During the night I woke up and felt Juan's cock was in me. His huge cock was rock-hard and was fucking me slowly and deeply. He had his one hand on my tummy and hugged me tightly to him. My cock was already semi-hard and it was fast getting very hard.

In front of me André had his hand over my neck and his face was right in front of me. He was still not fully awake but from his groaning it was evident he was waking up. "Hmmmm-hmmm! You sex dogg! You oaf! Fucking my baby bro again! You're as insatiable as Johann!" He put his hand on my cock and squeezed it and in seconds I really was rock-hard. I put my hand on his cock and yess! It was hard too! We were like a pack of dogs in heat!

While Juan was fucking me he was kissing my cheek. His big cock in me felt so wonderful. André was jacking my cock and soon I was sopping, sopping wet. I rubbed over André's cock and it was getting wet too.

"I want in too baby bro!" André said as he squeezed my cock. "I want to fuck you with Juan, in you ... I want in please?"

"Juan, André wants to put his cock in with yours. OK?" I said.

"Yes, I heard him. But of course, it depends on you Anton. OK with you? Yes? OK, roll on top of me and open your legs, OK my love?" Juan said and rolled backwards holding me tight to his body. I ended up lying on my back on top of Juan.

André took the lube and moved in between my legs. He handed me the poppers. André lifted my legs onto his shoulders and lubed up his cock. He added some lube to my hole and on Juan's cock.

"Ready baby bro? Here it comes," and he put his big cockhead on top of Juan's cock and applied some pressure. Even though André's cock was not as big as Juan's, at 23cm it still was a big cock. And thick! And a nice uncut cock. I loved our cocks.

I took a deep whiff of the poppers. André pushed harder and I pushed out, and his cockhead slipped through my sphincter. "Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Your cock is so big!"

"Too much baby bro?" André asked and stopped pushing in. "Push out and relax. More poppers!"

The big cockhead pushed in deeper and I pushed out. I took another whiff of the poppers. I relaxed and felt the big cockhead sliding in deeper. André's big cockhead was scraping over my prostate and I groaned with pleasure. I felt the precum leaking out of me. André stopped and pulled back a bit. I relaxed and took another whiff of the poppers. André pushed in again and didn't stop until he was in balls-deep.

I groaned and marvelled at the two big cocks in me. Juan was slowly fucking me with short strokes, while André was slowly fucking me from the front. My cock was leaking lots of precum and even a bit of cum.

André leaned in and kissed me with my legs over his shoulders. He gave me one of his signature deep kisses. Oh how I loved my brother! His big cock was twitching in me and was moving in and out of me, making me feel so good.

Below me Juan's big hard cock was stretching me and reached deep into me. He was groaning in my ear and it was clear he was getting closer to squirt his big load into me. I still had two big loads in my hole from the previous night. And another two loads were about to be added.

The two cocks in me were rubbing over each other and soon André was groaning and started to fuck me hard and deep.

"I'm cumming baby bro! I'm cumming! Oh fuck! Ahhhh!"

"I'm cumming too my love! Here it comes! Wow! I'm cumming!"

"A Johann Special, baby bro?"

"Yes, give it to me!"

André's cock spasmed and he shot the first load in me and then pulled out when Juan's cock squirted its first load into me. André's cock squirted a load on my hole and he pushed back in through the cum, while Juan's cock was pushed in deep and was squirting an almighty load into me. André managed to pull out once more and cum on my hole, and then pushed in through the cum. He pushed his 23cm cock into me and shot the last of his cum deep into me. He collapsed on top of me and rested his head on my chest. I held him tight and kissed his head.

Juan started to squirm under me and I knew we were flattening the big man.

"Ahhhh! Guys! Guys! It's getting a bit heavy. You two boys are crushing me," Juan said. André lifted off me and stood on his knees between my legs. Juan hugged me a bit more and kissed my neck. I turned my head and got an almost perfect kiss from his delectable mouth.

André pushed his cock into me once more and made it twitch. Juan felt it and his cock twitched too. I clenched my hole over the two big cocks in me and marvelled at the sheer size of the two cocks. André pulled back and slowly pulled his softening cock out of me. I was really pumped full of cum and had to clench to prevent the cum from flowing out. After Juan's and Johann's loads the previous night and now with Juan's and André's loads in me, there must've been at least 50ml of cum in me. A huge lot of cum, I thought.

André plopped on the bed next to us and put his hand on my cock, still hard and leaking precum. "Want me to suck you off, baby bro?"

"No, please save it for me. Let me pull out and suck you off," Juan put in. I was a bit amazed as usually André got to suck me to completion.

Juan pushed me up into a sitting position on top of him and then rotated me on his cock. He then sat up and held me tight. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. He pushed me backwards onto my back and ended up on top of me, his cock still in me. Juan positioned himself so he could bend down. He took my cock in his hand and started to jack me off. He leaned in and managed to suck my cockhead into his mouth. I was so horny and sopping wet. When my cockhead slipped into Juan's mouth, I gasped. I knew it wouldn't take much to cum. After just a minute of jacking and sucking, I was approaching orgasm. I started to groan and my hole clenched over Juan's cock. He pushed down and sucked in as much of my cock as he could at the awkward angle. About a third of his cock slipped out.

"Ahhhhh! I'm cumming! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" and I felt the first shots of cum being shot into Juan's mouth. I pushed up and felt how Juan's now rubbery cock slid out a bit more. My hole clenched around the cock and as Juan's cock slipped out of me, my cock slipped deep into Juan's mouth, delivering a mighty load.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhh!" My cock spasmed in Juan's mouth. I put my hand on Juan's hand still holding my cock and pulled it away. My cock was super-sensitive and I was shuddering with pleasure.

Juan pulled off my cock and leaned forward to kiss me with his mouth full of my cum. I opened my mouth and he let some of the cum run into my mouth. Ahhh! Juan put his lips on mine and kissed my cum-filled mouth. We groaned into each other's mouths. Juan lied on me and pinned me on the bed under him. His huge cock pushed against my cock on my tummy. Both of our cocks were still rubbery and wet. Juan kissed me and took my face in his hands. "Hmmm! I love you so much, my darling!" He hugged me and I melted. I put my hand out and touched André's leg. I pulled on it and he got the message. He moved and lied next to us, and put his face next to ours. He reached in and kissed our cum-drenched mouths. "Hmmmm! Your mouths taste like whores' mouths ... nice whores! Very nice!"

