mom a nice Italian recipe book in Rome. But I’ve already asked Nonna to give us some of her recipes to take home with us. I know we make fabulous food, but Mom’s food is wonderful!”

“Yes, I know, but South Africans believe that there are only two Italian dishes: ‘spaghetti Bolognese' and 'lasagne'. Thanks, it would be great if Nonna could give us some of her recipes and yes, I’d love to have a recipe book myself, so I could cook real Italian food for my husband and our other housemates!” I said and squeezed Luigi’s arm.

“Oh, I can teach you! Nonna and Mamma have taught me well!” Piero piped up, squeezing my leg. His hand was high up on my thigh … snake!

“You’d be studying to become a doctor! But over weekends you could teach me,” I said and kissed the beautiful man on the cheek.

“No, no, no! If you want to kiss this Italian boy, do it properly. On the mouth. Now, try again!” Piero joked and held his puckered lips to be kissed.

I kissed him on the lips with my own puckered lips. We role-played and joked about the kissing, much to the delight of everybody else, even Giancarlo who was watching us in the mirror.

“Behave you rascal! He is still not your husband!” Pierre put in and pulled me close to him.

“Yes, tell him Boertjie! He thinks because the girls at Ferrari wet their panties today, he is the cat’s whiskers! Young Ita, this man is too much for you alone! He’ll wear you out and will dehydrate you before the week’s out!” Clive added.

“What? What did he just say mio caro?” Piero said with big eyes.

I translated as best I could which resulted in indignation – much of it feigned, of course! – on the part of Piero.

“I am the man here! And I know Antonio loves me with all his heart! Not so mio caro? Dehydrate? I might be hyperspermic, but I do drink a lot of water and orange juice. Or is this a way of telling me I’d have to limit drinking the orange juice from my uncle’s fridge? You don’t even live there and now you’re making rules for me?” Piero said, but of course, all was a big joke.

“I’ll have you know, you’re going to share the house with Clive and me, and with Giovanni. It’s not just Luigi and Ant in the house. So behave, Ita!” Pierre joked.

We all had a good laugh and to prove there was no animosity between Clive and Piero, Clive leaned over and kissed the sexy boy on the mouth. That got us joking and laughing a lot.

“You lovebirds there, we’re in the ancient city of Bologna and you behave like teeny boppers before a Sunday school picnic! Let’s hear about what Bologna offers before we drive to Milan,” Pierre said and looked at Giovanni for some information.

Giancarlo was still laughing but he heard that and then he and Luigi informed us that Bologna was indeed an ancient city. It has the oldest university in the world, established in 1088. Landmarks include the Piazza Maggiore, Torri degli Asinelli e Garisenda, Palazzo dell'Archiginnasio and many more.

Due to the time constraint, we opted to go see the Piazza Maggiore and then the Torri degli Asinelli e Garisenda. To end our day in Bologna, we opted for a quick visit to the Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio.

The Archiginnasio of Bologna is one of the most important buildings in the city of Bologna: it was once the main building of the University of Bologna but currently it houses the Archiginnasio Municipal Library.

The most impressive to see were the two towers Garisenda and Asinelli that are the traditional symbol of Bologna, strategically standing where the old Aemilian way entered the town. Presently they stand right in the middle of Porta Ravegnana square.

We drove to the Piazza and had a quick look around. We could see the two towers and after a short while we opted to rather go see them instead.

When we got to the Porta Ravegnanan square, we found parking two blocks away and took a brisk walk to the square. While on foot, Giancarlo and Armando explained to us the origin of the towers.

Armando said: “The towers are made in masonry work, and they had very important military functions – for signalling and defence. With their imposing heights they also represented the social prestige of the noble families that owned them. In the late 1100s, at least one hundred towers dotted the town's skyline, but today only twenty have survived the ravages of fire, warfare and lightning. You might find this interesting. The statue of San Petronio made by Gabriele Brunelli in 1670, has been placed back under the towers, after being removed in 1871 for ‘traffic reasons’. Traffic in the 1870s? Really?”

Giancarlo continued: “Yes, the two towers are the Asinelli Tower and the Garisenda Tower. The first was built between 1109 - 19 by the Asinelli family, and in the following century the Municipality of Bologna bought it. It is almost 100m high and has an inner staircase of 498 steps completed in the 1680s. Today, its portico hosts a few craft shops and ateliers.

“The Garisenda Tower was built around the same period, and is much smaller, just under 50m with a steeper drop. In mid 14th century the tower had to be lowered. Come guys, here we are.”

We walked onto the small crowded square, surrounded by very old buildings. The two towers stood to one side, not too far from each other. We took pictures and posed for some more pictures, but we didn’t opt to climb up the taller of the two towers.

“Guys, there is much more to see in Bologna, but I think we have to go. The distance to Milano is only 140km but it’s the traffic en route and in Milano itself that worries me. Gabriella, do you need to get something here in Bologna?” Armando asked his wife in English. It was obvious that Piero’s parents loved each other very much – much like Dad and Mom.

“No, mio caro. When we get to Milano, please take us to the hotel. Boys, it’s not far from La Scala Concert Hall. I’ll get whatever we need from the shop down the road. Piero, are you OK my boy?” Gabriella said and touched her son’s face. Once again, the love between parents and their exquisitely beautiful son was evident.

And the fact that both Armando and Gabriella spoke only English astonished me. What a kind and considering family they were!

