Dad braaied (barbecued) the most wonderful sirloin steaks on the fire outside. The weather was fair but we moved inside as soon as the steaks were done. Mom had some salads prepared and André and I were on bar duty. Claude loved our Cabernet Sauvignon and had at least 2 glasses.

Juan was the perfect guest: he helped Mom in the kitchen. He mixed and prepared what Mom asked him to do and even peeled potatoes. Mom had baked us a roly-poly pudding.

Claude was peppered with questions about his stint in the Mediterranean and his other adventures. He glad-ly obliged and told us many anecdotes and stories. Mom asked him questions about the modelling itself. She wanted to know how it's done, where to go, what is required.

"Are you thinking of modelling yourself, Alma?"

"No, not for me - for them!" Mom pointed at us.

"Us? Really Mom?" André put in.

That was the last thing on my mind. We were busy with so many things: engineering classes, work on the farm on weekends, hockey, visiting friends ...

"Hockey is finished for the year, you're turning 19 on Saturday and to be honest, you look older than 19. Have you taken a hard look at yourselves in the mirror lately? You two have become very attractive young men. I think you'll do very well as models! Don't you agree Adriaan?"

"Yes, my boys have really developed into studs. Maybe Claude can give us some advice. The boys could make a little money for their investment portfolios I gave them. You could make some good money for your trip to London in 2 years' time."

"Exactly what I was thinking when I saw them today. They would be grabbed up. There is a big market for men who look like this ..." and he motioned to the two of us. I blushed crimson red and fumbled with my wineglass. Modelling? The thought never crossed my mind! What was Mom thinking?

"I'll do it!" André said. Go figure! He will take on anything that's thrown his way!

"I'll help you! The talent scouts are out all the time. I'm sure when they see you two, they'll be interested. I'll give them a call tomorrow. Fortunately Boss Models have an agency in Cape Town. Claire is a nice person and I'll introduce you to her next weekend. Alma, Adriaan? If it's OK with you? Don't you have anything ur-gent that's required on the farm?"

"No, next weekend is open" Dad said. "Their chores can wait for the following weekend. But yes, they may go."

"Thanks Dad!" André jumped up and gave Dad a big kiss and a hug.

"What about you Anton? Are you happy about this?"

"Yes I am Dad. It's just that's it's something completely new. I just don't know what to expect."

"I'll be there every step of the way! I'll have your back. And Boss Models are known to look after their models" Claude said. "I'll set up a portfolio shoot for next week some time. OK?"

I was stumped. Models? I know we're two attractive guys with classical features. Our curly longish black hair and blue eyes were a killer combination. We were approaching 1,82m and our bodies were already well de-veloped.

"Do we have to shave our bodies?"

"No, not if you don't want to. It depends on the product, the client and the setting. These days, anything goes. You can have it written into your contract that you don't want to shave your body hair. The same applies to smoking - you could have it in your contract if you don't want to be photographed with a cigarette. But, I'll be there every step of the way. I'm on a sabbatical and will be here at least a year. Plus, Claire is very reliable and takes good care of her models."

We had a wonderful dinner and some more dessert wine with the roly-poly and custard.

"You must be tired by now. Why don't you go have a shower and the boys and I will clear the table" Mom said to Claude.

"Thanks for everything. Yes, I think a shower would be very nice, thanks. Juan, there is something for you in my bag - want to come fetch it quickly?"

My mind was working in overdrive: I was sure the two would have a quickie. They haven't seen each other for a long time. And Juan must be starved for some action!

We helped Mom clear the table and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

Dad excused himself to go check on a sprayer in one of the new vineyards that was giving problems earlier during the day.

André and I went to our room with the idea to check on emails and to give Claude and Juan some time alone. When we walked past the bathroom, we could see Claude must have finished in there as there was some water on the tile floor. We passed his room and we could hear they were talking in hushed voices. We paused at the door and distinctly heard Juan saying "They're not for you, Claude!"