"Come on boys, it's still dark out there - let's get some sleep. André, please check the time ...?"

André retrieved his iPhone and pushed the home button. "It's almost 20 past 2. Sheez! You're sex hounds! I need some shut-eye and some beauty sleep, so please! Ahhhh!" He turned around on the bed and plopped down on the pillows, and pulled Juan and me to him. "Come, eyes closed, baby bro, asshole closed and let's sleep!"

"I need to go to the toilet first. You guys have filled me up big time. I'm afraid I might lose it. Excuse me for a minute please," I said and rolled out of bed. Juan rolled towards André and pulled him into his arms. He put André's face on his chest.

"You're such a deviant young man and you're so impossible at times, but I still love you. You know that? Never forget that, you hear?" Juan said to André as I walked into the en suite bathroom.

I got rid of the copious amount of cum in my rectum - it was a lot! - and then quickly passed by the fridge in the kitchen. I fumbled a bit with the new fridge in the dark but did find some fruit juice. I kept the fridge door open and found a glass. I poured a glass of juice and took a sip. I put the juice back and closed the fridge. I padded back to the bedroom in the dark and found my brother and Juan entwined in an embrace, lightly snoring away. So sweet! Their faces were pushed close together. André was lying with his head on Juan's shoulder.

I took another sip of juice and crawled in behind Juan. I put my arm around his waist and soon I too was off to Lala-land ...


I woke up and stretched out ... Saturday ... no need to jump out of bed. Ahhh! I lied with my eyes closed and felt where Juan and André were. Nobody was in bed with me. I opened my eyes and saw I was alone in bed. I grabbed my iPhone and touched the home button. 7 o'clock. Hmmm! I'd have to get up I thought. Dad and Mom would be there by 8.

It was already very light outside and I stretched again. Hmmmm! Morning wood ... what to do ... hmmmm! I peeled the skin back and groaned! I can't remember the last time I've jacked off! Hmmmm! It felt good. I put my hand around my cock: my index finger and thumb just touched around the shaft. I put my other hand over my cock and at 23cm, a substantial length still stuck out - at least the head.

I listened for any sounds indicating André or Juan coming to the bedroom. There were sounds coming from the kitchen. It sounded like they were rearranging cupboards. Ahhhh! Some self-time! I'm going to jack off and shoot a nice load, I thought and slowly pulled the skin back ... hmmmm!

My cock swelled in anticipation of the jacking. I marvelled at my cock's nice size and its thickness. The ample skin over the head was great for jacking. I pulled the skin back as far as it would go, pushed it back over the head and soon felt a drop of precum. Ahhhh! I rubbed the precum over my cockhead and groaned. Oh fuck! I loved jacking off another cock, but my own cock in my hand felt so good! I thought of Juan and André fucking me the previous night. Twice, mind you! My hole was still a little tender, but I felt great. Both big cocks in my hole, fucking me and pumping huge loads of cum into me!

But now I'd like to have a nice jack-off by myself, controlling the sensation, the pace and the cumming, I thought and smiled.

Again I pulled the skin back and pushed it forward. The precum drop was bigger. I slowly started to jack off and was thoroughly enjoying it. I closed my eyes and picked up some speed. When I shot my load, I'd do so in my hand and then lick it up. I loved cum and mine and André's cum tasted the same. It was thick and creamy and slightly sweet. Ahhhh! I felt the orgasm boiling up in my balls. I had my balls in my left hand and was jacking away, getting closer to orgasm.

Suddenly the duvet was lifted off me and a hot wet mouth was put over my cock. My eyes flew open and saw it was Juan. Hmmmm! He pushed my cock balls-deep into his throat and moaned to announce his pleasure. He was fondling my balls. I started to groan and pushed my cock up and deeper into Juan's throat. I was going to cum, and it was more than would be expected after a night of sex. Oh fuck! Oh fuck - it was just too nice. I'd love to jack off myself, but a wonderful unexpected blowjob from my lover wasn't unacceptable.

My cock swelled to its full hard size and the first volley shot out the piss slit into Juan's throat. He pulled my cock out a bit to receive the rest in his mouth. He groaned and I felt my cum filling his mouth cavity. He stroked the underside of my cock with his tongue and I felt like I was dying with pleasure! Wow! My cock stopped shooting and my sensitive cockhead rested on Juan's tongue. He stopped moving his tongue and just kept my cock in his mouth. Eventually he pulled off and leaned in to kiss me and give me my load. Ahhhh! Oh my godd! It tasted so good! Wow! Juan's mouth moulded over my lips and the kiss was divine. I swallowed some of my cum and pushed the rest back into Juan's mouth. He swallowed hungrily and kissed me gently and deeply. His tongue was pushed into my mouth and played on my tongue. Oh fuck! How I loved this wonderful man!

He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes with his beautiful blue eyes. "Thought you were going to snuck in a solo jack-off session? And deprive me of having pleasure with your big beautiful cock? And cum? Uhhh-uh! No ways! Happy? Hmmmm?"

"Ahhh! You're just the best there is! I thought I'd sneak in a jacking off, but you sucking me was very nice. Thanks my beautiful tall hunky hung husband!"

"And what exactly is going on here? Right under my nose? A-ha! Am I side-lined now? Huh? You big oaf! You do not have exclusive privileges in this house! He's mine too! And I suppose a whole big load is lost to me forever ... Sob! Sob! What a backstabbing oaf!" André ranted on and put his hands over his face. He was such a loose cannon! "Care to get off my baby bro now? You're suffocating him!"

"Bro, he was in desperate need of a capable big mouth to meet his particular needs. And I happened to be available! And yes, I've drained his balls. He would be dysfunctional for the rest of the month. So, sorry bro! You've lost out big time!" Juan ribbed André. Of course there was retribution, what else? André jumped onto Juan's back and pulled him off me. Unfortunately for André, Juan wasn't ticklish, so André had to resort to head-clamping, tweaking a nipple or lightly pulling Juan's chest hair. They ended up rolling all over the bed, wrestling until Juan pinned André down on his back with his knees on André's arms next to his head and sat down on his chest.

