It was a spectacular feeling ... a huge cock that was halfway in me ... and going in deeper ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Gunther was pushing his 29,5cm cock into me. The big thick uncut cock was claiming me ... once again. I turned my head back to him and whispered: "Ahhhhh! Oh godd! That feels good."

"Das ist gut, mein Schatz [That is good, my darling]" he whispered back and pushed even deeper into me. The jackal had the lube at the ready! My hole still felt a little tender, but even after all the fucking, I was still OK. The guys were not trying to rape me. Even though I had as many as 3 cocks in me at times, everyone was trying to make love to me. And now my insatiable big blonde German hung hunk was pushing in again.

I pushed my butt out and more of the huge cock slid into me. He was in balls-deep. Oh fuck! This man just knew how to fuck, that was for sure! He pulled me into a tight embrace and kissed my cheek.

In front of me Juan put his hand on my face and stroked my cheek and Gunther's face. "Happy my darling? Does it feel good?" He leaned in to kiss me.

What have I done to deserve this big beautiful 'oaf'? Oh fuck, I love you Juan! You're the best lover I could've asked for.

Juan took my growing cock in his hand and squeezed. He kissed me again.

Another hand from behind Gunther touched my shoulder and gave me a squeeze. Johann. Another fantastic man. Kind, gentle, fucking attractive moustached guy, and with a 29cm cock, one of the biggest in the group. The fact that it never gets rock-hard makes it the perfect tool for fucking without hurting. Plus: he loved me.

Gunther was now slowly fucking me. His thick hard cock was twitching and Gunther was groaning. My man was horny as shit! I clenched my hole over the cock and Gunther's cock twitched. Ahhh! Oh fuck!

There was still some cum in my hole that Gunther and Johann shot into me the previous night. My deep insides were still slick and the big cockhead made me feel good.

Johann leaned over Gunther and kissed me. I felt his cock pushing on my hip. He pulled me on top of Gunther and came to sit between my legs.

'He wants in!' I thought and lifted my legs over his shoulders. Johann took the lube from Gunther and added some on my hole and on Gunther's cock in me. He put some on his own cock and leaned in. His big rubbery cockhead pushed on my hole. Johann leaned in again and kissed me. It was a gentle kiss with his tongue lingering in my mouth. He stroked my face and I felt the cockhead entering me.

"Ahhhh! Hmmmm!" I groaned in his mouth. Gunther lifted his face and Johann kissed him.

"Hmmmm!" Gunther groaned and I felt his cock swelling in me. He pushed in a bit deeper.

Johann had the camera ready and the Nikon clicked.

Johann's cockhead slipped in and he kissed me again. Gunther pulled out a bit and Johann's cock slid in deeper. When they were in about the same depth, they both pushed in simultaneously! Oh my godd! The two huge cocks were sliding into me at the same time!

Johann kissed Gunther and sat up between my legs. He put my legs on his shoulders and slowly and gently fucked me. Under me, Gunther was kissing the side of my face and got in sync with Johann. When Johann was pushing in, Gunther would pull out, When Johann was pulling out, Gunther was pushing in.

The Nikon clicked.

Juan took my cock in his mouth and sucked my gently. He licked my cockhead and played with his tongue on the underside. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Juan, that feels great!"

André moved in and kissed Johann and hugged him. André then took Juan's cock in his mouth. Johann let go of my legs and fucked me with long deep thrusts.

Johann took André's cock in his hand and jacked him off while he fucked me slowly and deeply. I felt the orgasm building up ... oh fuck! My cock felt so good in Juan's mouth.

Gunther was starting to groan behind me and his hands were all over my hairy chest. His huge cock was fucking me in tandem with Johann's huge rubbery cock.

It was clear we were all about to cum. Johann slammed his cock into me and groaned. His cum was shot deep into me. Gunther followed suit and I felt the thick cock twitch in me. He too was cumming.

Juan's huge cock was shooting its load into André's mouth. Oh my godd! All of us were cumming. André's cock in Johann's hand was last to shoot its load. His cum flew out and hit Juan on his buttocks. Some shots hit him under his chin and some of it landed on the bed.

Johann let go of André's cock and collapsed on me. He kissed me gently and deeply. "I love you my boy!"

Gunther hugged me and said in my ear: "Ich liebe dich [I love you], so very much!"

Juan lifted off my cock and leaned in to kiss me. He let my cum run into my mouth and I swallowed. "I love you my darling!" He turned to André and started to lick the cum off André's chin and chest. Juan hugged André and kissed him, and in between kisses he groaned: "Oh fuck! I love you so very much, you beautiful retard! Ahhhh!"

Johann leaned towards Gunther again and kissed him. "I think I love you man! You're the most wonderful guy I've met in a long time!"

"Ich auch [Me too]! Du bist wunderbar [You are wonderful]!"

Juan leaned towards us and kissed us all. "You are the most wonderful men I could have ever hoped for to have in my bed. I love you all."

"Signori Buongiorno [Good-morning gentlemen]!" It was Mario with Werner and Lukas in tow. When I looked at their cocks, I gasped! They were all hard and wet. They must have sucked each other. "The boys are afraid of my 'small' cock, so we come here. OK? Anton? We fuck you, per favore [please]?"

Oh my godd! The big sexy Italian wants more! My poor hole! But ... in for a penny, in for a pound!

Johann started to pull out and I lifted off Gunther. There was a quite a load of cum in me already.

"Are you up for it my darling?" Juan asked and touched my face.

"Yes, I think I can handle it."

Mario came to the bed and the precum running from his huge cock was already dripping, literally. The two boys' cocks were rock-hard and they jacked each other slowly. They too were wet. Oh my godd!

I leaned in and licked the precum off Mario's cock. It tasted fantastic. He pushed forward and the huge head slipped into my mouth. I pulled the skin back and tasted the huge cockhead.

The Nikon clicked.

Gunther and André sat against the pillows with their arms around each other. Juan was reclined between André's legs. They had a front-row seat.

Johann was moving around clicking away.

Lukas moved in behind me and started to push his big cockhead into me. I was still wet and the big head slipped in. He pushed in balls-deep in one long thrust.

"My turn!" Werner said and moved in behind me. Lukas pulled out and Werner pushed in. Ahhhh! The almost 23cm cock felt good. I was very loose after being fucked by Johann and Gunther.

Werner fucked me and Mario's huge cock in my mouth tasted so good.

"My turn boys!" Mario said and pulled his cock out of my mouth. Werner pulled out and watched Mario turning me around. The precum was really flowing from Mario and he rubbed it all over my hole. He pushed and the head slipped in. I groaned.

The Nikon clicked.

