Our classes went well but my mind kept on coming back to Mom and our 'boyfriends'. Oh fuck! What were we going to do?

At 10 o'clock my iPhone beeped: it was from Juan. "All OK? Any flack from Mom? Hang in there. We'll talk tonight. Love you both very much. <3<3"

Ahhh, my love! What a lot of shit, just because we love you guys so much! Fuck!

"Mom full of it. Tried to explain. Need to talk to her and Dad. Lots of love"

Shortly after that, an SMS from Johann: "How did it go? Problems? Sorry - my fault. Am I still invited for Sat?"

Beautiful Johann with the soulful brown eyes, sexiness epitomised. I loved that hung hunk!

"Lots of explanations, she is OK for now. Of course you're still invited! Love you man!"

How our lives got entangled in such a short period of time ... But, I love them all, so to hell with it! André and I and Juan will fight this, if we had to, I thought.

Another SMS, now from Mom:

"I've bought beard trimmer for you 3. Looks unkempt. Got linen. See you after 2"

Ahhh - so the long knives are out! Beards unkempt? Oh well, after 2 weeks I also thought our beards needed some trimming. In fact, two days ago André mentioned trimming our beards back to stubble and even Juan liked the idea. Oh, OK - thanks Mom.

Our last class for the day ended at 1:50. The lecturer had an appointment and gave us the last 10 minutes off. We scrambled to our car. We had to meet Juan at the group of take-out joints at the mall to pick up the food at 2 o'clock. We decided on good old fish and chips and some Coke for us, and a mineral water for Mom.

"All set for the big fight? Mom livid?" Juan asked with trepidation as we waited for our food.

"I think André has convinced her to give Johann a chance. I dread it when she finds out about Gunther ... oh fuck!"

"André? My boy! You're the ace! Good going! Let's hope she doesn't feed us rat poison! She looked rather pissed this morning. Let's hold thumbs. Follow me back to the flat. We can leave your car there and go in mine. OK?" Juan said.


We arrived at La Rochelle and entered the house with hearts beating in our throats ...

"Ahhh! There are my three boys! Hallo boys!" Yes, rub it in Mom: 'three', leaving no space for Johann, let alone Gunther ... sigh!

Mom greeted us with hugs and kisses, as if nothing happened. But, I've known Mom for 19 years: looks could be deceiving!

"Mom! You've hung the lounge curtains already! Wow! They're stunning! Thanks!" Juan gushed. The new curtains she made for us were made of striped fabric in shades of dark brown, lighter brown and cream and some shades in between. The stripes were of various widths as well. I haven't seen Juan's furniture yet as we've never been to his flat when we were at school. His furniture had been in storage since January. But, he obviously knew it would fit in with the colours of his furniture. "Thanks Mom, it looks spectacular!" Juan said and hugged Mom.

"You're welcome my boy! I'm glad you like it," Mom said. "Before I show the curtains in the other rooms, let's eat first."

"Oh OK ... not even a quick peek ...?" It was obvious Juan didn't know Mom the way we did ...

"No, food first. Chop chop!"

Mom brought out a picnic tablecloth and her picnic basket from home, and we 'camped' out on the kitchen floor with our food. We sat on cushions from the chairs on the patio on the farm.

The food was still warm and nice. We loved the occasional good old fish and chips ...

"Here is the beard trimmer I bought for you three. Your beards are too long. Please trim them. Stubbles look better and are more fashionable," Mom said and gave us the trimmer.

"Yes, I've mentioned it to Anton recently, but obviously we didn't have a trimmer. Thanks Mom!" Juan said and kissed Mom on the cheek. "Beard trimming tonight, boys - OK?"

"Yes, I was afraid we might start looking like Yetis! We could trim each other. I'll do yours, you big oaf! A few slips here and there so it looks as if the Roman spiders got hold of you!" André put in and got a swipe from Juan.

"Behave, boy! Tonight you'll get a glass of cold water and will sleep on the bed mat, and that's it! You delinquent!" Juan quipped.

"You see Mom! See how your son-in-law treats your first-born! I'm reporting you to the SPCA!" André put in.

"Yes, correct choice! I'll sponsor your neutering!" Juan added.

"Mom, put away the sharp knives! This is a mad man! He only pretends he loves me ... Sob! Sob!" André wailed.

"Come on boys! Enough of this. Thanks for the fish, it was nice. Juan, you're the tallest - please come help me with the curtains in the master bedroom. Boys, please clear the kitchen, fold the tablecloth and wash the dirty cutlery and glasses. There is dishwashing liquid under the sink. Come Juan," Mom directed.

While we were busy in the kitchen we heard the voices in the bedroom get louder. And then we heard: "Alma, we know what we're doing! Just let it be!" Oh-oh! The cat was amongst the pigeons! Juan loved Mom, which is one of the reasons he started calling her 'Mom', but now he was calling her 'Alma'! André and I looked at each other! Mom has taken on the wrong man! Juan was a sweet and caring man, lover, boyfriend and son-in-law, but as in hockey and with everything else, Juan was a no-nonsense guy. And not even Mom would tell him what to do.

Juan came into the kitchen looking for water. He was fuming. The only water available was tap water. His hand was shaking while he filled a 500ml Coke bottle under the tap. I dared not touch him. I said nothing ... then I just got "Juan ..." out.

He said nothing, but it was clear Juan was 'gatvol' [crude Afrikaans word for fed-up, but in South Africa, 'fed-up' just doesn't cut it if your filled to the gills! Gatvol says it all - literally, you're stuffed to capacity from your behind!] and wanted to let off steam. But, it had to be in his own good time. I looked at Juan and realised this man was defending us - he just loved us so much, he was willing to take on Mom.

"How dare you! How dare you walk out on me while I'm talking to you? Who do you think you are? Juan du Toit, you were allowed into the folds of this family because we love our boys. We entrusted them to you, but not to corrupt them! It was a stretch for us to accept ... this! You three together ... You're lifestyle was new to us, but now there are FOUR of you? What debauchery is this? My sons will not be part of this ..." Mom ranted on.

"Wait a minute Mom! Wait a minute! Didn't you hear anything we said this morning? Now you attack Juan? How dare you? We're both 19 and as citizens we are allowed to vote. We have never disappointed you in any way. Our school records were exemplary. Our marks at university are excellent. Our hockey is top-notch. We've given you no reason to treat us, or Juan, like this. How dare you?" André said angrily.

"André, you will not talk to me like that! Since when do you get to talk to me in this way?"

"Mom, I've never talked to you like this, because you've never given me any reason to, but now you've overstepped the boundaries. We love Juan and now we've grown to love Johann too, and there is nothing you can do about it. Either you accept it, or you lose both your sons - your choice. We love you and Dad with all our hearts, but don't let us choose! If we had to choose, it would not be you. Do you understand it? It would be Juan and Johann. They've given new reason to our lives. Get it? We love them! Yes, we're gay and that wasn't a choice - that's who we are. If you look beyond our sexuality and the love we have for men, what do you have? Just two attractive normal 19 year old boys who love life, who excel at everything they do, whether it's at academics or sports and yes, who love men. Other than that? No difference. So, stop your nonsense and choose today. Who is it going to be? Anton and I with the men we love, or nobody? Choose! Now!" Andre was livid. I've never seen him like that.