"They're big boys, as you already know - I think they're beautiful and very mature for their age. They're 19 on Saturday - I'm sure they can decide for themselves. Did you have all these reservations about them when you had a tryst - oh I forgot, you said the first time actually happened right in here and then 2 weeks ago."

"Yes, but ... to be honest, I think we're in love ..."

"What? You in love? Well, some extra fun is not going to harm anybody. Come on Juan, let me have some fun with them. And by the way, I've missed you, you know? What about you? I've missed your big old cock!"

"Claude, OK, but please don't force your hand. Only if they're prepared to do it. And, if I allow you to suck me, just how do you think I'll get past Adriaan and Alma with this thing when it's hard? You'll get your turn over the weekend."

"Yes, I know, but I want to suck it now a bit, please? Just a bit, please?"

I imagined his beautiful face turned up with a pitiful expression begging his brother to have some quick fun.

"OK! You can be so persistent at times! But, just a quick suck - no cumming. There is no time for that. The boys will be here soon."

We heard a zip being pulled down and some fumbling. Juan is hauling out his monster cock.

"Ah, my reward I've been waiting for it for so long! Every time I see this huge cock, I can't believe you're not a horse, Juan!"

"You're not much smaller!! Yours is also way beyond average. Ahhhhhh! Yesss! It feels good! Godd, I've missed this! Suck me Claude! Take it all. Damn! After meeting the twins, all I can think of is sex! Fuck! I want to fuck Anton every time I see him! Too we're so busy! Our weekend away was mind-blowing..."

André and I looked at each other and smiled. It's obvious Juan is in love with us.

"That's enough Claude. I have to go. I still have some work to do. And look at this thing now! How will I get past the parents looking like this?"

"You'll be fine. Just close your jacket. I could of course finish you off ..." he trailed off coquettishly.

"No Claude, not now. Wait for the weekend. And for god's sakes, be careful when you mess with the twins. I love them dearly and don't want them to get hurt, especially not Anton."

"Oh, is he the one who bottoms for you? So, how did it go down? Could he manage?"

"You ask too many questions. All in good time."

"OK. Juan. Don't worry. We'll be careful. Are you leaving now?"

"Yes, I still have to mark some papers before tomorrow. I have to get home. Thanks for the painting of Tus-cany. It is beautiful - I'll take it to the framers in Cape Town next weekend. Am I invited with the twins when you take them to see Claire?"

"Of course you can come with us. Thanks for fetching me at the airport." We heard them kissing.

"Claude, not now! You have to stop now!"

We scattered back to the living room as quietly as possible in order to say good-bye to Juan. No sooner did we enter the living room than he walked in and started thanking Dad and Mom for their hospitality. "And you two too!" He ruffled our hair and gave us both a three-way hug. "You've become like my own sons!" he whis-pered.

"I'd rather be your lover than your son," I whispered in his ear. He hugged me tighter. "Down boy, down! Not now!"

"Thanks Adriaan, thanks Alma! The perfect hosts as always! Thanks for letting Claude stay with you. He could sleep in tomorrow and the boys could show him around on the farm. Alma, I'll be here as soon as I can tomorrow to could help with the party arrangements."

André and I accompanied Juan to his car. Some more hugs and kisses.

"Boys, I know what Claude has planned for tonight. I'm OK with it, but promise me you won't do anything you don't want to do. I love you too much to see you getting hurt. Promise?"

"We promise," I said and kissed him on the mouth.

"Taking chances with the coach now, are we?" he joked and ruffled my hair.

"I think you know we love you very much. You've become like a big brother to us. You're much more than a coach and friend to us." I put in, blushing a bit. "I think that after the weekend away, you should know we love you, whatever happens between Claude and us."

"Yes, we do. But I'm sure you and Claude will still have sex, not so? We're cool with that! I'd even like to join in, if I may. After our threesome, I'm game for anything" André said and kissed Juan. "And there, another one taking a chance!"

"Come here boys!" and Juan hugged us tightly to his big muscular body. My cock was pushed against his leg and I'm sure André's was pushed against his other leg. My right leg and André's left leg were pushed against each other and into Juan's crotch - it was still almost rock hard! Wow! What a cock this hunk has!