Oh fuck! This huge cock is about to stretch me again. Mario pushed in deeper. Lukas stood next to Mario and pushed his big cockhead on Mario's cockshaft and spread his precum over the thick cock. Werner followed suit and was adding his precum on Mario's cock from the other side.

The Nikon clicked.

Mario pulled back out and added more precum on my hole. He pushed back in. The boys still had their cocks on Mario's cock. Mario continued to push in until he was in balls-deep. Ahhhh! Oh my godd! This remains one hell of a cock! Ahhhh! I wondered how I'd fare with Herman's humongous cock ... oh fuck!

Lukas moved in front of me and pushed his big cockhead into my mouth. I sucked and marvelled at the size of the cock on this short skinny guy! He pushed and the big cockhead slipped into my throat! Fuck! He was a sex-hungry 18-year old boy!

Werner took the lube and moved in behind Lukas and before Lukas realised what was happening, Werner had his cockhead in Lukas's hole! Lukas groaned and shouted: "Oh fuck! Take it easy! You're not exactly tiny! Ahhhh! Oh fuck!"

The Nikon clicked.

Mario pushed in deeper and soon I felt his enormous balls on mine. Oh fuck! What a sensation. I was almost rock-hard again.

Werner was fucking Lukas and Mario was fucking me. The huge cock in me was feeling so fantastic. The huge head felt so good in me. The head was pushed right through the cum I had in me. Johann and Gunther shot huge loads into me earlier.

Mario had his hands all over my back and buttocks and played with my cock. Lukas's big cock in my mouth tasted good! I'd never look at a skinny guy in the same way, ever again! He was groaning and was obviously enjoying Werner's cock in his ass.

Mario was starting to groan and I knew he was about to add his huge cumload to the cum in my gut. He fucked me with short urgent thrusts and he started to growl. Lukas's big cockhead in my mouth slipped into my throat and it swelled - fuck! The cock was even bigger than I remembered.

Werner was plugging Lukas good and he too was groaning.

Mario slammed his cock into me and I felt it twitching and spasming ... he was unloading a huge load into me.

Lukas pulled out his cock and pushed it into my mouth again and the first volley of cum flew into my mouth. I held the cum in my mouth and savoured the wonderful taste. Then I swallowed and marvelled at the taste.

Werner pushed in deep into Lukas and growled as he shot his load into Lukas.

The three men were shuddering and groaning and big loads of cum were shot into different openings.

Johann sucked me gently and pushed my cockhead into his throat and played with his tongue on the underside of my cock.

I looked down and saw his huge rubbery cock was way past soft ... oh godd!

Mario was rubbing my back and his huge cock was still twitching a bit.

Werner pulled out of Lukas and they turned around and hugged and kissed! A new love? Hmmmm!

Mario slowly pulled out and I felt he must have deposited a huge load into me ...

Johann looked into my eyes and said: "Oh fuck! I love you so much! It scares me ... oh fuck!"

"I love you too, my beautiful love!"

Juan moved in and hugged us. "I love you my boys! You are such beautiful people!"

"Und ich auch [And me too]! Ich liebe euch alle so viel [I love you all so much]!" Gunther said as he huddled closer and hugged us all. He kissed whichever mouth was available.

"Yes, push out the most beautiful one of the twins! I have feelings, you know! Who is hugging me?" André put in and grabbed Juan from behind and tweaked his nipple.

"Oww! You retard! Come here!" Juan let go of me and pulled André into the folds of the five men. He kissed him and tweaked his nipple! Retaliation? You bet! We all ended up in one big pile with everybody tickling and groping and hugging and laughing.

Mario gave some of the butts a little smack and stood watching us with the boys.

When we calmed down, André retrieved his iPhone and yelled: "You sex doggs! Do you have any idea what time it is? We didn't get much of sleep. It is only 7 o'clock and you two big beautiful hung hunks have ploughed poor baby bro's ass again! Poor Juan and I just had to look on ... you sex doggs!"

"Let it go you sexy retard! Oww! Leave my nipples!" Juan yowled when André tweaked his nipple again. "Who is for coffee and croissants? Where are Pieter and Claude?"

"The lovey doveys have moved to Johann's house during the night," Lukas said.

"Let's call them and see if they're interested in some breakfast. Would you, please André?" Juan asked.


When the coffee was ready, Pieter and Claude walked in, hand-in-hand, looking so in love! Oh my godd! My uncle had it bad for this beautiful sexy model!

"Ahh, the love birds! Welcome back into the folds of this house of ill repute! If Mom saw what went down in this house last night - and this morning! - we'd be out in the cold! She'd be the one ordering the neon sign 'WHORE HOUSE' herself! Claude, you OK my man! Did my uncle fuck you all night long?" André was relentless!

Pieter grabbed André in a head clamp and tickled him. André squealed and giggled and squirmed. "Say that again, you sexy retard! Hmmmm! Who's the boss now?" Pieter was still tickling André and Claude was tousling his hair.

"No! Oh fuck, please stop! Please! You're the man, oh my king! Oh fuck! Just stop!" André begged.

Johann moved in behind me and hugged me. He kissed me on my cheek and whispered: "Thanks my darling! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me! I love you so fucking much," and pushed his big rubbery cock between my buttocks. Gunther moved in as well and kissed me, and then he kissed Johann. He pulled me closer and I felt his huge cock on his right hip. Oh fuck! I was sandwiched between two of the nicest men with some of the biggest cocks around.

"Ich liebe so viel, mein Schatz [I love you so much, my darling]! Hmmmm! He grabbed me and Johann and hugged us close. I marvelled being sandwiched between these two beautiful hung hunks! "And you too, mein Mann," Gunther said and touched Johann's cheek.

Juan came up next to us and kissed all of us. "And I love you all, and I love you a little bit more my darling!" and he kissed me. I put my hand out to pull him closer and felt his huge cock straining against his pants. "Where is my beautiful retard? André, where are you?"

"Oh, you still remember I'm here too?" André put in and grabbed Juan from behind. He pushed his big cock between Juan's buttocks and Juan turned to pull him next to him. "None of that shit, my beautiful man! Come here. Isn't this the sexiest retard you've ever seen? I love you so much, you wayward delinquent!" and kissed him on the head.

Pieter and Claude joined in and hugged and kissed us.

Mario and the boys were sitting at the counter and cheered us on.

"Scusate colleghi [Excuse me, gentlemen]! I am a man with big cock, but I am also a man of food! Are you going to feed us?" Mario asked.

"Sì, sì mio Signore [Yes, yes my lord]! Now that everybody is here, let's hear what you want to eat. Mom has brought eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, seeded bread - what would you like? Full house, everybody?" Juan asked.