"Anton, why don't you say anything? André, Dad's going to hear about this attack! I've never been spoken to like this before! I am shocked!" Mom said big-eyed. He lower lip was quivering and her hand was shaking when she opened her bottled water to take a swig.

"Mom, I have nothing to add to what we said this morning and to what André has just said. I'm sorry, but this time I'm on my brother's side. You have a choice: either you have us and whomever we love, or nobody. I just wonder what Dad would say if he actually heard you today. I am shocked, Mom! After all we've done, our achievements, our hard work on the farm, the love we give you, the love Juan gives you ... and now you treat us like this?"

"Anton ..." Mom started.

"Alma, let me be very clear. You accepted me. Thank you. I've grown to love you and Adriaan very much. But, Johann just happened. The details are not important, but Johann WILL be a part of this liaison, whether you like it or not. If this house is going to be a sword being held over our heads, I could call the storage people straight away and cancel the delivery of the furniture. With my studies next year, the Danish bursary will be enough so I could provide for the boys. Johann lives down the road and would welcome us open-arms. As André said: you have a choice. Either you have a house full of men who love you, or none. Your choice. If push comes to shove, the boys could come live with me until we find suitable accommodation as the documents were already signed for Gunther to rent the flat. And, get used to the idea that Gunther will be a part of the liaison too. He and I will be working together, coach hockey together and we like him, a lot. I have never taken you to be 'verkramp'! I'm disappointed, to say the least ['verkramp' = best translation I can find is 'cramped']. Really disappointed ..." Juan stood with his hands on the sink, his buttocks pushed back. His hands on the brim of the sink were cramping and it was clear he didn't see a thing while he was looking out the window.

"What? Is the German boy also pulled into this? Dad is going to be very disappointed! But, if that is how you feel, the boys will come away with me right now. We'll go back to the flat and you will never see them again ..." Mom started.

"What? Excuse me, Mom! You're making it difficult for yourself! Not for a second do we consider to leave Juan or Johann or Gunther. We love them and again: there is nothing you can do about it! If you want to go, you'll leave alone. And if you want to come lay down such Middle Age rules for us to be a able to live in this house, please keep it. I'd rather live in a cardboard box with André and Juan and Johann and Gunther, than without anyone of them! We love you and Dad, but ... we're no longer babies and you do not get to call the shots all the time! This is our lives and it's private. Do not make us choose - we will not choose you, even though we love you. Sheez Mom! Get with the times! It's the 21st century, for Pete's sakes!" I gave it to Mom.

"Anton, you too? You're turning against me? After all Dad and I have done for you? How dare you?" Mom said angrily.

"Yes, Mom, get off the guilt trip bus - it won't work. I thought you were bigger than that. Come Anton, Juan. We're no longer welcome here! If these are your rules we have to live by, I'm not interested. Thanks, but no thanks. Are you coming boys?" André asked.

"André, who exactly do you think you are to talk to me like that? I'm calling Dad!"

"Please do! Here, I'll call him for you, and let's hear what he has to say about this concentration camp you want to set up for us," André said and pulled out his iPhone, and dialled Dad's number.

"André! What got into ..." Mom didn't get any further.

"Hallo Dad, we have a problem. I'm putting the phone on speaker. We need you to know what is happening and want to hear your opinion."

Mom started to rant and rave, telling Dad of the shocking discovery and the 'shame' and 'humiliation' and 'what the congregation will say' and 'what the agricultural ladies will say' and godd knows what else ... After a minute, Dad put a stop to Mom's tirade.

"Alma, calm down! Calm down my dear! Boys, your side of the story please? Juan, you're the oldest. What is going on?"

Juan gave his rendition and then André and I gave Dad our opinions.

"So, can you hear what I had to endure today? I'm so ashamed!" Mom said tearful.

"Alma, you know I love you very much and want only what is best for you and the boys. Up to now, Juan has been nothing but a delightful and very sincere guy. He loves the boys and they're happy. It's their lives and there is nothing we can do about it. It's their choice and whether we like it or not, it will not change their minds. I'm sorry, but I'm siding with the boys on this one," Dad put Mom in her place.

"But Adriaan ...," Mom tried to put in.

"No 'buts' Alma! Let them be. They are responsible men and I know they will make the right choice. Boys, nothing has changed. The house is yours to stay in and I'll be there to oversee the move tomorrow. Alma, call it a day and go to your friend. Let the boys be. Boys, you finish up the curtains and get your stuff sorted out. I'll see you in the morning. OK boys? Alma? Do you need someone to drive you to your friend?" Dad asked.

"Adriaan, don't talk to me in such a condescending way! I'm fine to drive by myself!" Mom said angrily.

It was clear Mom was NOT a happy woman. Oh well ...

"I'll call you tonight, OK Alma?" Dad said.

"'Harrumph'! Yes, whatever!" Mom let off more steam and turned around, grabbed her keys and she left. She left in a gust, all right!

"Oh! My! Godd! Boys, what do we have here? And all the time I thought your mom was so enlightened! What happened?" Juan asked.

"Not a fucking clue! She's like a rabid dog! I've never seen her like that!" André put in.

"Let Dad talk to her. He's got a way with her. Let her cool down and simmer in her own juices. By tomorrow the storm would be over," I said.

"Come here my beautiful boys! Ahhhh! You could be like bulldogs when your man is threatened, even by your Mom! I'm impressed!" Juan said and pulled us into an embrace. "I hope it will be better by tomorrow. Oh well ... Come boys, let's finish the curtains. I have to give it to your mom: the curtains are spectacular! Come!"


We finished hanging the curtains and ensured everything was ready for the furniture the next day. Mom has brought a prepaid electricity voucher, which was in the bag with the beard trimmer. André read the amount into the meter. We walked through the house and admired the curtains Mom made. How sad that she had gone off on a tangent like that.

We locked the house and headed back home. André and I had to do some work and Juan had to mark some papers. We decided we'd make toasted sandwiches later on. We didn't want to dirty too many dishes.

At around 5 o'clock Dad called and we had a long discussion with him. He said he had spoken to Mom and that she was calmer. She was still pissed and was very hurt because of 'the way the boys had spoken to her'. Dad insisted we had to apologise when the waters were calmer, hopefully by the next afternoon when we went out to the house again. Dad suggested a big box of chocolates and an orchid or something like that.

"Boys, remember this is very new to us, and Mom just had a fright when she saw your friend Johann. I trust you guys not to have made a mistake. I trust your instincts and judging. I believe Gunther is now actually also part of the ... relationship? Wow! Five of you in one relationship? Isn't that a bit much? You know I'm a citizen of the 21st century, but even for me, that is a bit of a stretch ..."

"Dad, once you meet Johann and Gunther, you'd understand. They are kind, tall beautiful men and they are nice guys. We like them very much. Yes, five of us are many, but we like them all! And, it just happened. It's not as if we've made a decision to rope them in - it just happened," André said.

"Juan, how do you feel about this," Dad asked.

"Adriaan ... Dad ... I don't even know what to call you after today ... 'Dad' still OK?" Juan asked.

"My boy, you can call me whatever you want. Actually, I kind of like it when you call me 'Dad'!" Dad enthused.

"Then it's Dad! Dad, the boys and I have discussed this and we made sure before we made our decisions. Our relationship is strong, and we love each other. Johann and Gunther just add to the mix. We like them very much and we enjoy their company. When you meet them on Saturday, you'll see," Juan said.