"Let's just establish exactly who is the alpha dog here? Hmmmm?" Juan asked and aimed his fingers at André's sides. André shrieked and tried to get out from under Juan, but Juan was bigger and stronger and he was relentless. He put his fingers in André's sides and tickled him till he was howling with laughter. Juan stopped and took André's face between his hands and looked into his eyes. He waited until André stopped writhing and laughing and when André looked back into Juan's eyes, Juan moved down and sat on André's tummy and leaned in to kiss André. It was a soft, tender kiss. He kissed André's nose, his cheeks, his chin, and his mouth.

"If I didn't love you so much, I'd actually ask Dad to bring his Swiss Army knife so we could neuter you! You beautiful sexy retard! I love you! But, enough of this. Dad and Mom would be here shortly. Come boys! Let's go shower!"

André wriggled out of Juan's embrace and grabbed our man around the neck, standing on his knees. "After Dad and my baby bro, you are the most special man I know. I love you too, you big oaf! Life without you would just never be the same again," and pulled Juan closer to kiss him. He put his head on Juan's shoulder and hugged him tight.


We have just finished showering and were dressed casually in long shorts and open-neck shirts, and wore our slip-slops, when Mom's car stopped in front of the garage.

"Hallo boys! Where are you?" Dad called and we ran to greet him. He opened his arms and André and I grabbed him around the neck and kissed him. "Hallo Dad! How are you Dad? Welcome to our home!" He hugged us and said in our ears: "I love you boys!"

Juan caught up with us and Dad pulled him into the embrace. Juan leaned in and got a kiss from Dad.

Mom approached us and stood waiting for 'the men' in her life to finish and to greet her too. We hugged and kissed her as well, but we were not as exuberant as with Dad. Not that we loved her less, but Dad was ... well, he was Dad! Everything about him invited us to be open and relaxed and to love him.

"Here André. Here is the iPhone 6 you wanted," Dad said and gave André his old iPhone.

"Thanks Dad! Gunther is going to be so blown out of the water! Oh, you'll love him! He's a great guy - you'll see! I'm going to let him know he has to bring his laptop. I don't even know if he has a PC or a Mac. I hope it's a Mac," André said and pulled out his iPhone to send Gunther an SMS.

"Have you guys had breakfast yet or did you just get up? Hmmm! You smell so nice! I'm sure you've just showered! Could I help you cook a nice breakfast?" Mom put in.

"No, we haven't had breakfast yet. We were actually hoping we'd have breakfast with you!" I said.

"We've had coffee and rusks and actually, we've also hoped you haven't had breakfast!" Dad responded.

"Perfect! Come, let's whip up a real Le Roux breakfast!" André gushed. "All of a sudden I'm starving! Come guys!"

We bundled into the kitchen and we all lent a hand. Dad operated the coffee machine. André handled the toast. Mom was handling the eggs. I was handling the bacon and Juan was laying the breakfast nook. In no time we had a scrumptious breakfast on our plates and dug in.

"Very nice! Thanks to everybody!" Mom said and put her knife and fork on her plate. She wiped her mouth and asked what needed to be done with regard to the party. We first cleared the breakfast nook and piled the dirty dishes in the sink. It would be the first load to be washed in the new dishwasher, which would be delivered at 10 o'clock.

We gathered around the breakfast nook again and it seemed most of it had been taken care of. Mom and Juan put heads together to check the lists. Mom took out her iPhone and called Pieter. He confirmed that the food would be delivered later in the afternoon. He said he would arrive at around 12 o'clock and repeated his offer to bring whatever we needed. Mom said we'd phone him before 10 o'clock if we thought of something.

Johann arrived and our hearts raced a bit. Dad, André and I were outside when he arrived.

"Dad, we'd like you to meet our friend Johann. He is the talented photographer who took the picture you had blown up and he is the one who was responsible for the Boss Models shoot. Johann, this is our Dad, Adriaan le Roux. Dad, he lives around the corner here at La Rochelle."

"Pleased to meet you Johann! I've heard so much about you, and all good! It is obvious you've impressed Juan and the twins," Dad winked. "Welcome here! I hope you will enjoy the time with us. Are you coming to the farm next weekend?"

"Hallo Mr le Roux! Pleased to meet you too. The boys have told me so much about you, I actually feel as if I know you already! The boys have mentioned the weekend, but we haven't finalised it yet."

"Nothing of this 'Mr le Roux' nonsense! I'm Adriaan! Or if you're going to become part of this clan with the boys," Dad winked again, "then you may call me 'Dad' too. Your choice, but most definitely not 'Mr le Roux'!"

"Oh, OK. But I don't know if I'd be able to say 'Adriaan' ... my dad would get a fit if he heard me saying that!"

"It's my choice. And you will listen to me - I am the 'boss' here!" Dad said winking and he punched him lightly on his arm. "Actually, if you do come with them for the weekend, we'd solve the problem of getting the twins' new cars and the old one back here. But, apart from that, I understand you're actually already part of the inner circle. Welcome! The boys obviously like you very much!" Dad said smiling and knowingly. "Don't worry, it's all OK! I trust the twins' and Juan's taste."

Johann blushed cherry red and stammered: "Oh, OK ... thanks, Mr le Roux ... erm ... Adriaan ... oh damn! This is not going to be easy! Seems like I'd have to revert to 'Dad'!"

"That's my boy!" Dad said.

"Anything I could help with?" Johann asked.

"You could help us here, please?" Dad said.

Dad, Johann and us carried the garden chairs from the garage to the patio and set up the tables. Dad had brought umbrellas, and some tables and chairs from the farm on his pickup. We retrieved the tablecloths and weights and dressed the tables. We pitched the umbrellas and Mom brought some hydrangeas from her friend's garden. She put them in makeshift vases: old cut-off and smoothed glass bottles and bowls. These were parked on the floor next to the patio door to stay cool and fresh.

We went inside and Johann greeted Mom. She was her friendly self, but I could see Johann didn't trust the peace. But, everybody was civil and friendly.

Before we knew it, the doorbell rang and the dishwasher was delivered. Juan signed for it and gave the delivery boy a printout of the EFT he effected the day before. The technician who came along connected the pipes and plugged in the washer. We huddled together and he explained the functions of the buttons and how to operate the machine. Inside the machine was a complimentary container of dishwasher tablets.

