I woke up in the early hours of the morning. There was that strange light of dusk and being overcast. It was raining and it was cold, but it was cosy and warm under the duvet with André spooning behind my back.

André was lying close behind me, his whole body pressing against the back of my body. His right leg was draped over mine. He had his arm around my chest and ... wait! His cock was in my hole!

The previous night with Claude was an experience and I was fucked good. It was a great experience but it was obvious André was still horny! And hot again ... He twitched his big cock in me and whispered: "You awake baby bro?"

"Yes, but what the fuck ...! You're fucking me again?"

"Yeah, sorry baby bro ... but when I woke up with a raging boner, I pushed it between your legs and felt it was still slippery, so I put in on your hole and ... well, it just slipped in ... sorry! Too much ...?"

"Last night wasn't enough? André, you're a sex maniac!" Actually it felt amazing to wake up with André's big cock in me, twitching and filling me up. I was thinking that if I ever had to choose between sex with André or Juan, I didn't know who I'd choose. André was a great and attentive lover, but so was Juan. If I wanted a huge cock and love, and great fucking, of course it would be Juan, but if I wanted utter tenderness and love plus a great cock, it would've been André, every time. Not an easy choice. But André's big cock was twitching in my hole and he was with me at that stage. My beautiful sexy hung hunk of a twin brother. I loved the man to death.

My own cock was rock hard of course and I felt the precum leaking out of it. I was hard and horny and all because of this hunk with his big cock inside me! André's hand took hold of my cock and started to jack it.

"Baby bro, is it OK? I'll pull out if you're not OK with this ..." André whispered in my ear. "I'm a pervert, I know, but in my defence, I woke up with this big hard thing, your hole got in the way and ... well, it just slipped in ... you know ...?" André was jokingly explaining the status quo.

"Excuses, excuses! Each one as lame as the previous one! You know I could never stay mad at you, and with that lethal weapon threatening my deepest guts, do I have a choice? Hmmm?"

"No, I suppose not, so just surrender, baby bro! Big bro will make you feel good and fill up your tank for the day!"

His cock was twitching in my hole and he pushed it in deep. I gasped. By now I should've been used to this, but one doesn't really get used to a big thick cock of 23cm in your hole, no matter how often it happens.

"I'm really horny, baby bro ... you make me so hot! I'll never get enough of this. It's fantastic to have my cock in you. I love you, baby bro, I love you," and he kissed my ear and hugged me closer. His cock pushed into me and I groaned. He was jacking my leaking cock.

"I love you too André. You'll always be my first love."

André started to fuck me in earnest. I heard his breathing becoming laboured. "I'm close ... you baby bro?"

"Yes, almost there. Ahhh! I love you André! Fuck me!"

And he did just that. He fucked me in earnest and I felt his big cock growing and then it happened. He was groaning with a deep guttural growl. I felt an orgasm building up in my groin. This was going to be a big one.

"Started without me?" It was Claude, standing in the door. Oh no! His big cock was jutting out and he peeled the skin back to reveal the huge head. "Mind if I get in on the action?" He had his fancy lube in the other hand.

Claude was right next to the bed in no time with his huge cock centimetres from my face. Our imminent orgasms subsided a bit, due to the intrusion. André was lying still with his twitching cock still buried deep inside me.

"Fuck him boy! I want to see that. Want to suck on this while he's at it, boikie?" He pushed his big cock towards my mouth and I felt the precum on my lips. I licked it off and marvelled at the fantastic taste I've experienced the previous day. It truly was a magnificent cock and his precum tasted great. I opened my mouth and he pushed it in with a groan. "Ahhhhhh! That feels great!" Claude gushed.

"Fuck him!" he ordered André.

André groaned and picked up his fucking again. He started to fuck me slowly but picked up speed.

"Pump him full of your thick creamy cum. I want to fuck him in your cum," Claude said.

