We were stuck in traffic ... argh! Nice music pumped from Juan's new iPod Touch over the car stereo's speakers, and at times we sang along. "Build Me Up Buttercup" came up and the four of us sang like divas. One would have sworn we were from the 80s! We sang with abandon and mostly the occupants in the neighbouring cars were highly amused. Some even hooted and joined in. It was fun. But the traffic was a bitch.

After Buttercup I pulled out my iPhone and shushed everybody. We needed to call Dad to give them the good news. The speaker of the phone was on and Dad answered his phone on the third ring.

"Hallo Anton ..."

And André shouted: "We're in!" when Dad answered.

Dad chuckled: "Just like you are - jumping straight in. You go, André!"

"We signed with Boss Models and we had a photo shoot! Dad, they are very pleased with us, and with Juan. Claire was stumped when she saw us and Juan and Juan's hands and Juan's feet and the photographer took pictures of our hands for a jeweller who wanted hands for an ad ...!" I rambled on.

"Slow down, boy! Mom is still in town. Now, right from the start. What does the contract say? Juan ...? Claude ...?"

"Adriaan, they're in good hands, no funny stuff. I'm there for them. Don't worry. Claire is over the moon for signing 3 hunks on one day. I'm sure there will be a shoot next weekend already. The photos are fantastic. Johann will email us some we could share with you. You have two very beautiful boys, man!"

"Oh, OK. Thanks. Yes, they are rather good-looking. I assume congratulations are in order then? Good show, boys, Juan. We're happy for you and proud of you three. Mom will be over the moon. And we'll hear lots of 'I told you so', so be forewarned! Thanks for looking out for them Claude. Juan, all in order, boy?"

"Yes, all in order, Adriaan ... Dad!" Juan said.

"Are you on your way to Pieter's new condo? Sounds like you're stuck in traffic ...?" Dad asked.

"Oh yes, traffic is a bitch! Yes, we're on our way to Pieter. I called him earlier. He had a head start on us in this horrific Friday traffic. It's ridiculous!" Juan said.

"Enjoy the evening. And congratulations again." Dad said. "I'll give Mom the good news! Time for a G&T guys! Cheers boys!"


Pieter opened the door with just a towel around his hips. His huge cock jutted forwards and made a really big bulge. He was still a bit wet from having had a shower. His hair was still very damp.

"Come in! Please, come in! Welcome!" Pieter enthused. It was clear he was very pleased to see us. He pulled André and me into a hug and whispered: "Welcome!" and grabbed both of our butts. "Which one ...?"

"Mine ..." I said softly. Pieter immediately increased his groping. Sheez! The man was insatiable! I felt his big cock pushing against my hip. I was in for the fuck of a lifetime ... again!

We put our bags down. We looked around. It was unbelievable that this was a bachelor's pad. It was exquisitely furnished and looked like a picture from a style magazine.

"We're in! Boss Models signed us all up today! Whoop whoop!" André gushed enthusiastically.

"Yes, Claude told me on the phone. Congratulations guys! Come here ...!" He pulled us in one at a time, and hugged and kissed us.

"Hi there! Juan, as sexy and suave as always! Welcome!" and pulled him into a hug. He whispered: "Thanks! I appreciate it. Thanks ... I owe you one ...!" He hugged Juan and even kissed him. "And congratulations on Boss!" This family was something else! "This might be the start of something big, BIG boys!" Pieter said and groped Juan's crotch. Perve!

"Yelp! Pieter!" Juan exclaimed and grabbed Pieter's crotch behind the towel.

"Are we skipping drinks and go straight to the bedroom? Hi there! I'm also here ... I'm white, not transparent! Good afternoon Mr Du Toit!" Claude piped up.

"Ah yes, the wayward sexual pervert with a prowess that matches mine ... Just for that, you're welcome! Come in!" and grabbed Claude into a hug and kissed him. Claude was fumbling with the towel around Pieter's hips and with an 'et voila!' the towel came off. Pieter stood there buck-naked with a plumped up cock.

"The past two days in Johannesburg were frustrating with some really nice boys at the conference, but nowhere to go to fuck anyone of them into submission! Careful there!" Pieter remarked. "You're such a nice retard! OK, Gents! The Naked Host! See anything you like?" Pieter held his arms out and turned from side to side. His big cock was swinging like a pendulum, a very big, heavy pendulum!

"Here you go. We brought you some beer and wine to pay our way." Claude said and put the liquor on the table.

Pieter had a great muscular body. Like Dad, he had a thick pitch-black mat of chest hair. His tummy was also covered with hair, and was continuous with the bush around his big cock now hanging between his legs. Soft, it was at least 17cm and very thick. It was a masterpiece. I shivered internally ... I've had that dong in me twice the previous weekend and looking at it, I was surprised that I could even take that in my hole ...

"Bring your stuff in. Come, let me help you." He took some of the bags and led the way down the passage. "Here, put your bags in here. It's just to keep the bags. 'The Bedroom' or the 'Work Room as I like to call it, is right at the end of the passage," he said smiling wickedly. "Come, let's get a drink first!" He ran to his bedroom and returned wearing sweatpants, no underwear ... and was pulling on a sweater. He was barefoot. I noticed how beautiful his feet were ... like Dad's, just smaller. Still not as exquisite as Juan's, but beautiful nonetheless.

"We'll get a drink first and then you guys could have a shower while I look into the food situation. Here is the bathroom. Anyone who wants to freshen up right now?" Pieter was saying. "There is a toilet in the bathroom and there's another separate one there."

I needed to go to the toilet, so I slipped into the separate toilet that had a small basin at a right angle next to the bowl. André, Claude and Juan went into the bathroom. I heard the horsing going on while I took an early dump. Less cleaning later on.