"That's enough for now. Look what you've done!" and with that he pushed us from him and adjusted his growing erection in his pants. "You're a bad influence on me! Look at the two of you: all bulges!"

"We know, but you're the bad influence here. We're the innocent boys, remember? But not to worry, we love you even more for it!" André put in.

Juan playfully punched André's arm.

"Watch it boy! But, jokes aside. We have to very careful, especially this weekend and in front of the parents. I don't know what Claude has in store for you, but you have to be super careful. We don't want a scandal and big problems. I told him he is not to hurt you and mess with you, and he says he'll be careful. So, whatever you plan on doing, make sure it's kept under wraps. Damn! I envy Claude! How I wish it were me again ...! Damn!"

"Dad knows," André blurted out.

"WHAT" What does your dad know? Anton?" He couldn't tell the difference in the relative darkness.

"André told him we had sex with you when we went away for the weekend." I put in.

"Why did you tell him, for god's sakes! How will I ever look him in the eye again?"

"Don't worry, Dad's cool with it. He actually wants to fuck Anton too!"

"You're joking! No!"

"Yes, it's true. We've seen his cock last December and it's almost as big as yours. He allowed us to touch it and even suck it a bit. Nothing more. But he wants to when we have a chance." I said.

"Unbelievable! Fucking unbelievable! Just my luck! Just when I fall in love, this happens! What's to happen to me now? First your dad, now Claude - where does it leave me?"

"You knew Claude was going to do something, and we promise, whatever happens, our love for you will not be affected, not at all. I promise you with all my heart. We love you too much." I said, holding him close. "And about Dad, when it happens, it would be raw sex and nothing more. We love him, but it's not the same. It's YOU we love, you big beautiful dummy!" I kissed him and hugged him.

"We'll be careful and yes, we also wish it were you tonight. But, we'll get a chance over the weekend, I'm sure ..." André put in.

"OK boys, be good and careful. Sleep well and I'll see you tomorrow. I should be here by 3 o'clock. Fuck, I know it's stupid, but I'm jealous about what I know is about to happen. Fuck!"

"You're our big love, Juan. You should know that by now," I said.

"Yes, our BIG love, ask Anton!" André piped in and got a jab in the ribs.

With that, Juan got in his car and drove off.

"Come on baby bro! Let's go shower. There is a model's cock with my name on it! Come!"

We kissed Dad and Mom goodnight who were sitting in front of the TV, watching some travel programme.

"I'll come wake you at half-past-seven tomorrow. OK boys?"

"Yes, Dad"

"Goodnight Dad, Mom!"

We walked briskly to the bathroom, stripped and got rock-hard while we were soaping each other's backs. We both continued to wash each other's crotches too, making sure our cocks were squeaky clean. We fin-ished, towelled dry and rushed to our room. When we passed Claude's room, the door was open and he was reclined against the pillows with his iPad. He had a towel around his waist. The bulge was impossible to miss.

"Hi boys! Come on in. It's just the three of us now. Hmmm! This part of the house is on the other side of the house where your parents sleep?"

"Our bed is bigger, come with us," André said.

Claude held the towel in front of his bulge and dug in his bag for a robe.

In our room, Claude dropped the towel and got straight into bed and patted on either side of him.

"Before we proceed, I need to say something first. I love Juan very much and would never do anything to hurt him. He loves both of you very much. I know what happened 2 weeks ago. Whatever goes down tonight, is sex and nothing more. I like you very much, but Juan loves you and I don't want you to forget it."

He looked at André and said, "And I want to fuck you if I may please?"

"No, wrong twin! You want to fuck him!"

"Did you manage fine with his cock, Anton? Was it OK? I'll be careful but if you could handle Juan's cock, this is nothing!"

"Nothing? That's NOTHING? This thing is huge!" André exclaimed. "But yes, Anton managed to handle Juan, but after I've fucked him first."

"We could do that too, if you want Anton?"

"Yes, I'm cool with that. But, I also want to say that we're glad you're here but please remember that we do love Juan very much. He is our 'boyfriend' if you like. Tonight is only sex, OK?"