We all jumped in. Mario took the skillet to do the bacon and the fried tomatoes. André got the crockery and cutlery. Between kisses and hugs, Johann and Gunther took charge of the bread. André and I laid the table in the dining room. Pieter and Claude sat very close and kept on kissing each other and looking into each eyes. Werner and Lukas kept on looking at everybody and it was clear they were busy with an autopsy of the previous night's shenanigans. It was also clear the two have experienced something beyond their wildest dreams. They were not the only ones!


After breakfast we put the dirty dishes and cutlery in the dishwasher and piled into the bathrooms to shower. I took some time to douche again ... one just never knew with 9 other horny men in the house! Pieter and Claude have showered at Johann's house and retired to the lounge with some more coffee. They had their hands all over each other.

After we were groomed to a T, we dressed casually and after about 20 minutes, we were all in the lounge again.

"Are you guys ready for me to take the photographs I was asked to take of the rings and watches? Juan, André and Anton?" Johann asked.

"Oh yes, I've forgotten about that. Yes, let's get it done," Juan said. "Where are the watches and rings?"

"They're locked in the boot of my car. I'll get them quickly. André, in the meantime, do you want to download last night's pictures onto your Mac? The cable is in my photographer's case. I'll be back in a minute," Johann said and he was off to retrieve the items from his car.

André retrieved his MacBook Air and the cable from Johann's case. He connected the camera to download the pictures. Juan and I were sitting on either side of him and Pieter and Claude were standing behind us looking at the screen as picture after picture downloaded into André's iPhoto on his Mac. André opened the first ones and we gasped! There in retina display were pictures of our fucking and sucking last night. The pictures were spectacular! Soon we groaned and it was clear we were all sporting boners! Pieter and Claude and Mario and the two boys leaned in from the sides and soon Mario's huge cock was tenting his pants big time. Fuck! That was an incredible cock! And the fucking with that dong was monumental! I loved every centimetre of it and every millilitre of cum it spurted into me.

"Would you look at that? My baby bro's hole was stretched big time by Gunther and Johann!" The men around us were gasping and all gasped: "Oeees!" and "Ahhhs" were heard.

"Fuck! Just look at my sexy baby bro taking on the whole house of men! First Lukas fucking Anton, Werner fucking Anton, me fucking my baby bro, Claude and I fucking Anton, Gunther and Claude fucking my baby bro, Pieter and Claude fucking him, Juan and Gunther in my baby bro, Juan and Johann fucking Anton, Juan and Gunther fucking him, Mario fucking my baby bro with his huge cock, Juan and Mario's rubbery cock in him, Juan and Johann in my bro, Juan and Lukas fucking him, Juan and Werner fucking my brother, Juan and Gunther fucking him, Johann and Gunther fucking my poor brother! And then there is Mario fucking Werner, then Pieter fucking Lukas, then Mario fucking Lukas and last but not least, Pieter fucking Werner! If THIS wasn't the makings of an orgy, I don't know what is! And still some more this morning! Oh my godd! We're all insatiable. Claude, order that neon sign! Baby bro, how are you doing?"

"After last night and this morning, I'm truly broken in. Right now, I'm hard and with enough lube and enough hard cocks, I could take on a few of you guys again!" I put in and got a few hands groping my hard cock!

"Fuck, he is serious! Mario, how is your big cock doing?" Juan asked and touched the Italian's hard cock. "My godd! He's hard too! You're sex doggs, for sure!" He leaned back and touched Johann's and Gunther's cocks. "You're hard too! My fuck! My darling, they're ready to plug you once again!"

"Yes! I'm ready! Bring it on! I can take on you guys! I want to try Juan, Johann and Gunther together. But Mario has to fuck me first to open me," I said brazenly. "I could take you guys right here, right now! Come on! After last night, I am up for anything! Give it to me!" Where the fuck did that come from? I've been fucked again and again! More? Oh fuck yes! More! Soon these guys would be gone and when were we going to be together like this again?

"Whoa! My darling, your parents will be here by 12 o'clock! It's now ... it's just after 10. Are you serious? You want us to fuck you again? Really? Wow!" Juan said and palmed his cock. He too was now almost completely hard.

"Yes, right now, right here on the coffee table! I want you to fill me with your cocks and cum!" I gushed enthusiastically and palmed my hard wet cock.

Mario stepped up and removed the books and vase from the coffee table and retrieved two scatter cushions from the chairs and started to unbutton and unzip his pants. "Venire il mio ragazzo [Come my boy]! Come lie down, I want to fuck you right away!" He held his huge hard cock in his hand and fondled his big balls.

I stood up and Mario pulled me in for a deep hungry kiss. His wet cock pushed against my hand. I fumbled with my other hand to open my pants. Gunther stepped in and opened my pants. He pushed his huge cock against my side and kissed me.

Pieter went to fetch the lube in the bedroom.

Mario pulled my shirt off and pushed me onto the coffee table. He aimed his wet cock at my hole and rubbed his precum over my hole.

Pieter returned and handed the lube to Mario.

Johann returned with the case with watches and rings and just exclaimed: "Wow! Again? I'm just in time then!"

"Your number is up to triple fuck Anton! Get out of your clothes and get your camera! We're making history here!" André gushed.

Everybody rushed to get out of their clothes and when Mario pushed his huge cock into me, the others stood closer to watch. Juan leaned lower and put his big cock in my mouth. I sucked it in and because my head was turned back, the angle was perfect to take the huge cock into my throat, and after the third attempt, his cockhead slipped down my throat.

Johann was clicking away with the Nikon while Gunther was sucking his huge rubbery cock. Lukas and Werner were on either side of Mario and kept on touching the big Italian man and kissing him. Pieter and Claude were still fully clothed but they had their hands around each other and the bulges in their pants were obvious.

André stood behind Juan and was holding him from behind. His big hard cock pushed between Juan's legs and his precum ended up on my forehead.

Mario's huge cock was in deep and he started to fuck me. He pulled out and inserted his big cock again. I groaned around Juan's cock. Juan and André changed places and André's smaller cock slipped into my throat in one push. Juan's huge cock between André's legs was now leaking its precum onto my forehead and into my hair.

The Nikon clicked.

Mario was fucking me hard now. "I'm cumming! Pieter, are you next?"

Pieter let go of Claude and opened his pants, and stepped out of them. He walked to the coffee table and lubed up his big thick cock.

Mario groaned and I felt his huge cock twitch as he shot his load into me. He pulled out slowly and Pieter pushed in on Mario's cum. He didn't wait and started to fuck me immediately.

Gunther and Johann moved to my head and replaced Juan and André. Johann put his cock in my mouth and Gunther pushed his huge thick cock between Johann's legs. It was sopping wet. Johann's precum tasted fantastic and the huge rubbery cock slipped into my mouth with ease. The camera kept on clicking.