Claude, André and Juan were still in the bathroom when I entered to wash my face. They were laughing loudly.

"Ahhhh! And there is my love ... Come and rescue me from these animals. They are so wild and uncivilized. My poor constitution ... come save me!" Juan feigned desperation. He pulled me into his arms and kissed my neck. "You OK? Still up for it?" he whispered.

"His ass is fine! He'll do just fine!" Claude piped up and gave my butt a slap. "Come, the drinks are getting warm. Come, come! Or chop chop as Alma use to say." Claude was on top form.

André joined Juan and me, and hugged us. "Baby bro, this man IS an animal. I do like animals as you know, but this man is a wild one. You're in for a rough time. Fortunately Juan and I will look after you." André said.

"Oh come on! I'm not wild! I just like what I see! You two like his ass as much as I do. Come, drinks!" Claude was relentless. He walked past us and flicked André's head. Of course there was retribution ... The mood was very spontaneous and relaxed.


We were lounging around with spirit coolers and admiring the beautiful condo. Pieter's iPod was connected to the stereo in the lounge and a nice playlist with lots of modern but also older nice songs was playing. He lit big candles all over the place. Pieter really had exquisite style and taste!

André and I were seated on either side of Juan, each with a hand on his thigh. His free hand alternated between the two hands on his thighs, giving our hands squeezes, pats. He even turned to either side and kissed us. "I love you!" he'd say to each of us. We had our heads on Juan's shoulder many times.

The doorbell rang and Johann arrived. He was dressed to a T. He wore modern pants, an open-neck shirt showing his chest hair. His hair was finger-combed and made him look like he has just returned from a photo shoot himself. He wore very stylish sandals, which showed his long, beautiful toes. His feet were also hairy and very nice. His feet were still not as nice as Juan's, but still very nice. And in his pants, his huge cock was as obvious as his bare feet.

He put his bags down, including a photographer's case, and Claude introduced him to Pieter.

Johann had a bottle KWV Roodeberg red wine and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which he handed to Pieter. Pieter pulled him into an embrace and thanked him for the nice gesture.

"Come, sit. What do you like to drink?"

"For a start, may I please have a G&T? I'm really thirsty. Traffic was horrible! I swore like a banjee! I need to wash the sulphur from my mouth! Yes, please and thanks! "

Johann looked like a film star. He was just gorgeous. His long fingers holding the glass had big nails, all perfectly manicured. When he caught me looking at him, he smiled and winked, and made big eyes. He put his hand in his lap and was playing with his huge cock. It was obvious this man was going to fuck me, and fuck me good!

"Why did you bring your camera ..." André started. "Oh my fuck! He's going to take pictures of us! Juan! Anton! Wow!"

"Only if you agree. It's clear you guys have not thought of that thus far, and I could take and give you fantastic photos." Johann said.

"I'm OK," Pieter said. "You Juan? Boys? Claude?"

Everybody agreed, but no nude photos showing faces. We didn't want our faces to be visible if our cocks were going to be photographed.


The steaks and salads were superb. Pieter knew his story with meat and he was the perfect host.

Johann got his camera out and was taking some impromptu pictures of us having a good time. If they were anything like what we saw earlier, these pictures would be spectacular as well.

"Some Italian gelato? Yes? And some of Adriaan's dessert wine? André, please help me."

Pieter stood very close to André while he scooped the ice cream, head close to André's. I wonder what they were talking about.

The dessert was fantastic and when Pieter offered coffee, we all declined. We were stuffed. We helped Pieter to clear the table and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. The kitchen looked spic and span in no time.

At 10:30 Pieter cleared his throat. "No Ladies and many Gentlemen! May I have your attention please? Once again, welcome to my humble abode. I hope you are enjoying yourselves. It is wonderful to have 5 such attractive men under my roof. Now some rules, confirmed by my nephew André."

"Whoop whoop!" Claude put in. "We want to fuck! Rule number 1 through to Rule number 10!"

"Claude, behave!" Juan reprimanded Claude.

"Gentlemen, you know where the toilets and bathroom are. Claude and Johann, you may use the en suite bathroom in the master bedroom, and leave this one to Juan and the boys, OK?

"Do whatever it is you want to do. Shower, brush your teeth, night cream, moisturiser ..." He ducked and caught the cushion Claude hurled at him. "As soon as you're ready, this party is moving to the master bedroom, on the king size bed. Bring whatever aids and lubes and sniffs and cameras you need to enhance our experience. I'll get the refreshments ready. Anton, don't worry my boy! We'll all be gentle, I promise."

Juan held me by the shoulder and pulled me close to him. "Not to worry, André and I will be there all the way," and kissed me on the head.

André hugged me from the other side and said: "Big bro and this big oaf will protect you."

"Oh please! We're not going to rape him! Last weekend he did just very well. Let's get this party going." Claude was already pawing his growing cock.


I went into the toilet with my rubber bulb and flushed out well. With 5 guys waiting to fuck me, I had to make sure I was 100% clean. After a thorough douche, I joined Juan and André in the bathroom. They were just getting into the shower. Juan pulled us into a big hug and just stood under the cascading water. It felt good to be in the arms of the man who loved us so much. André snaked his arm behind my head and pulled me closer.

"You OK, my love?" Juan said.

"I'm a bit scared, but I'm OK. With you there, it would be fine." I said. "It looks like Johann has an incredibly big cock ..."

"Hang in there, baby bro. You can do it. This big bad oaf and I would be there to ensure all will be OK. OK?"