We eagerly loaded the breakfast crockery and cutlery in the machine - the technician explained where everything was supposed to be loaded - and put one of the tablets in the dispenser, and switched the machine on. It whirred and we heard the rinse function going into action. Ahhhh! Our machine was working! The deliveryman and technician left and we continued with our last preparations for the party. Dad and us attended to some solar powered garden lights he picked up from a garden centre the previous day.

Juan and Mom started with the final preparations of the lasagne Mom brought with her from the farm. Mom kept it in her friend's extra fridge and was now preparing to have it warmed in the oven. The oven wasn't switched on yet. Mom prepared a salad. Dad and Mom had brought bread rolls they've picked up from the bakery in town.

Not long after that, Johann and I left to fetch the stuff from the bottle store and to pick up Gunther. Mom gave us a cooler box to put the ice in.

"Has your mom really accepted the status quo? I don't trust the truce," Johann said.

"Not to worry. Dad has her in check. She has no choice - she will just have to accept you and Gunther," I said.

"Ahh - Gunther. I hope he is as nice as you say he is. Fuck! I can't believe I've waited so long to get involved, and now I'm involved not with ONE guy, but at least THREE others, perhaps FOUR others. Just my luck!" Johann complained.

"Just you wait! Gunther is gorgeous and a nice guy too. Now relax! We're going to have some serious fun! Just you wait and see!" I said, patting his leg.


We got the stuff from the shops and I stopped at the cell phone service provider to buy a basic pay-as-you-go micro SIM card for Gunther's iPhone.

At just before 12 o'clock we stopped at the flat and within seconds Gunther appeared with an overnight bag, his computer bag and the ice he picked up from the bottle store. What a gentleman! I got out and kissed the gorgeous man. I took the ice from him and put it in the icebox.

Gunther got into the back of the car behind me and when I got in, I introduced him to Johann.

"Gunther, this is our other friend, Johann, the photographer. Johann, this is Gunther with whom Juan will work together next year. Gunther is renting our flat for the next 3 years," I introduced the two hung hunks to each other.

They shook hands and I noticed they held each other's hand a little longer. I wondered if they both noticed the size of their hands. I did see them looking intently at each other, summing up the other ... Fuck! I hope they would get along.

"Pleased to meet you Gunther. I've heard so much about you. The boys and Juan obviously like you a lot." Johann put in.

"Ja, also pleased to meet you. De boys have told me about you. And ja, it seems dey like you a lot too. I hope ve will become good friends, ja? You are a very good photographer. I like your photographs very much. I also like the naked photographs ... oh, was I supposed to see those?" Gunther said and blushed.

Johann laughed and said: "Yes, if you sleep with the boys and Juan, it is just normal that you would have seen the photos. It's OK. We'll take some more!"

"Gut! Dat vud be very nice! I like photos and de nude ones you take are very ... how you say? Provocative? Hmmm! Very gut!" Gunther gushed.

"You're here to do a doctorate on insulin production?" Johann asked.

"Yes, und no. On hormone production - not just insulin. Juan will work with me on other hormones. I will be here for de next 3 years. I hope we become good friends," Gunther said.

"Oh good. You seem to be a very nice and intelligent guy. I like what I see," Johann put in. "I'm going to take many more photos this evening and tonight. I'd love to take some of you and the boys ... if you like?" Johann asked.

"Ja, I like dat very much! De boys are so sexy! And Juan is a big man!" Gunther said. "He is a real alpha male!"

"Oh fuck yes, he is a big boy! But I believe you are the biggest of us all? Are you? I'm very curious ... I always thought I was the biggest. I've never met anyone bigger than me." Johann said and looked back at Gunther. I saw in the rear-view mirror that Gunther was looking at Johann intently with much interest. "How big are you, Gunther?"

"Ermm ... 29,5cm. Und very thick. Und you?" Gunther asked.

"Oh fuck! Then you are bigger! I'm only 29cm!" Johann said and laughed. "But, I don't believe everything I hear - I need to see for myself! We have a saying: 'Seeing is believing, and touching is the truth!' So, I'm going to see for myself, OK?"

"Erm ...OK. You want to see now?" Gunther, you dogg! He obviously liked Johann!

"Anton, would you mind?" Johann asked.

"Of course not! Go ahead and see that huge cock for yourself!" I said.

Johann turned around in the seat to see Gunther's big cock. Gunther unzipped his fly and lifted his huge semi-hard cock from its confines.

"Oh my godd! You didn't exaggerate, Anton! It IS huge! Much thicker than mine! It's not hard yet, is it?" Johann gushed. "May I touch it?"

Gunther moved forward to the edge of the seat and held his big cock for Johann to see and touch.

Johann took the huge cock in his hand and whistled through his teeth. "I am put to shame! Mine is not as thick as yours! How do you manage to handle this huge dong, my love?"

"I just relax!" I said, smiling at Johann's disbelief in what he was seeing and feeling.

Gunther leaned closer and put his hand in Johann's crotch. "Dat is not small! It is a big one too! Let me see please?"

Johann unzipped his pants and hauled his hard cock from his pants. I looked and once again I marvelled at the beautiful big cock of the third man I loved. It was a prize specimen. Gunther took it in his hand and said: "It is only a little smaller than mine. It is a very nice cock! I want to see you fuck Anton!"

"So do I! I want to see you fucking Anton! That is a very big cock you have! And look at the precum! My godd! That IS spectacular!" Johann gushed.

"Your cock also makes lots of precum I see! We are a pair, ja?" Gunther said and they laughed. It was obvious the ice was broken. What with them touching each other's cocks and complimenting each other on the sizes and precum, and wanting to see the other one fucking me!

Johann took some of Gunther's large volume of precum and tasted it. "Fuck! It tastes wonderful! I can't wait to suck you, Gunther!"

Gunther reciprocated and tasted Johann's precum. "Ja, very nice! I vant to suck you too!"

"OK boys, you've seen each other's cocks and tasted the precum. You'll just have to behave and wait until tonight. It would appear we are going to have some serious fun tonight! Hmmmm! No less than FOUR big cocks to fuck me!" I said.

Johann put his hand in my lap and squeezed my hard cock. He started to unzip my pants and hauled my hard cock out. I was sopping wet! "Ahhh! Just look at this Gunther! The boy wants us! Hmmm!" Johann said and leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth. My cock disappeared in his mouth and I groaned! Fuck! It felt good. I marvelled at Johann's ability to deep-throat me. He lifted off my cock and Gunther put his hand on my cock! "Ja, a very nice big cock, ja?"