Claude joined the two boys and was fingering Lukas's hole while Werner added his precum to Claude's fingers. Werner had Claude's 25cm thick cock in his hand.

Juan and André were in a tight embrace and soon André started to suck Juan's cock.

Pieter was approaching orgasm but I pulled off Johann's cock and stopped him. "I want you, Johann and Gunther in me! Don't cum yet!"

Pieter pulled out and Gunther took Johann's place in my mouth. Johann's 29cm thick cock slipped into me and he was fucking me in no time. He also stopped short of cumming and stopped when he was about to cum.

André was next. He used the cum leaking out of me and pushed in. He fucked me with no mercy and shot his load. He groaned and his cock pulsed in me.

Then Juan stepped in and fucked me till he came and shot a huge load into me.

Next to me Werner and Lukas were playing with each other's and Mario's huge rubbery cock. Soon Lukas was bending over and took Mario's softer cock in his hole while he was sucking Werner's cock.

Pieter stepped up again and pushed me up. He lied down on the table and I sat down on his big cock facing him. He fucked me for a minute and made his cock twitch and swell in me. I was stretched a lot by this big cock in me.

Gunther stepped up behind me and aimed his big lubed cock at my hole and pushed in. The head slipped in and I groaned! Oh my godd! The two big cocks really stretched me! Oh fuck!

"Johann, you too ... push in please!" I groaned. Gunther leaned back against Juan who gave him a helping hand to support his body. Johann stepped over Gunther's body and lowered his body.

André lent a helping hand as he lubed up Johann's big rubbery cock. He held the cock aimed at my hole. I braced myself when I felt the big head pushing against my hole. Oh my godd! Would it even be possible? Would I be able to ta ... "Ahhhh! Oh my godd! Oh fuck! Wow! Fuck! You're big! Ahhh! Oh my godd!"

The Nikon clicked.

Johann's huge cockhead slipped in and he held still. André was adding more lube to the three cocks in my hole. Oh godd! They were going to tear my hole apart, but I just wanted it to happen.

Johann took his cock out again and André guided the big cock back to my hole and Johann pushed in. Oh fuck! The head slipped in again and he pushed in a bit deeper. Wow ... my hole was stretched to capacity!

The Nikon clicked.

Johann pulled out again and André guided it back in. Johann pushed in again and this time he held still until I stopped groaning. He pushed in deeper and held still.

Oh my fuck! Three huge cocks in me! I was really fucked big time! Johann leaned in and his huge rubbery cock slipped in deeper. He pulled back a little and pushed back in. Before I knew it, the whole 29cm cock was in me with Gunther's 29,5cm and Pieter's thick 27,5cm! My godd! How did I do it?

The Nikon clicked.

Claude took the camera from Johann and started to take pictures from other angles. Johann's hands were free now and he took my hips, and started fucking me slowly and deeply. Pieter managed to fuck me from below and I felt the huge cock swelling and stretching me even more. Oh fuck!

Johann picked up speed and soon he and Gunther were gasping and breathing deeply. Pieter was groaning and soon he was growling and it was obvious he was about to cum too.

Then it happened: all three men in me shot their loads into me! All three were groaning and pushing deep into me. I growled and felt the cum spurting out of my own cock onto Pieter's black chest hair.

Mario and the two boys were cheering us on and it was obvious Werner and Lukas were stunned. I collapsed onto Pieter's chest and felt my cum drenching my body.

Johann leaned closer on top of my body and hugged me tight. Juan pushed Gunther higher and I felt his cock pulling out a bit. His legs were tired so he started to pull out his huge cock. As it slipped out, a bit of cum dribbled onto the cushion. Oh fuck! Johann leaned against my back and kissed my neck. I lowered my head and kissed Pieter.

"Fuck, this was something else! Thanks for this! It's fucking special! Wow! What I'd give to do this with my brother and Juan. Oh godd! You're phenomenal!" Pieter gushed. Dad, Pieter and Juan ... oh fuck! Yes! Please!

Johann pulled out of me and as the head was about to slip out, I clenched. Pieter twitched his cock and I groaned. He pushed me up and I lifted my body off the huge cock in my hole. The boys have filled me up big time again.

"Not to piss on your parade, but I think we'd better get cleaned up and get things back in order. It's after 11 and you never know what Mom has in mind - they just might pitch up at any moment. Come guys! Anton, go clean yourself up. Pieter, you too. You're drenched in cum. Werner and Lukas, go to the en suite and clean up. André, get the Mac sorted out so the pics are not visible to Dad and Mom. Mario, please help Johann and me sorting out the lounge and cushions. I'll go clean up the cum on the cushions. Chop chop, guys! Pronto!" Juan ordered everybody.

There was a flurry of activities and soon everybody was cleaned and dressed and the lounge was back in order. Juan put the moist cushion on the couch where we would most possibly end up when Dad and Mom appeared. André retrieved the air freshener and walked through the lounge, dining room and kitchen and sprayed the stuff to kill any sex odours.

When everything was back in order, we sighed a sigh of relief. We've made it! Johann was busy downloading the latest photos on André's MacBook when we heard Mom's car and Dad's pickup truck outside. The last picture was downloaded and Johann disconnected the camera. He closed the file and André put the Mac away. Johann removed the SD card from the camera and put in a brand new one for the shoot. He marked the card with the sex photos with a big 'X' and carefully put the card with the sex photos on in a special holder in his photographer's case.

"Seeing that 'Dad' and 'Mom' are here now, I'm going to ask them if they'd be interested to lend a 'hand' so to speak, to model the jewellery and watches ... " Johann said when Dad and Mom walked in.

"What about 'Dad' and 'Mom'?" Dad asked.

"Johann is about to take pictures for one of his clients. He needs hands, wrists and fingers for watches and rings," André put in.

We got up and hugged and kissed Dad and Mom. Dad whispered in my ear: "*Thanks. Fuck you soon, OK?*"

"*Yes, please!*" I whispered back. I felt his huge cock on his hip ... oh my fuck! How I wanted that big cock in my asshole!

All the boys kissed Mom, some on the cheek. Dad kissed André and me, Juan, Pieter, Claude. And then kissed Johann and Gunther on the cheeks. He only hugged Lukas and Werner and only greeted Mario by shaking hands. The time would come that he'd kiss Johann and Gunther.

"Adriaan? Just as well you're such a stickler for looking after your hands so well. I think your manly hands would look good. We're in, Johann!" Mom gushed and I thought how different things were on Thursday morning ... But, all was OK by then and forgotten. I just wondered what Mom would've done is she knew of the little fun we had with Dad the previous night ... oh my godd! My cock twitched just looking at his huge bulge on his hip and that at last, I've had a taste of Dad's huge cock and cum. I hoped Dad would fuck me soon ... I couldn't wait!