We showered, washed our hair, washed our crotches, and washed each other's backs. We hugged and kissed each other a lot. Before long I was starting to relax and our growing erections looked spectacular. I wanted a picture of these 3 big cocks jutting out towards each other ...

We towelled each other dry and kissed and hugged each other some more. The realisation of the  imminent sex orgy and multiple fucking were big between us.


When we entered Pieter's bedroom, he, Pieter and Johann were lying on the pillows, playing with each other's cocks. Pieter was between Johann and Claude. Pieter had Claude's cock in his hand and it was rock-hard. Johann was fingering his own cock ... I gasped. It was an enormous cock. It was a bit thicker than Pieter's cock, but longer - it was longer for sure, I thought. He slowly pulled the skin over the big, long uncut head. I marvelled at the sheer size and beauty of this big cock.

I looked at their bodies and faces. All three were spectacular and sexy in his own way. Pieter's immensely thick cock was lying on his tummy and the rubbery thing reached past his belly button. Fuck! That was one spectacular cock! Pieter was the spitting younger image of Dad, also very hairy. He had a sparkle in his eyes and winked at me, fingering his huge cock.

Claude was ... well, Claude. He was a super model, but sexy and hung big. At 25cm, he was bigger than us, but 3cm shorter than Juan. He was as mischievous as they come and patted his chest and said: "Here, boy! All just for you!"

Juan gave Claude a look and took me by the shoulders. "It's OK, my love. I'll see to it ..."

"Get rid of those towels and get in here!" Pieter said.

We dropped the towels and crawled onto the bed with the other three guys. Our cocks were plumped up after the towelling, but also seeing these hung hunks waiting for us made us harder by the second. Fuck! What a selection of fine hung men!

Johann moved to the side to make room and he patted the bed next to him. I looked at Juan ... he nodded. I lied down next to the blonde hunk. He held his arm and pulled me into a hug. "OK, Juan? OK to have him for a while? André ... Anton ... It's Anton, isn't it?"

"Yes, but please don't rush things," Juan said. He and André climbed between the legs of the other two: Juan between Pieter's legs and André between Claude's legs. They reached for the big cocks in front of them and started playing with them.

Johann had his camera at the ready and was taking pictures of our cocks, some hard and some in the rubbery stages of arousal. Hmmm! That put a new spin on things.

Johann leaned in and kissed my cheek, and stroked my hairy chest. "Hmmmm! What a fantastic male specimen. You're two beautiful and very sexy young men. Hmmmm! Don't be afraid ... it's big, but I'm not going to rape you. I'll be very gentle. You will enjoy it, I promise."

"It IS rather big, Johann ..." I said and took the huge cock in my hands. And there it was again. It was very big, but it wasn't rock-hard! I squeezed it and it felt amazing. My fingers couldn't reach around the thick shaft. The head was spectacular.

"See, it's designed to make you only feel good! Like to suck it a bit?" Johann said.

He leaned in and started to kiss me gently on my lips. His moustache was a first for me ... I thought of the saying that kissing a man with a moustache was like eating soup with a fork: you could never get enough. And he knew how to kiss, that much was clear. His mouth was soft and warm and plump. This man had a great mouth to kiss! He gently pushed his tongue on my lips and played over them ... I opened my mouth and his tongue gently entered. He was playing with my tongue and moved his tongue all over mine. His tongue was all over the inside of my mouth, exploring every nook and cranny. Wow! My cock was rock-hard and was leaking lots of precum onto my tummy.

"Hmmmm! You're a good kisser, Andr ... Anton? And fucking sexy!"

I put my hand on Johann's cock and it felt bigger ... was that even possible? "I want to see that huge cock!" I lifted my body and looked at Johann's cock ... and gasped. It almost reached to his chest, and was impossibly thick. And there was a puddle of precum on Johann's chest where the head was lying. It wasn't throbbing but it had grown to its full size it would appear.

Johann fell back on the pillows and took his cock in his hand. "Here, look as much as you want."

He took his camera and took some photos of our cocks and of them together.

I lifted my body and looked at the enormous cock in Johann's hand ... it was majestic. Wow! I reached for it and Johann let go of it. I took it in my hand and gasped. I squeezed it and realised again it was so thick my hand couldn't reach around the shaft. I thought of Dad and his 3-hands long cock with the tip of the head sticking out. This one could easily require almost 4 hands!

The cock felt fantastic. It was hard and throbbed gently. It was hard, but rubbery. What an experience! It was the first time I felt something like that. Huge, but rubbery.

"See? I'm just going to make love to you and make you feel good. No hurting whatsoever. I promise. It stays rubbery and I won't hurt you," Johann said and pulled me on top of him. He kissed me and hugged me. This was a special man and I liked him even more. He was a kind and nice guy. Very sexual yes, but he was no pervert. "If you were not taken, I'd try to win your heart ..." he whispered in my ear. "Juan and André are very lucky to have you. If you like tonight, I'd like to see you guys again ... regularly, please? OK?"

"We'll see ... Remember there are 3 of us, not just me. OK?"

"Deal! Now, relax and enjoy!" Johann said.

Next to me everybody was sucking everybody. I saw Pieter's cock almost balls-deep in Claude's mouth, and André had Juan's monster cock in his mouth. Juan saw me looking at them and he put his hand out, touched my leg and asked: "All still OK, my love?"

"Yes, all fine thanks, my love."

"I'm so happy for you, but fuck, I wish it could have been me ... damn!" Johann swore under his breath. He leaned in again and kissed me gently with his soft sensual moustached mouth. Thus far, Johann proved to be an exceptional lover. He was sensual and very attentive. He rolled on top of me and took my head in his hands, looked down into my eyes and kissed my nose, my eyes, my cheeks, my chin ... his moustache felt so good and his soft lips were so sexy! Fuck! This man was really making love to me!