André's orgasm was big and I felt him pumping his cum deep into me. He was out of breath and his cock twitched wildly deep inside me, pumping more and more cum into me.

"Great stuff. Now please let me have a go at his fine ass. I want to fuck him really good. He should be nice and loose now." André slowly pulled his cock out of me. When the head was still inside me, he leaned in and said: "Clench, baby bro." I clenched my cock and felt the head popping out. It was obvious he delivered yet another huge load in me.

I saw Claude lubricating his huge cock with the fancy lube. It really was amazing stuff.

"Now please let me in." Claude climbed over me as André rolled away from me. Claude lied down behind me, huge cock in hand. André got up and came to the front side of the bed and knelt in front of me.

"You OK baby bro?" I heard the concern in his voice.

"Yes, I'm fineeeeee ... ahhhh! Fuck, that's still a huge cock, Claude!" I said loudly as the big head of Claude's huge cock pushed into my hole. My hole was still clenching to contain the big cum load André just pumped into me, as well as Claude's earlier load, that was still inside me. So, it was a tight entry and the invading cock stretched me big time.

André took my cock in his mouth and gave me one of his signatory good blowjobs. It felt great.

"Just relax now boikie. I'm in. Just relax."

"Ahhhhh!" The big head was in and the rest of the huge cock was sliding into me. The lube was doing a good job. My hole and Claude's cock were slippery and it didn't hurt. I only felt the sensation of being filled to capacity with Claude's huge cock sliding in.

"I'm very horny so early in the morning. I'll cum soon. How about you?" he asked me. He was fucking me hard and deep. His big cock head throbbed and made me feel good. Every time he moved over my prostate, I felt the precum being pushed out into André's mouth. All in all, this was a great experience.

"Also close," I murmured and moaned. André's mouth on my cock was doing a fantastic job.

"I'm cumming! Fuck! I'm cumming!" Claude said loudly. With one final push, his huge cock head was pushed 25cm deep into my gut and he shot his load. His cock spasmed and twitched. Once again, I got a huge load pumped into me. I felt my own orgasm boiling in my groin and with a grunt I came. I shot a load of note into André's mouth. Man oh man, this felt good.

Claude was lying close behind me, stroking my chest hair, his cock still twitching in me. I gently pushed Andre off my cock - it was too sensitive and it was twitching wildly. André pulled off and came up to my face. I knew by now what was coming and held my mouth for him to deliver my cum in my mouth. Once again it was a big load and we savoured the load and kissed each other with cum-filled mouths. Eventually we swallowed and André gave me one long and loving kiss.

"André, Anton ... Boys! Are you awake? Boys?" Dad announced his presence as he knocked on the door and walked in.

Oh my godd! No! I knew Dad knew what was going on, but he caught us in the act. Claude's big cock was still in my hole and André and I were kissing. I didn't want Dad to catch us in the act! I knew he planned on fucking me some time in the future. What was he going to say about this?

"Oh, OK then ... Sorry, I didn't know ..." I was petrified and embarrassed. I loved Dad so much, but I didn't want him to see me like this, not at that stage, not with another guy's cock in my hole ...

"Hi Adriaan! How are you?" Claude piped up, obviously unfazed.

When I looked up, I saw the expression on Dad's face turn to utter confusion. He wasn't mad. He looked like he wasn't mad. Dad was adjusting his cock in his pants ...! Dad was getting an erection. Oh my godd! This was unreal!

"Good morning Claude. I see you're not one to waste time. Hmmmm!"

"You know what they say: 'The early bird ...'" Claude trailed off. His cock was getting softer in my hole. I was still clenching as I was really filled to capacity with cum.

"OK, as soon as you've done, get your sorry asses out of bed and come have some breakfast. Be respectable when you come down." His cock was making a huge bulge in his pants. The huge thing was clearly visible in his pants snaking to his left hip. Oh my godd, Dad!

"OK Dad," was all both of us could get out. Dad was readjusting his hard-on and with a last glance at us, he turned to leave.