"Yes, I'm in. No problem. Where is the stuff?" Dad said and looked around for the items to model.

Johann put the case with the valuables on the dining room table. "Juan, could we use some of the tablecloths you had last night? I want to use them as backdrops. I'm going to use only Juan, André and Anton in full regalia. For the rest it would be only hands and fingers. Would you three please go dress classy casual, right down to your snazzy shoes please?"

The three of us retreated to our bedroom and got our sexiest casual clothes out. André and I took out our Hugo Boss jackets and Juan his jacket he got from Dad and Mom. We used some of the clothes we got after the photo shoot and when we emerged, we looked snazzy.

Johann had all the other people wearing a watch or a ring or a watch and a ring, and was clicking away using the tablecloths as backdrops. The rings' designs were spectacular. The watches were beautiful pieces of elegant design. Some very plain and flat, others were big and bulky.

When the trio walked in, the others cheered and clapped hands. "Wow! And here are the super models! Whoop! Whoop!" Claude put in.

Johann gave us rings and watches of his choice but after we put on the jewellery and watches, he made some changes. He photographed us alone, in pairs, all three together. We stood arms folded, sitting pretending to read a magazine, looking in the distance, but the focus was on the watches and jewellery.

When all the items were back in the jewellery case, Johann pulled out a price list and announced we could all look at the items with the option to buy. Everybody would get a 30% discount, but the trio got a 50% discount.

Juan called Johann and Gunther, and the 5 of us went into the kitchen. Juan repeated his idea of each of us getting a similar ring to show our solidarity and special bond. Everybody was in agreement! But, we all decided against identical rings, excluding the twins. André and I looked at each other and agreed: ours would be identical. "Johann and I would pay for the rings. See it as an early Christmas gift. Johann has a ring measurer and the rings would be ready before the weekend. So, all agreed? Yes?" Juan asked.

It was a unanimous 'yes'! We all hugged and kissed each other. Our relationship was pushed to the next level. Where would Herman fit in? ... I wondered. He looked like a perfect candidate to be a part of our clan, not just because of his giant cock, but he was a nice guy too. I'd have to talk to the guys ...

When we were back in the lounge, we looked at the rings but now with the view to buy, not to admire and model. André and I found bands made of yellow gold with a white gold strip in the middle, which set them aside from all the others. Juan selected one just the opposite: white gold on the outside and a yellow band in the centre. Johann selected a ring made from titanium and Gunther wanted a ring to show off his big hands and blonde hair. Johann took the ring measurer and slipped the sizers on our fingers. No surprise! Gunther's fingers were the biggest and André's and mine were the smallest. Not small in any sense of the word, but in comparison to Gunther's fingers ... my godd! Johann's fingers were also insanely big and of course sexy and beautiful beyond words. But the most beautiful of all were Juan's hands ... oh my godd! This man just had the most beautiful hands!

Johann would take the order back to the jewellery shop and pick up the adjusted rings on Friday morning. This was exciting!

"The jeweller might give all of you a discount of 50% for 'lending a hand or finger' for the photos. If there is anything here you might be interested in to buy for yourself, feel free to take a look and tell me. You need to give me your telephone numbers and email addresses, and I'll organise the sale. You'd be required to either organise a budget payment or to effect an EFT," Juan said.

Dad and Mom decided on a stylish ring for Mom, and watches for Dad, André and me. They called us and we each selected a Seiko model that had an energy drive that powers the watch. Dad got a different but similar Seiko model, but also very stylish and beautiful.

"Now my boys could stop fumbling for their iPhones to tell the time. Your old Citizen watches could go to the museum! We have noticed you have a new Rado, Juan. We guess it was a present from the twins? Good!" Dad said.

"Yes Dad. The Rado was a special birthday present from the twins. Isn't it a great watch?" Juan said and held his arm so Dad and Mom could look at his watch.

Johann ensured all the rings and watches were back in the case and took it back home. He returned with his MacBook Pro and downloaded the pictures from the Nikon. We all huddled together and we "oohed" and "ahhed". The photos were once again spectacular. Juan's beautiful hands made me fall in love with him once more. Gunther's huge clean hands looked great and fantastic. Johann's long slender fingers also looked fantastic and the big elongated nails were so sexy. Dad's hands were big and manly. The black hair on his fingers looked so sexy! Hmmmm! Those hands held our and Juan's cocks last night! Hmmmm! I loved my Dad very much, and after last night, he was an even more special Dad.

"Enough of all this. Dad and I have to get back to the farm, but we need to eat. There are steaks and frozen chips in the deepfreeze but that is for future use. Come, let's get to that new restaurant in town. Lunch is on us," Mom took control.

We organised ourselves into the available cars and all agreed we'd be back for coffee later ... and whatever transpired ...

Pieter and Claude agreed to join us at the restaurant, but they wanted to get back to Cape Town. Mario, Lukas and Werner agreed to come back for a quick 'coffee'.

We helped to load the tables and chairs on Dad's pickup track before we left. The truck was left at the house.


Lunch was wonderful. The steaks were cooked to perfection, the chips crisp, cooked properly and piping hot. The salads were divine. The chocolate mousse was delectable. We opted to have coffee at home. Dad and Mom drove with us back to La Rochelle to get Dad's pick-up truck and they were off to the farm.

Pieter and Claude also said good-bye and were off to Cape Town.

The rest of us bundled into the house and I started the coffee machine. Mario approached me from behind and pushed his huge bulge into my crack.

"Once more, please? You make me so hot! Per favore [please]?" He asked next to my ear.

"Yes, I think we're all going to have some fun again," I said.

"OK, boys and boys, it would appear Lukas and Werner will be joining Anton to get some hot cocks in their holes. Let's move this to the bedroom while the coffee machine is whirring away," Juan said and clapped his hands. "Anton, you and the boys go prepare yourselves. We'll keep ourselves entertained!"

I instructed the boys to take a dump and then join me in the en suite. I took a dump and prepared a basin of lukewarm water and waited for the boys. They entered and I demonstrated the use of the douche bulb. Soon we were all squeaky clean and lubed up.

"Mario has an enormous cock. First it was so sore, but now it is nice! I wish Pieter was here to fuck us again!" Werner said.

"Yes, what a cock!" Lukas put in.

"How you take more than one cock is beyond belief! I don't think I'd manage that," Werner said.

I went into the kitchen buck-naked and announced we were ready. Juan locked the doors and he and the other 4 immediately grabbed me. Gunther and Johann pulled me in for a kiss. Juan joined them and André started to undress and took Mario's huge cock in his hands. Soon Mario's pants were off and André had the humongous hardening cock in his mouth. It was wet already.