“Did you tell them we’re going to a concert in La Scala tonight? Yes? Well guys, Gabriella and I have been thinking what to give you before you leave on Saturday and when we heard what would be on stage in La Scala tonight, we decided that we’d take you to the concert and that would be your present from us, together with some other stuff we’ll show you later. If you’re interested to know, we’re going to listen to the Concertos for Two and Three Pianos by Mozart. As it happens, Solti (also as conductor), Schiff and Barenboim are here to record the concerto on three new Steinways the concert hall bought. They are also going to record the Concertos with Solti, Barenboim and Schiff, with Solti conducting …” Armando said.

“Yes! Yes! Did you hear that Pierre? You’ll be a lost case after tonight! No more bubble gum music after you have heard these two concertos!” I said and hugged and kissed Armando … what? I’ve just kissed Piero’s dad! Armando hugged me back and took it in his stride. He kissed me on the cheek.

Armando hugged me to him and said: “*Don’t worry! I know … and I’m pleasantly surprised that you feel at home with us. My brother-in-law has chosen well. Look after my son please. He has really fallen in love with you.*”

“*You know? How?*”

“*Don’t worry! A father knows these things when he loves his son!* Come, let’s get going if the lady of the house wants to get to the store in Milano,” Armando said. “Piero, if you wanted anything else to take with you on Saturday, now is the time for you to tell Mamma. Let’s go!” Armando said and put his arm around his beautiful son’s shoulders. There was a very tight bond between father and son. Gabriella stepped up and took up position on Piero’s other side. She too loved her son very much.

In our Kombi I called up the Concerto for Three Pianos on my iPhone and played a few snatches of it to Pierre. He loved it! And so did Clive!

Giancarlo asked me to pair my iPhone with the Bluetooth of the Kombi so I could play the concerto on the sound system. Once I’ve done the pairing, the pure notes of the concerto were like heavenly sounds. For a few minutes we were silent and just listened to the god-like music.

Piero knew the music very well as he grew up in a family ensconced in music. He had his hand around my shoulder and absentmindedly rubbed his thumb over the skin on my neck above my jacket. He hummed the tune and when the three pianists started playing, Piero gently squeezed my neck.

“I’m so glad you like classical music. I’d be very alone in South Africa without proper nice music. You’re just too wonderful! Luigi, you have raked in a master in many things! Antonio is a god-sent!” Piero said and kissed me on the cheek.


We managed to listen to the Concerto for Two Pianos as well before we approached Milan. Incidentally, in the second concerto, Solti was the conductor only with Schiff and Barenboim as the two pianists. Heavenly music.

The trip to Milan was pleasant and with Mozart's music as our entertainment, masterly played by the three gentlemen and the orchestra, it was no wonder. As a group we were getting closer and closer to each other and it wasn’t just the sex that made us love each other very much. We enjoyed the same things in life and the music of the masters was fast becoming some bond cementing our relationship.


We drove to the very nice and stylish Hotel Le Moran Milanoon not too far from the Auditorium di Milano, or as it is colloquially referred to as La Scala.

At the hotel Armando took care of the booking in. Giancarlo and we took care of our meagre luggage. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Luigi and I were actually acknowledged as a couple by being booked into the same room. The other surprise was that Piero and Giovanni were together in our room in the second double bed! Wow! I wondered if Giovanni was prepared to drink all the cum the beautiful boy produced … slut! Erm … me! Not Piero!

The rest of the couples were booked in accordingly and with Giancarlo in a single room. I wasn’t sure he was going to stay in his room!

We went up to our rooms but Piero wanted Luigi and me to join him on the trip to the shopping centre. Armando was sanctioned to take us.

The others opted to watch some TV (with Giovanni and Giancarlo to translate) and to have a few drinks. Our trip to the shop wasn’t going to be long.

And indeed, it wasn’t a long affair. Gabriella was not the loitering, fingering kind, browsing merchandise and dawdling in the aisles. No, she went straight to the men’s department and asked for assistance to select a few items for Piero. He already knew what the weather was like in the Cape during winter and he wanted a lightweight windbreaker he could wear to class but classy enough to wear to a dinner party or to the movies.

Although the d’Antonios were shareholders in the Moretti Leather business, a waterproof windbreaker was going to be a good bet in the Cape’s rainy season in winter. Gabriella also took him to the underwear section to select 12 pairs of underwear. He looked at the underwear and decided to take a pair out of the packaging to check the dimensions of the pouch. He bulged it with his fist and his dad gave a nod and merely said ‘’! He did know his son better than Piero realised!

Then it was socks and lastly, a pair of very classy shoes. Our boy had big feet and there were none in his size in a style he fancied.

I walked up to them and told them about Pierre’s dad and his shop, plus the availability of large shoes in South Africa, and that ‘oom’ Eugene would be of help in that department.

“Thank you so very much! One thing less to pack! What else do you need? What about some short-sleeve shirts for summer? Is it hot in Cape Town now?” Gabriella asked.

When I confirmed, she marched Piero straight to the shirts section. Piero rolled his eyes and exhaled. “Mamma, io non sono un bambino! Per favore! Mi stai mettendo in imbarazzo davanti a Antonio! (Mamma, I’m not a baby! Please! You are embarrassing me in front of Antonio!)”

Gabriella was relentless and in the end our beautiful boy walked out of the shop with three bags of merchandise, armed for the southern tip of darkest Africa!


When we got back to the hotel, the boys and Giancarlo were all lounging in our room. Some were on their iPhones and others were watching some TV.

My iPhone binged and showed I had a text from Matteo! Wow! He stated how much he enjoyed meeting me and for our little tryst in the bathroom. As a memento of our tryst he included a picture of his big beautiful cock. Wow!

I texted him back, and sent a picture of my cock and one of my hole … he’d be more interested in the latter!

He replied that he’d be at La Scala. He repeated that his brother was a member of the orchestra playing with three pianists …

I texted back and told him that was the concerto we were going to see!