"OK, don't worry, I don't need to be convinced. I've learnt to trust my boys and now you too. You're all reliable and kind guys. Well then, I'd be at La Rochelle at 9 o'clock tomorrow to supervise the delivery of your furniture. Goodbye boys! Kisses. Sleep well. I love you, and you too Juan!"


After Dad's call, André offered to make us the promised toasted sandwiches. He went to check on our supplies and gave us the possibilities. It ranged from tomato, ham, cheese, anchovies and gherkins.

"I'll take orders later. First we have something to do! Where is the beard trimmer pushed on us today?"

André pulled the beard trimmer out and read the instructions. He got some batteries from the bedroom and we were ready to 'inaugurate' the beard trimmer. We went into the bathroom and Juan trimmed André's beard first. After his beard was trimmed to look like a 2-day stubble, he ran to the mirror and shouted: "Even if I have to say so myself: this looks fucking great! Mom may be a meddlesome mother, but we needed this beard trimmer! Big time! Just look at you two banshees!"

Juan and I trimmed each other's beards. We looked in the mirror, looked at each other in the mirror and smiled.

"You look good enough to eat, my darling!" Juan said.

"And so do you, Mr du Toit!" I said and kissed Juan on the cheek.


The lovemaking that night was slow and deep and tender. It was as if we wanted to substantiate our love for each other. Even André was less joking and more timid. It was wonderful.

We woke up the next morning and after coffee and rusks, and showers, we placed all our stuff that had to be taken to La Rochelle in a bundle in the lounge.

"Come let's go. I'll go get the chocolates and orchid for your mother after classes. We'll meet here at around 1 o'clock and then load our stuff, and drive out to La Rochelle. OK? Now, let's get going. I love you. Enjoy your day," Juan said and hugged and kissed us.


We met again at the flat at 1 o'clock; Gunther arrived with some delicious pizzas from Mario's.

He was welcomed with hugs and kisses, and gropes - André, who else? Gunther is such a nice guy, and he merely laughed and in response, he just kissed André's neck.

We enjoyed the pizza and after some Coke, we carried our stuff down to the waiting cars. Gunther helped to carry the stuff out of the flat.

We helped Gunther to carry his stuff into the flat. The biggest bulk was the boxes containing his books and then two bags with clothes.

We were ready to go ... New lives in a new house! New friends!

"Thank you very much Gunther! We're off now, but we'll see you tomorrow? Anton will pick you up at around 12 o'clock for lunch with the family. Remember your toilet bag and a fresh change of clothes. You're sleeping over. Here are the keys to the flat, and once again, we hope you are going to enjoy living here. We love you very much, OK? Come here you big Jerry!" Juan said and pulled Gunther in for a hug and a kiss. André and I hugged and kissed him too. "Ich liebe dich ... [I love you ...]!" Gunther whispered in my ear. "Anton, ja?"

"Ja, it's me. I love you too!" I whispered.

We drove off in our two cars and when I looked in the mirror, Gunther had his right hand on his heart and was waving at us with his other hand. Fuck! What a nice guy!


"Hallo Dad!" André and I shouted when we saw Dad coming out the house, and ran into his outstretched arms. "My boys! Come here! Hmmmmm!" Dad said in our hair and kissed us on our heads. He hugged us into a tight embrace and kissed us each in turn. "How are my beautiful boys doing? You OK?" Dad held us at arm's length and looked at us in turn.

"Yes, we're fine, thanks Dad." André said.

"Hallo my third boy! How are you?" Dad said when Juan put his hand out. Dad ignored the outstretched hand and pulled him into an embrace. "None of that nonsense my boy. Come here," Dad said and hugged Juan. He pushed him away a bit and pulled him in for a kiss. "I don't know what is to happen, but I love you too much to lose you. No ways! You make us all happy. We love you Juan!"

Juan gave a raw sob against Dad's cheek and kissed him on the cheek. "I love you Dad! You're such a great man!"

"Come, come! No need for tears! We'll sort this out, OK? Just leave it to me," Dad said and Dad wiped Juan's cheeks with his thumbs. "Never forget that I love you. This too will pass. Trust me."

"Dad, I love you so much! Thanks ..." Juan said and hugged Dad.

"Did you bring chocolates and an orchid, boys? Bring it and let's go tame a lioness! Come!" Dad said and winked.

"I heard that, Adriaan!" Mom quipped when we walked in the door.

"Hallo Mom," André and I said and gave Mom the Ferrero Rocher and the beautiful dark pink orchid. "Are you OK?"

"Thank you. Yes, I'm OK. How are you?" Mom asked and took the gifts.

"Hallo ... Mom ... Alma? How are you?" Juan said. Poor Juan! He didn't know what to call Mom or what to do! Poor guy.

"Hallo Juan. I'm fine, thanks. Are you OK?" Mom asked.

"I'm sure you could do better than that? Come on! It's not World War III! Come on! Kiss Mom and get this nonsense out of the way!" Dad commanded.

Juan stepped towards Mom and put his arms out. Mom hesitated and then her resistance crumbled. She fell into Juan's arms and sobbed on his shoulder. Juan held Mom tight to him and he too was sobbing. "Mom, this has been the worst 24 hours of my life! I love you all so very much! You're like my own family! Mom ...!"

And the war was resolved - just like that. Just some time, some loving and a sincere hug.

The chocolates and orchid did play a role! Mom was a sucker for good gestures.

Mom kissed Juan and said: "I'm sorry ... I was too emotional and let it get the better of me. My sincerest apologies." She put her arms out and André and I stepped into her embrace and she held all three of us close to her. Dad stepped up behind us and hugged all of us. One big family hug.

"We apologise for the way we talked to you yesterday. We were wrong to behave like that. Thanks for forgiving us and still loving us and Juan," I put in.

"I could never stop loving you boys. And this big one has made himself at home in my heart - not a chance I could ever evacuate him! Too late for that!"

"OK, then. It's all is settled and everybody is happy again. Come Juan, boys - come have a look what your new home looks like!" Dad said and led the way.

We saw there was a new table, with 6 chairs ... Mom went to town!

There was a big brand-new side-by-side double-door fridge and freezer and a new microwave oven! The new coffee machine was already on and the smell of coffee permeated through the air in the kitchen. "Dad, that's not my fridge ... Dad? Did you buy us a new fridge? Dad?" Juan asked and gasped.

"Your old fridge is in the garage as a back-up and to keep cool drinks, wine and beer. You boys needed a proper fridge. See the appliances as a house-warming gift from Mom and me. Happy?" Dad said.

"No Dad ... you're too kind. We already get so much from you ... and Mom has made the curtains. You both have worked so hard ... Oh Dad ... Dad ..." Juan said and hugged Dad. "I love you so very much! Thanks! Thanks Mom!" and tears ran down his cheeks. "I love you so, so very much! You're so kind to me, to the boys ... Thanks!"

"Now, now! Come on now! This is a happy day. No more tears my beautiful big boy!" Dad said and held Juan's head in his hand and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks Dad, Mom! You really spoil us. That was a wonderful gesture. Wow! Would you look at that? Even a water dispenser in the fridge door!" I gushed.

"Look in the fridge, deepfreeze and in the cupboards. I got what I thought would be a good start. You'll have to go buy whatever is missing," Mom said.