We all moved to the bedroom and found Lukas and Werner were sucking each other's big cocks. The guys got rid of the rest of their clothes and joined the boys on the bed. André and Mario were kissing each other and soon André had the huge Italian cock in his mouth.

When Johann's and Gunther's clothes were off, they kissed each other and had their cocks in each other's hands. It was great that they were hitting it off. They might be kissing and sucking now, but they were both dedicated tops. They'd never stop fucking me.

Juan and I had a little time to ourselves, and I marvelled at the tall hunk in my arms, kissing me. His huge cock pushed against my tummy, reaching right up to my chest. It was starting to leak precum into my chest hair. He took my face in his hands and kissed me on the nose, on the forehead, on the cheeks, on the chin and then on the mouth. He looked deep into my eyes and said: "I love you so very much my darling! You're perfect and I will never stop loving you! The other guys fucking you just adds spice to our love and relationship and only enhances it. They all like you very much but their love is mostly sexual. So, there is no harm done if we do share you with them. I like to see them fucking you. You are the sex hound here!"

I looked into the man's beautiful face and blue eyes, and his delectable mouth ... oh fuck! I loved this tall beautiful man. His dark trimmed beard felt good under my fingers. He was the proverbial tall dark and handsome hung hunk! And I loved him. And he loved me. And André. And Johann. And Gunther ... oh my godd! And perhaps Herman ...?

Mario moved in and declared that he wanted to fuck me first. "Oh, OK. Let's get onto the bed," Juan said.

André got it on with Lukas and Werner and soon they were all hugging and kissing. The boys loved André's cock. They loved sucking him.

Mario took me into his arms and lied on top of me. He was kissing me and pushed his huge cock on top of my cock. He looked into my eyes with his dark eyes. His dark 5 o'clock shadow made him look fucking sexy and attractive. He kissed me and I sucked his tongue into my mouth.

"I want to make love to you! I wish I could sleep with you one full night! Mio Dio! You're a beautiful boy! I want to fuck you every day of my life! Fuck!" he swore.

He moved down my body and sucked my nipples. He sucked on the silky hair around my fairly big areolae and groaned. I felt his huge cock now below my balls. He pushed up and the huge cockhead pushed in below my balls. Mario moved to my belly button and sucked the hair in there.

Then he moved to my cock and licked the wet head. He took my cock in his mouth and sucked the head. I groaned and felt him fondling my balls. He pushed my cock in his mouth and the head slipped into his throat. The man wasn't just a skilful fucker, he was a great cocksucker too.

Mario pushed my legs up and exposed my hole. He leaned in with his huge cock and by now the head was covered with precum. It leaked onto my balls and Mario pushed his cock on top of mine and took both of them in his big hand and jacked us. His precum leaked onto my cock and he rubbed it all over our cocks.

Juan moved in with Johann and Gunther and they started to kiss and suck. The three big cocks were rock-hard and leaking lots of precum. Johann's big rubbery cock disappeared into Juan's mouth and Johann was kissing Gunther.

André was lubing up and aimed his 23cm cock at Werner's hole. He pushed in and Werner howled. André's cockhead rubbed over Werner's prostate gland. André knew exactly how to drive a bottom mad with desire. Lukas was beneath Werner in a 69 and they were sucking each other. André's cock was in balls-deep and he was fucking Werner wholesale. My bro! He was good at everything he does, and fucking was one of them!

Mario aimed his huge sopping wet cockhead at my hole and soon the head was stretching me. He pushed in and the head plopped in. He pulled out again, added some more precum on his cockhead and pushed in again. Johann and Gunther joined us and aimed their leaking big cockheads at Mario's thick cockshaft. Soon Mario was sopping wet and he slid in. Ahhh! Oh godd! Every time that huge Italian cock slid into me, I gasped. It was a huge cock. And an even bigger cock was going to fuck me next weekend, I thought ... fuck! Herman ...

Juan was kissing André and it was clear the two have formed a tight bond. It pleased me so much. I can't imagine a life without either of them. They were the air that I breathed.

Mario's huge cock was now scraping over my prostate and I groaned ... oh fuck! The sensation was just ... sensational! He pulled the cock back a bit and scraped over the prostate again ... this man was a master!

He pushed in deeper and soon Mario was balls-deep in me. He twitched his cock and I groaned. Oh fuck! It felt fantastic. Mario started to fuck me. His huge cock moved in and out and it felt fantastic.

Gunther moved in below me and put his huge cock on the underside of Mario's cock fucking me. His precum kept Mario's cock lubricated. Johann was clicking away and recorded all the intimate details of the fucking. In between he was kissing Mario and the two groaned above me.

Mario pulled out. I sat up and aimed Gunther's big cock at my wet hole and I lowered my body to impale myself on the huge cock. I gasped when the big cockhead scraped over my prostate. He pushed in balls-deep and made his cock twitch. It felt so good. He started fucking me and made me growl with pleasure.

Johann moved in behind me and used his precum to lube up my hole once more. He pushed his big rubbery cock on my hole and I felt my asshole stretching ... the big rubbery head slipped in ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! Johann pulled out again and milked some more precum out and onto my hole. He pushed back in and held the huge rubbery cockhead inside my sphincter. He made it twitch and I groaned again. Oh my godd!

Johann leaned over my back and whispered: "You OK my darling? All fine? Can I push in?"

"Ahhhhh! Yes, OK. Push in. But slowly please!" I gasped.

The huge rubbery cock pushed in and slid in on top of Gunther's huge cock. Being the rubbery cock it was, Johann's cock was made for this kind of fucking! He had the perfect second cock for a double fuck. He pushed in all the way and held still.

Gunther pulled my head down and kissed me gently and deeply. There was so much love encapsulated in that kiss ... the huge German man was a great guy. And a super sexy! I was looking forward having him on the shoots with Juan, André and I. Johann was going to show some of his pictures to Claire. I was holding thumbs.

Johann pulled out slowly until his cock was out completely. He put some more precum on my hole and pushed back in. Ahhhh! The sensation of the second cock filling me up was just wonderful. He started to fuck me in earnest. He had his Nikon in one hand and was recording this epic happening.

André approached us and it was clear he wanted to fuck me next.

Johann pulled out and André aimed his lubed cock on my hole on top of Gunther's big cock. He pushed and his cock slipped in. He pushed until he was in balls-deep. He leaned over me and I felt a third cock on my butt. Johann! Oh fuck! He wanted back in! Oh no! Not all three of them! Johann's Nikon in his hand clicked.