"See you in a minute, Adriaan!" Claude put in.

"I hope it was worth it, boys. Now, get going. Chop chop!" Dad ordered.

"Erm ... ja ... yes Dad!" was all I could say, blushing all colours of the red rainbow.

Dad left and we were silent.

"Is your Dad cool with this? Does he also want in on the action? I could see he did get a huge boner! I hope he's not pissed at me now ...?"

"No Dad is cool. No, he's not pissed. If anything, he's even more interested in getting in on the action now. He wants to fuck Anton ..." André said.

"What? Really? He wants to fuck Anton? This is an interesting family, wow!" I wondered what he would say if he knew about Uncle Pieter ...

"Now, get your big cock out of my baby bro. We have to get going."

"OK, OK - give me a chance to get this big old cock out of this glorious ass without spilling it all over the sheets. Sheez man!" He lightly slapped my buttocks and kissed me on the cheek. He started to pull his huge cock from my ass. It was in a rubbery state and to be frank, it felt fantastic. Although Claude was who he was - he clearly wasn't in the same league as Juan, that was for sure - but he was a nice guy and he sure knew how to fuck.

"OK, it's coming out. Clench!" The huge cockhead lingered in my ass and as soon as he felt me clenching, he pulled it free. I felt the huge load inside me was huge! Wow!

Claude bent over me, kissed me on the mouth. "Nice taste! Your cum tastes good! Come here!" he said to André and pulled him in for a kiss. "You're two sexy boys. Thanks once again. I hope I didn't upset the apple cart by barging in like that? But to tell you, this was also very nice."

"It's OK, Claude. We've enjoyed it too. Thanks." I said as he got out of bed. He picked up his lube and ruffled André's hair. "Thanks for preparing his hole for me ... André ... isn't it? It was fucking A!"

"No problem. See you."

Claude left the room and André turned to me. "He's OK, but definitely wasn't in Juan's league. Was it OK for you? You OK?"

"Yes, Juan is special. It was different but OK. I'm fine, thanks."

"Did you see Dads' boner? Phew! I was petrified when he walked in! I think he's going to want to fuck you real soon! Soon you're going to have his huge cock in this fine piece of ass, baby bro!" André said and squeezed my buttocks.

"Yes, I think so too. All of a sudden everybody wants to fuck me! Now Dad too! Am I a slut all of a sudden?"

"No, just a fucking sexy man with a fucking sexy ass! Don't get a big head now! Come, let's go! Do you need some time in the bathroom first?"

"Yes, I do, but Claude is in there now. I'll wait a bit longer. Come, lie with me. I want you to hold me, André."

"OK, you got it baby bro."

He lied down in front of me, took me in his arms and hugged me. He kissed me on the lips - a soft loving kiss, no tongue.

"I love you so, so very much, baby bro. I never want to hurt you, and nobody will ever hurt you as long as I'm there for you. Just know that even though it's hot when other guys fuck you, I want to stay your number one - always," and he kissed me again.

"I love you too, André. I doubt anybody else has a brother as fine as you. You're the best. And you'll always be my number one. You must know I love Juan very much too, and his huge cock feels amazing, but my first love will always be you. Juan is part of our lives now and I don't want to change that. But I think it's our 19 years together that makes our bond so special." I kissed André and slipped a little tongue in his mouth. He held me tight and kissed me passionately. Fuck! I loved that man to bits!


At breakfast, I sat next to Dad and was a bit embarrassed to look him in the eye. Dad noticed that and put a hand on my thigh under the tablecloth and squeezed. When I looked up, he winked at me and mouthed: "It's OK!" I put my hand on Dad's and squeezed. I sighed with relief. Fuck, this was one hell of a man and my chest swelled with pride and love for him.


The rest of the day was a whirlwind of activities. Although most of the arrangements for the next day's party were taken care of, Mom was a stickler for details. Everything was checked and checked again, and we ran around checking on everything, doing this, doing that. Mom knew how to order people around!