André and I opened the upright fridge and deepfreeze. We were stumped. There was everything we would need: milk, butter, tomatoes, cheese, cold cuts, a big casserole with some dish in it ... steak, beef mince, chickens, wors ...! We were good to go!

When Juan opened the cupboards we saw there were crockery, bowls, trays. There was tinned food. There was pasta. There was rice. There was tomato sauce. There was vinegar.  Worcestershire sauce. Even spices, salt, herbs, coffee, tea, creamer, sugar ...

"Mom ... you're too much. Wow! Thanks ... Wow!" I said, also tearful. Mom might have been hard on us the day before, but she still had a heart of gold.

"Yes, and did you see the coffee machine? Dad, it's the Rolls Royce of coffee makers! Dad, you're an ace!" André said.

"Actually, it was Mom who selected the stuff. I was here overseeing the furniture. So, it's Mom you have to thank."

"Thanks Mom!" we said and hugged her.

"I've asked the young man at the store to give me the best. I told him how much we would spend and he worked within the budget. I'm glad you like it!" Mom said. She could've taken the honour but she acknowledged who chose the different small appliances and the spiffy new fridge!

The lounge was beautiful! Juan's leather couch and chairs were spectacular. The curtains toned in beautifully. There were three pot plants in the one corner, and even some very classy ornaments. The big square mahogany dining room table and 8 chairs were beautiful in the one corner.

"Now come see the rest of the house," Dad said and led the way. In the smaller of the three bedrooms, there were three desks. There were three identical lamps on the desks, three identical wheeled office chairs and a big bookshelf. We were sorted!

In the spare bedroom, there was a new king size bed and gorgeous nightstands with bed lamps.

"I've taken the liberty to put your paintings in different rooms on the floor. We can hang them this afternoon. Come, have a look at the rest of the house. Now for the master bedroom. Come!" Dad said, excited like a boy before Christmas.

"Oh, my, word! Oh, my word! Dad! Mom!" André gushed and sank to his knees.

"Dad! Mom! Wow!" I said and put my hands in front of my mouth.

"Oh no! This can't be true! Dad? Really? No ... it can't be ...!" Juan said and put his arm around Dad's shoulder. "This is too much!"

There was a king size bed, spectacular nightstands with bed lamps. There was a flat screen TV fixed to the wall above a chest of drawers. There was a huge boxed picture of the three of us on Bloubergstrand hanging over the bed.

"Like it?" Dad said, hugging Juan closer.

"Like?! My lord! Dad, you're too much! It's fantastic! How can I ever repay you?" Juan said and pulled Dad into a hug. "You're something else! Why?"

"My boy, I do not do things half-hearted or half-baked, and never to be repaid when it comes to what I do for my boys. It's all or nothing. And, you're now part of the family. What I do for my boys, doesn't need to be repaid! I do it because you're my boys and I love you," Dad said and kissed Juan.

"Dad, you're the best. Wow! A Sony TV! A king-size bed! The picture of us ... You do know how to spoil us!" André gushed.

"You're a great Dad! Thank you so very much! Thanks Mom!" I put in and hugged and kissed them both.

"Where did you get the photo of us?" André asked.

"Pieter got it from Johann and emailed it to me. I had it blown up and boxed. I'm glad you like it. You look so relaxed and happy in the picture. Mom and I decided it needs to go over your bed. Glad you like it, my boy!" Dad said and tousled my hair.

"Dad, what happened to my old double bed?" Juan asked.

"It's back in storage. You can decide what you want to do with it. Perhaps sell it or donate it to the Salvation Army. You don't need it anymore," Dad said.

"I got three sets of bedlinen for you. I hope you like the designs I chose. No flowers, André!" Mom said and winked at my brother.

"That's a relief!" André said and touched the bedlinen that was on the bed. He sat down on the bed and lied down. "Ahhhh! Guys, this is one of those 'posturepedic' jobbies! Wow!"

We hugged and kissed Dad and Mom again. We couldn't be happier.

"Come, the spaghetti Bolognese Dad brought from home is ready and if you looked closely, you would have seen koeksisters in the fridge. Anyone interested? There is only your personal stuff you have to unpack. Dad and I have sorted out the house to the best of our abilities. You can sort out the rest later. Come!" Mom said, leading the way back to the kitchen.

"We've had pizza with Gunther but a little Bolognese would go down well!" I said.

In the kitchen Mom put the casserole in the microwave and took 5 plates from the cupboard and cutlery from the drawer, and put it on the counter.

"The placemats are in the drawer in the buffet next to the dining room table. Juan, I found it in a box marked 'Linen'. Get some and put it on the table please. The Bolognese would be warm in 10 minutes' time."


We had a wonderful second lunch and the discussions around the table were lively and like old times. No hard feelings and no animosity. It was as if nothing happened the day before. For a change, André was on his best behaviour.

"The one thing you could buy for the house would be a dishwasher Juan. I saw the AEGs were on special in the Mall. If you call them now, it could be delivered tomorrow and have it installed, ready for use after the party. What do you say?" Mom asked.

"That's a great idea! Thanks Mom. Which store was it?" Juan asked. Mom gave him the name and number, and Juan called them on the spot.

"Hallo. I'm calling in connection with the special you have on dishwashers? OK, I'll hold ... Oh hi there! I'm calling in connection with the special on the AEG dishwasher ... Yes, that's the one ... Yes ... If you email me your banking details I could do an EFT right away. The address is La Rochelle Estates, number 13. Yes, it's Juan du Toit speaking. My number and email address are ..." Juan gave the assistant his details. "Could you please deliver and install the dishwasher tomorrow by 10 o'clock? ... You could? ... That's great. ... Yes ... Thank you very much. As soon as I get your banking details, I'll do an EFT ... Thank you very much ... Yes, thank you. Goodbye."

"Well done! I'm impressed! You really are serious about this, my boy! I'm proud and so happy for all of you," Dad gushed and gave Juan's arm a squeeze.

After we've cleaned up, we went into the lounge and had some of the koeksisters with coffee from the new machine. The koeksisters were also nice, but not as nice as the ones I got from Tant Ralie se Kombuis.

The ambience in the lounge was just wonderful. Juan's furniture was top-notch and very comfortable. We sat on the couch, with Juan in the middle and André and me on either side.

"You three look so happy! And what beautiful boys you are!" Mom gushed. The 'old' Mom was back! Now for her to meet Johann and Gunther ... oh my ...! "And your beards look so neat after you've trimmed them. You look like a million dollars."

"We're going to leave you now so you could settle in and unpack your stuff. We're having dinner with Mom's friend and her husband. We'll be here by 8 o'clock tomorrow, OK? Too early? Boys?"

"No, 8 would be fine, thanks Dad. Thanks again for everything you've done for us ... we're so indebted ...! We really appreciate every gesture, every bit of help. Thanks ..." Juan said.


We spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking our clothes, our personal toiletries, some other stuff such as books, DVDs and computer stuff. We set up our desks in the study. André got our WiFi router going and we were good to go.

We walked through the house again and marvelled at everything Dad and Mom had done.

We took all the paintings and pictures and decided where they'd look the best, and Juan and André hammered Hiltis in to hang the pictures. Our house was fast becoming a home.