‘See you there!’ he texted back.

I took out Salazar’s card and put the info in my iPhone. I texted him, but didn’t get an immediate response.


Armando and Gabriella had gone to their room to have a chat with Nonna Marena, as well as for some other business. Armando said they were putting the final touches to our trip to Rome and further southwards. Gabriella also wanted to confirm some documents for Piero’s move to the Cape with us.

We got ourselves some drinks the guys have ordered. There were some ciders, beers, wine and cold drinks. The suite had a coffee machine – we were in Italy after all! – and the smell of coffee was intoxicating. I opted for some filter coffee.

André and Juan were nowhere to be seen. Apparantly – we were told with lots of winks – they ‘wanted to be alone to recharge the old batteries’! Well, who was I to point fingers! He is my twin brother, and just that day alone – excluding the early-morning shenanigans, I have had sex twice at Ferrari. And only Pierre and Clive suspected me to have had something to do with Salazar. Plus Juan was a hunk and a darling. ‘You go, bro!’ I thought and smiled.

Pierre and Clive were on one of the beds, chatting, touching each other, laughing at each other’s jokes. They were almost the perfect couple. I wondered if one of them would ever bottom for the other one. Well, I was still available for both of them to top me, so they didn’t really needed to bottom for each other.

Johann and Gunther were sitting on one of the couches, holding hands, touching each other and watching TV. It was clear they were a loving couple too. With Johann allowing Gunther to top him occasionally, the love was thick between the two of them.

From the moment we entered the room, Giancarlo’s eyes lit up. The jackal! He was clearly lusting after me. He was standing by the window and was looking at the view, nursing a glass of red wine.

Luigi and Piero came to sit on either side of me. Piero pulled me tight to him and kissed me on the mouth. Luigi had his hand around my shoulder, touching Piero’s shoulder.

I felt so loved and happy – too bad our trip was almost over. However, Armando and Gabriella (and whomever helped her) had a grand trip planned for us going south for the rest of the week.

Just as Piero kissed me with lots of tongue, there was a slight knock on the door – which we didn’t hear – and Armando walked in. He saw Piero kissing me, but his eyes and face didn’t give away too much. After what he said earlier, he did have strong suspicions in which direction the wind blew, but now he knew it was actually true.

He looked from Piero to Luigi and his mouth opened to say something but he thought it better to just let it slide. He absent-mindedly adjusted his crotch. When I looked at it, it was clear where Piero got his huge cock! His dad packed a big Italian salami himself!

“Gabriella suggested we leave earlier and have something in one of the restaurants at La Scala. She’s trying to find us a table at I Dodici Gatti. They have a wide variety of food and their prices range from reasonable to expensive. If she can find us a table, we will have to leave here around 5 o’clock. OK?” Armando said. “Any coffee I might have please? Piero?”

Sì, Papà,” Piero said and got up to pour his dad a cup of filter coffee. It was clear he sported a boner but he didn’t do anything about it other than pulling his jacket over his prominent bulge.

Tu sei proprio il mio figlio! (You really are my son!)” Armando said. He obviously saw the huge bulge in his son’s pants. I looked at Armando’s crotch and saw it was considerably bigger … WTF?

Piero just smiled and when he passed his dad, he hugged him and kissed him. It was clear their big bulges pushed against each other.

Armando whispered something in his son’s ear and Piero just hugged his dad again and whispered something back. Both of them giggled. Obviously a private joke.

Piero went to fetch his dad a cup of coffee and Armando sat down opposite us. The bulge in his pants was insanely big. In the class of Pierre and Clive? Or even Santiago or Larry or Krystos? It might as well be, but one uncle – Giancarlo – joining in was enough.

I obviously didn’t know Armando …

Piero came back with his dad’s coffee and when he gave him the coffee, Armando looked at his son with obvious pride and love in his eyes. Not necessarily sexual as with Dad, but there was a strong bond between the two men.

Grazie mio figlio (Thanks my son). Just to put you guys in the picture about the rest of the week. Tomorrow we drive straight back to Firenze early so you can pack. After lunch we’d be on our way to Roma but we’ll take a quick detour so you could see Siena. It’s a medieval town with a huge fan-shaped piazza and beautiful cathedral, pedestrian streets with shops, and the second highest medieval bell tower in Italy, with 505 steps to the top. We won’t be able to see and do it all.”

Papà, tell them about the horse race!” Piero piped up.

“We’ll give you more information as we approach Siena, OK? Tomorrow night we’re in Roma in our unit in a security complex on the outskirts of the city. Gabriella is seeing what she can do about what is on in Roma for us to go and see.”

Papà, can we go see some opera tomorrow or Thursday night? Verdi perhaps?” Piero again.

“We’ll see what is on and what is available. There might be some Verdi opera in the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. I think I’ve read sometime ago that they were staging Aida now? Or perhaps it was Rigoletto or La Traviata? All equally good. Mamma will organise it for us. Oh, Mamma is not coming to Roma with us. Nonna needs help in the factory office. So, it’s down to Giancarlo and me to take you to Roma and beyond,” Armando said and took a sip of his coffee.

“Oh, then it’s a male-only contingent taking on Roma and the south!” Giancarlo said. He didn’t sound sad about it! Snake!

“Thursday we’ll be doing Roma but you’ll see only the highlights such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and the Vittorio Emanuele II, or the ‘Big White Cream Cake’ as some refer to it! If there is time, we’ll also go to the St Peter’s Square and Basilica, but nothing more. We’ll not be able to go up the Spiral Steps into the Sistine Chapel,” Armando said. “Anything else will have to wait until you come to visit us again next year. I heard you’re coming to Europe on a hockey tour?” Armando said, looking at me.