"We're almost at the turn-off. All cocks back in the pants! Johann, please put mine back and zip me up!" I said. Johann pushed and pulled and eventually he managed to get my cock back in my pants and I was zipped up again. Johann had a more difficult job of getting his cock back into his pants - it was 6cm longer and a quite a bit thicker than mine. I saw in the mirror that Gunther was also battling to get his huge cock back in his pants. Wow! This was better than I expected. It was clear we were going to have lots of fun!

I stopped in front of the garage and we each carried something into the house. We found everybody in the kitchen. Dad, Juan and André were sitting at the counter of the breakfast nook and Mom was busy checking on the food.

"Mom, Dad, please meet Gunther, our friend and the man who rents our flat," I said. "Gunther, this is my Dad, Adriaan, and this is our Mom, Alma."

I could see Dad was impressed with the beautiful tall blonde man immediately. When he shook Gunther's hand, I noticed he looked at the hand in his and at Gunther's huge feet. He looked at the incredibly attractive man in front of him, and I could see he liked him on the spot.

"Pleased to meet you Mein Herr! Thank you so much for de flat und de furniture! You are a kind man. Thank you very much!" Gunther said and held Dad's hand, and put his left hand over Dad's hand.

"No problem! Our boys' friends are our friends too. You're most welcome. I hope your stay in the flat will be pleasant. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to ask. You have our numbers," Dad said. Of course we'd see him regularly and would attend to whatever it was he had a problem with, Dad!

Gunther turned to Mom who came to the breakfast nook and he bowed gently towards her. He took her hand in his and covered it with his left hand. He then looked into her eyes and said: "Pleased to meet you Frau le Roux! You have 2 very kind boys! Thank you for de furniture and de complete kitchen! You are very kind people! Danke schön!" Mom was awestruck! The tall sexy blue-eyed German man swept her off her feet. She didn't expect that!

"Pleased to meet you too, Gunther! The boys like you very much. The flat is yours for the next 3 years. Like my husband said: if you need anything, you know how to get hold of us. The boys and we would help you with pleasure. I hope you like lasagne? We have lasagne for lunch," Mom said.

"Ahhh! Lasagne is my favourite. I like it very much! Dat vud be very nice. Thank you very much," Gunther said.

"Come, bring your bag. Let's put it in the bedroom," I said and led the way.

"You have a very nice home now, Anton!" Gunther put in.

"Yes, it's very nice. Dad and Mom are spoiling us. Here, let's put your bag in the spare bedroom, *just for appearances' sakes, of course!*" I said. I took his overnight bag and computer bag and put it on the floor in the spare bedroom. "Come, see the master bedroom."

"Wunderbar! Dat is beautiful! Very nice!" Gunther said. He saw the picture above the bed and gushed: "You are three very beautiful boys, ja?"

He took me in his arms and hugged me closely. "Ahhhh! I've vaited for dis! Hmmm! You feel so good in my arms! I love you Anton. Sorry, I can not help, but ich liebe dich [I love you]!" He pulled me close to him and I felt his magnificent cock against me. Ahhhh! I was excited about the evening's pleasures! I lifted my face to his and he kissed me. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the intimacy of the moment.

I broke away from him. The man enthralled mom, but if she saw us embracing like that, all could be lost. "Come, let's go back before they come looking for us. Come, André has something for you," I said and squeezed his big bulging cock. Fuck! It was big!

"André has something for me?" Gunther asked.

"Yes, come!"

When we walked in the kitchen, André walked up to Gunther and gave him the box with the iPhone. Gunther's eyes grew big and he stared at the box André held out to him. "Nein, you were serious? Really? Unglaublich [Unbelievable]! You are all very kind people! Will you please show me?" Gunther asked.

"How much time before we eat, Mom?" André asked.

"About 30 minutes. You can start the setup and finish it after lunch," Mom said. She smiled at Gunther's enthusiasm.

"I didn't ask you, but I hope you have a Mac ... do you?" André asked.

"Of course! I can not sit with trouble with viruses und a computer dat hangs und becomes unstable! Nein, only MacBook Pro! Must I bring it? Ja?" Gunther asked.

"Yes, bring it and let's get you started," André said and cleared a corner at the breakfast nook. It was time for the technical wizard of the family to showcase his skills!

André took the iPhone from its box and connected the USB cable. He broke the SIM card from the big card and inserted it in the iPhone SIM card tray.

When Gunther put his MacBook on the counter, he plugged the cable in and iTunes opened up on the Mac.

"Ah! I see you have all your contacts and numbers in your Address Book. Good! Half the troubles solved! Now just the basic setup and then the Mac will take care of the rest," André said. He set the country, the time and other information required by iTunes. "There, now just for the Mac to sync the phone with your Mac, and you're good to go! Anton bought you a basic pay-as-you-go SIM card, which will just get you going. If you want to change it or top it up, go see the service provider next week," André told Gunther.

"Thank you so much ... André ... ja? You men are so ... kind ... right?"

"My pleasure, Jerry man!" André put in and squeezed the outstretched hand.

"Now, while the Mac is doing its job, how about something to drink. Mom? Gunther? Dad? What would it be?" Juan asked. He was the alpha male and this was his house now, so he took charge! My heart swelled with pride and I looked at him with loving eyes. "Red wine? White wine? Beer? Cider? Whiskey? What takes your fancy?"

Just then Pieter and Claude walked in.

"My, my! Just look what the cat dragged in!" Juan quipped and grabbed his brother into an embrace and kissed him. He then pulled Pieter in and kissed him too. We all hugged and kissed them.

"Please meet Gunther, our tenant in the flat. Gunther, this is Dad's brother, Pieter and his friend Claude, who is Juan's brother. An entangled family, for sure!"

They shook hands and it was clear Gunther made a positive impression on Pieter and Claude.

"We're about to drink something. What would you like, Pieter? Claude?" Dad asked.

Everyone put in his or her order and I helped Juan to get the drinks. We retired to the lounge while the lasagne baked and the Mac was doing its magic with the iPhone.