We opened our MacBooks and checked for emails. Yes, there were emails from Claire, Johann, Pieter, Alessandro and Sven, and last but not least, an email from Gunther ... ahhh! Gunther!

Claire said the shoot for Nederburg would be finalised during the next week and that it would be in 2 weeks' time if all goes according to plan. She would keep us up to date.

Johann said the gentleman from the jewellery shop was ecstatic about the pictures of Juan's and our hands. Johann wanted to know if we'd mind if he brought some jewellery from the shop to photograph us modelling it on Sunday. He said the owner trusted Johann enough to give him the rings and watches to take home. If the jeweller was happy, he'd give us a tidy discount on top of our fee if we were to buy anything from him.

Johann also repeated the offer to have the overflow of guests in our house to stay at his unit. His house had 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. He said he'd be available the next morning for anything we wanted help with.

"Ah, rings! What do you say? Similar, but not identical rings for us?" Juan asked.

"No, Juan. What about Johann and Gunther?" I asked.

"If the owner gives us a discount, between Johann and me, I think we could manage 5 rings? Come on! I want us to have rings to show the world we love each other ... André, what do you say?" Juan asked.

"Erm ... I've never worn a ring before. Wouldn't it be kind of creepy? Sissy-like? All of us with rings, all of a sudden?" Andre put in.

"No, it would be cool! Just think: we'd have rings that showed we are taken. Worn on the left hand's ring finger, no less. It would also show Mom this isn't just a phase! Come on! Let's hear what the others say and what Johann could organise for us!" Juan said, clearly excited.

"OK, but let's not jump in too deep, not straight away," I said. "Let's hear what Johann and Gunther say about it."

"OK, but it's not off the cards, right?"

"No, but let's see," I said.

Pieter's email was to wish us well in the new house and that he was looking forward to the housewarming party. He confirmed the caterers were to deliver the food to the house at 4 o'clock. He asked if we needed anything he could bring us from Cape Town.

The next one was from Alessandro and Sven. They were very happy about our new house and the developments between the 5 of us. They were extremely excited about the possible trip to Boss in London. They asked us to inform them timeously so they could arrange to be at home. They'd plan possible trips to Italy and Norway around our dates if we did come to London.

The last one was from Gunther. He was thanking us for the flat, the furniture, the fully fitted and stocked kitchen ... he was one happy man! He said how kind we were and how lucky he was to have met us. He said he'd be ready by 12 o'clock for me to pick him up the next day. He even offered to pick up the ice from the bottle store and keep it in the deepfreeze for us. What a nice man!


We decided to get flame-grilled chicken and salads from the take-out not too far back into town. It was a firm favourite and was very nice.

After dinner, we cleared the kitchen and sat down around the dining room table. We took stock of everything: the house, everything that Dad and Mom have done for us, the furniture, the groceries, the fridge, and coffee machine. Juan's washing machine was still in perfect working order and Dad had connected it. So, when the dishwasher would be delivered the next day, our house would've been complete.

We tackled the housewarming: Dad brought wine and had already put the white wines in Juan's old fridge in the garage. Pieter has ordered the food. We decided I would have to get some snacks like crisps and dips, and some ciders and other popular drinks the next day. Juan said I should also rent some extra glasses from the bottle store. I had a substantial list of things to buy and get the next day.

Sleeping arrangements would be that Dad and Mom would stay with Mom's friend again. They were having an early morning tea with a few friends on Sunday morning. With Dad and Mom 'out the way' (it sounded so crude!), Johann and Gunther could stay over with us. Johann would be able to accommodate up to 8 different guys, including Werner and Lukas in his house around the corner. Some of Juan's colleagues would come, as well as a few of our classmates. We counted around 22 for the housewarming. Some of our friends were out of town and couldn't come. Claire wanted to come but had to fly to Johannesburg for a conference. Dad's and Mom's friends they stayed with, would also be there.

Fortunately the weathercast for Saturday was good, so we could have the party outside as well as inside the house.

Juan and André would sort out chairs and side plates, cups, mugs, and cutlery. André would make sure the connections of the hi-fi and his iPod were working properly so he could supply the music. It was around 9:30 when we decided to call it a night.

All was set when I excused myself to go douche and get ready for bed. The first sex in our own home!


When I finished with my douche, I called Juan and André who were lounging in the lounge and ribbing each other. We all bundled into the shower and after some jabs and more ribbing and jokes, André was groping us and pulled our cocks together to compare them ... again.

By then we knew our cocks were 23cm, thick, uncut and we had balls to match our cocks. We precummed more than average and shot loads of around 20ml (more or less 4 teaspoons).

Juan's cock was another story. It was 28cm, thick, uncut and he had big balls. His cock was a cock to admire, and a source of pleasure for us. To see it, touch it, jack it, suck it and ... ahhhh! ... oh my godd! To feel that dong in me was an experience that was better and nicer every time it happened! I loved Juan's cock. He precummed a lot! And he shot a load of note, at least 30ml (more or less 6 teaspoons - it was a lot!). If it were in your mouth, you'd have to know how to swallow quickly otherwise you could be drowned! Really!

We washed, shampooed and groomed until we were rock-hard and already leaking precum. At last we ended up buck-naked in our new bedroom.

We hugged and kissed and groped and stroked and hugged some more. We ended on the brand new bed with its spanking new bedlinen ... We were all over each other. It was clear: there was a lot of love between us. We really loved each other.

André got out the fancy Italian lube and poppers and started sucking me. I took Juan's big cock in my hands and just looked at it for a few seconds. It was an extremely big and beautiful cock. It was veiny and as straight as an arrow. My hand just fitted around the shaft. It was one hell of a cock. I then licked the precum leaking from the piss slit ... ahhh! It tasted so good. Juan groaned and put his hand on my buttocks. He put his middle finger on my asshole and rubbed lightly. With his other hand he reached for André's big hard cock and massaged the precum over the head. André groaned over my cock and moved his cock towards Juan for him to suck his cock.

Juan leaned towards André and took his cock into his mouth. Juan was a very good cocksucker and André's cock disappeared balls-deep into his mouth. André moaned and I pushed as much of Juan's cock into my mouth. His cock was just too big to fit down my throat.

André put his hand on my ass and started to push a finger into my hole. I groaned and he pulled out again and took some of my precum in his mouth and pushed it into me again.


"My godd! What time is it?" André asked and took his iPhone to check the time. "It's just after 10. Who could it be? I'll go check."

André grabbed a pair of hockey shorts and trotted off, holding his hand in front of his tenting bulge. I moved to lie in Juan's arm. I put my one arm under his chest and the other on his huge wet cock.

"Ahhh! My love, you're too much! But I'd never grow tired of you and our love-making. You drive me nuts!" Juan kissed me on the forehead and hugged me tight.

"It's Johann! What a surprise! Come in! We're in the bedroom. Juan, Anton! It's Johann! Put on some clothes and come to the lounge!" André called.

"Lounge or bedroom?" Juan asked.

"Tough choice ... should we be civil and go to the lounge first?" I said.

"Ahhh! What a delight you are! If we go to the lounge, it would be buck-naked - agreed? Agreed?" Juan said and hugged me.

"You naughty man! Would you like Johann to join us ... hmmm, my love? Want to double with him again ...?"

"Are you coming?!" André shouted from the lounge.