"Agreed. Now, why so much clothing, boys? Close the door and come here."

I closed and locked the door and saw Claude's spectacular manhood. It was almost completely hard, starting to lift and move towards his belly button. There was a big drop of precum dangling from the tip ... wonderful!

André removed his gown and kicked off his shorts. He too was rock-hard. I followed suit and approached the bed from the other side. Claude put his hands out and pulled us closer by our cocks.

"Look at you! Two big-dicked young men with the faces and bodies of gods! Claire will be very happy to have you on her books."

He bent forward and took André's cock into his mouth. I reached forward and took hold of the huge cock on his tummy. It was rock hard and I noticed its head reached way beyond his belly button! This man was horse-hung, that's for sure!

I felt the precum running (not oozing - it was literally dripping in a constant stream!) from his cock. I scooped up some and tasted it. It still tasted good. I bent forward and took the big bulbous head in my mouth. Claude's crotch smelled of expensive soaps and lotions. His cock tasted fantastic. I cupped his huge balls. They were too big for my one hand: I couldn't hold them both in one hand!

While I was playing with his big balls, I sucked as much of his cock into my mouth I could muster. It was eas-ier than earlier today, but the angle was wrong to deep-throat him.

To my left André was moaning with his cock that has disappeared balls-deep into Claude's mouth. This man was talented, that's for sure!

Claude let go of André's cock and pulled his head down for a deep kiss. I could hear their mouths making slurping sounds. Another talent of Mr Big Dick Adonis Claude!

"It's my turn Anton," André said and bent down to have a go at Claude's big cock. I let go of the immense cock and as I came up for air, Claude pulled me in and started kissing me. Wow! This man was a master at kissing! His mouth tasted of spearmint, his face was soft and fragrant (Hugo Boss?) and his tongue knew its job to make a person randy! His hands were playing with my cock and balls.

"You two have spectacularly nice cocks. Uncut, thick, beautiful. Let me suck yours."

I got up and walked to the other side of the bed to give him better access to my cock. Claude bent down and took my leaking cock in his mouth. It immediately disappeared balls-deep in his throat. I groaned with pleas-ure. This was fantastic! I played with my hands through Claude's hair. It was fairly long but groomed to per-fection. It felt silky and smooth. I bent down and smelled the expensive perfumed shampoo in his hair. This was a first-class hunk of a man!

André was battling to get Claude's cock all the way into his mouth.

"How about a 69, Claude?"

"OK" and Claude let go of my cock and repositioned on the bed to give André better access to his cock.

"I haven't finished with you. Get next to your brother so I could alternate in sucking your cocks."

Claude nudged André to roll over on his back. I positioned myself lying flat on my back with my feet towards André's chest and with André's feet towards my chest. Our cocks were now in close proximity to each other. Claude nudged me so the undersides of our cocks were touching each other. Claude starting sucking me again, and then alternated between our two big cocks.

"This is even better than I anticipated. Wow, boys! You're super hot. Juan didn't exaggerate. A pity he is your lover now. He is missing out big time! But not to worry, I'm not about to take his place."

"You know that I would love to fuck you, don't you?" Claude said.

"OK, but first André to open me up. Your cock is too big to take on straight away. OK?"

"What lube do you have?"

I leaned towards the nightstand and gave Claude the KY.

'Let me get my new lube from my bag. It's spectacular: it's new and fragranced. You'll love it."

With that he jumped up and went to fetch the stuff. He was back in seconds, approaching us with his huge cock swaying in front of him.

"Ta-daa!" He opened the cap and squirted some of the lube in his hand. "Who is who now? Whose cock needs to be lubed up?"

"Here," André said and held his up cock for the lube. "Ahhhhh!" he said when Claude put the cold jelly on his cock.

"Now your hole," he said to me. I lifted my one leg and he lubricated my hole. He inserted one of his big fin-gers and I gasped. He has huge hands!

"You still OK? Did that hurt? I think something bigger is about to go in there!"