In between, we showed Claude around the farm, and for a model, he knew quite a lot about a wine farm. He asked intelligent questions and even lent a hand here and there.

"Juan mentioned that you guys have investment portfolios but you don't have much time to tend to it. If you like, I'd like to take a look at it for you. And perhaps manage it for you? You do know I have a business in Cape Town, doing just that? Let me have a look. I might make you some serious money!"

"OK. That would be fine, thanks. With our studies, hockey and farm work over weekends, we don't get much time for that," I said.

"It's settled then."

We showed Claude the venue for the party the following day. He was impressed with the setup and huge vats.

"Your dad is a very tidy man. Just look at this place! Everything is spic and span! Small wonder he's such a successful vintner!"

We walked around the building and when we were in the far back looking at the carvings on the Cabernet Sauvignon vats, Claude pulled us in close to him and hugged us.

"Sorry for barging in on you this morning. I hope you didn't mind too much. Last night was spectacular and I just couldn't help it this morning! You have a way with your ass that is intoxicating," he said looking at André.

"Over there - it's his ass you're mad for." André pointed at me.

"Oh fuck, will I ever be able to tell the difference? Please forgive me, but you're just too identical. But, I have to thank you", he was looking at André now, "you fuck like a pro, boikie! That was fantastic! And where the hell did all that cum come from? During the night I had to go to the toilet to empty my gut. Fuck! I want it again please, if I haven't pissed you off too much this morning ...?" he trailed off.

"It was nice and as long as you know that Juan is our lover now. We'll do it with you again, but it will be for sex only. It could never be anything else," André said.

"Fine by me. I'm happy being single right now. But thanks, I do want to have sex with you two again - soon, I hope?"

"We'll see. As long as you remember Juan ..." André started.

"... is number one, I know! Don't worry, I don't want to replace him! He deserves to be happy and I'm not going to be the cause of him losing you two. Not to worry. It will be sex and sex only."

"OK, we'll see."

"Now please tell me what's with your dad this morning? He was obviously sporting a huge boner!"

"Yes, we had a little experience with him last December. He's interested, but we have to be extra careful. Up to now there just wasn't an opportunity to do anything." I said.

"And now with Juan in the picture, we don't know when it will happen. Plus you also appeared onto the scene, you sex maniac!" André quipped, and punched Claude's arm.

"So, I'm the sex maniac now? The pot calling the kettle black, I'd say! But, Adriaan has a huge cock, that's clear."

"Yes, it's just a little smaller than Juan's," I said. "It's as beautiful as Juan's, and yours, but we haven't had a lot of experience with it ... yet."

"You are fucking lucky to have so much sex trysts - total sex sluts!"

"Pot calling kettle black...?" André reminded Claude.


Juan arrived just after 3 o'clock.

"Some office stuff to take care of," he apologised.

We helped him to take his stuff to the spare bedroom. Mom prepared the second spare bedroom for him, just in case, but Juan said he'd love to sleep with Claude. He missed him so much. "OK, then, but the other bedroom is ready if Claude sleeps you out of the bed," Mom said.

In the bedroom, Juan pulled us into a tight embrace and held us close.

"Fuck! I've missed you so much, boys! Come here!" He hugged us again and kissed us. "You're the love of my life! Hmmmm!!" He kissed us again, and hugged us against his muscular body. I felt his magnificent cock starting to come alive. Wow ...!

"So then, what happened last night? Am I now out in the cold? Did Claude mesmerize you with his big cock and his sexual prowess?"

"You're our number one - you should know that by now. We love you very much ..." I said against his cheek and gave him a hug.

"He is a sexual creature, that's for sure!" André put in.

We filled Juan in about what happened last night. He was whistling softly when André gave him some details of Claude's sexcapades with us.

"The sneaky jackal! I hope you're OK, 'baby bro'?" He hugged me and searched for my mouth and kissed me.