"Ahhhh! Yes, we're coming, but not yet ... Yess! I want Johann to join us and yessssss! I want to double with him! Please! Oh fuck! You're too much my love!" Juan said and kissed me. "Bring Johann here!" Juan called to André with Johann in the lounge.

"I've just returned from Cape Town and thought I'd just pop in quickly to see how you guys were and now ... big hard-ons, eh?" we heard Johann put in.

"Yes, we were in bed ... ja, it is a hard-on I'm hiding! Come on! We were about to have some fun!" André said when they walked into the master bedroom.

"Ahhh! Our 4th member of the clan! Come in! And welcome to our humble abode!" Juan quipped.

"What? Humble? You've got to be kidding me! One day in, and your place looks good for a magazine spread! Your house looks spic-and-span and so beautiful! And look at the bedroom! My godd! It's spectacular!" Johann gushed.

"Yes, Dad and Mom ..." I put in.

"Beautiful! Very tasteful. And the picture over the bed ... hmmm! That looks familiar! I'm glad you have an enlargement of it ..." Johann said palming his big bulge ... it was obvious his cock was hardening. "Hmmmm! And look at the decorations ón the bed ... I want a bed like that!"

André pulled off his hockey shorts and walked up to Johann. "Come, let me help you. You're totally overdressed for this party!" André pulled Johann's belt off and unzipped his designer jeans. Johann took his windbreaker off and unbuttoned his shirt. André pushed Johann's pants to his knees and hauled the huge rubbery cock from Johann's underwear. My mouth watered when I saw the big cock in André's hand ... godd! Wednesday night was memorable, again ... what a cock, what pleasure it brings, I thought! André pushed the skin back and revealed the huge cock head and I saw the cock twitch, and getting bigger and harder.

Johann took André's hard cock in his hand and jacked it. He squeezed the precum out of the piss slit and rubbed it over the cockhead. "Ahhhh! Fuck! That feels great! Ahhhh!" André leaned in and kissed the tall blonde man with the gorgeous mouth and moustache. His hand moved behind Johann's head and they got into a hot embrace. Their cocks pushed onto each other.

Juan pulled me closer and whispered: "Looks like the big anaconda is ready to crawl into you again. Hmmmm! Excited?"

"Yes always, but it will never replace you my love!" I said and squeezed Juan's big cock. I lifted my face and kissed Juan on his chin. He lifted my face and kissed me on my mouth.

"What a fucking big cock! Ready to plough my baby bro's ass again?" André asked bluntly.

"Oh yes, always!" Johann said and gave André's cock a squeeze. He sat on the bed and loosened his shoelaces. André sat on the floor and pulled off his shoes and socks.

"I can see why my baby bro loves your feet. They are so clean and nice! Real masterpieces." I looked at Juan's feet on the bed ... He still had the most beautiful feet I've ever seen, but Johann's feet were beautiful too.

"Come here and let's make love to you and for you to make love to us. Come!" Juan said and stretched out his hand. Johann and André got onto the bed, cocks bobbing up and down. André's cock was sopping wet.

I put my hand out to Johann and he crawled into the crook of my arm. He leaned in and kissed Juan and then me. "Godd, you guys are just the best thing that has happened to me in my life! I love you guys so much ... ahhh!" and he kissed me again.

André moved in to lie in Juan's other outstretched arm. He pulled André in and kissed him. "You're so fucking sexy bro!"

"Try all you like, but I'm not bottoming for you again!" André said and jabbed Juan's side. "Your huge cock is bordering on illegal! No!"

I had Juan's big hard cock in my hand and felt it was already very wet. I squeezed it and kissed his chest. I sucked his nipple into my mouth and heard him groaning.

Johann had my cock in his hand and was licking my tummy. His hand was jacking me and rubbing my precum over my cockhead. Next, his mouth slipped over my cockhead and I felt the wet warmth enveloping my cock. Ahhh! I felt Johann's body moving down my legs and my cock disappearing into his mouth. In no time my cock was balls-deep in his mouth. His hand was fondling my balls and I gasped around Juan's nipple.

André took Juan's other nipple into his mouth. Juan's cock was twitching in my hand and leaking huge amounts of precum. Juan was squirming under our hands. "Oh godd! Suck me please! Oh fuck! Put it in your mouth please!"

André and I moved down and I took the big cock in my mouth. André moved to his balls and sucked one in his mouth.

Johann was sucking me and had his one hand on my buttocks. It was clear what he had in mind.

"Oh fuck! Just stop ... Stop for a bit! I'm about to cum! But not just yet! You guys are such sex hounds! Stop first ... please!" Juan said and pulled our heads from his groin.

Johann let go of my cock and I gasped. I was on the brink of cumming myself. He moved between André's legs and put his cock in his mouth.

Soon André was groaning and moaning. "Oh fuck! Johann, you're a super cocksucker! You guys need to take some lessons from our man here!"

I lied down on top of Juan and looked deep into his eyes. "Do you really and truly love me, you big oaf?" I ribbed him. He put his fingers in my sides and tickled me.

"How dare you ask me that, you naughty boy! No, of course I don't love you! I fucking love you, BIG time, you stupid boy! Ask that again, and I'll tickle you till you wet yourself!" and he put his fingers in my sides again. I wailed and wriggled out of his arms. "Now tell me: do YOU love me, you sexy boy? The wrong answer will cost you dearly!" Juan said aiming his hands at my sides.

"Yes, you beautiful big sexy hung hunk with the most beautiful hands and cock and feet ... not necessarily in that order. But, I love you so, so very much!" and lied down on top of Juan again. His big cock pushed into my tummy and his hairy body felt heavenly against mine. I put my nose against Juan's and wiggled it. "Are you ready to put that ... that ... huge tube of carnal pleasure into me? All 28cm into me? Balls-deep into me? Filling me up? Stretching me big time? Making love to me and filling me with lots of cum? Hmmm? Hmmmm?"

Juan put his fingers on my ribs and said into my mouth: "You're on thin ice to demand such despicable acts from me! You sure? Hmmm? I'm pretty big ... did you know that?"

"Oh puh-lease! Just please stop! Stop this jibber-jabber and put your ass out. Johann has a big rubbery cock waiting to make you feel good. 'Do you love me ...' Nje nje nje! He's ready to give you the Johann Special! And then I want to fuck you in his cum! Ready baby bro?" Where DID Dad and Mom get this son of theirs?

"Yes, please? I haven't had sex since Wednesday morning and I am dying to fuck you, my boy! OK?" Johann asked. I looked at him over my shoulder and saw his huge cock pointing at me. It was dripping with precum.

"Yes, of course. André, I'd love to suck you while Johann fucks me," I said.

Johann moved in between my legs and pushed them apart. He pulled my bum into the air and took Juan's huge cock and put it between my legs below my balls. Juan's big cockhead was sopping wet and rested between my legs on my asshole. I felt Johann put his big rubbery cockhead on top of Juan's cock and rubbed the two wet cockheads over each other. Then Johann pushed his cockhead onto my asshole and the combined precum was spread over it. Johann put his hand between my legs and jacked Juan's cock and milked some more precum out of the huge cock.

I felt Johann rubbing his big wet cockhead over Juan's cockhead again and then onto my asshole. By then my asshole felt sopping wet. Johann put his cockhead on my hole and took my hips with his hands and pushed his cockhead on my hole. I felt the big head stretching my sphincter muscle. The big head was entering me. Johann pulled out and moved the cockhead around my hole to spread the precum. He pushed in again and the big cockhead pierced my sphincter. This time the head slipped into me and stretched my hole fully.