He inserted another finger - I gasped. His hands are definitely bigger than Juan's! I hope he doesn't think of putting a third ... and then he did exactly that! "Ahhhhh!" I groaned. He stretched my hole big time! It was mind-blowing. Juan's two fingers in me were big, but this was ridiculous! This man has huge hands.

"OK, I think he's ready," he said to André. "Fuck him!" Just like that!

I leaned in to kiss André and held his lubed cock in my hands. It was really slippery. This stuff was definitely better than KY.

"On your knees, OK?" André asked.

"Yes, on my knees." I said.

André positioned himself behind me and I felt the tip of his big cock on my hole. Ahhhh! How I love it when he fucks me! It still is special, even after I've had Juan in me ... I looked to my left and saw Claude was jack-ing his immensely big and thick uncut cock, rubbing the copious precum over his head. I was thinking of tak-ing it with only precum as lube like André and I do, but put it out of my head immediately. That thing is big, and even all that precum is not going to make it easier. No, it'll have to be with his fancy lube.

"Want some?" Claude asked me? I nodded, "Yes, please."

Just as Claude's cockhead slipped in between my lips, André pushed his cockhead in my ass. I groaned. I'm speared at both ends! First time for everything. I felt André's cock stretching my hole and felt the familiar dis-comfort and imagined the huge cock in my mouth in my hole. I put it out of my head and concentrated to suck it and worry about it later.

André was pulling out, pushing in a bit deeper, pulling out, deeper still, out and in and out and in. It really was loosening me up nicely. By the time he was in balls-deep, it was a great feeling. Claude's cock was in my mouth as deep as it would go and his precum was extremely nice. What a damn stud!

André started to fuck me in earnest. In, out, in, out. Then he pulled out completely. I gasped, but by now I knew it would sink into me within a second, and there it was! His cock disappeared in my hole and he pushed it in balls-deep in one go. I gasped around Claude's cock.

"My turn, please," Claude announced. I was unsure about taking his 25cm cock, even more than with Juan's 28cm - why? It's slightly thicker, I think, but surely it would be easier than with Juan? I realised the differ-ence: I love Juan. His brother is here only for the fucking. I sighed internally and just gave myself over to the situation. No turning back now.

André pulled out slowly while Claude stood on his knees next to him. The second André's cock was out, he moved in behind me and positioned his cock on my hole and pushed the head in.

"Oww! That hurts!" I complained.

"Shhhhh! Just relax, it will be fine just now."

"You didn't put lube on your cock!" André said.

"Not necessary. There is enough lube on his hole and you've worked enough into his hole. Besides, my cock is covered in spit and precum. It will be just fine."

André pushed his cock into my mouth so I had something to distract me. I sucked hungrily and said a silent 'thank you' to him.

Claude pushed in and although it hurt, his cock did go in without any trouble. So, he was planning on fucking me with only André's lube and his precum. Sneaky bastard! But, I have to admit, it was a new experience and not too bad once the cock scraped over my prostate. I felt how he pushed lots of precum out my piss slit and when I looked down, saw there was a few drops of cum too! This stud knows how to fuck, that's for sure. I wondered how he fucked his friend from Montreal - also with precum alone?

"My Canadian lover loved it when I fucked him with lube alone. It's not so bad now, is it?" He said.

"No, now it's fine."

Claude started to fuck me with long deep strokes. Man oh man - it was better than I thought it would be. I started to moan big time. His huge cock stretched me to capacity and I could feel how the head was pushed through the inner sphincter, and pulled through it again, and in again, and out ... This stud knows how to fuck, that's for sure! It was not the same as with André or Juan, but it was special in its own way.

I realised that I'm actually very fortunate to be on the receiving end of a 23cm cock, one of 28cm and now a 23cm. And Dad with his 26cm (27cm?) wants in as well! Lots of cocks, man oh man!

"Nice, eh? Like this big old cock in you, don't you?"

"Yes, it's great," I croaked between the moans.

I was really starting to enjoy it, and for now, it was all I could think of. Even though André's fucks are always memorable, and the weekend's fucks with Juan were extra special, I had this big hung hunk fucking me, and he was doing a damn good job!