His huge rubbery cock was on my cock and it reached up to my chest. It was a big cock! It was adding a huge amount of precum into the hair on my chest. Our combined precum was making a pretty big mess, but who cared? I felt his cock sliding up and down between our bodies and it made me extra horny.

Johann trailed his tongue over my nose to my lips. He pointed his tongue and slowly pushed it into my mouth ... it was like he was fucking my mouth! His lips were soft on my lips and his kiss was so sexy and romantic. He took my hands in his big hands and pushed them up next to my head. He looked into my eyes and smiled. "You are one spectacularly beautiful sexy man, you beautiful young man! And I can't help it, but I like you ... I like you very much ... no, I like you a fucking lot! You're a divine man ... Ahhhh!" Johann gushed and kissed me again.

Next to me Pieter was on all fours facing the far end of the bed, and Claude was preparing his cock with the super lube and put some on Pieter's hole. Pieter groaned when Claude's huge thick cock pushed in. "Slowly! That thing is huge! Take it slow! Ungghhhh!" Claude was slowly pushing into Pieter.

Then I saw Juan right next to me ... he was preparing his cock and moved in behind Claude ... my godd! He was going to fuck Claude with his huge 28cm cock! That should make him appreciate sex with me a bit more! When Juan's big cock entered Claude, he growled: "Oh my godd! Oh my godd! How does Anton manage to take your huge cock in his tiny hole? You're an animal! Slowly ... please ... Ahhhhh! Oh my goddddd!" Juan was still pushing in, no waiting. I was amazed. Juan wasn't making love to Claude, he was just fucking him! That's my man, I thought!

André was in front of Pieter and was sucking the 26cm cock bobbing up and down, leaking lots of precum. André was a good sucker and I thought of him coming over to us so he could suck me.

Johann lifted off me and sat on his knees between my legs. He reached for the lube and poppers ... ahhh ... poppers again ... hmmm! This man meant business. He flicked the lid open and put some lube on his enormous cock. He pushed my legs up over my body and started to lube my hole. When done, Johann leaned in and said: "I'm going to make love to you, young man. I'm nut just going to fuck you. No rush, no pain, just pleasure. But, I have one small surprise for you. Nothing to worry about, but I think you'll like it. Just trust me ... I make love, not war." He bent over me and kissed me lightly on the mouth and winked. "Just relax, OK? And enjoy! You're in for the ride of a lifetime! I'm going to fuck you and cum because I can cum up to 3 times a night. After the others, I want seconds ... OK?"

"Yes, right. OK," I said. I looked at his attractive face and thought of his very nice manner of making love thus far.

Johann put each of my legs in the crook of his arms and pushed up. His cock was touching my hole and slid over it. Johann pulled back and looked at his cockhead aiming at my hole. "Relax!" Johann aimed his cockhead at my hole and pushed. He used no hands but the head pierced my hole! This man was a master!

"Be careful there! If you hurt my baby bro, this sex orgy stops now!" My big bro was looking after his 'baby bro', only 2 minutes younger, I might add. But, he considers himself the 'big bro'!

Juan turned around and put in: "Yes, be careful with my boy! You have a seriously big cock! No hurting and ramming home. Take it easy ... OK?"

"OK, I will." Johann handed me the poppers: "Here, some poppers. Take a big whiff," Johann said, giving me the small bottle. I took it and took a whiff ... my head was spinning and I was floating into a world of love and relaxation and pleasure and ... It was so nice ...

I groaned when the huge rubbery head entered me. Johann just held his cock there and made it swell. I groaned but realised the big cock wasn't hurting me at all. It felt very good. Johann held his cock right there and waited for my hole to open up by itself. He just held his cock in the same spot with just enough push. I felt the cock slowly entering me. There was no pain! Johann kept the slight pressure on his cock to slide in naturally. This man was a master fucker! I marvelled at the big rubbery cock in my hole, just making me feel good, no pain whatsoever.

I felt the big cock head pushing at my internal sphincter. Johann just held his cock in position with a little pressure and waited. And soon my sphincter relaxed and the huge head slipped past it. Wow! What an experience!

All of a sudden I felt Johann's balls rest on my bum ... how was that possible? I felt his pubic hair brush against my balls. This can't be, I thought! I looked at him and he smiled and winked. "See, I told you: only love-making, no pain."

Johann had his huge cock balls-deep in me, and I felt no pain, not in the least! I clenched my cock over it and he responded by twitching his cock 29cm deep in me. Once again: only pleasure and enjoyment. No pain at all. Wow!

"Some more poppers. Just to make sure ... OK?" I took the bottle and sniffed the stuff again. I felt Johann making his enormous cock swell inside me. I was in sexual heaven!

Johann leaned in and kissed me softly and deeply ... his tongue darted in between my lips and I sucked it into my mouth. This was one hell of a man and he was a fantastic lover. Juan and André were special, but this man was in a class of his own! Johann's mouth trailed down my chin, over my neck into the hair on my chest. He searched for my left nipple and sucked it deep into his mouth.

"Ahhhhhh! Oh my fuck! Oh my godd!" I moaned.

Johann took my hard and wet cock in his hand and started jacking it.

"Careful there ... I'm super randy. I don't want to cum yet!" I said.

Johann let go of my cock and pulled his cock out a bit and started fucking me. He was very attentive and really went to great lengths to make me feel good. He fucked me slowly and deeply. When he had his cock pulled back, he would make it swell and at the same time he would push in, and held it still deep inside me. It felt fucking good!

"I'm about to cum, OK?"