I groaned and pushed back. I wanted more of Johann's big cock in me! Oh godd! I loved this man's cock in me! Apart from being a hung hunk, he was a super person too, and sexy as fuck!

Johann pulled his cock out and spread more precum over his cock and my hole. Juan's cock was still between my legs in front of my hole and was still leaking precum. Johann's cock was rubbing over Juan's cockhead and was being lubricated with Juan's precum. He pushed into me again, still with Juan's cock rubbing on the underside of his cock. Johann pushed in deeper and I felt the big rubbery head rubbing over my prostate. I groaned and Juan held my head to his face and kissed me. "Relax my love! Just relax and enjoy!"

André moved in over Juan's head with his balls hanging over Juan's mouth, and pointed his cock at me. I opened my mouth and felt the big head slipping in. I felt Juan's mouth below André's balls open and sucking them both into his mouth.

By then Johann's cock was very slippery with his own precum and Juan's precum being added onto the underside of Johann's cockshaft continuously.

Johann held onto my hips and pushed deeper into me. I groaned around André's cock in my mouth and pushed back to get more of the huge cock in my hole. The big rubbery cock slid in halfway and grazed over my prostate. A lot of my precum leaked onto Juan's tummy.

Johann's cock was well on its way to penetrate me balls-deep. Oh my godd! It felt incredible.

I sucked André's cock and tasted his precum. His hands were on my back and in my hair, touching me and massaging me. It felt so good. He was groaning with his cock in my mouth and his balls in Juan's mouth.

Johann picked up speed and started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. It was clear he was horny. His cock felt huge in me and made me feel so good. My prostate was massaged big time and I was ecstatic and I was in sexual overdrive. Johann was one hell of lover! He bent forward and kissed me on my back. André's hands were now massaging his head too.

"I'm so horny and with my cock deep inside this warm sexy hole, I'm going to cum! OK? A 'Johann Special', right?" Johann said. He picked up speed and I felt he was about to cum.

I pulled off André's cock and moaned: "OK, yes! Please fuck me and give me a special! Oh fuck! You're too much! I'm so close ... ahhh!"

"Ahhhh! Here it comes! Oh fuck! It's going to be a big load!" Johann slammed into me and I felt his cock starting to spasm. He pulled out and he shot his first wad onto my hole and he pushed back into me through his cum and shot another load into me. Juan pushed his cock higher to rub against Johann's cockshaft that was covered in cum.

Johann pulled out again and the two cockheads were at my asshole and another wad hit me. The big cockhead was pushed into me again and it spasmed deep inside me.

Juan let go of André's balls and slid lower on the bed and he aimed his cock at my hole. Oh-oh! He wanted in! Oh my godd! Juan aimed his cockhead onto my slippery hole and pushed his cockhead into my hole! Oh my godd! His huge thick cockhead was now in my asshole. I was stretched tremendously!

"Ahhhhhh! Oh my godd! My love, this is fantastic! Are you OK? OK? Oh godd!" Juan gasped and pushed another 2cm into me. His cock was so slippery and my hole was covered in Johann's cum. The entry was easy enough but it stretched me a lot!

"Oh my godd! Juan, your cock is so fucking big! Oh fuck!" I gasped.

Juan took my hips and he and Johann pushed and pulled and Juan's big cock slid in deeper below Johann's big rubbery cock. I gasped and also marvelled at what was happening to me. My godd! I had these two huge cocks in me once again!

Johann pulled his cock back a bit and Juan pushed his cock past Johann's cock deeper into me. Johann's cock slid back into me and they both held still. Fuck! I was stretched a hell of a lot and it felt ... fuck it! It felt fantastic!

"Yess! Oh fuck! Yess! Oh godd!" I exclaimed.

Juan's mouth searched for mine and pushed his tongue unceremoniously deep into my mouth. I sucked hungrily on it and moaned.

André's hard leaking cock was next to my face and I touched it. My brother was hot as hell and groaned when I touched his cock.

These men just knew how to make me feel good. Juan started to fuck me while Johann held his big rubbery cock still. Being at the bottom, Juan's cock continued to scrape over my prostate and it made me feel so good!

"Oh my godd my love! I'm going to cum! Fuck! Not now! Oh no! André I want to suck you again! Give it to me! I want you to cum in my mouth! André!" I urged my brother on to put his cock in my mouth.

André pushed up and sat with spread legs on his knees over Juan's face. His cock pushed into my mouth and he started to fuck my mouth.

"Ahhhh! Oh my godd! I'm going to cum! Anton, I'm going to cum!" André's cock started to go very rigid.

"I'm also going to cum! My love, I'm going to cum!" Juan groaned beneath André's balls.

"Hmmmm-hmmm!" was all I could 'say' with André's cock in my mouth.

Johann was massaging my back and was slowly fucking me with his still big rubbery cock. I felt Juan's cock swelling to gigantic proportions and then it happened ... we had a three-way orgasm. Juan's cock spasmed in my hole and started to shoot its monumental cumload into me.

My prostate was in overdrive and I felt the cum churning in my loins. André's cock pushed deeper into my mouth and he held onto my head. He started to groan and I knew he was about to cum in my mouth.

I groaned and felt my cum shooting out onto Juan's chest. By then Juan's cock was twitching as he was shooting his load into me. André's cum filled my mouth and I had to swallow for all I was worth not to lose any of it. He held my head and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. When my chest touched Juan's, it was sopping wet.

Juan was groaning and his cock was still twitching. "Oh my godd! You'll kill me my darling! Fuck! This was exceptional! Johann, you're a sex dogg! Fuck! Your big cumload on Anton's hole was just too good to miss out on! My darling, are you OK? My big cock rubbing against Johann's big rubbery cock inside you was fantastic! Oh my godd!"

I pulled off André's cock and said: "It was special and spectacular. I loved it. You guys made me feel so good! Both of you are big, but I managed. Johann's copious cum on my hole served as a good lube. You two are real sex doggs! Ahhhh!"

I lied down on Juan's chest and straightened my legs. I felt Johann lying down on to of me. His and Juan's cocks were still deep in me. I was sandwiched between two of the men I loved very much. Their big cocks were deep inside me. I was filled with about 50ml of hot creamy cum. Wow!

André came to lie down next to us and put his hand over my head and tousled my hair. "You're a tiger in bed, baby bro! I'm so impressed! You are the man!"

Juan put his one arm out and pulled André into an embrace. I turned my head towards André and he lifted his head and kissed me. "I love you so very much, baby bro!"

"I love you too, bro! And you Juan. And of course you too, Johann! You guys are phenomenal. This was epic. Oh my godd!" I gushed.

Juan's other hand was pulling Johann closer on top of me. Johann was kissing my cheek and whispered: "Oh fuck! What a sensational man you are! I love you ... 'baby bro'!"

I lifted my head and kissed Juan. He said: "Hmmmm! André, you delinquent, your cum tastes great! Hmmmm! I want a load of that in my mouth again soon! Fuck! We really are a bunch of horn doggs!"

Johann sighed and pushed his big rubbery cock deep into me again and kissed me. His weight on top of me pushing me into my own cum on top of Juan was magical. My fuck! It was sensational.