“That’s a lot to do in one day! Wow!” Clive said. He had been to Rome before and knew what a list of ‘must-dos’ for Rome looked like.

“Yes, we’re coming to Europe next year and most probably to Italy too,” I said. “The details will be finalised soon.”

“We’ll do our very best to take you to all the places I’ve mentioned. But seeing that we’ll be sleeping in Roma on Thursday too, we could continue until late in the afternoon,” Armando said. “And on Saturday morning we might be able to fit in some last minute sightseeing.”

Papà, are we taking them to Vesuvius and Pompeii on Friday?” Piero said.

“Piero, of course! We’re going to Naples, then on to Vesuvius and for a short stop at Pompeii. After lunch it’s off to Sorrento where we’ll take a boat to the Isle of Capri to see the Blue Grotto and then up the steps to drink a beer overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.”

Sì Papà!” Piero said and clapped his hands like a little boy. He was familiar with it all but he was looking forward to the trip as much as we were.

“Once back on the mainland, we’d be heading straight back to Roma. Friday night is left to Piero to decide where he wanted to take you boys. Perhaps a gay club? Piero?” Armando said without batting an eyelid. “Giancarlo and I could go see the family …”

Papà! If we do go to a … gay club, then you and zio Giancarlo could join us. Right?” Piero said and looked at Luigi and me.

“Yes, of course!” we said.

“Armando, this is a very comprehensive tour of the wonderful Western Coast of Italy! The boys are fortunate to see all of that! Grazie mille, fratello! (Thanks a lot, brother!)” Luigi said. It was clear he really loved his ‘brother’-in-law. But, what’s not to like or love? The man was nice, tall, handsome and obviously hung like a horse!

We finished our drinks and coffee and then Armando and Giancarlo got up to go and get ready. Giancarlo left while Armando said something to Piero about a parcel they had to take to Rome the next day.

We were all standing, waiting for Armando to leave so we could start to titivate to go out for the evening. Armando dawdled around … it was clear he was curious as hell to see … us … whatever!

We looked at each other and then we played along, and seeing that we’ve been showering together for the past almost 3 weeks, we continued with the custom and went into the bathroom. We stripped while Armando was standing in the doorway.

Papà! Stiamo andando a fare la doccia! Proprio ora ... potremmo ottenere duro ...! (Papà! We’re going to shower! Just now … we might get hard …!)” Piero said and tried to hide his big cock behind his hands. All in vain, of course! With a 30cm cock, getting hard fast, his big hands were just not big enough to hide his big cock!

Wow! Piero, che è davvero un d’Antonio pine! Tu sei sicuramente mio figlio! (Wow! Piero, that really is a d’Antonio penis! You're definitely my son!)” Armando said, fingering his own huge bulge.

Papà! Mi stai mettendo in imbarazzo davanti ai miei amici! Hnnngghh! (Papà! You’re embarrassing me in front of my friends! Hnngghh!)” Piero said, blushing cherry red.

“If you’re embarrassed, Pierre and Clive should be hiding! Boys, you’re all as big as stallions!” Armando said in English. “Just look at you! Wow!”

“Armando, you don’t look like you're a midget in the pants department, so we’re in good company!” Clive piped up, very brave after 3 days in the company of this sexy dad.

“Oh, for sure! But before this gets out of hand … or IN hand, so to speak! … let me rather go!” Armando said.

“No! You can’t leave now! At least show us! Come on!” Pierre said and blatantly flaunted his big semi-hard cock.

“Pierre, that really is a big cock you have! I don’t know if mine is as big as that! And look at Clive! And Giovanni! All stallions!” Armando said with his hand on his zipper. It looked like he was about to show us after all. Wow!

Papà, hai intenzione di mostrarci? Veramente? (Papà, are you going to show us? Really?)” Piero said, very aware of his own nakedness, his hardening cock and the prospect of seeing his dad’s big cock, perhaps hard!

“Yes, why not? It’s all men here and by the looks of things, not a single one of you is soft anymore!” Armando said, his hand still on his zipper.

“Show us!” Clive said and licked his lips.

“Yes, you’ve seen all of us naked now! We want to see the big cock that has made this beautiful boy!” Clive said, stepping forward.

“OK, but not a word outside these four walls!” Armando said and took a step deeper into the bathroom. His bulge was insanely big and when he tried to unzip his pants, he was battling a bit to get the zipper down.

“If you need help, just ask!” Pierre said.

“Not always the best thing to have a big penis!” Armando said, pulling in his stomach and pushing his butt back. He managed to unzip his pants and then put his hand in to haul his huge cock out … it really was a huge one! It was still rubbery but enormous and it curved down, even in its semi-hard state.

Pierre put his hand out and took the huge cock in his hand. Pierre’s big fingers couldn’t encircle the thickness of the cock! The big uncut cock was getting bigger and it was clear it was sopping wet.

“Armando, usually Pierre and I are the ones with the biggest cocks but you’re the master here! How big is this enormous dong?” Clive said and took Armando’s cock from Pierre’s hand. “Phew! It’s big!”

“Erm … eh … it’s 35cm … “Armando said and pushed his groin forward, causing his big cock to slide between Clive’s fingers.

“Guys, we’ve been belittled here today! Just LOOK at this enormous cock!” Pierre said, lifting the big curved cock up.

“Be careful the precum doesn’t wipe off on my clothes!” Armando said and pushed his cock down with his hand.

I was curious as hell but wasn’t sure what to do or to expect. My lover’s dad … with an enormous cock, hard and leaking precum!