"So soon?" I was disappointed. This was too good for it to end now already ... "Why?"

"Because I want to make it very special, and remember, I'll be back for seconds. OK?"

"Oh, OK."

I looked at the others and saw they were still fucking, but Juan was watching over his shoulder how this hung hunk was fucking me.

Johann was picking up speed and I heard his breathing changing and his cock was swelling bigger ... And then it happened: just as he started to cum, he pulled out! He aimed his big cock at my hole and I could feel a huge load being shot onto my hole, and then he pushed back in. And he pulled out again. After every shot, he'd push his big cockhead through the cum into my hole, out again, another shot of cum on my hole, in through the cum ... fuck! This was a first! After about 10 shots of cum on my hole, Johann pushed into me through the big load of cum. He continued until he was in me balls-deep and held his cock in me.

"Ahhhhh! That was epic! Boy, you're one hell of a bottom! You make me hotter than hell! This was something to remember," Johann said and kissed me. His big rubbery cock was still big but not as hard as it was.

"I'm pulling out, OK? You OK? Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, I'm OK. Johann, that was more than nice. I loved it. You're a very good lover. Thanks ..." I said softly in his ear. It was memorable, but I didn't Juan and André to hear me gushing about this fuck-session.

"I'm glad to hear. Remember, if you guys want me to join you again, just give me a call. OK?" Johann whispered.

He lifted off me and pulled his magnificent cock from me. I was so amazed that I was fucked with a huge cock and felt no pain whatsoever.

When Johann's cock pulled free, he plopped onto the bed next to me. "Next!" he said.

Next to us the foursome disentangled and cocks were pulled out of asses and André stopped sucking Pieter's big cock.

"I'm the twin brother! I have rights! Me next!" André declared. Ahhh, my big bro! He crawled towards me and leaned in to kiss me. "You OK, baby bro? Did he hurt you?"

"No, no pain - it was fantastic! I felt no pain! I can't believe it!" I said.

"Wow! You sure?"


"OK, I'm going to fuck you now. You OK with that?"

"Yes, do it," I said.

André lied down on top of me and kissed me tenderly. It was like kissing myself, but it was nice. He knew how to make me feel good. Because he loved me, I knew I was up for another spectacular Le Roux fuck.

André licked my nipples, sucked one in and it made me groan. His one hand was on my cock and was rubbing the precum over the head. He bent down and licked the head. "Hmmmmm!" he moaned. I felt the head slipping into his mouth and it advanced until the head pushed against his throat. He pulled it out and added more saliva. He pushed again and the head of my 23cm cock slipped right into his throat. "Ahhhhhh!"

André sucked me till I had to pull his mouth off my cock. I was on the verge of cumming. "Whoa! I'm too close, André!"

Next to me Juan was still fucking Claude, and by then Pieter was sucking Claude's cock. What an orgy. On my other side Johann was toying with his big rubbery cock and took more random photos. I looked at his cock. Did that thing ever go down?

"Anton, your hole is sopping wet! My godd! Johann! You cum like a horse! My baby bro's hole is soaked! Wow!"

I put my hand on my hole and felt how wet it really was. André scooped some of my precum from my tummy and rubbed it over his cockhead. "I'm going into your wet hole with Johann's cum and our precum, OK baby bro?"

"Yes, let's try it," I put in.

"OK, here it comes," André said and put my legs in the crook of his elbows like Johann had done. He aimed his cockhead at my hole and pushed forward. Everything was so wet, his big cockhead slipped in straight away. I groaned nonetheless, not because of pain, but the feeling of my brother's cock entering me and filling me up felt wonderful. His thick cock slid in deeper and soon he was in balls-deep. "Ahhhhhh! This is just wonderful! You feel so hot and sexy, baby bro!" André put in.

André made his cock twitch in me and I clamped on the big cock. André leaned in and kissed me. "I love you my beautiful sexy baby bro!" he said.

He pulled out a bit and started to fuck me.

"I'm hot and ready and I'm not going to last long, OK? Juan, are you ready?" André announced.

"Yesss! I almost came in Claude, but I'd rather have it in Anton. How far are you André?" Juan asked. "Don't cum yet. Let me fuck Anton first and then you and I could fuck him together. OK?

"Unnngghhhh! Yes! OK. You OK with that baby bro?"

"Yes, it's OK."

André pulled out and stood between my legs, waiting for Juan to move in. He was touching my butt, my neck, my arm ... this man loved me very much. He leaned in and kissed me in my neck and whispered: "You're awesome baby bro ... I love you so much!"

I leaned back and kissed him on his cheek. "I love you too, big bro!"

I moved out of the way to let Juan lie down on his back in front of me. I took the lube and put some of it on Juan's cock and on my hole. Precum alone would not do for a double!

The camera in Johann's hand clicked.

Both slicked up, I moved in over Juan facing him and lowered my hole onto his cock, which he held upright. As soon as the head was right on my hole, Juan took his hand away and put it on my hip. He lifted his hips and his cock pushed through my sphincter. Fuck, it was rock-hard and I was definitely feeling it entering me ...

"You OK, my love? A bit more?" Juan asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," I said and lowered my hole deeper over Juan's big cock. I groaned when the big pole was sliding in me. When it reached the internal sphincter, I stopped the descent and waited for the sphincter to open. All of a sudden it opened and I slipped down Juan's magnificent pole. Juan groaned and pulled me down and kissed me softly, but also with some urgency in him. He was hot from fucking Claude and it wouldn't take long for him to shoot his load. We did the twitching and clamping ritual and both of us were groaning. It felt so good.

Juan pushed me upright and started to fuck me. In, out, in, out ...