"I don't know whether you know it, but the two of you aren't exactly midgets! It feels good to have you on top of me, but I can't breathe. Please sit up a bit ... ahhh!" Juan sighed when Johann and I lifted off him a bit to give him a breather. He took a few deep breaths and pulled us back on top of him. "I wish we could fall asleep like this. My cock against yours, Johann and inside my love, feels so good, and both of you on top of me ... oh fuck! I'm beginning to become a sex fiend! It's all your fault my love! It's YOU who drive us so mad with desire!"

We lifted again to give Juan a breather ... down again.

"I think you guys need to roll over onto your sides. Otherwise you're going to crush this beautiful big oaf! And I for one won't have that! I love the ogre too much to see him crushed to death!" André said and pulled us towards him. We rolled over holding tight to each other to stay in position and to keep Juan's big cock and Johann's huge rubbery cock inside me.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! Your huge cocks are still in me! It feels so nice!" In order to give Juan better access to my hole, I lifted my upper leg and put it over Juan's hip. His cock was going down and I felt it starting to slip out of me ... No! But there wasn't anything I could do to prevent it. When it slid out, I clenched my hole and as the big cockhead slipped out, I managed to contain the cum. Just as well: we were on brand-new linen, and the next day Mom wanted to showcase the house and brag with it in front of her friends and some of the guests. Everybody was going to see the master bedroom sometime the next day. So, no cum on the sheets!

André was on his knees and took Juan's big rubbery cock into his mouth and sucked it deep into his mouth.

"Ahhhhh! My godd! André, you'll kill me ... ahhhh! Oh godd! Oh fuck!" Juan gasped.

Johann pushed his cock deep into me again and whispered: "You OK, my love?" 'My love'? I was 'my love' to him too, I thought!

"Yes, I'm OK! Your cock feels so good in me," I whispered back.

André pulled off Juan's cock and started to lick his chest. "Hmmmm! Baby bro, you know how to spray a man's chest!" He leaned forward and licked my chest to get the rest of my cum. "It tastes so nice! Fuck!" He collapsed on his back and put an arm out to touch Juan's face. "I love you, you big oaf! You rock!"

I touched André's face and whispered: "I love you so much ... oh my godd! I'm the happiest man to have 4 guys who love me!"

"Four? Is Gunther still part of this picture? Really?" Johann asked. "He has to be fucking spectacular for you to allow him into the folds of ... this!" Johann said.

"Wait till you meet him tomorrow! You're going to love him! Guaranteed!" Juan said.

"Oh, OK. Can't wait to meet another guy who makes our 'baby bro' feel good. He has to be something special ..." Johann said. He was still a little bit upset about Gunther.

"How do you like our pad? Nice, eh?" Juan asked. "Dad and Mom went to town with it. It's off the charts. We were so impressed, especially after Wednesday ..." Oh fuck! Juan!

"Why? What happened Wednesday? Did your Mom make a scene about me at the flat? Oh my godd! I'm sorry guys!" Johann said.

We gave Johann some details and when we ended our rendition, he sighed ... "Oh, that's a relief. That means I won't have to worry about seeing them tomorrow?"

"No, but now it's poor Gunther's turn ..." André put in. André! Fuck bro!

"What? What is going to happen to him? Your parents know about him too?" Johann asked, sounding astounded.

We gave him the run-down of what happened, and what was said between the three of us and our parents.

"We'll see tomorrow. Mom might not make a scene tomorrow, if at all. Dad has a way with her and I think he has her under control," André said.

"Johann, sooner or later it is going to happen that Gunther will join us on this bed - perhaps tomorrow night. We'll not force you into anything and Gunther is also apprehensive about the whole thing, and about you. We really want it to work. You are a fantastic guy and we've already 'allowed' you into the circle, and actually, we've fallen in love with you. But, we also like Gunther very much. He really is one hell of a smart and very attractive and nice guy. He looks good enough to become a model himself. He too isn't riff-raff. He just happens to be gay too and to have an incredible cock that my darling loves very much. It is like nothing I've ever seen before. When you see it and experience the man in the flesh, you'd have to agree with us that he is a great guy!" Juan explained to Johann.

"I love you guys very much and this one," he touched my face, "is a very special one to me. I didn't know us three wouldn't be enough for him ... This Gunther guy has to be exceptional then ..." Johann trailed off.

"He is spectacular! And 'this one' likes him very much, and loves to get that huge cock in his ass. And, we like him too. He is really kind, gentle, intelligent and nice. His cock is a wondrous thing to see. We're actually looking forward to see you and Gunther fucking Anton - together. The fact that your cock is so rubbery, might just make it possible," Juan said.

"My love, just relax! I love you all very much and it just happened that I ... we ... fell in love with Gunther too. It just happened," I said and clenched my hole over Johann's cock in me.

"Ahhhh! Oh my godd! You'll still be the end of me!" Johann groaned. "OK, let me meet him tomorrow and see what he is like. When is he coming?"

"I'm going to fetch the ice and some other stuff by 12 o'clock. Do you want to come with me? It would give you a chance to really get to know him a bit without holding back in front of Dad and Mom. Please come with me?" I asked Johann.

"OK, maybe I'd kill him before we get home to spare your carpets the blood ... I'm joking! You know I'm not the violent type! Yes, I'll come with you. I hope he is as spectacular as you say he is," Johann said with some concern in his voice.

"Actually, I have a few pics of him on my iPhone. Some of his huge cock too if you're interested. Want to see?" André asked.

"Oh, OK. Please show me."

André pulled up the Photo App on his iPhone and opened the folder he named "Our Guys", and showed a picture of the very handsome Gunther. Johann took the phone and looked at the picture, even pinching the picture to enlarge it. "Hmmmm! Not bad! Not bad at all ... I have to give it to you, if this is what he looks like in real life, he really could ... actually ... become a model! May I swipe to the next photos ... ahhhh! Oh my godd! Is that thing for real? My love? You're phenomenal to take on that huge cock! It really is much bigger than mine or yours Juan! It's spectacular like you've said. OK, you've convinced me. I'd love to meet him and be in the bed with him while he fucks you my love!"

"Then it's settled. Gunther is staying over tomorrow night and we hope we could have some fun with you and him," Juan said.

"OK, enough of the Jerry and his donkey dong. Anyone for Coke? I'm parched. Anyone coming with me? Johann, you still want to be in my baby bro? Yes? You sex dogg! Don't worry! Gunther is not going to replace you. You'll just have to learn to share. Pull out and let's have some Coke in the lounge. OK?" André asked.

Johann pulled out of me against his will and we all bundled to the kitchen to get some Coke. Johann marvelled at how Dad and Mom outfitted the kitchen for us.

After we had Coke, Johann said he'd rather go home to sleep in his own bed. "One morning of your mom walking in on us was enough! Let her get used to the idea before we spring it on her again!" Johann quipped.

"Ah, ja - and then there is still Gunther she will have to get used to!" André put in.

After we had the Coke, Johann retrieved his clothes from the bedroom. We hugged and kissed him. He was off and we bundled back into our bed. Juan was behind me, and André was in front of me, hugging me close to him. I felt Juan's big cock between my legs ... it was wet! The dogg! He snuck some lube into the bed and was prepared for an all-nighter!

= To be continued =



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