I saw from the corner of my eye that even Luigi was hard … wow!

“And now you’ve seen it. I have to go!” Armando said and pulled back a bit.

Posso si prega di sentire Papà? (May I please feel it Papà?)” Piero said and stepped forward.

“Piero, you’re going to have one as big as mine soon! Just look at yours! I suspected it would be big, but it’s bigger than I thought! About 30cm?” Armando said and put his hand out to touch his son’s hard cock, jutting out in front of him.

Sì Papà! 30cm! Yours is very big! I hope mine will be as big as yours soon! OK Antonio? You will love me more, yes?” Piero said as he touched his dad’s big cock. Armando took his son’s cock in his hand and whistled. He was really impressed with his son’s cock, but I think Piero was over the moon with his dad’s huge cock and that at last he saw it and was touching it.

“It will my son! You’re only 18 and still have some growing to do. When I was your age, mine was also about 30cm. My roommate at university liked it very much …” Armando said but didn’t finish his sentence. “This feels wonderful but I have to go and get ready! Lasciar andare Piero! Devo andare! (Let go Piero! I have to go!)” Armando gave Piero’s cock one last squeeze which made the precum drip from the tip, and pulled his huge cock from Piero’s hand.

Papà, questo è meraviglioso! Grazie! (Papà, this is wonderful! Thank you!)” Piero said and moved his hand down the thick shaft of his dad’s cock. A rope of precum hung from the tip and Armando groaned.

Piero, lasciato andare per favore! Devo andare prima che Mamma viene a cercarmi! Basta guardare a me! (Piero, let go please! I have to go before Mamma comes looking for me! Just look at me!)” Armando said. He pulled back and started the almost futile attempt to tame that anaconda into submission.

I watched in awe as Armando pushed the huge curved cock back into his pants. Wow! What would it be like to have that dong in me? … I thought but turned around immediately! ‘Insane, Anton le Roux! You’re insane!

“Guys, half an hour! We’re leaving at 5 o’clock so we could show you some of the city on our way to La Scala. Piero, non una parola su questo con nessuno, si sente? (Piero, not a word about this to anyone, you hear?)” Armando said as he zipped up.

Naturalmente Papà di! E 'stato fantastico vedere il vostro grande pene Papà! È così grande! (Of course Papà! That was fantastic to see your big penis Papà! It is so big!)” Piero gushed and looked at his dad with new eyes. He was hugely impressed with his dad’s manhood.

“Until later boys! We’ll meet in the foyer at 5 minutes to 5. I’ll go tell Juan and André,” Armando said and adjusted his big cock once more before he turned around and left.

“I can’t believe what just happened! Piero’s dad! And it’s a HUGE one!” Johann said as he fingered his own impressive cock, the perpetual big rubbery cock. “And Juan and André have missed this!”

“It was incredible! Just look at all of you! All sporting boners! Piero, you’re a cock hound!” Pierre said and ruffled Piero’s hair. I had to translate.

“Guys, keep this between ourselves. My sister can never find out about this! Nothing really happened, but if this gets out, there will be a divorce!” Luigi said. “Vieni qui Piero! Il mio caro ragazzo! Ero elettrizzato quanto te! Tuo padre ha davvero un grande, eh? " (Come here Piero! My darling boy! I was as shocked as you! Your dad really has a big one, eh?)”

“Before you start swopping knitting patterns, let’s get in the shower guys!” Johann said and squeezed Gunther’s big cock. “Come Jerry! The man is off limits and I’m still there to do it for you, right?”


We showered in sessions and of course the showering wasn't without groping and kissing and hugging and even a little sucking here and there.

After we had our turn under the hot cascading water, Piero, Pierre, Clive, Luigi and I were standing in front of the large mirror, brushing our hair, putting on creams and lotions and of course some of our Tom Ford Noir.

Piero was still as randy as a goat and his hard-on was still pointing to the ceiling. I gave it a gentle squeeze and kissed him on the cheek.

“You have a really sexy dad with a very big penis! Wow! My dad’s cock is also big, but not as big as yours!” I said.

“You know how big is your dad’s cock?” Piero said, his hand mid-air brushing his long curly hair.

“Erm … yes! I’ll tell you later …”

“No, tell me now!”

I gave him some information but stopped short of telling him Dad actually fucked me. Perhaps that would’ve been too much for Piero to absorb. After all, he’s just now seen his dad’s huge boner and touched it!

“Wow! I wish I could play with my dad’s big one! Would you also like to play with it?” Piero said and pushed his big cock between my legs.

“Hey Ita! Behave! No fucking now! There is no time for that now!” Pierre said and planted a playful slap on Piero’s butt. “Just look at that monster you call ‘a penis’!”

“And yours? Its 3cm bigger!” Piero retorted and grabbed Pierre’s semi hard-on.

“Let go Ita! Clive, help me! This sexy boy is molesting me! Help!” Pierre joked but faux fucked Piero’s hand wrapped around his cock.

“Yes, I can see you’re not enjoying this at all! Piero, there are TWO of these things here! Why is mine ignored? Hmm?” Clive said and stood closer.

Piero let go of me and took Clive’s huge cock in his other hand and gave it a few strokes.

Dio mio! You two have big ones! Almost as big as my dad’s penis …! Sheez! I never knew my dad had such a big one!” Piero said and put his head between the two tall men, resting his forehead on their shoulders touching each other.

“What are you saying Pommie? Shall we abduct this Ita boy for our carnal pleasures tonight? Who will be first? Who would open him up nicely?” Pierre joked. Piero didn't understand it all.