Next to me I saw Johann's cock was erect again ... amazing! He winked at me ... Talk about insatiable! The man had one hell of a sex drive to match his huge cock! The camera clicked some more.

"Ready baby bro? I'm coming in. Bend down a bit," André said. I heard him opening the lube and put some more on my hole and Juan's cock. Amazing stuff, I thought.

"Sniff some poppers," Juan said and gave me the small brown bottle. I put it in front of my nose and took a deep whiff. Fuck! That was potent stuff! My head started to spin ...

André put his cock head on my hole and pushed ... the head slipped in straight away. Wow! What a sensation! It was still amazing to feel them both in me! André pushed his whole cock into me slowly and didn't stop. He was in balls-deep. He held it there and all three of us were playing the twitching and clamping game. I could shoot a load right there!

André pulled out a bit and started to fuck me.

"You ready to cum, André?" Juan asked after a short while.

"Oh fuck yes! I'm so full of cum and I want to bury it in my baby bro's hole on top of your big cock! Fuuucckkk! Ready baby bro? OK if I came?"

"Yes, it's fine - give it to me. Fuck me!" I said.

André let loose and after the 4th stroke he was ready to shoot his load 23cm deep into me. "I'm cumming! Anton, I'm going to shoot! Oh my godd! My cock feels so good on your cock Juan! Unnggghhhh! Here it comes. Oh fuck ....!" André shoved his cock deep into me and held still. I felt it pulsating as it shot its load into me. Ahhhhh!

André collapsed on my back and hugged me. He was breathing deeply and he was whispering: "Oh my godd! It's better every time! Oh fuck!" He straightened up and planted a kiss between my shoulders. André started to pull out. Ahhhh!

"Almost out, baby bro. OK?" André said and I clenched. He pulled free and I felt another cock already prodding at my hole.

"Anton, let me in. I've waited too long for this. I want in please?" It was Claude pushing his lubed up cock on my hole. "I'm all lubed up, can I please push in?"

"OK, but be gentle Claude," Juan instructed his brother.

"Poppers!" Claude called. I opened the small bottle and put it under my nose again. I took a deep whiff and my head started to spin. I felt Claude pushing his huge cock into me. All 25cm was pushed into me in one long continuous push.

"Ahhhh!" I exclaimed.

"You OK, my love? Is he hurting you?"

"No, I'm fine. Just be gentle."

"I'm always gentle!" Claude put in and started to fuck me with deep strokes. He would pull out and push in balls-deep, holding the big cock deep in me next to his brother's even bigger cock.

"André, you hound dog! He is filled with your cum! It feels wonderful!" Claude commented when his cockhead pushed into André's cumload deep inside me.

Juan and Claude fucked me like pistons: Juan would push in as Claude was pulling out, and pull out when Claude was pushing in. It was fantastic.

"When you're ready, fuck him and cum, OK?" Juan instructed.

"Not yet, man! This is too nice! Give me another minute!" Claude pleaded.

"It's OK, my love ..." I said.

Claude took his cue and fucked me with long pushes and made me feel good. Fuck, who'd think this could be so nice!

"OK, I'm ready! I'm going to cum." Claude announced.

"Me too! Are you ready for two huge loads, my love?"

The two brothers fucked me and both started to gasp. I could feel they were close to orgasm. And then it happened. Both of them started to groan and they pushed deep into me and shot their loads. They were groaning like they were in pain. They were pumping huge amounts of cum into me.

Juan pulled me down and kissed me. "I love you so much!" he said.

Claude lied down on top of me, pushing me onto Juan.

"You're crushing me, Claude! Get up!" Juan groaned.

Claude sat up straight and slowly pulled his cock out. I managed to clamp down on Juan's cock just in the nick of time to keep the cum in me.

Claude flopped back on the bed and Juan pulled me down for another kiss. "You OK, my love? All OK?"

"No, I'm fine," I said.

"Ready for me?" Pieter asked and moved closer. His huge thick cock was rock-hard and lubed up already. "Get the poppers! You OK, Anton? I want a piece of that beautiful ass!"

Juan pushed me up and off his cock. "If he hurts you, I'll stop it, OK my love?"

"OK, thanks. I'm fine Juan." I said. I was eyeing Pieter's huge cock and shivered. That was a seriously big and thick and hard cock. I couldn't believe I've had it in me the previous Saturday! Unbelievable!

I slipped off Juan's cock and Juan crawled out from under me. Pieter pushed in and took Juan's place on his back. He held his huge cock up and motioned with his head for me to take a seat. Oh my godd! This was an animal! But, a nice animal with an enormous cock and once it was in, I knew it would feel good.

I took some more of the lube and put it on my now loose hole. I lowered myself over Pieter's cock and took the poppers at the ready. When I felt the huge head touching my hole, I took a deep whiff and when my head was spinning, I sat down. The impressive cock pierced my hole and slid in. I continued and felt how the enormous cock was filling me up.

My head was still spinning when I realised I sat in Pieter's lap with his 26cm cock deep in me! And it didn't hurt! Wow! How was that even possible?

Pieter pulled me down and kissed me gently and deeply. "Anton, you're one hell of a guy! There are not many men who could manage to take on my cock. And, you're a sweet beautiful boy. You do know I love you guys a lot, not just here in the bedroom?"

"We love you too very much Pieter. You're the best uncle we could have wished for. And this ... this is great. We're enjoying it."

All the others were lounging on the bed watching the grand finale of our orgy, playing with their big rubbery cocks. Pieter was a fucker of note. And his huge cock was something to behold.

Next to us, Johann was playing with his very big cock ... it was beyond soft, that much was obvious!