"André, put some lube on your cock and come fuck me."

My eyes flew open. What?

"What? What are you saying?" André said, not believing his ears. Was Claude serious? Really?

"Yes, get some lube on my asshole and your cock and fuck me. I can't let up on an opportunity like this. Come on, you get to fuck two of us tonight."

Still not believing he heard correctly, André pulled his cock from my mouth and put some of the fancy lube on it, moved in behind Claude, put some of the stuff on his hole, and positioned his cockhead on the lubed hole.

"No mercy, as soon as the head is in, you can push it all in. How big are your cocks again?"


"OK, nice size! Now push it in!"

Very brave, I thought. And as soon as I felt Claude was pushed forward, I knew André's cock was going in, and Claude started to groan and moan.

"Fuck! You're bigger that I thought, stud! Wow! It's been a while since I had such a big cock in me! For some reason the last time Juan fucked me, his cock didn't hurt me this much! Are you sure you're just 23cm?"

"Yes, perhaps you're just not used to getting fucked. When last were you fucked?"

"I can't even remember when! And it was most definitely not as big as your cock, stud!"

"Well, you said I must just push in!"

"Yeah, I know, but just let me get used to it first. Hold it in deep and keep still. Please?"

And the stud who has just pushed his 25cm into me, is begging for mercy! Well, I never!

"I want us to cum together, OK?" Claude said. "André," he leaned forward and ruffled my hair, "I'll suck you off afterwards."

"André is fucking you," I said.

"Oh, it's just impossible to keep track of you and know who's who. Well, Anton then, I want to suck you off afterward, OK?"

"OK," I said between the thrusts and groans and pleasure. He is actually concerned about my pleasure after all.

And the fucking behind me intensified. André was also starting to grunt and groan. Claude's huge cock in me hit all the right places and I was leaking lots of precum onto the sheets with every thrust. Fuck! This was very nice too. I'm sure if Juan were here, he'd agree that this is OK. The guilty feeling was a little less and I gave myself over to enjoy the moment.

"I'm close," Claude announced. He asked André: "And you stud?"

"Almost there. Just a few more thrusts and I'll whitewash your guts!"

My big brother could be so blunt!

"Ahhhhh! Fuck stud! You're a good fuck! And you," he tapped my back, "are a spectacular bottom. I'm enjoy-ing this even more than I thought I would! Fuuuccckkk!"

I felt how the big cock in me started to swell to gigantic proportions - it felt as if it was going to tear me apart! - and the pace picked up. André was apparently doing a good job himself, as now Claude was grunting like a bear in heat.

"I'm cumming! Fuuuuccckkk! I'm going to cum! Cum with me! Fuck me! I'm cumming!"

And with that he slammed his cock deep into me and held still. I felt it swelling and pulsating as he shot his load into me. It felt even a bigger load than Juan's. This stud knows how to fuck and fill up a guy!

André followed within seconds and growled deep and hard: "I'm cumming too! Here it is! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" and I felt how he pushed Claude forward when he slammed his cock into Claude and shot his load.

Silence fell on the room. I could only hear their heavy breathing, and felt Claude's cock spasm and pulsate deep in my hole. He gave one last shudder and said, "I'm going to pull out now, OK? André, you pull out first. But, not too fast. I don't want to loose your load," he said over his shoulder. "Do you want to keep my load in you?" he asked me.

"Yes please, I want it," I said.

"Pull out, André."

I felt how the weight pushing against me lessened as André withdrew.

"Ahhhh! That felt great! Thanks stud! Now me. Hold on boy!"

He withdrew his magnificent manhood from me and I felt the now familiar empty feeling taking hold of me.

"Clench your hole, I'm almost out," he said to me, and not too soon. The head plopped out of my hole and I felt how the cum inside me almost escaped. I was filled good and solid!

"Now it's your turn, my man!" Claude said and turned me around. He pushed me down on my back and took my cock into his mouth. I watched in amazement how my cock disappeared into his mouth. His upper lip and nose were pushing against my pubic bone in no time. His tongue die the most amazing things to the under-side of my cock shaft. At this rate, I'm going to cum in seconds!