Giovanni stepped up and rescued Piero from the two men. “Guys, don't be mean. This sweet boy is still in shock and nobody is going to take advantage of him. He’s mine for the night!”

“Whaaaat? Since when? When did this happen? Ant? Luigi? Are you in love with this sexy boy Gio?” Pierre said and looked at Clive for support.

“Yes, since when is he yours?” Clive said and looked Giovanni straight in the face.

“Since now. He is a sweet boy and he’s mine! You hear? Piero, non ti preoccupare. Ti proteggerò da questa orribile duo! (Piero, don’t you worry. I’ll protect you from this terrible duo!)” Giovanni said and pulled Piero away from the two men.

Wow! It wasn’t a mere kind gesture. When I looked into Giovanni’s face for some clues, it was clear he really did care about Piero. Hmmm! That was a good thing. At least, if Piero felt the same … If he did, it would solve many future problems, I thought.

And in fact, they made an exquisitely beautiful couple, AND at the same time they were both mine too!

Giovanni, sei un gentiluomo! Grazie! (Giovanni, you're such a gentleman! Thank you!) Pierre and Clive, I really like you but you can never ‘have’ me or ‘take’ me. I belong to Antonio. And Giovanni … Giovanni, in realtà? (Giovanni, really)?” Piero said and looked at the half-bred in true adoration. He blinked a few times and there was some disbelief in his eyes.

Sì, naturalmente! Sei un bel ragazzo e non lascerò che tali yobbos si molestano! (Yes, of course! You’re a nice young man and I will not let such yobbas molest you!)” Giovanni said. I was thick with laughter and translated so Pierre and Clive could understand.

“Hey, hey, hey! Who are you calling ‘yobbas’, half-bred? This boy is interested in our big cocks. Didn’t you see him with his dad?” Clive put in.

“Before this gets out of hand, let’s stop this right here. I’m sure Piero isn’t a bottom and apart from giving killer blowjobs and fucking our boy here like a pro, I’m sure you’d be more interested in Ant!” Johann said as he stepped out of the shower, dripping with water.

“I agree …” Luigi started.

“Guys, we were only joking! We’d never force ourselves on somebody as nice and almost as innocent as Piero! Relax! We were only joking! Piero, we don’t have any plans to abduct you! Unless Armando abducts our boy …” Pierre got in before Giovanni gave him a swipe against the head. “Whát? I was just saying!”

“Well, as long as we’re here, there will be no-one who’s going to get abducted! Get out of the way! You’ve had your chance to try and make yourselves respectable in front of the mirror. It’s the real beauties of this world’s chance to be in front of the mirror! Move!” Johann said. “Come Jerry, come my darling! These people have no finesse or respect for real beauty! Hmph!”

“Bah! Yes, and you’re ‘it’? Really?” Pierre said and pushed his head in front of Johann’s head to take a last look at his own face in the mirror, but of course to piss off Johann.

“Donkey cock! Don’t make me get André’s knife … although we’d be carving until tomorrow to cut your huge cock off! Now move!” Johann said.

We all burst out laughing, as the whole thing was outlandish and getting really funny. Imagine … Johann cutting off Pierre’s huge cock … never!


We met the d’Antonios and Giancarlo Conti who were waiting in the foyer for us when we arrived there a minute late. All because of Pierre and Clive dawdling in the bathroom, hands all over each other, hugging and kissing instead of getting ready. Their huge cocks were hard most of the time. I felt a little pang of jealousy, but I suppressed it as they were a beautiful couple and I had Luigi in tow and to a large extent, Piero too. Plus, they were all still fucking me, so I’ve not lost anybody.

“Hi there. Gabriella managed to get us a table in the I Dodici Gatti. We have to be there before 5:30. As it is winter the concert will start at 7 pm. Come guys!” Armando said, not batting an eyelid. He did however give his son a hug and a kiss.

I looked at Piero and saw he was looking at his dad with adoration in his eyes, and with new eyes. Right from the first day it was obvious he adored his dad, but now it was more than that. It was like his dad had become his idol … Well, his dad was hung like a donkey and I was sure Piero was dying to suck his dad.

Juan and André were late, but they arrived soon after us. Obviously nobody said a thing about Armando …

We got in the Kombis and drove to the restaurant. It was a grand affair and very stylish. Our table was ready and we sat down with two waiters with menus standing next to the table.

The menus centred on pasta and pizza, but it also offered antipasti and dishes such as gnocchi and steak. And of course desserts.

Giancarlo ordered some wine for the table: a dark red and a light dry white wine. Most of us opted for the red. It was Rocca di Castagnoli Poggio a'Frati but at € 28,00 it was expensive: around R350 a bottle! It tasted wonderful and I realized Italian wines were more superior than I thought they were.

For starters, Luigi and I decided on Buffalo's Mozzarella D.O.C. (250g) at € 12,00 each. Converted into South African Rand, it was R180, much more than what we paid for a steak back home! But, we were in Italy and we just closed our eyes and ordered.

For our main dish we decided on some pasta as we’ve had wonderful pizzas the previous night. I chose the Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms at € 14,00 which roughly translated to around R220. An expensive evening, and the dessert and concert tickets were not included … shit!

I leaned over the table and asked André in Afrikaans about money matters. He answered with big eyes and asked if the money I had on my card for the grafts was still there. When I confirmed, he said that I’d have to use my card to pay for him and me, and for Juan and Luigi.

Luigi picked up we were talking about money and he immediately put his foot down. There was no such thing as us paying for anything! He insisted that the d’Antonios or Morettis would pay and that was that.

“You’re in Italy now and our guests. Nonna would have a heart attack if she heard we allowed you to pay! No, keep your money to buy gifts for Dad and Mom!” Luigi said and squeezed my thigh. “Not a word!”