Pieter made his big cock swell in me. Ahhhhh! "Ready, boy? I've got one hell of a load for you. Ready?"

"Yes, I'm lose and full of cum. I'm ready." I said.

Pieter started to fuck me and soon his breath was starting to become laboured.

"I'm about to cum! Oh godd! I'm cumming! Anton, I'm cumming!"

I felt the huge cock swell and twitch as he discharged his big load in me. The big cock in me was still twitching as the last cum oozed out of it. Pieter held me close to him and I felt his huge cock become rubbery as it lost its hardness.

"Ready for this one again, Anton?" Johann said, standing on his knees behind me, holding his gigantic cock up.

"Yes, after Pieter is out, you can fuck me again." I said.

"No, right now ... together with Pieter." He said flatly.

"No way! You're too big! Pieter is huge as it is! I can't take you both on! No ways."

"You can't do that to him, Johann!" Juan said sternly. "It's impossible! You're too big!"

"Pieter's cock isn't hard anymore. Let's just try it. If I hurt Anton, I'll stop immediately, I promise!" Johann said.

"Anton? My love? Are you up for it to try that? He'd stretch you awfully ... I don't know!"

"I'll be very gentle. Anton would be able to handle it, I'm sure."

"Anton?" André asked too.

"I don't know. When he fucked me, he didn't hurt me. But I'm willing to try ..." I said, wondering if I would be able to take Johann's huge cock in me too. It might be possible, as it was very rubbery ... just maybe. I was willing to give it a try. "Yes, let's try it. OK, Johann ..."

"That's my boy!" Johann said and tousled my hair.

He got in behind me and was lubing up.

"Careful please, Johann!" Juan said with trepidation in his voice. "Anton ...?"

"Just give me some more poppers. Where is it?" I asked.

"Here! Take a nice big whiff! I have to see this!" Claude put in. He was such a perve! He handed me the poppers and sat down on his knees so he could see my hole ... perve! He took Johann's camera and was clicking away.

Johann's cock was lubed up and he positioned it on my hole. "Ready? Poppers first!"

I took a deep whiff and waited to be torn apart ... I felt the big rubbery head stretching me and it started to slip in ...! Oh my godd! I took another whiff of the poppers! Got to be sure, I thought. My head was swimming and my hole body was tingling with euphoria ...

I felt the cockhead sliding in and ... discomfort, but no pain! How did this man do it? I felt the huge cockhead was in and starting to slide into me on top of Pieter's big rubbery cock already in me. Oh my godd ...! I can't believe it, I thought.

"You OK, Anton? All fine?" Johann asked. "Am I hurting you?"

"No, fuck! I can't believe it but there is no real pain. Your cock is amazing!" I answered.

"Hnnnnghhhh!" I moaned as Johann pushed in. It was a huge cock that was entering me on top of Pieter's soft rubbery cock. I was getting fucked wholesale, that much was clear.

Johann was in me balls-deep and rested the huge cockhead on top of Pieter's cock. He was twitching his cock and it was big, but it didn't hurt! Johann pulled out a bit and pushed back in. I groaned. He started to fuck me with deep and long strokes. He was really gentle. He pushed his cock in deep and held still.

Careful not to dislodge Pieter's big rubbery cock in me, I lifted my butt higher above him.

Johann said in my ear: "I'm going to give you some of my special treatment again, OK? Ready for it ...?"

"OK, I'm fine, ready ..." I said.

Johann pulled out completely and I gasped. It felt odd, but soon his cockhead was entering me again. It was an amazing feeling, this time without the poppers ... it was fantastic. This guy knew how to make a bottom feels good. He pushed right deep into me and held still.

"Still OK?"


He started to fuck me with long strokes and soon he picked up speed.


"Yes ..." I guessed what was coming ...

I felt the big rubbery cock spasm and twitch as it started to cum in me. He pulled out immediately and shot the rest of his load on top of Pieter's cock on my hole. With every spurt, he would push back into me and pulled out again, and when it spurted, he'd push in again ... My oh my! This was special!

"Oh my godd! Look at that! This man is a sex machine! Man oh man!" Claude put in. The camera clicked.

"Wow ... baby bro, you're getting fucked big time!" André put in.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing ... unbelievable ..." Juan was amazed.

Johann continued pulling out and pushing back in through his cum for as long as he was cumming. My hole was covered in cum and his cock slipped into me with no problem.

Fuck! I was cumming ... I was cumming too! Oh my godd! And while Johann was plugging my hole again and again, I shot a load of note onto Pieter's chest, making one huge mess in his chest hair. My hole spasmed around the two cocks in my hole.

When Johann was done, he pushed in all the way and collapsed on my back. Johann put his arms around my body and hugged me closer. My cum caused one hell of a mess between Pieter and my chests ...

Johann got hold of Pieter's arms and leaned over to his left side. It caused us to roll over onto our sides. Both men were still inside me. My hole was full and my hole was wet. Pieter's and my chests were soaked in cum. Fuck!

As we rolled onto our sides, Johann asked: "So, how was that? Did you enjoy it? Told you so ...!"

"It was amazing! Thanks."

Pieter leaned in and kissed me. "You're an amazing bottom. I would never be able to do what you just managed. You're the man. I love you lots my man! Juan and André are lucky bastards!" He started to pull out. "I need a piss! If I piss in you, you're going to explode! Sorry ..." and he pulled out. "Toilet! Who wants Coke?"

"I'll come with you," Claude said and they left the room.

I just managed to contain the rest of the cum in me with Johann still in me.

Johann pulled me in close and pushed his huge rubbery cock deep into me again. "So, how was it? Again sometime soon ...?"

"It was fantastic, I'll give you that. But, my lovers and I need to talk about that, OK?"