The discussions were light. Most of it centred around Gunther and Juan working together on their respective doctorates the following year, and coaching hockey together. Of course, the modelling and Johann's superb photographic skills were also hot topics. The possible shoot for Nederburg and the trip to London were discussed. Gunther put in that he was thinking of visiting his parents over Christmas and we could easily fly to Berlin to meet him there. He mentioned his dad's engineering company again and said that we would enjoy talking to his dad. The plans for the Christmas trip sounded better by the day! Now we just had to wait for Boss Models in London to make up their minds.

Then Dad mentioned the visit to the farm the next weekend. "You're all invited. Yes, you too Gunther. It's about time you see something of the country and enjoy real 'boeregasvryheid' [boer (south African white); gasvryheid = hospitality]! And see how we make the wine you're enjoying right now! With you in the flat and working shoulder-to-shoulder with Juan, you will be required to come visit regularly. No excuses! We'd be honoured to have you as a member of this family!" Dad, count your words! Mom is not completely convinced - not yet!

"Adriaan, I don't think Claude and I would be able to make it next weekend. We have a wedding on in De Doorns. A friend of ours is getting hitched, and we want to witness the demise of a buddy ..." Pieter put in.

"Watch it! It's not that bad to get married! Ask your brother, Pieter!" Mom quipped.

Mom got up and went into the kitchen to check on the food. She returned and asked me to help her put the food on the square dining room table where Juan has laid the 9 places. I took the casserole with the lasagne from the oven with oven mitts and carried it to the table, and put it on a wooden board. Mom brought the salad, a salad dressing and the bread rolls.

"Come please, come eat," Mom invited all of us to sit down.

Dad sat on the one corner with Mom next to him. Juan sat across from Dad and I sat next to him. André was next to Mom to his left, and Juan to his right. Johann sat on my other side, and Gunther sat next to him on the corner. Pieter and Claude sat next to Gunther and they had to squeeze to get 3 in on the one side.

Dad said grace and Mom dished up for everybody, as the casserole was too hot to pass it around. We handed her our plates and she dished up. We got salad and some bread rolls. It smelled fantastic.

André ensured that everybody's glasses were still full and poured more wine where required.

"Dig in! Enjoy! If there is one thing Mom can make, it's lasagne! Thanks Alma! A toast to the chef! Cheers!" We toasted Mom's culinary skills, and Dad then proposed another toast. "To Juan, André and Anton. May your stay in this house be filled with love and harmony. May you enjoy it here. Cheers!" We drank to our health and I felt Juan's hand on my one thigh, and Johann's hand on my other thigh ... my godd! I was going to be fucked royally tonight, I thought!

The lasagne was spectacular and everybody, except Mom, had seconds. Soon the casserole dish was empty! It was delicious.

"For dessert, I have a real Italian gelato treat. Any decliners?" Mom asked. What a question, Mom!

I started the coffee machine and after we cleared the table and put all the dirty crockery and cutlery in the dishwasher, we retreated to the lounge again. André and Claude were on top form again. They had us rolling with laughter in no time. Gunther was thawing and it was clear he enjoyed the company. I caught him staring at me a couple of times. I wished it were night-time so he could fuck me! Hmmmm!

André remembered about the iPhone and went into the kitchen to check. "Gunther, it's ready!" He ejected the iPhone and brought it to Gunther. They sat down at the dining room table and André ran through the basics of the phone. Being the clever man that he was, Gunther quickly grasped the basics and soon he had the iPhone in his hands and was swiping and clicking away.

"There, you're set to go. Enjoy!" André said. Without realising it, Gunther leaned in and kissed André. Oh fuck! Mom! I looked at her and saw that she saw it, but she said nothing. It would appear Dad did have a pep talk with her.

"Pieter, would you please check on the tables for the food?" Mom said without missing a beat. She didn't even look at André and Gunther again. She and Pieter walked out onto the patio to look at the tables. Being the end of September, it wasn't that warm yet. "Should we have the oven and warmer oven on to keep the food warm?" Mom asked as they walked to the kitchen.

André was still explaining some of the iPhone to Gunther and the big sexy German man couldn't stop smiling his radiant smile. He was chuffed out of his wits. He marvelled at the neat phone in his hands.

Dad got up and showed Gunther a few tricks of his own. Juan moved closer to me and asked if everything was OK. He also saw Gunther kissing André and noticed that Mom saw it too. "*I hope she's not going to make a scene about it*," Juan whispered.

"*No, I don't think she will. She's outnumbered and I think Dad gave her a pep talk*," I said.

Juan looked at me and said: "I think Johann must sleep here and some of our guests like Pieter, Claude, Werner, Lukas and Mario could sleep in Johann's house. What do you think? Or do you want all of them here tonight?"

"*No, I don't know, but let's see how it pans out. Dad and Mom wouldn't stay later than 10 o'clock. I was actually fantasizing to experience a real gang bang with all our guests ... What do you say? The more the merrier?*" I whispered and winked at Juan.

"My godd! You're serious! All of them? Including Mario and even Werner and Lukas? You're a brave one and a horny one at that! I wish it were night-time so I could see all the cocks in you and all the cum being pumped into you! My godd! I'm getting hard here! You sexy man! I know of a hung Italian who would be very happy! Not to mention Werner and Lukas ... they would never be the same again. You sex addict!" Juan put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me.

Johann and Claude came to sit at the coffee table in front of us and Johann said: "Pieter and Claude asked to stay in my house to make room for the 5 of us in here. They feel there would be enough action and they feel to be alone. They haven't seen each other for a week. Pieter was in Johannesburg again and Claude helped Claire with some clients. So, it would just be us 5 tonight."

Juan said: "We were just talking about that. We've also invited Mario, Werner and Lukas to the party. They also have the hots for Anton and would love to get in on the action. Anton says he is man enough to face them all. So, there wouldn't be a shortage of willing tops here tonight! It would've been nice if Pieter could've added his biggie to the mix. Think about it. It would be nice if you stayed a while. My boy here would love to have a proper ice breaker in our new home! If you two stay, there would be 9 who could fuck him. I, for one, would love to see it. So, please stay for the first part of the night."

I was weighing my options: 9 guys to fuck me in one night and fill me to capacity! When will this ever happen again? Yes, fuck! I'm in! Bring it on! It would mean I'd have more than 100ml or more of cum being squirted into me! Ahhhh! Oh godd! Yess! I want in!


The food arrived and Pieter, Juan, André and Mom were tending to the food when Lukas and Werner arrived.