I raised my glass to drink a toast to my wonderful husband and his family.

Giancarlo saw that and he got up, raised his glass and said in English: “Once again, very welcome to our guests from South Africa, from London and of course our Italian-Irish man. We hope you’ve enjoyed it so far, especially this afternoon with the super cars … yes? Well, tonight is going to be exceptional too. The three gentlemen playing the pianos are world-class. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it. Saluti!”

“Hear, hear!” André put in and said ‘gesondheid’, the Afrikaans version of ‘cheers’. The wine really tasted good.

Our food arrived and we ate like kings. The helpings were big and extremely tasty.

When it was time to order dessert, I declined. It was just too expensive, plus I’ve had my fill with the food. Only Piero ordered some ice cream with chocolate sauce and insisted André and I joined him. We succumbed and I asked Luigi to share with me.

It was a perfect evening with wonderful food, in the company of wonderful people – our new family.

I realised how quickly we fitted in and how easy it was to love these people. I was sure Dad and Mom would loved them too.

“Everybody happy? Sated? Come, let’s go and enjoy some Mozart!” Armando said and got up to pull Gabriella’s chair out. He was a real gentleman and after what I saw earlier in the bathroom, he was somewhat of a god in my eyes. With 35cm in his pants, it was a foregone conclusion … slut!


La Scala was an impressive building and the interior even more so. It was plush, it had style and I felt very privileged to be there. There were no less than 6 floors of boxes and other seats at the back and on the sides. Wow! The stage was big and there were 2 pianos set up for the first part of the concert.

Gabriella managed to get us tickets in the 13th row from the front. Sheez! She must have connections, I thought. Well, it proved once again: it’s not who you were – it was whom you knew! I wasn’t complaining.

The orchestra members filed in and started tuning their instruments. It was a cacophony of sounds but it was necessary to ensure all the instruments were in tune with each other. One of the violinists – most probably the principal – was giving the notes on one of the pianos. All the other violinists, violas, cellos and double basses tuned their instruments.

Then the musicians fell silent and the three men walked in: Solti, Schiff and Barenboim. Three world-class pianists. Wow!

Two men – Schiff and Barenboim (I looked in the programme) – bowed and took up their places in front of the pianos and Solti picked up the baton and when there was complete silence, the concerto started.


András Schiff and Daniel Barenboim performed the Mozart Concerto for Two Pianos in E flat major, K365 flawlessly. Conductor Georg Solti was also a fellow pianist apart from being a first-class conductor. The music sounded like the recording of their performance I had on my iPod and iPhone. I hummed the tune in my mind while the concerto was performed, and with Piero on my one side and Luigi on the other, I was a happy boy.

I noticed Giovanni was on Piero’s other side and saw he had his hand on Piero’s thigh with Piero’s hand on top. Also, I saw that Pierre and Clive were very much into each other, whispering to each other before the concert started. They too looked like they were very much in love. I was very happy for them, and even more so to think the both of them were still in love with me too.


During the interval, we went to take a leak and without warning Armando came to stand at the urinal next to me. When he hauled his huge cock out – by no means completely soft anymore – I was impressed once more. My own cock responded and was fast getting hard … slut!

“*Like what you see?*” he asked before anybody else from our group appeared.

“*Yes, of course! It is phenomenal …!*” I said and saw Pierre walking in. I didn’t say anything else but I couldn’t help wondering what it would feel to have this donkey cock in me … slut!

Pierre stood next to me and when he took his big cock out, I was as impressed as I was since the first day I saw it in the toilet of his dad’s shop. I glanced at Armando’s cock again and realised they were very equal but Armando’s cock was definitely thicker. My godd! If ever I were to experience that dong in me, I was going to know it! That was for sure … slut!


We went back into the foyer and joined the rest of our group for a cup of coffee.

Just then I saw Matteo … wow! He looked so spiffy in his evening clothes! Dressed to the Nines! Tall, sexy and extremely hunky!

He greeted us all and it was clear the lot liked this Italian a lot.

Matteo moved over to me and chatted about the concerto and as soon as we were alone, he said: “*I have to see you again! I just have to! Please!*”

“*Yes, I’d like that too! But how? When? Unless you come visit me in South Africa …*” I said and looked at the incredibly sexy man.

“*I do have leave I have to take and the company pays us well. I could easily come visit you. I’ll keep in touch … here comes Piero … shhh!*” Matteo said.

“*Yes, I’d love that but it’s complicated …*” I whispered and then said: “Hi Piero!”

“Matteo, you’re back! Ahem … More coffee mio caro?” Piero said and made it clear to Matteo that I ‘belonged’ to him. This really was getting complicated …

Piero went to fetch me another cup of the glad gold and Matteo pounced.

“*I’m not the pushy kind but I didn’t meet you for nothing! There was something … I need to see you again! I’ll stay in touch and let you know. I want a whole night with you please! And more if possible … I’ve never experience anything like what happened today … Antonio, you’re my dream come true! On every level!” Matteo said, all in Italian.

“Thanks Matteo, but it’s very complicated … if we play our cards right, you could be a part of the group when you visit …”

“What do you mean ‘group’?”

I gave him a quick run-down as best I could in Italian on the dynamics of the group of men in my life and his eyes grew bigger and bigger.

“No! No! No! Then, what chance do I have? No Antonio!” Matteo said and I saw he was very despondent and disappointed.

“Matteo, they’re all part of my life and each other’s lives too. You’re such a nice guy, they will accept you but I can never be yours alone. Here comes Piero … shhhh!”