"What? Seconds? Johann ...?" André asked incredulously.

"No, not now, don't worry André, I'm not interested in breaking up your guys' super relationship. I think you're phenomenal, but if you are OK with it, I'd love to see you guys again, please? I live in that new townhouse development between Stellenbosch and Strand. I could come visit you in Stellenbosch ..."

"Is it the La Rochelle development?" Juan asked.

"Yes, it is. Why? Do you know it?" Johann said.

"We're moving in there at the end of the month!" André gushed.

"Oh my godd! If that's not a sign, I don't know what is! Come on guys! We could have so much fun! Ask him if he enjoyed it, come on - ask!" Johann enthused.

"Anton, what do you say? It's your hole that would be plugged with this man's obscenely big cock. What do you say?" Juan asked.

"It was actually fantastic. I never thought a big cock like his could make me feel so good without hurting me. If it's OK with you, I'm saying 'yes'."

"André, what do you say?" Juan said.

"I like the man, and obviously Anton loved his cock in his hole. For one, I'd love to feel my cock in Anton's hole together with Johann ... I say 'yes' too." André answered.

"I have to admit, I also wouldn't mind to experience that with Johann inside my love ... but would you be OK?"

"Pieter's cock is gigantic even when soft, and I took his and Johann's cocks. I should be able to take yours too with Johann in me my love."

"Guys, I like you very much, VERY much, but I'm not going to move in with you or break up your relationship or anything. Yes, I know I'm a sex addict and I think I've found the perfect guys to satisfy my needs ... Please Juan? I'm not going to make Anton fall in love with me. If he were alone, it would've been a different story, but he's madly in love with you and his brother. I'd be happy with regular sex with you three guys, please?" Johann pleaded.

"Johann, I'm going to say 'yes' for now, but let's play it by ear. It's a qualified 'yes'. Let's not make hasty decisions now. Let's see in the morning how everybody feels. OK boys? I have a responsibility to look after them. Their parents have entrusted them to me, and just look at what I allow to happen to them ... to Anton ... I'm such a shitty son-in-law ..." Juan trailed off.

"There is no such thing!" I piped up immediately. "You're a great guy and we love you very much. We're doing this well-knowing what the consequences are. We have all have agreed to this, so we're just as guilty if somebody would be pointing fingers."

"Come on Juan. Johann is not riff-raff. Look at him! He could be a Hollywood star! And that cock ... I feel like a small boy next to him! We could have some great fun with him." André put in.

Johann's big rubbery cock was still in me ... and it felt amazing. But I didn't want to upset Juan or André.

"Well, OK then. But let's play it by ear." Juan conceded. "And I think you've been in my lover long enough, Johann. You've been in him longer than André and I put together. Pull out please." Juan ordered. He gave me a look of love and concern.

"OK, and thanks. I promise I'd be a good friend. And an even better lover. I'm a gentle man, ask Andr ... erm ... Anton here. I didn't hurt him one bit."

Johann's big rubbery cock was slipping out of my wet and slippery hole. I was filled with lots of cum again.

When Johann's cock slipped out, Juan moved in and took me into his arms. Johann left the room and left us three alone.

"How are you, my love?" Juan asked.

André sat next to us and touched my cheek. "How are you doing baby bro? Too much?"

"I'm fine guys! Remember this wasn't the first time and I did it well-knowing what I was letting myself in for. Don't worry, I'm fine."

"Now that Johann isn't in you, how do you feel about him?" Juan asked.

"Johann is actually a nice guy. Look at him! He is a real hunk, and nice. He was really trying to make it enjoyable. And really, he didn't hurt me at all, even on top of Pieter's huge cock. He has the most amazing rubbery cock. You have to touch it and jerk it to appreciate its properties. I liked it. It won't make me love you less, don't worry. If he wants to visit us again and have sex again, I'm fine with it. And you guys?"

"I will be sounding like a broken record, but let's play it by ear. Do we have room for another guy in this relationship? I thought all the available positions were taken. André?"

"I also like him. I'm not saying he should become the fourth member of this relationship, but once in a while, he could add some spice ..."

"You're right. He is a nice guy and an even better photographer. He hasn't been anything other than nice to us, even though he fucked Anton twice in one night! That's our privilege! But OK, let's see. Come, let's go get something to drink. I'm parched."

I gingerly rushed to the toilet to clean up and get the cum out of me.


The other 4 guys have been to the toilet and were in the lounge huddled around Johann, looking at the pictures on his camera. "Ahhhh!" "Will you look at that!" "Wow!" "Johann, you're a dogg!" "Pieter, you need to get a licence for that humongous weapon of yours!"

"Come here my sexy nephew! Everything OK? Where is the other one ...?" I heard Pieter said as I came out of the toilet.

"It's Anton - he is in the toilet." Juan said. "Getting rid of the litres of cum we've pumped into him. Here he is now."

"There on the counter, get some Coke," Pieter said without missing a beat. "Ahh! Here is the man of the moment! Come here tiger!" Pieter was just a big loving bear! He pulled me into a hug and kissed me. His huge cock pushed into my crotch and he whispered in my ear: "You were spectacular!" and gave me a playful slap on my bum.

We looked at the pictures and I gasped. Johann's antics with his camera paid off. What appeared on the small screen of the camera was spectacular. It showed a bunch of big cocks in different stages of hardness, leaking precum, being sucked, fucking a hole, shooting cum and three different double fucks! My godd! I wasn't soft anymore and noticed the others were hard too ... This was going to be a long night, I thought ... I noticed Johann's big cock below his camera and caught myself lusting after it ... again ... oh my godd! Slut!

= To be continued =



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