They were the first of our other guests to arrive. I took them around and when they saw the master bedroom, I saw they noticed the picture of Juan, André and me. They looked at each other and at me. "Yes, we are in an open relationship. We like to add extra cocks to spice up things! We'd love you to join in tonight. What do you say?" I asked and stepped closer to them. I put my hands on their bulges and felt both were harder than semi already.

I squeezed and Lukas groaned and put his head on my shoulder and put his hand on my semi. Werner's cock was bigger! My godd! What is it with skinny nerdy guys and big cocks? It felt thicker than mine and almost as long. He stammered and asked in an uncertain voice: "You're not putting us on? Really? How many will be there ... here?"

"We'd be 10 and 9 of you may fuck me. Interested?" I asked the young guys.

"Oh fuck yes! I'd love to plug you!" Werner said.

"You Lukas? What would you like to do with this big cock?" I asked and squeezed his cock. It was rock-hard and definitely beyond 'average'!

"Yes, please! But I have to warn you, I cum a lot and I can cum 3 times in a row, every time as much as the first time!" Lukas gushed.

"Yes, I cum around 25ml a time and I can also cum 3 times in half an hour. So, I could pump 75ml into you in 30 minutes' time. You still interested?" Werner put in bravely.

"Oh fuck yes. I'd love that!" I said and squeezed the two cocks in my hands. They both had their hand on my hard cock and I leaned in to kiss Lukas. He groaned into my mouth and I felt his cock twitch in my hand. Then I kissed Werner and the poor guy almost lost his load. He began to shake. He immediately unzipped his pants and hauled his cock out. It was as thick as Juan's cock and just shorter than my 23cm. He was sopping wet. I rubbed the precum over his cockhead.

Then Lukas unzipped as well. He had the most adorable big cock! It was almost 23cm long and almost as thick as André's cock and mine. It had a very big head and was also sopping wet. I bent down and sucked his cock into my mouth. Werner groaned like an animal in heat. I switched and took Lukas' cock into my mouth as well. He almost creamed in my mouth!

"OK boys! That's enough for now. Rule number one: NO jacking off until tonight! Rule number two: Lots of fucking and cumming. We're going to fuck like there is no tomorrow. I'm the queen here: I'm the one that gets fucked and pumped full of cum. Put away those hard cocks ..." I said.

"No! I want to see your cock please? Show us your cock, please?" Lukas asked.

"OK, but we have to get going. So, only a look and a little touching," I said and unzipped my pants. I unfurled my big cock and the boys gasped when they saw my cock. "Be prepared to see many more even bigger than mine tonight!"

Werner went down on his knees and sucked my cock into his mouth. "Ahhh! You're a skilled cocksucker, Werner! But, let go now! Remember: no jacking off before tonight's sex party! You'd be staying in Johann's house around the corner. You could put your stuff in here for now," and I showed them to the spare bedroom. "Put down your stuff and let's get you something to drink!"

We went back into the lounge and I got them each a beer. Dad asked them about their work and then Mario arrived. Oh my godd! Mario! The King Kong of us all! I showed him around and when we walked into the master bedroom, he pushed the door closed and grabbed me. " Mama mia! You look good enough to fuck right now!"

I put my hand on his cock and felt it was way past the rubbery stage. He quickly unzipped and hauled his huge cock from his pants. I held it in my hand and felt the huge cock was wet already. I dropped to my knees and sucked that huge cockhead into my mouth. The precum was already flowing big time. The huge cock was rock-hard in no time. The big head filled my mouth and his crotch smelled nice ... manly. He put his hands on my head and pushed the big cock as deep as it would go. The precum was flowing freely from the piss slit and tasted great!

Mario pulled me up and kissed me. It was a gentle but urgent kiss, with his wet cock pushing on my crotch. I quickly unzipped to prevent my pants from getting soaked. When my cock sprang free Mario grabbed it and moaned into my mouth. "I want to fuck you, my boy! Oh godd! I've waited too long! A whole week!" His big hard cock was leaking lots of precum on my hand holding it.

He hugged me tight and moaned in my ear. "Ti amo molto [I love you very much]! Voglio fare l'amore con te [I want to make love to you]!"

"Mario, I don't understand everything you say, but we have to go. You can fuck me tonight. OK? Come, we must go!" I said and kissed the beautiful full lips of this Italian Stallion, and squeezed his cock.

"OK! First I must go to toilet!" he said.

"Use the en suite bathroom here. I hope you get that huge cock in your pants!" I said and gave the big thick cock a last squeeze. I kissed him and left.


The other guests arrived and by 6:30 everybody was there. The house was full and we had to move much of the party outside. Everybody was having a good time snacking and drinking. Pieter, Mom, Juan and I took care of the food in the ovens, microwave, on hot trays and the salads in the fridges. André, Dad and Claude looked after the drinks.

At one stage I had to take a dump and thought I might as well douche as well. Less to clean later. Just as well ...

Gunther got into a deep discussion with Lukas and Werner. I overheard them telling Gunther he should go see Claire because he was so attractive. Werner took his hands in his and gushed: "You have very nice hands ..." and looked down and saw Gunthe'rs big shoes, "... and huge feet! Wow! I guess everything is big ...!"

Gunther tousled Werner's hair and quipped: "You would love to know, ja?"

"No, I want to see! Lukas, do you also think it is very big?"

"Oh, no doubt! It will be a big one! We'd love to see please?"

"Later ... you may later and touch and suck it. Ja?"

Poor Werner and Lukas were rock-hard and had to adjust their hard-ons in their pants. I chuckled and winked at Gunther. He winked back and mouthed: "I love you!" I put my hand on my heart and winked again. He understood. I leaned in and whispered in his ear: "*Go show them! They will die waiting to see it! Come, let's have some fun!*"

"Lukas, Werner - would you like to see something great? Yes? Come!" I said and led the way to the master bedroom.

I held the door open and as soon as all three were in, I closed and locked the door. "Show them Gunther! I'd like to see their reaction!"

Werner and Lukas stood looking at Gunther and me and it was clear they were very hot for this tall attractive German!

"Yes, please show us!" Werner said and fumbled with his own erection.

"Oh godd yes! Show us!" Lukas said.

They both started to unzip their pants and started to take their cocks out.