“Just so you know Matteo, Antonio is not available. He is mine … erm … he’s ours and you’re not part of it!” Piero staked his claim and put his arm around my shoulders.

Poor Matteo cringed and looked very disappointed.

“No Piero, please don't treat him like that! He is a nice kind man and he might come and visit us in South Africa. Please don’t treat him like that! Sorry Matteo!” I said in Italian.

“Hmph! Does he even have a big penis?” Piero said in self-defence.

“Piero! That’s not the issue! Just please accept that he might be a part of our lives from time to time … right Matteo?” I said and squeezed Matteo’s arm.

The first bell started to ring to indicate it was the end of interval.

Luigi, Pierre, Clive and Giovanni walked up to us and exchanged a few words with the very sexy Matteo. And lo and behold: Pierre invited him to come visit us in South Africa!

“Yes, please come! I’m sure Ant will love to have you there! You look like a nice guy … big hands, big feet … hmmm!”

“Well thank you! Yes, I am a big boy! I’d love to come visit you. I have leave due to me. I gave my details to Antonio and I’ll be in touch. Right? Enjoy the second Concerto and the rest of your stay in Italy! My brother and I are going to a club afterwards. Want to join us?” Matteo showed no sign of hurt after Piero gave him lip.

“No, we’re rather tired. We started in Firenze, then to Pisa, Bologna and now Milano. Thank you but another time. We’re going straight to bed,” Johann said but I could see the guys were very intrigued with the tall sexy Italian with the big hands and feet and the obviously big bulge in his pants! If only they knew I’ve already had ‘it’ and was dying to have it again!

Some of the others went to the bathroom before the second bell rang to indicate that we had to get back into the auditorium. We sat down and I saw Matteo was seated three rows behind us on the left hand side next to the isle. When he saw me looking at him he winked. Ahhh! Another one … Mom was going to have a fit!

Now there was a third piano on stage. I've never seen three Steinways together! The pianos stood next to each other with the keyboards towards the audience.

The same procedure ensued as with the first concerto but this time Solti took up his place in front of the first piano. They all bowed and then Schiff and Barenboim sat down. Solti remained standing and started to conduct the orchestra from the piano. When it came to the pianos to play, he sat down and played perfectly.

The other two pianos joined in with Solti, playing the first notes together and then sometimes mimicking the same tune. It was virtually identical to the recording I had of that concerto. It was goose bumps good. Wow.

When the third movement came to an end, I literally had tears in my eyes. It was perfect and because my forefathers were from France, I knew I was meant to enjoy this kind of music. It was in my blood and I said a silent prayer for Dad and Mom who instilled a love for good music in us. We were privileged indeed. And to think we were sitting in La Scala, entertained by three world-class pianists … incredible!

We all jumped to our feet and gave the three men and orchestra an ovation of note. It was a wonderful experience.


We drove back to the hotel and went into the lounge first to order some night-caps and some coffee. The Italians knew how to round off a perfect evening in style!

The mood was light and jovial. It was clear the bunch of gay men plus the two ‘not-so-straight-after-all’ men and Gabriella were highly civilised people with a large pinch of class.

The coffee and Galliano were good and I reflected on what a perfect day it was. Wow!


In our room Luigi and I were brushing our teeth when Piero and Giovanni walked in. They joined us in the bathroom and did the same. It was clear everybody was on a high after the wonderful concertos, which concluded a great day in Pisa and Bologna, and then the concerto in Milano.

Once we were done, I remained behind to douche. With Piero and Giovanni there, I was bound to get plugged during the night!


Piero and Giovanni were assigned to the one double bed but Piero insisted we pushed the two beds together. We all jumped in and settled in for the night. Albeit in the next bed, Piero had his hand on my back. Luigi had me in his arms and was kissing me.

“I really love you mio caro! My family has also fallen in love with you,” Luigi said and hugged me close to him.

“I love you and your family too. Today was a highlight … the visit to Pisa and then Ferrari and then La Scala … it couldn’t get any better than this! And here I am, in the arms of the man I love!” I said and kissed my husband again.

Of course his big cock stirred but after a long day we were tired. Perhaps my darling would want an all-nighter later on?

Mio caro, do you love me?” Piero said as he stroked my back and neck.

“Of course I do! Why do you ask Piero?” I asked.

“Because of my dad … today … you’re not scared away now, are you?” Piero asked.

“No, of course not! He has really big one! And if you’re going to have one like that, all the better!” I said and took his hand on my neck and squeezed it.

“Yes, Papà is big … wow! I love you …”

“I love you too Piero! Sweet dreams!” I said and turned around to kiss this incredibly beautiful man. My heart swelled and I knew, even though it looked like he and Giovanni were going to become a couple, I still loved him to bits.

“Ahh … Ant! Our darling man! I love you too! Come here!” Giovanni said from behind Piero. I lifted from Luigi’s embrace and leaned over to kiss the sexy half-bred. He too was an incredibly nice and super sexy man. After almost 3 weeks with him in our midst, I knew I loved him.

Lhekkirr shlaap!” he attempted to say in Afrikaans, which came out completely wrong, but I understood it. It’s actually ‘lekker slaap’, meaning ‘sleep well’. Ah well, it was the thought that counted.

“And me. Lhekker shlaap, mio caro!” Luigi tried. Still not right but that was fine.

Luigi switched off the light and we settled in for the night. I felt secure and loved in Luigi’s arms. I took his big hard … and wet! … cock and squeezed it. At 29cm it was far bigger than most cocks out there. I was a lucky man to have a husband with such a nice big one, who loved me and was OK with the other men in our lives.

I sighed and put my head in the crook of Luigi’s neck. I was a happy man …

= To be continued =



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