"Yes, I was fucked wholesale last night, but I'm OK - don't worry."

"And then it happened again this morning," André blurted out.

"What? Really? Did Claude fuck you again, poor 'baby bro'? You OK?"

André filled him in on the details and once again Juan was stupefied. He thought he knew his brother, but obviously Claude has had a lot of experience with all the hunky men since Juan last saw him. "Sneaky bastard!"

We told him about Dad walking in on us.

"What? What are you saying?!"

"He was super cool about it; even got a boner!" André put in.

"It's clear that soon I'll have to share your fine ass with your dad too." Juan hugged me and kissed me on the head. "Poor 'baby bro'! I hope I'd still be your number one ...?"

"You'll always be mine ... our ... number one. Doesn't matter what happens, we love you too much. Nothing is going to change that, ever" I said, and hugged the big man. I lifted my face and got a nice big kiss. He pushed his tongue gently into my mouth. He groaned and I felt his cock swell against my leg. My cock responded and twitched. What a stud! I loved him so much, and he was mine ... ours!

"Get a room! Sheez! It's not even teatime and look at the two of you! Have you forgotten about me?"

Juan let go of me, pulled André closer and said in his ear: "You're never forgotten, you should know that André. Come here!" He pulled André close to him, lifted his face and gave him a long, loving kiss. "There, you're not forgotten, ever. You two are a package deal, and I'm the lucky one to be the 'owner'. I love you both, but this one," he looked at me and hugged me tight, "is a special one, don't you agree? We both get to fuck his lovely ass. He does get one more brownie point for that!"

"Yes, but remember I love him too. And I was his first love. His ass is mine as much as it's yours. He is my baby bro, remember?"

"Oh, stop it you two! I'm not choosing between you. I love you both, but yes, there is a special bond between André and I, but there is another special bond between you and me," I hugged Juan. "I'm not choosing - you're both special and I love you both."

"That's my boy! Come here baby bro!" André gushed and pulled me tight and kissed me. "I love you so much!"

"Before this gets out of hand, let's get out of here. Your mom said tea would be ready soon. And look at this enormous bulge in my pants again!" Juan said.

"Pervert!" André joked and gave Juan's hardening bulge a squeeze. I hugged Juan and felt his heart beating against my chest. Man oh man! I love these two guys so much!

"Wait! What about tonight? Are you sleeping with us or with Claude?" André put in. "Oh, and what if he wants in with us? What are we going to do?"

"Not to worry. I'll take care of it. I'll talk to Claude. Let's play it by ear. But would you be offended if Claude did join us? He and I haven't had sex in such a long time. I'd love it if you'd be OK to let him in. How do you feel, 'baby bro'?"

"As long as you're there, I'm OK. André?" I looked at my brother.

"This is starting to become one big complicated sex orgy! But yes, as long as I'm part of the action, and if Anton is OK to be fucked three-way, I'm in. Baby bro, are you sure? Remember, there will be THREE,' he held up 3 fingers, "big cocks that will fuck you. Of which one is a fucking anaconda," and he squeezed Juan's hard crotch again.

"Watch what you're doing 'mannetjie'!" Juan said and gave André's head a playful swipe.

['Mannetjie' = 'small/young man']

"I'm fine, André. As long as we don't rush it and if you promise to be gentle. And, André first, please. OK, Juan?"

"Whatever you say, 'baby bro'! Your wish will be done. We'll be gentle, but remember your hole will be taking quite a beating, and you'll get a litre of cum pumped into you! Enough to start a tractor!" he said jokingly.


After tea Dad asked us if Juan and Claude would like to see the grafting room and our new vineyards.

"Come, let's go. Let's show you the room where we do our magic and the new vineyards. We've cultivated a new variety. It's going to be a great grape yielding fantastic wine!" I gushed.

The guests were very impressed with our work and were surprised at our knowledge, and that I was the driving force behind the grafting.

"You guys rock!" Juan gushed.