Johann pushed gently and the big rubbery cock slipped in! The sensation was incredible. He pushed his cock in at this awkward angle and soon he was in as deep as he could get it in. André was fucking me. I was groaning with pleasure.

Juan was now fucking Lukas. He yowled and complained and gasped. The poor guy was virtually still a virgin! Juan's big 28cm thick cock was stretching the boy good. Juan gave him a good fucking and then switched to Werner's hole. The poor guy was groaning and gasping and pleaded Juan to be gentle with that 'huge lethal weapon'!

When Juan pulled out, Werner held his butt up and Mario moved in. Oh godd! Mario put some of the Italian lube on his cock and gently pushed in. Werner was howling now! "Oh fuck! Oh my godd! You are huge! You're ripping me apart!" Lukas offered his cock and Werner hungrily sucked the cock.

Juan approached us and André pulled out ... oh no! Why did he pull out ...? Oh fuck! Johann pulled out as well. What was going on?

"Why are you pulling out? What's going on?" I asked.

Juan moved in behind me and said next to my ear - his huge cock was already pushing on my hole: "I'm going to fuck you with the boys, OK?"

Juan pushed his cock forward and the head slipped in on top of Gunther's cock. I groaned. My fuck! Juan was the master! How I loved him! He pushed in deep and I growled.

Johann moved in behind me and he pushed his cock between Juan's and Gunther's cocks. It was slipping in again, but this time it was with the two giant cocks in me! Fuck! Would I ever be able to get my asshole closed again?

Mario pulled out of Werner and pulled Lukas closer and plugged him! The poor boy screamed and got Werner's cock to suck on. Mario's big cock was stretching the boy's hole big time.

Juan announced: "We're going to cum, OK?" He picked up speed and soon his cock was rubbing on Johann's cock. Gunther picked up speed and was also fucking me. Johann just held still and still managed to take some photos.

"I cum! Mein Gott! I cum mein Schatz [my darling]! Ahhhhh! Oh fuck!" Gunther groaned and shot his load into me. He shuddered and pulled me down and kissed me.

I lifted up and André's cock was there in front of me. I hungrily sucked his cock in my mouth.

Juan was next to slam home and cum. His Big 28cm cock twitched and delivered a load of note in my guts. He held still and collapsed on my back.

Johann was now clinging to Juan's back and was pumping away. His big rubbery cock was lubed well with the cum Gunther and Juan have left deep inside me. Soon he too was shuddering and shouting he was going to cum. He slammed his cock deep into me and I felt it pumping its load into me. He groaned and held still. The last of his cum leaked into me.

André pulled his cock from my mouth and moved behind Lukas and fucked him. Werner bent in front of Lukas and guided the big head into his hole. They were 'riding a train'!

Johann was first to pull his big rubbery cock out of me. As it slipped out, a bit cum leaked out onto Gunther's balls. He retrieved his camera and took some more photos.

Mario moved in behind Juan and aimed his huge cock on my hole. Oh fuck! No! This would just not be possible! "No Mario! You'll kill me!"

"The cocks in you are now rubbery. Before they're soft, I will push in. OK? If it hurts, I pull out, OK?" Mario answered.

He pushed his big hard cock in between Gunther's and Juan's big rubbery cocks. I groaned but held out. Fuck! This was a bit much!

Johann's camera clicked and immortalised Mario's effort. The big cockhead slipped in and I gasped. Oh fuck! Just push it in and get it over with! Mario did just that.

I growled and moaned. "I pull out? I hurt you? You OK?" Mario enquired.

"No, it's OK, but please cum. It's a whole lot of cock in me ... oh godd!"

Mario started to fuck me with his 30cm cock and soon he was groaning. "Cumming! Cumming! Mio Dio! Ahhhh! Cumming!" Mario's magnificent cock spasmed and he pushed in as deep as he could. He held still and the cum was pumped into the mix of cum of the other 3 guys. I groaned. The feeling of the cock spasming in me felt so good.

Mario started to pull out. I clenched and only a small amount cum leaked out. Then Juan pulled out and I clenched once more. I was left with Gunther's cock in me.

André was now fucking Lukas good and they both growled and in no time André shot his load deep into the boy's gut, while Lukas was cumming in Werner. They growled and groaned and after a while André pulled out of Lukas and Lukas out of Werner. The two fuckers collapsed on the bed and were touching each other.

I leaned back on the bed with Gunther's big rubbery cock still in me. My cock stuck out in the air and Werner crawled over me in a 69 and we started to suck each other. It was clear we were both teetering on the verge of cumming, and soon we were groaning and growling and we came ... oh fuck! Werner's big professed load of 25ml was great! Not as much as Dad's load, but it was nice. And tasted so sweet. It was wonderful. My cumload in Werner's mouth was copious and he swallowed hungrily. My hole clenched around Gunther's big rubbery cock and he groaned. His cock was almost alive again! Oh fuck, not again my darling! I think the past 24 hours my hole was fucked enough! Not yet Dad and Herman ... but they would fuck me, I was sure! But the fucking of this weekend was fantastic and I loved it a lot!

Gunther and I still played the game of twitching and clenching. Soon, Gunther's cock was virtually hard again, and I gently pushed Werner away and sat in Gunther's lap. I pulled off Gunther's cock. I lied down on top of Gunther. Ahhh! What a nice guy! I loved this big beautiful hung German man! Fuck!

Once again, I was filled with a lot of cum. This time it was sans Pieter's cum, Claude's cum and Werner's and Lukas's cum, but it still was a lot. I managed to contain most of the cum. Mario was at the ready to suck it out of me again! It was still a strange experience, but not unpleasant. Mario pushed my butt up and legs out. He sucked a lot of the cum out of my hole into his mouth. He leaned towards me and gave me half the load in my mouth, and the rest to Gunther. Gunther groaned and I felt his big cock twitch beneath me. This man really was insatiable!

Juan was next and sucked the rest of the cum from me and shared it with Johann. They continued to kiss each other and their hands were all over each other.

We all collapsed on the bed, I still on top of Gunther. Johann came to lie next to us and put his arm over the small of my back. Juan lied down to my left and put his hand over my shoulders.

André pushed Juan's legs open and lied down between them with his head on Juan's crotch.

Mario and the two boys plopped down with their arms and legs entangled.

After 15 minutes, Juan asked the crucial question: "Anybody for coffee before you're on your way?"

We all accepted and André offered to start the machine.

We all still languished in the afterglow of nice hot sex. Soon Juan was the first to move and directed Mario and the boys to the common bathroom and the other four of us to the en suite bathroom. Juan and I straightened out the bed and I wiped up some cum that ended up on the bedding. Johann and Gunther were in the bathroom hugging and kissing and started the shower. Juan and I joined them and soon the four of us were touching and hugging and squeezing and kissing and even sucking each other again.