Gunther palmed his huge bulge on his right hip and smiled at the boys. "Vot wud you do if I show you my cock?"

"I'd suck it! Please show us!" Werner pleaded and took his own almost 23cm cock in his hand. It was rock-hard and sopping wet.

Lukas had his cock out and at about 22cm it was a spectacular cock with a big head on such a small frame. The precum dripped from his piss slit. "Yes, please show us!"

Gunther slowly unzipped his pants and opened the top button. He pushed the top of the pants down a little and the huge bulge on his hip was very visible. The huge cock was straining behind the thin underwear fabric. He fingered his thick shaft and when he rubbed over his cockhead, it was sopping wet.

I unzipped my cock and hauled my 23cm cock out and fingered the big wet head. The boys just glanced at me and looked at Gunther again. Gunther put his hand in his underpants and pulled on his cock. It sprang out and its huge size was clear. All thick sopping wet 29,5cm sprang out. Gunther took it by the base and milked more precum out of it. The precum formed a long sticky string hanging from the piss slit.

Werner dropped to his knees and licked the precum before it dripped on the floor. Gunther pushed the cockhead forward and Werner opened his mouth. The huge wet cockhead slipped into his mouth and the big head was enveloped in Werner's warm moist mouth. Werner took the great cock in his hand and groaned when he felt the mammoth size in his hand and mouth.

Lukas dropped to his knees too and fondled Gunther's huge balls.

Werner pulled off the big cockhead and kissed Gunther's tummy. Lukas took hold of the immense cock immediately and milked it. A long string of precum appeared again and Lukas hungrily licked it and put the big head into his mouth. Both boys stood up and put their own cocks next to Gunther's 29,5cm cock. Even though both boys were not small at all, next to Gunther's cock their cocks looked small.

"Do you also fuck Anton?" Lukas asked.

"Yes, I do and sometimes two of us," Gunther said.

"Really? Can we fuck him with you? Please?" Werner asked.

"Me too please? I want to fuck him with you!" Lukas put in.

"Please show us. Show us now, please? Please?"

"You ready for a quick dip in?" Werner asked me. He milked his cock and lots of precum formed on the head. "There is enough precum to get the head in."

"OK, but just quickly. We don't have much time! Do it Gunther!" I pushed my pants down and took some of the precum and put it on my hole. I bent forward.

"Put your precum on Anton's hole as well," Gunther instructed the boys. Lukas and Werner stood closer and rubbed their hard wet cocks over my hole. Werner was brave and even pushed in a bit. His cockhead stretched my sphincter and the head plopped in! He pulled out and Lukas pushed his cock on my hole. His big cockhead slipped in and he pushed another 3cm into me.

"Me again!" Werner said and when Lukas's cock pulled free, he put his cockhead on my hole and pushed. The cockhead slipped in and he pushed in deeper.

"Here, let me give you some more precum," Gunther said and put his big cock on my asshole and rubbed the huge amount of precum over my hole and pushed in. The enormous cockhead pushed in and I groaned. Gunther pushed in deeper and the cockhead slipped in. Gunther pulled out and milked more precum from his cock and rubbed it over the cockshaft. He aimed at my hole and pushed in again.

He pulled out completely and Lukas stepped in and pushed his almost 23cm cock into me and in one long push, he was in balls-deep! Ahhhh! Fantastic! He started to fuck me and soon he was groaning. "I'm so close!" He pulled out.

Gunther moved in behind me and pushed his huge wet cock into me. He pushed in and the two boys stood looking on in awe at the huge cock fucking me. Lukas was fingering his cock. It was rock-hard. He leaned in and put his big cockhead on Gunther's cockshaft moving in and out me. Werner moved in on the other side and added his precum on Gunther's cockshaft.

"Anyone of you want to join me?" Gunther asked, touching the two cocks. Lukas was very hard.

Gunther pulled me into him and lied down on the bed. I rotated on Gunther's cock and bent forward. Lukas was behind me and aimed his hard cock at my asshole. Werner was next to him and added his precum still leaking out of him to my hole. Lukas pushed and his big cockhead slipped in. He gasped and pushed in deeper. He groaned and I marvelled at the second cock entering me. Gunther immediately started to fuck me. Lukas started to fuck me too. Soon both were moaning and were approaching orgasm. Werner was jacking his hard cock.

"Lukas lean back and let Werner in above you. Werner, you push in as well. Just get the lube in the nightstand," I said. Werner took the lube from the nightstand and put some on my hole and on his cock. He lowered behind me over Lukas who was leaning back. He aimed his cock at my hole and pushed ... the cockhead stretched me and then it happened! It slipped in! I had 3 cocks in me! Oh my godd! Werner pushed in deeper and I felt how it stretched me and filled me. He immediately started to fuck me and I felt all three cocks on the verge of orgasms.

"I'm going to cum! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" Lukas said and then I felt his cock spasm. "Me too! I'm cumming! Here it comes!" Werner said and he and Lukas pumped their big cumloads into me. Gunther picked up speed and soon his big load joined the boys cum inside me. He pulled me down and kissed me deeply. Werner pulled out and then Lukas moved back. His big cockhead slipped out and I felt some of their cum spill onto Gunther's legs.

Gunther pushed his huge cock deeper into me and pulled me down on his body. My hole was stretched and sticking out. Lukas moved in and pushed his big cockhead into me again! Sex dogg! He pushed in and pulled out again. Werner did the same. I couldn't believe how hot these guys were! Werner's thick cock stretched me again and he pushed deep into my cum-filled insides. And then he pulled out.

"OK, enough for now. Until later. Put back your cocks and let's get out of here before somebody comes looking for us," I said and lifted off Gunther's huge cock. I bent down and licked Gunther's leg to clean up the cum. We all fumbled for our pants.

We dressed and put our rubbery cocks back in our pants. I let my shirt out to hide the big bulge. Poor Gunther ... his huge bulge on his hip was immense! We all struggled a bit and zipped up. I haven't cummed but I let it slide.

"Remember, no more jacking off before tonight's sex party! OK?" I said and groped Werner's and Lukas's rubbery bulges.

Gunther moved in behind me and said: "Thank you very much! Dis vas quick und unexpected!"

I checked on my iPhone and realised we've been at it no longer than 6 minutes! I've become a real cum slut!

The night was but an embryo! Let the fucking begin!

= To be continued =



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