The rest of the afternoon flew by with us showing our guests around. Every opportunity Juan could, he'd hug us and brushed his cheek against ours.

"And I have to look at all of this," Claude said, waving his hand up and down at us. "I know you love them. No need to rub it in. Just remember, I'm a guest here and I have rights! Just so you know, no hanky panky without me tonight! I want in."

"Claude, you know we are in a relationship now? You've had your fun with them last night and again this morning. Tonight they're mine."

"Like hell! Next week when I'm in Cape Town working my butt off, you'd be fucking this one's ass," he pointed at me - lucky guess, I thought. "No fucking way, bro! I'm not going to lie in bed and listen to you three getting it on right next-door. Guys," he looked at André and me, "what do you say? Am I in, or am I in? Please? Fuck, wasn't last night and this morning proof of my great sexual prowess?"

"It's not about your sexual abilities, Claude, but we need some time alone, OK?"

My mind was racing and the possibilities of 3 guys fucking me, was enticing. It could get very hot and raunchy.

"It's OK, Juan. I'm OK with it. As long as you guys are gentle and don't rape me, I'm fine. I'm OK if Claude wants to join us. André?"

"OK. I'll let this sex pervert join us!" André joked. Claude punched him in the arm. André grabbed Claude's crotch and squealed: "Guys! Feel the cock in this sex pervert's pants! He'd hump Anton right here given the chance! We have principles on this farm, you ... pervert!"

Juan put his hand on Claude's crotch and squeezed. "Phew! Bro, did you take some supplements? It feels as big as mine! 24cm?"

"No, 25cm I'll let you know," Claude declared proudly. "And this sexy man took it all last night, and this morning!"

We horsed around some more. Juan pulled André and me into a group hug and said against our cheeks: "I love you two very much. Never forget that. Don't let this big scruffy brother of mine upset you. He is just the way he is, no upbringing. My parents did try though ... He's the wayward offspring my parents gave up for adoption, but look at him: who in his right mind would adopt such a troll?"

Claude jumped on us and we all fell to the ground, him on top. We laughed and squealed like teenagers. There was a good relationship between Juan and Claude, and it was infectious.

Claude poked us in our sides and when I reacted, he shouted: "This one is ticklish! Which one is it?"

"It's Anton, the bottom," André said and punched him in the tummy.

Claude grabbed me and we ended up in a rough and tumble, him tickling me and me laughing like a small boy. The other two got up and stood watching us, laughing with us. I enjoyed the attention and knew Claude wasn't so bad after all. Deep down below, he was just a nice guy with a huge appetite for sex. I happened to be the available bottom and after our trysts the previous night and that morning, he was part of the circle, and I started to like him.

He ended up lying on top of me, looking into my eyes. He bent down and kissed me. "You're a great guy. Sorry if I was too much last night and again this morning, but you're so fucking sexy, I can't help to lust after you so much. Please say you forgive me ...?" He looked at me with puppy eyes set in an exquisitely beautiful face with the most beautiful kissable mouth. I melted.

"Yes, I forgive you. It's OK. As long as you know, it's André first and then Juan. You have to know that. It's OK that you want to fuck me too, and get your ass fucked by André, but I don't want to mess up what I have with my brother and Juan. OK?"

"Of course! OK. Thanks!" He kissed me again

"Hey! He's mine! Get off my boyfriend!" Juan announced. 'Boyfriend'? That was new!

"And mine!" André put in. "Let go of him!"

We got up and dusted ourselves off. Juan helped and when he rubbed the dirt off my crotch, he felt I had a semi. "Are you getting hard for my brother now?" he ribbed me.

"Come on, guys. It's getting late. The has Boeing passed hours ago - time for a drink!" André said.

He walked behind me and took me by the shoulders, and whispered in my ear, but loud enough for the other two to hear: "Don't let them mess with you! I have your back. Just talk to your big bro and I'll sort them out! OK?"

= To be continued =



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