And I already felt the familiar sensation building up inside me. This is going to be a memorable orgasm, I thought!

"Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhh! I'm cumming! Fuck! I'm cumming!" I said loudly and the next instant, I shot a huge wad into Claude's mouth. It was unbelievable!

"Hmmmm-hmmmm" Claude moaned with my cock still deep in his mouth. I felt him swallow some of the cum. He slowly let go of my cock and when my cockhead slipped free, a little cum escaped and landed on my cock.

Claude turned to André and pulled him in to kiss him. By now I know the Du Toit brothers and the cum swopping! Hot! He kissed André and passed my cum into his mouth. He broke free and bent over me and kissed me. I got the rest of my cum. He sucked it back into his mouth and then let some of it back into my mouth. I swallowed and waited for him to swallow. Then I sucked his tongue into my mouth and gave him a kiss to remember.

Claude broke free and fell on his back. André lied down on my other side and kissed me.

"You OK, baby bro? Everything OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine thanks."

He touched my arm and asked: "How do you feel? Your hole OK?"

"Yes, it's fine, thanks."

"I'm sorry I took you by surprise by entering you with only precum. But, I know it would work, especially if Juan has fucked you before with his monster cock. OK?

"Yes, it was an experience. It was unexpected, but in the end it was fine. Don't worry."

He leaned over me and touched André's arm and said, "Thanks stud! You are one good fuck, that's for sure! You can give my big brother a run for his money, any day! That was massive!"

"Thank you, Claude," I said and pulled him down on me, and kissed him. "You do know this was sex only, OK? We love Juan and this is not changing that."

"I know, but fuck me, this was fantastic, boys! I could do this every day! I know Juan would want to have you to himself every day, but fuck, I have to talk to him and come to some agreement!"

"We'll see. As long as it doesn't mess up our relationship with Juan, we could do this again sometime." André said. "And remember, I will not allow anybody to hurt Anton." Big bro, you amaze me!

"Agreed. I'm not in the business of hurting people or breaking up relationships. Juan knows about tonight and he understands. He knows I'm not a threat to what you guys have. So, relax. But when it could happen again, would you be OK with it?"

"Anton? I'm OK. What do you say baby bro?"

"Yes, as long as we don't hurt or lose Juan, I'm game."

"Then it's settled. Perhaps we could have a foursome over the weekend," he said and gave us some elbow and winked at us. "But this boikie is tired and needs some sleep. I did sleep in first class, but it's not the same. Thanks boys and sleep tight."

He got up, leaned over to me and kissed me, even gave me some tongue, the jackal! Then he kissed André, while giving his cock a squeeze. "Very nice fuck, stud!"

He took his robe and lube and walked towards the door. "See you in the a.m. boys! Should I close the door?"

"Yes please."

André took me in his arms, hugged me, kissed my cheek and asked: "You really OK baby bro? Did he hurt you? Is everything OK?"

"I'm fine, thanks André. At first it was painful. It is not at all like when you fuck me with only precum, but it soon became nice. But, even though he's a swell guy with a cock to die for, he has nothing on Juan. I even love Juan and you more, if that were possible. Does it make sense? Tonight confirmed my utter love for you and Juan."

"That's good to hear. I agree. I could do this again, but it will be for the sake of sex, and nothing more."

"Thanks for looking out for me, André. It shows your love for me and I appreciate it. You're a great bro!"

"Awwww! You're so sweet! Come here!" André pulled me into his arms and kissed me dearly. I felt the pure love between us.

"Now for some sleep. I'm still filled to capacity, natural lube if you like, so if you get any ideas through the night, you're welcome to do what Juan is so good at. Put it in if you like ..." I winked at him.

"Don't put ideas in my head, baby bro! I might just take you up on your offer!"

He got into bed with me and as always, he spooned me from behind, his big rubbery cock between my thighs ... Ahhhh! I'm a lucky and content man of almost 19 years! Soon we were fast asleep.

= To be continued =



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