André came in and joined us under the water. In no time we were all beyond soft. But, Juan put an end to it all when he pushed everybody under the cascading water to ensure all soap was rinsed off. Then he turned off the tap and we got out to dry off. When 'coach' took matters in his hands - no pun intended! - nobody questioned it!

Soon we were dressed and sitting in the lounge with mugs of coffee. Johann had André's MacBook in his lap and was downloading the latest photos into the folder for the sexual shenanigans ... Our collection had grown tremendously. There were quite a few groans and groping and kissing and hugging. The guys were insatiable! Time permitting, within an hour or two, we'd be at it again!

Too soon it was time for Mario, and Lukas and Werner to leave. The five of us waved at them and went back into the house.

"Guys, thanks for a wonderful weekend and the wonderful time we could spend together. I'm so glad you two get along so well, Johann and Gunther! You have no idea how much that pleases us. We've become very fond of you and we want to see you as often as possible. Please come visit as often as you like, and sleep over whenever you want to. We love you guys very much," Juan said. We all nodded and groaned our approval.

André added: "And with the air cleared between us and Mom, we're good to go. Next weekend is going to be fantastic. Gunther, you're the only one who hasn't been to the farm yet. There is a king-size bed too, but in our part of the house, there are 2 other bedrooms too. Of course, we'd love you two to sleep with us. Actually, I can't imagine a time you weren't a part of this group!"

"Yes, I agree. We'll work out the travelling details and let you know by Thursday," Juan said.

"I have invited Herman to join us ... are you OK with that?" I put in.

"You sex dogg! Baby bro! I've seen the bulge in that guy's pants! It's huge! What if he wants to fuck you? It looks even bigger than Mario's cock. It's obvious, everything about Herman is huge! Fuck! Baby bro! How do you others feel?" André asked.

"OK with me! I'd love to see that huge cock! He is a very attractive guy, and very kind and friendly. He has the biggest hands and feet I've ever seen!" Johann gushed. "I'd love to have had his hands here for the photo shoot today. But I think they'd have to make special rings to fit around his fingers! The rings here today were too small for him!"

"Ja, he is nice. I like him. But he cannot double fuck our darling! If his penis is as big as his hands and feet, he will be too big," Gunther said. His English has already improved.

"I've always liked Herman. He is a true gentle giant and I think he is very lonely. I wonder if he isn't still a virgin! I've seen him naked in the change rooms. Yes, you're right: it is a huge schlong! Soft, his cock is easily as big as Lukas's cock hard! It has en enormous head and it is very thick. He blushed crimson red when he realised I've seen it. I managed to hide my astonishment and said nothing. He plays good hockey and is an ace at centre back. He could be a good friend with benefits. If Anton can manage to bottom for him, that is. Not to be a wet blanket, but I think our group of five is complete. We could add some extra cocks for flavour, but our five? I think we stop at that. Dad and Mom wouldn't survive it if they had to make any more adjustments to the list of sons-in-law they already have! And let me not start with my own dad and mom ... argh!" Juan's eyes were big when he mentioned his parents.

"Yes, I like Herman very much. He is a nice teammate and a nice big guy. I was surprised at the reaction of our teammates when he came out last night. It's obvious he is already accepted and loved. But, as much as I like him and would like to see his anaconda, I agree: five is the limit. No more. Friend with benefits? Any time!" André put in.

"Now for tonight: you're both welcome to sleep here again," our alpha male said, and looked from Johann to Gunther. "If you wanted to go home, we'd drive you, otherwise we could leave earlier and drop you off at the flat tomorrow, Gunther?"

"I'm so tempted to stay ... Ach mein Gott! Ich liebe dich so, so viel mein Schatz! [Oh my godd! I love you so, so much my darling!]" Gunther gushed. "Aber [But] ... best I go back. I have to be at the lab early and if we leave here early, it means you will have to wait for your classes after you drop me off. Nein [No], let me go home tonight. I only sleep in the flat one night. There is stuff I want to unpack."

"You my love?" I asked Johann, the tall sexy blonde man with the nice dark moustache.

"What a question! Of course I'd love to stay! I'd just have to organise a few things at my house and make sure the jewellery and watches are safe. I did lock it in my car's boot and the garage is locked. But I also have to do some editing of today's shoot. I want to drop it off at the jeweller first thing tomorrow morning, including the orders. What happens now?" Johann asked.

"I think we have a drink and then when we drive into town to drop off Gunther at home, we could stop at the Mall and have some fish. After that, we could have coffee at Gunther's. I know he has a coffee machine ...!" Juan quipped! "And then we take it from there. No all-nighters, you sex fiend!" Juan punched Johann on the arm.

"Owww! I'm a big boy and I have needs! I'll get your brother to sort you out!" Johann feigned indignation.


We had wonderful fish and salads, and then nice coffee at Gunther's. It felt strange to be in our old flat and not to be the bosses there anymore!

When we left, Gunther's lower lip was quivering. "I am a single child. I have never had so many friends. And now I have 4 lovers too. Ich liebe euch alle so viel! [I love all of you so very much!]. I never thought so quickly I will make good friends and get lovers like you. Danke schön für alles. Das Wochende war super! Danke ... [Thank you very much for everything. The weekend was superb! Thanks ...]" Gunther took us all in his arms and kissed us all over. He pulled me tight to his body and gave me a long and sensual kiss.

"We love you just as much, Gunther. You're a very special guy and we're glad you're part of the five-some. Thanks for your contribution. We can't imagine a life without you anymore. Next weekend is going to be super again!" Juan said and hugged and kissed Gunther.

"My big beautiful Jerry! Fuck! I was so scared when I heard of you, and now I love you too! You're one special guy! I'm looking forward to spend next weekend with you again," Johann put in and pulled the tall big blonde German man into his arms and kissed him.

"Yes, and the best is left for last! Come here you sexy big blonde man! You make my baby bro very happy and I have to admit, I love you very much. I also don't want you ever to leave this group. You complete the group. Come here!" André gushed and pulled Gunther in for a big hug and kiss.

We drove home. Johann went to his house to edit the photos and to prepare the delivery of the photos to the jeweller and the order for rings and watches. By 21:30 he was back and soon the four of us were in the shower and after some hugging and groping and kissing and horsing around - for a change André was not his pesky self - Juan took charge again and after brushing our teeth, we were in bed. Johann moved in behind me and I knew what was to come. Juan and André also knew and both ribbed Johann for having such an insatiable sex drive. His big rubbery cock already twitched on my ass ...

The weekend was spectacular and with that thought in my mind I drifted into a much-needed sleep.

= To be continued =



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